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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  March 28, 2016 4:30am-6:00am EDT

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america this morning. >> this is new york's no. 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with lauren stokes and amy freeze. now eyewitness news this morning. we begin with breaking news at 4:30. and a new jersey taxi driver has been shot. we're live on the scene gathering details. >> a new clue in the search for a man that's been preying on
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you'll hear the exclusive from eyewitness news. >> and updating you on the condition of a teenage victim. >> today is monday, march 28th. >> and you're just minuting away from weather and traffic. and meteorologist bill evans is back! >> we'll look outside, we see some rain. you'll need your rain gear. it's the scene all across the area this morning. hey! tommy's food truck is here! >> woohoo! >> let's get something to eat. we'll start off with breakfast and our rain gear. the temperature right now is 42 degrees. the humidity on the high side and rain across long island, coastal connecticut, jersey shore with temperatures in the low 40s. these numbers are a little warmer than normal for overnight as rain is surging from the south and right across
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look at the rains southwest. that's coming across today until perhaps lunchtime, even early afternoon. we'll be looking at late in the day toward 5:00. temperatures could get to 60 with some wreaks of -- breaks of sun. then the local windy and chilly. march going out like a lion. >> it's not going very well. back to you. we have an accident here. we have all lanes closed down as you go through this spot. then on the bq going northeast near the brooklyn bridge, an accident. a car hit a disabled tractor trailer. and train suspended between queensboro plaza and time square. then you have the alternate side of the street and parking rules in effect. >> thank you. breaking news right now. a taxi driver has been shot in
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darla has just arrived on the scene. she just arrived in east orange. darla? >> reporter: remarkably, that cab driver is still alive. i want to show you the crown victoria he was driving at the time he was shot. we're hearing from his dispatch company. around 3:00 this morning they received a call for service on davis place, just a few blocks away from police headquarters here in east orange. at some point during the call, this taxicab driver was shot in the face. he remained conscious and was able to drive himself to police headquarters where he was transported to university hospital in newark. right now, he is still alive. we're hearing he's talking to police. but at this point, no word on any suspects. darla miles, eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. we turn to an eyewitness news exclusive.
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old woman she says was savagely attacked at her home. >> reporter: we're seeing a heightened police presence in this area this morning. she's recovering after she describes some very scary moments when a man knocked on her door and then pushed his way into her apartment. new this morning, we have a sketch of the man police are looking for. they believe he's responsible for at least four other similar crimes on elderly people throughout brooklyn and queens the past couple of months. he was caught leaving the victim's building on saturday after this latest attack. just before 5:00, police say he followed the 84-year-old woman. when he was inside her
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inside and took off. her nose was broken in the attack. but this morning, she's telling terrifying moments. >> uh-huh. >> and it was larger than his hand. and i just got it right here. >> reporter: how's it now? >> awful. he needs somebody to just grab him and put him somewhere where he can't goat like jail. >> reporter: nothing was taken jail. >> reporter: nothing was taken out of the apartment. she believes her dogs barking scared him off. in both instances, he carried a knife and a gun and has gotten away with cash. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. in ken sington, brooklyn, this morning, diana rocco, 7 news.
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has died in harlem. 16-year-old juwan tevares was shot. he died yesterday in harlem hospital. the shooting happened across the street from a middle school. police say the incident started as an argument between two groups at the housing complex. no arrests have been made. on long island, it is sentencing day for a man who tried to kill a suffolk county police officer. officer collins tried to handcuff lieutenant after a chase follow ago a traffic stop. he faces 40 years to life in prison. it's 4:36. officials say the brussels airport is now considered stable after the deadly terror attack. tomorrow inspectors will be at the airport testing security procedures put in place after the attack. the updater is working to
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desks in the main departure hall badly damaged. the belgium government must approve all the security changes before passengers are allowed back inside. here in new york city, officials are meeting today to discuss counterterrorism. mayor bill de blasio will sit down to discuss the nypd terrorism preparedness in the wake of attacks overseas. new york city is about to ban smokeless tobacco. the mayor said he will ban toe back quay at arenas and stadiums the next two weeks. he says officials will not hesitate to ban league player refusing to obey the ban. we're just 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans.
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camera this morning. let's guess. what do you think that is? >> chicago! >> michelle says chicago. close enough. it's time square looking south. our camera looking down to about 10 feet across the street here. here's how it looks this morning as we look on the upper west side. that's what we'll have for the morning. you need your rain gear, boots. 42 degrees looking at. showers across the area. looking at a morning where we're looking at these showers coming from the south and west and heavy rain off our south and west through the morning to lunchtime, early afternoon. then here on the wheel of weather, we've got rain until about 2:00. and then late in the day, before we get to sunset, temperatures could get to 60 degrees. and how's it going out there in your world? >> my world is a little bit
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let's get over to a web cam first. let me show you where it's not so tricky. this looks great but over to our maps, very close to this area. sunrise highway, we have an accident. so all lanes are closed down as a result. beltway park west. and this is a serious one. there was a tractor trailer northeast on the bqu, near the brooklyn bridge. we have this accident northeast bqb right near the brooklyn bridge. and train suspended between northeast plaza and 42nd street. we do have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. michelle, lori? over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, rapper azalea banks is getting ready to go to court. that video she wants fans to
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before a judge. >> why this latest suspect was nicknamed king midas. >> and syracuse has an amazing comeback, punching their ticket to the final four.
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this dramatic scene was caught on surveillance video. this happened in a store on 179 street in washington heights yesterday. take a look at that. man in the hooded sweatshirt is
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then a second man joins in. the first man then grabs a large knife and ran outside and stabbed two people. one of them was critically hurt. so far, though, no arrests have been made. rapper azalea banks returns to court after claims she attacked a security guard in chelsea. this comes one day after she posted the video of the confrontation on her twitter account. this was in december. police say banks bit the woman bouncer, escorting her out, and trying to bite her. she was arrested and charged with assault. 4:33! let's check in -- 4:43. let's check in with bill evans. >> we have rain and we have off and on rain in parts of the area, long island, coastal connecticut. there's rain on the way for the day today.
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day long today -- pretty much all day long until early afternoon, lunchtime. we're looking at puddles in the streets. so make sure you have the right footwear, umbrella. we'll have wind out of the northeast. only 6 miles per hour right now. but the local pick up and the winds will be 20, 25 miles per hour today. easter sunday, the high was 55. normal is 54. and looking at maybe a good sunset coming up later today. it's 7:17. this morning, temperatures in the low 40s. these numbers are a little bit above normal. but we're looking at these winds today that will start coming in from the east and northeast. and that's chilly. and the winds are now at 18 miles per hour in bridgeport. looking at gusts. 17 mile-per-hour wind gusts. this picks up during the day. this makes it very windy during the afternoon. the eastern hudson river valley.
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you see rain to our south, rain to our west. and this pushes through during the morning hours here. then it gets windy and chilly behind this low. and that low cuts up into canada and all this pushes through by lunchtime. and this gets windy. this pulls in chilly air for tomorrow. at least a lot of wind anyway. that's for sure. everybody in the rain dance here. the local keep raining until about 2:00. and then you see after school the sun will break out. and then the temperatures will get in the 60s here. a fair amount of sunshine. and then tonight it's clear. look at the snow off to the north. so with the snow off to the north, it lets you know the chilly air will pour in tonight. we'll have temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. despite that, we'll be looking at the wind tomorrow which will feel chilly. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. we'll look at sunshine returning this afternoon. a windy, chilly day tomorrow. a very nice day on wednesday.
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for thursday and friday. a really nice end to the week as far as temperatures go. very mild. and then we've got some cold air coming in this weekend. and, you know, normally around this weekend would be easter. easter a little early this year. so i always say wait and plant the tomatoes after easter! >> oh, yes! >> wait until after this weekend. >> after this weekend. okay. >> i know you're from north carolina. >> yes! i am from there, yes. >> and this is corn and soybean planting season. >> is it really? right now? >> oh, you know that from having done that! [ laughter ] >> i didn't do it right! >> in new jersey, after this weekend, you can plant your corn and soybeans. >> that's so good to know because i was wondering when i can plant my corn and soybeans. >> well, soybean gum is two weeks after that. >> oh, good to know!
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five trains suspended between bowling green. by 5:00 a.m., this should all be taken care of. sunrise highway, an accident. we have all lanes closed down on sunrise highway as a result. belt parkway near nap street. that's an accident. and then we have this problem as you travel onto bqe. northeast near the brooklyn bridge. we have an accident. it's a car that hit a disabled tractor trailer. so that'll be out there for a while. that looks like that'll be a mess if that's not cleared shortly. 280 going westbound. we had an accident there. that accident has been cleared away. minor delays george washington bridge. street cleaning roads are in effect. back to you. >> thank you. a young girl in brooklyn is receiving help after meeting pope francis. >> the 12-year-old was blessed
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september. for nearly a year, she has battled amiesly illness. since meet -- battled an illness. since she met the pope francis, her life has changed. >> the pope was the most amazing thing that happened to me. >> reporter: for she and her parents, everyday is a gift they think is delivered by the pope himself. >> since the pope's visit, it's been a wonderful blessing. >> reporter: you may remember julia. she was a normal teenage girl from bath beach, a dancer, before she started getting sick last year. >> i was scared for my life. you know, doctors would just shrug their shoulders. they didn't know what to do. >> reporter: soon she couldn't walk and no one could figure out what was wrong. >> it was scary. i would go to sleep at night and think my whole life was over. and the doctors would come and gave me no hope at all. the doctors didn't even know.
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this be the rest of my life? >> reporter: but 0 his trip in september, pope francis blessed her in her wheelchair. her story got nationwide attention. and soon -- >> there was just a tremendous outpour of love from the community. people reached out to us from all over. her best friend's mom started a gofundme page. we had a doctor reach out to us and offer treatment. >> reporter: julia started getting the medical attention and medicine she needed. and now -- >> a couple months ago in september, i got some feeling on the bottom of my feet and sides of my feet. and now i can feel it almost fully. and the night before my dad's birthday, this past wednesday, the top of my feet and, like, my ankles started buzzing. so that means that it's coming back. >> reporter: it's coming back. julia is determined she will walk again. her parents believe she will walk again. the pope didn't cure.
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tarmac. but the blessing she got did steer people to help julia. and now she has something she hasn't had in a long time, hope. mexican police say they have caught one of the top money men for drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman. chef obtained alvarez in mexico. king midas is said to have laundered about $4 billion over the past decade. he was arrested by police and the mexican army while on vacation. in addition to mexico, he's wanted in panama, canada, and the u.s. and down to the final four. if you had villanova, north carolina, syracuse, and oklahoma, your brackets are secure.
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the tar heels filled the last spot. they beat the fighting irer by 14. saturday night, unc meets an upstart syracuse. and virginia was built. the orange men are in the final four for the sixth time. all roads in college basketball -- men's, that is, end in houston. the first order of business was getting a rodeo out of the 70,000 plus seat business. villanova and oklahoma meet in saturday's first game followed by unc, syracuse. the championship game is one week from tonight. >> all right! 4:51! coming up on eyewitness news this morning, the two bakeries battling over four-sided doughnuts.
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angle to court. >> and also, an eerie find in central park. a headstone bearing the name of
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weather and traffic here on eyewitness news this morning. i'm meteorologist bill evans and it's 4:55. we have low clouds and rain. this is our camera in brooklyn looking over the lower east side. this is our accutrack radar showing rain over long island, coastal connecticut. there is more to come this morning. there will be more showers to our south and west. long island, a good batch of rain right now. northern state, southern state over to i- i-95. we'll be looking to our north and west for rain today. we have rain until early afternoon. weather, traffic together every 7 minutes. how's it over there? >> well, you know when it's raining what happens. a bunch of accidents. we have this problem here on northeast on the bqe near the brooklyn bridge. another accident. a car hit a disabled tractor trailer. belt parkway westbound near nap street, there's another
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and then sunrise highway both ways right near the east bay expressway. minor delays george washington bridge. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. >> thank you. it's 4:55. and a homeless man is set to be arraigned today charged with trying to push a woman in front of a subway train. police say david french started yelling at a woman. then as she walk add way, detectives say that he came up from behind her and pushed heifer towards the tracks in front of an oncoming train. the woman saved herself by grabbing a pillar. this scary moment was caught on camera in maryland. they say eight people were dancing on the roof of this house when it collapsed under them.
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party when that roof collapsed. 4:56. and two bakeries in indiana share a love for four-sided doughnuts. >> i love all doughnuts. >> yes. >> but one of them believes there's only room for square-shaped doughnut. square doughnuts has been making its doughnuts since the 1960s and has nine locations. it wants family express to stop. so far, the talks have gone nowhere, just gone in circles. >> can't we all just get along? >> listen. exactly. [ laughter ] 4:57. closing in on 5:00, following breaking news. a cab driver shot on the job in new jersey. the wounded cab by managed to drive -- cab driver managed to drive himself to a police station.
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trump's name on it and somebody placed it in central park. wait until you hear what was written on it. >> and bill evans is back from his vacay and he's tracking the
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now "eyewitness news this morning." >> breaking at 5:00 a.m. and a cab driver shot in the face in new jersey. eyewitness news is live as police try to track down the shooter. >> a desperate search is on the way for an elderly man who vanished in manhattan. you'll hear from his family hoping for his safe return. >> grab the umbrella before you head out the door. we're timing out a rainy morning commute. and good morning. i'm stoke stoke. >> -- lori stokes. >> thank you for being with us. i'm michelle charlesworth.
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>> i was trying to find the remember tire state building. i can just draw it in. how's that? >> oh, my goodness. [ laughter ] [ stumbling over words [ . >> nah, never mind. [ laughter ] and looking at the rain and the fog. 43 around laguardia to jfk. these numbers are warmer than normal for overnight hours. but looking at rain with it. so it feels chilly. wind out of the northeast. this morning, we're looking at the showers off land. a big batch of rain toward washington, dc. that'll be over us through the morning commute. have your rain gear! you'll need that late in the day. come 5:00, we'll get breaks of sun and 60. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. she's not soggy. she's heather! >> that's right! subway service is running on or close to schedule at this point.
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picked up. ooze you travel on the bqe, northeast on the brooklyn bridge, this accident involving a tractor trailer was struck by a car. the tractor trailer was disabled when the car hit it. you can see the delays as you come to that spot. the belt parkway west near nap street, another accident there. and this problem on sunrise highway. all lanes are closed down both directions. and our street cleaning rules are in effect today. lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. 5:02 and in new jersey, a cab driver has been shot. darla miles is live now outside east orange police department with what we know right now. darla? >> well, lori, i want to set the scene for you right now. i want you to see where the cab driver's car is taped off pretty much. there's big police on the scene. you can see where it's been taped off. that is because the cab driver
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after being shot in the face. around 3:00 this morning, according to dispatcher, they received a call for a pickup at 1 davis place. that's about 3 minutes from here. once the cab driver arrived there on the scene, the cab driver was at some point shot in face. the cab driver then managed to drive himself here to police headquarters which is on south mund street. we're told the cab driver is talking. he's been taken to university hospital in newark. at this point, we're still waiting to hear back from east orange police. but no official word on suspects at this point. lori? reporting live in east orange, darla miles, eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. a desperate search is underway in manhattan where an 80-year-old man has not been seen by his family for several days. his nephew says sharfstein has not shown signs of dementia or failing health whatsoever.
5:04 am
workers at his building say he seemed agitated and rode the elevators for a while before walking out at 1:00 in the morning. >> he was wearing a fairly light coat. i saw his scarfs upstairs so he was underdressed for the weather. he left without his i.d.'s and wallet. we're very concerned. >> his family is putting up posters around the city hoping he is safe somewhere and will be found. and if you would like to help with the search and share mr. shartfstein's picture, we posted it on our website, it's 5:00 04. and the world remain -- 5:04. and the world remains in high alert after recent terror attacks, even one in yesterday in pakistan targeting christian christians. >> reporter: good morning, lori and my shell. now we've seen a third attack here in pakistan in this month
5:05 am
this one targeting children celebrating easter. >> reporter: bloody sunday. [ sirens ] >> reporter: terror striking again this time in pakistan. the target, christians gathering to celebrate easter. >> railroad really, really sad. feeling so upset because it's our worship. >> reporter: the suicide bomber believed to have targeted the children's rides at a park in lahore. a taliban faction claimed responsibility in the latest in a grim death toll. even as belgium continues to mourn the dead and injured from last tuesday's terror attacks, violence erupted at the memorial site. they broke up a protest there. >> if you don't want to live like us, don't. >> reporter: european authorities are still trying to root out the people involved in
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a man in italy believed to have forged documents for terrorists in brussels and paris. but still a mystery, who is the attacker in the hat at the airport? and who is the man at the train station who fled? as easter sunday was celebrated amid the heightened security, troops automatic weapons from the cathedral at notre dame to st. peter's square, heartbreak amid the horror. >> and among those belgium victims, four americans are dead. reporting live from washington, lana zack, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you. nypd is responding to the violence overseas with a meeting today. the mayor will sit down this afternoon with the police commissioner and other police officials to discuss the city's response to the terror attacks. republican frontrunner donald trump talked about the
5:07 am
interview on abc's this week. he said he doesn't feel anywhere is safe. >> i don't think america is a safe place for americans if you want to know the truth. i don't think england -- i don't think europe is a safe place. no, i don't. i think there's a lot of problems in europe that are very, very severe, weak. >> trump also added the u.s. is vulnerable to terrorists because the nation is allowing thousands of people to come here and, quote, nobody knows where they're from. in central park in new york, a headstone with trump's name on it was discovered monday not far from trump tower. at the bottom it was written "made america hate again." this has been shared thousands of times on our facebook page. the tombstone has been removed. presidential hopeful bernie sanders is hoping the momentum gain of three caucus wins will lead him to the nomination. he sweeped washington, alaska, and hawaii over the weekend.
5:08 am
nomination over hillary clinton. he says he has a path toward victory. 5:07. 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. [ music ] let's go to the george washington bridge. looking at a rainy morning here back towards the west side of manhattan and on out toward i- 95. well, we're going to be looking at rain off and on through the morning, through the morning commute. lunchtime, early afternoon. grab your rain gear. puddles on streets. wet streets, sidewalks, all that stuff. temperatures this morning -- for overnight hours, mild here. temperatures in the low 40s. and we'll be looking at these temperatures warming up today. but the local be late in the day before they really warm up. we're looking at 42 warming to about 50 by lunchtime. >> there's rain in eastern long island. rain to our west and south during the morning commute through lunchtime. and then it gets windy and chilly behind that. so we're kind of chilly this morning with the rain.
5:09 am
the rain gear. late in the day, the sun will break out. we touch 60 degrees as we get toward the evening commute and into sunset this evening. then we're looking at some windy, cooler weather. so at the bus stop, kiddos, we have one child that's truant this morning. truant, truant, truant! [ laughter ] >> the truant officers will be looking at you. it's chilly out there. but after school, should be nice and sunny. my kids should have one more day off. >> we're off the week after next week. >> but do you have school today? >> yeah, we do. >> as they should! >> we have school this week and next week. >> good! and on the queens side, not too bad here on the bridge. let's go to our man. into the bronx and manhattan, we have this accident cleared away. then we have this problem on 96th street between broadway and west end.
5:10 am
lanes are closed down on 96th street there. bqe, a car hit a disabled tractor trailer and the belt parkway. we have had an earlier accident near nap street. that accident has been cleared away. traveling through suffolk county, delays and a closure here. sunrise highway, another commission collision. so -- collision. subway services are running on or close to schedule. no major issues to report there. new jersey transit, long island railroad, metro north, all doing fine. looks like a good day to use mass transit. minor delays, george. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. michelle, lori, over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the mayor of chicago is back in the headlines after picking a new top cop. find out why the embattled chicago police department may not be so happy. >> and it was supposed to be an easter egg hunt.
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chicago's police force is working to regain trust with the public after the release of dash cam video showing the shooting of an unarmed teenager. now the mayor is working to replace the city's top cop who was fired in the wake of the shooting. but he says the final nominated by the police board were not what the city needs. instead, picking a man who was the current chief of patrol. >> the mayor has always been very clear it's going to be his decision. and he's really all about control. so he wanted to completely
5:14 am
and he's taken the process away from the board! >> reporter: a new superintendent must be nominated by the board. so the pick, eddie johnson, will be named interim superintendent. the board will then nominate johnson in order for him to be officially given the job. what started as an easter egg hunt turned into a marijuana bust, a really big one. they found $200,000 worth of pot inside a home. they showed up at the house because somebody inside was ascreaming that his roommates were going to shoot him. all of this happened during a neighborhood easter egg hunt. in addition to the drugs, police uncovered $100,000 in cash. three people were arrested, including two with outstanding drug warrants in missouri. 5:14! >> happy easter to you two. [ laughter ] >> yeah! exactly! >> here's what's going on this morning. in brooklyn across the east
5:15 am
well, this is one world trade. but we can barely make it out here. low clouds and fog this morning. we have rain. 42 degrees. the humidity is up there. and normal high is about 54 degrees. we're at 55 tomorrow which was really nice. easter sunday was great. and the record is 84 set back in 1945. 13, the low then. occasional rain this morning through midday. maybe even early afternoon. clouds breaking late today. the local get windy but we'll get to 60 degrees before the chilly air pours in here tonight and tomorrow. then warmer by tend of the week. but some showers will -- end of the week. but some showers return. 42 around norwalk. 42, jersey shore. this wind coming in feel raw and windy, making it nasty. then the rain coming up from the south. batch of rain across long
5:16 am
another batch of rain to the south coming northward this. gets here about an hour up the hudson river valley. then more rain to our west that slides through the area lunchtime early afternoon. so you'll see on our futurecast everybody's in the rain by 9:00. and temperatures are in the low 40s to the north. upper 40s to the south. here we go lunchtime. temperatures at 50. and there's that edge of that front sliding through. and by the way we get to after school, the sun's going to break out. and the temperatures nicely, particularly? spots to the south where it could warm up. 58 to 60. tomorrow morning, we start off in the low 40s. by the afternoon, 52. but the wind will make it feel like the 40s much of the day. so the local be a rather windy and chilly day tomorrow. then this weekend we've got a shot of arctic air coming as we get into the first of april. and that's going to be saturday into sunday. kids, you need your rain gear at the bus stop this morning. after school, we have breaks of
5:17 am
at the bus stop, we have rain and chilly weather. 60 degrees after school. rain until early afternoon. sunny breaks late today. very windy. 60 degrees. tonight, clearing. windy and chilly. tomorrow's a windy today. wind gusts could be up to 40 miles per hour. plenty of sunshine. 54's the high. the end of the week, we end march with temperatures in the upper 60s. and i believe friday is april 1st. is that right? that kicks off what is going to be chilly weather for the weekend. so anyway, there's a big scuba diving show called beneath the sea. that's this weekend. >> yes. are you going? >> i'll be there! i'll be hosting the film festival! that'll be saturday night. so this weekend, you like scuba diving, travel, that is going on this weekend. so i'll host the film festival which is awesome! film from around the world of underwater diving -- >> very cool! >> animals, whales. >> red carpet sharfstein.
5:18 am
but that's for the whales and the dolphins. [ laughter ] >> they don't let humans on that. >> of course not. they're the stars. >> they are the stars. let's check in with heather. let's talk about our subways. subway service on or close the schedule. we have an accident on triburrow bridge. we'll look at the tribrussels bridge. the traffic isn't -- triburrow bridge. the traffic isn't too bad. a water main break here. all lanes closed down. on the bqe northeast near the brook lynch bridge, an accident. a car hit a tractor trailer. getting up into the brooklyn bridge. sunrise highway, an accident. let's look at a web cam. there's a ton of activity here. we have all lanes closed down in both directions. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. over to you. >> all right, heather, thank you.
5:19 am
trump has arrived in the world. donald trump's daughter ivanka welcomed her third child yesterday. we have the first picture. >> oh, she looks good. azalea banks will face a judge this morning after a
5:20 am
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presidential candidate crump is welcoming a new -- donald trump is welcoming a new member of the family. his daughter, ivanka trump welcomed her new son. it's the third son for trump and her husband jared curbner. no more than 7 minutes away with traffic and weather with bill evans and accuweather forecast. >> let's look outside this morning because of we have rain. rain, low clouds and visibility visibilities. a big batch of rain through
5:23 am
and you can see there toward riverhead. this batch from delaware bay and pittsburgh sweeped through the morning commute. and until about lunchtime today. temperatures, 42 in central park. 46 in monticello. 43 around jay ma kasich and queens and laguardia. taking the ferry over from staten island and jersey city. we have the wind coming in. have our rain gear. what do you have going on? >> i have this mess on sunrise highway. we've been telling you about this all morning long. you can see all the activity. we'll explain where this is through the rain drops. we have sunrise highway. an accident. all lanes are closed down both directions. mass transit is fine. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. michelle, lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. and still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the way you used to get precipitations from your doctor
5:24 am
a new law aimed at fighting drug abuse.
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5:26. on the money this morning. and japan gained a fraction of a point. hong kong's stock market was closed. the dow starts at 17,515. right now, futures point to a higher opening. gas prices are steadily on the rise with no signs of slowing down. >> abc's rina niman has details. >> gas prices quickly rising. >> the latest average price for a gallon of gas nationwide is now $2.04 a gallon. that's up 40 cent it is last month. analysts say prices up along with the cost of crude oil. >> microsoft may be in talks to buy yahoo. >> an effort by former c.e.o. steve bomber back in 2008. yahoo is seeking $10 billion for its core businesses.
5:28 am
reviews, it was a weekend for the superheroes at the box office. >> batman v. superman bringing in $170 million. >> zootopia came in second with $20 million. my big fat greek wedding 2 came in third. paperless prescriptions are now the law of the land across new york state. doctors, dentists and other health care officials must now electronically send precipitations directly to pharmacies instead of giving paper scripts to patients. it's to reduce drug abuse and reduce errors by handwriting. and coming up the next half hour, new information from the teenager shot in the head last week in harlem after an argument spiraled out of roll control. >> and following breaking news. a new jersey cab driver has been shot. we'll show you new video ahead at 5:30. >> and a soggy start of the workweek.
5:29 am
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5:30 am
. we have new video from the scene of the shooting of a cab driver in new jersey. >> a violent attacker on the loose targeting elderly women. this morning, we have an exclusive interview with one of his victims. >> and good morning. i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm michelle charlesworth. thank you for being with us. today is monday, march 28th. >> no more than 7 minutes away of weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans. >> hope you had a good easter weekend. now we have rain. cool weather yesterday, sunshine. and now, temperatures starting out for 5:30 at 46 degrees.
5:31 am
rain showers in long island. hudson river valley. then we have temperatures with a gnarly, nasty northeast wind. 42 around bridgeport to no rwalk. low 40s and mid-40s to the south. there's that rain on the eastern side of long island. suffolk county. bridgeport, new haven. down to our south and west, here come it is rain for the morning commute. that'll be here by 6:30. so we are looking at what will be chilly numbers today. we're looking at 42 and 46. look at that. 9:00, we're into the rain. weather, traffic together every 7 minutes. what's going on? >> a lot of activity here. sunrise highway, an accident. all lanes are closed down both directions as a result. seven trains action we have signal problems.
5:32 am
manhattan-bound accident cleared away. and here's the triburrow bridge. so traffic moving left and right into the bronx and manhattan. the convenience-bound ban not doing bad. a water main break on west end. you have all lanes closed. not causing major problems on the west side highways. but it is raining so use caution. bqe northeast at the brooklyn bridge, an accident. car hit a disabled tractor trailer. we have the alternate side of the street parking rules in effect for today. lori, back to you. >> heather, thank you. breaking news in new jersey where a cab driver has been shot. this happened on davis place in east orange. the cabbie managed to drive himself to the police station. darla miles is live there. darla? >> reporter: the cab driver was able to drive himself to the
5:33 am
alive and is being treated in newark. this is what we know at this point. we spoke to the dispatch company and they say they received a call for service at davis place around 3:00 this morning right near the garden state parkway and 280 in east orange. they say when he arrived the scene at some point he was shot in the face and we're told by that cab company he was able to stay conscious and drive himself here to the east orange police headquarters only a few blocks away. again, this is police headquarters here. you can see where that crown vic is here. it's taped off. and there's an officer here guarding the scene. this officer is being treated in newark. no word on his injuries at this time and no word on suspects. reporting live in east orange, darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. and new details in the shooting of a teenager in east harlem.
5:34 am
died. 16-year-old juwan at the various was shot in the head -- tev ashes res was shot in the head friday afternoon. he died yesterday in harlem. it started as an argument between two groups at the housing complex. no arrests have been made. now an eyewitness news exclusive. hearing from an 84-year-old woman who says she was beaten and attacked in her home. they believe the actaer is targeting -- the attacker is targeting elderly women in the area. >> reporter: michelle, good morning. again, police say that 84-year- old woman's nose was broken during the attack. and she's talking exclusively this morning to eyewitness news about the terrifying moments. she says she heard a knock on her door over the weekend. when she opened it, the attacker opened with a gun and
5:35 am
this is what he looks like. police just released this. they believe he's responsible for at least four other crimes on elderly people in brooklyn and queens. he was caught on surveillance video leaving building saturday after the attack. police say just before 5:00, the man followed 84-year-old erin van skyndle inside her building. she hard a knock at the door. as she opened it, the man pushed his way in. she broke her nose during the attack. and this morning she says it has terrified her. she's now looking over her shoulder. >> yes, i'm pretty nervous. so i'm looking around corners and things like that. [ nervous laugh ] >> i didn't have any reason before. >> i just think it's really sad. i can't imagine somebody beating a nice old woman who's 84. >> reporter: nothing was taken from the victim's apartment
5:36 am
dog who is started barking and squared the man -- scared the man off. before, he's always shown a weapon and gotten away with cash. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers this morning. we're live in the ken singson section of brook -- kensington section of brooklyn. thank you. and azalea banks returns in court today. this comes one day after banks posted video of the confrontation on her twitter account. she was thrown out of a club during her scuffle at a night club back in december. banks was arrested and charged with assault. happening today, a renewed call for changes in time square comes as another costumed character placed problems with the law. aggressive costume characters
5:37 am
this past weekend, a man dressed as spiderman is accused of tangling with a tourist he says stiffed him of a tip. 5:36. you're 7 minutes away from weather and traffic with bill evans with your accuweather forecast. >> streets are wet. you need your rain gear. boots, raincoat, umbrella. making the commute, getting to the bus stop. heading to the subway. get in the car, traveling, taking the train. all that. the local be a rainy morning until early afternoon. the first wave of rain has come up this morning. still heaviest across long island. now you see the showers creeping ahead of this main branch of rain, this main batch to our south and to our west. there's a low that's going to cut up into canada. the local push its way through. and it's windy and very windy and chilly tonight. so rain through the morning commute. temperatures in the upper 40s. northeast wind makes it feel chilly.
5:38 am
temperature gets to 60. and that's going to feel get. but we have got some chilly weather tomorrow to talk about next. heather has the southern states to talk about. >> that's right! it's sunrise highway. >> oh! lit up like a christmas tree. >> totally! so we'll go over to our maps and i'll tell you where it is. it's not far from the southern state because here's where it comes into sunrise highway. sunrise highway, all lanes closed down in both directions. 7 trains at willow's point delayed. expect delays. and that was a camera but that's not paying attention. 96th street between broadway and west end, a water main break. not causing major issues on the west side highway. and the brooklyn bridge northeast at the bqe an accident. a car hit a disabled tractor
5:39 am
street cleaning rules are in effect for today. michelle, lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. 5:38. a man convicted of trying to kill a suffolk county police officer. how many years he could spend behind bars. >> and why san francisco is
5:40 am
the state of north carolina. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
5:41 am
sheldon shot officer mark collins twice last march in huntington stays. it happened as collins tried to handcuff following a chase after a traffic stop. he faces 40 years to life in prison. a homeless man will be
5:42 am
trying to shove a woman in front of a subway train. david french started yelling at a woman. as she walked away, detectives say he came up behind her and pushed her toward the tracks in front of an oncoming train. the woman saved herself by grabbing a pillar. the city of san francisco is banning all official travel to north carolina after they passed a law against discriminating all lbgt community. it's so, quote, -- -- to, quote, not supporting subsidized discrimination of lbgt communities. hi, bill! >> good morning, michelle and
5:43 am
>> thank you very much. >> time square, we have clouds. low visibilities. i'll check the availables this morning in case you have a flight -- visibilities this morning in case you have a flight. the hudson this morning toward lower manhattan, bowling green, one world trade. good visibility here. like glass here. just a light northeast wind now. but the wind picks up. taking the ferries back around later today, it'll be windy. winds will pick up out of the northeast coming over to the west and southwest today. could be around 25 to 30 miles per hour. sunshine was 55 for easter. sunset at 7:15. could have a pretty sunset. rain this morning through midday probably until early afternoon. then it's clouds breaking in with windy sunshine late today. it's windy tomorrow. but chilly. yeah. then we have warmer weather to end march.
5:44 am
screaming like a lion. 42 at east hampton to bridgeport. 40s here. northeast wind. winds coming from the south. that'll let you know the local be chilly today. 18 at montogue. here's the visibilities. low in a couple spots. 2-mile visibility at the park. 2 1/2 toward newark. this slows things down at airports. but this is not a bad visibility here. we are looking at the rain. heaviest at eastern fairfield county around new haven. suffolk county, twin forks. heavier toward southern jersey now. down toward delaware bay and to our west. this is where we'll push through the area today giving us rain for the early commute. so by the way we get to 9:00, here's everybody in the rain this morning. and then it pushes on through
5:45 am
and then sunny breaks after school. look at this temperature. 63 down near the shore. 58, 59 near the park. near 60. but tomorrow, we start in the low 40s and upper 30s. and the local be windy. so you'll need your warm gear tomorrow even though we're into the low 50s tomorrow and right at normal. the wind will make it feel like the 40s tomorrow. after school today, kids, after this rain this morning, we'll have 58. a spotty shower. then windy breaks of sunshine later on. we hit 60. tonight, it's clearing, windy, chilly. 30s in the suburbs. and tomorrow, plenty of sunshine with a chilly wind. but the wind gusts could be up to 40 miles per hour near the coast. 25 mile-per-hour winds inland. then to end march on thursday, we'll find ourselves -- look at that -- upper 60s. april is on friday. april fools day is friday! >> that's a good day.
5:46 am
>> mine too! >> i'll be steering clear of you two! [ laughter ] >> i love it! the local be sunny friday afternoon. but it gets chilly this weekend. i just want you to know -- >> yes? >> i had syracuse and north carolina in the final in my brackets. >> you called that? [ laughter ] ! >> he's the one! >> how did you know that? >> i like syracuse no matter what. >> uh-huh. >> i like their coach. >> yeah, he's great. >> they're crazy! >> good ball club. >> you just never know! >> i pick the by the colors like the racehorse. >> my grandma used to do that at the dog track. he's "purdy." red jacket. and then he wins! [ laughter ] let's check in with heather now. >> we have this delay. this is a delay i need to show you. this is the lie toward the grand central parkway.
5:47 am
westbound side is. and then we look at the picture in long island into suffolk county. you can see all this activity because of ongoing accidents. i'll tell you where this is. sunrise highway. all lanes are closed down both kay ways. triburrow bridge, bronx, manhattan bound, an accident is cleared away. traffic heading towards us moving right to left, toward laguardia. you get on the triburrow bridge, you'll experience the problem. bqe northeast at the brooklyn bridge, an accident. there was a disabled tractor trailer. car came along and hit the tractor trailer. and 96th street between broadway and west end, a water main break. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. michelle and lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. 5:47. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a wild house party. a roof collapses.
5:48 am
>> also ahead, just talking about this. march madness is down to its final four! and syracuse rose up against
5:49 am
5:50 am
in maryland, eight people were dancing on the roof of this house when it collapsed right under them. three people were hurt but they're expected to survive. at least 200 people were at the party when the roof collapsed. it is unclear if the injured people were college students. with opening day coming up for both the yankees and the
5:51 am
ban smokeless tobacco. bill de blasio told espn he would sign the ban on chewing tobacco on arenas and stadiums the next two weeks. he says the focus will be on early ex-and warnings. they say officials will not -- early education and warnings. they will not hesitate to slue fines on players who ignore the ban. >> march madness is down to its final four. if you had villanova, syracuse, oklahoma, and north carolina, your brackets are solid! the tar heels and orange filled the last two spots. north carolina broke game against notre dame. they reached their record 19th final four. saturday night, unc meets an upstart syracuse team. the no. 10 skied came back from a 16- point deficit to beat virginia. the orange are in the final four for the sixth time.
5:52 am
college basketball end in houston. the transition well underway. the first order of business, getting a rodeo out of the building! then crews started laying down the maple floor. villanova and oklahoma meet in saturday's first game followed by unc syracuse. the championship game is one week from tonight. 5:52. we have a brand new consumer alert. customers are complaining that a certain deodorant is leaving them with rashes and burns. details on a new lawsuit just ahead.
5:53 am
returns with another look at fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price thisgood,
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no more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic here. i'm meteorologist bill evans. this morning, cloudy skies and
5:55 am
barely can make out the lower parts of manhattan here toward wall street up to the brooklyn bridge. we are going to be looking at the the next 7 hours temperatures that will get into about 50 degrees at noon. look at the rain over the next 7 hours into the day. and probably breaking off this afternoon and winding down and maybe late in the day after we get through this we get some sunshine coming through. the temperature will get to near 60 degrees by 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. it's not going so good? >> not at all! let's talk about this. this is sunrise highway. that's the exit for there. it's closed both ways. where is it closed? i'll tell you. it's closed near the easter bay expressway. you can expect some delays and the triborough bridge with a crash.
5:56 am
>> heather, thank you. all spice touts its deodorant as the mark of a man. but it's leafing painful marks on more than a few men. a class action lawsuit claims old spice is giving some customers rashes and burns on their armpits. a spokesperson for proctor gamble which make it is product says old spice is it safe to use and the reactions can be caused by a number of factors. a 12-year-old girl from brooklyn may be the living definition of a miracle and it could all be from pope francis. julia has been battling a mystery illness the past year. she lost the ability to walk. and nobody could figure out why. but then she was blessed by pope francis on the tarmac at kennedy airport in september. a few months after her special papal audience along with extra medical attention thanks to a gofundme page, things began to change. >> during december, i got some feeling on the bottom of my
5:57 am
and now i can feel it, like, almost fully. the night before my dad's birthday this wednesday, the top of my feet and ankles started buzzing. >> reporter: she says the meeting with the pontiff gave her hope again. she's not only determined to walk but beliefs she will walk again. >> let's hope. >> yes. 5:57. closing in on 6:00. breaking news at our next half hour. a taxi driver shot in the face after picking up a fare. remarkably, the victim drove himself to find help! we have a live report out of new jersey coming up. >> violent protests break out in the wake of the terror
5:58 am
announce new charges when does your body become a medical breakthrough? when 61,000 people look at it differently. while others only focus on healing your body with new medication, we're researching bioelectronic medicine that will help your body heal itself. look north to see how we're not just looking to raise our standard, but raise the standard of health care.
5:59 am
6:00 am
breaking news at 6:00. and a cabbie in new jersey shots in face. this is a live look. the vehicle parked outside the police station in east orange. >> westchester county family is desperate to find a missing teenager that may need medical help. >> and rain to start the day. and the helps will be feeling anything but spring like. good morning. i'm lori stokes. >> i'm michelle charlesworth in for ken. it's monday, march 28th! >> and no more 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. ask here's meteorologist bill evans. >> wanting to show you a scene without all the fog this morning. this is the best we have at the moment. looking across the east refer river.


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