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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 28, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> we are doing the general manager report. >> i will try to be extremely brief, this saturday at 10:00 a.m. we will join the p.u.c. and the brace for the opening of two unique spaces in the visitation valley neighborhood. first funded by the 2008 and 2012 clean and safe neighborhood parks bonds, the renovated mclaren garden includes a welcoming entrance into the garden for herbs and trailing vegetables, sheltered gathering spaces for groups and face -- and fencing and utilitarian garden design and raised garden plots. located north of the gardens, they have chris construct a new rain gardens as part of his visitation valley green notes project. that project develops two distinct -- distinct green locations that improve community spaces and accessibility while
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helping to manage stormwater. the terrorist storm gardens will manage stormwater each year from 1.5 acres of impervious surface and provide a pedestrian connection from mclaren part two leland avenue. it will collude family garden activities. and next tuesday, the recreation and i'm park department host the second annual university team conference at the university where our staff will enjoy a half-day of learning about the work we do together, connecting with colleagues, sharing stories of what inspires us to serve san francisco families. in addition to workshops it creates park transformation, croquet gem and party with a purpose, noted speakers including adrian bennett, dr. roberts from san francisco state and macon thomas from enterprise community partners. we invite commissioners, if you are three free and available to
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join us and take part in the province and take part in a workshop or two. we want to give our gardeners, custodians, recreation staff and folks who do not have opportunities to prevent -- to attend conferences to attend a conference in our profession. extravaganza, recreation staff is in the midst of planning our annual spring extravaganza event on april 13th from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at robin williams meadow in golden gate park, one of our most popular citywide family events, it features egg hunts, carnival rides, facepainting, games, entertainment, and of course, annual rib cookoff, pitting the culinary skills of our staff against those of other city departments including s.f. fire and s.f. police. this year, we are ready to go with five teams, while s.f. fire and police each have three teams as always, you were all invited
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to enjoy the day and be v.i.p. judges at the rib cookoff, a task i highly recommend, golden gate park tennis centre groundbreaking, a new era of public tennis and san francisco kicks off on april 17th when we will celebrate the start of a much-anticipated renovation project in golden gate park. the tennis centre is poised to undergo a 27 million-dollar and of -- renovation which will make the site the best tennis facilities in the nation with 17 new tennis courts including a sunken court, a dedicated pickle ball court, a 7800 clubhouse with recreation room, locker room and kitchen, a guarding area for viewing, socializing and relaxing, lighting from all courts which will allow for all over 20,000 hours of additional play. it all includes a dedicated classroom and support spaces to
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accommodate an expansion of the tennis and learning centre program, a san francisco recreation and park youth development program that provides afterschool tutoring and instruction in tennis for kids, t.l.c. is currently operating in hamilton, and other recreation centres, and you will hear an update of the program. in anticipation, while the tennis centre is under construction, we hosted a public meeting last night to discuss opposed pilot programs that will allow for free kenneth -- tennis court reservations at tennis courts around the city. this will make it easier easier for for tennis players to access tennis courts during construction. we had some big news about india basin this week, more on that to come in the agenda, and i think we have this month and parks, a very quick video, which helps our successful opening of balboa
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pool. [♪] [♪]
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[laughter] [♪] >> and supervisor, commissioner, you asked if i swam, i was one of the first divers over there, good things come to those who wait. we had to wait a long time to get this pool open and we did, and it is beautiful. and that concludes the general manager's report. [applause]. >> is there anyone who would like to make public comment under the general manager's report?
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>> being none, this item is closed and we are now on item four which is general public comment up to 15 minutes. this item will be continued on item 12 if you do not speak under item four. at this time, members of the public may address the commission over items of interest to the public that fall under the jurisdiction matter of the commission and that do not appear on the agenda. with respect to the agenda items you will have an opportunity to address the commission when that item is reached in the meeting and i do have one card. maureen. if you would like to come up, you will have three minutes. >> i need my phone so i don't go over. >> don't worry, there is a timer >> it is an honor to be here today to talk to you. i googled all of you. my son went to sacred heart. i am here on behalf of the bonds that you are considering park.
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i moved to san francisco in 1978 and i was talking to mary burns who did a fabulous presentation. i wish i commented on her. i lived on russian hilton i lived in the castro, and my husband got a job on the can and -- peninsula. anyways, we have moved to get to the freeway so he could get to work. it was a great neighborhood. we had one ice cream store and one pizza parlour and a library and we were happy. and then we will buy a house there. we bought a house in 1989 and thank you because we couldn't get our toe into the area now. i am here to point out that in that time period i have had two children born in the city and my daughter, who is now 28 and a student and a teacher in u.c. san francisco system, the park and recreation clubhouse at the corner of the street was
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constructed in 1912. it is exactly the same as it was when she attended toddler events , exactly the same. this is an appropriate.
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throw us a bone. there is a plan that has been approved, throw s.f. bone. we are pouring money, money, money into the property tax coffers, don't kid yourself. the previous sale price was 36,000. thank you very much. i don't know if that is my warning, but throw us a bone. we have a lovely new library, but i play baseball on that field, it has not changed at all please drive around our neighborhood at rush hour. see what we are enjoying. every time we turn around a six-foot condominium is going up it is our turn, balboa pool, golden gate park, i am begging you on behalf of my fellow citizens. >> thank you very much. >> mark.
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>> thank you. let me speak in public comment. >> put the mic in front. >> sorry, i apologize. is that better? >> much better. this is an issue that affects the commission and a public-policy way. as it states on the last page here, the mandate is to serve the public reaching his decisions in full view of the public as are all commissioners and commissions. it is not uncommon for the commission departments to get involved in litigation and tend we could involved in litigation and anybody who is a citizen of the city could be involved. the question might arise, how
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can that citizen, was also a litigant convey information to you to make decisions that are good for the people. i had a specific question that is being considered generally by the department and that is a public-policy question that i addressed to the attorney last night. for someone who used to work with the ethics commission in san francisco, i will tell you what her answer is. what if california evidence codes 1152 and 1154 are cited in a settlement letter to a san francisco citizen from the office of the city attorney? may that person receiving a letter like this from the city attorney thereby still go to the city's recreation and park commission a testified to the substance of the ledger so that you can make good policy. what i was told is this. they are advised to promote good source efforts.
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to this end, statements made cannot be used of evidence -- as evidence, however, this is the main point, settlement statements are not communications. you may discuss them with others without violating any california law. settlement statements may come up in a public-policy context for instance. they are notably relevant and useful to those public bodies such as this one has to oversee an agency or department that is party to a lawsuit, and finally, she said section 1152 and 1154 could be stated in a letter, who is also a citizen are not to gag orders. they do not preclude a civil litigant or a regular citizen of san francisco from the right to engage in a public-policy discussion. a citizen's right to it negotiate a not aggregate that person's right as a citizen to speak freely and engage in public-policy.
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this dual role -- >> his or anyone else who would like to make general public comment? being none, this item is closed. we are now on item five which is the consent calendar. is there anyone who would like to speak on the consent calendar being none, public comment is closed. commissioners? >> we would entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? >> so moved. >> item six, the san francisco zoo. >> good morning, on the director of the san francisco zoo i feel a little like aaron burr in hamilton after hearing mr. burns ' accomplishments. i am the full who is trying to manage the sioux after her. -- manage the zoo after here. i think her for all she has done over the years.
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it would not be march without recognizing everything that is green at the zoo. over the holiday weekend, we hosted tours, many found the tour of our prairie dogs to be the most popular, so with that, there we are. our powerpoint. the kissing period dogs, otherwise known as the kissing irish. we learn to period dog families kiss mouth-to-mouth. it was a huge hitch, especially with the irish community nearby the soup. also in march, as well as our outstanding female employees. we recently did a census of our employees and 70 2% of our employees are female. it is a significant change for us. and the highest percentage of females we have had in the history. speaking of history, it is the 90th anniversary of the zoo this year. and during the month of march,
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in honor of the 90th, we are offering free admission to school groups up to 90 kids per day, or 43 kids -- 43 classes signed up within 24 hours of that offer. and speaking of classes, while many of zoo camp classes for summer are sold out, we do have room and some of the older grades, like my teams, they seem to procrastinate to the end to sign up. [laughter]. >> it is true for everybody. speaking of summer, we will have a new way to connect with our visitors and our animals, led by zoo university ambassador. we will have special behind-the-scenes tour -- tours. i think that will be very interesting. you will see some of our condors and snow leopards, and you can find out more information about those tours on our website, but you don't need a behind-the-scenes tour to meet our newest residents. he is our newest sumatran tiger,
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a handsome young male who has come from the zoo. we participate in international breeding initiatives, the tiger is down to hundreds in the wilds he will be reading with our young female. he has to have a name because hopefully he will receive one at our annual fundraiser april 12 th. we were honoring the longtime board member, significantly donating a tour for the african savanna. that is on april 12th. we will also be celebrating our 90th anniversary. >> thank you. >> is there anyone who would like to make public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. that was discussion only. as mentioned earlier, item seven -- we are now on item eight, which is the india basin park
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project acceptance of grant. >> the general manager is returning to the scene. >> i will present this one. on tuesday may her breed was on hand with supervisor walton, commissioner buell, mr. harrison , commissioner anderson, and dozens of project partners, supporters, and
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community members to announce a generous 25 million-dollar gift from the family fund for our much-anticipated india basin park project. the gift is one of the larger project donations that we have received as an organization for a specific park from a specific jet donor, we will kickstart the remediation design and phases of the project that will create a unified park space. they're obvious he many people to think including this commission for getting us one step closer to making this project a reality, and transforming the southern waterfront. this is about access to equity. there are 2500 units of public and affordable housing presently and in the pipeline within 1 mile of the park site. the mayor has been a champion for livable communities and with her support of the project, and with the commission supports, it speaks to everyone's commitment to equity and environmental justice. what i will do is flip through a
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quick presentation here that will lay out some of the information about the grant and the project generally. you have seen -- just a reminder , this is the project's location. the gift covers the development of 900 and this and india basin shoreline park. it is currently developed. there is amazing shoreline -- amazing shoreline access on the site, and in india basin open space, and what is going to be merged with the space referred to as the big green, which is the space that will be developed by bilt inc., and we will be waving that to us completing this incredible 1.7-mile network of open space these are just a few of them, but they include
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our shoreline's cultural history , biodiversity, the industrial ancestry of the site, it's views, its habitat, this is a project that has national park significance. these are some precedents from around the country that are either reclaimed waterfront projects, or projects that reclaim industry and environmental blight and return them to the community. brooklyn bridge park, which has long been a precedent for us, prissy field, we have talked about this project as having some similarities to what happened there decades ago, hudson river park, and some additional precedents of note, the 11th street bridge project , even this six '06 in chicago. existing park conditions, you
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see it shortened, i'm good, thank you. you see india basin shoreline park which is an existing park. a lot of that is because of its design, as opposed to our efforts to maintain. his disconnected from the community his that use it. there is a big wide road that borders it. we have pg and the transmission materials there. it is underwhelming and it does lend itself to send that behaviour. india basin open space is similar to 900 and switches a property that this commission voted to acquire in 2014 and it is not yet a park. it is an industrial shipyard. these are some of its existing conditions. some more about existing conditions in the openings -- open spaces. let me focus here a little bit.
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the quadrants, the lower left quadrant are our park maintenance scores. what you see are citywide averages. our bayview district ten scores which are around 87, 88%, and that bottom line is india basin shoreline park. it needs attention. this park is part of some significant concerted investment in district ten in not just for this presentation, but in our work, we are looking at what will be districtwide in the bayview. you should be part of the fact that since 2007, over $90 million of investment capital in the district has happened. and looking ahead, it is up the
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hill always from the location. that project is in construction. we have great hopes and anticipation. environmental restoration, strengthening existing -- strengthening existing community connections, the cultural history of the bayview, and providing economic opportunity and using this project to offer, provide and keep economic opportunity and the bayview
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there has been a significant amount of planning. we have gone wide and deep in this project. well over 25 committee meetings, over 30 different groups, and engagement will continue on till we have cut a ribbon, and it will not stop because of our approach to how we want the park to operate and be stewarded. it will be an ongoing endeavour here. these are just some that are a mix of community groups and agencies there have been, and they range from neighborhood groups two-part -- park advocacy advocacy groups to environmental groups we have had a lot of feedback on that project. it is not new. i remember when i started in this job in 2010, i actually -- my first visit to the sight was with us -- was with isabel wade
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and joe fox. there have been planning efforts i thank you are probably well aware of them and they have gone on for decades in the area. one of the aspects of this project that is unique to us that we are going to try to do differently is we are going to create with the community and equitable park development plan. that is a series of transparent commitments that we reached together with the surrounding park community about how we are going to build this park for the communities that are there now. there is work to come on this over the next year or two, but we have identified four initial focus areas that include workforce development, housing to park access, connected community access. if people can't get to the park, or if the parkin program and
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place making isn't for existing communities and preserving place , preserving history, art, and culture. a little bit more detail about the types of things that we have been thinking about and implement any discussions with our partners, we have an opportunity to use the remediation work, which will be first out of the gate as a workforce program, construction training for this program, that can result in retiring we will do that project under a project labour agreement, not just because of the one that was locally legislated because a source of the funding -- but we
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want to use that agreement to make sure that we have workforce opportunities for people -- for people in the community, and we will all have to work together to make sure that people have the opportunity to be trained and included in the remediation and construction opportunities. once the park is built, there are further opportunities for workforce of element in economic development, for the bayview with respect to concessions and programs and park ambassadors and stewardship, and yes, transportation, which leaves me to the next slide, this project includes a lot of thought and the entire india basin neighborhood with a lot of different agencies. m.t.a. has been a very active partner in thinking through how there's a connection between the corridor and india basin and
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people can circulate because there are hills. india basin is water, it is at sea level, as it were, but we have 2500 units of affordable and public housing, either existing or in the pipeline within a mile. we want to make sure that we are thinking through ways to get people to and from the park safely. in addition to more robust transportation, and everybody who other project partners in the general area, we are focusing on stronger pedestrian contest -- connections. i will remind you that this project also closes a link in -- it will have a class one bike lane, and we are also thinking and contemplating a shuttle, a shuttle that might run from the third street corridor to the park, and then up into the neighborhood. that is a community conversation it will be based on the need to fill gaps that may exist in
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access and transportation, again , with an intent to make it very easy for people to get to and from and enjoy this park 900 and is is an active brownfields. it is the site of a ship yardage there were shipbuilding activities happening there. and so we do have some work to do. this is not -- this is not the shipyard. i don't want to confuse the projects. there was no military shipbuilding, there was no super fun work there, this was an industrial sight, and we are working in close coordination with numerous -- and too many of
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the remnants of the industrial activity that took place there, even before we build a park. that is what we intend to do. lastly, this area has a wonderfully colourful, rich, important history. part of san francisco talk to history and part of the unique neighborhood history. we want to celebrate that. we want to celebrate the history of the bayview. we want to celebrate the history of the shipbuilding activities. we have learned that for communities, existing communities to be truly welcome and to truly feel like a space is theirs, that it needs to reflect the culture and history of the place. we are starting that. we have some interim activation.
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the material that you see in the bottom left is an artist that is the shipyard artist in residence this is going to be a mural that will be in the façade of the historic cottage, that was developed with community input and community design. we will work with project blackboard to resurface and repaint in a very colourful, artistic way the existing basin shoreline park until then, we want the community to be involved in the design process. we have worked with hunter's point with interim -- interim activation and we are determined to know deep in community and engagement with place making throughout the project this is an ambitious undertaking. this is $120 million undertaking it might seem like a lot.
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i guess that is what things cost now. this is an vicious project. so for this project is rough. we do not know. there are a lot of twists and turns in this project and we can't predict if there is any more in the future local parks bond and what it would be for this project. we don't know. we don't know how much additional philanthropy will come, but the basic model for this project would be roughly 50 % of it, philanthropy, 25% of it through city investment at approximately 25 state and federal and other forms of miscellaneous investments. that is a model, it is not a hard and fast rule, and so we need to see, his pieces become right, where they fit. that could change, that's where
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we sit today in terms of our thinking. it is what makes this grant and this incredibly generous gift so important. it is the first initial leadership gift, it helps us well along our way of some of our philanthropic fundraising goals for the project. and it sends a signal most importantly to the neighbors and communities in the bayview that we are serious and to be are going to get this done. we are very, very grateful to the john frisk or family fund for their interest in the project and commitment to and interest in the bayview in the southeast part of the city. the grant will be used for four essential purposes. most importantly, will close the remaining funding gap and remediation work. it will include funding for interim activation, and the development of this -- of the planning and coordination of
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this equitable park development plan. it will allow us to finish design. as you recall, you have seen the concept design for this project, but we need to move from concept to structural design, onto construction documents. we have a ways to go in the design process for this project, and then some funding left over for construction. we do not get all the money at once, and it doesn't all come to the city. it is at this point that i really want to recognize and celebrate our core park project partners. this is an endeavour with the community, but our work, our planning work is being aided by the trust for public land and the san francisco parks alliance , and they will be helping us through design and interim activation and community engagement with all the other partners that you saw in an earlier slide. upon approval of the grant, we will receive over $6 million. that funding will mostly go to
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the trust for public land and the parks alliance for the purpose of design management activities, and interim activation and community engagement, and then as we continue to meet additional milestones as the project progresses, we will receive additional funding over a period of five years. we are pretty far along. we have actually, with this gift , we are up to nearly $40 million in total investment in this project, which is pretty amazing. nearly a third of where we expect to have to go. and the rough schedule for this project would be between now and 2020, some good work with our community groups and community stakeholders on giving some meat to the concept of an equitable park development plan, interim activation and design, the
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design is urgent because we can't begin remediation work until we have at least achieved a structural design for the project. we would move into immediate -- remediation and phase i construction. phase ii construction, would be the india basin shoreline park area. maybe this will be emphasis -- ambitious. these always take longer than we expect, announcing this gift, we would certainly hope to have this completed during her tenure >> you have seen the design many times here. here it is again. you can see some images of our aspiration here of what exists and where we are trying to end up.
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and that concludes my presentation. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> commissioner, would you like to go to public comment or start with questions? >> i would like to make an observation about this. this is a huge gift. it is the largest single gift to the park system that i'm aware of, and i think -- from a single donor. and i think that when we get to this point, the philanthropic community has such confidence in the department and the community these things don't happen by accident, and i think the commission generally deserves credit, and i think the staff deserves credit, and i think that the park alliance deserves credit. the park alliance came about after enormous work of combining two organizations that existed in a competing fashion. that took years to accomplish. we dealt with -- we will recall
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that we dealt with four major issues that were contentious in the community. after we had citywide recycling, removing the centre from golden gate park, and industrial use in one of the great american parks. we put a fee for out-of-town visitors, matching every city in the country that did the same, if not more in their own communities. we changed the vendor at the lake after years of haggling, and we finish the development of the soccer fields out at the end of golden gate park. the other thing, and i have always tipped my hat is we change the way we do business to do commune she -- committee meetings first so we can hear projects and hear the merit in the public and then remedy them before they come to the general
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meeting, and that had an enormous impact in bringing more civility to the meetings. as i like to say, everyone in san francisco has an opinion about parks, and rarely do two people agree. we try and work very hard to resolve those problems early. there were other factors that contributed to it, and one was, i think, and improvement. so with enormous private resources, aren't going to put their names out there, their reputations and their dollars without believing the entity they are giving to can't deliver on their side of the bargain, and that has all been reflected in what's gone on. these relationships are built over many years. this does not just happen. so to that, i really do tipped my hat to the staff, and they know lisa is back there, and
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phil. i know how much time and effort goes into these things. i know that the commission ought to put this in context and take a lot of credit for bringing a serious tone to the business of the parks and the staff for what you have done. that would conclude my comments. >> would you like to go to public comment? >> please. >> i have two cards we believe everyone deserves a quality public park. this will bring that to the community. we support this gift because it's been a truly community driven division. this park, starting back in the waterfront study through the ideas competition, to the concept design, we have worked closely with community to partners. many groups have come out to
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countless meetings to support and create the vision for this space. this gift is going to bring that vision to life. it will not only take us through design, and help us to continue to engage the community, but it will allow us to get some early wins. cleaning up the site and creating a temporary pathway will help the community see that their efforts are being realized and get us closer to that final construction point. i want to remind everybody this is a community driven process. you really support community partners here and partners at recreation and park. we are excited about this. we are excited to see this project moving forward. >> there two of us speaking today. >> i am here to comment with the general manager and
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commissioners and the recreation and parks staff on your unwavering commitment to equity, and as the commissioner said, this didn't happen -- they had to build trust from the philanthropic community. congratulations. this grant brings the community together to having enemy -- raising ambition for a park close to home for them. they are committed to continuing to work with the department and other partners and most importantly, the community to help this vision become a reality. do you. >> thank you very much. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on this item? richard come on up. >> while richard is coming up, i realized when he mentioned a couple of staff people that i should try and include everybody , and i see nicole and sarah and others in the audience , it takes a village,
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and there's a lot of appreciation for the people who make this happen. if i missed you, shame on me. >> good morning, commissioners. i said this is one of the most amazing projects going on in a long time, and i just not do very well in what the chair himself has said about all the in-between people, and all the back and forth and all that. i think that's a good. i like it. i have been looking into philip ginsberg and what he has been having as his peppy project, i said wow, he is really coming on hard on this project. so i was glad to see we were able to get the four and half million dollars for the project,
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and now we have this gift, it was amazing when i saw it on the internet, and i said wow, they're coming along pretty good but is it just one third? it means it is a lot more work that will be required and i think mr. ginsburg has -- and his staff as well as the metal to deal with this very well. i want to allow you to go off the agenda. it had to do with what i had tried to bring in even with the fresh our -- freshwater complications along the waterfront there. we have mission? , and we also have the dumping of millions of gallons of water that has been treated, but that is something i think still has to be dealt with. as you were able to see in the pictures that were presented, there isn't much monocle growth
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and stuff that animals would need for feed. the water that is north and south of the project, millions of gallons every day. i would recommend that they be brought up to normal, it does cause oxygen deprivation. the fish really would not survive well, they are the dark fish, the site -- the sharks, they have a retention glance to them so they can move around some of the freshwater, but the other fish, they don't do well in that type of washer. i'm hoping that we will, as a
10:47 pm
commission, we will continue to try and bring about what was required, but looking at it from the species. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public comment on this item? being none, this item is closed. >> that is it. >> did you want to make a comment? >> i wanted to make a motion. i wanted to make a comment that this is a transformative gift, and as the president has said, this is great teamwork by the trust for public lands, parks alliance, department staff, and i want to give a special recognition to our general manager who i know has put a lot of time and energy into making this gift a reality, and i'm confident that while we have a lot of money that has gone into
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this project thus far, that he will also fund money to complete it. on that basis, i would like to move this for approval. >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? >> thank you very much. >> thank you. we are now on item nine. let's play s.f., playgrounds initiative. this is a presentation and discussion only. >> good morning, commissioners, general manager, i am the director of partnerships of the recreation and parks department, i guess i will say off my notes that it is an honor to be here after that presentation because
10:49 pm
the let's play initiative is very much a piece of what the commissioner and others have spoken about, and it's a pleasure to work every day to leverage the public funding that the city invest in this park with private money to make projects go faster for the public. anyway, today, i'm here to present for presentation discussion only this is a presentation requested by the commission and place in the m.o.u. between the part -- department on the parks alliance is exciting to be here today because since the last update in august of 2018, we have opened our first playgrounds. and we are on the cusp of breaking ground on five more and i will note that he will look for some invitations from staff
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soon for some celebrations of that, which we are very much looking forward to. just as some quick background, this project comes from the 2020 -- 2012 clean and safe neighborhood parks bonds that had a 15.5 million-dollar bucket of funding to remediate the city charge at most deserving playgrounds and a requirement that the city convene a task force to deter melissa playgrounds. the end of 2014, they presented the commission with a map of 13 playgrounds prioritized for renovation, based on the presence of copper arsenic in the playground would and the site's location. this is that map. so it is $15.5 million. it wasn't enough to renovate all 13 playgrounds. the parks allowance -- alliance in that apartment partnered on initiative to raise private funds all playgrounds could be renovated. in january, the first left -- let's play the ground was open to the public that place is
10:51 pm
teeming with people, it is really gratifying to see. and then the next piece as i also mentioned, you will see how it is today, and those -- the green box of washington square we have completed. i know it is hard to read, you should have this in your pocket as well, but the next four sites will go into construction in the coming weeks which is fun to say rather then months. we are also in process planning
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is underway for the playground and the commission literally, minutes ago approved the related agreement for the playground which will allow the parks alliance to enter into contracts with the landscape architects who would begin the engagement process on that i will take you very quickly, i know it has been a long meeting and you have seen all of these before, but i will, for your -- i will show you quickly the concept plans for the playground this is merced heights. mcauley playground, allis chalmers, the mclaren park picnic area, panhandle playground, thank you.
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west portal, the commons, and as i have updated you before, we have had more than 3,000 interactions with community members through meetings, focus groups and surveys, and then i wanted to pause quickly on the budget and just notes that we are looking at the budget in a slightly different way than what you last saw. the budget is largely the same the initiative wide expensive are a little bit document is a little bit -- it is around a million dollars more than it was in august, that is mostly because of a couple of things including incorporating the cost for the parks alliance, of the
10:54 pm
increased timing of the fundraising period, and as you will remember in july, the parks alliance voted to increase the target from 11 million talked to 14 million. and then we did a more thorough accounting of the admin expenses we do expect these numbers to hold. six-point 1% in admin fees is actually quite low for a philanthropic initiative of this size. and then we are hopeful that some expenses are dropping, for the first five states that are going to construction now, all came in at or under the estimated budget, and the partners now consider the tier one playgrounds fully funded. we -- this is really happy news. we anticipate some previously allocated funds will be available for tier two projects, once all the tier one -- additionally private funding in the tier one projects will allow
10:55 pm
some bond funding to be used for tier two projects. and then lastly, i wanted to know there is positive news on the fundraising front as well. we're up to nine by $4 million in private funding towards the initiative. we have just launched, in november, we launched a civic committee with the parks alliance, and we held our first event on tuesday night and had an amazing turnout of people who got so excited about seeing these playgrounds, so we are really moving forward quickly. and then you will see a donor recognition elements at the commission approved, and that is the actual donor blocks on washington square. and that is it for my presentation. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> is there any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. commissioners?
10:56 pm
>> mr. anderson? how do we find out, the surveys are done, do we track usage by people 18 and under of these parks in some way? >> a few of my analytical -- analytically focused staff members are very excited about the question. >> i raised my children here, and the parks were lovely, but not as lovely. are you seeing an increase of usage. >> you teed me up on one of my favorite subjects. i wish i brought my phone his and leave because we are in fact measuring prerenovation usage at all of the sights. we have already completed panhandle playground in washington square. we are using software developed
10:57 pm
between the corporation and san diego state, which is a system for observing planning and recreation in communities. but the software click accounts, seniors, adelson children and whether they are sedentary, moderately, active or vigourously active. it has showed usage increase at 50% of south sunset and 500% at valley playground. we will have the data to support that when we are done when the -- with this initiative.
10:58 pm
>> if you don't count, you don't count. >> are there any other commission comments or questions >> seeing none. >> we are now on item ten. also a presentation and discussion only. >> good morning. my name is lamont bishop and i am from the public seat -- policy public affairs. i am here today to introduce a discussion and presentation to support the partnership between recreation and park department and livable city, and their sunday streets events throughout san francisco. the partnership actually fits
10:59 pm
well into our strategic plan to inspire play, specifically ejected to point to just run thin and promote the safety, health and well-being that the youth and seniors are seeing, it objective to bring three to work with partners and neighborhood groups to activate parks through organized events, activities, an unstructured play. a little background. it is a nonprofit that works to create a san francisco great streets and complete neighborhoods where walking, bicycling, and transit are the best choices for most trips where public spaces are beautiful, well-designed, and well-maintained, and warehousing is more plentiful and more affordable. sunday streets is a program of livable city that is presented in partnership with a san francisco m.t.a. and san francisco department of public health, in the city and county of san francisco. livable city produces sunday streets events that reclaim our congested streets for community help, transforming them into
11:00 pm
carvery spaces for all to enjoy. routes are generally one to 4 miles in length, provided by local nonprofits, community groups and small businesses. the recreation and parks department has committed to continue our partnership for the 2019 season for their event. by providing free public swim, recreation activities, cement civic centre, and acree -- access to recreation centres. they will set up soccer goals and pick up soccer games and trials at civic centre. at this point in time, i would like to -- and his existent -- his assistant to give you a little more insight into sunday streets program thank you


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