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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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all the way down here is where that car is. if you look closely at the front tire on the driver's side, you can see that that tire is, in fact, missing. so this is going to be an ongoing accident investigation here. as you mentioned, one person is in critical condition. what this is doing to traffic, you can't even imagine these delays. if you have to drive eastbound through queens, take a break. don't even bother to try. taking you back past la guardia. airport. it spills onto the jackie robinson parkway. you have to go local to get around this. reporting live, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> shannon, thank you. now to the possible new jersey transit strike. we've just learned that talks between the new jersey transit and unions have taken an optimistic tone. >> workers could walk off the
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two reports, and we have new information on the negotiations still under way. things are starting to sound positive, right n.j.? >> reporter: that's right. sources tell me that a deal may finally be within reach. there is a new momentum, i'm told, and both sides have taken serious steps toward a settlement. union negotiators were here and not stopping to take any questions. they met behind closed doors for about two hours. i'm told that the railroad brought to the table a new offer on health benefits. did that help to move the talks forward today? difficult to say, but both sides remained far apart on wages and the actual term of the contract. the railroad's lead negotiator was determined to set the tone for the day.
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microphone, he said the time has come to make a deal. >> there was no reason why this can't close today. it should close today. >> if it doesn't close today, it's whose fault? >> i'm not blaming anybody. come on, n.j., this should be done today. >> reporter: so yes, there is an air of optimism here. as i said a moment ago, a new momentum. both sides taking solid steps toward a settlement. a deal may finally be within reach, but that doesn't necessarily mean a deal will be at hand. nj burkett, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> this is at least encouraging about 100,000 commuters will be impacted.
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leave 40,000 of them uncovered. we talk now about how people will get around. toni? >> yes. today's commute could be the last smooth commute for thousands of new jersey transit riders if that strike happens. so many people going into this weekend waiting for word and worrying about monday. >> i just want to go to work. i can't go to work if they don't go to work. >> reporter: commuters are trying to see their way through a possible rail strike. >> i plan to get there. >> reporter: if they can. >> reporter: it's every day home and back. if they took the train down, it kind of messes with my money. i have rent to pay. >> it's the only way to get to school, because i go he to rutgers and don't have my own car. >> with more buses on the road and more cars, too, trying to get to those park and rides. some already congested towns are bracing like jersey city.
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come in earlier. we're urging them to work for home where possible, car pooling where possible and again, our hope is that it comes to resolution before sunday. >> reporter: new jersey transit is setting up five park and ride lots to accommodate commuters. it can accommodate buses during the morning and evening rush hour. if you use the park and ride, buses will take to you midtown. buses at the pnc arts secretarier in hone dale will also take you into midtown. if you use the park and ride lot, buses will take you to the ferry terminal and we augusten. in central new jersey, a park and ride lot will be set up in woodbridge. buses will take you to the harrison gas station. a little farther south in mercer county, there will be a
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and you can connect to p.a.t.h. service. a very big reminder for commuters. the spaces at those park and rides, the seats on the buses are all first come first served basis. it's best to get out as early as possible if the strike happens. for now, we're live here at metro park. toni yates, "eyewitness news." >> we have you covered and you can find contingency plans. diana? an investigation is under way into how a handcuffed suspect managed to take off in a police vehicle in nassau county. police first arrested this man in freeport. he was then put into the back of the vehicle and somehow managed to take off. he went about 2 miles before crashing in merrick. stefan kim is at the police station with more. stefan? >> reporter: diana, police say this is a dangerous man with a long criminal history and not only was he able to get his
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him, he managed to squeeze through a roughly 12 by 12 inch hole in the partition to get behind the wheel of a police suv before speeding off and crashing into several other cars. >> it was a sliding plexiglas partition. nobody ever thought an individual could squeeze through an 11.5 by 12.25 square hole. >> reporter: this is the hole similar to the one police are describing. he was secured in the backseat away from access to the wheel. andrew howard is not only a very violent man but also very slender. >> it is a very nimble and agile individual who is able to take his behinds from behind his back, placed them low and put his hands and feet behind the handcuffs. >> reporter: then he shimmied through the hole and sped off with this police suv sending
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eventually crashing into several parked we'res. >> he was going 70 miles per hour down babylon road. at the end of the block, we have a divot, so he went airborne and hit into the first car, which lost control and the second car and the series of, you know. >> reporter: this red mitsubishi took a direct hit. this buick flattened. >> his car was here. it ended up all the way down there. >> reporter: the 36-year-old brooklyn man had been pulled over bip freeport police on an outstanding warrant for robbery. neighbors say police cornered him almost immediately. >> one cop pulled his gun out and started yelling to the guy don't get out. so i told my waif, get down, the guy's got a gun. >> reporter: as for if the suspect has ever slipped through a partition like this before, cops say it has happened, but this is the first time in nassau county.
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any of the officers are facing disciplinary action. stefan kim, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. a man accused of shoving a teenager in front of a subway train in queens is under arrest and now facing attempted murder charges. police say 38-year-old george paul pushed a girl in front of an oncoming train in corona last saturday night. the 15-year-old girl managed to scramble between the platform and the train's wheels. the faa is looking into why a plane had a crash landing just before 11:00 this morning. moments before that cessna touched down, the pilot called air traffic control to report that the aircraft was in trouble. >> east of northport? >> yes -- [inaudible speaker ] >> i just got an emergency five miles northeast of your position, 400 feet.
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investigate that over the shoreline. >> it looks like he picked a nice, safe area. two people in the structure and student were on the plane. they were not hurt. the plane is owned by the long island aviators of farmingdale. violence erupted for trump. thrown out. he put the crowd into a frenzy by heckling the man as he was dragged out by police. he told him to "go home to mommy and get a job." earlier, he picked up an endorsement from dr. ben carson. >> donald trump talks a lot about making america great. he means it. i'm going to be helping him. others are going to be helping him. >> reporter: carson said he and trump burr rid the hatchet. today, carson says there are two trumps, the public persona and the thinker. there are republican primaries and caucuses in puerto rico and
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the final farewell to nancy reagan. her funeral ended just about an hour ago. in attendance, first lady michelle obama and four former first ladies, including hillary clinton who left the campaign trail to attend. >> reporter: a solemn procession. and a crowd of 1,000 guests here to memorialize first lady nancy reagan. >> accept our prayers on behalf of our servant nancy. >> reporter: family and friends remembering her life from hollywood to the white house. more than five decades by from. that love playing a role in the services.
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the president to his wife. >> i love the whole lot of you, mother, first lady, and the pee wee powerhouse you. >> reporter: the guests, including first lady michelle obama, hillary clinton, and george w. and laura bush, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver, and a long list of celebrity guests from wayne newton and tom selleck and even mr. t who became close with mrs. reagan during her just say no anti-drug campaign. media figures also here, including diane stir giving a reading. >> i will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where i am. >> reporter: after the funeral, mrs. reagan will be laid to rest next to her late husband in this hillside tune. reflecting on mrs. reagan's life, daughter patty and son
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reagan's chief of staff james baker. lauren lister, cbs news. next, a warning from the woman slashed about i a stranger in the streets of brooklyn. what she was doing at the time that she wants others to stop doing. >> plus, an apology in a restaurant chain over a photo that used as decoration that outraged a lot of people. >> and a bone marrow drive for an 11-year-old and why it's been so difficult to find her a match. >> we didn't break a record today, but it was still beautiful. looks nice outside. sunshine and patchy clouds. we're at 61 degrees. nice weekend overall.
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family and friends are saying good-bye to a teenager who was killed by a speeding driver who lost control and jumped a curb. the 16-year-old noelle was with friends when he was killed. a wake is now being held tonight. jim? >> reporter: sade, it is heartbreaking. herrera was just 16 years old and friends gather to say good- bye and still have braced on their teeth. some haven't had their first girlfriend yet and are now preparing for this. the person accused of killing him had a court hearing after it was revealed he had pcp in his blood at the time of the accident. >> mr. patterson is on the video link. >> reporter: eric patterson wasn't in court but appeared by closed-circuit tv.
5:16 pm
finds himself just now in a world of trouble. >> the court will impose the bail of 2 million cash or bond. >> reporter: patterson is charged with two counsels of aggravated manslaughter in connection with the horrifying deaths last week of 16-year-old noel herrera. surveillance shows a car driven about i patterson blowing red lights and driving 70 miles-per- hour in a 25 mile-per-hour zone on kennedy boulevard just before the crash. prosecutors have since announced he tested positive for pcp. we spoke to a man who was injured. >> once we turned our heads, we seen a car coming by real fast and didn't know what to do. it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: today, the wake for noel herrera is just 16 years old.
5:17 pm
>> not seeing him anymore is hard. it's like an empty spot in my heart now. >> reporter: she said she used to go to knollle when she had boy problems. so many people here with similar stories, that he was always there for them. these youngsters, these teenagers nowhere near ready to say good-bye yet. jim dolan, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, jim. wall street closing the trading week with encouraging gains. it capped the four-week rally that put the dow back among the 17,000 mark. the dow rose 218 points, closing at 17,213. the nasdaq added 86 points and the s anthony s&p. >> i always give you weather tips. >> i will be sold after the
5:18 pm
>> insider trading information. [ laughter ] >> sec on the other line. outside we go. it is a really nice afternoon. temperatures really won't be trending down this weekend in terms of highs, but you definitely have a cold night coming up tonight. what's that, i'm sorry, andy? oh, sorry. my microphone dropped. meanwhile, as you look at the upper west side, you are not looking at heavy coats. the sun is behind a couple of clouds right now. it's not bad. there's a gusty breeze. 6 1 and feels like -- 61 and feels like 50. we're in the low 60s much of the afternoon so about 15 degrees on average above our normals during the afternoon hours. last year, we had a little overnight rain and the skies cleared up and we reached 59 degrees. instead of low 80, it's mid-
5:19 pm
we're still at april levels here. 60 in poughkeepsie. it this. i noticed that we're running close to actual temperatures where we see breeze. we're seeing fewer stations rutting gusty winds with south west winds from 6 to 12 at 7:00. we have 48 degrees and clear skies. 30s many suburbs. then sun will mix with clouds during the afternoon hours, especially south and west. we'll be around that 60 degree mark. what's happening is high pressure's here, and the wind is carrying temperatures in the 40s and 30s from eastern canada. we're going to have a cold night, a night we haven't experienced in a while, and temperatures recover in the afternoon. then the question is, what does the system do down in the gulf?
5:20 pm
dropped a foot and a half of rainfall over parts of louisiana and mississippi over the past two days, just sitting over the same area. some of that moisture's going to come northward. during the day, we see clouds. little pieces breaks off. the worst case scenario, there is a sprinkle. the bulk from the north comes through. we start to see the clouds increase on sunday and maybe there is a shower south and west. it's monday when you have the umbrella. you also have layers because it's only going to be in the 40s on monday. futurecast temperatures chilly tomorrow morning. if you are an early riser, make sure you have the coat in the afternoon hours. clear and colder tonight. 41. 30s many suburbs up to 62 tomorrow. sunshine will be mixing with clouds. tomorrow night, mostly cloudy skies.
5:21 pm
just stall in the 50s. showers by sunset on sunday. the sunday sunset is 7:00 so maybe. stuck in the 40s on monday. so after seeing temperatures in the 80s, that will be a little different. we take it here at the live desk as we're following breaking news out of midtown. the you can see the firefighter putting water at the top of the building area. this is a 59-story structure. the report first came at about 5:23. the good news at this point is that we're hearing of no reported injuries at this time. of course we'll continue to follow the latest. this fire happening somewhere near the rooftop. as we get new information on this story, we'll bring it in and we'll update you on
5:22 pm
changes through our web site, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, david. still ahead on "eyewitness news," a former football coach and firefighter admits to putting a camera in his bathroom during a house party. tonight, what he says he was actually looking for. >> a long island boycott troop gets their hard earned stolen money out of the account, but when the bank won't refund the
5:23 pm
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boy scouts on long island became the victims of a scammer who stole nearly $10,000 in the checking account and when the bank couldn't help them out, 7 on your side's nina pineda did. >> reporter: troop 517 worked hard to raise money for their trips. >> we sell popcorn every weekend for the entire months of october and november, and then we have a big garage sale. >> reporter: it took almost a year to save up $9900 and only a few seconds for someone to steal it out of the scouts' account at astoria bank.
5:26 pm
besides the fact it's a boy scouts account, you stole from someone's account. >> reporter: how was it allowed to come out over the phone? >> i wish i knew. >> reporter: the second shocker, a little known rule. business and charity account holders have one business day to report fraud to their bank. since the scouts didn't report it for weeks, their claim was denied. >> it's such a short amount of time, you couldn't possibly catch it. >> it was money that belongs not just belongs to the boys. >> reporter: the scout masters appealed to the bank but got nowhere. even the sponsor was losing faith. >> so many people put up road blocks and i thought it was kind of a lost cause. >> reporter: 7 on your side asked astoria to reconsider. >> today as of this afternoon, all of our money has been restored. >> reporter: the generous gesture, astoria says, it was a courtesy seen though the bank funds.
5:27 pm
to do what no one else could do. >> reporter: i am now an honorary you trust that i can get it? >> thank you, nina. >> reporter: i am so happy, thank you. the scouts can get ready for the trip to williamsburg after all. in rockville center, nina pineda, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> glad that's all done. slashed by a stranger on the street in brooklyn. coming up, as police search for the man who ambushed a woman. what she says she would have done to protect herself.
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i'm david novarro, and we continue to follow breaking news in the high rise fire. it seems that the firefighters have gotten a handle on this fire. news copter 7 is over the scene. this building is located at 42nd and 12th. the fire appears to have been on the roof. that's why we're showing you the pictures right here. the first call came in about 5:23. no reports of any injuries. no evacuations at this point. not sure how this fire started, but as you can imagine, with all of the fire trucks at the scene, traffic jams are occurring leading right into the lincoln tunnel. if there's any new developments, we will bring it to you and update it to you on talk a look at the traffic situation.
5:31 pm
we'll return you to sade and diana. a woman is speaking out for the first time. a man crept up behind her, sliced her neck. >> now police scramble to catch the attacker. we spoke to the woman today who has a warning for others. stacey? >> reporter: that's right. she did speak to us because she's very concerned about this. too many new yorkers walking around these streets just looking at their cell phones instead of looking around them. now she does have 13 stitches in her neck, and she's lucky to be alive. >> there was not much damage. it want too deep. >> reporter: she says she'd feel a lot better if police can catch the man responsible, and here you see him running. police say he was wearing a gray sweatshirt. he approached this 53-year-old woman from behind then slashed
5:32 pm
what do you say about a guy who does something like this? >> reporter: i can't say nothing. >> i can't say nothing. >> reporter: the woman asked we not use her name. so is her husband. they are extremely worried that if this happened to her, it could happen to anyone. with these types of slashings on the rise, victim after victim coming forward to say, they have felt helpless. >> if someone just attacks you from behind, how do you defend yourself. >> reporter: this woman says she couldn't but did want to warn new yorkers not to do what she did while walking down the street. >> horrible, horrible. better is don't stay on your cell phone while walking. >> reporter: you were on your cell phone? >> yeah, i was looking at my text messages. >> plenty of potential dna
5:33 pm
whether it's enough to catch the attacker remains to be seen. >> reporter: i hope they catch him. >> we're back here live now where you are looking at many of the many crimestoppers posters. they are up all over the neighborhood with grainy surveillance pictures that police have to go on at this point. they are asking for your help. there is a $2500 reward in the case, and there's been a strong police presence in this neighborhood all day. rear live, stacey sager, channel 7 "eyewitness news." because of historic flooding, six states are in states of emergency. the danger is not over yet. >> some places, the unprecedented rapid rise in water forcing emergency evacuations. >> we didn't even know.
5:34 pm
we didn't know the water was coming up like that. >> reporter: the national guard already rescuing more than 3500 families from homes using blackhawk helicopters to save drivers from submerged streets. in louisiana, the governor declaring a state of emergency. event. have i to imagine that when we add -- i have to imagine when we add up the damages it will be in the millions of dollars. >> the same in mississippi. >> the last time we had waters this high was 2008 when gustav hit us. >> reporter: this historic flooding already claiming several lives and destroying livelihoods. >> emotionally, i'm a mess. it'll be okay. >> reporter: the risk still isn't over. >> can't do nothing about it, but pray for us and hope we don't get any more hard rain. >> the same areas are expecting even more rough weather at least through tomorrow morning
5:35 pm
rain in the forecast from new orleans to jackson, mississippi. marci gonzalez, channel 7 "eyewitness news." two top executives for the wounded warrior project are out. chief executive officer steve under doozy and chief operating -- narzuzzi have been fired under allegations of wasteful spending. they have hired outside legal counsel to do an independent review of the records. current and former employees will also be interviewed as part of the process. the cleveland browns have released their quarterback johnny manziel after two seasons. he entered a pennsylvania rehab season with the team. then he was involved in two three months. the grand jury is examining evidence from one of the incidents where his ex- girlfriend says he struck her in the head after a night out. it's not an easy task, but
5:36 pm
the port authority has launched a design competition to replace its aging midtown bus terminal. the winning design should bring the largest, busiest bus terminal into the 21st century while taking into account traffic flow and cost. they are considering bringing the new terminal one block away from the existing one. entrants can suggest alternative sites. secret recordings at a pool party. an ex-fire captain admits that he took hidden video but claims there is a special reason. >> also, a special needs student had to hitchhike 30 miles home from school not once but twice. >> the man who rose to fame as the dog whisperer accused of treating an animal badly. >> we have with temperatures right now
5:37 pm
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a guilty plea tonight for a former fire chief who pleaded guilty for secretly videotaping his teenaged son's guests in the bathroom using an ipad hid innocent closet during a pool party. he claims he did it because he suspected drug use in the bathroom. the father is expected to be sentenced to probation in may. joe's crab shack is dealing with backlash for the table decor at one of its restaurants. two customers at a minnesota location spotted the itch ma'am showing the hangth of a black man surrounded by a crowd of white people with the word bubble that says was "all i said was i didn't like the gumbo."
5:41 pm
explain why it was there in the first place. the school bus driver and bus attendant are under arrest after leaving a special needs child on an empty bus twice. they just didn't notice that the 13-year-old was asleep on the bus when they arrived at lake whales christian school. they left. he rolled down the emergency window and climbed out and hitchhiked home. a week later, he was left alone on the bus again, and this time, he went out the doors and again hitchhiked home. >> we're blessed that he was picked up on every occasion by good folks that gave him a ride home. and he wasn't picked up by some child predator or someone who wanted to create harm. the officials say they told the student to turn off the child reminder system on the bus. california officials investigating the dog whisperer over accusations of animal
5:42 pm
the probe was launched after a dog on his show bit the ear of a pig. he left an aggressive french bulldog off its leash near a backyard full of pigs. l.a. county animal control reportedly visited the center following tons of angry calls. a spokesman for national geographic television says the clip was out of context. still ahead, two sisters found alive a year after they vanished. >> coming up on "eyewitness news," kidnapped and held against their will, how the girls were rescued and the one family friend who is now charged with their capture. >> plus this -- >> we're in prospect heights
5:43 pm
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two upstate teenage girls have been found safe after they disappeared nearly a year ago. police say the 14 and 13-year- olds were reported as missing last april. the two were in foster care at the time. after months of searching, authorities found them just miles away in vestle. >> 11 months goes by and you figure you are never going to see them again or you think the worst. the police didn't give up. >> 29-year-old amanda hellman kidnapping. police say hellman knew the teens but they did not elaborate any further. once again, lee's back with us. we broke so many records over nice. it's cooled off but so nice. >> the whole problem will be expectations now. >> here we go. >> i didn't do it although many people thank me in the streets
5:47 pm
me as we go early. it's just the whole messenger that never carries. >> outside we go with what is a very pretty sunset. you have the colors of the sunset. it's just so pretty. that sunset is just prior to 6:00. so this will be the last friday sunset for a while that is before 7:00. 7:00 sunset on sunday as we turn the clocks forward. 61 degrees partly to mostly sunny. still a gusty breeze. again, as we were talking about, we spring head late saturday night anderly sunday morning. think about changing the air filters in your home as well. so today's sunset just before 6:00, sunday 7:00 and just over a month away from the sunset after 7:30. winds will die down during the evening hours. patchy clouds give way to clear skies. we'll be dropping into the 40s and 30s in the suburbs.
5:48 pm
seen in a while. it's still above average and we start the day at 44 with new york city. light winds, 30s many suburbs. we will notice some patchy clouds. and temperatures make a run at the 60 degree mark. it will be pleasant. here's a look at temperatures in the mid-30s tomorrow morning in the hudson valley and 40 in belmar and 36 in morristown. there comes the patchy clouds south and west. it's still close to 60 degrees. cooler along the coastline. those clouds retreat on sunday. clouds gather during the afternoon hours. remember the sunset's at 7:00. i wouldn't be surprised if just late in the day prior to that sunset there are a couple of showers sneaking in to places like belmar or places like jackson and parts of ocean county and maybe getting in new york city during the evening hours. monday will be your wet day, the bulk of the weekend is dry. each afternoon has some clouds. on monday, we'll look at some rain.
5:49 pm
going to get out of the 40s. that is typically our daytime high as we go through middle or march. tuesday starts out damp and we start to clear things out later in the day. there might be a late day high of around 60 degrees. wednesday looks like the pick of next week, about 65 and partly sunny skies and a couple of showers may return by thursday of next week. again, across the board at the very least, it's normal. for the most part, it's way above average. that would continue into spring which is march 20. a week from sunday is spring. >> that was the weather for the weekend. in today's neighborhood, the traditional korean fare just blocks away from the barclay center. >> i'm getting ready. >> i am unfamiliar with korean food. for those of you who korean food, most of the dishes are very recognizable, but the chef sometimes go through different ingredients hence the
5:50 pm
the name of the spot white tiger inspired by the national animal of korea. the restaurant is located at 601 vanderbilt avenue in pros expect heights, brooklyn. >> liz catered my birthday, and it was one of the best meals that i'd ever had. >> that's how they got into business. they had a restaurant in germany and hadn't planned to open a restaurant when they moved back to new york, but white tiger in prospect heights happened in spite of that. >> we wanted it to be fun and inviting and not a place that's uptight at all. >> reporter: the food korean with a modern twist. >> everything about it is truly traditional. we had a couple of spices, a couple of flavors. >> reporter: take the rice cake gnocchi that's traditionally made with fish cakes or fish sausage. instead, liz uses pork belly. she also pan fries her rice
5:51 pm
she removes the cakes, adds the rice cake and pork belly back into the wok along with korean chili flakes, soy, and suge perp scallions add some bite. >> my theory is every party of every dish should have its own flavor, its own texture. when it comes together, then everything should really make the dish pop. >> reporter: like anchovy fried rice with teeny tiny anchovies, vegan dumplings, kale salad and cellophane noodles. >> it's the perfect fusion of everything i love about korean food but with an awesome, modern twist. >> i love this place. there's a lot of vegetarian options. this place had several. i'm always well fed. >> our customers are mainly here in the neighborhood. we're a new business but we've been growing since i've abouten here.
5:52 pm
there's also korean brunch available for the weekends. >> i officially love korean food. this is really good. >> this is traditionally the way it's served with the scallions on top. this is a big carb dish. >> it is. >> this is addictive. >> real flavorful. >> that will take to us break so we can keep eating. a sixth grade girl who's in for the fight of her life. >> how a community is rallying behind this brave young girl well. >> i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00, it is a deal close to happening. both sides meeting right now to hammer oust a new contract. if they don't, an entire region will feel the pain. >> and a heartbroken mother remembering her young son
5:53 pm
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you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. in new jersey tonight, a community is on a mission to
5:56 pm
fighting cancer. >> in january, 11-year-old brianna lopez learned she has acute myeloid leukemia. that has not dampened her spirits. now they are leading the charge for a bone marrow drive. rob nelson has the story. >> reporter: brianna lopez has the adorable, innocent smile of an 11-year-old girl but the strength of someone far older. >> reporter: there are hard days and those days i'm not feeling good, but most of the days, i am happy to feel good. >> for nearly two months, brianna, a sixth grader from fort leigh has been in hackensack medical center battling an aggressive, rare form of leukemia. the family decorated the hospital room walls with cars and pictures to bring brianna comfort. they have not left her side. >> when she's going throw the chemo, she tells me, mom, i can't do this. i tell her, yes, you can.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: chemotherapy by itself will not cure brianna. she desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. the search for a donor is a daily process. doctors say brianna's case highlights another big problem. there simply aren't enough mortgages, blacks and latinos who register to become bone marrow donors. >> sheep's much more likely to match someone from her own community, her own ethnic background. >> reporter: her family organized a bone marrow drive tomorrow in fort lee. all it takes is a 30-second swab of her cheek to see if you are potentially a life-saving match. brianna remains surrounded by family in the meantime and hospital workers who specialize in children's cases. >> we get to play games, go out to the garden and i'm there for her when it's a difficult gay. >> reporter: she watches a career like -- she wants a
5:58 pm
one right donor can make happen. >> be a hero. go out there and save a life. help me, come on. you can, like, it's really easy. >> reporter: rob nelson, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> somewhere out there. brianna lopez' bone marrow drive takes place tomorrow march 12 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the fort lee center. >> organ donors, bone marrow donors, so important. still ahead, is donald trump inciting violence at his rallies? "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's number one news. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e-mail: a bizarre accident on the grand central tonight leaves traffic snarled and one person in critical condition.
5:59 pm
crash lands through the roof of another suv. >> first tonight's countdown to a transit strike. negotiations are ongoing but are they getting close? if they are not, the new jersey transit strike could affect hundreds of thousands of people. good evening, everyone at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. no deal yet. we're about 30 hours before the hour glass runs out of sand. a deal might be close possibly sometime tonight. >> more than 100,000 new jersey transit passengers every day, but a strike could impact an entire region. tim fleischer has a contingency plan should there be a storm. >> we begin with the latest on the negotiations. he is in newark. >> reporter: cautiously optimistic, and i'm told both sides took solid, serious steps towards settlement.
6:00 pm
done, but it appears finally to be within reach. of course the fate of 100,000 commuters is in it tonight. companies big and small are making contingency plans for a strike threatened for sunday morning on the third largest commuter railroad in america. as we have reported, union negotiators arrived at the hotel all business not taking any questions from reporters. they met behind closed doors with railroad negotiators for about two hours. i'm told new jersey transit put a new offer on the table. that was intended to jump start the talks. the lead negotiator seemed determined to set the tone. >> new jersey transit has already done everything it can to make sure's true. we'll come down at some point


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