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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 24, 2019 2:00am-2:28am PST

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plan in place around communications with the driver. the presentation's very helpful. thanks. >> director torres. >> when will you be permanent? def >> she may not want the job after i'm done with it. well, take that as the compliment that it is and i appreciate you coming here and doing it. i know you're new to the role and know some things are things you're new in deal with. i think what qualifies me most to be the chair of this board is the fact i ride this thing every day. it's no secret to anyone who
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rides it and i've been clear with you and director raskin the service has been spotty at best since the closure. you talked about the warriors. for me, as with everybody who rides it, it comes down to stories and for me it's two basketball games. i took my kids to the oracle arena and came back on bart just fine. got in the tunnel, it's late for small children or medium children as these two are and found ourselves at a delay at vanes for 45 minutes late at night. no communication no overahead announcement or what's going on and it's not telling us a driver coming the other way. i stop and show my badge and say what's going on, he doesn't know. the situation was bad because you had a lot of passengers
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including high school students and younger coming home from the game stranded at the platform and for their parents who wanted to know what was going on, they had no information. so we failed those riders at two levels. similarly to mr. peterson's point, later in the week i'm going to watch my son's basketball game. shut you had be a 30 minute ride and turns into a 50 minute ride and again no announcement. again the service for the past six has been spotty. the communication around the service incidents have been worse. passengers are frustrated because they're not hearing what's going on. and they don't understand. what's frustrating to me a little bit is i understand you're dealing with aging equipment and systems and have been candid and trans parent about that and an appreciate that personally, but the system functioned better eight months
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ago so we know it can be done. so i want the public to know the board gets it. we're not oblivious to it and we see it and get it. you've identified problems i've been hearing about for the 12 years i've been on this board. i talked about some of the solutions but i'd like to talk about accountability for those solutions. we spend a lot of time on the board talking about plans for things that are 20 years off in the future. sea rise, these beautiful thoroughfares we may or may not build and that's fine but what we want customers to know about is about the present. we get an awful lot of phone
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calls and e-mails about the present. we hear about the bus service too but i'll start with the metro service. i'd like to request once a month through the director's report or an agenda item like this, we have a report back on how the issues are going and specifically, what i would like to hear is what were the major delays, as you very well put it the disruptive delays, the ones that really disrupt commuters' lives and what caused them and what we're doing to fix it. i will tell you if we keep hearing the same cause and proposed solution over and over again, that will be frustrating. the second thing, and i welcome your input on this is a metric. for me, for the metro service it seems we can chart the service time so i propose that as a metric. you're the transit expert.
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if you think there's a better metric but we need something objective to report to the riding community about where we stand. and then finally, the west portal issue is one, the turnaround at embark dare yo -- embarcadero is another. i wouldn't be true if i didn't mention the notion of shuttle service to turn back platforms at embarcadero and west portal and have twin peaks tunnel. as i said to dr. raskin the experience during the twin peaks tunnel that was encouraging was the efficiency. we joked i'd be easy on you. i know you're new to the job and know with the system and the metro system in particular but
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this is a serious situation. it's not working well. and if our mission is to get people out of the cares and into the system, the system needs to work well and when it's not working well they ned to hear and understand why it's not working well. to me, the difference between having in central command give up control for 15 or 20 seconds to let thousands of people in the tunnel know what's going on, that's a no-brainer. let the customers know what's going on and if we need to staff that differently in add advance of the radio change, do that. i don't want to go through all the solutions, you know them better than i do, but i have to say this, it's got to get better and i'd like accountability and we need to start with communicating life -- live time in the tunnel hon -- on what's
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going on and what they can expect to do in an alternative situation. okay? >> yes. >> okay. thank you very much. >> can i add a point to that? >> please. >> once you're on the train it's a little too late. we want to signal them to people as they make their trip planning decisions and wonder what you think in terms of the apps on is there one you point people towards where to go for the best information and i noticed today as i was planning my trip over here the google maps does not link up to the real transit time with google and i wonder if you had thoughts to make sure the information you put out is up-to-date and accurate. >> i think with the question
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you're stepping outside my areas of expertise. >> yeah, let me take that question. with regard to the apps and how that information flows, we are providing that information as open data that different apps pick up. what google seems to do is they pick up our schedule and more and more on the app if you have the latest version, you can see the prediction. so there's two different things. if you are looking at the schedule, it may or may not look as accurate as the predict but you have to have downloaded the latest to have predicted that and be tae attentive and there' private provider data where we're looking at other ways to address that to see purely the
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data without getting a commercial offering so we're looking at how we offer that on our own websites to give better information. to the point of getting more communications while you're in the tunnel or from central control, that is a partnership between transit and communication to work on that and we need that information to come from the transit team and the communications teams officers provide that live on the system or through twitter five days a week, 16 hours a day. what we've not had the opportunity to have is weekend and late evenings on sometimes special events but we're making some changes in our partnership to be able to staff that more
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comprehensive and i do believe that will help. we have communication staff embedded at the control systems working closely with julie's team to be able to get the updates better and faster. i think you're hearing some of them but we need from the late evening situation to have more robust and comprehensive coverage. >> anything else? thank you. tall order but if somebody up to it, it's you. as folks leave on this item, mr. peterson, good luck getting back to west portal. how many folks are here for item number 12. how many are here for item number 13? okay. that makes it easy. why don't we go ahead item
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number 13 should be quicker, correct? >> yes. >> call item 13. i expect there's shy people who didn't identify they're here. >> and two contracts for specialized training service to moran consulting for specialized training in customer service and deescalation and management of implicit bias and coaching for supervisors and mangers for a contract with a term of five years and nobody's indicated an inter


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