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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: president obama telling abc news in an exclusive interview he believes it will be lifted, but not before he leaves office. president obama also discussing concerns about human rights. with political dissidents still regularly arrested for speaking out against the castro regime, some cuban americans call president obama's visit a slap in the face. >> showing solidarity, throwing a lifeline to those -- >> reporter: here in havana, we're hearing a lot of optimism about the potential change that could come from this visit. tonight, the two presidents will come together again for a state dinner. then tomorrow, president obama will talk directly to the cuban people in a nationally televised speech.
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news. back here in our area, we're learning much more about an off-duty police officer who was found dead of a gunshot wound in new jersey today. >> police found the body in a secluded area near a closed- down movie theater in sayreville. tony yates is live at the scene. >> reporter: liz and dave, investigators removed that officer's dark-colored personal car from this area about a half an hour ago. you can see the scene behind me. they were still doing cleaning up there just a few minutes ago. now, the middlesex county prosecutor's office is saying very, very little about this at this point. he did speak to us earlier this morning. news copter 7 was over the long-closed movie theater sayreville. investigators from the middlesex county prosecutor's office and the sayreville police were on the scene. the report came in at 7:15 this morning of a body in a car. not long after that, the body was that of a sayreville police
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personal car. middlesex county prosecutor andrew kerry. >> the police responded. at this time we identified there is a victim of one male police officer with sayreville police department who has died from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: police have not released the identity of the officer, nor have they said anything about the possible circumstances surrounding his death. at this point, eyewitness news will not identify the officer, as family members may still be receiving word of this tragedy. police also have not said they are looking for suspects or motives at this time, not ready yet to release its conclusion. >> at this point, middlesex county prosecutor's office will be taking lead of the investigation, along with sayreville police department and we'll hopefully have more sometime soon. >> reporter: we are still at this point awaiting official word on what could have possibly happened here. we do know at this point that the officer was off duty at the time. we do not know if there was anyone else involved. for now, live in sayreville,
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>> thank you. police say an argument over a woman led to a machete attack if queens. investigators say 20-year-old guillermo torrez argued with three victims over a woman on sunday morning and then left the place of business. he allegedly returned with the men. and possession of a weapon. turning now to the race for the white house, both democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders have shots at donald trump today, questioning his qualifications to be president. clinton slammed trump in front of a pro-israel advocacy group this morning, saying trump is unfit because he thinks the security of israel is negotiable. bernie sanders told the crowd-- >> the reason i think donald trump is not going to become
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is the american will people not elect a candidate who lies all of the time. >> bernie sanders group examined statements made by trump and found that 78% were false. meanwhile, republican presidential hopeful ted cruz picked up an endorsement from the governor of utah just two days before the state's caucus. meanwhile, donald trump is meeting with some republican lawmakers in washington, dc. among those in attendance, former house speaker newt gingrich, congressman chris collins from upstate new york, and senator jeff sessions from alabama. >> ted cruz, i think we speculate more than any senator, we thought he would get endorsed by jeff sessions and he didn't. jeff sessions endorsed me, which doesn't say much about someone when you have almost no senate endorsements. >> trump will lay out his plan for a peace deal between israel and palestine when he delivers remarks before the same pro- israel group where hillary clinton spoke this morning.
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largest fantasy sports websites have agreed to stop taking paid bets in new york for now. draft kings and fan duel have been resisting the order from state attorney general eric schneiderman to stop taking wages. he argues the sites let people gamble and are illegal, so the sites are now lobbying state lawmakers to make changes to new york law. >> daily fantasy sports operators are free to go to the legislators and the govern to change the law, but my job is to enforce the laws of the state of new york. as of today, fan duel and draft kings have agreed to abide by the laws. >> more than 30 states are considering daily fantasy legislation. last week, virginia's governor signed a bill legalizing fantasy sports in his state. well, you can get ready to see something new as you travel through new york city. it features real new yorkers who jumped into action when it was necessary. the mta is rolling out its new security slogan, new yorkers keep new york safe.
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see something, say something campaign that's been in use for the last 14 years. the mta honored six new yorkers today, who saw something suspicious and reported it. >> better to say something, you know. they have a lot of ways you can -- you done have to give your name. hi, this is going on at this block, even not in this neighborhood. i'm here, there it is, come help. there it is, take care of it. >> the new campaign will feature online campaigns, subway posters, along with outreach on social media. a large crane is being brought in from out of state. the delay is pushing back work in the hudson river. authorities now expect to bring the tug to the surface on thursday. one man's body is believed to still be inside. all three crewmembers were
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construction barge and sank. we are learning more about salah abdeslam. officials say he was planning new attacks in brussel. a new network of people have formed around abdeslam in brussels. investigators found more than 30 people involved in the paris attacks and say they are sure there are others. new details on a fatal commercial plane crash over the weekend. a russian aviation official says while the black box survived, the cockpit voice investigators are getting preliminary information and it could take at least a movement the plane nose dived and exploded at an airport in southern russia saturday in high winds, killing all 62
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continuing tensions in the northeastern -- korean peninsula rather, as north korea fired projectiles, in an apparent response to ongoing drills by the south, which the north sees as provocation. well, stocks on wall street extended a winning streak, despite troubling news about the u.s. home building market. the sales of previously occupied u.s. homes sank more than 7% last month. here's a live look at the big board. the dow rose just a little bit, almost 22 points to end the day at 17,623. incredible video of an easter bunny brawl. what turned this holiday event for children at a local mall into a chaotic free-for-all. >> and a funeral mix-up in the bronx leads to a family cremating the wrong body. we'll explain.
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iphone and ipad, along with words for the fbi. . >> reporter: and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. the spring sun has melted most, if not all of the snow, but there's still a wintry breeze. we'll look into the outlook for your easter sunday, coming up. temperatures dropping into this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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. 4:12 on this monday. let's check the commute right now. as we take a live look at the george washington bridge, it is clear scaling right now.
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like the best way to get over lincoln tunnel, holland tunnel has the worst of it. take the george washington you. well, this next story will leave you shaking your head. a man dressed as the easter bunny at a mall in new jersey caught on camera getting into a fist fight with a father of a child who was sitting on the easter bunny's lap. witnesses filmed the brawl at the newport center mall in new jersey last night. a city spokesperson says the father attacked the man dressed as the easter bunny after his 1- year-old daughter slipped from the chair while taking her photo. a 22-year-old man dressed as the bunny then exchanges blows with the father. things got so rowdy that security had to step in. both men suffered minor injuries. so far, no charges have been filed. michigan governor rick snyder has laid out a four- prong plan to fix flint's water crisis. snyder says the entire state will now follow stricter lead level guidelines.
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copper rulings, calling it, quote, dumb and dangerous. snyder says drinking water fixtures and some lead service lines will be replaced. health and education services will also be increased. well, two young boys are safe after they were pulled from a huge hole in a parking lot. the 11-year-old boys told their family that the ground felt bouncy before it gave way beneath them, sending them down a 30-foot deep hole. one of the boys was able to get out himself, but firefighters in maryland had to use a rope and harness to pull the other to safety. it appears the hole may be an old well that was covered with a layer of mulch. >> it was a disaster waiting to happen, if you ask me. >> putting mulch over a hole is not covering the hole. you don't understand. my brother could have lost his life. >> well, after both of the boys were safe, firefighters brought in a steel plate and bolted it over the hole. it is a nice afternoon
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it was a snowy start to the spring from the tri-state to new england. boston and providence had up to 6 inches of snow, leading to a very messy commute. school was delayed, and crews made sidewalks and roads were cleared in the overnight hours. well, it's nice to have the snow in the rear view mirror of our car right now. as we move forward, the sun is out. i like what i'm seeing in that forecast, lee goldberg. i'm glad that forecast is by us. so many times this winter we've been on the fringe of a storm. forecast for the accumulation amounts ended up working out. temperatures will climb during the week, but we still have a chill. let's go ahead and look outside where we look down at the empire state building, one world trade, gusty, visibility is good. definitely a bouncing camera as our winds are gusting over 30
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air is really dry. west wind on the park is 14 to 24. the high managed to reach 50 degrees, which is just shy of our average high of 51. it doesn't feel that warm. new jersey snow totals, 1 to 2 1/2 inches. west orange or ridgewood, you have less than an inch of snowfall. that was the same thing for points north as well out of parts of the hudson valley. hastings-on-hudson, 2 inches. queens coming in at nearly 2 inches. the park only recording about a trace. i think it was a little more than that, coating to a half inch. danbury with about 3 inches. bridge, 4 to 2 inches. right now, numbers, a pretty big range. cloud cover at monticello at 37. 52 in newark. many places that saw the snow, you could see it for about two hours, three hours this morning, then no evidence of it
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just a classic spring snow. wind gusts, 36 miles an hour at jfk. might be small delays at the area airports as winds continue to gust. as we go into the evening hours, 25 mile-per-hour gust possible through about 7:00. then still breezy overnight. winds back off a little bit. you will notice a breeze tomorrow, but it's a nice west wind. 46 by noon. into the mid-50s during the afternoon hour. you see some of the clouds rolling into the catskills and northwest new jersey, coming down from the great lakes right now on cold wind. our storm from overnight is over nova scotia. with the low moving in, we've got breezy conditions and that's going to last into the day tomorrow. meanwhile, nice warm front over the upper midwest sliding through tomorrow night into wednesday morning. may be a shower with it in our northern suburbs. more importantly, look at all the nice 60s in the middle of the country. that will come our way by wednesday, replacing temperatures in the 40s and 50s over the next couple of days. here's your future cast. watch the top of your screen
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midwest. it will spray clouds into the area later tomorrow, into tomorrow afternoon. there is an area of snow that i think is going to go into the adirondacks, maybe a couple of showers in the hudson valley tuesday night into wednesday morning. yes, it's spring, but go with the winter coat tonight. 34 in the city. then for tomorrow, partly sunny and breezy, 54. tomorrow night, not nearly as cool. we can't have a shower north of the city. most areas will stay dry, a fair amount of clouds and not as chilly. coming up at 4:30, looking at the seven-day accuweather forecast, a warmer wind kicking in by wednesday, midmorning. could we be in the 70s in spots by wednesday? how long will that continue? and of course the outlook for easter sunday as well. david and liz, a little chill out here right now. not going to last long. >> that's the kind of chill we like. thanks, lee. some criminals risk going to jail for money. this guy in las vegas got arrested for snack food. police say the suspect walked
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filled a tray of nachos and walked out without paying. well, the clerk was not having that. he confronted the guy outside. the men got into a fight. the suspect took out a gun and chased the clerk back inside and fired a gun. fortunately, the clerk was not hurt. we're told later the suspect was arrested by police. >> this is the same category as the easter bunny story. >> it really is a day of crazy breakout fights for no reason. this is a nacho fight. >> hold yourself to a higher standard is what i say. >> yeah, a little higher. >> please. >> not much. tennis outreach. the comments of a female player that have a top tennis official now apologizing. >> plus, a bizarre twist in the story of a man who was busted for having sex on a ferris wheel. .
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well, the british tabloid the sun claims private photos of pop singer adele were stolen by a hacker. the pictures reportedly show an ultrasound scan and photos of her son when he was a newborn. the sun claims a fan saw the pictures and alerted adele's management team. no word on whether adele will take legal action. back in 2014, adele battled the paparazzi over photos taken of her son and she won. >> adele is a very private person. she works very hard to keep her private life private. so this was a very major violation for her.
4:23 pm
how she handles this situation legally going forward. >> over the weekend, vacation photos of harry styles and kendall jenner were also allegedly stolen. a hundred pop stars were victims in 2014, including jennifer lawrence, collins was arrested and pleaded guilty to charges. a dispute with madonna and her ex-husband brings her back to new york to try to get rocco. today, a judge in britain dropped the case there and resolution. madonna, ritchie and rocco were not in court today. yes, we know that music! their belt. in just a few hours, the latest stars will be hitting the ballroom for season 22 of "dancing with the stars." >> 12 celebrities from a
4:24 pm
meteorologist will be competing for the mirror ball trophy. >> reporter: dave, liz, football players have done well on "dancing with the stars." you may recall emmitt smith won in the early years, but it's been a couple of years since the last nfl player competed. this season, there's a trio it. >> reporter: in l.a., final rehearsals for a season of firsts on "dancing with the stars." the first totally deaf contestant. and the first field in which one quarter of the contestants are famous for football. >> why have the nfl athletes done so well with dancing of the stars? >> they perform on the big stage. we embrace the challenges and love the show. >> reporter: antonio brown and super bowl mvp von miller are competing against retired quarterback doug flutie. >> definitely has the discipline as an athlete and i think he really knows how to have fun.
4:25 pm
it. >> i knew this was something going into it that i would really have to push myself. i'm willing to do it. >> reporter: actress jody sweden was introduced on "good morning america," where ginger zee is doing double duty, continuing to appear on that show while rehearsing in the city and taking care of son adrian, age three months. >> physically, it's going to tighten me right up. emotionally, it's going to be tough. even the kwik trip out to l.a., you say, my gosh, we'll have to bring the baby sometimes. he'll be dancing with us. >> reporter: dancing has a way of bringing out the kid in all men. >> we're going to rock it out. >> yeah, we are. >> reporter: at least one of the contestants is feeling his age. >> aside from the sore muscles and the columnsy feet, i'm >> we're ready to dance.
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be an inspiration to other deaf deaf people and be an inspiration to the community. that's right here tonight at 7:00, followed by castle and eyewitness news. thanks, sandy. iphone. we'll show you what makes it different and how much it will
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. a horrible mix-up at a funeral home. friends and family gathered to say good-bye to their grandmother, mother and friend. >> soon after, they learned the woman they cried for and then cremated was not their relative, but a stranger. the funeral home cremated the wrong body. eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth is in the bronx to tell us more. michelle? >> reporter: now, the adult, as you will hear admit, they did
4:30 pm
were grieving was the mother of eight boys, many grandkids, many more great grandkids. she passed away from cancer back in december. they didn't realize they had mourned and cremated the wrong person until the funeral home, this place behind me, reached out to them. they do admit that the woman in the casket was a remarkable likeness. that's what they admit. they also point out she was wearing her clothing and her jewelry, plus, everyone was grieving, so their eyes were, to be frank, full of tears. listen to what one 10-year-old grandson said. >> he said, came up and said, that don't look like grandma. >> they don't hold it back. >> my granddaughter, whew, she went through it and said grand daddy, what they done with grandma? she took it hard. >> reporter: the entire family has taken it hard.
4:31 pm
valuedine mcdonald, then the mix-up, the wrong woman mourned, then interred. relatives came from as far away as australia. turns out the kids were right. >> grandmother-- >> that's not our grandmother. that's something that we have to live with for the rest of our lives. >> people out of respect, not going to say that ain't your mother. they are going to say my condolences. >> reporter: the calls to bronx wood funeral home is now under investigation. we asked for comment and statement. we have expressed to the affected families our acute distress and sorrow over this occurrence and we are reimbursing the mcdonald's for all costs. that reimbursement was news to the family and was also something they for. parlor? >> no. >> no.
4:32 pm
there was nothing to say. >> it was just quiet. we went back. it was just quiet. >> we were trying to be more respectful to my mom. >> to my mother. >> reporter: they said they stayed very low key out of respect for their mother, the matriarch of their family. coming up at 6:00, more about this story, what happened when they did finally see their real mother days after the cremation, and what happened with the other family. that's coming up tonight at 6:00. for right now, live in the wood lawn section of the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, michelle. the search is on for the man police believe is behind several robberies on long island, just after midnight. he was wearing dark sunglasses and a bandana on his face. the police say he was armed with a knife when he threatened a, wogger and took off with cash. police say the same man hit three dunkin' donuts in nassau
4:33 pm
a teenager is arrested, accused of drawing swastikas on two homes on long island. carlos rivera found a piece of chalk on the ground in cedar hurst earlier this month. detectives say he used it to draw swastikas on two homes. he was arrested yesterday and charged with two counts of harassment. former pennsylvania state trooper killed by police after he was involved in a deadly robbery at a toll plaza. police say clarence briggs threatened two toll collectors on the pennsylvania turnpike with a gun during the robbery. that's when a security guard arrived. police say briggs, who served nearly three decades as a state trooper, opened fire, killing a toll collector and that security guard. he took off in the guard's car with cash, was confronted by responding officers while loading the money into his own car. >> the first responding trooper that arrived on scene encountered the actor from distance. there was an exchange of gunfire between the trooper and the actor.
4:34 pm
succumbed to his injuries at the scene. >> briggs retired from the state police four years ago. the security guard killed in the robbery was 72-year-old retired nypd officer. the toll collector had been on the job just three months. officials say they do not know why that toll plaza was the target. well, lawyers for gawker media pleaded with jurors in the hulk hogan sex video trial today, telling them they have awarded enough already and they have given hogan punishment enough. friday, hogan was awarded $115 million. jurors could award even more money. a yale student treated last month for bacteriaial meningitis is back in the hospital. that's raising concerns at the campus. the university's director of health says the student was hospitalized out of the state for an apparent recurrence of the infection.
4:35 pm
been confirmed. yale is contacting people who have recently had close or extended contact with the student and who is reportedly showing signs of improvement at this time. lawmakers in albany have gotten an unusual request for a tax hike from an unusual source. multimillionaires, more than 40 multimillionaires have sent letters to governor cuomo and legislative leaders, proposing new tax rates on the top 1% of earners in new york. abigail disney and rockefeller are among notable signers. happening today, a view of the future, hoboken rolling out an easy way to pay for parking beginning today. hoboken testing a system called pay by play with meters located on hudson play. it uses photographic images of a vehicle's license plate to identify the customer responsible for payment. drivers won't have to display a receipt on the dash board anymore. a parking app is available for
4:36 pm
well, big news today from apple. the tech giant unveiled designs for a new iphone, along with a revamped ipad. the iphone se is an upgrade to the older 4-inch iphone 5s. it looks the same, but has more kick and a better camera. it's aimed at consumers who have not bought the bigger screen iphone 6 models that apple introduced over the last two years. the new iphone comes with company's fastest processor. cellular contract. >> it's got advanced technologies that makes this the most powerful 4-inch phone, making it even better to do the things iphone customers want to do, including playing the most graphic intensive games. >> apple also unveiled a new slimmer model of the ipad pro. ceo tim cook took a moment to
4:37 pm
customers' data, despite the fbi demanding help unlocking the killer's phone from the san bernardino masacre from a few months ago. apologizing. wait until you hear what he said about female players. it's going to shock you. >> and a couple from new jersey had their dream wedding just days after the bride's mom received a devastating hey what are you here for? you getting poked, prodded or pinched?? uhhh yeah, colon cancer screening. hey me too, second time. it's a piece of cake! that sounds good right now. it's no big deal. that's what everyone tells me. today there is more than one way to screen for colon cancer and it's easier than ever. if you're 50 or older
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. breaking news. we're told police are investigating a stabbing at spring valley high school in rockland county. we're told a student stabbed a fellow 15-year-old student during a fight which took place inside a hallway inside the school this afternoon. we're told also the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries and is said to be okay. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more information as soon as we have it. well, new york city's health department has now set up a zika virus call center for healthcare providers. the call center is expected to streamline testing procedures and assure the appropriate tests are ordered and then tracked.
4:41 pm
providers must call the city's health department for approval before testing any new york city resident for zika. a certain type of surgical glove could be banned. federal health officials are looking at whether to stop the use of gloves that have powder on them. the powder is supposed to make the gloves easier to wear. it actually could cause problems, including in flaming wounds and causing trouble most manufacturers have moved away from powder in the gloves. we know wedding planning can have moments of high stress. typically most people have months, even weeks to plan, but a woman in new jersey put it all together in just two days. she was in a rush because her mother was dying of cancer. thanks to the kindness of strangers, she was able to pull it off. norma shanic from wpvi has the story. >> i didn't want to get married and have her not be there. >> reporter: it's an image erica myers will cherish forever.
4:42 pm
month her mom alicia, who has been battling ovarian cancer, might have only days to live, wedding. two days later, she and her fiance wed and her mom was able to be there. >> i was so happy. she was so happy. >> reporter: the wedding was put together so quickly with help from andy and abigail lightic, wedding photographers who heard about erica's situation. through their contacts, they were able to arrange all the details, all services donated to the myers for free. >> erica said, you know, this is supposed to be a happy time for me. i'm shopping for wedding dresses at the same time i'm shopping for a funeral home. >> my heart broke for them. i wanted to be able to make something really big and really special for their family. >> they really made a miracle happen for us. they gave us a gift that is priceless. >> erica is going to cherish this moment for the rest of her
4:43 pm
wanted was for her mom to see her get married before she passed away. >> reporter: the couple has three children. it was because of the kindness of strangers that erica's mom was there on what may be the biggest day of her daughter's life. for erica, it was a wedding present more precious than any other. >> i will never forget what those people did for me and i got my mom there. thank god she made it there. it was beautiful from start to finish. >> reporter: in hamilton, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. those folks went above and beyond. it will be a moment they will never forget. well, a tragic twist to tell you about. a man caught having sex in a ferris wheel. now, a new development in the case. >> on the completely opposite end of the spectrum, reese
4:44 pm
celebrating her 40th in a
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. police in texas charged two men in texas for car jacking and killing philip panzica on saturday. panzica's death comes a month
4:47 pm
sex on a las vegas ferris wheel. a police officer in new jersey is being commended for his bravery after saving a skunk. the animal had an apple sauce jar stuck on its head, happened in summerville. there is a picture of it. the officer, known as officer pip, risked being sprayed by the skunk and managed to get the jar off the animal. it then ran off and did not appear to be hurt. >> we need a category for an officer like that. that's above and beyond right there. >> i'll take this, it's a skunk, i got it! not me! >> without getting sprayed there. >> a little sweet and sour there. >> this morning it was a winter wonderland at your house. >> did i see you tweet a delay? >> we had a one-hour delay. one-hour delay. >> one-hour delay. >> hit hard by the storms this year.
4:48 pm
that snow on your lawn. a rare look at the george washington bridge -- i'm sorry, this is the tri borough. on the area bridges and overpasses, be careful. gusty wind around 30, 35 miles an hour can take you from lane to lane. 49 degrees right now, mostly sunny skies, west wind about 14 to 24 miles an hour and some gusts over 30 miles an hour. here's a good look at a planner as you have a westerly wind around 6 to 12 miles an hour. west wind will be about 10 to tomorrow. i think we'll start off with mostly sunny skies and go partly sunny as the day wears on. middle 50s, a good 5 to 7 degrees milder than today. we'll start off with bright sunshine. 27, 29 in newberg, above freezing in islip. city. through the day, a few high clouds coming in from the north coming in. we should reach the low and pleasant day.
4:49 pm
20 and dry air, it will feel more like a 45 to 50-degree day. clouds will be with us tomorrow night. a warm front is sliding to the north. i wouldn't be shocked to see a brief shower sneak into the hudson valley toward daybreak. nonetheless, we certainly will start the day with at least some cloudiness that should lift to our north during the day, then warm up. i'll get back to the wednesday highs in a moment. air quality is good tomorrow. sunburn index will be about a 5. the pollen count is moderate right now, again with tree pollen around, with the breezes. through wednesday, what a difference as we see temperatures bounce back into the upper 60s. there will be quite a range. it could be in the low to mid- 50s on the eastern end of long island. south-facing shore, barely 60. 65 to 70 across the interior parts of new jersey. thursday looks like another warm day. direction here. i'm confidence to say 65 to 72 inland, but our temperature of 68 degrees, could be a little lower than that if we keep with
4:50 pm
sun will give way to clouds, probably rain to start friday morning and 61. first full weekend of spring looks nice. easter sunday, upper 50s, nice and dry, partly sunny skies before rain comes early next week. guys, back to you for now. >> sounds good. thanks. here's what's trending on this monday. happy birthday, twitter! you're 10 years old! yes, march 21, 2006, a social media revolution was launched. 140 characters at a time. cofounder jack dorsey sent out the very first tweet and it read "just setting up twitter." since then, 320 million users have signed on. the social media site responsible for paving the way to egypt's uprising, turning hashtags into a thing and introducing us to the personal lives of justin bieber, kim kardashian. twitter users create 200
4:51 pm
liz, are you tweeting right now? >> yes. following breaking news as well. actress reese witherspoon celebrated her 40th birthday. what do you think the movie star sang when she hit the stage? what else? >> that's how you do it, ladies and gentlemen. this is from the instagram account of derek blassberg, a celebrity bash at the holiday club. keith urban backing her up. that's how you do that. she's not the only one recuperating today. eddie izzard completed 27 marathons in 27 days to symbolize the 27 years nelson mandela was in prison. he is credited for raising a
4:52 pm
beyonce threw a tea party for her daughter blue ivy. too cute. everybody got a look at this. all of the pictures posted on finally, last year's national league rookie of the year, kris bryant, had fun pranking a college team. the cubs infielder pretended to be a transfer student from a community college. this is what happened. >> he's the man. >> he's the man! what the heck are we up against! this guy is unstoppable. this isn't community college. didn't take them long to bryant was quickly recognized. that's bryant. i know who that is! everyone had a good laugh in
4:53 pm
isn't that cool? i like that everybody participated. >> check out the trend online. sends your trend ideas. >> all right, david. following breaking news, we do want to give you an update. there is breaking news happening, a bus accident. you're looking at live pictures right now. this is at qm 11 bus, mta bus. this happened and fdr. we understand there are 10 people injured right now. passengers on board. we're not quite sure how this accident happened. we do know that the bus operator claims he lost control of the bus and then hit the overpass. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we're going to continue to follow this development as soon as we get
4:54 pm
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation
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growing outrage in the world of tennis after some startling comments from a top executive. he said pro tennis is all about the men. and it's the men who carry the sport. and women, he said, are riding their coattails. >> you can imagine stars now like serena williams are fighting back. sports anchor rob powers is in the news room with the details. >> this is the story in tennis today, sparking outrage and reaction from some of the game's top players. but so many others outside the sport are reacting here as well after somebody on the inside opened the floodgates of controversy. >> reporter: these comments sending shock waves through the world of tennis. >> in my next life when i come back, i want to be somebody in the wta because they ride on the coattails of the men. if i was a lady player, i'd go
4:57 pm
thank god that roger federer and nadel were born. because they carry the sports. >> reporter: the tournament in indian wells, california, sparking a firestorm with the comments he made before the women's final sunday, and top athletes wasted no time firing back. >> there's only one way you can interpret that. get on your knees. that's offensive enough. we as women have come a long way. and we shouldn't have to drop to our knees at any point. >> reporter: the comments igniting an international discussion about which sex contributes more to success of the sport. the top men's player, novak djokovic, while denouncing his comments, also said this. >> stats are showing that we have much more spectators on the men's tennis matches and i think that's one of the reasons why women should get awarded more. >> reporter: a bitter battle of the sexes in the
4:58 pm
as the controversial comments play both on and off the tennis court. >> raymond moore did apologize saying his comments were in extremely poor taste and erroneous. billie jean king among those who jumped in on twitter saying moore was wrong and every player contributes to the success of the sport. this controversy continues. >> it is stunning to hear those words come out of his mouth. >> mm-hmm. especially in 2016 we're having this conversation. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> this is a new day. between our >> history in cuba. president obama speaking cuban president raul castro, discussing human rights and trade restrictions. >> a bunny brawl at the mall. we learned tonight there are
4:59 pm
went flying. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. right now. we want to get to the first one on the east side of manhattan, 10 people have been injured in an mta bus crash. >> we're going to take a live look at the scene right now. you can see right now these live pictures. they're actually pulling someone off that bus right now. we understand these injuries are not life-threatening but certainly people onboard that bus shaken up, perhaps suffering some minor injuries, and that person on a stretcher there, they're getting ready to take that person off to the hospital. this crash happened at the fdr and 34th street and the bus there as you can see, the driver saying he somehow lost and hit that post. he said he also hit the overpass there. >> this happened at about 4:12. there were 10 people who were injured. we're seeing perhaps this is the first person being taken off this bus. again, we were told that they are nonlife-threatening injuries and fdr is there on the scene
5:00 pm
them to the hospital. >> first responders there taking care of it. as soon as we get more information, we will bring that information to you. now to our other breaking story. police now investigating a stabbing at spring valley high school. we're told a high school stabbed a fellow 15-year-old student during a fight inside the school. the victim suffered wounds to the head but is expected to survive. and now to a fight between the mall easter bunny and a parent has gone viral. it's one of the most watched videos on abc 7 and on our news app and facebook page. >> in just the past few minutes, we've learned that the rabbit, the man dressed up as a rabbit, and the father are both being charged. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is at the newport center mall in jersey city with what caused this rabbit ruckus. >> more on the charges you just mentioned, the rabbit is 22


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