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tv   Board of Education 4417  SFGTV  April 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> good evening we'll call tonight's board of education meeting to order tuesday, april 4, 2017, roll call. please ms. casco. >> thank you mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez mr. walton ms. eng and ms. zaragoza thank you thank you. ms. casco will everyone please please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> section a accessibility
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information for the public as has been announced excuse me - munoz are reminded if they wish to address the board of education an individual can complete a speaker card prior to the item and present it to say the executive assistant speaker cards will not be accepted for an item already before the board section b we're going to hear if superintendant lee thank you thank you president walton and once again sort of like renovate my comments will be on the longer side please bear with me and thank you for being here. from the bottom of my heart let me be the first to congratulate doctor matthew's as the next superintendent of sfusd applause
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please >> (clapping.) >> and sorry if i'm stealing anyone else's thunder president walton but i did want to make a few remarks you'll hear more about doctor matthew's but we're excited to work with him as he returns to the roots of san francisco and our school district i've had a chance to spend quality time including a sunday in i haven't had clothing and can tell that the board of education made an excellent choice on behalf of our staff all of our staff we're committed to helping him being successful and achieving great things and of great service to all the families and school and he's here with his wonderful family
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beginning on sunday so thank you for being here. so next this is partly relation to our time together on sunday congratulate the boys varsity basketball team. >> (clapping.) >> who are colleague and former proud principal is here kevin truett go bears yes in case you do know this the boys basketball team succeeded in the state championship and gotten one center 82 to 17 in a dramatic over time. >> (clapping.) >> they made history and became the first san francisco
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public school 40 to win a championship they next regular meeting of on april 25th the team will join us as we recognize them along with their coach tonight, however, i want to thank the golden state warriors for a very special celebration they threw for the championship bears this past sunday the warriors hosted the team for a fantastic game the highlight was a live broadcaster celebration of might victory through a standing ovation from the crowd i was honored to attend this special celebration along with mayor ed lee and doctor matthew and ms. mendoza-mcdonnell and a principal eric we offered our health felt thanks to the golden state warriors as well as ms. mendoza-mcdonnell for making this unforgettable experience
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possible for the championship team i'll say that a lot state championship here at sfusd and proud to announce our chief technology officer not here she's been named the outstanding k po of the year. >> (clapping.) >> by the consortium networking and the reason why ms. doed she accepted the award and joined our district in april of 2015 so coming up on her second year anniversary and was charged with expanding the digital district plan to provide every student and school with assets to 21st
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century learning environment want to acknowledge some of the accomplishments with us within 5 most under her direction nearly 10 thousand employees and 57 thousand students shifted to a platform we also successfully completed the laptop educators program that provided 46 hundred educators with a laptop that's an accomplishment they oversee the migration to google apps and focused on managing the diversity of digital learning tools that schools use for students announce with the team and the department of the environment is building a digital backpack for extremely for tools and online resources and finally chief doed oversee the digital and the verizon
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foundation to create 27 anytime anywhere at the 3 of the middle schools through the initiative learning schools with closing the gap that partnership established a program for can i see one by one home didn't see at san francisco unified school district is congratulations and to her and the whole department of technology for supporting the educators and students at the sfusd next tomorrow wednesday april 5th the fourth high school g f a alliance day this year's team logging loudly the event supports by the school health programs department and lgbt youth is order by the sfusd high school students and 15 high
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schools and 3 charter schools will be represented approximately, one and 50 students lgbt allies would be represented and expend to attend a day of workshops and the resource fair per next national poetry month the largest literary celebration isn't world with tens of millions of readers and k through 12 and literary curiosities and, of course, poets marking poetry is important in our culture and lives k l a w will be focusing on hash tag and 7 combrarldz and willie l. brown middle school have been working in teams proposed of an engineer and electrical engineer and computer engineers as part of willie l.
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brown middle school hands based technology and arithmetic's or m curriculum students will present their projects as a robotic celebration thursday april 6th for families so see functional robotic arms and finally after 8 years of learning cantonese or mandarin alice eight grade students go to china 57 students time or went to hong kong and other city's they attended the classes and students have returned and are excited to share what we learned and have a bridged culture and built community so that that concluded my report. thank you, commissioners. >> thank you superintendant lee and we appreciated the emphasis on the mission bears championship in recognition and
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commendations. tonight item b-3 student delegate's report. >> ms. eng and ms. zaragoza. >> thank you president walton good evening board of education and president and vice president and public and doctor manifesting i want to start with to congratulate mission high school varsity basketball team is a big thing i know sounds like great and also want to remind the seniors that point out which colleges they'll attend to an may first so choose wisely i know i'm excited for myself and how much money so safe those dates and replying for skirlz the first thin on the
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report the youth submit boys survey el cap it is for next year who will be sitting here as annually we have different students and make sure you're supporting our students very at most votes and make sure that survey very out there for the public it is - next the undocumented unafraid resolution for students and i have taken care of it and spent 3 hours in spring break and starting to meet with sfusd staff so he can have a final vote next student delegates. >> thank you so we had a presentation from sarah acetone from the
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department of technology and she presented this for all to the immigrant and present to the sfusd at the next meeting so essentially this is the transition from school loop to a new platform for a new platform for grades and attention and assignments can be streamlined for teachers in the one comprehensive unit we'll talk about that and give her feedback she wants more feedback in the sfusd board she'll be coming at the april 10th meeting and have more information and another update from 2016 so recently california allows 16 and 17-year-olds to preregister and you fill out the information you can't registration until our 18 i preregistered last year when i was 18 they sent me a card this
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showed me where to vote if i were to vote and more information if i were to vote and to find information online we want to streamline this information to you'll historicalers and make sure they are prepared when they want to vote and vote 16 is working on video to inspire across the country to be engaged in politics and just diversities. >> i know this will be more information about preregistering but to remind you the next meeting will be monday april 10th at 5:00 p.m. in the board room a public meeting so everybody is welcome to come stop but if you want to be part of this thing please contact
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contact mr. salvador lopez. >> thank you. >> thank you student delegates and as an addendum to the student delegate's report. >> we have the department of election for voter registration thank you, ms. fox. >> thank you, very much. nice to see all of you i am here to share news about the high school students getting involved in voting you can registration to support when your 16 years old there is a voting page you have to pate e wait until our 18 the secretary of state changed this when we were 18 it is a chocolate time so we felt that was hard to
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remember to register to vote now it is as mentioned you can preregistration at the vote 16, 17 and we send you a birth card but a card that says your 18 birthday you can vote towards that end this spring we've been collaborating with the youth commission to encourage preregistration if if in all san francisco high schools we've gone to summer job fairs and the submit to spread the word as also using social media we want to go directly into our schools every year and so we are operating in secretary of state high school election ambassadors program and that means our students we're going to empower the students at every school to register voters
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preregistered during the voter education that is april 17th go and we'll train the students though how to do one events on the campus and during the two weeks and help their fellow students register to vote don't have to be 16 to participate as an election ambassador and we have sent information out to all of our schools public and private they got recruitment packages and we're communicating with the adult staff i want you can know what is going on the students are volunteers but will get customer service they'll have a certificate of appreciation from the mayor and service hours and the 9th item on the resume or the college application we hope you will help us
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encourage participation by sfusd students they need to apply by april 10th and you can find the information on campus or at forward/s f a we believe at the department of elections in encouraging students to disperse they're voting rights by enhancing their education in the district required american democracy curriculum we want to do more the department of elections along with the sf youth commission civic engagement committee requesters we have an agenda item on a future board of education meeting to hear any updates about all your resolutions. >> more than that asking sfusd
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that whoever is appropriate to notify us to participate in the development of a program that will meet the intentions of your resolution i'd like to be involved in that so students get involved with even though voting by being ambassadors during voter education week and you'll find information or can ask for an update one six 2283 i had to look at that and sfusd staff call me e-mail me educating voters is my mission and job we want to work on that together department of elections wants every liberal san franciscan to be a voter and just for the adults in the room the next
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scheduled election is in san francisco june 5th 2018 that means that anyone born before or on june 5, 2000, will be bloibl to vote in the next election so thank you very much i'm here here to answer questions i appreciate that thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. fox no questions but we appreciate the update of course, you can. >> i wanted to lowest the public know and ms. fox know i've asked commissioner haney to schedule that update at future meetings. >> thank you commissioner norton i'm interested to see what in voter registration looks like no citizens' advisory council any committee appointments colleagues seeing none, we're going to fast
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forward to item g our special order of business together as you may know we have gotten a process to work hard to find the right leader for the district and tonight will be the opportunity to vote on the contract for our final list of the next superintendent of san francisco unified school district and again to just echo superintendant lee want to thank doctor manifesting and his family for being here this evening we appreciate you're being here tonight and move forward with the business at hand so, please read read into the record the recommendations for the board. >> so this evening the recommendation approve the contract with doctor vincent maufbt for the san francisco unified school district. >> thank you i need to hear a motion and
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second. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you very much ms. house and colleagues do we have any speakers in the audience tonight for this item. >> please come up to the mike you have two minutes. >> good evening. i'm kevin the director of policy at cal man advocates we want to speak on behalf of our students and parent members about the hiring of the new superintendent who is here and i see the family we working with african-american latino parents have seen them not served well by the district and seep the board take initiatives to really change that we're hoping with this hover will continue down that legacy business but be a district that leans on the
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parents they consulted and people are ph.d let the people in the classroom should leadership i mean let them be part of the decision making process and hopefully into consideration and deliberation in our hiring rose and we look forward to working with the new superintendent and to continue to work with the board and staff and also want to notify the new superintendent to come out and visit the schools in the southeast part of city and really see the school that need attention to be successful on their considerate parts on the one side of town thank you. >> buenos dias.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> good evening. i'm cynthia a mother of program for improvements for schools. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i want to greet you all superintendant lee and doctor maufts. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i would like to speak about us as parents are effecting the superintendent. >> (speaking spanish.) >> hi we're parent leaders
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working with the high school to advocate so for high quality schools for all san francisco we know you have selected doctor vincent maufts and we want the following things from thews and following things from him. >> (speaking spanish.) >> over the past 6 months we participated in the survey and attended the community meetings about the search for a new superintendant we spread the word to other counties. >> (speaking spanish.) >> in october we helped to organize a school board candidate we filled out a pole
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of top priorities for the next superintendent. >> (speaking spanish.) >> the majority of the people selected an achievement as their top priorities for the superintendent. >> (speaking spanish.) >> this is what we have heard over and over from parents. >> (speaking spanish.) >> apartment want a superintendant who has a proven track record of truly achievement for all students particularly for our most
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vulnerable student spraupz that are often low income students of color english learners and special education students. >> (speaking spanish.) >> our district needs a leader it is needed to making sure that note just some but all san francisco students receive an excellent education. >> (speaking spanish.) >> we agree with what we've heard from certain members of the board and school district that is that important to have a leader with a long term commitment to san francisco.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> we want respond who seeks to learn from schools that are having successful results and share the valuable lessons learning from a variety of charters that are successful with students, of course, acknowledging the unique environment of every school and trying new things. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good evening my name is letting to president of the united educators greasing doctor
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matthew's and thank you for coming our family and superintendant lee and commissioners, i want to echo many of the sentiments of the speakers before me we're looking forward to working with doctor matthew's and we hope to see in our new superintendent is support for the students our high needs and a recognize that the center of education takes place in the classroom and that the strong working relationship among auto all stakeholders with the educators is key to getting the growth in the student chuflt we want at the school sites and more teaching and time for teaching less time on testing wetogether.
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>> sorry and we look forward to working closely with you thank you. >> thank you so much colleagues nothing anyone wants to share. >> commissioner murase i want to really what i said to the families wrenching he go people are excited to have doctor matthew's and proud to have someone that went to school here and come back to the district and so want to offer my hearty welcome. >> student delegates you want
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to echo a what everyone said i'm glad you're here and support you as students and as educators and staff we have a question of students we're not sure want to call the superintendent as doctor mathews do you have a preferred way for us students to address you doctor mathews okay. and more like - a lot of like our fac group wants to know if you have an open door policy and 0 stop by our next meeting really quick i know we would like to officially greet you and meet and greet all of the students. >> so ms. mendoza-mcdonnell.
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>> sorry thank you before our vote i want to thank you, dr. mathews for putting your hats into the ring and representing our district incredibly well, one thing that resonated during the interview you attributed our life career to sfusd and as a graduate of sfusd i know how meaningful it is to be able to take a step back and look at what you came from and honor the way in which you were brought up the idea you'll be leading our district having come if the district matters and it really speaks volumes about the heart that your coming in this position with i want to also welcome i look forward to working with you when we had this opportunity to
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meet you for me the first time what resonated with me besides the experience and knowledge and depth of the knowledge over the last 25 or thirty years our smile and children's in tie every interview it remind me how you carry your kids that to me was the symbol i saw in partnership it is important to all of us and every place i've gone to hear about relationships that you had in the past people called me to say you've made an excellent choice including the two previous superintendents that are looking forward to your leadership in sfusd i've heard nothing but positive remarks is
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i personally prefer to work with you and really it was a pleasure to spent a lot of time and happy to see all our beautiful three children and have your back and so do we welcome. >> i wanted to quickly also graduate you graduate your family an exciting time for epic for your life and your family to be coming back home to san francisco and an exciting time for us a board to be welcoming you i think we're at a point in the district we know we have a lot of challenges we still have a lot of students in the district that are not benefiting from the tremendous opportunities in the city and we are looking to you to be our partner to accelerate and to insure that all of them with the builders success it is
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a joyous momentum but we've got a lot more work to do and we are a board that needs what you bring and so i want to thank you for coming here he know it is a big challenge and big change for you as well but one i think that all of us are prepared to jump in headfirst and i want to response from some of the comments when you come you feel welcomed and include and take some time to learn from the incredible parents and students and teachers and staff we have here because we have so many to offer and do this at another time another stage but thank you. the intern superintendant lee and deputy city attorney
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guerrero and to continue to see the progress they're looking forward to having you here and really partnering thank you for taking on this challenge with us and thank you to our family there's nothing we shouldn't be able to do and with your leadership we'll be able to do it commissioner sanchez congratulations and welcome doctor mathews i need your help to enumerate the first was a prudent person. >> but the campus and grattan elementary school in the house. >> (clapping.) >> hover middle school and high school and you went on to state forward our batches and matters of your credentials a local homegrown welcome back and
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proud to have you our game is clear actually - i also want to talk about longevity for you, you want to retire here for 20 years thank you in advance for the 20 years this was one of the things the board counted on someone that will be here for the lors long haul that means a lot you were one the candidates for the job that had really high recommendations for lean numbers particularly the president the teachers the work in san jose that was really the most in terms of of bringing you here to work with the units that is an international part of work to make sure we are working arm-in-arm and negotiating contracts so again, thank you and i want to thank the board
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the process you engaged in that long long weekend was like a long time ago it was respectful and everyone's voices were heard and great candidates you rose to the top congratulations again, thank you commissioner norton. >> just to add my welcome and thank you for being willing to take this on i'm really excited that you are you know have such a long history and deep roots in san francisco that is incredibly powerful for the students to see you and educated in san francisco schools can reach you to the pinnacles of success so welcome very excited to meet your family and very excited to start working with you. >> commissioner cook.
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>> might as well say something (laughter) congratulations i look forward to being with you confused with you (laughter) and president walton knew that was coming (laughter). >> thought you were referring to your new. >> we have a good time at the board of education i also want to thank my colleagues for how hard you've worked to vet all the candidates not everybody that serves on this board is so committed and passionate what happens ♪ district and you know like me i got this i was educated and my grandparent raised me here and young people are in that situation existed to see the
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teachers and looking be accepted and loved and fight what their psa about we have thousand stories of people that will be forever affected by the work you do so to push you at the head of that is a big deal for us and for them and i know how much you know that because you were also one of the young people i heard one of our - we have a teacher shortage so ms. hope b will check me about you're working for us tell your friends they're hiring good people at sfusd and your dad being one of them and also wanted to make sure that i acknowledge the comments of our teachers union and people that have been a long time stakeholders that are condominium to equity and
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running the forces so based on what we saw in our career you went from challenging areas of the state where things weren't you know going well in oakland and i know wood so you've not avoided challenges but at this district we have a lot of incredible people and competent people that moved the ball to get to a good place because of your experience you can take us to the next level and thank you to all the candidates that everyone that applied yeah, a lot of dynamic people came before us i'm confident we choose the right candidates to get closure to our goals >> thank you, commissioners so just before we vote i want to say that i'm very excited about
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your leadership i was impressed you know with many things in terms of of your structural background but the thing that impressed me the most you've heard here today, our emphasis and focus on the relationship between the teacher and the students that is big for me and us about work in the district the fact your focused on this relationship and everything else supports that relationship and that learning that is key and will lead to success and our phone call vision 2025 and making sure our students graduate with a higher education was important and so parents and families and anyone out there as you've seen we've hired a superintendent that is from san francisco breed in san francisco and going to the public school system if anyone asks you as a graduate of san
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francisco unified school district parents or students can tell them you can, a parent of san francisco unified school district that is big for us and our students to understand that the sky is the limit we don't just practice but we practice in this district and make sure we make the decisions so that focus is analyzed to again congratulations with that, we wanted to have a roll call vote ms. casco. >> thank you, commissioner mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell - (laughter) was that, yes. >> ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and mr. walton that's unanimous . >> (clapping.)
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>> so doctor mathews it is appropriate to have a few words to say you can speak anywhere in the room you like. >> good evening, everyone i'll try it again good-bye everyone first and foremost thank you for the commissioner i'm honored to that the father you've placed in me and do my best every single day for the children in san francisco for the san francisco unified school district i want to acknowledging no disrespect but a few people in the room thank you vince i've received so many support thank you people called or texted or made contact just encouraged me i appreciate that two people i want to acknowledge first before i get my family want to acknowledging and then
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my family laura first, i want to acknowledging them and thank them for so many nights daddy not there and they carried through when i got there whatever time to tell me about the day this is my son anthony san francisco state good gators and this is my middle son aaron and this is my daughter a teacher in the east bay so start recruiting and my wife yolanda who just the rock of our family and consistently and constantly there as the patience of job she carries us there love you. >> thank you for everything
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the two people i want to acknowledge you heard i grew up in the haight ashbury and hunters point and taught in hunters point the first classroom i taught in was the young lady was out on maternity leave and that's a compliment back here her classroom thank you for having that child made room for me in the district i don't want to ask howled i don't want to know but the first after the place where i taught wgeorg washington high school and the principal of the school. >> (clapping.) >> she actually tricked me into going into administration go get your credential out not use it for thirty years she said
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go on interviews you're only 27 none will hire you i went to interview at el dorado middle school i said ms. jones they want me she said you interviewed now go to is one of the things from ms. jones all children can learn all children want to learn and we as the adults in the system have the responsibility for making that happen and she 0 drove that and make sure if you were a member of the george washington high school you'll building that and if you didn't you were no longer a member of the george washington high school staff that is who she was and is and it has that same tenants have driven me to this today all children can learn all
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children want to learn and we as the adults have the responsibility for making that happen earliest it is said that my belief around the instruction the most important place not in the office but the classroom and the most important interaction that happens the interaction between the teachers and the students and everything else should be able and driven to enhance this interaction and make that happen in a high quality way i strive to do that every single day and finally i want to say that over 50 years ago robert i'm sorry jfk challenged to in addition to send a man to the moon and bring him back safely in the decade of the 50's psychos we take on this
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challenge not because it is easy but difficult a few years in brown versus the board of education the supreme court desegregated the schools integrated the schools and what that set in motion was the challenge of making sure that every child in our country receives a high qualify satisfaction e education we remember successful in sending a man to the noon in many large your honor's they struggle with the challenge of making sure that every child receives a high quality education i agree wholeheartedly with commissioner haney in any district is possessed to do san francisco unified school district is possessed to do that we have a resources and the energy and the talent and most
10:52 pm
importantly the desire to make that happen. >> (clapping.) >> as i started tonight i said that is quite an honor you have no idea my heart is beating 100 percent miles and minute for me coming home is a dream come drew u true but i really am most excited about the fathered you've placed in me to partner so we move forward and we eventually are this pays for districts of eliminating the opportunity gap thank you all. >> (clapping.) >> this is the only boards meeting i'll be attending i have the opportunity to leave early (laughter)
10:53 pm
so i know others i want to thank you all for we'll go out thank you all once again. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so many doctor manifesting and again, we're excited about your leadership and looking forward to many nights late nights here so you have the opportunity to do this we are going to go back to consent calendar can i get a motion and second on the consent calendar. >> second. >> thank you any items withdrawn of corrected by the superintendent. >> can i ask is there any items to withdraw or correct tonight. >> please. i'd like to withdraw consent calendar item 10 this is a duplicate of number 7 contracting in that section and withdrawn is one 74 for the
10:54 pm
consultant contract and withdrawn 174 go k 55 we have one correction for the service correct cat is april 5, 2017, through may 27, 2017. >> thank you no public comment tonight on this item any items removed for first reading seeing none, any. >> ms. mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i'd like to pull item k 58 please. thank you very much any other board members. >> all right. we will now have to let me hear what you're item is commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> we changed it back? >> i don't know about changed
10:55 pm
that back but ms. casco. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll have a roll call vote a little bit later section d discussion on the severed by separate consideration. >> pardon me president walton we must have misunderstood the board will vote on the consent calendar exactly and vote on any severed items. >> i don't have any problem vote on consent calendar. >> ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook. >> mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and mr. walton thank you. >> and new commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> thank you i pulled item k 58 a retroactive
10:56 pm
resolution normally i'm curious on this one this the reason was the start data was required by the grant and for the downtown high school for $19,000 and this has been in motion since august 2016 that's that months ago we have been on a contract that we didn't have approved or funding for i want to know what happened here. >> good evening commissioners assistant superintendent the information i can get the specific grant information if you want a followup that is a grant the grant is not final list and the work is planned for example, you know that downtown is a project based learning school they actually plan the projects and start the projects at the beginning of the semester we believe that is a little bit long for this and he agree with
10:57 pm
you and i can correct that it is just an example of a grant not finalized and having the plan to start work. >> if you have a grant for a postage that is done at the end of year you should have the funding in place before you start the project to my point i mean whether the point is based or not you can't have work we contract with people without knowing how to pay for it or a contract approved and you know what i mean that is a little bit more egregious seven months a a long time whether you know you're paying for a mr. starr project. >> agreed commissioner that i'll move and work with the school to pasture they correct that they'll have to do rely on the grant funding this year to
10:58 pm
pay for next year's actually plan a year in advance with the particular projects that's what i'm going to advise them. >> in the future i'd like to see more of a reason than the grants said so. >> understood >> any others discussions on this item if not ms. casco roll call vote on the severed item roll call vote. >> thank you ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell no thank you dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez mr. walton thank you thank you 6 i's. >> thank you section e superintendent proposals for action one proposal item one 7321 sp one for the
10:59 pm
policy 5121/evaluation of student chouchlts that of there is a motion that has been seconded on march 21st a committee report if rules committee that was heard last time. >> ordered the solution for a positive recommendation. >> thank you superintendant lee you have someone to read into the record. >> yes. superintendent bill sanderson back again. >> good evening, commissioners and bill sanderson from the high school i wanted to double check on something am i to lead the background for or not read the actual entire policy please verify. >> unless the board president we read only the recommended action. >> that's very true. >> what page is that on?
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>> i apologize for the electronic version of agenda so i will - giving me one moment please - >> if it would be helpful i mean, i'll be happen to read it on your behalf our the recommended action board members the board of education adapt one 73 the board policy grade evaluation of students achievement. >> appreciate the teamwork together right. >> any public comment on this item seeing none, any comments from my colleagues xhoern. >> i want to say i have pleased to seeing this brought forward it right thing overdue and like to say that one of the teenagers
11:01 pm
in any housing that has opinions is in favor of this version. >> thank you commissioner norton and school district ms. eng. >> i added feel but we had a presentation. >> you will the members of immigrant are in favor and have the students support as well. >> thank you roll call vote ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and mr. walton 7 i's. >> thank you. >> section f public comment on general matters please note an opportunity for the board to hear from the community on matters within the board's jurisdiction we ask you refrain from using employee and students
11:02 pm
names if you have a complaint about a district employee submitted to the supervisor and according to the policy as a reminder of california state law not allow us to respond to questions during the public comment time if appropriate the superintendent have ask that staff follow-up with speakers you have two minutes to come to the microphone and tonight we have elizabeth, (calling names). >> you have two minutes at the microphone. >> sorry. >> hi my name is elizabeth i'm a member of the union that works
11:03 pm
at the san francisco state university but coming here as a concerned citizen i want to invite everyone to a conference an emergency conference california emergency conference that is saturday april 15th from 9:30 to 6:00 p.m. at the 185 the blue cross it is a supported by labor raising i can't suppressing stress how important to stop the defunding of the public coffers and our tax money into private hands i'm a bit concerned about the boards stance an charter schools i think so i'm not against all charter schools we need to look very closely and safeguard the public funds for all people and
11:04 pm
children in this state and the fact is that teachers and teachers unions are not special interests but rather are part of the make up of creating communities and the politics of privatization around schools have destroyed the communities and defunct our common sense and we need to safeguard that and work together i looked forward to count on you to make sure that you safeguard public education and this conference is put together by unions, u a w and classroom struggles and also sponsored by oakland education association as well now more than ever it is important we protect our public
11:05 pm
education given we have secretary of education who representatives the most backward elements of our society thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening thank you so much i'm judy i'm here as a mother and a board president of charter of japanese-american citizens lead for civil rights and advocacy and education and community started in 1929 i'm here to speak on a headline that was recently in the newspaper the coach skewed of mac apologizing i asian students came from the community and we need to respond to as j.c. l so j.c. l sometimes in 1993 or 2003
11:06 pm
with the support of ford motorist company said show our support japan is a derogatory term like which i know and chinaman and other things it gets more uncomfortable to say the rest of it from 1993 to 2002 brochures are alerting people those are not acceptable and it happened at galileo high school a mom of four sons i spent 14 years a baseball mom a basketball mom and it was really shocking appalling today something like that happens in our schools this is really a vulnerable time remember high school it was a
11:07 pm
vulnerable time for students who were prep to construct their lives and enter adulthood an adult would be better back in the day i heard he was a chinaman and slanted eyes so as a chinese-american student which i know chunk or whatever someone that is strengthening the character of students this is totally unacceptable and shameful so i'm asking please to we would like to be kept apprised because the community wants to know thank you. >> good evening president
11:08 pm
walton i've been one the school nurses for the past 20 years and here to ask to ask a second probation roadway i've known her a teacher and brings a rich backward a skilled educator and a native of our stiff a graduate of galileo a former a s p accident a woman that speaks cantonese and english and mandarin and an open mind a teacher with satisfactory and higher satisfactory evaluation and a caring compassionate and committed nature with those attributes known to us as galileo you've heard me speak about her and knowing how much she cares about the success of students i can't understand
11:09 pm
this non-re-election in those dies the crisis of affordable housing in the city and the commitment to stable and supportive schools you can't allow the dispatch of my educator let along along a special education teacher i'm asking to rescind this now. >> thank you. >> good evening i'm yvette a special education teacher at the galileo high school i teacher special ed for anybody else students i bring my show-and-tell i don't know about you but i'm tired i wake up at 515 in the morning and like to be home right now but the reason i'm not because this is such an important curb and jessica wong is my go to
11:10 pm
colleagues when i need her this is an important issue because i want galileo to be a high quality school where teachers and our homegrown probationary teachers are part of the community are respected and feel safe and the work that i and others are doing and google to support jessica wong shows puts a tatter on our back i'm reminded of the important duties of this kind work the 49 anniversary of the martin luther king i said two or three weeks ago we as teachers ask our students everyday to be great to try something new and go beyond something that is familiar and trust that to believe in in adult world i'm
11:11 pm
asking you to be brave too i know you've all tired and you've been up at the 515 and also you to be brave and take time to look at this issue this is about keeping high quality teacher at a high quality campus and making it safe for everyone there thank you. >> hi i'm crying it is normal nowadays i'm jessica wong i'm a special ed teacher at the galileo and currently being non-re-elected in a high subject up to february we were down teachers with the exemption of my under
11:12 pm
graduate i've spent a lot of time as a teacher and parent all in sfusd specifically at alamo and galileo i constantly constantly feel like the sfusd poster child i'm deeply routed in the city and my parents and aunt and uncles we all are san francisco alumni like me living and proving example how the san francisco unified school district education aspires a person in extraordinary ways as after college we want to serve our home community in my almost 3 years of teach i've taught chemical and physics and teach and volunteer to cut the classes
11:13 pm
for substances i volunteer to help the students with it hours and hours of testing i teach night school and summer school and spend my weekends volunteering for the class of 2020 in my capacity as class sponsor and go to every single school dance my teacher did for me when i was vice president at galileo i spent my life in galileo and gave 100 percent know we're helping the future of our society i'm asking you and pleading really for future reasons on my re-election i want to inspire the kids to love the learn to give back to their
11:14 pm
communities and not afraid and stand up for what is right and think about the impacts of now non-re-election on the students thanking that's why we're here i know i am they are losing their science teacher and math and night life teacher and summer school and allies - >> (clapping.) >> good evening in an effort to respect our minded we decided to have been voice for the communities tonight given the travesty of justice for mr. phillips we can't in good conscious urban design quiet about the situation we still wish for him to be
11:15 pm
transferred back to gradually and meeting with the situation currently we're trying to find the space regard enough to fit phillips supporter we'll not give up the new superintendent has talked about the most important thing the interaction between the teachers and students you've heard this many, many times here i've been coming since december with phillip x secondly, in his interaction with the students they miss him i still have not received e-mail responses for a few of i've reached out and one i sent a lengthy e-mail and in general i'm confused and dissatisfied with the situation we won't stop we're trying to be
11:16 pm
respectful as we can be and you'll be hearing more from us. >> (clapping.) >> good evening i'm sorry still letting to the president of the united educators of san francisco first of all, i want to comment on the next last speaker jessica and urge you to reconsider extending the non-re-election of this threatened young teacher the the spell ed teachers were recruited we can't afford to lose someone like this doctor manifesting said we have had the gap and there is a bowl effect we hear
11:17 pm
about a talented young person we're trying to make them work in the district that didn't show them the respect i want early feedback on the bargaining table the fact that the district came across the compensation early in the game a positive development for us the recognition of emergency of affordability criticize for the paraprofessionals and others teachers across the board 3 percent for sort of because 100 percent includes the day to day work that is debatable 3 percent is for everybody so increasing the work year you know we're that didn't look like a pocket for us there was an increase in a proposed there that the pending
11:18 pm
care but $50 for an employee with one excellent a month increases of $100 a police is a drop in the bucket here's a printout from the u.s. bureau of labor showing this 3 percent last year so 3 percent there is like status quo not going to dent the out flow of dedicated and committed educators we believe we can do better we'll be punishing you to do better and looking forward to the next round thank you very much. >> you recall we addressed section g and h introduction of assignments as to the content there are 3 superintendent
11:19 pm
proposals one 74 f p one and professional standard and board policy non-discrimination in employment and one sp 3 board policy non-discriminates in district programs and activities i will refer those proposals to the rules committee may i have a motion and second on the proposal. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you section i board members report and standing committee do we have a report if committee and programs. >> rules committee we heard do you have anything to add. >> a number of bills making their way to the legislature one for supporting our ab 830
11:20 pm
removes the student high school examines even though we've not think bringing it, it is officially a positive step and ab 1478 will require the charter schools just like all broadband's of education unlikely that will pass yeah, but it is a nice idea; right? >> ab 617 is the people instructions voter registration like we're doing here so the board is statewide and 3 bills that will support incentivizing becoming a teacher offers a 20 thousand grant for those enrolled and prohibits the districts from charging fees we
11:21 pm
don't do that here but the next will forgive loans for education programs and ab 568 as established paid maternity leave and ab 699 which calls for the equity regarding the equality status for complaints of harassment and diego congratulation and status we supported assembly bill 783 that amends the government code for firearms into the schools that allow inare reverberate loops for students they're not able to arm an authorized civilian from entering a campus and lastly this creates the preservation
11:22 pm
for institution in the african-american museum in la and our next meeting is may first. >> yeah. >> commissioner sanchez anything from budget. >> the budget committee will meet. >> anything from building, grounds, and services committee and thank you so much and board delegates any appointments any other reports or updates from the board members. >> i'll remind you friday is the last day for workshop if you want to put together a workshop this is this friday. >> commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> great, thank you i'd like to invite everyone to the youth combland plan finals this friday at 6 o'clock at north awesome if you've not been to an event you haven't lived they're amazing and we're hoping it san
11:23 pm
francisco will rain a champion once again the chair i wanted to extend my thank you to the warriors sworn testimony they've been incredibly generous for young people and organized a variety of events for lincoln oh, my god i didn't see that washington high school and in addition to the warriors game we will be having a celebration with mayor ed lee and board of supervisors and other on april 12th at 5:30 so the parents in the community can come and join us an april 12th is also the hamilton presentation and play for the stanford we'll be bringing 2000 of our 11 and 12 graders to the see the hamilton play that is will be hamentd all day and come and celebrate the bears in the evening at the city hall
11:24 pm
we're also planning a picnic in the park sometime in may with the school light you up city hall in brown and gold invocation and unfortunately, we couldn't do their own parade mostly it costs one half a million dollars to do a parade but the organizes that are hosting the cesar chavez parade are welcoming our mission bears to join them in that parade so we look forward to celebrating with the bears throughout the next couple of months congratulations to mission high school. >> just from hearing commissioner sanchez talking about the bill i wanted to mention that senate bill 54 will make california state and senate
11:25 pm
bill 6 that will create 12 though new legal defense bound for immigrants and sp 31 will that doesn't refer to our district just passed so - those. >> thank you student delegate our students are informed we appreciate that your dedication and commitment section j in memoriam adjournment, there is none tonight. and section k we'll rerecess th thank you. >> i will now resume the regular board meeting first
11:26 pm
closed session actions if the regular meeting of of march twitter in the matters of anticipated litigation the board by 7 i's has given directions to general council and in a moment i'll read out action from tonight's closed session read out from tonight's closed session on tuesday, april 4, 2017, the board by the vote of 6 approved the will with not renewable notice of one principal and 6 i's approval will not are you he renew one principal and approved the contract for 4 program administrators the matter of one case of anticipated litigation the board by a vote of one i's has given direction to general
11:27 pm
council in the matter of sfusd versus aba vote by 6 i's absent frum to settle for a stipulated amount and the board by a vote of 6 i's gives the authority to settle with a industrialized amount and no. >> there's no further business. >> so this meeting is adjourned
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
historic preservation commission for wednesday prilt 5, 2017. i would labeling to remind members that the commission does not tolerate any disruption or outbursts of any time, please silence your mobile devices, and when speaking before the commission, if you care to do, state your name for the record. i would like to take roll, commission president wolfram, commissioner highland, commissioner hasz, commissioner junk, commissioner [inaudible], commissioner matsuda and commissioner pearlman, the first item is general public, the public may address any items of interest o the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. each member of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes. er >> do any members of the public wish to speak on a non-agendized item, if so, please come forward. >> good afternoon,
11:30 pm
commissioners, my name is richard rough man and i just want to give you an update on two projects that i'm working on, one is the elama mixer health center build hating you recently approved as a city landmark and thanks to former supervisor john avalos and the head of real estate, mr. up dike, the city decided to keep this in the city ownership and i haven't heard whether they found a developer, they're trying to find a non-profit developer so that the building and the murals would be better protected if it's in the city ownership, so we'll see that, and then the other -- my main project, the [inaudible] building, katie tang gave us or the building 400 thousand dollars as bridge money and we're starting to


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