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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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joins us in the kings wood section of the bronx where we're told the victim lives. darla? >> reporter: that's right. he just left the apartment, the first time he's left since he came home from the hospital. he says he's been in a lot of pain. with that said, he is surprised by all of the outpouring of care and support from the community but still doesn't want anyone to see what the slasher did to his face. >> i'm just happy that i'm alive and back on my feet, you know? >> reporter: the only reason bobby is not at work friday is because this teen sliced his left cheek open with a box cutter, according to police. he had to get 137 stitches both inside and outside of his mouth. >> he just told me he's coming back. i told him he's not coming back.
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evening around 8:00 at the popular silver spurs diner in greenwich village. investigators say this teen in a gray hoody was going table to table asking for money for a fake basketball fund-raiser. after getting kicked out, police seipeiback was cutting the 25-year-old bus boy from his cheek to his chin. >> whatever the cops do, i hope they find him and arrest him, you know? people like that on the streets here. what they have to do is catch i hope they do. >> reporter: police are looking to track down these teens spotted with the suspect around the same time as the slashing. >> i'm happy and thankful for i appreciate it. >> reporter: bobby goes back to the doctor on monday, but again, he says he's just eager to get back to work and back on routine.
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for the suspect and group of teens. if you recognize anyone the photos, call crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips. darla miles, "eyewitness news." >> if you would like to help and take another look at the photos of the people seen with the suspect, we posted them on our facebook page. you can also share them as well. new york city police released video in the suspect in another attack in manhattan. police believe this is the person who stabbed a 33-year- old man in the back on the upper west side yesterday. it happened at about 5:00 p.m. avenue. the suspect stole the victim's kindle and head phones and last street. hospital. we are following breaking news as we have learned that iconic best-selling author harper lee has died. the elusive novelist wrote "to kill a mocking bird" and was
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acclaim and fame. in 2007, president bush awarded her an award. lee made headlines again when the sequel "go set a watchman" hit shelves less than a year ago. lee spent much of her life in new york city but died in her home state of alabama. lee was 89 years old. new at noon, sentencing day for this teenager convicted of killing a 4-year-old girl. franklin reyes crashed his car on a sidewalk killing a 4-year- old. this morning, her mother spoke in court. tim? >> reporter: this emotional sentencing taking place within the last half hour here at state supreme court. you'll recall a very tragic case has spanned nearly three years. franklin reyes, jr. will spend a maximum nine years in prison but could come up for parole because of time served in a
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accepted a plea deal for the 2013 crash that killed 4-year- old aerial russo as she walked to school with her grandmother. he also tried to flee police. sophia russo, ariel's mother, read a victim impact statement. she called his actions pure recklessness and disregarding human life. >> if there's someone that you would give your life for, then you know what i had. to say what you did to my mother and my daughter is an and hurtful. ariel died a violent death because of your reckless apologized. [inaudible speaker ] >> i'm deeply sorry for the pain and suffering i have caused. i will carry this tragic accident for the rest of my life knowing i took the life of an innocent child. >> reporter: that was reyes' very short statement as well
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the russo at one point because he had never apologized or said that he was sorry. this is the first apology of sorts that we have heard from reyes. ariel's mother made one more point before she left today. she said, "you owe it to ariel to make a difference to save lives." reporting live in lower manhattan, tim fleischer, channel 7 "eyewitness news." new at noon, police arrested a homeless man accused of shoving a woman toward an oncoming subway train in brooklyn. the victim said she was on the northbound 4 and 5 platform at the borough hall station when the suspect pushed her toward the tracks. she said she held onto a pillar to avoid falling. police arrested 46-year-old david french not far from the subway station. this morning, the nation is remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia. his body lies in repose today in the supreme court. this is a live picture at the court's gray hall where
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sits for viewing. hundreds lined the streets as his casket arrived for the first of two days of public mourning. the president and first lady will be among those paying the respects. stephanie ramos has more from the supreme court. >> reporter: flags will fly at half staff at the supreme court in honor of the late justice antonin scalia. officials gathered to honor the late justice. almost a week after his passing, supreme court justice antonin scalia is mourned in our nation's capital. the former law clerk serving as honorary pallbearers. it was slowly brought up the supreme court steps put the same pedestal that held the casket of president abraham lincoln. one of the great rooms of washington, somber but filled with light. inside, the justices standing in the order in which they sit on the supreme court bench. >> let us pray for the coming of the kingdom.
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is a priest, father paul scalia, offering a prayer. >> in your wisdom, you have called your servant antonin out of this world. >> reporter: a new york stative, a conservative icon, the first italian-american on the high court and longest serving justice. the anchor of the conservative wing of the supreme court and his sudden death marked by republicans and democrats alike. >> he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers, and students, and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> justice scalia was an american hero. he was a lion of the law. >> reporter: justice scalia's family, including his nine children and 36 grandchildren, friends, as well as president obama and the first lady will pay their respects today inside legacy. after the private ceremony this morning, the public viewing began. scalia's casket could be viewed by mourners until 8:00 tonight. the funeral is set for tomorrow right here in washington d.c.
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shrine of the immaculate can conception. vice president biden will attend the funeral. stephanie ramos, "eyewitness news." a final push by the presidential candidates ahead of tomorrow's south carolina primary and nevada caucuses. the republicans are in south carolina. jeb bush hit the campaign trail with his mother. barbara bush spent time at a meet and greet this morning. meanwhile, marco rubio is stumping alongside nikki haley. meanwhile, the democrats are in nevada where polls show tomorrow's caucus could be very tight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both holding town hall meetings before the caucus. last night, clinton was booed when she said that sanders was not really a democrat until he ran for president. sanders accused clinton of cozying up to president obama to winning support from the african-american community. so the back and forth continuing.
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donald trump speaking out again following the pop's comment. members of the new york
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more than 40 people killed when u.s. warplanes struck in isis training camps in libya. up to 60 militants were at the facility during at salt. last week president obama directed his team to step up counterterrorism efforts in libya. the texas teen who used affluenza as a defense in a deadly drunken driving incident will have his case moved to adult court. in 2013, ethan couch was given probation after his lawyers successfully argued his wealthy
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irresponsibility. couch and his mom fled to mexico as prosecutors looked his probation. jail. a request has been made to remove cyrus vance, jr. from any assault cases against eliot spitzer because of his personal with spitser. a woman told police spitzer attacked her at the plaza hotel. hover boards were a hot commodity during christmas and u.s. customs and border protection officers seized more than 1300 hover boards at the airport last december. the toys and counterfeit and potentially dangerous batteries were made in china. if genuine they would have had a total estimated retail value >> wow.
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see the snapshot that may have cost a dolphin its life. >> an extremely close call. a school bus inches from disaster. how did this happen? >> let's turn our live cameras outside. it is gray and there is a chill in the air, but there is a
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talk about how long this week felt. we had all kinds of weather. we had everything. >> we had four seasons in five days. >> now we're finally here. >> the weekend's going to be great. we have to get through this afternoon which is on the chilly side. the four seasons, that sounded good, didn't it? >> yeah. >> this is the day you go see jersey boys. >> that's fine for all of us. [ laughter ] >> there's not a better show on broadway really. jersey boys have got the great music. of course who loves you. it will be an afternoon of sun, clouds, and more clouds than sun at this moment. the temperature here at noontime has been around 35 degrees. it should be about 40 at this hour of the day with the sunshine. and it should be warmer. as you see as we look down the east river here, we are looking at the ferry boats coming and going. the circle boats have been working its way southward and looking at a good afternoon
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yesterday's high is 36, below normal. we'll be below normal again today. it's 35 now at la guardia. jfk33 at white plains and looking at an afternoon where these temperatures will continue to be affected by hardly any wind out there. i was looking at the wind numbers a moment ago. partly showing calm. that'sy brought that back. the calm wind here, 5, 7 mile- per-hour winds. it will be a southeast wind to a southwest wind later on. that's what will bring the warm air in overnight. 31 in poughkeepsie when you cross the hudson river. to our west, we have a radar storm. that's what we call it when you see snow on the radar, which is right here on the satellite radar pictures. there's very few locations that are reporting this snow getting down to the ground. this wave will go by this is the warm air behind it. you can't rule out with the
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it comes by really dry once it gets over the mountains and just shows a little wet snowflake here up toward albany and around dutchess county. even that means possibly there could be a spritz or or flurry. look at tomorrow morning. we're into the low 40s already to start the day tomorrow and by afternoon, we're in the mid and upper 50s. likewise, we're going to see more of the same on sunday with the sunshine. good looking weekend, plenty of clouds, chilly this afternoon. we're at 39. then we'll go into the weekend. as we'll see the 39 degree temperatures. we'll warm on up starting tonight. it gets really warm where we might see a sprinkle or showerover night. we have clouds and sun and we're at 57 degrees. so here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. sunshine and clouds saturday and sunday. look at that, 50 degree temperatures. 57 saturday, 54 sunday. sunday night a wave goes about i with a little rain. makes it cooler on monday with temperatures still above normal.
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of a nuisance thing tuesday night into wednesday. we'll have some wet snow and rain. >> you do not bother me. i laugh at you. [ laughter ] >> i have 57 degrees on saturday. >> oh, man. wow. >> why did we do that in french? i don't know why? [ laughter ] >> thank you, bill. i'd love for to you do that again some time. the march toward what both of our local baseball teams are hoping would be a long run into october begins today. the mets and yankees are holding their fist formal workouts for the pitchers and catchers in florida. the mets come into the season having won their first national league title in 15 years. the yankees dropped the wild card playoff game in the first 2012. rob powers and laura behnke are in florida. dramatic video. a helicopter carrying five tourists crashes into pearl harbor. hear from one of the heros who
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and with these plans, there could be low or no copays. you do your push-ups today? prepare to be amazed. don't wait. call today to request your free [decision guide], and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. . >> a helicopter plummets out of the sky and into the water. a school bus inches from disaster, and what some are
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we begin with the good samaritans racing to the aid of five people following a frightening cash in hawaii.
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free him. shore. one passenger, a 15 year was trapped inside of the helicopter. several men dove into those waters doing what they could to free him. >> we had a couple of other it was fueled by 40 mile-per- hour winds. crews worked well into the night to bring it under control. fortunately no one was hurt. back to you. >> wow that is just incredible, that video. >> a lawn mower? >> i was like, did i hear that correctly? >> that's all it took. that's what happened. >> dry and windy creates those fire tornadoes. >> absolutely. wow. incredible video. mother nature was behind a gorgeous, rare sight in yosemite national park that's thrilling visitors. this is what appears to be a river of love have that's actually the sun glowing the optical illusion only happens when the angle of the sun is in the right spot. the fire wall is only visible february. we've got much more news ahead in our next half hour. an suv with a dog inside stolen jersey. plus, a thief swipes a donation jar meant for a 16-year-old battling cancer. >> and a teenager arrested after he gave a speech to
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treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . our top stories this afternoon. harper lee, the best-selling author of "to kill a mocking 89. in 2007, president bush awarded lee the presidential medal of freedom. she made headlines again when the sequel "go set a watchman" hit shelves less than a year ago. >> the people with the teen accused of slashing a restaurant worker are pictured. he walked in asking customers
12:30 pm
asked him to leave, the server was slashed. >> now everybody's understandably knowing that it's a great deal of concern. we don't think copy cat. it's oftentimes too many people who are mentally ill or sometimes career criminals. a knife is much easier to acquire or box cutter than it is to acquire a gun. supreme court justice antonin scalia is being more thanked in our nation's capitol and lying in repose in the great national court. his funeral is tomorrow. we begin this half hour with a developing story in new jersey. police are looking for the person who stole an suv with a dog inside. the vehicle was taken in bloomfield this morning. >> new jersey reporter toni yates is live in bloomfield with the story. toni? >> reporter: this theft happened this bodega behind me.
12:31 pm
the woman says she left her car running because her dog was in the car but the car thief took advantage of that opportunity. video cameras on the building recorded the theft. you see the man as he came walking down the street. he takes a look around. when he think it's safe to do it, he jumps into the black jeep cherokee and speeds off. we have enhanced the surveillance video for you, also so you can get a better lack at his face. the pictures are pretty clear. police in a couple of towns are now searching for that jeep grand cherokee. it had the woman's belongings in it, including her 5-month- old shitzu puppy. the woman, naturally,worried sick, especially, she says, about her pet. bloomfield police have been going door-to-door in this area wherever there are video cameras to see if they can catch more sightings of the suspect and where he came from. back live here on bloomfield avenue, apparently, another similar car theft happened recently. police were on this one
12:32 pm
they are hoping someone can look at that video and recognize their suspects. for now, we're live here in "eyewitness news." police are looking for the woman who stole a donation jar from a bakery. bakery. the woman slipped the large jar from the counter into her store. the money was meant for a 16- year-old boy undergoing treatment for hodgkins lymphoma. now to vote 2016, things are getting heated up on the campaign trail with just one day until a south carolina primary and nevada caucus. the candidates are really turning up the heat. there is still a lot of buzz surrounding the war of wards pope. megan hughes is in south carolina with the latest. >> reporter: david, shirleen, several of the republican voters that i talked with here don't think the pope should
12:33 pm
several of trump's fellow candidates are backing him up on the issue. donald trump on "good morning america" sticking to his stance. >> we have to have the wall and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> reporter: this after the pope said a person who thinks about building walls and not bridges is not a christian. >> he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican. >> reporter: marco rubio and jeb bush are backing up trump. >> i thought it probably was inappropriate for the pope to intervene at the height of a contested primary. >> reporter: rubio campaigning again today with the popular south carolina governor, nikki haley. while ted cruz appears with "duck dynasty" star phil robertson in myrtle beach. >> talk about a man who knows how to shoot a duck. >> ted cruz has known about the canadian birth for years and could have done something about it. he didn't lift his little finger to do anything about it. >> reporter: on the democratic side, it looks like a dead heat in nevada.
12:34 pm
down without a fight. >> i'm not just making speeches and promising free this and free that and free everything. [ laughter ] >> reporter: here in south carolina, polls show the race is not as close. trump has a with cruz and rubio following. in columbia, south carolina, megan hughes, channel 7 "eyewitness news." police are searching for the man who attacked and robbed an mta worker in a queens subway station. now this is the man police want to find. police say he approached a 61- year-old m.t.a. maintenance worker at the archer avenue subway station in jamaica on sunday. he's accused of demanding the man give back his cell phone which the victim said he did not have. the subject punched him in the face, taking his two-way radio and ran off. a mother and two young
12:35 pm
island hotel's wake was held last night for the three. police say cutler's ex- boyfriend stabbed them, along with the woman's 2-year-old daughter who survived the attack. michael psyched, who is the father of the youngest victim, pleaded not guilty to murder charges. the head of the world health organization zika response team is staying optimistic and predicts "a fantastic olympics in brazil." dr. bruce claims the mosquito- borne virus will be way down when the summer games kick off in august because the population is expected to fall. yeah, its olympic venues are in relatively confined areas so it's easy to control. a little chilly out there. we turn now to meteorologist bill evans with the after- school accuweather forecast for us. >> all dressed up in coats and
12:36 pm
juilliard and lincoln center. the next seven hours, temperatures hoverning to around 33 degrees. we'll have breaks of sun and otherwise a cloudy sky. the temperatures this evening will start to slowly drop on off but only hovering around the mid-30s and start a warm-up overnight. after schoolkids breaks of sunshine. 50s this weekend. you'll want to get outside. david, shirleen, you'll want to fire up the barbecue, i think. >> sounds lake a good idea. thank you. coming up on "eyewitness news," beachgoers taking selfies with a dolphin. the fun turned into tragedy. we'll explain.
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do you have like more are movies? >> not really. >> i like thumb. >> this one is being called the scarriest of the year. spl sandy tells us if it lives up to the hype. >> reporter: "the witch" is what folks in hollywood call a sleeper, but there's nothing sleepy about it. life in new england was hard
12:40 pm
for one particular family of settlers, it was especially difficult. >> what's his price? >> reporter: they've been cast out from a settlement and forced to fend for themselves when the youngest among them goes missing. >> boo! >> reporter: a mother's grief leads to a father's desperation. when the oldest boy gets possessed -- >> for justice! >> reporter: family members start to blame each other. >> she put a curse on me! >> why have you turned against me. >> reporter: the young woman who stands accused of being a witch is at the heart of the terrific, terrifying film. anna taylor joy reminds me of how jennifer lawrence broke through in "winters bone" and both were teenagers when their movies were made. her most memorable co-star is known simply as black phillip.
12:41 pm
pop prizes at film festivals, much of the buzz about "the witch" has centered on the goat. >> reporter: the witch is less gory than the average horror movie, but the power of suggestion here is scary enough. part coming of age story, part thriller. it's also an introduction to big talent in front of and behind the camera. it's worth seeing for that reason alone. can't wait to watch what these folks do next. coming up on "eyewitness news," first at 4:00, i'll be reviewing another movie in wide release and race is perfect for black history month. it's the store riff how jesse owens won four medals in nazi germany in the olympics. and we have a great oscar preview show coming up. the road to gold has stars
12:42 pm
know before the big show that is next saturday at 7:00. >> can't wait. >> we'll let you go now, but back to "the witch." for me, the "exorcist," i'm still like this from that. how does it compare? >> it's down from there but the black goat is a special touch. >> it's always the low budget movies. >> it is a big go-see for me. it sort of came out of nowhere. >> you like horror movies? >> i don't. so if i am recommending one, you know it's good. >> thank you, sandy. boycotting beyonce. coming up, police officers upset over her new video and how it could affect her concerts. >> the latest on how lack of sleep affects your health. we also will tell you which has
12:43 pm
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pop star ke$ha is suing her producer. the singer arrived in court in lower manhattan this morning. inside, the judge refused to issue the preliminary injunction that ke$ha requested. that means for now, that leaves ke$ha still under contract with producer dr. luke. ke$ha has accused luke of sexual abuse. earlier, ke$ha tweeted her thanks to fans for their support saying in part, "i love all of you." it's meant the world to me. a shoot-out on las vegas strip left two people dead. police say after a fight broke out, the miracle mile shops, a man got into a toyota and fired shots into a hyundai. the woman inside of the hyundai drove to the valet at the cosmopolitan hotel but later pronounced dead.
12:47 pm
street. police are still looking for the shooter. wildlife officials in argentina are shocked by the unnecessary death of a baby dolphin. the dolphin was killed as it was passed around on shore for onlookers to sake selfies. officials say it is unclear why the crowd took the dolphin from the water before leaving it to die on the sand. this kind of dolphin is on the international list of threatened species fishing. many teens have dreams of growing up and becoming politicians. a young man in ohio appears to have taken things a step too far. 18-year-old isaiah aikens is now facing felony charges because of a speech he gave to a civics class in northern ohio. the speech wasn't the issue. the fact he pretended to be an aide to an ohio state senator is what got him arrested. >> this person showed up in advance early, days early.
12:48 pm
and that he was there to take his place. >> reporter: aikens also apparently managed to get a car with a driver to take him to the school. investigators say he got the car from a dialership ownedp -- dealership owned by another member of the state senate. adults just don't get enough sleep but how much sleep you get may depend on what part of the country you sleep in. the southeast is home to the worst sleepers. the majority of sleepers in hawaii got just what they want but just barely. 56% reported getting the recommended 7 or more hours of sleep a night. in south dakota, you can expect to get all of your zs. that state takes the number one spot out-napping all 50 states plus d.c. what about the tri- state area? 62% get more than seven hours. that's a high number if you ask me.
12:49 pm
65% in connecticut. you go, sleepers. >> more than hawaii? a beach. i don't know. >> i don't know. that. hawaii. they start everything really late in the day. the day. >> okay. >> so i'm thinking they've got to be sleeping, right? >> did you sleep good when you were out there? >> i slept great! [ laughter ] it's awesome. >> we take a look outside at noontime. we're cloudy as you look across central park to the jackie onassis reservoir down to flushing bay. we have cloudy skies and peeks of sun and 35 degrees and chilly. humidity's high and winds are calm. this bubble of warm, high pressure is coming in and pushing out the cold so the
12:50 pm
west is a wave of high pressure replacing the other. so you get 36 in massapequa. 41 around poughkeepsie and 33 around white plains. so a calm wind to a light southeast wind coming around before we get there, it feels like 29 in brooklyn with the calm wind in white plains. we have this wave coming through virtually dry. the warm air from the west is taking up two-thirds of the country. so watch the temperature overnight tonight warming up into the low 40s by tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon, it's 57, 58 degrees down the jersey shore. it's going to be really nice. and we're into the mid-50s as we go into sunday. still chilly for this afternoon. cloudy, a shower or two and maybe up to the north a wet
12:51 pm
the warm air is spreading over us. we're at 57 tomorrow. we'll have a gorgeous sunset at 5:56. your accuweather seven-day forecast, it will be great on sunday, 54. then we got a little wave coming by sunday making it a little cooler on monday, 48 degrees. a nice weekend. 50s. the backlash against beyonce's latest song with a boycott from one police department. members of the fraternal order of police in miami voted to boycott her local show in april going one step further asking police officers everywhere to boycott her world tour saying she used the super bowl to divide americans by promoting police message. >> absolutely. >> "saturday night live" did a
12:52 pm
what the black panthers' role in the city and country. a lot of people both sides weighing in. >> the conversation continues. we'll be right back but first here's a look at what's coming up next on "the chew. >> we're getting you ready for the flashback friday.
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hi, everybody. i'm diana williams in the newsroom. here's what's coming up later on "eyewitness news." a special tribute for this woman julia. julia is turning 101 years old. what her friends are trying to collect for her birthday that you can help with as well. and it's comfort food in this week's neighborhood eats. we'll show what you a taste of the south looks like when it's served city style. mm-mmm, mm-mmm, mm-mmm. we're live in florida with the
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"eyewitness news" first at 4:00. >> batter, batter, batter, batter! >> let's play ball! >> thanks a lot. a county sheriff's deputy's social media sensation with kids going above and beyond the call of duty for some young lady stranded. one of the women in iowa so suched by the deputy, she started recording a good deed on her phone. dustin brooks found them stranded on the side of the road. he escorted them to a nearby gas station and quickly realized their car knowledge is not so good. so he said i'm here for you. dustin doesn't know what the fuss is all about. he says he was just helping out. >> i could have used him to save me a few times. >> where were you then, dustin? >> thank you for that one. people on facebook are wishing they could hit the "love" button for this one. a georgia vet sitting in a cage
12:57 pm
grace with you eating his breakfast while gracey cowers in the corner. he feeds her with his hand and slowly crawls forward and begins eating. she was rescued extremely thin and dehydrated and afraid to be around humans. he thought he'd have to put her down. people on facebook are calling him a rare breed of human. thinks to him, gracey has
12:58 pm
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from television "the chew" brings you flashback friday, legends of hollywood. carpet and getting you ready for oscar sunday. mario's serving up an award-worthy dish that definitely can't be beat, then michael symon's going for the gold with a mouthwatering dish that's ready for its close up. plus, clinton's in the kitchen with the legendary darlene love, and they're baking up a cake that will be music to your mouth. all the glitz and glamour starts right now on "the chew."


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