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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  February 3, 2017 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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what potential other uses there are for it. and i like to see what were losing. we can do that off-line and come back in a meeting or whatever. >> sure. i will also need a discussion. mok. so item nine a will be contention to a future meeting. and it's been crescent that we call items 10 and 11 together. mme. sec. ? >> item ten is public hearing possible action to improve change and to administrative procedures. this of water and water capacity resulting from the invitation
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from article 12. >> good afternoon. i'm the general manager for water and i do have a presentation. again this is for item 10 and 11. the san francisco ordinance was added to the san francisco housecoat in 2012 aligned for on-site water. in july 2015 the board of supervisors amended that article 12 mandating on-site water system be installed and operating in projects over 250 ft. . this- for the fees and consider
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that acknowledge a reduced impact with on-site reduced systems. and just for air a reference. item 5v on your agenda actually has a annual report on the program. so, with that document there is a summary of that of what they're doing. in fact, the one that was mentioned earlier put it as a particular project that is moving forward to reuse the building and drainage. basically the requirement was to have a regulation in ordinance and policies to make all this work. so the first is on the water and waste capacity charges. those charges are to recover the cost associated with the additional water capacity to new users that may require
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additional capacity. it's typically a one-time charge collected by the department of building inspection. the charges are based on water meters and codes. current capacity charge calculation does not recognize water use. this would make sure that we excesses charges installing on-site water system. this, but basically charging you nurse for demands on the system. there is example there for doing and 525. but we're putting less into the system and taking less water out of the system so a reduced charge seems to be in order. for this action for item 1ten, e
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provide a process that the charges will be based on the size of the water meter record for those plumbing pictures. and pending the approval the chargers would come effective you first of this year. that's part of the story, item 11 is the other part of the story and that is what happens if somebody want to stop using the system. or it breaks or malfunctions in some way, how do you come for that? overburden posing as a water use allocation and charge program. accounts complying with this ordinance will be assigned a monthly allocation typical water use that they would incur. we would also have each end of the water use in excess of that allocation to be billed with a rate of 300% which is applicable
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to the customer. that would be a punitive charge. you stop using the system, you'll have to pay a hefty rate to use the sewer and water system the way it's written up, it provides for a 90 day. for this system or malfunctions. they do have time to repair. that is an appropriate approach. basically, if you prove this the program will be effective january 1st because it requires creation of an diagram in our system. again, the action on this is to adopt a water use allocation program for accounts that only need to comply with the non-ordinance. at x is a financial making the system so customers can comply with this ordinance. we want to avoid people who basically put something in, don't pay for use of the system and decide they don't like that idea and this is the way to say,
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you need to like idea or pay a hefty rate. there are two separate items here for your consideration. thank you >> i have a question. isn't this related to the storm water see question in some way? you might decide to put an on-site water system to reuse this water, would that affect my rate? or a lesser rate? >> you will pay less of the rate because you're using less water. >> this is not tied in with rates this is just a capacity charge? >> yes. the chart is what you pay to make sure that there is room in our system to either provide water to you or to treat the wastewater. they were letting you off the hook on this this chart speaking you been required to put this type of system, we will not
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charge you for that capacity. but if you renovate you have to do the capacity fee as well. >> you capacity charge? >> new developing with her doing the storm water will need to make sure that we figure that in at some way. that's to get the storm water out of their and that's probably good thing. but if they decide to change it later required to put that in, that's where we would call fallon say but even i required that's a different manner.
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>> i love when you come back with these options with the storm water and understand how the capacity charge fits in for that new development and redevelopment and existing as we move forward. understanding this is generally first but one of the implications only and start unpacking the water for the question does that make sense? >> i would turn to mr. sanders? >> yes, the capacity charge for wastewater is really with respect to capacity not to storm water. it's about the train flow that you discharge to the system. >> it's not going --it's only wastewater reuse? >> while we get to the rate and talk about wastewater we will make the distinction from sanitary flow and storm water. we are talking about nonportable water.
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we all want to tie everything together. >> we have always done century stewards and over that would think about storage water-ivan that is just a volume question. grandmother connected i understand. >> we will make that clear. thank you. on item 12 i noticed that those provisions would a pride --apply for the license how was at the fine. >> when the building is gone. it is not an assume life. >> okay. that is fine.
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commissioners any other questioners-other questions? >> i would like to move an item. >> any public comment seen that all is in favor? this carries. item 12. item 12 of the workshop and discussion of the clean power plant. >> good afternoon commissioners. this is her second workshop on our growth plan the intent of this workshop is to educate you to make sure that you're aware of the various issues and components of the growth plan that staff is busy investigating. where trying commissioner to be responsible to request a not to shop industry bring with a final report but, to open the door and show the kind of work were
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doing. we're kind of research were doing and understandings were developing. this workshop will give you a broad survey of the components of the growth plan. >> commissioners i would like to get the item to 13 before we going to close session. >> i will turn the presentation over to mike. >> welcome. >> thank you and good afternoon. i will do my best here to your schedule. let me see. slide please. with that we will get going. for our second plant workshop, today we have prepared a presentation focus on the
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research and analysis that were doing on each area. during the first workshop in november, customer rates and margins and supplies, finances regulatory affairs and compliance-operational readiness and pro forma financial analyst. today i will a provider initial takeaways. i'm not making recommendations, that will be forthcoming. i will conclude what steps and you can address any questions you have. the purpose of the plan is to determine the options with program goals. here is our familiar program
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slide affordability, cleaner energy, local investment and long-term rate and financial stability. this chart really illustrates the task ahead of us. in short, going citywide is a big deal. you will see the current 60 mw program second bar to the right. the question is how does clean power grow its current size? how does it grow from 73,002 as many as 335 counts? this, without sacrificing quality or taking unnecessary risk. i presented the slide which has changed colors. this came out in november and it
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summarizes the clean powers of business practice policy that you adapted and september 2015. critical importance is the fees and policies. which is now in the red bracket. which states the rates must recover costs, they miss meet or beat of each phase. sufficient supply should be available to serve the new phase. that sufficient finance must be available and must have the staff and support system to execute a larger programming. to address these policies when you have to understand our customers their demands, our costs what are inns influence by energy and supplies. and our ability to execute other plants. using the slide before june or
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november workshop today were laying the foundation by reviewing what we have found. it's in the blue part and the orange part our recommendation and a report which will come out in the spring. fundamentals of understanding the program growth is understanding our customers. city demand, this part of the presentation focuses on what our customer base looks like. this, from a usage and rate perspectives and how it might affect our performance. what is clean power? this shows our total clean power is an opportunity which is run 413 mw.
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it represented by the green and whitish gray in the projection and you can see the errors right there. the power and utility service which is representing the bright blue wedge on the top delivers power to around 19% of citywide demands. that final wedge the orange wedge on the top left is 10% represented by two direct axes group. we are not addressing that group today because of the unique environment but, however, the growth plan will address this group in further detail. direct axes is a competitive retail market emerged in the late 1990s and 2000's. really proceeded the cca market.
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and it was suspended during the energy crisis about customers that remained with her direct axes were allowed to stay. we, the city has around 10%. am an example of that? >> an example would be a number of commercial large customers that are receiving service. this, to direct axes and they like the clean power model can enter into contracts with energy service providers for the generation portion and service. does that answer your question? safeway would be an example. >> thank you. here's more detail on usage by customer class. this for both enrolled and to be
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enrolled. here you see in the bright green from the last slide. what's in important the residential customers that are obligated to serve represent 91% of the accounts. that is the deep green wedge on the left chart plus a yellow wedge. the big one. the addition of those two. but the only represent 30% of citywide usage. that is a yellow portion and the green portion. commercial represent 90% of accounts but about 60% of usage. how does our customer energies compared to other providers? >> i'm sorry.
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how many families that represent? >> we don't know but we know the 91% are residential 91%. that's over little bit over 300,000 of the 335,000 that i referred to to being citywide. offhand, 9% is around 30,000. this chart right here compares the usage within our current enrollment group and citywide against other providers like pg&e and other ccs. in short what this chart stays is that san francisco has lower residential usage but a higher commercial and industrial commercial percentages than the others.
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since this program is obligated to serve residential account it's worth calling out fat are residential accounts use 35 to 55% less electricity on average then do the residential customers of the other for cca. that is great news it's one of the reason why cities are sustainable but, it does increase the burden of financially of fixed per account costs. that makes nonresidential accounts important for the programs margins. and that's because we deliver more energy to these accounts. this is an important take away because nonessential enrollment is optional but it is desirable. and we have artie move forward with the first space --phase
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with a commercial mix into our group. we have acted on this take away with her current phase. i will note that a counter point here is that nonresidential customers carries with him and it takes more sell away from us. this helps explain why it's desirable to have a mix of commercial and residential customers. in short, our takeaways are that customer makes is important. as we proceed with phasing with configuring groups of customers for expansion. our work and that rather than enrolling a single customer class a diverse enrollment that
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includes residential and commercial customers is important. any questions at this point? no okay. now that we examine our customer demand i want to dive deeper into her biggest cost driver. that is power supply. a question for us is will there be sufficient renewable energy supply to meet our programs demand. the answer is yes. this california chart in front of you illustrates renewables are available and growing. in fact from 2015 to 2016 the capacity drew 24% in one year. the cc also reports another 50% growth is in a construction phase.
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not all renewable products are created equally. our business practice policy state oppresses, the renewal resources for project looking california. our court be noble portfolio consists of these types of bundle resources. this chart which reflects spot energy process of short-term shows that these resource committee premium. this commitment to product category 1 could mean a slower growth in the share of our portfolio. then it we use other renewed renewable energy products like p cc to which is represented by the red line. this chart can show something out which is that timing is important.
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you can see the dotted line on the far right and indicates the end of the compliance. you can see the prices that they are coming up and that. that concluded and it came out. there's a small window to generate the category 1 bundle resource at the end of that term. scarcity drove up prices. this is why portfolio management is critical. and that is what this light indicates. electricity portfolio management is critical tour program success. we need to strike the right balance with fixing our cost with long-term contracting or resource ownership. this, and an open position. this is under contract command.
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one benefit is reduce collateral. another is that the market is always evolving and we want to be able to respond to opportunities. these benefits will need to be balanced with a consideration of market price exposure. the open position. in general were finding is that contract diversity from both technical article and supplier standpoint is going to be important. this is gonna be a critical portion. what are we seen with local development? first, the best path currently is through the use of power purchase agreements. the principal reason is that those of private developers w l
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will, this is a way other ccas are going. >> when you say local what you mean by that? >> we mean within the city and county of san francisco and within the greater bay area. >> thank you. slides please. thank you. in summary on power supply. what were finding so far is that one is available to we must be aware of our deadlines and impact for the federal tax incentives. three we must build a portfolio that is diverse and actively
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manage it. staffing is gonna be very important as well. finally, we may want to consider revisions to search supply management business practice. this account for some of the learning that we have thus far with the growth plan. i'm in a posse. >> i have a question. it seems that this is where the opportunity to achieve a goal and investing local renewal and local jobs would take place? and, it seems all select the best way for us to get there. and that is to really drive towards facility built and owned model. but the recommendations that
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you're putting forth right now is based on this agreement? >> yes. as long as the tax policy supports private investments the way he does. it will make ppa's more cost-effective way to purchase this energy. whether it's local or not. >> i am wondering what this plan is then. this, to get us to the local own build? >> yes. and the answer to that is through regular procurements. and that can be large scale power purchasing even to some port the growth of the program. we can ask for resources from existing projects and new projects and we can start to layer into our portfolio long-term contracts with new projects.
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it doesn't entirely preclude the option of a build. we just need to look at the cost of the project and how they fit into this portfolio. and what costs were buried. >> i would love to see that piece called growth program. and how many jobs we are actually talking about and timing benchmarks on whether both are happening, what point. when can we start doing that? >> i think one of the things that we want to share with you is evaluating i think the main challenge here is that we want to make sure that it's affordable. that is one of the things that the commission wanted to some make as well. and so that is a challenge based
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on what's happening. we are definitely committed to local buildout it's just a balance between affordability and opportunity to invest in renewable resources. were trying to balance at. >> and we don't know what's gonna happen with the federal level correct? i don't know it's can be 30% or what could happen but it's good to have some planning. >> that is absolutely right, one of the point i want to make is that the work that were doing with the worth plan is, we will be looking long term for this at our demand and supply and he will model a number of different supplies and scenarios including portfolio that has a more regional renewal than southern
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california. and it will also model and some amount of local resources into our our portfolio. we can see without-have and what that does to her cost of power. >> i'm interested in the expiration of what flexibility do are in terms of organizational corporate structures. what i'm thinking of is either, simple version of it will be a for-profit corporation which is owned by a committee group. this can take advantage of the tax credits and can use as a revenue source as we go forward for that power. i think that might be worth exploring as a way of getting the policy and position when we look forward to this
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>> i hope that one piece of good news is that, we will not go out and buy all of our power forever all at once. we don't want to lock in 100% of her energy next year for example. this, for 20 years. we can have a demand to meet and we will thwart resource planning process evaluate those options. this is to work with our fellow ccas, public utilities and other entities to pull our power and deliver larger projects and gain some economies of scale there.
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the cost of the project is paid up front and typically debt-financed by a municipal entity. they have been working on projects under that model and those projects have to be a certain scale to make them cost-effective. >> i seem to remember that there was a thing called a municipal for-profit corporation? it goes back a long time but whatever variation of that things he can get both. >> yes. >> any of the questions? okay, go ahead.
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>> let's talk about financing the supply. for the past months we've engaged in outreach and met with so many institutions power supply in the purchasing staff and other cca, these discussions suggest that credit is available potentially with limited or no recourse. this is a new finding that we were not aware of at the time of launch. of course the cost of this credit still remains a question that will need to be determined to a more formal engagement. through our conversations we have learned that the cost issue can be influenced by a number of factors including cash on hand. showing that we had the capability of paying her bills
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the transparency of our finances low alt.rates which indicate customer interest in what were doing. and finally the lockbox which we discuss at our lack workshop. what are the findings and take the weeds so far? first, credit is available. but that will have to be determined by finance but there do so lockbox could help reduce collateral. were examining the pros and cons of a lockbox and whether we might achieve a similar benefit three self administer of payments. we really are looking at all options here and we want to be sure that the path with take gives us flexibility as well.
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finally, were taking stock on modifications of existing reason a reserves and rate policies. >> is that a shorter pause? . >> i'm catching up with the schedule. and keep going great. >> diving for their into program costs us go to regulatory affairs and compliance. as i think you know now this is not optional and the pc ia is a greatest threat to cca programs. it's now 29% of total generation cost. as reported we are active participants in the pci workshop group to discuss reforming the pc ia. this group report back to the cp
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in the spring and i can say now that while there have been some very productive conversations i think the most important one is real learning not only from our staff but from other cca staff on the technical details. this will help us in the future. it feels like the progress is slowed, we will be hearing proposals for the recommendations over the next six weeks. we will report back to you on that. i think this work is going to inform us of what the next steps will be and whether there needs to be action. i want to mention that there are other proceedings that can also affect these cost.
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these require resources and attentions at well and it's part of our growth plan. we do have a plan for this work. they also have a compliance burden with up to 60 compliance reports to numerous agencies filed yearly. they must remain in compliance and there needed to monitor and understand and prepare a report on compliance. the takeaways. we need to be engaged in these proceedings and comply with our obligations. the large number proceedings that we could be involved in means that we need to engage thoughtfully and in close coordination from other people.
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that will only get better for a long time the difference were sort of actors with the formation. that's a more unified force. finally, the growth plan is are addressing our opportunity to progress.
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our finer growth plan will include a recommendation about readiness and the staffing plan to support the growth. what i wanted to do today was provide some information on the operation like functional areas, house staff today how are operating budget compares to the other cca and the takeaways thus far. i hope this can be seen here. what this does at the most fundamental at the core of our work is a bulk energy supply. it demands forecasting, the men and supply scheduling and power markets operators. settlements credits with the l isl, and there are two components to the supply demand management, this includes things like building our load by promoting electric vehicles for example. energy efficiency and demand
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response. supply management which includes purchasing, resource development city built own small-scale renewables. and the potential to invest in to the project together. while the functions for clean powers have happened they have been supported throughout the pcp. power is not doing it alone.
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drilling deeper into the golden and orange elements of this chart. the claim powered budget and staffing within the part and surprise shows the budgeted staffing. the largest number staff right now are working on program development and administration. this has resource planning and customer care caught contracts. the other golden boxes indicate program functions that are supported by the power groups. finally, the orange box represents our communication and outreach team.
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so what can we expect. were looking at other organization there staffing on their budget given the program sales and this slide compares our budget and sonoma's budget and gives a sense of what our operating budget might look like as we grow. you can see the very bottom of the chart. as well as a line above it.
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generally our budgets are comparable with mce and sonoma budget. and sonoma appears to operate a much leaner area than they do. are takeaways at this point in our effort are that our core function are staffed for today's scale. and they are scalable for growth. however, the application for additional resources what help and better take advantage of opportunities and to manage risk. with this in mind we have identified power contracting account managing and affairs in some areas or the medium term
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increasing step coverage to our serve our settlement teams will be important especially as we had demands in an larger number of supply contracts. finally building out our customer service teams. this, so were prepared to take these functions over once existing contract is over. all this depends on our plan growth and when we attend to add new customers and revenues. i'm in a policy or >> do you have, at some point it would be useful i think we've had different versions but a timeline as to how we see this girl?
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my guess is that it's changing the deeper you get it? i think that would be useful. are you talking about the phasing arena go? >> he will get to that next. any other comments or questions all the elements i've discussed are quantified in the form of projected program revenue and costs. the analysis were conducting right now of expansion. the results of this analysis will be presented at an upcoming workshop. this is we get a sense of the options that were looking at and the timing two.
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we are analyzing a number of growth in our areas as this chart describes our best case is the sex the --60 kw. the first growth will be updating our 2015 in this approach. the second growth will look at max enrollment. growing and one additional phase and were looking at is that making it happen in 2018. this is the fastest scenario were looking at and all require the most sick and if vacant financial --financial resources. the work that were doing will help with the financing requirements.
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as we dig into this we will also share other risk associated with this and executing on this kind of a plan. in the third growth a middle ground that brings on remaining customers in two phases. this will be faster but will allow more time for staffing, key functions like portfolio management. and this will give us more time toward dress our uncertainties. such as a solution to the efforts. it would put us in a situation were buying everything at once. but again, will be analyzing this case in presenting the results in a other workshop.
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we are almost there, any questions? i am on the phasing. part of that is our rollout schedule for having a do this over time. the other part of it is the buildout program. are these merged? >> were taking of a two-step process. this will absolutely account for acquiring supplies. what we will be doing is using the best information that we have on current and future supply cost to model what the portfolio will look like and we can do sensitivities to consider different portfolios. but the real work on planning to meet a future demand will happen in that plan. which is a separate project that has commenced. were aiming to deliver that to you as well.
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>> okay. i have completed the overview and the key growth excuse me the components. and the takeaways of our research today. what our next steps? we anticipate coming back to you with 1 or 2 more of these workshops and discussions. we intend to build off of the foundation that we have said in this workshop and more ultimate we will prepare and have for you the spring our growth report and a growth plan recommendations which include timelines. i will add that as part of those
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recommendations you may include proposals to modify our practice --business practice policies and the areas were looking at include reserves and rates. that concludes my remarks. >> okay. >> with one exception. this is a different type of slide that was shown in the p t past, this is i gis map of the 1300 sign-ups that we've had so far. >> look like there's clustering there? >> we did have sign-ups that happen before that we did the audit enrollments.
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this is a cumulative today of our sign-ups. >> it would be nice to get an update by district of four we are. if we could. >> my districts doing pretty well. and keep in mind that for two districts that have auto enrollment so, though should be heavier? >> yes, it would be a solid block. it's a lot of accounts the 70,000 accounts are in the 5 and 8 area. this is at --here it is you can see it now. >> thank you. >> i do not want to drill down to four but on the back of the house expansion the 2 or 3 year
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my concern is the framework o the local build and jobs. instead of starting out from the standpoint and the conception that because of the federal tax credits at all has to be these
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type of relationships and i realize that mitigate that by talking about ppa's can transfer. this is an example we can take advantage of that and we still have the opportunity. the dilemma here is, yes these private relationships that help us get federal funding will help develop the researchers quickly but the committee does not own the resources down the line, it's a financial negative. it might not be a robust way to produce jobs. we have to balance how we do a quick buildout with how we create local jobs and opportunities. the vision that i don't think we have yet that i think we really need to get to is that it's not
10:58 am
about whether it's private to get the funding or public because of the reasons i just stated. but this has to be a financing lodge of all types of purchase and relationships. some will be like sunset reservoir where they privately get the funding and then we have an opportunity to buy it. some will be encouraging homeowners to put up solar panels and salas power through feed and incorporations. so i think that what we need from staff going forward on this and you all is to start out by focusing on the vision like the one that we have seen here. what do we want to build out and where to get san francis to be hundred percent as much as possible local renewable energy
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and then why financing components do we need. that's our creating that vision which is crucial to getting to move forward with the citywide buildout. bad thank you. mr. friede? you like to save your spot? >> thank you for the time. i would like to thank the commissioners and the staff after coming to many of these meetings. we heard some new stuff today and i want to thank you all for keeping an open mind and thinking outside the box.
11:00 am
looking at some new information with regard to financing without putting the power enterprise in jeopardy which is also something that we been hoping would be explored on the face i saw an article lowering their rates by 10% and that was somewhat depressed it was somewhat depressing because we were just hearing about this jeopardy situation that we can to be and where were hoping that their neck rets change put this us up above us. this may be think that we really need to reevaluate every policy and procedure and every
11:01 am
everything we put ourselves to be conservative. we really need to investigate the balance versus potential failure and/or lack of positive program outcomes what us in this presentation that is artie happened. that is very heartening. we look for to talking with staff about more details. >> i just wanted to point out to make it clear that, the pci a is going up. and up our rates i just want to make sure that that'll make our rates is higher than that.
11:02 am
>> thank your staff are doing a tremendous metalwork a very tough job but they been doing a lot of it would very changing situations. a few things that i want to bring up. a ppa process i would say the pricing is the best but that is what was needed to be done in the beginning. i think it was well worth for them to do. we should be looking at that model and also the tax credits will go away from the federal level as a fallback which is not as good as the tax credit is now. we have some options that will save us in san francisco. the other thing is talking about the policies and procedures that you have for the first phase. i agree that we should be looking at all those things.
11:03 am
you might want to look at the different costs. it's not like long-term that you want to have but it can give you some money quickly to say were going to do it takes a couple years will go to the process.
11:04 am
i think it's well worth the energy of what that is and how it looks like. the quicker you expand the quicker you can get more leverage in your rate structure and having more money to do that buildout. this will take some time to actual build and develop the
11:05 am
system. >> any other public comments? thank you all very much and thank you for the presentation. item 13? am item 13 approved amendment number two. >> good afternoon. i'm the environmental justice
11:06 am
and land-use manager. just a quick context for today's amendment that before you. this is a continuation of a project that we started in partnership with supervisor around two years ago. we're trying to engage residents and ratepayers were there at that is in front of their homes to show that small actions like removing a little bit of concrete total on the ring to soak and can have benefits. this again is an amendment to extend the existing grant for an additional year and i will provide just a little bit of context around the accomplishments. working with the supervisor's office we have removed over 6000 ft. of impervious paved over concrete. replace it with vibrant
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stormwater front your gardens. that's around 75,000 gallons of storm water removed from our system. the amendment that before you will help extend this program for another year and let us work with another 20 residents in district for. with that, i will take any questions. >> when you say were removing the concrete what you mean? >> that is a volunteer-based effort. they work with the property owner they cut the concrete and is a voluntary effort, everybody comes on help and bring in the soil and plant the sidewalk gardens and the maintenance of those front yards is on the property owner.
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>> the cutting the concrete breaking it down and all that is being done by friends of the urban force? >> they do some subcontractors but it's handling through friends of the urban force. i am just a comment on reluctant keeping the fact that we been having these conversations about the nonprofits and the roles and more specifically when you're talking about actually doing construction work, the work that's covered bar agreement meant and performed by the men of women that already work for the commission but for men and women that work for summer contractors under certain standards because everyone so busy we just keep missing opportunity and opportunity.
11:09 am
they were going to gauge into this there needs to be some additional linkages. and what i'm talking about are the human beings. the ones that we have for example going through programs at the human services agencies. and in the friends of the urban foreigners want to have two, they should be looked at for an opportunity to have a job with a nonprofit. before we continue i'm going to say that i really can't support it at this point in time. until we continue to flush out the missing pieces. i feel with men and women every day or looking for an opportunity.
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>> i understand that there are and we talked about getting back to you on all the nonprofit things that we are interact with. i think some of the challenge that were facing is that the labor is sort of hitting directly title. for example the scene property, if you lease it out who is actually managing the property? we are just listening? when we look at the situation we just want to break the square of a sidewalk and plant trees or something else.
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we don't really think about the labor component because were talking about how much? m this would be for 80,000 of which the concrete cutting services is a very small percentage. i do agree that we need to have a more holistic look at all of the touch points. one of the things is put all the things that were doing as a touch. directly, indirectly with the labor market so that you have a full flavor of everything that were doing and how they interact and you're right, it could be an opportunity to leverage all the things were doing not only in this area but other areas.
11:12 am
>> i greatly appreciate your comments. i want to be really, really crystal clear. it's not for me as for leverage and not for me about union and wage scales. the labor standard piece does. people care and he gets a conversation going because of the investment they were married making as a city the committee workforce that is a linkage that i think we can all agree on. it were not linking some of these entities because we are profiting it out. on this one piece i think that
11:13 am
we all invest in those young men and women that committee workforce piece. and there's just not enough there kind of not put together in the right way and we don't have the leverage. if we have one great guy whose timing out with human service and agency they were just missing the opportunity. i hope to be clear. >> i think you're clear in every opportunity that we don't take advantage is a missed opportunity. we would love to sit down and chat with you about these type of opportunities. >> also this is the last time that this particular grant can
11:14 am
be amended. and again it's trying to keep that were going. a lot of the volunteers and this is based on volunteer committee efforts. i would urge the commission to consider approving this amendment while we give ourselves the time to have this conversation. this program has been so successful that i expect future opportunities as well and right now just hoping to keep the current work going. >> commissioner? >> i would like to thank you for the comments and i agree. i would like to support what proportion --proposed here there is momentum right now to the young men in orlando who help
11:15 am
educate and help us put things on the ground. he came through a program. i don't abuse your study cancer program and he found gainful career. it's a fantastic opportunity. i would like to suggest porch allow this and move forward while we look for components to engage in the labor concrete cutting. the actual the muscle of the work done by residence. i would like to throw my support behind this. >> it's appropriate for us to have this dialogue. i am not going to ask that you
11:16 am
don't move it forward. >> i appreciate your comments as well and i think that the workforce development conversation is very important, not only now but in this context and in every context. as a representative from the environmental seating committee i look at this differently as well. i see it as a pulling up as m h much. so understand your concerns i would still like to put a motion on the table to move this item forward.
11:17 am
>> i will second. can i think we can probably do both. by moving, i think i'm committed before i send it to have a conversation to see how we can take advantage of the opportunity. we need to take advantage of these opportunities. commissioner courtney maybe we can talk off-line and use that as leverage to take advantage of this opportunity.
11:18 am
>> i'm confident that we will have a conversation. >> we have a lot of stuff to go. >> thank you. public comments? >> good afternoon commissioner. the program. this program is one of the most popular program and we would like to see this continue. thank you everyone. >> thank you. any other public comments?
11:19 am
we have a motion and a second all those in favor say i. opposed? it's a 3-one vote a1 vote and i. we will be moving into executive session. would you please read the items that will be having a close session on? >> item 16 is dedication as plaintiff 17's conference will negotiator. this is price and terms of payment. will not hear item 18 through 2 22. and item 23 is a threat to public services cities. >> thank you do have any public comment on the items to be heard in close session? c9 may have a motion so that we can assert client moved to
11:20 am
assert and second. all those in favor >>the meeting of
11:21 am
the recreation and parks commission. >> commissioner buell, here, commissioner low, commissioner anderson, here, commissioner harrison, commissioner mcdonnell, commissioner bonilla will be about 10 minutes late this morning. just as a reminder if you could please turn off any sound devices that could go off during the meeting. and take any secondary conversations outside so that the meeting
11:22 am
proceeds efficiently as possible. if you would like to speak on any items today, please fill out a blue card. it is not required, but it is helpful. unless announced by the president, each person will have 3 minutes for public comment. ch if there is an item that you are interested in that is not on the agenda you can speak during general public comment. in order to allow equal time for all, neither the commission nor staff will respond to any questions during public comment. the commission may ask questions of staff after public comment is closed. last, if the fire alarm is to activate, you must exit using any exit. the elevators will not be available
11:23 am
for use. if you need assistance, please go directly across the hall from us in the men's restroom. there is a security box and press it and security will answer and let them know where you are and they will assist you. >> we are on item 2, the president's report. item 11 and recreation and parks department budget. it is a discussion only item. not an action item. >> commissioner? >> thank you, i will be brief. it's clear to me as we enter the new year and tomorrow's weekend celebrations in washington, i think the recreation and parks department is going to be challenged. there is some indication that the city can lose as much as a billion dollars in
11:24 am
funds because of our city status. we have serious concerns about the future of the endangered species act and the work were doing to protect endangered species. there may be a result of the causes and that will affect us in everything we do. while i am of the opinion of the majority and the americans don't agree with this, nor did they vote that way, the system we have did put in place this administration and did seem determine to make some of these changes. i guess my message to everybody is while we are a sanctuary city, make the parks a sanctuary and that may bring about the sad cuts. with that, that concludes my report. >> is there anyone who would
11:25 am
like to make a public comment under the president's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. now to item 3, general manager's report. >> to your remarks, i will only say amen. i'm going to start this year with a sad melancholy note unfortunately. i want to take a second to honor two members of our parks and recreation family who we lost. lou who passed away monday night due to a heart attack. she has been a gardener since 2001. she started her recreation and parks position with urban forestry
11:26 am
and then the nursery. i saw her a few months ago. she had a passion for plants and an avid member and volunteer for many plant societies, the york society, and several others. she inspired many people on the plant knowledge and she became very invaluable. she will be remembered by all. i had the honor of participating in the staff driven -- event and there may have been 150 staff people there. it was a really lovely and special event and a reminder of the fact that we are a professional family.
11:27 am
it was heartwarming during a sad occasion like that to remember her in her honor. also jason mccardey who was an instructor who worked in the enrichment program in the fall in 2014 and various sites in the city. she had a masters and was a very passionate artist and very active in the community. sadly he was one of the victims of last year's oakland warehouse fire, the ghost fire. especially with ms. greenberg who is here who worked with jason at saint mary's, he would bring his own equipment to teach to children. he created ping-pong tournaments and always ready to dive in with
11:28 am
conversations with these young middle schoolers. he talked a lot about his time at recreation and parks. he said she was the one for her because the way jason interacted with her little brother because of his experience with adhd. he learned to deal with all kinds of kids at his job. before i move on to other news, i would respectfully ask for a motion to adjourn today's meeting in memory of their lives. indeed. >> some other news, this weekend we held several days to honor martin luther king jr.. we did a day of service of
11:29 am
humanity for habitat and turning soil for preparation and at ocean beach as part of the national golden recreation area we did a clean up project. it was great to see so many people coming out to celebrate the honor and the spirit not just for martin luther king jr. but what that day means to so many of us. verma compost. come learn with us this saturday. i assume weather permitting. between 1-3:00 p.m. at the golden park community garden. stewardship education program. the
11:30 am
event includes games, food and much activities for students. it is a free event. we will also be hosting a series of city job fest in the next several weeks. we will be out with several other city agencies hiring at the rec's center on january 21st, hamilton recreation center february 8th, and mission from february 7th. along with the u.s. post office, the human services agency through its jobs now program which is a great way to get people in the workforce to get them in some experience, sheriff's departments and fire department and many other organizations. there will be resources and applications. the job site
11:31 am
hours 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. on january 28th, at the eco center at harrington park we will be hosting our green agers event and a celebration of the 5th anniversary. as you know, green agers is our youth leadership program to kids going to school in the southeastern neighborhood to get active in learning and it's through open parks and open spaces and work with staff and use parks and open spaces for projects. next saturday's event includes a keynote address by myra rodgers.
11:32 am
and you will hear an update in a little bit. it's to discuss the budget for fiscal year 18-19. we'll be talking about the budget instructions and how to interact with proposition b. and february 2nd, from hamilton center, and the jolie rec's center. and we'll discuss how it applies to our budget priorities. our streetscape opening was for saturday, but was changed to february 4th. p some of you were at the ground breaking last year as part of the san francisco public transportation authority, sf mta, this project is really a first in san francisco. it converts two lanes of
11:33 am
vehicle traffic at maclaren park into a permanent bike pathway and for pedestrians. and following the ribbon cutting, the staff will host a workshop with residents to discuss additional future improvements in maclaren park. lastly, the california parks and recreation society will have it's program with creating a community award excellence this coming march. every summer as you know for several years, be more than 50 teams join us at the camp -- for our outdoor experience with several city departments and other agencies to allow children to get out of the city and experience nature.
11:34 am
cprs is awarded excellence in the outstanding achievement in the design and communication and community improvement programming. and this is a community and improvement and programming award. i would like to thank the entire recreation staff for their continued improvement. lastly for this month in part, we showed the skateboard piece of this which is how we ended in 2016 and show a little bit more of a well-rounded look at this amazing park opening from december. >> this is -- this is an
11:35 am
awesome day.
11:36 am
>> so, this is a very special place. that concludes the general manager's report. >> commissioner low? >> i also wanted to thank staff particularly lorraine dan
11:37 am
ford and jackie for putting such a nice event together for martin luther king jr.. it was a great gathering of staff and volunteers and the community. really inspiring speeches and it was just very inspirational to go to such a nice event. i want to thank them for creating such an event and bringing the community together. >> is there any public comment under the general manager's report? seeing none, public comment is closed. now we are open to public comment. the public is welcome to make any comments .
11:38 am
public comment. i have one. public speaker: good morning, my name is hashimoto. i'm from japantown. in april we are celebrating our cherry blossom festival. so what you are seeing here now is the entry to the japan center west mall. this is the most popular building in the mall. there is a lot of traffic at the mall. you see the broken tiles at
11:39 am
the entrance of the mall. there are more pictures here, the conditions of the tile. another one here, and the japantown community expressed our concern to the district supervisor and the staff from recreation and parks department. following that, the day after they placed all of these cones up there. it's like the obstacle course going in and out of that mall and i see people stumble over them. thankfully no one has tripped and fallen yet. i wanted to bring this to your commission. i want to thank commissioner bonilla and harrison for going to the
11:40 am
facility and want to get the assessment. i have -- am the owner of the garage and i understand the assessment is being reviewed at this time. i want to bring this to your attention. our cherry blossom festival is coming up and it's in april and will be visited by over 200,000 people. this is a great concern for all of us. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment under general public comment? being none, this item is closed. >> we are now on item 5, the consent calendar. is there anyone who like to make public comment under the consent calendar? being none, public comment is closed. commissioners, we need a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? so moved. we are now on item 6. the election of officers.
11:41 am
commissioner buell, would you like me to? >> i would appreciate if you would handle the affairs of this item. >> okay. commissioners, let me just quickly tell you the process. i am going to ask for a motion and a second to open the nominations for president. then you will vote on it and we will actually have the nomination. >> so moved. >> okay. let me finish the process. i will close the nomination and you will actually vote and we'll do the same thing for vice-president.. we have a motion and second for opening the nomination. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? great, the nominations are now open for president. i see commissioner low, you have your mike on or your request to speak. >> thank you. following the current president's
11:42 am
opening remarks, i'm with hi. and i would like to see his tenure continue for at least another year. it's been great to have the leadership of mr. buell as president. he's head of the parks and open space and facilities for all san franciscans. >> it is my honor to second that nomination. okay. with that, the nominations are now closed. we are now voting on the nomination of commissioner mark buell for the office of president. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? congratulations, president buell. [ applause ]. >> we are now going to the
11:43 am
election of vice-president. i need a motion and second. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? thank you, the nominations are now open for vice-president commissioner harrison, i see your --? >> it would be my honor to nominate commissioner low for vice-president. >> do we have a second? nominations are now closed. the position for nominating commissioner low as vice-president. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? . congratulations. [ applause ] >> hold on. i messed up. before, i have to retract everything. give me one second. i need to
11:44 am
know if there is any public comment on this? being none. let's take the vote again for president and vice-president. i don't want you to get in unofficially. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? for commissioner buell? okay. >> commissioner low, vice-president. >> aye. >> now it's official. my apologies. many >> the last time i'm going to hand it over to you margaret. thank you very much. let me briefly say that i consider it a true honor and privilege to serve as president. i will genuinely tell you that this commission has some of the best members of any commission in the city. i think the department is running well with it's good position and management
11:45 am
and staff. i thank each and everyone of you and i look forward to working with commissioner low as vice-president. >> thank you. >> i also want to echo those remarks, i think the commission and the department is a great partnership and we really see our mission to make sure that all parks and open space are available for all san franciscans even during this difficult time. i continue to look forward to work with staff and commissioners to continue to keep parks and recreation and open spaces available. >> now item 7. san francisco zoo
11:46 am
>> good morning, congratulations, vice-president buell and low. i want to echo what you said about the department. it really is an honor to work with such a dedicated team. thank you. p it's been a good year so far with the san francisco. everything is running great and it was an incredibly strong month with 35% in just 1 month over projections. we were very happy to see that. so after a very successful december and january with rain, but
11:47 am
now we are into happy zoo year to surround yourselves with animals. but with the holiday weekend martin luther king jr. it was a very successful weekend. we had a nice break from the wet weather with nearly 15,000 people over the weekend. that was an 8% increase in projected for the entire weekend. again, i'm happy to see these trends with attendance being up. we now move into the luna ar new year. the year of the rooster. january 28th and 29, we'll have folk dance performances and kids can find fun facts about the animals and chinese calendar and you can go to the family farm to see the roosters. if you were born in the year
11:48 am
of the rooster, you get complimentary admission. we continue with our stock program. which is stand and take our pledge. we continue to have a strong voice in this. just recently we were thrilled to hear about the ban that china has now that will go into effect by the end of 2017 which will close down the largest ivory market. several thousand of people have already taken the pledge. you can do it at the park or online. ch i spoke about our polar bear uulu. she turned 36 years old. if you turn 36 this year, you
11:49 am
can come out and have a frozen cake. it's very exciting. >> zoo lights in december it was a success. we did 25% fewer days this year to try to tighten up the event. but we greatly enhanced and increased the revenues and the attendance this year in an even shorter period. the revenue with an increase of 36%. we didn't get rained out. >> the zoo has so many wonderful and dedicated volunteers. one of them is maryann hail. you probably have seen most of the photography we show you is by
11:50 am
maryann. she is there everyday taking photographs. and she was recognized by this magazine. this is an incredible photo of the new infant. i want to say congratulations to maryann and recognize the incredible work she does. we have a few new faces. this is or bird. come out to see him if you have not. he's incredible and still growing. the colors on his face are absolutely incredible. and to the far right we have the male condor. the other new face is freckles. we are going to be talking about him and hopefully you will see in the social
11:51 am
media and the news as well. this is a very rare penguin who has joined the colony. he looks like a dalmatian. he is spotted. he's perfectly healthy but he has a -- he's notal albino, but he has an augmentation of the skin. he is white with a black poke a dot. >> in february we have our valentine's promotion of will you be mine. they are sending love to all that come visit him. he's about 55 years old we believe and going strong. we also on the 15th opened up registration for the summer camps for spring and summer.
11:52 am
we attract thousands of kids during the camps. those will open up online. if you have any kids or know of kids, just have them come on out. it's a great program. to end with a lighter note as i did last month as well. a little fun fact since it's the year of the rooster. did you know there are more chickens on the planet that any other birds. there were more than 19 billion chickens worldwide. >> that's good news for the roosters. >> exactly and for the cows. and we do have a rooster out in the children's zoo. c'mon out and visit us. that concludes my report, thank you. ch >> is there any public comment on this item? being none, public
11:53 am
comment is closed. we are now on item 8. community opportunity fund for renovation and burial removal project in increase to contract amount. >> good morning, commissioners. i'm the project manager in the recreation capital division. the item before you today is a discussion and possible action to amend the construction contract with minerva construction for the community opportunity fund courts renovation and the burial project to increase the contract amount from $388,000 to an amount not to exceed $695,324.
11:54 am
an increase which is greater than 10% over the already approved contract amount. the project is fully funded. this project honors the strategic plan in the following ways. strategy one by strengthening the quality of the parks and facility. strategy four inspires stewardship by constructing the natural resources. to provide you some background. the courts project has executed in two phases. the first was to renovate the existing park restroom through the bond program. the second phase is a burial removal project which is to provide an accessible path of travel from the park playground to the newly renovated restroom. construction for the second phase of the project began in
11:55 am
june of 2014. it includes a new lawn and new irrigation and two tables. in the fall of 2015, funds became available through the operations general fund. our plan is to use these funds to fully renovate the basketball courts during the construction project to minimize disruption and park closure time. the existing tennis and basketball courts are decades old and in need of repair. the scope of renovation includes the replacement of the existing paving and restriping the courts. new basketball post, back boards and nets, and new fencing surrounding the court. staff justifies this request as the court resurfacing is long over due in the park and completing this work now will minimize site impact and park closure time. collectively the scope of
11:56 am
both the approved and pending change orders will greatly enhance the experience for park users at the courts. in closing, we anticipate the opening of the park in late february to early march this year. i have attached recent site photos to the staff report. i will be happy to answer any questions you might have. thank you. >> commissioner low? >> we received an e-mail about how criticizing the handling of our change orders and not having this run through our change orders through dpw. and not processing them timely, can you respond to that in connection to this request to change order. canned -- can you respond to
11:57 am
that? >> yes. i spoke with the capital group, the project manager, at the e-mail you are referring to is the joe dimaggio project. yes, it says that dp did not follow all the protocols. our practice is to ensure that all change orders have approval from dpw and there is a memo attached to it. that is our process. this before you today has an approval already. >> explain to us what's the process for change orders? >> just in these terms, the contractor submits the request. we review it if it merited or not and make sure it's not work that
11:58 am
we have already paid for. we review it with the entire team, including the design team, dpw and recreation and parks and make sure the cost is reasonable and we in turn provide a response to the contract to say it's approved aforesaid amount. after the contractor agrees to the amount we are proposing, there is a memo attached to it that the contractor also approves and that is attached to the change order itself. >> the change orders should go all the way up. i should add an additional note to that, in addition to the process, which by the way, there is a drive oftentimes. if a change order is not dealt with an in a timely
11:59 am
fashion, oftentimes there is an extended negotiation going on to get to the bottom of signing the responsibility between the different parties. it's not always the contractor 100%. it's very rarely the city 100% and the contractor. the financial responsibility decision does take a while. it is settled through the process that is outlined and that is the beginning of a chain of approvals that culminates in both like my approval and also muhammad nearos. there is a memo created into an electronic system and that approval chain goes through the department of public works chain of command channel and i'm included in that chain of command as well and then to muhammad and the department authorizing that change order. there is quite a bit of review. and then to lopez, the city architect and
12:00 pm
all the bureau at dpw to ensure there is a lot of vetting. all of that bureaucracy often does many times contribute to delays and processing of change orders in the time and fashion that we aspire to. >> this change order has gone through all of that? >> that's correct. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner anderson? >> i'm sorry, a couple of things. what is the location of these >> douglas street between 24th. it looks


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