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tv   Ethics Commission  SFGTV  December 12, 2020 8:30pm-10:31pm PST

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i'd like to call the djp directors meeting to order. this meeting is conducted input pursuant to the brown act to facilitate teleconferencing to reduce the risk of covid-19 during transmission at board meetings. the brown acts sets strict rules for teleconferencing. the governors executive order
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has suspended the rules. as noted on the agenda members may observe the meeting and they might offer public comment by calling the public comment phone number. i'd like to welcome the members members watching us live on sf. would you call the role. >> change is sitting in as director hain any easal ternate. due to a scheduling conflict den deana won't be able to attend. [roll call]
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>> director we have a quorum. >> continue mr. secretary. >> the next item is item three for communication. we'd like to provide farther comment on the. you should dial into the published number listen to the meeting and wait for public comment to be announced. members have up to three minutes to provide comment for each agenda item. i'll let you know when you should dial star three to be
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added to the cue. the call-in number will also stream on the screen during the entire board meeting. when callers dial star three they will be added to the queue to speak in order of their enter. an automated voice will let callers know when it's their time to speak. everyone much account for the time for live published screening. any other communications from the board members? seeing none i'll call the next item please. directors item four is the board of directors new and old
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business. seeing none i'll proceed. >> thank you mr. secretary. >> item five is the directors report. >> good morning, directors. i hope you had a nice and safe thanksgiving holiday. i'd like to thank vice chair gee for previeding over the meeting. i did want to note that we that tony has moved onto other opportunities. appointments fir their seats are upcoming. dana has been appointed acting district director. we have not received notice on their appointment. with that, i'll move into the rest of the updates.
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if you have been by the rooftop park you might have observed activities. they were automobile to mark the address. the filming took two weeks of preparation. we transformed a portion of the park into a winter wonderland. a portion introduced by james correspond den who joked this was his biggest audience that he has had recently given his show airs after midnight. the event was over an hour and received rave reviews. we thank the production team for their strict adherence to covid-19 protocol. throughout the two weeks of activities safely delivering the events to thousands online.
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showcasing our event to parks. the director will share more information on this event on his update. although, i'm sure we are saddened by the recent stay at home order we fully support the effort to reduce the spread of covid-19. we'll monitor and adhere to all guidance and work with our agencies. we'll continue to provide the most up-to-date information about mask wearing and enhance cleaning protocols remain in place. the interim activation rsp has been posted for the temporary terminal. this is due to tocii due november 3 with a target date of april 5th.
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the goal is to secure proposals to provide active community service usages that cay tor to and vitalize spaces for those who live, work, and live-in other nearby areas. suggested uses include outdoor beverage and farmers market recreation, sports programming and outdoor movies. this is enough to potentially accommodate multiple uses. reyou will will work on the comprehensive work plan. in regards to recruitment for the project director negotiations underred unsuccessfully. the candidate had to consider family ma'amers and recruitment is continuing. the meeting on december 14th has been canceled and a notice
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has been posted on the website. finally, i'm glad to introduce wu as it communications manager. she will officially start with the tjpa on december 15th. she joined us today for a brief introduction. willie. >> good morning, board of directors and executive director. i'm excited to join you as part of the tjpa program. i have 14 years with the city of san francisco. i'm excited to join this great program that will bring transportation services to the community. i look forward to working with you all and hit the ground running as it new year begins. thank you.
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>> thank you. that concludes my portion of the report. i can take any questions before having john provide the facility update. >> directors any questions for our interim director? i don't see anything. mr. secretary, do we have anyone from the public that wishes to make a comment at this time? >> at this time, no members of the public wishing to provide comment. >> well, thank you for that report. lily, welcome to the team. mr. secretary, i guess we can keep moving. >> thank you. >> yes, i think we have a facility operation update by john. >> perfect. thank you. >> good morning, directors
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it's great to work with you. so, on the operations update we'll continue the efforts that began a few months ago with the kiosks that were unused. the pilot program continues to rescue and identified farther service reduction. we have modest impacts to operations. we continue to tighten our belts on the operation side. there have been no changes to our high touch areas. we have been following health
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detectors with our fitness success that was able to open indoors. then, again restricted and so as a result of the most recent restriction we were able to go under the recreation area for members. there are guidelines to keep the operation moving as best we can under the conditions. we are taking advantage of light patronage in the area to effect much needed repairs. we had glass breakage from way back in the spring. again, due to covid-19 related issues it's been a challenge to bring contractors on-sites and get bids. we are happy to see those repairs taking place.
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moving on, so, the playground was opened up and we were happy to have it opened. unfortunately, we were required to close it again on monday december 7th. as of this morning it's back open again. it's open today. this is consistent with the changes made yesterday to allow playgrounds to open. we are happy to see that back open. that's an amenity the residents enjoy. we were able to install our holiday lights. we have stars on the wallace well as icicle ice along the handrailings on the tacoma side of the park.
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they were installed earlier. there has been a great success and a lot of comments from adjacent residents and they said we love them so much and asked if we could keep them up after the holidays. it provides a much more pleasant evening walkathon we have had in the past this time of year. we were happy to host the event on december 2. we have pictures of the activities. they had quiet the intensive technical experience. the bottom middle picture is one of their many tech facilities relocated within locations erected around the site. we were happy to host the two
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on the winter wonderland theme. they announced the aquisition of slack. they indicated over 1 million impressions were received during the viewing of the sales force website. that's just tremendous international exposure for our park. we would like to thank sales force for highlighting it. i'd like to thank our team that came together to put all of this moving forward with restrictions changing almost by the day during preparations of the actual event that ended up far different than originally planned three weeks before we started the adventure. mostly to address health restrictions issues that we were facing. it east fantastic and nobody
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abmlpc. thank you to all of that. we thought this might be an opportunity for our selves. they were patronizing. we ask that the owner indicated it won't be a profitable venture. we did make an attempt to see if there was an opportunity there. moving onto retail leasing. so, we continue to make progress on two very active engagements. one with our food and beverage kiosk. we didn't receive from


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