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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 12, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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agreement approval. what that means is, it is an agreement to agree. here are the terms and conditions of this proposal of this agreement between city and developer. now developer, go forward with the entitlement process, however long that may take. we anticipate perhaps two years. and then it returns after sequal approval is obtained, and the process doesn't substantially modify conceptionually the proposal, and then we can go back to the supervisor, seek ratification of that agreement, and then commence construction after. >> peggy: ing. permitting. a sense of that schedule is shown here. the earlier we could look at occupancy of a new station will be late 2023. throughout that process, the fire department will be joined at the hip with me, and a team of experts and d.p.w. to make sure this project meets your
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needs and requirements. so let me talk about briefly what this related proposal entails. the property, of course, the station itself, is on the corner of sampson and washington. you may have been aware that there was a proposal made about a year ago or so that is in entitlement process now for a 20-story limited service hotel immediately adjacent, mid-block site, to the fire station. what the related proposal entails is they have secured an option to acquire that adjoining site. we would relocate the fire station to a mid-block location. entering on to washington street, with fairly direct access then to both sampson and battery. we'll look at some traffic circulation issues to ensure we have fast, if not better, response time than currently off of sampson. and we'll have emerging street alley access. so two points of ingress
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and egress. and we'll have the parking at level 18 spaces, which was a requirement of the fire department when be began. and then the development of a mixed-use development at the corner of sampson and washington. it would entail almost 270,000 square feet of a fitness club, a hotel, and condominiums in that stacked order, up to the 20 stories allowed pursuant to the zoning on the site. this would yield nearly $10 million in inclusio inclusionery fee project at 772 pacific. it makes a major mark towards closing that fiscal mark, and allowing us to commence that project, soon after we commence the project of this new fire station and hotel proposal. so complicated, but pretty
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in genesius iingenius that theye the parcel larger, a little elbow room, if you will, to build a resilient fire station and far more functional than the current station. i think that really is what comes out of is for the fire department. we have a designed station from the 1960s. probably in 1960 it was a great design. today there are some separations and some ventlationventilations aren't something we would seek in today's design. seismicly it is okay, but we'll have a much more robust, much more functional station for the fire department out of this. and adjoining, a pretty exciting development on the block, which i think most folks who have talked about this proposal are pretty excited about. i'm happy to entertain any
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questions you might have about the project and the process. i believe we have a representative -- there are so many people in the room -- there we go -- from the related company as well, if you would like to talk to the developer directly. thanks so much for your time on this. >> thank you very much, mr. updike. before we move on with questions and comments from the commission, i'm going to call for public comment on this item. if there is any member of the public who wishes to comment on this item five, presentation of real estate on the development opportunities at 530 sampson street, as we know station 13, please approach the podium at this time. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners will entertain your questions and comments at this point. vice president covington? >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for your presentation. i wonder, do you have any
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visual material to share with us regarding what the site might look like? >> what we have is what i call a massing diagram. we're very early in design. but this will give you a sense of the layout on the block. bear with me a second. here is a look at the verticality of the site, the fire station and the parking supporting the fire station shown in red, towards the lower levels in in the mid-block, and to the left, the tower facility. lower levels being lobby area, and then the health fitness club. one layer of the club stretching across and above the fire station site.
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all of the elements of the construction within the station itself, below the station and the entire deck below for all of parking, and that one level above the station are all to category 4 seismic standard, 1.5 times our requirement. that is at the highest level of seismic resiliency. >> do you have this as a handout? >> unfortunately, literally, i got it last night, just before midnight, so we were only able to load it here, but i will certainly make sure we get that to you later today. >> okay. there is no rush, as long as we get it in a timely manner. >> then above the club, we have the hotel and then the residential levels above that. in the site pursuant to the zoning. this might be a little easier to understand. this would look, on the
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left side of the diagram, you see the corner of sampson and washington, where the station is today. you see in red, the new fire station at its mid-block location, with the bays facing washington. we will remove the angled parking currently on washington street. it is opposite the federal building. there is no parking across that street, and it is an extraordinarextraordinarily wide street. and we're concerned about access in and out of the station. continuing...this is a different look, turning, looking up towards the transamerica building on the left side, up two blocks, and there you see the mid-block fire station site with the corner location. and we've also carved out an area of the rooftop access pursuant to the
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requests from the fire department so that training, which is a vital part of that station operation, will continue. so they'll have direct access for ladder training up to the rooftop. and so we've actually combined that with the amenity of rooftop space that will be something for hotel and club members to also enjoy. this is just really at a programatic level, but i wanted to indicate to you, in the middle of the pic is really the -- here, showing the fire station's first floor design and incorporating all of the important elements that need to be on that first floor, and not on any levels near the living quarters. we've got the public lobby entrance that is necessary, the public restroom that is necessary on the first level.
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room for the fueling station. and, of course, for the apparatus as well. i know that was a quick run-through, and i hope that was helpful. >> yes, that does help me visualize the space more. i just wanted to ask you, what kind of input did you seek from members of the department, and especially the members of station 13 regarding your plan? >> certainly early on we dealt with command staff throughout the process, really from 2017 moving forward. more indepth as we got to specific specifications that were placed in a data room available for all possible respondents to our offering, from the period of january through march, when bids were due. so we had a team from the chief's office helping us on that. during the walk-throughs that we had with
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prospective developers and our staff, we learned a lot from the staff members at the station, as to their concerns, their issues, what did they want to see. it was really very helpful to take these development teams through and have them listen -- and us -- directly from the members what was their experience on the site and what they felt could be enhanced. and so i think we saw in the proposals that developers took that to heart and responded accordingly. >> in your conversations with members of the department, were any concerns expressed about the level of disruption that would ensue as a result of everyone from 13 having to find quarters elsewhere? >> although there weren't direct comments about that, i can only imagine, as is the case with any of our station remodels under
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the eser bond programs, it is disruptive to have to spring to other stations and thing spring back. we know it is a tremendous inconvenience, and really appreciate the chief's team for coming up with some plans to accommodate that, and to ensure that the response times to the neighborhood were maintained, and members were able to do their jobs the way they need to do them from other locations during construction. so no question there is disruption, but i did not hear that as a paramount concern at this point. >> well, i know that the paramount concern would be maintaining safety levels for the citizens of the county of san francisco. but at the same time, you know, one of the things that separates the fire department from any other department is that people live together. so you're actually asking them to move not just
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camp, but home. and i'm surprised to hear that people didn't express that to you. maybe they were being very polite. so, you know, i'm hoping that as the senior project manager, you'll be able to also give some input as to how to smooth that transition for the members of the department, and especially for 13. i think that, you know, this is one of the opportunities that we have as a city to create more housing. it is very, very important. you know, mayor lee -- god love him -- i had mentioned to him a number of times that i don't think there should be any new fire stations without housing above for beginning firefighters and teachers. and i still would like to see that down the line. i know this time around
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we're doing the hotel and other things. so the rooftop access for the ladder training, is that the roof of the station or is that the roof of the hotel? >> so there is four levels of the new station. so the site in the after condition is slightly smaller. so the current station is three levels and one below ground level. in the after condition, it will be four levels, and one below ground level. the fifth level is a club level that goes across from the hotel site. on the top of that fifth level is the rooftop amenity site, and that will also be the access point for fire training off washington. so that will be to the fifth level. an extraordinary opportunity to nearly get to high-rise level on a fire station for training
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purposes. we're kind of excited about that. >> yes, as are we. now, what you say the club level, what is that? >> so related california has a relationship within a club known as equinox, if your familiar with that fitness club, and are in the process of rolling out a new hotel brand also by the name of equinox. so it is within the control of related california. we've got a real package of a development project here as a result of accepting this proposal. so it's an equinox fitness club and an equinox hotel that would be part of this mixed-use development. >> yes, but what happens on the club level? >> standard amenities that you would find in any fitness club. everything from yoga to weight rooms to -- >> so it is not an outdoor
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space. it is an indoor space? >> it is an indoor space -- are you talking just about the rooftop access? >> yes. >> that is just an amenity. i suspect hotel members may have access to it. they could do special events out there. not an unusual amenity you would find in a development like this, particularly in downtown right now. >> well, i'm asking because a lot of our fire houses have a club level only for firefighters. and we like to eat -- i'm not a firefighter, but i like to eat. and oftentimes it is upstairs. i mean, it's on the roof of the firehouse. so what members of the department be precluded from being up there? >> well, at this point we have carved out an area
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sufficient, consistent with the discussions we've had with fire command staff, that would be available for fire for training purposes. i assume we can look at options relative more consistent access. >> i'm just saying that there -- >> it is an urban area. it is very difficult to find outdoor space. i can certainly understand that desire. >> yes. did you want to say something, chief? okay, all right. >> i don't think so. i think i understand what you're saying, just to have access to the outdoors. usually the firefighters are not eating outdoors. i'm not sure if i got you correctly. >> well, not eating outdoors necessarily -- >> access to open space? >> yes. access to open space. but we do have some barbecues, don't we, on some -- >> there is some cooking that occurs outdoors. there is usually not eating that goes on outdoors. >> yes, cooking.
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away, i just wanted to mention that in case no one else had mentioned it. >> that's great input. thank you. >> thank you. you did say there is a person here from the -- thank you for coming forward. yes. please introduce yourself. >> commissioner, president, my name is jonathan shum, i'm a vice president at relate california. we're very excited to be working with the fire department and the city on this exciting opportunity. we think it will be a great opportunity for providing housing, as well as a new station that is a little more current. and as john mentioned, seismicly retrofitted so it can withstand a category 4 event. we're very excited to partner with the department wit on this as well. >> yes. that is a wonderful safety
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feature to continue to highlight, and i appreciate that. how long has related been in business? >> we've been developing in california since 1989. we started in -- actually in san francisco, bill white, who is our founder and chairman, served under mayor feinstein. >> oh, great. great. and have you had a project before that contained a firehouse? >> we've had several mixed-use projects, not necessarnecessarily a firehouse, but it included schools or other types of uses as well. >> very good. thank you very much. i just wanted to give you an opportunity to introduce yourself so we can have a face to go along with the name of the corporation. >> i appreciate that. >> okay. thank you. and, let's see -- i want to know how many rooms in the hotel? i'm asking some of these
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questions not just as a fire commissioner, but as some people in the room know, as a former redevelopment commissioner for many years. so it may sound as if it is off topic, but for me it is just information. >> sure. there will be about 200 rooms in the hotel, and about 35 residential units on top of the hotel. i think we should mention in our proposal to the city as well as the fire department, the members of fire station 13 will actually have membership to the equinox club as well, and they'll have access to the cafe that will be included there. that is certainly something we think would be a great amenity for the station. >> and you're right, it will be. that sounds very good. >> and another thing, on the training you mentioned, they will have access to the rooftop that is directly above the fire station for their training purposes on washington as well.
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>> very good. thank you very much. and thank you for your presentation. and i'm looking forward to getting more information about, you know, the swap. and you're predicting now that it would be, at left, best, late 2023? >> we believe so. we're taking a conservative approach to the timing process. love to be pleasantly surprised and have that accelerated, but i think that is a realistic timeframe for your consideration. one thing i didn't want to mention, related is our development partner for the new permit center at 49 south van ness. >> oh, good. >> that has been a learning process. this will benefit from lessons learned on that joint development. a lot of similarities -- >> very good. >> they're a joint podium, cross-parking, and two buildings going up on the
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same site, one owned by the city and one by the private side. so we will bring that experience to bear on this project. >> well, you'll have a wealth of knowledge on this project. thank you again. >> thank you, vice president covington. could you remain, please. commissioner hardiman? >> thank you, president. well, mr. updike, i'm overwhelmed. i wasn't expecting such a great presentation and to have so many details worked out. i don't have any questions about anything that is not related to a new fire station. that's my big concern. you and your associates have taken care of putting the rest of the project together. but with that, i'd like to ask chief rivera if you could comment. as mr. updike said, you've been really involved in this.
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can you add some process, pros,d hophopefully no cons, but if you can add some information from a firefighter's perspective, how this look for your crew? >> good morning, commissioners and straf, assistant deputy chief tony rivera. i've been part of the process, and as a representative of the department, i've been ensuring that the needs of the department are vocalized and communicated to the developer. i think we're heading in the right direction at this moment. and we've done some preliminary work. we also have included d.p.w. in all of our talks, and we have submitted drawings of our newly-built station on greenwich, station 16 and station 5, which is
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actually more closely resembling the needs of station 13. the developer, related, has all of this information. we're available for them, and we have ongoing talks in the development process. we're still kind of in the design phase. i believe once we get more formalized, we're going to start bringing in the operations chief to kind of look at, you know, how we're going to be able to respond and possibly because of the change of the entrance, which would now be on washington as opposed to sampson, some traffic issues that we're ironing out, also. >> thanks, chief. as a followup, one of the questions that comes up from generally other commissioners is the accessories, like a refrigerator or utensils, tv monitors, chairs, that are all in the station now. is that going to be something you're able to negotiate as to make sure
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the house is walk-in, and doesn't have to have firefighters digging in their own pockets? >> so in my opinion, i will absolutely support having as many amenities that we can for the firefighters. i think it is part of a negotiation. i know a lot of our newer stations -- the responsibility for the new dishwashers and refrigerators and stoves are placed on the developer or the contractor, so i think we would probably just follow past practice and have that also incorporated into this project. >> thank you, chief. thank you, mr. updike. >> thank you very much. commissioner -- >> i think he had a followup. >> i'm sorry. please. >> thank you, chair. commissioner, to your question, there was another lesson learned that we experienced from the s.f. noma expanse, and
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the fire one relocation, and that will were some amenities to the site that were not included in the original proposal, and had to be developed as an afterthought. it never should have been that way, but that was a lesson learned here. and early on we provided a very complete fixture, furnishing, and equipment list to the developer, and insisted that be included in the delivery, so this is truly turn-key. call us with the keys, we walk in the door, and it is operational. that is definitely something we have learned from prior practice. i appreciate you bringing that up. >> thank you, commissioner hardiman. and thank you for that update. >> thank you, commissioner hardiman for mentioning that. that is an important detail that sometimes is overlooked. i appreciate that the fact that it has been included in the discussion. what is the difference in
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the square footage between the current and the new fire station? >> i believe the gross square footage of the new station is approximately 22,000 quar feet. ,000 square feet.i believe the y be somewhere around 24,000 square feet. what we asked the department of public works to do, working with the fire department, very early on, before this went out to market was, calculate what is needed. there are some efficiencies in design that are different than when this was built in the 1960s. so that reflects a natural reduction in the over all square footage. but we wanted to ensure programaticly we captured all of the needs of the station, that perhaps weren't being met today, but they wanted to have the ability to do that. so this actually exceeded the mark of the requirement, which i think was put out at 21,000 and
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some square feet, so we get a little more than the minimum required that we put out in the proposals, so we were pleased with that. >> so you're eliminating 2,000 square feet from the home of these firefighters, but you're saying that because you determined will is some sort of minimum, that you're getting a thousand more than that? >> this is the department of public works looking at today's design standards and requirements, the need for square footage was reduced programatically. and this included remodels under the eser project. there are some efficiencies that resulted in a less square footage necessary to replace all of the actions going on at the site, plus some that were potentially anticipated. so, yes, ironically, is going to be a slightly smaller site, but it will actually function much better than the current site. >> smaller by about 10%, it seems? >> approximately. >> and there is no
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housing -- below market rate housing anticipated for this location? >> there is no below market rate housing. >> so the proposal was always intended to be consistent with board direction in those two resolutions i referenced, therthat there would be inclusionery fees, to an outsite location, and the difference being we have a specific off-site location. >> just to be clear, there is no b.m.r. housing for firefighters or students or teachers in this location? >> not at this location, no. >> and so there is a $10 million check that is going to be written to the city that is going to go to a specific housing development on washington, i believe, up the street? >> essentially, yes.
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[please stand by]
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. >> so it's just -- it's a mathematical equation. as we go through ceqa, there might be slight adjustments to the final actual gross square foot age, so that number could -- footage, so that number could fluctuate. i don't want to say exactly what that number is, but we have an idea based on the size of the massing that you've seen today. that number is fairly certain in terms of the number of fee and the new stations. if the stations delivered under 25.5 million, the balance is paid in cash in closing to the city. >> okay. so the answer is no, it's not
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guaranteed. this construction is going to start in 2023. >> construction would be complete in 2023. it would start in 2021. >> yeah. and we all know what the cost of construction is in the city, and it seems to be going up, i've heard by astronomical numbers on a monthly basis. but what i want to be sure is if we're going to go through all of this brain damage -- and there's a lot of brain damage not just for you guys developing, but for the firefighters that have to move, that it's very clear for everybody and that the city gets the benefit of the bargain. because i would hate to give up a piece of city property, a gem, these firefighters and then not end up with the result
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that we want because somebody missed a rounding error over here in this particular equation, and now, the cost of construction has gone up by $10 million, and the city gets nothing, and the developer gets this beautiful new building. we're all very clear of what the benefit of this bargain is. the design that you showed us where the fire state has roof -- station has roof access, is that roof going to be exclusively used for the fire department, or is that going to be something that is available to the club and hotel customers, as well. >> there's a general area for the club and hotel, and then, there's an area carved out for fire access. >> so exclusive --
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>> exclusivity, yes. one related to mixed-use development, and one related to the fire department. >> i saw an area in red. is that going to be an area that is sclufexclusively used e fire department? >> yeah. so this section here is exclusively used for the fire department, and this section here would be for the fitness club members and of course the fire department, as members of the equinox club, will have access, but this is for the members of the fire station. >> and members of the fire station, how would they access that? >> as far as this rooftop terrace? >> yeah. if they wanted to put a barbecue up there? >> we'll have to work through
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the design -- >> >> chief rivera has something. >> deputy assistant chief tony rivera. the roof would have an access elevator that would go up to the roof, and there would be a staircase leading up to the roof. >> okay. so if there was a fire and people were up there, they would be able to get down fairly quickly. >> yes. >> yes? >> yes. >> okay. and the fact -- chief, while i have you up, the fact that this is five levels high, you can't -- this is a question. can you put a pole that goes up five levels high? is that even safe? >> so that's a great question. >> is it five? i thought it was four levels. >> okay. so what we've done, past practice, if the height of the building of the fire station is too tall, what we do is we
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actually have two sets of poles, so you would take a pole from one level to the other, then, you would take another pole to the apparatus four, so that way, you're not going down at a high rate of speed or unsafe. >> here's what i want-zsh. >> we're still in the design phase. we have not gotten into the nuts and bolts of that discuss yet, but we will definitely ensure that all parts of this building are absolutely able to be utilized by the firefighters? >> and as far as the gym membership, are we eliminating work out space in the fire station? which i don't like the fact that we have work out stations
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in bays, any way because that's where a lot of exhaust and the turnouts are stored, but have we decided that that's where the actual gym location will be up stairs, and it will be accessible in case of an emergency. >> i think the club development is just accessible to fire. we will make sure that we have a gym within the new fire facility. and you're absolutely correct. station 13 currently has their gym on the ground floor right next to the fire trucks. this would be a health and safetiup gra safety upgrade for the members of station 13. >> if i may, the 25,000 square foot figure does not include
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the rooftop square footage. the program attic requirements included the fitness work out areas within the station that was provided programatically. >> what will the -- so will the city own the actual building that the fire department -- it looks like it's all one big building? >> eventually, we will have a lot line adjustment, if you will, a transfer of ownership upon completion of the project where in the city will own in fee its fire station site in an after condition with easements provided for the private uses that are above and below, because remember, we have two levels of parking below so there'll be cross access easements to that. and then related california will take ownership of the current fire station site in fee for the tower. >> all right. and then how about as far as,
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like, construction time and how the hotel -- because now, we're not just talking about building a hotel, we're talking about building a fire station. fire station five is running behind, they're way behind schedule. are we talking about building a fair station first and then a hotel? how are we phasing this? >> so i want to hearken back to my statement of having a fire-central project. it is in close consultation with the occupants, the fire department, as well as the department of public works, but this is not a department of public works delivered project. this is your related california delivered project wherein they
7:39 am
will have certain things to meet or they will be penalized. because the two buildings will sit on top of two levels of parking, really, it'll rise together. there's no way to do one before the other. not necessarily a need to, either. however, given one is five stories and one is 20, we may see a certificate of occupicy earlier to us for the fire station before completion. we would want to make sure that before we occupy the fire station there's no disruption to the operations because of ongoing construction next door. so if that's the case, we satisfy ourselves, and we can move early, we will, but i want to be clear, this is a joint rise from the site. >> so we want to make sure everything is safe before we
7:40 am
open up the fire station, and relat related can do that in -- and california related can do that in two years? >> so if you could, these firefighters are going to be moved from one of the busiest station areas to the city to god knows where, and since this is not a d.p.w. project, can the department ask for those penalties to come to the department, the construction penalties? >> i'm sure we can talk about that. i don't know what the legal parameters can be, but we can certainly have that discussion.
7:41 am
good point. >> because if you can build a hotel and a fire station -- we know that building a fire station alone is difficult because it's -- by essential building standards is a very resilient building. it has to be. now you're building a hotel on top of a resilient building, which has to be built to certain standards. if this thing comes down on a fire station -- we've got to make sure that doesn't happen. i just want to make sure that if we're hearing two years, that we're getting a product in two years and not four years. because with you know in terrific nothing goes up quickly. we'd like to see those penalties come back to the fire
7:42 am
department and not someplace else. >> we will look into that. i think your point is well taken. i am heartened by the fact that we have moved forward and on budget with a budget that we approved in 2013 which if you go down there and see the pace of construction, you can see the difference between some of our other projects that i know you've been frustrated with and that project that is moving along very nicely and will be ready for us and must be, because we have laws holds that are expiring and people who are ready to move in, so we totally understand the complications of late delivery and what that means to the city and its operations, so totally got you on that. >> great. does this come up to the commission for a vote at some time or is this out of our hands? >> this is a matter of input for the commission. the decision really is one for the board of supervisors and the mayor to make in their
7:43 am
discretionary -- first, it's the contingent contract and then ceqa, but it's the board making it at the end of the day. >> great. if we could just make a recommendation to the mayor and board of supervisors because i think it's within our duty to do that. but that said, good luck, and i'll say some prayers for you. >> thank you very much, commissioner alioto veronese. at this point, i'm going to be making some comments and questions, as well. is it possible that we could return to the slide, slide three, that shows the transamerica building in the background?
7:44 am
also, john, i didn't catch your last name. >> jonathan shum. >> and you are the vice president of -- >> related california. >> thank you very much, mr. shum, and thank you for your presentation. i do really appreciate the comprehensive nature of your presentation. i appreciate the background reminders, the dates in terms of the supervisors original public land housing date of june 2015, ratified by the voters in k in 2015. i think it's really important for you to recite the resolution in 2017 and talk about the may 2018 resolution to take us to this particular point. because the context and gist of this whole proposal is
7:45 am
important. as you can hear from commissioner covington, our real estate is on vacation, commissioner cleaveland, he would be asking many, many questions, but i think, again, you can tell by the content of the commissioners all of the value comments, and i think that was your purpose this morning to do that. so for me to be able to hear this presentation and to understand it, basically, my colleagues on the commission do know with the command force that i made an appointment with supervisor peskin to understand and comprehend the nature and the goal of what this resolution was. when you talk about this development with credits going to housing that's badly needed in the chinatown corridor, specifically, new asian garden,
7:46 am
is that what it's called? >> new asian restaurant. >> could you share how many units are being developed with that? >> according to the mayor's office, it's somewhere between 50 to 75 units of housing. >> is that senior or just general housing? >> it's near for those on average 60% of a.m.i. at the time of construction. >> and as we know in terms of mayor breed and the city and county of san francisco, how bad we need that housing stock and in terms of me specifically with the familiarity of the chinatown community, how important it is. so for me, unprecedented, this is an exciting concept that we've never really been through
7:47 am
before. we've never really developed in my mind a development on top of a fire station. i'm glad, mr. updike, that your history with this department has taken it all the way from station one to all of the easter bonds. in terms that, then, you know where we're coming from within the department. i think when you talk about lessons learned, it goes through all of the projects. i have station 1, station 16, station 13 coming around the bend. that's quite a bit of history compared to what our stations and conditions were previously, how much benefit this department has earned by the easter bond, but this is a unique project because of public and private and in terms of its relationship.
7:48 am
in terms of where the fire station is located, you would have to move the fire station to that present location where it's being projected, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> how far is that movement? >> within the block. i believe it's less than 100 feet within the block. >> okay. there's no new acquisition that you have to do to move the fire station? >> the developer is handling that through an agreement that they will execute assuming the city moves forward, so land control is not an issue. >> okay. just in terms of a novice question, that fire station stays independent, there's no construction above that according to the concept design. what is the reason for that? >> correct. the only -- only the one floor above the fifth level that is on top of the station, that level would be to the same
7:49 am
seismic standard as the building, as will the garage, the entirety of the garage supporting the project also to the same seismic standard. the hotel itself has its own support system and its own fire life safety system and is disconnected through a seismic joint, so we will ensure that both buildings perform independently and safely and that the fire station is protected in the event of a catastrovic event. >> okay. so in terms of its seismic safety and strength, could you elaborate in terms of its colors here -- the fire station, there's three different colors here. there's the red below the station, the green and the blue in the middle, and the blue on top.
7:50 am
you want to describe what that differentiation is? >> sure. this basement, which is a shared basement between the fire station and the mixed-use tower will be a category four seismic resilience in that there would be a seismic joint that would be created here between the fire station and the mixed-use tower, which would allow them to operate independently? so this would all be category four. this is the health and fitness club on these three floors right here. then, the middle section of the tower will be hotel rooms, the 200 rooms. then, on the upper floors, would kpricomprise the -- betw 30 and 40 residential units. >> okay. the hotel rooms, you said 260? >> 200. >> the blue -- what is it, the
7:51 am
work out -- what was the company? >> equinox fitness. >> and 300 -- what is the work out? >> it's about 35,000 square feet of gross area. >> and there's three different levels of that? >> that's correct. >> you talked about station 13 members would have access to that. is that something that's being talked about or is that part of the plan? >> no, it's part of the plan and part of our proposal. >> is there a way that this club -- i'm sorry, the club? >> equinox fitness. >> is this the first site for equinox in the city? >> no. we have one on beale that we're opening up in the next few months -- >> i just wanted to -- i'm not aware that -- and i haven't been as involved in the discussions. i would just want to caution the commission that i don't know that that has been
7:52 am
something that we've agreed to or not. that is members accessing the equinox fitness. that would be something that we would need to look at. certainly, i'm not an attorney, but i play one on t.v. -- no, i'm one that looked at a few legal things, and potentially it would be something that's a gift to city employees that the city attorney would need to be weigh-in on. >> i want to echo the chief's comments. this is simply a proposal from the developer that has not yet been vetted legally. we're simply looking at it, haven't even approached the fire department with it because we want to ensure we haven't crossed some ethical line. that is why we're assuming this is a stand-alone station with a stand-alone facility suitable
7:53 am
for the members on-site. >> okay. i appreciate that kind of explanation because these are little triggers of curiousity. you heard commissioner veronese talk about the work out floor. i guess, looking at chief rivera, in terms of station 16, these are all lessons strategically learned. i would look to that, chief hayes-white because if that was a perk, if you will, to station 13, if it's a perk for station 13, how come it's not a perk for all the members of the department across the board? >> correct. >> not at just a hotel site, but since they have four other sites, but also that's mixed in
7:54 am
with floor space in terms of the station, as well. i don't want to cross any ethical lines, as well, i'm just looking for perks, to be quite honest. and i'm looking at fitness for our members. our members do -- men and women do some dangerous work. conditioning is utmost within our work, so that's just part of the line of questions that i wanted to ask, as well. i'm going to go back to you, mr. up-dicdike, as far as relationship, and you will be the director throughout this project? >> i will be happy to shepherd this. >> and your boss is here, as well. >> yes, enrico is here. >> i only say that because mr. updike is familiar with our issues and with our
7:55 am
developments. when you say joined by the hip at the fire department, you ain't kidding, joined by the hip, which is as much as commissioner veronese has related. and i only say that because i was one of the commissioners when fire station one was an issue. it's fire that somebody wanted to buy this and move one over to folsom. i was told don't look a gift horse in the mouth. but what i was concerned about and all the members were concerned about was the welfare of all of the members of the station one is a beautiful station, but when they exit out on folsom street, it's not the easiest thing to deal with. when we talk about here, station 13, and the traffic, and the timing, that's what we're talking about. we take care of business in this department, which is that we respond, which is part of our requirement and our duties and obligations.
7:56 am
i'm just putting it out there because again, you came here today to get these comments and participations in terms of it. i'm looking at my list. i think i pretty much hit -- beyond that, i wanted to make sure that chief nicholson, chief gonzalez, chief hayes-white said whatever they wanted on the agenda. chief nicholson, did you have anything you wanted to say? >> good morning, president and commissioners. deputy chief jean nicholson. so far, it's been a good collaboration with john updike on this project, and we look forward on honing in on all the details. just as an aside, i used to be stationed at 13 for four years, and so i understand the operations there and the needs
7:57 am
there, and i've also kept in contact with the captains of that station, so they know what's going on, as well. so thank you. >> as the public and command force know, if you're going to be the new boss starting in may, so this is really important. and i met you in a ride along when you were captain at station 13, so i know you talk from the heart with concern at the membership. >> thank you. >> thank you. chief gonzalez, as part of operation, do you have any comment at this particular point? >> good morning, president, chief, commissioners, maureen. deputy chief gonzalez, operations. as far as the apparatus go when they did the station, i would suggest 13, truck can go to 38. and maybe engine 13 can go to -- but they have to figure it out.
7:58 am
batallion one, you are constrained by smaller fire houses, so it would be a challenge in that regard. secondly, not to recommend any projects, but i would recommend if there's a high-rise over a fire department, make sure the pilings go all the way down to the bedrock. >> thank you, chief. as you -- go ahead, comment. >> that is our plan. we will go to bedrock. >> thank goodness. >> you can tell by the members of this commission as well as the force, lessons learned, joined by the hip all the way through. [please stand by]
7:59 am
8:00 am
did very, very good work for the city, and i thank you for that. i just wanted to follow up on a question that commissioner varinici had, and that was, is there anything in the statutes that preclude any leftover money from coming to the fire department? >> that is a very interesting question. and as john updike alluded earlier, we would have to look at that. i have not reviewed the resolutions passed by the board of supervisors that dedicated the funds for this project to the 732 pacific new asia restaurant project for affordable housing. i don't know how expansive and restrictive those requirements are. that would be something we would have to look at in conjunction with the city attorney. >> chairwoman: okay, thank you very much. i wanted everyone to get a


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