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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 8, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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francisco, we're very well resourced in terms of public safety professionals, but we all know in the event of a large scale disaster, it will be hours and days before the public safety professionals can get to you, so we encourage people to have that plan in place, be proactive. there's websites. we have a wonderful website called it tells you how to prepare yourself, your family, your pets, your home, your workplace. we can't emphasize enough how >> good morning. welcome to the november 20th, 2019 meeting. i start off congratulating the
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staff attending the community event. the director and d.b.i. staff provided detailed information on programs including seismic retrofits, a.d.u.s accessible business entrance as well as responding to questions about building safety. also thanks to the director for hosting the department's annual all-staff meeting october 31st, where commissioner walker and i attended. we provided a view of the d.b.i. programs and the accomplishments of the hardworking staff. it includes the update on the new permit center now under construction at 49 south vanness which we will have more update on that and impressive numbers of inspections the past year.
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the commission joins director in thanking and applauding the d.b.i. staff recognized for many years of professional service to customers and to the city and county. throw employees have over 30 years service including director hughie and deputy director sweeney. another four are celebrating 25 years and seven are celebrating 15 years of city and d.b.i. service. the department and city benefit tremendously from the highly skilled and experienced employees. the commission joins the director in thanking you for the outstanding performances. the d.b.i. employee recognition committee received nine nominations for employee of the
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quarter, three that includes july, august and sept. we selected senior inspector paul ortiz for his outstanding performance. thank you to one of the city's newest building also. if i may, commissioner lee, who is going to do the certificate? no, we don't have it? >> yes, i have it. >> if we could do the presentation and take photographs, that would be great. thank you.
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>> police say a few words. >> i am the senior electrical inspector for san francisco. it was a real pleasure to serve the city. i have been with the city for about 24 years and i have gotten great training and leadership and it was a real benefit to learn from all of the experience that was here when i first started here. my road has sent me to see a lot of things that occur in the city, and i have been blessed to be able to now have the souper
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supervisor staff. i want to commend our leadership because they see what we need practically, logically in the field, and that is pretty much how we are able to assist the public with leadership that understands the complexities of every day enforcement. i would like to say that i have to take my hat off to our hiring people because they have hired some really capable and qualified electrical workers to become electrical inspectors. i see a very bright future for the division, not just because of qualified staff but because of the leadership. thank you very much for the recognition. what we do comes from the heart. that is why we do well.
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thank you very much. [applause] >> madam secretary, that concludes my announcements. >> any public comment on the announcements? item 3. general public comment. we will take public comment on the matters not part of this agenda. >> the time is seven minutes. i would like to talk to seven but i think you only get three. >> i am working on it.
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>> the average is four. i won't exceed it. i am jerry donal. i am about the revocation of the building permits at 3426 22nd street. i learned that d.b.i. revoked the building permits for 40 projects over the last few years, and half of the projects had them revoked by the board of appeals or planning department. this means the 22nd street project is one of about 20 projects where d.b.i. revoked all of the building permits. issuance of the permit letter caused me to improperly conclude the owner of 3426 did something wrong. the violations were minor.
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the top portion of the spreadsheet summaries the 13 violations, more than half are questions whether something was disclosed in the architectural plans. my analysis caused me to send a memo requesting all of the permits for 25 17th avenue across the street from our house be revoked. yoyou have a copy of the memo. the bottom portion show serious violations that occurred at that address. 2,517th avenue is illegally occupying two lots for two years and 10 months. this is justification for revocation of permits. other violations include removing a three story bay without permit, jacking up four story house without shoring permit and submitting false
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architectural plans. violations at 25-17th heavy exceeded the permit revocation standards applied to 3426 22nd street. i will keep you appraised of the response to my permit revocation request. i used the tracking system to prepare the memo and observed only two complaints in the pts system for 17th avenue, but there are 11 in the planning department excel system. there is a lot of nonsense going on at d.b.i., and it isbic's responsibility to put an end to it. you have two very different projects before you. please review each project in detail and evaluate if d.b.i.'s actions were correct. a public discussion of d.b.i.'s handling of the two projects
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would be a good first step in addressing d.b.i.'s credibility problem. thank you very much for the time. >> any additional public comment? seeing none, item 4, commissioner's question. 4a increase the staff. commissioners may make inquiries to staff regarding the policies and practices and procedures of interest to the commission. >> commissioner walker. >> to the point of the public comment just presented, i do think consistency in the department around these things. this is an issue that has come up, and i don't want to over step things necessarily, but i do think that we need some consistency when we revoke permits and what the criteria
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is. often times we have seen projects come through where we would like to do that or have it done in the interim, and so i don't know how we can agendize it, but i believe we should. >> are there any other speakers? >> our next item 4b future meetings and agendas. the commission may discuss and take actions to set the date of a special meeting and determine the items for the next agenda and other future meetings. next scheduled meeting is december 18th. that concludes 4a and b. any public comment for item 4a and b? seeing none, item 5.
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proposed ordinance amending the housing code to revise the requirements for heating in residential rental units, in addition to other requirements. >> bill strong, legislative and public affairs. the chief housing inspector will describe what is in this proposed ordinance because the representative from the supervisor's office is unable to attend. i did receive a note from her indicating she had a conflict and couldn't come so jamie will explain what is being proposed here for the heating ordinance. >> good morning, commissioners. we are passing around a copy of title 25, california state law, california code of regulations, and the changes to the heat
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ordinance in san francisco will get us in compliance with state law. as you can see, state law says that heat has to be available 24 hours per day. supervisor contacted the city attorney, city attorney contacted me and did research, judy, very senior member, and that is what you see before you. if you have any questions, i am here. >> thank you. i know it has been awhile since we had a complaint. one-time we had a situation where the heater was constantly broken down for weeks. i think that the challenge for the commission at that time was the good faith effort that had been done by the ownership to repair. does it deal with down time in the timeframes when heat if it does go down at 4:00 in the
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morning, when does the department expect it to be back up? some of these older heaters are kind of old and unless you replace the whole system you are stuck with that part that has been made in pennsylvania in the junkyard somewhere. we heard it all. i will never forget that one. i don't know, what is the policy procedure? do you have an answer? i totally understand if you don't. >> as with all violations we take into account the different factors and how much time we give. we have the ability to give more time. as a general rule, heat the 48 t is 48 hours. this would be 24 hours per day. the benefits. there are two. one is that the people that live
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in the buildings can get heat all day and night whenever it goes below 70°. that is good. we probably should have done this sooner. also, it is easier to enforce with the housing inspector. the hours we used to have 13 hours pier day meant he could only go during those hours to find the violation. this will be easier to enforce, better for the residents of the city. that is what the state law is. we want to be in compliance with state law. >> thank you. >> any further commissioner comments? any public comment on this item? there is no public comment. we need to do rolling cal -- ro.
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(roll call). >> we have a motion and second. (roll call). >> the motion carries unanimously. next is item 6. update on 49 south vanness move and the permit center project.
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>> my name is melissa white house. i am in the city administrator's office. i want to thank the commissioners for having me here today. thank you sonia harris and director hughie for the help and support for this large project. we have samuel in the audience. he has a very daunting job of over seeing the entire 49 south vanness project and delivery of the furniture. i am in charge of the second floor. my plan today is to talk about 15 minutes to give you an update on our work and i will be happy to take questions. there is a lot of work going on right now that is exciting and
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interesting. the department of building inspection is supportive and involved. i am excited for you to hear about it. i will start with the update and show you the floor plan and talk about how to prepare. the answer is with pilots at existing spaces. i want to talk about electronic plan review and acces access foe permitting departments. this project is coming. i started a year ago in the city administrator's office. the first four months i had been in the mayor's office and didn't have much experience in the permitting world. it was important to learn this world and all of the permitting department staff were generous with their time. i spent four time understanding
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their world and doing a strategic planning process with department heads and signed off on the vision statement by the mayor. i keep this in mind all of the time. i think quite a about about what does it mean to be an efficient be permit center? this is amazing. 15 years ago we created 311 or in the 1990s when we upgraded the building. we are moving 2000 employees, bought a 300 plus million dollar building, it is a big deal. it is all happening in eight months. it is coming up fast. this is going to be an amazing resource both for the city department staff and the public. so it is 16 stories. the second floor is going to be one stop shop for construction, special events and business permitting. going live sometime this summer.
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you probably have seen us and if you haven't, you should go by. it looks like it is up. some trees are going in. the residential building to the right is up. there is going to be a coffee shop and restaurant and gym next door, which is very exciting. thithis is a rendering of the second floor with balconies. this building will be light-filled and beautiful. there will be 300 bike parking spaces. this will be amazing both for staff and employees to be in the beautiful new building. also, a huge part of this project and why i think the supervisors ended up passing it with the mayor lee's support is the co-location of the department. right now if you want to get a permit you might have to go to 13 different locations to interact with the city. in the construction permit world we have a one stop shop at 1660 mission you have to navigate multiple floors.
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you have got to 1155 market. at the end of this there will be one. 49 south vanness, one floor one building. one exception is the green dot on the water is the port. they already are one stop. we didn't want tenants to have to come off the port. everyone else is at the orange dot. the green dot is m.t.a. they are right next door. they might walk over to meet with customers as needed. we are co-locates in a beautiful building. does that mean we are automatically efficient and streamlined? thithis is a massive move. we have to be strategic. i was excited to take this job and excited to do this job. this is a huge move for change. it is an opportunity to look at what we are doing and keep things working well and 65,000
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over-the-counter permits in 24 to 48 hours, a lot of things are working quite well right now. we want to not disrupt those. where they are not working as well how can we do them better and different and this move is helping us do that. during my discovery days, what i found is this is not one department. when we havish wh have issues it one department. everyone is trying hard and has a lot of work. there are so many departments involved. this is a bureaucracy challenge. there is a lot of great stuff. the soacthe space is sub par. the staff doesn't have the space they need to collaborate together. i am surprised how much the staff want to collaborate with other departments. because of the move and the technology changes, they will be
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able to do a lot more of that. last thing and this is the concept, i am going to talk about it at digital services. no one department owns the experience end to end, especially if construction permit touches building permit and into the public. it is on the customer to navigate the different departments and who are they and what do they have to do when it is not something owned by d.b.i. d.b.i. owning permits is different than the special events and businesses world where there is not an owner and customers go all over. how are we organizing? the permit center floor plan a lot of work went into who was going to be on the floor and where would they be sitting. this is a regular station. we have regular stations all the time and you can see building inspection is like the anchor tenant, such a large part of the
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floor plan. that is why you are so important. we have on call stations. they don't have the volume of people walking in they need to it is all day long to wait for customers. they need space available when a customer needs to see them and we have that space available if they want to come down from an upper floor and a lot of these departments are in the upper floor. on the second floor is 40,000 square feet. three main areas. come off the elevators and stairs at the blue arrows and start in the blue start here area. a couple things are different be. one we are hiring a team of customer service representatives, not engineers, their main function is to how 311 operates to help customers navigate the building and get into our new electronic system.
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i know there is some heart burn about a failed qms pilot from some number of years ago at this department. i am understanding of that. this vendor is a far better vendor for many reasons. they have awesome technology and we have been testing it since august with planning and fire at 1660 mission. most of the feedback is positive from staff and customers. we think this is the right tool for the floor. this is not so complicated we need away finding app. we need clear signage and the permit center team to get people around the floor with up to 500 transactions a day and dozens of departments operating on it. three big changes. space, people and technology are coming. how do we prepare? what would be a bad idea is to
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pick everyone up and move them this summer and have everything new, i am sitting somewhere new with new furniture. that is not what we are proposing. we will take the fifth floor of 1660 mission and make it as similar to 49 south vanness as possible while trying not to disrupt staff's day-to-day work. we want to test and learn about changes before we move. we don't want it all to be new and different when they move. it is a great opportunity to communicatcommunicatecommunicatd staff about the changes coming. here is a high level timeline. there are a couple staff moves needed. the planning department, pick team and historic preservation need to move from first to fifth floor. they are missing from the fifth floor. we are going to do that sometime
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in january. then we will be in february, we will go when ready, moving with the cueing system, permit center working on the floor updates or revisiting the routing slip which relates to electronic review and making signage changes on the floor. we will test this a few months before we move at the fifth floor. that is a summary of the physical space changes. i want to mention the digital changes. after taking this job i realized the physical improvements are great. it is great to have co-location. a lot of issues that you hear about are related to the bigger projects. they take a longer period of time. the answer is not the physical space. they are digital. electronic plan review is huge
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and it is exciting to address the challenges. actually, the work is complimentary. i wanted to point out you probably know most of this. in my world of construction special events and permitting. in the construction world there are three main routing paths. the d.b.i. over-the-counter, 65,000 each year in 24 to 48 hours. then there is the d.b.i. submittal 6,000 a year. 20,000 permits that are starting and routes through the department of public works. when we think about all of these i am going line by line with staff to understand how every step works and how it will work in the new world to figure out how will step by step work electronically? it is complimentary. what does it mean? moving from the paper based to
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an electronic based system to provide huge efficiency to standard review comments. never will we have a loss of plans. it enables the departments to do that communication and collaboration they want to be doing. there is cost savings and environmental improvements by moving in this direction. this is a great example where the team can have benefit. we have 15 departments that need involved in this. there is no way a department like d.b.i. producing so much work per year could take this month. we are out of contracting i am happy to report. we have procured blue beam which is what the private standard partners are using to review and market plans. sfo is using this for two years and there are many localities
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moving in this direction. the product seems wonderful. another thing about the product we sent staff including one d.b.i. staff member to a blue beaming conference in august. they met ae come. they have implemented blue beaming. we have brought them on. right now today is our second six our working group meeting over at 30 vanness with them. the great thing with ecom they have seen it. they have standards. they are partnering. our role as the team is to facilitate. we are not experts. we are trying to make it easier for the permitting department. the expertise really is coming from the permit departments and
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tom has been working on this and he has been wonderful to work with. here is our high level timeline. we kickoff officially in october, working group meetings over the next few months. we are developing the standards and work flow. i hope to work with digital services we have a proposal on how customers submits plans, how can that work? end of january we hope to do training. we have money to train over 300 city employees on the system. we would like to start piloting in february. this is not a big implementation. we are going to be careful and strategic to be sure we are not overloading the permit department. we are going to test out the pilot projects and work with d.b.i. on the pilot projects. e-com will be here and we will expand from there.
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this is moving quickly. staff usually love this and it makes their lives easier. when it gets going, it just goes. i don't think there is a lot of need for anyone to be rechoiring things. i think people will like this and want to roll it out. we will see. then the last thing, this is not really my work. i recommend if you want to hear from the chief digital services officer carry bishop you can have her here. i want you to know about this. digital services have 50 employees charged with taking 211 city websites to organize them and bring the services to did public on one website, website which they launched in may of this year. they have funding and money to take all permits digital. we asked them to do a pilot
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around accessory dwelling units which they have been doing. the goal of this pilot is to learn. is it possible to take a construction permit digital from end to end across the different departments involved. if yes that serves as a model for all future permit types to go digital. this is the a.d.u. process and there is a lot of focus on it from may ors and board members. a lot of work is done and it is still complex. this is when you take the process of map what the customer needs to do it is 12 feet long. this is not to say we don't need regulations. there is a lot of safety involved with building things. that is all good. how can we mask that for the user? we are asking them to fill out a lot of different forms with the same information right now. these are the different forms a
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customer fills out with eight different departments. 516 questions. you need to answer. when you duplicate them it is -- de hype duplicate -- de-duplicate them it is 150. one is a very clear step by step guide how to get an a.d.u. they have a zone checking tool. they worked with a company that takes artificial intelligence and reads the code and has its own checking tool. i put in my address. you can check your address and move the boxes around. that is before you come to the permit center to talk to the staffer. it is really good work. the next step is to take the application they have built and have reviewed and take that live. before they take that live, there are questions to answer.
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obviously, this is near and deer to all of your hearts. what are we doing with the system? we have an it model across the city. this is all the systems with the departments i am working with, and that is okay. what the digital services team said to me, how can i understand it? there are yellow boxes that the customer sees. that is the city website. that is what they are working on. the purple stuff is like the customer does not see. we need document management and we don't need everyone on the same system. we need good integrations and apa between the city website tool and the back office syste systems. right now they have integrated with oracle with fire and the property information and starting to integrate with
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planning, and they are right now working with the it staff to integrate with staff. i am interested to see how that goes. red is data. how can the mayor's office, board, you all get information on how long it takes to do a thing and having better data. you need identifiers. a conversation led by digital and data sf to stay with the project the entire way through. a lot happening. that is my presentation. i am happy to take questions. i appreciate your time. >> thank you very much, ms. white house. commissioner walker, please. >> thank you so much for this. as i have watched -- i will make a joke i can see the new building out my window. you know, we are all
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anticipating realizing it is coming on so quick, we have hiccups in our own data management project we have been doing, and it was really helpful because it makes me feel more comfortable all of these processes that we have been engaged in towards that end are being used in a way that makes sense. part of our moving from together will facilitate a better coordinated effort which is what we have all wanted to do with our permit tracking project. this is heartening. it is going to be beautiful. it is already beautiful. i love the way that there is a courtyard and we are taking care to make space for the folks who work in our departments, open space. it is amazing. this is quite commendable. you delivered a 45 minute
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presentation in 15 minutes. >> i talk fast. >> you are amazing. anyway. i don't know that i have any questions at this point. i think that it is really wonderful to watch how quickly this has gone up. it is amazing. the housing especially because it is so tall, but i think that all of us are excited to do it. i love the idea of doing a pilot in our existing location. i think that is going to be really helpful. thank you for doing this. i will study this. if i have other questions, i will call you. >> hats off to whoever made the decision, tom, or your department to go with blue beam. it is a fantastic tool. part of the reason why 47-49 is doing so well because it is using blue beam. it is effective.
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hats off to you for using it. >> the commissioner does not it is on the board of blue beaming. beam. >> i share all of the positive feelings about this, and i would like to go back on page 7 where you do say no one department owns the entire customer experience. you know, is there any way to rectify that, when nobody opens it, it is a source of problems. very often what different companies or agencies do is say maybe nobody really is in charge of it all, but whoever have the dominant takes is lead so it is seamless and does own it and the
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customer experience is such they go to the primary. one of my two questions is there any possible way to solve that short coming of nobody owns it? >> yes, that is a great question. i want to make the point that on form 1 through 8 item and submits items the 70,000 permits, d.b.i. is the owner and takes that responsibility. there is an owner in that case. whether or not -- public works owns 20k. they will be together in the space in the new world. i feel like that makes sense to me they will be together, which is an improvement. right now they are in different be locations. how much more coordination is needed? that feels like a lot. once it is all an electronic
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plan review, departments will make comments in blue beam and comments with the customer in blue beam to reduce the issues of projects moving between the horizontal and vote vertical world if that helps. >> it does. i like the idea of there being a seamless customer experience. sometimes for the sake of clarity one dominant agency which sounds like it would be d.b.i. takes the primary role and delegates appropriately. it may facilitate that desirable improvement in customer experience, and certainty as to how do i do this? who did i go to first? i do think that would be
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something that would be worth trying to evaluate so that our goal of good customer experience really happens. the second question, you know, i hope blue beam works as well as possible. we are experiencing some concerns about some of our technology efforts right now, but my only other question is what happens when things go down? where we don are the potential e fields? >> on the cueing system, it is cloud based. it is constantly reaching when it goes down and when it comes back up it only happened once since early august. you don't lose the data. it stops you from getting in the line while it is down.
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blue beam i don't know the answer to that question for blue beam but i can look into it and get back to you. were you talking about any other types of systems. >> okay. again, i don't want to be a tech tech-nifobbe. i am interested in being sure redundancies are built in so we have smooth transitions and as we establish confidence that they are notness -- not necessary scary, i would like to be certain that we have all contingencies protected. >> thank you. i am having trouble hearing you. >> i will speak more directly into the microphone. >> i want to hear the question.
9:44 am
i got bits and pieces. >> again, it is just i am something for technology, as such, i want to be sure that especially as we introduce new things we are very careful to add redundancies into the system, which potentially could, for the sake of efficiency be removed when they proof to be unnecessary, but, you know, again, we have had challenges with some of our ventures into improving technology, and i want to be sure that as we add something as significant as these new vendors, new systems, that at least at introductory periods and for a test time we are very cautious about having backups and redundancies. >> yes, thank you for repeating. the answer on that, and i am not
9:45 am
an information technology professional. i have hired someone on the team with 20 years experience implementing electronic experiences with the city. cary bishop is knowledgeable. the way to do that is not to have a big bang. it is the pilots. that is the approach we are taking as we impliment electronic plan review. how can we try small pieces, not having a big bang. those comments are very well-taken. >> commissioner lee, please. >> going 100% electronic plan review is very exciting. i have been on the commission over 10 years. when i first started i had discussions with constituents and colleagues in moving towards 100% paperless applications and
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permit applications, but my question -- i have two questions. first question pertains to over-the-counter permit applications. as you mentioned we have 65,000 over-the-counter walk ins every day. how do you envision that happening with electronic plan review? do you expect people to come with a thumb drive or what do you expect people to do? >> i will say in a month or two i will have more details for you. i am happy to provide those to director hughie to report back. we are thinking that through with your department and digital services right now. i can tell you and this gets to your question as well. i think the way it works we are starting with the middle permits. they are lower voluming. i would like to leave
9:47 am
over-the-counter permits alone until we see it is working with submittal permits first. this turn and is working well. it is important not to disrupt that. we have been talking about it behind-the-scenes start with big then medium. then get to otc when they work well and staff is comfortable. i can tell you when we get to that eventually, and i am not sure on the timeframe. when we get to that i like the idea of starting with it being all in person so you are home, you know you want to apply because of the great communication to tell you, and you go and you go to the city's website, fill out the basic information and submit your plans. it is a question if that city website tool will be integrated with pts or if they will need to
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move them from where they go into a blue beam. then you need to come in. when the plans are quality controlled while you get there, you will walk around from station to station and give a project id. that is every project created. i think that is the way to go. moving the slow pilot in testing. i have heard there is a future state of the world where you don't need to come in for many things and it can be done electronic. i think weed should go step by step. this doesn't mean that blew beam does not automate the jobs. there is a need for the routing. none of that is in blue beam. there is a lot of work to do here in the new world. >> my comment on that is be
9:49 am
aware. sometimes the documents that the architect engineers sends across are huge. uploading and downloading will take time. that is something to be cautious of. my second question on that is how busiest time at the department and correct me if i'm wrong. usually morning and end of the day when most of the contractors pick upper mitts. where do people wait if they have to get with a group? if there are like 30 in line where do they wait? if you are going from counter to counter, you are not going there all the time. you will have down time to wait until a counter is open. where do they wait? >> if you but up the floor plan.
9:50 am
the building was designed with many areas to wait. i will point at it so you can see. [ inaudible ] >> i will tell you there is text messages capability. you can be entered in multiple cues. we know longer need people to sign on every sheet of paper. the system will say here is a routing pass and they could put the person in the cue and send them off. they won't be called when they are sitting with public works and when they mark they have
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arrived they can be called. it will help organize the floor and it is a critical part. you can get a text message it is a 30 minute wait and you can go get coffee. >> thank you for your presentation this morning. your enthusiasm is contagious. we are excited and really appreciate the fact this is -- how big of a job this is the you think about moving that many people and relocating them and the different needs and wants and asks of particularly the people whose life you are going to impact. a quick question. on "the space" you mentioned 40,000 feet is the new space. what is our existing space right now? >> that is a good question. i looked at this awhile ago.
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>> that is okay. >> it is hard to compare. . >> thank you. >> good morning. project manager. we have done various studies comparing the current and future space, to your question. it is comparable to the current space. it is difficult to compare because currently you are spread throughout five or six floors with pay mix of public and private space. here it is a different setup. areas are mostly for staff and then the public is mostly on second floor except on fourth floor there will be an interface for inspections. >> you know, one thing that struck me that was difficult to see in the old space was the size of the cubicles and the
9:53 am
tightness. have you spent attention on the work environment for the different staff? >> the architect before they began the work, they walked up and down and met with d.b.i. staff and planning staff. one thing is new building there will be consistency on all floors on office and cubicle and workstation sizes. there is no code at the new building. the workstation sizes for every person will be smaller than existing space and to comment there, there will be more meeting rooms than current spaces to help with private conversations or meetings with staff. >> more of an open floor plan? >> that is correct. >> they take a lot of pride in designing. it is what they do, they design
9:54 am
the offices. they are customer like any other architect. part of their work flow is to design and engineer so they understand the work flow. they are designing that. there is nothing extraordinary about how they are designing the space. actually, throughout the project we have heard concerns about the height of the cubicle panels, and understanding that, we have actually raised the height of those panels to help address some of the unhappiness that staff has commented on. >> that is my question. you have got feedback they were too low. >> initially, the design was too low. >> it is not to make little of it. i finished an office building myself. we did this radical design along the lines, and the new office people who moved in there from
9:55 am
the old space, you know, there were people in the space for 10 years. it was a huge change for the seasoned veterans. to that point have we an outlet for the there is people who are unhappy with the space. i am getting in the weeds. too dark and their older space was more conducive to them. is there an outlet they can make a formal complaint and have the opportunity to move around and things like that? >> i think you are looking at the outlets. >> i think. >> being respectful to the senior staff they want to make sure they are happy in their new location, you know. a little kind of consideration in those scenarios. i am not trying to open it up.
9:56 am
>> the administrator has been very involved and engaged. we have had multiple executive team meetings to meet with directors. we have champion meetings where every department is represented. now we will really work with the representatives from every department to talk about the physical move and logistics and if they have concerns or complaints that might be seen as minor. if you are taking your old work environment and moving that you are happy about it. >> i would make a plug. there is an intracity share point site to access for information about the project. when we get questions that we know answers to we will update on that page as well. >> when is the actual final date
9:57 am
of 1660, when are the doors closing there? >> probably t to two months we n give you that. we are really open. anywhere we can address that feedback we have tried hard to do that. obviously, the building is going up so it is harder to address things that are big, but, yes, we welcome feedback. >> appreciate that. it is interesting to watch the transition and people walking around completely lost and not feeling connected to the work environment. we have to be conscious and help people through that transition. i appreciate it. okay. thank you very much for your presentation. >> any public comment on item 6?
9:58 am
seeing none. item 7, discussion and possible action regarding a proposed ordinance is 90174 amending green building cold to establish requirements to install energy saving features, amending environment code to require new construction and major renovations to include natural gas in addition to other requirements. >> welcome back. >> good morning, members of the commission.
9:59 am
>> good morning. i will keep this brief. i thank you for the opportunity to come back before the commission with this item and for the feedback that we received in the october meeting. really the feedback was two categories, clarifications of the ordinance and second ensuring greater outreach, particularly to new construction residential. that was much appreciated the conversations we had consequently, and i really appreciate the chance to be back with you today to cover those two items. briefly, i would just talk why we are here today with this particular ordinance. san francisco and mayor breed is committed to goals of ensuring new construction has no
10:00 am
operational emissions by 2030 and that our environment city wide gets to zero emissions 2050. it is climate change and the impact on san francisco. the sources of emissions in buildings really in municipal buildings are entirely from the combustion of natural gas and in private sector buildings they are more than 80% from natural gas. the reason that natural gas is the pretomnant source of the carbon emissions with generating electricity which is the primary way to provide energy to the buildings. second, there are substantial public health implications from the combustion of natural gas


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