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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  March 13, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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so forth, i think we might have pushed that one too far in relation to small neighborhoods. i see businesses going up in my neighborhood that have 15 foot ceilings. they're putting money into something that they've never recapture. and then, i feel sad for the tenant because people are going to have to pay too much because the developer has to try to recover their costs for overbuilding the space. so i think the whole situation would be better if we could maybe tamp down some of those requirements to allow a little bit more modest structures that would still be very attractive and would better suit the needs of the area. another suggestion is about price transparency. in our area, a lot of the building owners are not local, and they're not big professional operators.
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so they're probably looking at their storefront from across the country and reading everything about all the d dot-combillionaires in san francisco. i'm wondering if there isn't some way that the city could create a -- kind of a legitimate and trusted way for landlords -- for building owner to see come up to speed about the current pricing pressure, because i think there would be a little less holding out if people could see realistically how is it possible that there's downward pressure on commercial space when at the same time a single-family residence is selling for $4 million in the same neighborhood. i think people are having a hard time understanding it. >> great. thank you. >> thank you. >> great. thank you. excellent. thank you very much. any other members of the public? welcome. >> hi. thanks, martin and amy. did he observe neiman.
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noe valley. the biggest complaint i here from the tenants trying to rent are the city regulations and processes involved in opening a new business and how they handicap a business. i would say this beautiful purple circle -- well, maybe i i i'm reading this wrong, but i'm here to say i think city regulations and processes are a bigger issue than what i see on this chart, and i hope that we can work on reducing some of those, some of which david has mentioned. i also hope that the planning commission is starting to look at the planning codes for each neighborhood, because on 24th street, we have prohibited -- a planning code in terms of space. like when real foods finally
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sells, we're supposed to divide that in half, which will look ridiculous, you're talking about two 13-foot storefronts, and nobody's going to want this. all of this, is the planning commission looking at individual neighborhoods and asking them to review their planning codes or does the initiative have to come from the neighborhoods to review their planning codes? there is no -- and just work through the supervisors to change them, to get rid of some of the cu's? we have cu's for everything on 24th street, which is why i think we have vacancies more than what you thought, so... >> can you? >> our preliminary conversations with planning, we're going to look at your district and say your vacancy rate is really low. if there's concern among folks
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and they go to the supervisor, then i think it would be kind of a case by case, according to the way. so there's nothing stopping that, but i think that planning isn't saying we're going to do an across the board deep dive into everyone's zoning right now. >> no. that would be insane, but i have to wait to see who gets elected supervisor. >> thank you. next? >> hello. good afternoon, commissioners. thank you oewd for putting this great report together. super timely. my name is vas kineras. i've been a small business owner on fillmore for 25 years. i took it from a noninterat the ti time -- non-internet business to a highly internet business. and actually, fillmore street was one of the test cases for
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this report. so it's really interesting, because as a small business, we see the small of creating experiences for consumers to come into our stores. and analogously, we should do this on a street wide level. it's really important to think of these merchant corridors not just as individual businesses, but a collection of businesses that create a brand in these different merchant corridors. the brand consists of the history of the neighborhood and also the type of brands that are in these neighborhoods, so it's important to highlight these not only to our surrounding neighbors, but to other parts of the city and our tourists, as well. it can only strengthen us. i want to think about these merchant corridors as experiences and where people can go and spend a whole day in different neighborhoods, so i really look forward to working
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with oewd in the future in helping these merchant corridors, and thank you again for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi. steven cornell. just a couple of thoughts. when we talk about changing the or loosening some of the regulations in neighborhoods, let's think about a little bit about why they're there and how they came about. the biggest changes in the start of this was back in the '80's, when union street and west postal came to the city and said -- or to the planning department and said we have a real problem. union street, all of a sudden, started having a lot of bars and restaurants, which caused the rents to go up. a landlord can actually get a lot more money out of a bar or restaurant than it can a standard retailer. and the neighborhood became less neighborhood shopping area
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but a destination area. union street was and is very vibrant, but it isn't a neighborhood shopping area. so by changing regulations, putting regulations -- putting restrictions on bars and restaurants slowed that process down. at the same time, west portal went through the same thing with financial institutions. all of a sudden, there was a million financial institutions, so they put a stop to financial institutions to slow that process down. financial institutions, again, can pay a lot higher rent to a landlord than a traditional business. the latest -- the latest one that was doing the same thing, we got a law that came in because all of a sudden nail salons were popping up all over the place, and they tended to pay a lot higher rent. so for instance, in west portal today -- excuse me, about a month ago, they had 23 places
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you could get your nails done in three blocks. it seemed a little bit high. that caused a -- regulations of nail salons. it is something to think about when we start taking regulations away, why were they put in, and you know sometimes, we're going to create a lot worse situation. i believe in -- all of us in business are trying to get more business. one of the ways we can do that is taking care of our own. i've always said the city of san francisco, our largest employer should sit there and take care of its own and not say do -- tell you not as i do. recently, i've -- okay. >> you've got 30 seconds. >> recently i went to a meeting at the mta, about 15 of us. they served us cookies and milk, so to speak, they all came out in styrofoam
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containers. here they're telling us, we can't sell them, we can't use them, but the city is using them. lastly, the puc tells us about toilets, with flappers, that just kills a businesslike mine. where do they buy them? never from san francisco businesses. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> anymore members of the public? seeing none, public comment is closed. i definitely have to agree with what the last speaker says. we really have -- the city and county needs to look at its own business for procurement. then, another thing that the last couple of speakers said, you know, a lot of these retail laws, these neighborhood cu's, and this is just my opinion, 'cause i -- i dealt with a lot of these different neighborhood cu's and rules and regulations.
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you know, a lot of them came out and about in the 1980's, and things just get built and built and built and built on top of them. and some of them need to get cleaned up, you know, and i think a lot of neighborhoods -- i know in the castro at one point, we were looking at cleaning up our -- what we want as a cu, what we don't want. and that -- i'm trying to think of the gentleman at planning that started it and then passed away. little things like that i think we need to look at. commissioners, anything else? no? well, joaquin and amy, i want to thank you very much. we can sit here and talk about this all night long. [applause]. >> i want to thank our -- our public, your comments. i thought they were great. you know, this is something we're all going to have to come together and talk about, because you know, retail is
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changing, as you see in your surveys. i thought your presentation was actually clent excellent, and i read the full presentation. i think we need to get in front of it, and i think what commissioner dwight said, take this to the individual neighborhoods. each neighborhood is different in this town. as you know with vested neighborhoods, everybody's different, everybody's unique. and when we look at neighborhood regulations, we've got to look at this. and i do think there's a revamp. you know, when they talk about west portal with financial institutions. you know, at one point, there were 29 financial institutions on poes west portal. you're down to ix is. the wor
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-- down to six. thank you for a long presentation, but this is needed, and so thank you for an excellent presentation on this. thank you very, very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next item, please. >> item five, approval of meeting minutes, action item. in your packet are the draft regular meeting minutes from january 22nd, 2018, and february 26th, 2018. approval of the minutes can be done together or separately. >> okay. do we have any members of the public who would like to make a comment on the meeting minutes? seeing none, commissioners, do we have a motion to approve them together? >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> any opposed? >> motion passes. >> unanimous -- >> 4-0. >> 4-0. >> okay. item six, director's report, update and report on the office of small business and the small
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business center, department programs, policy and legislative matters, announcements from the mayor and announcements regarding small business activity. discussion item. >> i have a short director's report for you tonight. just want to highlight some things that took place between meetings. i met with supervisor tang's office, the office of labor standards and enforcement, department of public health. they're developing their rules and regulations around the lactation in the workplace, and so we had a preliminary -- a preliminary review, and they're going to be sending out an announcement in conjunction with our office soon on wanting businesses to provide input and feedback on the facq's. i think this particular
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meeting, it was a good thing for me to attend. it was a reminder to include a posting that goes up in the employee area. this is one that's not done with a posting, it's done by the employer providing the policy at the time of hire. so some of the items that we did discussion is that oesc provide sort of a guideline for businesses to implement this requirement because there are existing employees that need to be -- that need to be informed, and particularly for businesses that don't have employee manuals. so this -- and because this law applies to every single employer who has one or more employees. it did -- so it did, you know, remind me that one of the things that i think we need to
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do as an office and once we start managing the content of -- for the business portal is we do need to upgrade the business portal's page on all of the employer laws and actually develop a handbook that we can take to meetings so that employers are really informed of the stay in the box, the lactation and all of the different laws that have been passed over the years. last week, the chamber had their coming to city hall day, which i think was very well attended. mayor farrell met with several businesses, and i know commissioner to you tyou
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attended, and you can speak on either employers or business owners who may be feeling a little concerned because of the ice actions. so i do know that with -- when i talk about we, todd ruffo and the office of workforce development will be putting together some guidelines and information that's specifically targeted to businesses. we've been doing that more for individuals as a city, but we haven't been doing that for businesses. and i think when small business week is coming up, we are going to be changing the awards ceremony to wednesday morning. there are more affiliate events that are taking place, and so to allow people to attend multiple affiliate events, especially the sponsors, we are going to be hosting the awards ceremony in the morning on
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wednesday, the 16th. so i'll send out a meeting invite in relationship to that. so that concludes my report unless you have any questions for me. >> any questions for the director? do we have any members of the public who would like to make a comment on the director's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item, please. >> item seven, commissioner's reports. allows president, vice president, and commissioners to report on recent small business activities and make announcements that are of interest to the small business community. discussion item. >> i just have one quick announcement. castro farmer's market starts on wednesday at 5:00. runs through thanksgiving. that's my baby over there, so i'm going to push it. >> i don't have anything this
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evening. >> the other commissioners? >> yeah. as the commissioner mepntioned i attended the civic affairs. i was really impressed with the additional resources that they've banded together in light of the federal environment right now. the arab american grocers have been tuned in to the rapid response right now. one thing that i brought up was i requested from oewd and the mayor's office kind of a look at the sting operations and enforcement efforts in the next year, whether they're from the department of public health or state regulatory agencies as
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we've been advised through -- by immigration lawyers that federal collaboration with these types of agencies isn't unheard of, and there's a precedent for it. so even though we're in a sanctuary city, there's sfpd and fbi collaborations that are under an mou that may be reinstated, and those are targeted to a certain demographic and particularly the arab and muslim communities. the sector of the workforce that those folks are in often interacts with a lot of those regulatory agencies, whether it's fbi. so we ask for a lot of transparency around those sting operations. i think that's all i have to report. >> okay. anybody else? do we have public comment on item number seven? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. item eight. >> item eight. new business. allows commissioners to introduce new business to the commission for future agendas. >> do we have any new business? commissioner zouzounis? >> i want to focus on getting a list of task businesses so i can better refer other people. and also, you know, following the conversation we had around commercial and retail, i'm curious if there's any numbers kind of circling back to the housing and density bill and the soft side acquisitions, if there's any information we can receive around commercial protections with development -- housing development in general as i've seen, you know, commercial ground floor spaces being lost and i'm wondering if there's any numbers on that. >> okay. any other new business? we have public comment on new business. seeing none, public comment is
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closed. next item, please. >> sfgovtv, please show the office of small business line. >> so we begin each and end each small business meeting with a reminder that the office of small business is the only place to start your new business in san francisco, and the best place to get answers to your questions about doing business in san francisco. so you know, visit us on-line or in person at the office of small business, and it's free of charge. so come check us out. >> item nine, adjournment, action item. >> do we have a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> all in favor? meeting adjourned. thank you. >> meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m.
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>> >>[music] >> i came in with her impression of what i thought it was good >> what i knew about auditing with the irs spears i actually knew nothing about auditing >> in my mind it was purely financial. with people that audited the pain no one wants to deal with it >> now i see a lot of time explaining auditing is not just about taxes. >> oftentimes most students believe that auditing is only financial whereas when they come into a government environment we do much more than financial audits. we do operational audits that were looking at the operations of the department for economy and
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efficiency and effectiveness. >> when i hire an intern some of the things that i am looking for first of all is is this individual agile and flexible because i am our environment is so fast-paced and where are switching from project to project depending on what's going on in the government at any given time. >> primarily i didn't with audits on utilities management across city departments. >> citywide this ods management audit was also been assisting with housing authority audit program >> the homelessness audit >> the it functions >> [inaudible] >> were starting any water on the department of public housing environment allows >> i also assist with the [inaudible] program. >> then additionally i really enjoyed having staff who have some critical thinking skills. because i believe the basis of auditing is not do you know how to audit, but to have critical
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thinking skills [inaudible] >> [inaudible] even though i've only been here for short time our quick in-depth analysis and research >> analytical skills there's a lot of taking enlargement of information a compacting it a very concise report because we've a big focus on [inaudible] if you're transmitting this information to the audience you need him to be able to understand it. >> so i work with the sparrow program primarily. broadway stan abused [inaudible] they prepare me for full-time employment because i knew i could not to challenge myself in order to be an auditor. >> at the [inaudible] we are a content feedback and communication and they pointed out areas where i need to grow. >> one of the things i like about working at [inaudible] is that they actually give you
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quite a bit of autonomy i feel like kevin sage trusted me. >> the environment really [inaudible] to everyone feeling super collaborative and wanting to get to know one another. which i think at the end of the date is a better work environment and gives you a better workflow. >> i believe that a really is a great experience because it provides an opportunity to have a better understanding of how government works. >> i think what i've learned so far is that every audit is unique everyday. different learning opportunities. >> the recordation we make in on its i can honestly go home at the end of the day and zack and treated [inaudible] in a better way. >> even of not familiar with what auditing is you should deftly find out. it's been really really awesome he was it turns out there's a whole world of auditing that i cannot open file oriented performance and [inaudible] and that's an exciting. audit is a lot broader than i ever knew before.
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>>one. >> commons 3rd thursdays is a monthly event series really activate service center and un plaza food and music and other social activities oil stephanie the vice president of operations for this. >> in 2016 an initiative called the service center launched an effort by a bunch of the city agencies along with institutional stakeholder and community partners to have a program that is how to get people out here on a monthly and weekly and daily basis. >> my name is a - i'm with the program manager and also commons 3rd thursdays will have live music important in the.
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>> the city approached us to provide food and beverages at the event kind of the core anchor to encourage attendees to food gives people a reason to stay i really like this like it is really nice like everybody is having a good time. >> our goal to enjoy the space and eat and drink and listen to music we wanted to inspire people with the un plaza as a place to hold they're community events. >> it is a great way to get people to know about global music and cuisine a great way to bring people together. >> a natural beautiful backdrop the asian art museum and . >> it is welcoming. >> two more events left in the series so, please come and enjoy and check it out we're having a great time.
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>> we love our city being a san francisco based on company it was important to engage request san franciscans and tourists alike. >> we want to inspire people and everyone interested in providing and coming out for a large or small-scale event reach out to the commons 3rd thursdays and we'll direct you're seeing to the right people to get to
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>> i personally love the mega jobs. i think they're a lot of fun. i like being part of a build that is bigger than myself and outlast me and make a mark on a landscape or industry. ♪ we do a lot of the big sexy jobs, the stacked towers, transit center, a lot of the note worthy projects. i'm second generation construction. my dad was in it and for me it just felt right. i was about 16 when i first started drafting home plans for people and working my way through college.
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in college i became a project engineer on the job, replacing others who were there previously and took over for them. the transit center project is about a million square feet. the entire floor is for commuter buses to come in and drop off, there will be five and a half acre city park accessible to everyone. it has an amputheater and water marsh that will filter it through to use it for landscaping. bay area council is big here in the area, and they have a gender equity group. i love going to the workshops. it's where i met jessica. >> we hit it off, we were both in the same field and the only two women in the same. >> through that friendship did
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we discover that our projects are interrelated. >> the projects provide the power from san jose to san francisco and end in the trans bay terminal where amanda was in charge of construction. >> without her project basically i have a fancy bus stop. she has headed up the women's network and i do, too. we have exchanged a lot of ideas on how to get groups to work together. it's been a good partnership for us. >> women can play leadership role in this field. >> i tell him that the schedule is behind, his work is crappy. he starts dropping f-bombs and i say if you're going to talk to me like that, the meeting is
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over. so these are the challenges that we face over and over again. the reality, okay, but it is getting better i think. >> it has been great to bond with other women in the field. we lack diversity and so we have to support each other and change the culture a bit so more women see it as a great field that they can succeed in. >> what drew me in, i could use more of my mind than my body to get the work done. >> it's important for women to network with each other, especially in construction. the percentage of women and men in construction is so different. it's hard to feel a part of something and you feel alone. >> it's fun to play a leadership role in an important project, this is important for the transportation of the entire peninsula. >> to have that person -- of women coming into construction,
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returning to construction from family leave and creating the network of women that can rely on each other. >> women are the main source of income in your household. show of hands. >> people are very charmed with the idea of the reverse role, that there's a dad at home instead of a mom. you won't have gender equity in the office until it's at home. >> whatever you do, be the best you can be. don't say i can't do it, you can excel and do whatever you want. just put your mind into iit. >> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their shop & dine in the 49 within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services in the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant
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so we're will you shop & dine in the 49 chinatown has to be one the best unique shopping areas in san francisco that is color fulfill and safe each vegetation and seafood and find everything in chinatown the walk shop in chinatown welcome to jason dessert i'm the fifth generation of candy in san francisco still that serves 2000 district in the chinatown in the past it was the tradition and my family was the royal chef in the pot pals that's why we learned this stuff and moved from here to have dragon candy i want people to know that is art we will explain a walk and they
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can't walk in and out it is different techniques from stir frying to smoking to steaming and they do show of. >> beer a royalty for the age berry up to now not people know that especially the toughest they think this is - i really appreciate they love this art. >> from the cantonese to the hypomania and we have hot pots we have all of the cuisines of china in our chinatown you don't have to go far. >> small business is important to our neighborhood because if we really make a lot of people lives better more people get a job here not just a big firm. >> you don't have to go anywhere else we have pocketed
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of great neighborhoods haul have all have their own uniqueness. >> san francisco has to all
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welcome to the supervisor board of supervisors for tuesday, march 13, 2018. madame clerk, please call the


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