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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 27, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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is. as far as the charter, it says the mayor shall devote his or her entire time to the duties of the office and shall not devote time for attention to any other occupation or business activity, end quote, such as district supervisor or president of the board. how can someone effectively devote their time and attention and juggle three positions at once? it goes against the charter, so i urge the board of supervisors to please vote and appoint interim mayor. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is lisa aubrey, i'm a district 5 resident. and i'm here to talk about an event that is going to happen in about three weeks, it's called the 2018 mayor's economic
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forecast. it's scheduled for february 15, 2018. with corporate sponsors bank of america, san francisco chamber of commerce and bouma, the building owners and managers association. oakland mayor will be one of the speakers as well as "the acting mayor of san francisco", along with expert forecasters in finance, and real estate who are also scheduled to speak. tickets are $125 each. i don't know if you can see, but here's the little blur b, it's upcoming and there is event information on the second page. they reference the mayoral transition and they talk about the booming economy and all of
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the opportunities for the new wave of development. who is going to attend the conference? who is going to represent san franciscans when they go into the room with all these developers and realtors and people who are concerned about our housing and finance forecast? please support the item 48 to appoint an interim mayor, we need someone who is not running for mayor in june. someone who has does not have any kind of interest in running the city. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is denise and i have lived in district 5 for 30 years. i want to you ask you to appoint an interim mayor, one that is currently not sitting on the board, one that is currently not
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running for mayor, so we can have a fair election. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> i live in district 5 over 20 years. this situation we are up to dealing with reminds me of something matt gonzalez considered having the appointment of commissioners be something that the body does versus the mayor. and his main emphasis was there should be checks and balance, the mayor should not be appointing commissioner, this is representation of the body and it represents more than opportunity for them to tell the board what is right, what is wrong, what is not working right. the other concern that i have that reminds me of this, when anthony ska leah passed away and president obama was not allowed to appoint a supreme court
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judge. i remember people saying that was not right. and so we had someone who has passed away dear to us and we don't have someone appointed, someone not able to say i'm independent of what we really have. if the same argument you felt that president obama should have had the chance to appoint someone, you should have the same argument why you should allow someone to be appointed, someone to be able to run. if you have the power, you have the representation, you have the authority to make this happen. you have to consider yourself. this is the current environment, it's a lobbyist dream where you have someone who is a supervisor, someone who is also sitting on the highest table and someone who is also the mayor, that's a lobbyist dream if they're in favor and we're not that kind of city. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i'm with the democratic
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socialists of america, i'm a 12-year resident of district 5. over the time i've lived in district 5, the vast majority of the communities and neighbors there pushed out by gentryification. i think the same thing is happening on a larger scale across the city and i'm concerned about the direction the city has been going over the past years. i would like to see that changed. i asked you to support appointing interim mayor to give the people a fair chance to elect a person who is going represent the desires of the people who live here. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. tom gilbert, ditto what he said,
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it's not racial, it's political. a lot of us know that. last time i spoke here i mentioned how supervisor kim said that graduates of navigation schools and programs are better in other neighborhoods than where they came from, where they had the addiction and how the avenues, the challenge there was what could they do for us. and i don't think they can do very much. a couple of years ago in the chamber we discussed having graduate places, places for graduate foster kids in the marina and that went through a lot of pretense. and there is not much space or building out there. the eastern neighborhood plan is just booming. and we've got bold new
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neighborhoods, but no places for seniors, the giants are giving 1500 new homes, and since the last time i said i didn't care for that, they've added 24 homes for graduate foster kids. we still need seniors, we still need housing for disabled, for mentally genetically, emotionally challenged folks there for us, there for the god go the grace of i, the foster kids, section 8s, the veterans, the people that are less fortunate. and we need to fill in homes that work for the city. we need a change of direction. instead of we get one oak, 100% for the 1%.
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disappointing. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. i am frisco, i'm going to speak for frisco, black and brown, not san francisco. with that being said, it doesn't matter to me who becomes mayor, black, brown, male, female, it doesn't even matter. pokémon, peek chiu, because i know the history, this moment that we have right now, it is all part of the systemic depression, with that said, i will say these names. if anyone has a pencil or a text message, write these names, because you need to know them. right now. i'm talking to all the beautiful black people going through it for years and years. charles august, nate at the
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gear, nicholas. michael malone, nathan chiu, justin herb, scott phillip. jason sawyer. joshua and i don't know the names of the cops that killed icky two weeks ago in that first point shooting video that obviously looked like a murder. with that being said, those are the names of all of the officers that have murdered black and brown lives, so whoever becomes mayor next, whatever you do w h these names, these murderers, that's part of your legacy. i'm going to leave it at that. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> ladies and gentlemen, my name is raul, native of glen park. 1959, i came here at 10:00 a.m. this morning to speak to malia
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and i'm looking for a champion of one of you to be like gad newsen was for open marriage. we need the people we're calling. african-american, everything but indigenous. north america, south america, we don't know it understand because we're not getting information. it is available. look at our history. the majority of the native indians of america, we need to wake up, we're from here. we're from here. we're born here, we're pailio americans, the ancient americans. we are enslaved here. 80-90% of our slaves were here americans. martin luther king said three days before he was executed, they mechanized our farms. we put the roots in the ground.
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our farms. our land. and i have a dream speech, he said, we're in exile in our own land, we need to wake up, amnesia has to end, this spell has to end. we're the indigenous people of the land, a majority. the president says to -- and history one of you i hope will be back. i'm looking for a champion, i need it for recognition for digits people, paleo-americans. thank you. >> clerk: before the next speaker begins, are there any other members that would like to address the board during general comment. you may address the board on the process to appoint the successor mayor. in a couple of minutes we're going to take up the items -- 40
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and 41. and you can then provide your preferred nominee to the board so they can then appoint that individual hopefully. please proceed, sir. >> good afternoon to the board. my name is joshua herbert. i was a resident of d-5 but evicted from a rent controlled residence from loopholes navigated by my millionaire landlords. as one person said earlier, this is a lobbyist dream. i don't want to live in a city where moneyed individuals and corporations dictate where we live. please respect the charter. thank you. >> hi, my name is natalia. i wanted to point out two things, people have been saying that london breed would have three discreet roles, there is a fourth, which is full-time
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campaigning for mayor. i would like to urge the board of supervisors to honor the charter as well. i would like to also bring up the fact of the mid town park apartments which some of you may be familiar with, or may not. this is a group of tenants i've been working with for the past three years. they were primarily african-american seniors who are life long residents of the fillmore community. they were victims of civic redevelopment who had their home equity and assets seized from them due to city policy. and i'm not confident that london breed is going to do anything for them. she hasn't done anything for them in the past three years. and i would really like to see a district 5 supervisor who could give these tenants the attention that they deserve. >> clerk: thank you for your
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comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is olga, we represent the janitors and secretary treasurer of the transportation council, we represent 150,000 workers here in san francisco. i'm here to speak on the mayor, we don't need a mayor that is a caretaker, we need a mayor that can take care of the city. there are a lot of issues looming over us and working families, we need a mayor for everyone, not just for some. unfortunately, we've had to bear witness that for women of color there is always a double standard over how well we're taken into consideration. how many progressive men have stepped aside to let a woman
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take a position they wanted. there is a lot of entitlement in san francisco, but you have to be on the right side to be folded in. it upsets me as a woman of color, it always has to be whoever somebody else dictates. dianne feinstein when she was put in this position, never had to preclude whether she had to do this or that. it's horrible as a woman, we're telling them if you're in my politics i get to say who you will be and how far you can go. that's not ok. we live in a city that just a few days ago, we were celebrating women and raise up with women and stand up with women, but in san francisco in this chamber, we're telling women to step down because it's not for you to take care of us. the issues of women and families in san francisco isn't just a one-day issue. we live it every day, every night. we have to juggle with the two shifts, one of that of mother and one of that of a hard-working person.
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it's not fair families are told this is what you must do, this is how we will speak for you. let the voters decide, but do not put any one of us women in a box. you do not speak for me. my vote speaks for me. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. thank you for your comments. >> mr. da costa. >> service, i've coming to this chamber many times. and i've seen people talk about this, that and the other. but i want to ask the candidates, have you dipped into donations? have you stated in the chambers that you're not going to take a
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certain amount and you have. if you are hypocrites, then you are not part of the holistic, the healing in san francisco. i represent the first people of san francisco. and when i come into those chambers, some people who say they want to represent have been very, very disrespectful to the advocates. and i've heard people say that san franciscans are very astute and they'll vote for the right person. but i haven't heard one single person say if this person or this person's who are going to represent if they have their heart in the right place. what did we say when the
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100-year-old woman, miss canada, was not helped and she died? what did we say when hundreds of our children were exposed to asbestos and we did nothing. we have empirical data about candidates that have taken the money and there are journalists here that reported on it. let us not be hypocrites. let us have our hearts in the right place to take others to a -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. are there any other members of the public who would like to address the board during general comment. >> acting mayor breed: seeing no other members of the public who would like to provide public comment, public comment is now closed. colleagues, on items 46-48,
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supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, i would like to sever items 46, 47 and 48 from the -- >> acting mayor breed: i apologize. i need to call the items. madame clerk. please call the items for adoption without reference. >> clerk: items 45-48, a single rule call vote could approve these items, otherwise matters could be severed and considered separately. >> acting mayor breed: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madame president, colleagues, first of all i want to sever the items so we could talk about them. i do have one amendment to item 47. i am -- >> acting mayor breed: we can't talk about them until we sever them, so which items? >> supervisor peskin: item 46-48. >> acting mayor breed: and
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supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: item 45. >> clerk: item 45, supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: no. >> clerk: call the items please. >> supervisor kim: a resolution to urge congress and the federal communications commission to uphold net neutrality. >> supervisor farrell: two things, omitted supervisor peskin as cosponsor and supervisor ronen, thank you for your cosponsorship. and here are the talking points, they're going into the trash and i hope to have your support. >> acting mayor breed: thank you. no other names on the roster, madame clerk approximate call the roll. >> clerk: kim aye. peskin aye. ronen aye. safai aye. sheehy aye.
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tang aye. yee aye. breed aye. cohen aye. farrell aye. fewer aye. there are 11 ayes, the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call item 46-48. >> motion to direct the clerk of the board to propose a process for nominating and selecting a successor mayor. item 48 is the motion that the board of supervisors convene as a committee of the whole on january 23, 2018, to discuss the proposed motion to take nominations and appoint a successor mayor to fill a advocacy in the office of the mayor. >> acting mayor breed: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madame president, colleagues. i rise today to as the author of items 46 and 48, and want to
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thank the clerk of the board and her staff for producing item 47, which is the process modelled after the last time there was a vacancy during the middle of a term in 2010, when then mayor gavin knewsome was elected to be lieutenant-governor and board of supervisors ultimately selected edwin ma lee as the interim mayor and as we all know, he died untimely and sadly on december 12th. i am the authors of items 46 and 48, because i do believe that we owe it to the charter and we owe it to the public to have this conversation. and much has been said about the charter, so i want to talk about the charter because we're a city and a state and a nation of laws.
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so i want to be clear. we're not changing the charter. the charter says that when an elike an event that happened on december 12 happens, the president of the board becomes the acting mayor. and the board can appoint an interim mayor, or we could choose not to appoint an interim mayor in which case our president, who my colleague supervisor cohen nominated last year and i seconded that nomination to make her president, would continue to act in both roles. the argument about the separation of powers i think is remarkably important and we can elucidate many examples. the voters voted to split the appointments on the planning commission and the board of appeals and the police commission, where in those instances, or most of those instances, the board president
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appoints and the mayor appoints. it is the fundamental underlying notion about what makes america great. and by the way, that was not an american notion, it was a native indian american notion. it was a first peoples notion, it came from the iroquois nation. the separation of powers came from the iroquois people and we adopted that. yes, the charter says that the board president can be acting mayor and act in both roles, but it was never contemplated to last for a long period of time. and because for some reason we were not able to get it together because of the holidays, ed lee died, the day of the last board meeting of 2017, our colleague ms. fewer was out of the country, it was not right to schedule that meeting, so i'm not pointing fingers at anybody. i hope to have that meeting the
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first week of january, the second week of january, here we are, it's the third week of january. i believe this is the longest period of time where a board president has served as acting mayor. i had my staff look at it. there were periods of time where somebody has been a mayor out of town and appointed the board president for a handful of days. there is the instance in 1978 that been referred to in this room after george moscone was assassinated. they made the board president the interim mayor, the interim mayor. i think it's the right thing to adopt item 48 amongst and almost two weeks after the passing of edwin lee to have the conversation and hear from the public. i want to say to the public, those of you have come today,
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those who have e-mailed us, thank you. it is not a pleasant conversation to have. it's very painful to have, watching the division on racial lines, watching the divisions around gender, is a very painful conversation to have, but it's the conversation we're supposed to have. so i wanted to say those things and i also wanted to express i'm disappointed we did not have this meeting the first week of january, the second week of january, the third week of january. here we are. i also want to note one thing and remind everybody of something which is that when as the city has gone back and forth between district elections and city-wide elections, the way the board president has been shrekked has changed. -- selected has changed. when all 11 of us voted to elect one of us to be the board
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president, in the old days when there were city-wide elections, it was the number one vote-getter who became the board president. and there is an important distinction there that we should all remember. i say that as somebody who is elected by my colleagues twice, like my friend london breed, unanimously. and i knew that i was one heart beat away from the mayor. and i also knew that should the unfortunate tragic things that happened to ed lee, had they happened, i, too, would have to go before the board should i choose to do it, should the board choose to have me, because the charter is clear, it can be any registered voter, any qualified register voter in the city and county of san francisco. so i want to have that conversation. i would like to convene the
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committee of the whole and offer one amendment to item 47. our clerk reused the 2010 procedures and made one suggestion based on that process, which interestingly enough was a process wherein somebody who was nominated in that instance was not present and did not personally accept. i don't think that is going happen, but i would like to as this process evolves, because nobody ever thinks about these things until something happens, i would like to offer -- and i have passed out to all of the members the following amendments which read, whereas the clerk of the board of supervisors has duly offered up a nomination, appoint process for review and approval by the board at the january 23rd meeting in the form of memorandum dated january 19,
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2018, whereas the clerk of the board of supervisors has raised a consideration from the 2010 process, that while never acted on is relevant to the 2018 process under new consideration on page 2 of 4 of said memorandum. now therefore, be it further moved that to be considered as a nominee for the position of successor/interim mayor, the nominees shall be present in the board chamber at the time of the nomination and state for the record their acceptance or rejection of the nomination as considered by the clerk of the board, in her january 19, 2018 memorandum, simply stated anybody that is nominated here has to either be in this room, or come to this room and they have to say yes, i accept, or no, i reject. that is the substance of that, so i would like make that motion
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to item number 47. >> moved by supervisor peskin, seconded by supervisor safai, can we take the amendment without objection? without objection the amendment passes. seeing no names on the roster, can we take the items same house same call? the items pass unanimously. madame clerk, please call item 40 and 41. >> clerk: item 40 is the hearing of the board of supervisors to convene as committee of the whole to discuss the proposed motion and appoint a successor mayor to fill a vacancy in the office of mayor and item 41 s the motion to take nominations and appoint a mayor, during the committee of the whole, hearing of the board of supervisors of the city and county of san francisco on january 23rd, 2018.
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>> thank you. we are now adjourned into our committee of the whole pursuant to the charter, section 13.101.5, the board of supervisors may now make appointment for a successor mayor to fill the unexpired term of mayor ed lee's term. the board by approving item 47 has determined that the process by which we are going to proceed, it warrants the clerk will alert us if we are going to act in accordance with the process. we will take public comment before we move into public comment, if there are any members of this board who would like to speak, we will take public comment and then after public comment we will open up the nominations. supervisor peskin, you have a comment about the committee of the whole? >> supervisor peskin: madame president, i messed up and i actually, partially, i should
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have made that same amendment to item number 41, so i would like to offer that item -- same amendment to file number 180063, the same amount about someone needs to be present to accept or reject. >> acting mayor breed: ok, so it's my understanding from the city attorney, item number 41 is part of the committee of the whole, wouldn't we be able to make amendments after public comment, can you clarify? >> deputy city attorney, john givener, yes, you can act on 41, including making any amendments to 41 after public comment. i believe the document that was circulated reflected amendments to 41 and you just adopted those amendments in item 47, which is fine. the board has now adopted a process in item 47 requiring that any nominees be present and
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accept their nomination. you can make that same amendment in item 41 as supervisor peskin has circulated. >> acting mayor breed: my question, before or after public comment. >> after public comment. >> acting mayor breed: got it. >> supervisor cohen: i was just going to ask for clarification on that same amendment. >> acting mayor breed: thank you. at this time, as i said, we will open it up to public comment. madame clerk, and then after public comment is closed, we will then take comments from the members of the board as well as nominations. so, madame clerk, please read public comment. >> clerk: the public is now invited to present in their mind the universe of nominees that they would want the board to nominate to appoint to be the successor mayor, so this is your opportunity to provide the members of the board your preferred nominees. you have up to two minutes as
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the president stated. >> acting mayor breed: if there are any members of the public who have mobility issues, you're definitely welcome to come to the front of the line. this is an opportunity if there are suggestions for nominations for mayor to this board, this is your opportunity to speak at this time. first speaker, please. >> damn, i made it to the front line, i can say mine and get out the line. listen here, everybody. near and far, that is still queen bee to me. we from the same community. and the thing about it is, this is a very difficult situation here, but i'm here to play politics. i want everybody else after me to speak, london breed know me completely, know my kids, my daughters, they're not kids no more. london, everybody knows that
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i've been here supporting when there was nobody, nobody in the chambers. i got up here to say, i'm with london breed, she's the queen of the london breed. now, i'm here talking politics. you all have to excuse me, but london breed, she knows that i adore her. and will open up the door for her. but right now, we're here talking politics. the truth never the truth. i didn't vote for london when she was in here, because i was with christina there. and now here is a chance to come and vote again. i haven't made my behind up, but i'm here supporting her, so i want everybody to know that. but i do know that there is election coming up and like everybody else says, there needs to be a attention in the fillmore, a whole lot. at least may you rest in peace, but i'm here talking about the fillmore street. when i'm talking about the
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fillmore street, you can hear ed lee is committed to the fillmore. each place he went to closed down. that's in the fillmore. read between the lines without me saying something. i'm here supporting. i haven't what you call endorsed, but i'm here supporting london breed cause she knows me. she's the queen of the -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. the next speaker, please. >> ace is definitely on the case with that one. i'm here to suggest the man who runs the city's politics, we have a great and beautiful city here, a man who time and time again has been on the side of the late ed lee and that is ron conway. i believe he is the most qualified and has been there for our city. so let's cut the middleman out and elect the man himself.
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ron conway, baby. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> may i just say those of you at the women's march three days ago, you looked good. you looked like warriors. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker, please. >> i support interim caretaker mayor and i propose naomi kelly. >> co-chair: thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >> good evening, i would like to reiterate my previous comments that san francisco needs a full-time mayor, not someone running for office, not someone holding multiple positions. we need a capable administrator like naomi kelly, not to be filling two jobs and running for mayor, someone who is just mayor.
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thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> i have three candidates. former mayor agnes, former supervisor tom om yawno and naomi kelly >> clerk: next speaker please. >> my name is round. pastor of our president, president of this board. she is indeed a perfect example of what i call a five-star public servant. she embodies character, she is competent. she has chemistry that enables her to relate to all peoples of all persuasions, the gay and the straight, black and white, the
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brown, the yellow. she has compassion, she has concern about the least of those and not the most of those in this society. the homeless. people who need affordable housing. and she has indeed the courage to speak truth to power. london breed is a person that we need. to be mayor permanently of this city. you have the opportunity come mate 5th, so what are you scared of? >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors, good afternoon president london breed, i'm here to speak today
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about what are we doing here? i'm confused about all the amendments, amendments to the amendments. and i'm also here to call out politics as usual in san francisco. and i think that the charter is really clear, london breed is the acting mayor, she's doing a good job. she's been a great president of the board of supervisors which all of you voted unanimously for. and i see no reason to change anything about that. it's a political issue and it's under the guise of progressive politics, which i don't know what is progressive about trying to find a caretaker to take over for london breed. that doesn't make any sense at all. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon to acting
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mayor breed, board of supervisors and members, i'm virginia marshall. i'm here to urge you to do the right thing, to follow the charter, to vote for our acting mayor london breed to become our interim mayor until the next election. it's not broke, so we don't have to repair anything. if it's not broken, do not fix it. i want to say, though, that we elected district to do the right thing. if something untimely happens again, we expect you to -- this meeting should have been held at least a couple of weeks ago, so we request that you do the right thing today. so, we always have roll call. acting mayor breed is there. supervisor cohen. supervisor mark farrell. supervisor fewer.
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supervisor jane kim. supervisor aaron peskin. supervisor hillary ronen. supervisor safai. supervisor sheehy. supervisor tang. and supervisor yee. do the right thing. we're watching you. do the right thing. we are watching you. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon again to the board of supervisors and president london breed. now that i've collected my thoughts, as a native san franciscan my heart is heavy today and has been since the passing of mayor lee to watch my city so divided over a no-brainer. i've known london breed for more years than i care to share. she is tried and true and has
9:43 pm
been for years. the fact that we are having this discussion is troubling at best. i urge you to do the right thing and not travel down this path of a caretaker mayor. send a message to the world and to the national administration that we here in san francisco will not allow racism and sexism to rear it's ugly head. that although after americans -- african-americans make up less than 13% of the population, i was being gracious, although the school system is failing our african-american children here in san francisco, and although child protective services has 90% of african-american children in this city, and although african-americans have been disportion ately displaced in the city, we need a leader like london. in the words of aretha franklin,
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there is a rose that grows, not in spanish harlem, but in san francisco. we encourage you to allow london to lead. >> next speaker please. >> hi, we're from el hill hutch community center. we would like to thank london breed for being a great leader and helping our community, we would like to keep london breed as our mayor. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, my name is jermaine. i would like to address supervisor peskin -- >> please address your comments to the board as a whole. >> ok, ok, i was presenting my respect, that's all. as a board, we have things to do in this city. you know, last time gavin was
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running i had to sit down and fundraise for them to clean it, because they had painted them inside the street and there was no money. chris grewal, a friend of the lieutenant-governor and then we had to fundraise to find the money to clean the paintings they had in the city. so we don't want that inner struggle and inner competition. therefore, we need your support to keep in mayor breed as mayor of san francisco. we have a lot of work to do. i have trash in my hand, there is no garbage can, i had to walk four blocks. i was lucky the guy parked -- the worker was there and pushing the cart and we had to throw the thing, the trash in. there is no trash cans in the city. we have problems inside the city. this is not a time to go against each other. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please.
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>> i'm really upset with all of you. all of you want to be the mayor, i'm addressing all of you. we have $82.2 million deficit this was announced by mayor ed lee during his last week of living on this earth. ed lee also calculated if you keep taking care of business the way you've been doing, we'll have $262 million deficit in two years. i object to the way that you take care of business as far as homelessness is concerned. each and every one of you said you're going to be the mayor, the first thing you do is keep your promise of taking care of the homeless problem, but yet when we have proposition c, opposition c and inclusionary rule, you exclude the low-income people that are homeless on the street from using this rule and proposition that was voted on by each and every one of the constituents from your districts. it's disgusting.
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you got situations where you take a building that you own and you renovate it and allow it to be moved there by homeless teachers. when you get a situation that use the same technique for homeless people that sat on the street, that is economically disadvantaged and got a combination of mental and physical disabilities, you don't use the same technique. for example, 440 turk street, that building should be used for homeless people. the homeless mayor on housing you voted to give that building to all the people that have their own location. it has approximately 25 square feet, 316 square foot is the standard size for a studio, that means 79 units of studios could be built and those two apartments that jeff refers to as condominium should be used as housing unit for families. now twitter, twitter is got at
9:48 pm
the president a minimum of $217 billion tax breaks because of your -- >> clerk: thank you, sir, for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening, madam breed, board of supervisors, my name is hattie breed. i want to nominate london breed, she would be the best candidate to continue on as acting mayor. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for your time. i would like to nominate naomi kelly, she's the san francisco administrator, also woman of color. the purpose is that i feel strongly about nominating someone who isn't running for mayor. i also feel strongly about separation of power. i would love to see all qualified members, everybody who is running, run on an equal
9:49 pm
playing field without the power of incumbentsy. thank you. >> good evening. representing the league of pissed off voters. san francisco has tried once to have a true caretaker mayor, unless this board is willing to appoint care bear as caretaker, we should talk about interim mayors. the league has put together a list of super qualified and capable women, mostly women of color, canada -- nadia.
9:50 pm
madame clerk, clerk of the board of supervisors, please forgive me. mickey callahan. director of human resources. and all of these women, they all have broad experience at high levels of san francisco government. they could keep the city running until the voters can elect a new mayor in june. i do support and ask you to support an interim mayor who is a neutral party. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> once again, my name is linda. you all the supervisors that are present today, i'm asking all of you that london breed should be the mayor of this great city of san francisco. she has shown she's not just head light, she is a shining
9:51 pm
star and an example that lifted herself up out of poverty level from san francisco housing projects with great leadership. and can guide the city with the uniqueness of leadership. i know she is capable, willing and well educated to do so. i know your conscience and your mind will give that vote to london breed who is highly qualified to do the job. thank you all. >> good evening, again i would like to put my support behind naomi kelly, city administrator as interim mayor until the election in june. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> yes, yes, i would like to put my support behind london breed for mayor. i also want to say being an
9:52 pm
incumbent does not guarantee an advantage and it's ironic, because london breed, be the incumbent and christina aloggy, case and point. i think having an african-american woman as mayor is great. and also being a city that has faced gentryification, having a female as a mayor is great symbol. and the previous two times it's been mentioned, the other two people were allowed to finish out the term. whatever process or whatever reason. and i think it sends a bad signal if the african-american woman is the one that you take out of office. with that, you know who i support. thank you for hearing me. >> clerk: next speaker, please. >> hi, once again, shannon malloy with the democratic socialists of america.
9:53 pm
i wanted to respond i guess, this is about politics. this is not about race nor gender, it's about policy. and it is not about symbolic representation, although i appreciate and would love to see a woman of color in office. i'm concerned about the particular politics of this particular woman of color. i'm concerned about the separation of powers. and to the point of london breed's election, she narrowly won her district five race in the last election despite being the incumbent and we do know that it is quite powerful people vote on name recognition. i lived in the western district for 12 years. i've seen firsthand that my neighbors of color are placed under the watch of ms. breed's political allies.
9:54 pm
i think the right thing to do is create a level playing field and let people decide at the ballot box. >> i support london breed. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i'm minister macintosh, an activist. i'm standing for london breed, she's capable, astute and woman of wisdom. she's doing her job as we speak, that says a lot. >> a person might assume that i'm about blacks, blackness and
9:55 pm
all about a black person holding a seat. i'm not coming here about blackness, i'm coming here about content of character. i'm coming here knowing about the attributes of what it takes to run to city. when milk murdered mayor moscone, i think he only got seven years for a double homicide. do you realize the show, the character, the energy of what this city possessed of them murdering two good people in the city and only got seven years and end up committed suicide. this city was in uproar. the gay community tore this city up. i'm not talking about coming here because london breed is an african-american, i'm coming here because she possess what it takes to hold this city
9:56 pm
together. all this evil going on, do you think you'll have someone come here for temporary and deal with the wickedness going on? this city will be in shambles and the jealousy you're upset and not chosen, you're one step from being from the possible interim, jealous of this woman coming from the ghetto. showing strength and character. she doesn't have any children. she's not married to a man. she doesn't have anyone taking her from the powers that be. this is the reason why i'm voting for her, because she possess it. when she walk, i hear nothing but footsteps. she's going to be on time to carry it off. going in every direction she needs to go. i don't see no one more qualified. naomi kelly is a lovely woman, but i'm going to tell you something, what that woman up there is, she's a worrier --
9:57 pm
warrior, that's what we need. >> you guys been here a long time and you're waiting to get your point across. i'm the executive director of brothers against guns. let me just tell you about before i make my nomination what type of character this lady has. 1995, my little brother, my first little brother was shot and killed easter sunday of 95. which was mayor breed's friend. grew up with him. not only did she just go to school with him, but knew him as a little brother. the next morning, who knocks on our door? mayor breed. to givemy mother a hug. four years later, my second
9:58 pm
little brother was shot and killed. who knocks on the door? mayor breed. nobody told her to come up there. she wasn't in politics. she came up there on her own. she said i'm at the culture center, come down and work with my kids. i think in the last past years she was there at the culture center, she must have sent over a thousand kids to l.a., florida, out of her own money, out of support, because she cares. that's a character. and it want just black kids, wasn't asian kids, just white kids, it was all kids. we need someone to keep the city rolling as usual as business needs to be done today in this city. a person that will carry on mayor lee's legacy and continue
9:59 pm
to keep pushing and stopping the violence of homelessness, affordable housing and pushing for jobs. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. thank you for your comments. thank you, sir. thank you. next speaker, please? >> i know i spoke against the appointment of the interim mayor, but while we're having this hearing, i would not have a problem with london breed becoming our interim mayor and i just want to say why, because like she's someone who crosses lines, who tries to build consensus. she's been progress -- i don't agree with her on everything, but she's been progressive on things like the moratorium evictions protection 2.0 and appointing good progressive planning commissioners.
10:00 pm
i want to tell a personal story. when i was applying for the task force, who was the first member of the board of supervisors to pledge her support, it was london breed. i support her, i nominate her, thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i'm a retired nurse with the city and county. i'm frustrated at this point because i'm hearing the arguments that london can't do it because she would be campaigning and she would -- how could she do both? i ask you supervisors who have either run once or twice, every single one of you campaigned and hold your office and no one questions it. so that's really annoying me as a voter. i've lived in district 5 for


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