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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 23, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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i hope you all will vote to appoint an interim mayor. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i wanted to thank all the supervisors and interim mayor breed for all of your support around creating infrastructure and making resources available for communities with immense fear. we serve particularly api but also chinese members throughout the city, there are 10,000 undocumented in the city of san francisco. over the last year, we have seen a huge spike of the number of people coming to our offices around immigration because of the chilling effect the policies have had on the community members. we are grateful for the support
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spectrum, partnering with u.s. unified, to bring usually know your rights. and of course, universal representation of legal services for our most vulnerable. i'm encouraged unanimous support on the initiative, thank you for your time. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments, next speaker, please. >> hi, everyone. i have to be honest, this is my first time here, i'm a little nervous. i wanted to thank you all for specifically divestment, but i want to support the item to nominate a caretaker mayor. i think the power of incumbesy
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i like for separation of powers. i think you're wonderful, but i'm personally a little bit worried when there are too many conflict of interests of power. again, nervous. anyway, please thank you for your effort and have a wonderful day. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments, next speaker please. >> hi, my name is rachel ryan, i'm organizer who has been working with the lgbt cultural district. as a queer woman i am excited to see the diverse lineup for the candidates for mayor, but allowing the same person to act as acting mayor and head of the board of supervisors is not appropriate. i believe it's important to give all candidates equal footing in the upcoming election. i urge you to appoint a caretaker mayor. >> acting mayor breed: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is gabriel, i'm a
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resident of district 8 and member of the democratic socialists of america. support item 48 and move forward with a vote and hearing for interim mayor. basic fairness and the city charter demands that hearing. the charter states that the mayor shall devote his or her entire time to the duties of the office and shall not devote time or attention to any other occupation, or business activity. the role of acing mayor is a temporary one and it is unprecedented to have a temporary acting mayor for more than a few days, let alone six weeks. it would be violation of the separation of powers to allow the acting mayor role continue until june. no one person should control the legislative and the executive branches. district 5 deserves a full-time supervisor and san francisco a full-time mayor. please support item 48. >> acting mayor breed: next speaker, please. >> my name is abdul.
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i'm from africa. sent from one of the countries that have been qualified -- [inaudible] we're here to say thank you to supervisor ronen and supervisor fewer and all those supporting as you know over the years. i think it is extremely important that at a time when -- also come up to us, because i tend to worry that we are speaking about human beings when we're speaking about immigration. it is so sad. so we are here to say thank you and we're looking forward to coming back and saying thank you to all of you once there has been -- provided to fight for the community because it's not about panic, it's about power. and the power should include empowering immigrants.
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i would like to say thank you, and let's not forget, this is a struggle, it's going to take time, we look forward to support and we feel certainly comfortable going back to our communities and telling our people, we're not alone with what we're seeing here today. thank you to all of you. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board, my name is jason, i'm from the richmond district. in the event of a mayoral advocacy, they put a board. it's important to be separation of power, not just for the strength of the city's democracy, but it's the people of san francisco who deserve someone to devote their entire time as serving as mayor and someone to serve as board president.
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i call on everyone to do your duty and appoint an interim mayor, thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, good afternoon. as an activist i've been thinking about ed lee. how could we honor his life? he didn't have it easy. he saw his father work his fingers to the bone while taking constant verbal abuse. like the rest of the chinese, his father was expected to work for low wages, live in match box rooms and keep his mouth shut. his father took the abuse and then died of a heart attack when ed was just 15. this tragic legacy angered and inspired lee to fight back, so while the fears of the law were heading for the corporate money, he joined the asian law caucus. at first out of fear of retribution, no one listened and then the rape and murder of
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julian wong stunned the city and after six months they won. i celebrate his courage and defense of tenants. it was by no means easy to choose this path that lasted for a decade. and i'm angry and disgusted that our system swallows up young activists like ed lee and turns them into pawns for the rich. that the young radical ed lee ended up as a mayor presiding over the largest exodus caused by evictions in san francisco's history is the tragedy that i mourn. the irony is blaring. we don't need progressives, we need radicals like that brave eviction lawyer. the people demand moratorium on evictions, stopping tasers and de-funding the police. time to save our city from the clutches of the rich, san francisco is a place where we offer sanctuary, home and job security.
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anything less is paying lip service to the young ed lee who held out as long as he could. >> thank you for your comments. >> i will remind the members in the public gallery that if you are interested in showing your support, just utilize your fingers. appreciate that. thank you. next speaker, please. >> that was awesome. hi, my name is... i'm a san francisco resident that lives in the mission district. i'm here because i want to comment on the process of mayor. i believe we would be subverting and perverting the democratic process if we don't allow the board of supervisors to appoint a caretaker mayor. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm jamill, san francisco resident. also i want to congratulate yee, supervisor yee for his proposal
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to establish italian american day, not taking away -- shouldn't be on columbus day. i stand by with my people, that finally get some -- on the immigration. had a long night last night, forgive me. this brother right here, he's working on a sister city project because san francisco is a sister city with africa. but while i'm here today, i want to talk about fairness. i think the elephant in the room, when you're trying to be the first african-american woman anything, i mean, how is that an advantage? in america, in this city. and in a city that has lost a lot of the african-american population. is that really an advantage? if you want to talk about fairness.
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so let's put everything in perspective. you know, you make this decision as well. i think i made my point. you know. and i can't campaign anything, so that's my point. >> thank you for your comment, sir. next speaker, please. >> hi. i'm mark. i'm 20-year resident of san francisco and i'm proud of this place and the wonderful people that make it my home. i'm proud because we're continuing our history of being a shining example of justice and democracy for the state of california, for the country as a whole and really the whole world, especially as evidenced by supervisors fewer and ronen, with the thing they brought forward today, that's really great. i'm proud of that. that said, i'm asking that all of you in the body remain committed to democracy and the deals of giving power to the people to choose our leaders. and fort first time in a long
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while, choose a leader that doesn't benefit from the power of incumbentsy. i realize our city faced an exceptional circumstance, but i hope you can support item 48, that allows the voters to choose the next mayor. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. before the next speaker, i will remind if there are new members of the public who joined us in line, you're able to speak on items 46, 47 and 48. the motion to direct the clerk to prepare a process. the clerk's process as well as whether or not the board should enter into committee of whole to take nominations and make the decision today. you'll get another opportunity to speak during public comment specifically on your recommendations to the board as to who they should nominate and appoint as a successor mayor, so your comments are bifurcated, right now you talk about the process and in a little bit,
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you'll speak on who should be nominated. next speaker, please. >> my name is norman. i live in district 5 and support the process of deciding the next mayor. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi. i'm sue bush now. i'm in district 6. i'm represent san francisco for democracy. and south beach district 6 democratic club. i'm here to advocate for the caretaker mayor. very to the point and profound statements have already been said. i want a level playing field for everyone. for every group, for lgbt, for all women, for the asian community and the african-american community. the level playing field will make the difference. if we can't have a level playing field in san francisco given the state of the country right now,
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i just don't know what to say. so, please, please, do the right thing and establish a caretaker mayor. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, acting mayor and good afternoon supervisors, my name is rufus and i'm for the process of caretaker mayor because this is for the people and city hall is for the people, not for the rich, powerful awel connected. since growing up here in, everything dealing with rich, powerful and well connected. my journey is a great story. acting mayor grew up in -- came here and grew up in the housing projects. then went to charles hill, skra naive now, mid town park apartments, you see the journey i had. i went to the same school as supervisor farrell.
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and so the goal of today is to, i believe, you guys are fortunate and blessed from your constituency, is to be representing them, not the rich and the powerful because it's been very disheartening to reading the papers that certain people out here are coming to the offices and sitting down, you need to do this, need to do that, very disappointing. they have a right to speak, but the people who voted for new the district, that's the one. you need a caretaker mayor. my mother always says, grew up in the south, mississippi, same as reverend brown. and she stated you always got to have a spine. at the end of the day, you have to look yourself in the mirror and find out. thank you fort opportunity. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is raphael.
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i'm asking that we as a board appoint a caretaker for mayor. let's have a level playing field for everybody to be fair. secondly, i'm asking the budget committee, please, do not support and fund tasers for the fspd. we just had recently a murder at the hands of the city police department who hit him twice. he died. he was a good friend of mine. i've been at the police commission meetings and there was 85% of the people who showed up to the meetings who are against tasers. i would like to declare the vote that the commission had taken that day be thrown out under the sunshine ordinance. thank you. >> thank you for your comments,
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next speaker, please. >> hi there, my name is brad chapin. i'm on the board of the milk club, but don't represent them and live with harry brit, my mentor and former president of board of supervisors. i just wanted to express my gratitude for this board. from the left to the right. while i was sitting in the audience, a friend of mine was sending me videos of homeland security police officers in the city at the ferry building and i have friends who are terrified with what is going on and i appreciate all of you fighting for immigrants. that's such an important thing for us to do. also, simply, i am in support of the board -- voting on having an interim mayor, a caretaker mayor, thank you very much.
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>> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my name is john. a lot of us here, because of process, and under section 13.101.5 b, it speaks on the death of a mayor. and who is supposed to have that position. which is the board president. under article 17, line 18, speaks where the election department stands. well, you have to counsel a special election because it's been violated. first off the board of supervisors was supposed to make the first move. they never did. it went from the city attorney, then to the board of supervisors. therefore, it's becoming a conspiracy and this matter can very well wind up in court. i just want to bring to your
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attention that i am the only person in this universe can run up against acting mayor london breed. because i am -- i was the only candidate prior to 2016 running for mayor. i'm active. you can check the paperwork down in election department. go to the ethics commission, everything is current. so therefore, if anything goes and if i feel it's not going to the right way, as of may, i will file my court papers because it not right what is going on, because the board of supervisors never made the first move. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is ven. i'm here to say that i hope that everybody will vote for a
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caretaker mayor to carry us through the next six months. a year ago i was elected as a delegate representing the democratic party in this district, assembly district 17. i've been shocked over the past two days as i've been contacted by tons of assembly delegates, up and down the state from san diego all the way to the northern coast, who want to know what is going on with this election. they're very interested to see what is going to happen in san francisco, whether we're going to have a fair electoral process for the mayor or not. and i just wanted to let everybody know that and that we are going to be paying attention. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors, president breed, my name is trevor. d 11 resident. i'm the here to say that san francisco needs and deserves a
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democratic process for choosing the next mayor. folks keep referring to the city charter f the office of mayor becomes vacant because of the death, president of the board of supervisors shall become acting mayor and serve until successor is chosen by the board of supervisors. and the mayor shall not devote time or attention to any other occupation or business activity. i respect acting mayor mayor breed, and i respect the board, but it's time to appoint a caretaker interim mayor. you know, not for any benefit of advantage of any one person, but for the benefit and advantage of the city. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> my name is ellen. i am a family -- >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry --
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>> i have to interpret for her. >> all right. >> thank you. >> i do not understand english to i brought my interpreter. [speaking foreign language] >> translator: i am here to protest london breed as acting mayor to be continued, it is not fair for the other seven candidates on the ballot and it is not fair for the other people for the citizens, because she cannot do three positions all at once, it is not fair. i am protest. thank you. >> thank you for your comments.
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next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is ellen, i'm a resident of san francisco, 20 plus years. i'm really honored to be here. i just want to join with the other people who are saying that it's proper to have an interim mayor at this time. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> welcome, reverend brown. >> thank you very much. to the presider of the proceedings, members of the board, i stand before you as a former member of this body. i just wish to say two things. having been in this town now for
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42 years, i've seen what has gone around. i found it very strange, most intriguing, that we are talking about fairness. fairness. and then we created a new word. caretaker mayor. mayor is mayor. thirdly, the great liberator of india, gandhi, spoke about the seven deadly social sins and at the top of the list of those sins, time does not permit me to utter them all. but at the top of the list
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politics without principle. my friends, i beg you to consider. it is on principle, considering that in 1978, when unfortunately we lost a mayor and supervisor harvey milk, madame finestein was president of this board, there was no debate, there was no quibble, she immediately rose to the position of mayor of city of san francisco until the election was held and the people spoke. that's democracy. that's what the charter says. but all of a sudden, we're going to change the rules in the middle of the game, i have to
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tell you it's not fair, something is rotten in denmark and we need to make sure that we have fairness and justice. we are pushed out of this town -- >> thank you. >> -- since 1970s and still -- if you want to do the right thing, the fair thing, the principled thing, let that person who sits in that seat continue until the election is held and the people speak. >> thank you, reverend brown. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. supervisors, thank you for the opportunity to address you, debbie, i'm a resident of district 8. i'm here to say that i hope that you prioritize the stability of our city in your vote today. and i would say that our board president has been elected twice, last time unanimously,
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the charter allows and envisions for this situation. she's been doing a good job leading the city. we don't see a reason for a caretaker mayor. when you talk -- excuse me. >> mr. washington, mr. washington, thank you. >> we need someone accountable to the voters and to the people. we don't need a caretaker mayor. follow the charter and let the charter take process. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board members. i'm a local publisher, all eyes are on you and san francisco, this progressive city. clearly the charter says that acting mayor, who are we to say she cannot perform all the
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duties she's now carrying. you voted twice, unanimously, for her to be board president and you always knew she was a heart beat away from being mayor. and talking about unfair advantage? well, let's talk about that for a minute. london breed's race number one is going to come into question. silently, we don't want to admit that. secondly, her class. where she's from. that's going to come into play. that's unfair advantage. and thirdly, sexism, the fact that she is a woman. how high will the ceiling have to be before we kick it in? london breed is not asking for any favors and we're not asking for favors from london breed, she is equipped to do the job, she has prepared herself and just last week, we celebrated
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dr. martin luther king, jr., a man who worked. london breed is qualified. please do the right thing and let her stay in her seat and govern this city. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good evening, board of supervisors, i want to say, we don't need a caretaker, we need to vote for interim, or leave it as acting. i say this only because we have a misunderstanding about the politics in the city of san francisco. we say that we want someone to run this city, fight for us, be there for us, carry out mayor ed lee's legacy. this is what our board of supervisors president has been doing. since mayor lee passed away. we need to show the respect, the
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loyalty that we have for you guys voted her twice as board president. i was watching the news today, they said this is the year of the woman. and being that i come from a powerful woman, mother, and she was a great woman, a great leader, who taught me more than values, i think that we need to honor that by leaving our african-american acting or interim mayor in place to carry out the city and the duties that the mayor ed lee would want us to carry out. i think we have it all twisted when we want to pull and fight for different values. let me just say this in closing, if you running for mayor, or anyone is running for mayor, if their platform is what the people want, they will win that election come june. if it's not, then they will sit down somewhere else and fall in.
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so let's be right and let's be real about what we stand for. we don't need a caregiver, or caretaker, we need london breed to be the interim mayor of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> hello my name is olga, i've lived here since 1969. i'm a retired nurse. i feel we should have an interim mayor. it's too much of concentration of power for you, london breed -- >> i'll ask the speaker to address the board as a whole. >> i'm sorry, ok, as a whole, i think there would be too much of concentration of power if one person is taking three positions and we need more progressive voices in the city. and we don't have enough. i live in district 5 by the way
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and have been there the last 40-something years in that district. also, i'd like to ask the supervisors here to please divest from the fossil fuels tomorrow, please do the right thing. there are so many people counting on you to do that and the world really, so please be a leader in that respect and also as far as this mayor deciding that you're going to. and please also help us stop the unfair evictions in the city and please help the homeless, thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm james. from the western region director of the a. phillip randolph institute. ladies and gentlemen, i'm here today to remind you about 1978.
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i remember the day when george mass was assassinated. i was with the police department in those days. i go back to the formation of how the city came together and supported senator dianne feinstein to be the mayor. there was no hesitation. what happened, when you have a tragedy, you come together. you don't separate. you don't forget about why we are leftist, why we are rightist, why we are indifferent. you come together and you try to make this city the city that you all need to make. positive. now, let's not change the rules. you don't get to change the rules in the middle of a football game. the warriors don't get to change
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the rules in the middle of the basketball game. and this board should not change the rules in the middle of a proceeding that is so important to our city. you cannot do it. you need to think bit. now i'm proud today -- i'm proud today because in 1978 this board looked a lot different. but let me remind you all of how proud you should all be, because the majority of you who stand here before this city and represent this city are women. this is the greatest city in america. it has shown that. be great, continue to be great. all of you. come together and -- >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> my name is saleh. my name is not important. the discrimination and the evil within the city is shocking. we have been so quiet as
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african-american people. we have not intervened to bring any of you any problems. and then all of a sudden, when london breed is standing in her position and highly qualified, then you get ready to change the game. the issue with me is what do you expect us to do? to sit up here and see this evil because you want to take the place and follow after ed lee who was a honorable and worthy man. i came from my walking group, the ambassador of alice griffin. i didn't have time to change clothes, because i come here trying to be kind and quiet, but this is a time for war. if you remove here her, this is going to cause issues on our children, our people, why is she treated differently than dianne feinste feinstein. everyone is acknowledging that except the african-american community. what do we need to step into the
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position to be on this playing field and play fairly? you can vote for whoever you want, but now you're saying you want her to step down because of three powers. she has shown she has the power. is there jealousy? something you don't want african-american woman to take the position because you feel inferior? as the other man said, he's going to be watching. we're ready to shut this city down. i come in my warrior clothes. i come in the name of my son being murdered, i come in opening my mouth and my yard and my spirit to say it's time for this justice to come tumbling down. if you mess with her, i mean it, as a black woman, every one of you all going to have a problem. i'm going to tell them not to burn bayview -- >> thank you. thank you for your comments.
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-- leave london breed alone. >> before the next speaker comes to the podium, i will just say that you are able to speak on items 46, 47, 48. that's the process. and whether or not the board is going to convene a committee of the whole. in a moment, we'll go to a separate item, i would be item 40 and 41, where you'll get another opportunity to speak on your advice on who the board should nominate. so keep your comments to the process and whether or not the board should convene and then you have the opportunity to come back and talk about your preferred nominee. >> good afternoon, supervisors, madame president, mayor breed, thank you for the opportunity to come before you and speak. my name is jackie, as many of you know, i'm the executive director of the a. phillip randolph institute san francisco. our mission is to register voters and educate them about our local and state elections.
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we empower our residents to participate. for the past two decades our organization has engaged some of most important organizations, elders, communities in color and youth and young adults. i'm concerned about an effort to change our charter. i'm concerned because i feel that all of you are essential in our city's leadership, and you are all elected for your experience, professionalism and the trust that you've built across the city. i'm concerned because i can't understand why it's so important to change the charter and make rules today for this particular upcoming election. mayor finestein and mayor lee assumed their role of interim mayor after untimely vacancy and went on successfully to run the city as well as run as candidates for the office they rightly held. mayor london breed is qualified, shown exceptional policy work,
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especially around affordable housing, immigration law and she's definitely trusted in our community. she is elected to serve and that is what she's done. i encourage you to consider the impact and precedent it sets. to change the city charter for one election, consider the message you're sending to our black community. and my grand mama taught me, no matter how hard you work, we black women have to work ten times harder. i hope that's not the case in our city today. do not amend the charter. rightfully appoint mayor breed as successor mayor. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. to acting mayor breed i'm honored to say, acting mayor, each board of the member of
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supervisors i'm a longtime educator. we have a process. i've been in san francisco a long time. i was here in 1978. we all cried when our mayor was killed here at city hall. but we watched a process. supervisor dianne feinstein stepped up to to be the interim mayor, then permanent mayor and the rest is history. the children are watching you. the children are watching you. the children are watching you. how many, 54,000 students that make up the san francisco unified school district. the students this public housing are watching you. we already have a process. we're watching you so you vote in our interim mayor to be permanent mayor until the june election. there is nothing unfair about
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it. it would be unfair for us to watch you not vote her in. i believe in the power of the vote. and we know that every vote does count. so board of supervisors, do the right thing. implement the process. the children are watching. the children are watching. the children are watching. interim mayor breed, i want you to know that high school is so proud of you. we just finished a women's march. at the march, supervisor cohen says this is what happens when you get a good public education. watch the children, the children are watching, please do the right thing, thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is deanna. i am on the right talking point, then i think it's proper to remind you about the support or the supplemental act for immigration and legal services,
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not only tore the organizations that make up, but the organizations in the public defender office that have been able to respond. in the short time i'm part of the lotus street, i've seen the tremendous response and capacity that both organizations and a lot of partners have been able to provide in this moment. and i know that this issue might have been overlooked in the conversations that we're having today, but just wanted to stress the importance of the investment of every single supervisor in this board to continue to invest in the services that really meet the needs of the community, not only in this moment, but to remind us that the immigration community is not just brown, but it's a black community. we need everybody to show up and really think through what it means to have a sanctuary city. this is one way. there are so many ways this conversation comes up, but today i'm reminding you to support the
11:42 pm
immigration services and the public defender office. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> may name is ellen, i'm a family social worker, i'm here to provide interpretation. good afternoon, i'm a doctor. i am here today, imin the united states for nine years. [speaking foreign language] >> translator: i am here for nine years, experienced democracy in america, it is a freedom of choice, freedom of justice and people's power. >> [speaking foreign language]
11:43 pm
[speaking foreign language] >> translator: i'm going to try my best, because this is a lengthy interpretation. i'm going to play the record. i am here to explain and ask and let you know i am in support of
11:44 pm
the june election. is the only way to be fair to know who is good. for a person, for a mayor to be a mayor of san francisco, that person must be having a lot of strength, a lot of energy, a lot of integrity and for the people, and voted by the people, and i am in support of democracy. and i'm just summarizing it. sorry. i am -- i apologize for what? [speaking foreign language] >> translator: thank you. she spoke mandarin, so this is a mandarin dialect. >> thank you very much for your comments. next speaker, please. >> speaks cantonese. >> please pull the microphone close.
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good afternoon. [speaking foreign language] >> translator: i am a retired person. i want to thank you for giving me an opportunity. i have been in the united states for 30 years, but i'm still learning english. i am here to oppose the interim mayor to be mayor right now because she is running for the election.
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in my opinion, it is only justice that the other seven people, total eight of them, could be elected by the people, for the people and really have the people's voice for that. thank you, i might not be educated, but this is my opinion, thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. good afternoon. my name is...
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[speaking foreign language] >> translator: i am here to oppose the interim mayor. it is not fair for the people who are on the ballot to be for election. there is a lot of freedom in america. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. before i call the next speaker up, i will ask if there is anyone in line who is perhaps having some difficulty standing for long periods of time, you're welcome to come up to the front of the line and provide your public comments. >> i'm chris brohman. i served for eight and a half years on the advisory committee for elections which is predecessor of the elections commission. i served, i was the appointee of
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mayor frank jordan in 1995 to the elections task force which drew the district lines, which were used in 2000 to bring back district elections to city and county of san francisco. and we changed the governor -- governing system that we had from one that was union tair government where the judiciary, legislature and executive were all one position. two, basically three coequal houses. these speakers have spoke before. i respect reverend brown and the others here in 1978. they tell half the story. they're correct on the fact that basically dianne feinstein was
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president of the board, she became the interim mayor and then she was elected a year and a half later to serve a full four-year term. what they don't mention is she resigned from the board of supervisors and by that fact, also resigned as president of the board and she actually appointed louise rennie as her successor to the board of supervisors. so, what i would like the president of the board and for this board to consider, is either serve as the interim mayor and if you get elected in june then you become the mayor. and if you do that, resign from the board now, let the next senior member of the board take your place. and if you don't get elected -- >> thank you, mr. bowman. next speaker, please. >> i will be quick. you'll love me for it.
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god bless each and every one of you. i'm an activist. i am a shareholder at martin luther king square apartments incorporated. it's time for a change. it's time for a change. women could actually run for office. just like a man. let's put all that sexism stuff apart. let's put all the bigotry and apart, and place that in the garbage can. african-american history is never talked about more because of the racism and it gets in the way of getting to know people and what their families stood and went through in slavery. i'm happy to stand as an african-american woman, but i believe in humanity for everyone the same.
11:51 pm
it doesn't matter as to what color you are. it has been stated about the content of your character. you speak to someone and you get to know them, you get to know them only by the time for which you see them and the time that you spend more time. that's how you get to at least know them. and i say this to ignorant people today who might be in the audience and i don't know who you are, but if you are bigots, some of you might be bigots, hey, no room for it. throw it in the garbage can, we don't need you. we need god in you. i got good things to say about london breed. >> thank you for the comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors, my name is linda. i'm a 39-year community activist and also president of martin luther king housing cooperative.
11:52 pm
and my late husband ernest struggled to become one of the first african-american labor union president of local 261 of this great city of san francisco. i want to speak on experience in my life. i'm a foster mother of 30 years raising hundreds of children in our home. the very lady that before she became the supervisor of this great city served in the african-american culture center. i had maybe some cannot speak it, but i lost and had my first experience of losing a daughter that drowned right here at fishermen's wharf. she left behind three lovely children. but who appeared at my door with
11:53 pm
encouraging body that knew my children, they went to the african culture center with supervisor breed. she wasn't supervisor then, she was the director of the african culture center. i hold in my hand the very place where london breed grew up in housing project. my grandchildren had no place to go. they lost a mother where they had no guidance. but london stepped in and she said those children will not lose housing. i'm standing on this word today, each and every one of them graduated here as a book from ucla, granddaughter completing nursing school, the last child in san francisco state university. london breed -- >> thank you, ma'am, for your comments. the speaker's time is concluded. thank you for your comments.
11:54 pm
madame president, the speaker's time has concluded. >> acting mayor breed: thank you, next speaker, please. >> i am a longtime resident of san francisco, i've been here since 1955, i have seen the city through a lot of changes. and what i'm witnessing right now is perplexing to me. i have watched london breed become the leader as have you, that she is. and as has been stated, you twice elected her to be the president of the board of supervisors, so i don't think there is any question in your mind about her leadership ability. and so i am wondering why you wish to change the process.
11:55 pm
i was here, too, when the mayor was killed and when die january finestein stepped into the role of mayor. i want to know why you want to change the process. is there some ulterior motive for wanting to do this? i don't believe you have the right to change the process. as mayor, on the road to becoming mayor, with the june election, the honorable london breed faces a lot of what will be unfairness as a woman, as an african-american woman, as has been stated. please stand b
11:56 pm
that is the process and whether or not you would like the board to take up this issue today to take nominations and appoint a successor mayor. you will get another opportunity to make public comment when items 40 and 41 are being
11:57 pm
called. that's when you can provide your preferred nomination to the members. okay? next speaker, please? and one last thing. if you are supporting what the speaker is saying, you are welcome to provide your supportive fingers, but no audible sounds of support are allowed. it's disrespectful to the speaker. please proceed. >> hi. i'm liva shepherd i'm at city college of san francisco, also a drug and alcohol counsellor and mental health. when i received this information that is going on in the city of san francisco, my heart, mind, soul and spirit was disturbed. it is quite disturbing that we now have this african-american
11:58 pm
woman, who is more than qualified, because you put her in office twice, and have stepped up into this position, was put into this position, and now you are talking about removing her. we as african-american people, we as his panic people, we as asian people, we as the people of america can see that this represents nothing but racism. the reason why it represents racism is because when dianne feinstein was in the same, identical position, there was nothing that was mentioned about her being removed from office. it is not okay. it is not okay. there is no reason to not be
11:59 pm
able to hold her position as supervisor and mayor. that's the ordinance. we don't get to change it as an african-american woman is in office. let london breed stay in her position until it is time for her to be moved out. period. end of discussion. do the right damn thing and make a change. >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is clint grease, resident of district 2 and i've come here to speak on the matter of successor mayor. well, this matter shouldn't even be happening today. i'm a big fan of democracy and i
12:00 am
believe that the voters should decide who the mayor is and i'm looking forward to a very vigorous and dynamic campaign over the next few months to give san franciscans plenty of time to pick who they say should be san francisco's next mayor. in the meantime, the city and county of san francisco needs to be getting on with business and you have a qualified, masterful president of your board of supervisors and there should be no reason to even be considering an alternative. thank you. [applause] >> acting mayor breed: thank you for your comments. just another kind reminder to the members of the public in the gallery. if you are supportive of what speaker is saying, use your supportive hands. thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm a district 6 resident. i cannot support this process f


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