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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  January 11, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> we're going to commissioners that spoke about this and having been on this commission. you know, for the officers only to view their own cameras and footage for the integrity of the
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investigation so when they do go forward, they have what they've seen and perceived and what they write is not what others have perceived. that comes in later on when they put together police reports. i see what the chief has bought forward and it looks effective and in line with our legislative intent as a commission for those of us on the commission at the time we voted for this policy. >> thank you. thank you chief. i have a couple of comments and questions. on page 3, the failure to activate -- may subject a member to administrative investigation. in my view, if you have not complied with the rules above, why wouldn't it generate and admit an administrative investigation each time. it gives discretion and i don't know what it ends up looking like. so i would recommend that that
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word be sal and not me. >> there are situations where is circumstances, it can be understandable that the body- worn camera is not activated. when you raise a good point, if there's an investigation on every one it would be veted out as well. i see them, i've been here one time where it's actually situation where an officer's life was in danger. they did not activate immediately but they activated as soon as it was practical. some of the things are obvious right away. others, mirror an investigation to vet through. that's where the may came in. your point is well taken. >> even a quick investigation will reveal that was a justified failure. >> on page 4, i guess i don't understand that paragraph. it's been rewritten.
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it says an officer shall be required to provide a statement before he or she reviews her own recording. this excludes other recordings. it sounds as if the officer gets to review other recordings, not his or her own. i don't think that was the intent. aim missing it? >> interview: the intent was the officer only views his or her own. i think the language would be cleaned up too. >> interview: shall be provided an initial statement before he or she reviews his or her own recording. >> right. >> but it excludes other recordings. it sounds like you can review someone else's. >> well taken. >> do you have a language suggestion? >> it sounds like the intent would be you can't reveal any records. >> do you have a suggestion?
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>> i would exclude that last sentence. >> how does it sound without the last sentence? read it, bob? >> go ahead. we can do without the last sentence. >> following any in-depth custody they will provide an initial statement before he or she reviews his or her own recording. >> well i guess it should say before he or she reviews any recording. isn't that the intent? >> intent his or her own. it's just to exclude the the last sentence. it makes sense to me. >> interview: the intent is the person cannot review the recording. >> if we're together and you are charged, you can review my
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record something. >> no. you can only review your own. >> all right. >> that was set in the first place. >> it's not what it says. i don't have any suggested language, i just see the issue. >> let's see if we can grab something. >> how about just excludes view ing other members? >> also excludes? >> yes. >> to provide an initial statement for he or she reviews his or her. this excludes other members -- >> this excludes viewing other officers -- other members. >> yes. >> will that satisfy bob? this also excludes viewing other
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members b.w.c. video? >> that sounds right. as long as the intent is the person gives a statement before he or she reviews any recording? >> except for his or her own. >> all right. >> did you get that? >> yes, i'm going to suggest this is for purchasing of meet and confirm. as long as the intent of what the commission's desire is, this will have to come back. any wordings could be worked out >> let's make sure it's something you've included as commission commissioner hersch points out so when it goes it's clear. >> yep. >> ok. >> so i have two issues. i'm really glad you brought this forward, but i might be the only one that does not understand 2 and 3 on page 2. prong 2, actually.
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members shall not utilize the body-worn camera mute function. the department reserves the right to disable the mute function. i'm not following that. they can't utilize it? >> they shouldn't use the mute button. the department can deactivate the mute button so no one can use or can't use it. >> i guess i didn't understand. by disabled i thought it meant -- i thought it meant taking it away. deleteing it. you are saying disabling it. >> the department can stop it from being used in anyway. >> it's still confusing to me. we'll have to explain it to me more. when you say disable, do you mean so they cannot mute it? >> correct. so -- >> they can't use it. >> there's been issues that have arisen with the mute function.
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so, the spirit here and the intent is to explain or direct officers not tuesday the mute function, and give the department the ability to disable the function together. the function can go disabled. this change in policy, request to change gives it the ability to do it without going back to meet and confirm process. >> when you say disabled, the department decided officers can't mute it, you will fix it so they can't mute it? >> correct. >> and i want to understand that i'm glad you brought this up, at least two if not more, news items have come about where the officers haven't turned on the body-worn cameras until the end or captured the last seconds. is there anyway to remedy that? so if you make changes to the significant policy? >> that was the reinforcement on page 3 that we have to follow the policy. >> yeah. there's no way to --
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>> to be disciplined. >> through policy, we just have to adhere to our policy. >> are we keeping stock whether they are turning it on at last minute. the threat of discipline, i don't know, if it's enough if you have too many -- if you have a lot of officers doing this or it turns out the stats show a lot of officers are doing this, will you revisit this? it's a real significant issue? >> if we can't come back and re visit it, we are looking at actually inspecting the use of our body-worn cameras so we can revisit it. >> that can be part of the over all meeting with the larger working group. >> commissioners, any other comments? public comments? i'm sorry. >> very good. >> public comments. >> this is a statement. i am ace washington.
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this is for you commissioner. >> i won't allow you to do that. >> it's documented. i'm here representing people that look like me, you, you, you , the african american community. please, don't -- we from the same hood. you are a lawyer. i'm up here with my rights. i'm here to talk about scott. chief scott. because i'm going to tell him stuff ya'll have not. now when my time is up, that's ok. i am the "zero dark 30" -- czar. i'm a white man putting on a suit and a tie. i'm a race car. our migration has to come to that, paul, joe, don't you know. ya'll might have the right streams, but the wrong yo yo.
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i have a speech like that. so listen here. my time is up we'll say and know black man back there because i'm here black man. you have the right because i want to continue on two minutes to make it clear in your ear. and i'll have to do it this year because i have a reason to go on the internet now. it's called ace on the all that now. so i can go at home and do the truth and nothing but the truth so help ace. chief scott, i appreciate what you are doing, brother. i'm saying -- i got kids and grandkids and grandkids and if ya'll don't want to hear what i have to say it's on your backs. i'm asking for two more minutes so i can set the platform. i'm not up here to impresses. to impresses on this city ask county. by the way, ed lee may you rest
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in peace. i'm here talking about the -- no , no, don't do this to me brother. >> do you have a comment to make about body-worn cameras? >> can i have two more minutes? >> no, you may sit down. >> next public comments. next public comments. you can come back during general public comments and say all of this, sir. body-worn cameras. next public comments. next public comment. mr. washington. i don't want to ask you to leave thanks. >> that makes two of us. next public comment!
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next public comment on body-cor. >> any further public comments? this is about body-worn cameras. >> any further public comment on body-worn cameras. ok. public comment is now closed. all right. i'll entertain an appropriate motion. i move that we accept the changes made to the general order 10.11. >> would you amend that to say pending? the meet and confirm process? >> the meet and confirm process. >> with the police officer association. >> ok. >> i would second that. >> ok. >> do i need a hand vote? >> clarification, are we voting with the changes? >> right. >> yes. >> do i need -- ok, all in favor
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>> aye. >> any opposed? >> thank you. >> next comment. >> item 1 reports to the commission discussion. 1a report on recent police department activities including major events and weekly crime trends and announcements to include updates on staffing, current staffing relevance and overtime. recommendations -- sorry. chapter 96, status update on data analysis agreements. >> good evening, chief. >> good evening, again commissioners. >> thank you. i'll be brief from our report. i'm going to start off with our crime trends and statistics. i'll start off with homicides, because that's of course the most devastating crime that we face. mid year, when i was reporting crime trends, we were up significantly in homicides. up 20%. and we ended the year actually below where we ended in 2016,
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which i think is a significant accomplishment, both for the department and the community. there was a lot of team work doing that. so we ended the year with 56 homicides, as compared to 58 year to date in 2016. given where we were in august, going in to september, that is significant. we spent i think almost the last two months of the year, we did not have a homicide and it took a lot of work to do that. i know luck is part of it, but i think the work that went in to this and with the community and the stakeholders really made a difference. so year to date, we are zero homicides, this time last year we had three. so hopefully we'll continue to work hard, not hopefully, we will continue to work hard and we hope this trend will continue i think that's a significant accomplishment. our shootings year to date, end of year 2016, we ended up with
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two below last year. so slight decrease in the actual shooting incidents. which again, any decrease in shootings is a good decrease. so we started out this week, the first week of the year, we had six shootings which was an increase over this time last year. again, we'll continue to plug away at it and work with whoever we need to work with to make sure that we keep our streets safe. firearms, we ended up with a thousand and 23 firearm seizures for the year which is helping us in reducing violent crimes. our officers are trying to get guns off the streets and out of the hands of people who wish to use them illegally. 1,023 firearms were seized. there's been a lot said about our priority crime. we know we have a pervasive and challenging problem in address ing property crime in our city. violent crime does play into
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that. when we have violent crime it's difficult to focus on crime. the way we ended the year, gave us the ability to do some things with property crime that we would not otherwise had the ability to do. if we were still grappleing with that rapid increase in homicides moving forward, we have made some significant structural changes to better address our property crime as well. we had 30,980 properties last year which was 24% increase over the year before. when we looked at a five-year trend, we went from 15,000 in 2012 to 30,000 car break ins last year which is upward trajectory we need to turn around. we've added some things to our reptoire, including standing up, a general crimes unit in november. that consisted of 48 investigators, 10 of which are dedicated to property crimes. they have city-wide
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responsibility. they work with the station investigators to identify crews that are multi-jurisdictional inside and outside of the city. in addition, when we enhance our foot beats in august, that's when we started to see the increase in homicide, not to say that's the answer but we think it will help us both in our property crime efforts and our violent crime efforts. and then we are enhancing our prevention campaign. park smart is the name of our campaign. we've been doing this for the last several years. this campaign was created in part with some of the business owners on the fisherman's warf area. park smart sen courageing people to take some responsibility and not leave things in their car that make it an easy target. the last thing that we are doing there, not the last thing but one of the other things, we are
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assigning at least one person in each district to coordinate property crime with a focus on bike thefts and car burglarys and burglar he's. this is something new. our station investigation teams are general investigators which means, whatever case comes your way, you are investigating. you get a burglary one day and robbery the next day and car theft the next day. what we want to do is focus collaboration. the station person that would be designated will coordinate the property crimes effort, particularly bike thefts, car burglarys and we think it will be a value added and we'll make adjustments. we really have to turn this around while we keep our violent crime in check. that's where we're headed with our crime efforts. we'll keep you posted on how things are going.
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the next thing that i want to talk about is our staffing, particularly it relates to overtime. commissioner dejesus, raised the questions of how we track overtime. i promised the board we would do a minimum quarterly report. where we are in overtime right now, we are about 50% of the fiscal year last and we spent 55 % of our overtime. we're a little bit up by 5%. however, the asterisks on that is that 762,000 of that overtime was due to our patriot efforts. we have over a million dollars, 1.2 million to be exact from overtime from our mutual a participation. when we participated in the north bay fires. when you take those two things out, we're 45% of where we -- we would be 5% under our fiscal
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year spending. the good news is our aid is we will get reimburseed. the pay tree at prayer is an event that was unanticipated but it's something that i think was well worth the money that we spent in it because we had an event-free day during that weekend. or that day. so we will focus on this. if we can keep things in check for the rest of the year, we should be able to stay within our overtime budget. we will report back to the commission next quarter. keep an eye on this and continue to manage our overtime. as far as our staffing, we are at 1,873 current pool duty officers which is 4.9% below the 1971 pool duty staffing mandate. we have anna an -- academy class the next academy class is in february. as we work to our next budget
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process, to see what we need to do to make the appropriate adjustment. to make sure we live up to attrition or up to attrition. our goal is to make our 1971 charter mandate within this coming year. or this year. that is our staffing. with that, the head of the -- i'm sorry. major events this week. first, let me go to last week. new year's eve was very, basically quiet in the city. we had a significant robust deployment for new year's eve. attendance was down somewhat. i think the city-wide planning went really, really well. it was an uneventful night, thankfully. people had a good time and event free. upcoming this week, we have several festivities related to martin luther king day. there will be a parade monday,
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january 15th. sfpd will attend and participate there's a town school m.l.k. freedom march january 12th from 9:30 to 11:00. there's also a annual m.l.k. march in golden gate park this friday and m.l.k. march on thirw saturday january 13th from 9:00 to 11:00. that is it for the significant events for this week. the last thing i have to report, an update, this was an request from commissioner hertz on our chapter 96 data analysis. i believe the issue was where are we in terms of data analysis ? the department and i have said several times that we're trying to secure private or independent research to help with that
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analysis. so we have two independent, one academic institution, one non-profit institution that we are in m.o.u. negotiations with. we hope to have that done in a very short amount of time. i was gone back and fourth with some of the language and we have an agreement with principle with one of the entities. the other one their attorneys are looking at the m.l.u. i hope to report those agreements are signed and these institutions will help us better analyze the data that we're collecting. so that is where we are, sir? that will be it for this portion of my report. >> chief, thank you. we are also supposed to be embarking on the measure that
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was passed on staffing levels and how we are looking on those. have we put in to place or play how beer going to begin that process as of yet? >> well,ness and no. there's -- well, yes and no. there's things happening and we have been working with supervisor yi's o there are several staffing analysiss being done right now. all of them really are doing the same thing. different versions of the same thing. we're working with the controllers' office to satisfy much of what supervisor yee asked for in his resolution and catherine mcgwire has a lead on that and we already have controllers office and put together some of the things that we are looking at in terms of staffing. we're also doing some internal
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staffing analysis review that will get the controllers what they need in terms of a better set from our staffing. a lot of things are happening in that direction. the mayor's office has asked for some of the same information for staffing. we are working very hard to satisfy all of different request for staffing. many of them overlap. that's why i said yes and no. we work with supervisor yi's office to explain what we are doing and how these things come together. >> you anticipate having some type of initial report or feedback for us? >> withel controllers' office i believe within the next couple months we should have some initial reports. >> all right. commissioner. >> thank you, chief. thank you for reporting back on the homicide rate going down. it took a lot of work to do that i've got a question, whatever you can share with us about the condition of our two officers
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that were seriously injured last year. i don't want to lose sight of what they've been going through. one was shot and the other run down. is there anything you can share with the commission about their current status? >> yes. thank you for bringing that up. with the first officer that was run over, amazingly he is doing much better. i mean, it was some very good work by the hospital, by his family and friends, and people that supported him. he is still rehabilitateing, but he is actually talking now and just significantly better than the initial prognosis so i'm happy to report that and happy you asked about that. we're asking that everyone continue to support him and keep him in your thoughts. with the other officer, that was from the halloween shooting, he
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is doing well. there was some very significant concerns initially. his doctors also were very thankful he had a good team of doctors. he is recovering and expected to make a full recovery. >> having been at the hospital both nights. i want to thank the doctors at san francisco general hospital. that place is incredible what i saw that night. the public doesn't see what the officers go through. it impact impacted me and i want to thank the doctors there. last but not least, on a positive note, you seem to leave out major events that happened with your alma mater winning the national championship, the university of alabama. so i just want to congratulate you. >> thank you, very much. [laughter] >> ucla was robbed. [laughter] >> any other questions for the chief? >> item 1b. >> sorry, commissioner --
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>> i just want to acknowledge to the public i know and you know about this that part of the collection of the firearms was due to a gun buy-back we had in december. i think we brought in 180 or something like that. >> close to 200. >> i just want to acknowledge they're working getting guns off the street. and got some christmas presents for a lot of people. >> thank you. that was a very successful gun buy-back. thank you foray announcing that. >> item 1b. directed to report on b.p. activities and announcements. >> including director anderson. >> good evening. i will keep this brief. i know we have a heavy agenda. a lot of the updates i have, are mostly about our internal projects we're working on with d.p.a.
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we have a new reception. one of the first things i started on when i got there was trying to fill out some of the vacancies in my office. obviously, the big priority are my investigators. which i started on with day one. i have them in the pipeline. we're getting close to -- we've ordered the new list, interviewed people and they're going through the background process now and as soon as we get the approval, we should be able to bring those new investigators on. at least five are in the pipeline for right now. some of the new things that we're doing internally, we're bringing staff up to speed for public records so we can be better outward facing. i know you are in the middle of our budget talks right now for new expenditures, not typically included in our annual expenses. those were covered things like the new website, these are projects that were either under funded or in no funded.
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training for the office. our training budget was $4,000 for the entire office so these are some of the smaller or bigger things that need to change. the expansion for prop g which was not included in the budget, which we're expanding, as well as uniforms. an ex an expansion of our mediation process. if anyone has questions i'm available. i will point out, present tonight is also my deputy chief-of-staff, sarah hawkins, as well as steve ball, one of my investigators so if anyone has any issues with my department tonight, they're available throughout the tire tee of tonight's public meeting. >> thank you. >> i'm glad you brought up the investigators, is it true the department background checks were delayed hiring your investigators? >> it's a background that takes a very long time. they have taken up up to three months for our new employees. >> have you met and conferred
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with the chief? i don't know how many investigators you have in the pipeline that are being delayed. >> five. i think there's 10. nine or or 10 in the pipeline but five that are ready to go as soon as i get the grown light. >> maybe you can confirm with the chief it's disabling to start the new year without five investigators. >> i agree. i started the process with those investigators on july 1st and to the credit the chief and i have been talking about -- it's clear what the problem is. it's less clear how we'll fix the problem. it's not as easy as just waving things or moving it forward. >> can you let us know. it's important if you can't put them to work. >> i'm happy to report what solutions we come up with the next time we meet. >> that would be great. i know ms. salazar retired and we don't have a mediator.
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my understanding is some of the investigators are supposed to do the mediation, but i understand it's not been happening. they have not been able to do that because of the work load. how are we going to save this mediation program? i've seen it's an award winning mediation process and something that has worked well. i'm just not sure if we've given it to certain investigators with big, heavy caseloads if that will work. >> you are correct. i will point out the ball has not been dropped and we haven't stopped the mediations. all of the mediations have continued. there was some internal movement about who was going to handle the mediation. it was being handled by senior investigators. we've taken it away from the investigators because caseload didn't allow them to work on both of those things, out of concerns some of the mediations weren't being done. so to make sure the mediations have continued, we've taken them back. sarah hawkins is in charge of the mediations, but again, let me clarify, no mediations were missed or unscheduled while we
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were making any of these changes although, my goal and objective is to expand that program, especially since it's our highest-rated program in terms of efficiency from the public and support from folks that interact with my agency. >> any other questions? >> thank you. >> any other questions for director anderson? >> thank you. >> i was getting on a roll. [laughter] >> secretary. >> item 1c commission reports. commission president's report. commissioners report. >> i have no report. any reports? >> secretary killshaw. >> commission announcement and scheduling of items identified for consideration that feature commission meetings action. >> evening commissioners. >> i would like to perhaps schedule, in the future, not immediate, but talk about the
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youth commission having a representative on the police commission. not for january but maybe late february we can talk about fitting that on the calender. >> so the draft resolution was provided to you? >> yes. >> it's up to the commission and president when to schedule that for. >> ok. >> couple months back, i want to say maybe decision to eight months ago the commission asked for and you agreed to have a resolution drafted for youth commissioner to come and provide input at the commission meeting. i drafted the resolution, provided it to -- >> where is the draft now? >> i will mention commissioner dejesus has it. i have a copy for you as well. it's up to the commission and you president when to put that on the agenda. >> thank you. >> you realize it was perhaps a
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draft. >> all right. >> secretary, next secretary. >> we need public comments on items 1a through d. >> public comments on chief's report. commission reports and commission announcements. public comment is now closed. >> item 3, general public comments. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speaker shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or d.p.a. personnel. under police commissioner rules of order during public comment, neither police or d.p.a. personnel or commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and d.p.a. personnel should refrain however, from entering in to any debates or
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discussions with speakers during public comment. please limit your comments to two minutes. >> public comments. members of the public. >> i respect that. i respect man too so a apologize i came here and i'm thinking i can speak and it wasn't the time to speak. so forgive me. and ya'll got to understand, i've been around for 20 years. and no one knows commissioner, the commissioner so before all ya'll was here you got to understand, and i'm crystal clear to this city and anybody talking and listening. i'm not here to be advantageous to ya'll, i'm here to deliver a message. and sometimes, people don't like the messenger so i have to learn how to do that. although i'm 63, i got a lot to learn on being out here the way
12:49 pm
it is today. all i'm trying to illustrate to this city, by by the bay, forgive me if i rhyme that way, i do that instead of cussing and fussing it comes out that way. did that rhyme too? see what i'm saying? i'm here to say crystal clear, my heart goes out to you, sister , i'm at want to crime ya'll don't know the tears. anyway, sorry. but don't you know, the history is going to be showing. the attitude that people have, he is not even looking at it. back in the process when they had to go about ed taking pictures were here. it seemed like he was unaware i was taking pictures but if you look at it it looks like he wasn't part of what you are doing right there in the history scott, i appreciate you man. history. ya'll all did this and this is
12:50 pm
good. what i'm here to say, i'm the cz ar of migration whether you like it or not. you are going to hear what i have to say one way or another. the police officer are what we have little class left 10 years ago. thank you, very much. >> thank you. >> any further public comments? >> ms. brown, would you like to use the overhead? >> yes, i would. >> is the overhead ready? happy new years, everyone. i'm here to talk about my son again. his case is not solved. he was murdered august 14th, 2006. i am still waiting for some
12:51 pm
answers to his homicide. this is a new year, and august of this year will be 12 years. i just want to say my son existed. he is not a statistic, he is existed. i was going through some pictures the other day looking for his school pictures at saint dominiques when he first started there. to the last day of his graduation. paying tuition, paying school fees, trying to get grants to have him finish school all to end up with his death.
12:52 pm
so, i'm saying that -- this is all i have left to remember him. i have a thing from the police association that says where were you when i was murdered? still have no place to put these things except for my house, over the fireplace or climb on top of my car and put them on top of a pole for someone to tear down. i'm still asking for a venue to put them on the buses, at least back on the buses. put them at the bus station. so the perpetrateers can see their victims and they're still walking the street that murdered my son. something needs to be done about it. thank you. >> thank you. >> further public comments. >> public comments are now
12:53 pm
closed. >> item 4, public comment on all matters pertaining to items 6 below closed session whether to hold item 6 in closed session. >> i must say chief scott we used to have three minutes and the public used to get up and speak before ya'll go through all of this, what ya'll are talking about you know. so you got to excuse me because it's been a long time since i've came back here. i came back and the agenda changed and you guys go through ya'll and sit here and wait patiently. >> this is public comment regarding whether or not we can go in to closed session. >> oh. >> you missed that. you were in the ace in the case representation. >> i'm sorry. >> what is a public comment i just popped. >> you are good at it. you didn't sing tonight unfortunately. >> i'm not feeling that way. >> whether or not we go in to closed session.
12:54 pm
none public comments now closed. >> item 5, vote whether to hold item 6 in closed session including on vote whether to assert the attorney client privilege with item 6b. and c. san francisco administrative code sex -- section 67.1. >> motion to go in to closed session. >> second. >> all in favor. >> thank you, very much. >> commissioner, you are back on the record in open session, and you still have a quorum. >> a next item please. >> an item 7, whether to disclose any or all discussion on item 6 held in closed session. >> vote for nondisclosure.
12:55 pm
>> all in favor. all opposed? thank you. motion carries. >> item eight, adjournment. action item. >> move to adjourn. >> second. >> move and seconded by marshall. all in favor? >> aye. any opposed? thank you, folks. we have completed our first meeting of 2018. go.
12:56 pm
>> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina
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>> roll call, commissioner willie adams. >> here. >> commissioner kimberly brandon. >> here. >> item two will provide the minutes for november 14, 2017 meeting. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favour say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? >> item three public comment on executive session. >> there any public comment on executive session? being none, public comment is closed. >> item four, executive session. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favour say aye. >> aye. >> opposed?


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