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tv   BOS Replay Special Rules Committee 7716  SFGTV  July 14, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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mentioned that earlier hearing. many of our things-many of our projects go to the board multiple times. this is on the list of money things we asked >> alright, good afternoon the city attorney to take a look at but other things have been of higher priority because of the incredible workload we are subject to in trying to get everyone. welcome to the relural rules the affordable housing we are committee meeting of july 7, 2016. i'm responsible for constructed. this is a katy tang. to my left is malia cohen and to area where again, at the last hearing the my non right is supposed to bhee supervisor mar who will not be here. our clerk is derek evans and controller spoke a little about the additional cost of doing the like to commission thank leo [inaudible] and and basically says $160,000 a jessie larsson. do we have announcements? >> please silnchs cell phones commission secretary. what that and complete speaker card submit statement does want include is today the clerk will appear on the july all the time that the staff would have to
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19 agenda devote to preparing materials unless otherwise stated. and for the commission and attending >> todays meeting will not be as the commission meetings. that is excited as yesterday. >> item 1 is first daft of time and effort that you know, would charter have to be amendment to authorize san redirected from the other francisco resident who are non citizens activities we are doing at this time. the fact that to vote we haven't been able to get for board of education. >> thank you. supervisor mar as i that legislation done is not mentioned isn't here today. if we can get a motion to excuse him as reflectivef of our lack of interest in doing well. that t is okay. without objection a reflection of our overall supervisor mar is excused. since he won't be workload here and like to continue the item i'll and inability to address some of the or the policy issues as we try to call public comment unless mr. lynn deliver would you like to speak? we'll go to the 10,000 affordable units at this time. it is just a opportunity public comment for item 1. any to call question and lack of resources. members who wish to speak come forward. >> another question about the seeing none. public comment is down payment assistance loan program. is it closed. would accurate only 1 loan is made supervisor mar like 14th or when 10 are allocated? 11th? we'll continue item 1 to the >> i think the number is about
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july 14th meeting and we'll take that 5 or maybe 6. we had- >> 6 loans made? without objection. item 2, please. >> item 2 is hearing to >> first responders. as the consider ord nns submitted by 4 or more supervisors supervisors to the voters november 8, 2016 -as part the discussions about the election ordinance amending the tax by housing trust fund, there was a desire to set aside certain funds that one cent per ounce on the disbution on were at a hirer income level to target for first respondsers. we have probably maybe 6 loans out of the sugar sweetened. >> we will not take action on potential 10 loans that have been made and this today and the sponsor is recently closed on a loan for a first supervisor cohen. >> thank you. this is a responder. hearing item >> how do you you advertise today, we will have a discussion. the item before us is a initiative this. >> through the doa and ordinance to initiate a penny [inaudible] >> the first responder unions per ounce distribute tax on sugary are sheriffs department, the police sweetened beverages. the city is facing department and fire department. a epidemic of helt concerns and emergency management don't get
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critical we do something about it. we consideration? >> not exactly sure if the ems krideed to bring back a tax measure are under the definition of dhr that is expect today generate $24 million first respondsers. part of the annually. it is our goal these funds problem is are dedicated to very important the size of the loans. we are things like nutrition, nutritional not big enough. it is only under this education, physical activity programs, current bond issuance that we were able chronic disease prevention qu food to increase the size of the loans access to a programs. the ordinance requires we much larger amount. >> what is that amount? establish a 16 member advisory >> up to $375,000 and it is board that includes medical and health care professionals to advise the with that great hope with the larger down board of supervires and mayors office where the revenue should go. i think payment assistance more people take there is no doubt that the science speaks advantsage of the program for itself. we know there is a >> part of the challenge is no direct link one knows about it. >> we will work toorthd and between sugar consumption and hopefully making more people aware of the diabetes. 1 in 33 born today will develop program. >> fair enough, that's it for me. >> thank you. director lee,-i diabetes in their lifetime and this will continue to exacerbate if consumption of the beverages
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are not reduced. type 2 diabetes the just had a couple more questions for you. i think since you are up here as 5th leading cause of death in san francisco i stated what i perceive to be a bulk of which is underestimate since heart disease is the leading killer it is a the often a result of type 2 problem people like to see a vision how we go about affordable housing diabetes. the rates are higher in community in the city and people being involved of colorment 50 percent of african americans and 1/3 of latinos in discussion for da. wonder your born after 2,000 will develop diabetes. thoughts about how to better death address rates from type 2 in san that? >> i think that we can be francisco are 5 times higher in the african american before the board on a more regular basis community and in san francisco and more alone the estimated dwreckt and indirect cost specific deliverables to the of diabetes and obesity is board to address those concerns. we are attributable to sugary sweetened beverage. at the board a lot for a lot of it is up to $61 million a year. that is specific items. every project for our sth direct cost, 61 million dollars rental assistance program probably a year. went these stats are staggering and through the commission-through the board at least 3 times going quite
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both to frankly unacceptable and the committee and back to the thing that is most redeeming about the board. many of the projects go through the stats are they are entirely preventable. planning so, we department, so there is a lot know that soda taxes work. of oversight related to individual mexico passed a 10 percent soda tax, 1 projects. i think the extent peso there are per leader in 2014 and seen gaps in that, something at the board astronomical results. after would be appropriate to address one year of implementing the tax, sales some of of sugary beverages in the country the gaps and whether it is failed by 12 percent and bottleed creating some of these annual reports or water rose by 4 percent. this declean is plans also across all demo graphics, but or procedures manual they can it was be addressed by the board the greatest among lowest income directlys opposed to going throthe communities whos cunl sumption commission process. as i stated in the has fallen 17 percent. many peope first this is hearing, part of it is about regressive tax and will continue to do the duplication of the oversight. we have so. by regressive i mean it to go to multiple commissions impacts poor communities and it does. the tax because we go through the housing effects those folks at the bottom but also here to say regressive commission and planning commission and board and committees and going to diseases
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like type 2 diabetes also multiple commissions before we get to the board and to the extent we can avoid disproportioninately effect people at that by addressing some of these issues the bottom so do we sit around drethly to the board i think that would and do nothing or go to work? that is be a solution without creating what we are here to do is roll up our additional work for everybody and allowing sleeves and talk about it. 58 percent and addressing those particular issues directly. >> great. thank you. i like of african american youth versus to give oewd a chance to also respond 25 percent caication youth will contract type 2 diabetes entheir life. to that. in the >> ken rich with oewd. bayview the highest rates of emergency visits and hospitalization rates standsing in for todd [inaudible] who is out of the are a office. echoing director lee's words result from diabetes. heart we are happy to work with the board to set up a periodic reporting failure and hypertension. more so than process in any other community in san whatever committee and whatever francisco. so, timeframe the board would wish. i as a representative can't sit i do want to point out the next and allow this to continue to happen. i two-development agreements are ask the community to join me. very long term and move very very we built slowly. a wonderful coalition and will it is interesting we won't have anything in front of the board do or planning commission or anybody
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something. we are putting a for the remaindser of the calendar measure on the ballot that is a start to year. the next two development agreements bring a healthy san francisco. i want to we anticipate being before acknowledge the many coalitions that decision makers and before the board which is a have joined this battle and key decision maker on development wanted to agreements are the two also acknowledge public health projects, pier advocates who work with us on 70 and mission rock project. i this measure. i specifically want want to point out the board approved to recognize supervisor wiener, the beginning of that process supervisor mar, supervisor farrell who signed on as supporters of this measure. physical supervisor tang, i don't know feasibility finding where the board if you have any questions but think we sought term sheets for the projects and can still moving forward with those open for public comment. term >> no questions or comments. sheets as our guiding principle thank you for your work on this and we'll and you will see those. my point is you saw open up item 2 to public comment and them at the beginning and will see them when they come by for approval had one and we speaker card which is dr. john are more than happy to give a progress report as we have been doing moss. anyone else who wishes to speak more frequently to the port commission any on this please come forward. time you like. >> thank you. i think that >> good afternoon. thank you chair what you just said really solidified why tang for convening the special meeting of rules committee, it is a at the last hearing i'm not sure the honor and privilege to share my problem this is solving for because i
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perspective. i speak at the secretary of the do recall that we do have to approve so many san francisco medical society on iletms whether it is throw oewd behalf of the american heart association and california medical association who have all endorsed this measure. the or [inaudible] so maybe we are san francisco medical society more explicit if you are interesting participating in the discussion strongly supported this new ordinance contact me or who ever is involved but building the efforts with prop e in 2014 i have seen the items come before us and and i applaud supervisor cohen, mar, would just ask that maybe the wiener and farrell. i revide in board members pay more attention and rict 5 can be and pleased prop e was approved involved in the negotiation. that is by 30 point margin in 2014 and all i have to say today and hope we can work something out for our july pleased in the two years we have seen a 14th meeting and so at this time we number of held victories. we have seen the public comment so if we can get a new legislation by supervisor mar motion to continue item 3 to to limit the sales of sugar sweetened the july 14th meet. . beverages in city vending machines and >> i make a motion to continue limit the use of city funds and to the july 14th meeting. >> okay, we'll do that without supervisor wiener to place a warning label. the objection. we have to go back major success is a soda tax in to item 2. we didn't take a motion on philadelphia. we are excited to build on this item 2 because i had to take a motion
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effort in san francisco and berkeley to file item 2. if we can get a and motion. excited by the efforts >> i like to make that motion. >> take that without objection. the hearing is held and filed. if coordinateed with oakland and [inaudible] we can call item 4. applaud supervisor cohen had for this >> item 4 is the second draft measure. happy to answer any questions. of charter amendment to create >> i thank you for your homeless housing and service funds and support. i have a stack of speaker cards. appropriation and create a dr. ritman are you still here? why transportation fund. don't you come up. we have lorie >> i think that we have amendments for item 4. i don't see supervisor capatelli, who is a member of oakland city -[inaudible] welcome supervisor wiener. perfect timing. we are on council. dr. ritman. we have item 4. linda >> good timing if nothing else. mell from berkeley city >> yes. madam chair recollect counseler r. deborah lam from dental society. please come up when you hear your name called. sumanthy simon from , thank coalition of 100 black women. ann you for agendizing this.
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colleagues you will recall this is a randolph. robert gould. vunensa bong. charter amendment companion measure to sales tax currently pending in the budget dr. we'll committee and this chartder amendment will create additional start with you. thank you. dedicated funding for critical transportation improvements including improvements for muni and increased investment thank you. just as a reminder you have in vision zero and our transit facilities two minutes to speak for public comment and will hear a shoft chime as well indicating you as road resurfacing and have 30 seconds remaining and that is contributions to a regional partners, most your warningment welcome. >> good afternoon. i like to thank you significantly bart where we owe fl opportunity to speak in them a support of greater investment from the the legislation before you. my city. in addition the charter amendment name is maxine hickman i resident and business provides funding for homeless services woman in san francisco for more than 40 years. i'm president of the most san particularly permitinant exists francisco chapter of the national coalition of black women. the from homelessness. this measure will help
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address two of the most significant mission is advocate on behalf of women challenges we face in the city in terms and girls of color in the areas of of the need to address the health, homeless crisis on the streets and to education and economic help people get around our city and empowerment. 46 percent of the population has diabetes or on the path to getting it. region more efficiently. we have been doing a lot of collaborative work with for latinos the rate is higher at our 55 community stakeholders and city percent. one of every 3 departments and so i have amendments that i will ask the committee children born in 2 thousand will development to make after public comment and then i'll ask the committee to continue this diabetes. latinos and african item i americans the rate is one out believe until monday is the of two. next special meeting. let me just this proposal will help turn briefly outline the amendments, which the we have i believe distributed. they are trends around. [inaudible] tooth aches right and cavities is the number one here. you have them already? >> i have a copy, yes. thank you. preventable. passing this measure will [inaudible] it is our strong >> i'll briefly outline them. hope that this board will vote in favor
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of the one amendment is a provision that san francisco for the tax bill. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, for the mta capital funds when there is a bad budget year that may result in please. services dr. ritman. >> hi. it is honor to be here. cuts that mta can use up to 25 thank percent you. i'm dr. jeff ritman and of those capital funds to prevent was on service cuts and the amendment the richmond city counsm rr and proposed the richmond soda tax would remove that 25 percent limit to and vice give president of local physicians the agency flexibility to say first and for such a responsibility chapter and formost we dopet want to cut can speak on their behalf. the science service and maintain service levels. is no longer in doubt. when we did in addition, for the portion the richmond measure it was a little more dedicated to shaky, but now it is clear street resurfacing, we know in liquid sugar the future there could bow other is what is behind the type 2 funding sources whether it is state or federal support and so we want to diabetes epidemic. science is now ahead provide flexibility because if there is of the a infusion of road resurfacing public perception and if we can line up with the public perception with money from other sources we don't want to require the science, we can save a lot of that we over spend on road lives. let's face it, san francisco is
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resurfacing. we will see if that happens, a leadership city. people look but you never know and life is long. to you we are not only nationally, but around inserting 3 triggers that will the allow world for leadership and when for the reallocation of the san francisco will do it, it will street resurfacing money in the fuper make a under specific circumstances to other transportation needs that are huge impact because others within the charter amendment. if a understand san francisco as a place that vlf is passed for streets, then the really puts things like health, things like entire 35 the environment, that's the percent allocation in the reputation charter san francisco has, so when you amendment for streets would be embrace this it will make a huge reallocated specifically 30 difference. percent to i'm proud to be be a part of the equity and affordable this effort and hpy to help in any program. 10 way i can percent to regional program. so thank you for your 20 leadership and look forward to work wg you. percent to muni fleet >> thank you for joining us facilities. 20 percent to safe streets program and 20 today. dr. percent to transit opt ritman is lorie capitelli here? miization. a second trigger for reallocating the not yet. no problem. is linda mow streets money, if new revenue is identified for street repaving here? above let's work with the people we have. next speaker. fiscal year 15/16 levels for >> good afternoon, my name is
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non dr. general fund money, all or a jonathan butler and representing the [inaudible] i want to let you portion the 35 percent is reallocated bow 29.1 based on million americans have diabetes. 35 to the percentages i just read. fijely 90 million are believed to have after 10 years subsquechbt to prediabetes. 1 in 11 teens the effective date, if a 2/3 of have prediabetes. a number we thought was board of alarmingly high back then but supervisors and mayor agree the fast forward to today and that 35 percent for street repaving increase today 1 in 4 teens, that is could be reallocated per the formula the quarter of our kids. projections suggest percentages i read. there are 40 percent of u.s. children will several minor amendments changing the develop the disease win their life word may time. to to shall. the intention have suggest having diabetes as a for those young age words to be shall to make it as is devastating is a binding as can be so we are correcting understatement. these kids will face injections that. we adding language around and education, outreach and evaluation in several places. we also make specific kidney and dialysis. it is references to pedestrians and maimer contributor to type 2 diabetes. bicyclists in the safe streets
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vision zero section and other having one sode aa day over time technical amendments so those are raising the distributed. risk of getting diabetes by 26 there is a oral amendment i want to make a minor one but important percent. beverage companies continue to on page 5, line 16 where currently it target says use black and latino youth. black today fund infrasfruckture children and teens saw 80 percent to 90 improvements that promote user safety and percent fund safety education outletreach more adess compare today white and youth including more than twice as many for sprite, 5 hour energy and evaluation. insert and vitamin complete streets after promote user water. from 2008 to 10, safety. promote user safety and complete streets and fund safety hispanic children saw 40 percent more education outreach and evaluation. i'll ads for make that oral amendment. those are sugary drinks mptd this morning we can address a range of issues that the amendments which i ask you to move after public comment. effect the black community but one >> thank you very much. any questions or comments? we will move to issue is public comment on item 4. i have two health disparity. what changed is inage people get diabetes. it speaker card, eileen boken and janis used it be called adult onset because it effected parent and lee, just come on up. grandparents but it is effecting our kids and >> eileen boken. here in
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significantly effecting our black community. as opposition to [inaudible] i stands in support commingling two very different for the set asides into one charter sugary drink tax. >> thank you for being here. amendment. this approach makes absolutely no sense. in a very crowded >> thank you for having me. ballot it makes sense that issues be dr. bennett and i a pediatrician clear and and practicing in san francisco distinct. this avoid confusion mainly with youth in the bayview for the and last 12 potential volter fatigue. under these circumstances voters are more years. i am very familiar with likely to the oppose the measure, mainly this idea of bobeasty and diabetes in our young people because i diagnose measure. in the budget finance it. i subcommittee meeting yesterday get youth who come in on a supervisor wiener introduce adamendment to have this charter amendment regular basis who have more serveings of soda and the sales tax measure appear first in a day than vegetables. that on the local bal. i agree with is not uncommon and the beginning of a supervisor yees response to this amendment. he terrible journey for them that stated this meant one will lead for their parent and grandparent. supervisors issues were more important than i see hartd disease, diabetes and helt problems that start a a younger anothers. he went on to say how san francisco has a system on how age. sugar sweetened beverages are well established to be a central things cause of appear on the ballot. i would this. it a complex issue but
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go that 26 further. i believe it was percent just quoted to you is questionable this amendment was proposed in the from one first place. i urge the drink a day and that wasn't committee to found with fund homeless housing using the diet drinks or fruit juice so tax on companies rather than a set it isn't just a substitution and any aside that way there is a cause and effect anything is the same. it is sugar relation. thank you. >> thank you very much. next sweetened beverages. we in the health speaker, please. department do education campaigns and >> hello supervisor,ism shape up and [inaudible] and soda free janislee and advocacy director of san francisco bike coalition. san francisco bike summer and everything we can to convince coalition is in very strong people drinking the beverages is a bad support of the measure continuing to move idea forward. the need is there. we know and some progress was made but the need is there. the mayor this issues not just created by peoples bad transportation 20/30 task force identified 10 choices. it is created by industry and billion public policy and a lot of of need and there is still different significant i think something like 3 things and have to have responses from all those areas in order to billion unidentified in that this measure is tackle the only helping fill the revenues problem. we will alone will not be able to do it so we need a we are hoping to get as a city for our multi-factorial response. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. transportation network. for bike we knee the city is estimating
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[applause]: about 660 million just for the bike program alone between now and 2030 and to >> vanessa bomen, the director mention that we were here just last the week for central american resource the vision zero committee, and center. i ask the board support a soda allot of people spoke out because of the tax this coming november. as many may need for straight safety know and improvements so we don't have to relive june pointed out latinos nation wide suffer [inaudible] two women were hit. type 2 diabetes and obesity and see [inaudible] we latino children diagnoses with appreciate supervisor wiener moving forward with these amendment jz xoe we diabetes have to continue working and obesity. this includes a forward and lack of continue the dialogue to make exercise and over consumption sure this measure and the charter of amendment and unhealthy food and drinks. sales tax measure is something we can unfortunately sugary drinks are be proud of and can fupd the part of real needs daily life for many latino we have whether for complete streets or families. latino squz youth are unfairly the affordsability. san francisco is targeted by soda companies in the media increasingly expensive and that promotion pepsi and coke. we [inaudible] transportation justice coalition is also see think about how san francisco in san francisco latino's have can help fund the affordsability programs like
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the second highest rate of sugary free muni for youth or late night transportation or muni equity drinks of 9th graders. something has to strategy so hope the rules committee be done will move to reverse the health crisis. this measure forward. thank you. >> thank you very much. next our speaker, please. community believes a sode atax is wrun of many stral strategies that >> good afternoon. my name is will help change unhealthy habits and an staseia [inaudible] from district 8. okay, in your efforts to create dissuedeing member tooz purchase soda. can a additional source of revenue to also be used to support health fund homeless housing and services prevention programs which we [inaudible] and transportation improvement in to provide critical health san francisco, please consider education on the importance of eating healthy and other revenue streams you can tap. leading active leavesism we are number 1, developers of new construction inspired berkeley pass adsoda tax so look forward the board of pay a fee for transportation that is discounted by 75 percent. you supervisors put it on the next ballot. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, may say please. that developers are paying like >> hello. debry eelen from the 67 percent am to the community san francisco dental society. thank you for the opportunity to comment benefits, but in the actual, the most
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today. the san francisco dental society rementing over a thousand recent nexus study shows the relation member denest between the grouth and monetary cost of in the sate and county of san francisco supports a sugary beverage transportation to support the growth in distributor tax because we believe the san francisco is that what is effort will actually lead to improving the helt and getting provided for the lives of all san franciscans. the intent is transportation reduce the amount of sugar sustainability fee collected to fund consumed by transportation is only 25 san francisco children and adles percent of the nexus cost, so there is a olescents and reduce diabetes and will result in the reduction of [inaudible] oral health is essential to discrepancy. i dont think a overall health and dental [inaudible] half cent will take care of that. the second remains one the most common disease in thing, since developers contribute to in childhood experienced by 2/3 of the community benefits fund that gets children in california. dispersed into 12 different areas. the research shows increased consumption is associated with more dental disease next thing, commune shuttle including cavities and poor overall health. the frequency and consumption along buses don't contribute to san francisco with the combination of high lechbls of
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sugar and asedmake these beverages transportation improvements. i damaging to teeth. in san understand they are mucherally francisco, nearly 40 percent of children exempt or whatever the term is but all experienced dental [inaudible] by the time they reach kindergarten use of city housing and transportation and services must pay their share, impacting school attendance and ability to concentrate and to learn. therefore, please find another dental revenue source instead of creating a [inaudible] is preventable and includes joint reduction and consumption of charter amendment. >> thank you. next speaker, sugary beverages. by taxing sugary please. beverages this will help reduce the >> edward mason. i like to amount of sugar. the measure will generate millions a year to fund basically oppose budgeting at the ballot programs to prevent tooth decay, gum box because this amount to 2.6 disease and billion dollars for the next 25 years. other health problems. san i am francisco believes the soda tax will also opposed to joining these improve oral health and overall health of together and i point to you here, san francisco residents and we support this effort. thank you. >> thank you for being here. homeless cabinet returns from the past and basically hope brings eternal. [applause]. we have a full house and there lot of people that want to was a program for 100 million speak, so one the rules we have in
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committee instead of applause you can to 200 million dollars in this article show spirit fingers. it is powerful and that fun way to mayor nusem appointed mrs. show support. when you hear something aliota tom you don't like just do a thumbs my question is, are we down. no need to boo or hiss. i want expecting results from this money? the to invite victor lynn to come up housing and speak on behalf of supervisor mar who is a national issue and it is sponsor on this piece of should be addressed at the national level. we legislation. have spent over $500 billion on >> good afternoon. supervisor a war in afghanistan. i think that tang and supervisor cohen. supervisor legislators at the national mar coulden be here today and level we need to encourage them to start apologize. he wanted to express his rethinking this whole process. support for for transportation, there should be this legislation here. and head count assessment on the also to emplyees since thank you the ongoing support the company benefits from the of community involvement for employing traveling on streets and community helths equity and build our highways. the coalition. it is great to see the doctors cupertino mayor running for state and grassroots support sw office, his conclusion after
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dealing representatives with the apple space ship from the east bay. we just want to facility negotiations is there should be thank you and supervisor wiener and everyone else for ongoing a employee head count tax support and hope this passes in november. dedicated for transportation. the priorities >> thank you very much. we will get are miss guided and putting these back to public comment. please together i think is a very confusing come up next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is issue at fernando hand, so are we going to solve [inaudible] deputy director and homelessness with this? 10 administration officer at years ago this is the result and it mission neighborhood health center. wasn't solved, so budgeting at the our board of directors which compes 51 ballot box percent of isn't a prudep way of doing our patient population has business. >> thank you very much. any indoorsed other members who wish to comment on this initiative and i think item 4? that we are seeing none, public comment is a good micro cosm of how sugary closed. alright, so do we have a motion from the commitsty to adopt the drinks amendment supervisor wiener stated into impacts children and adults the alike. i record? >> i would love to make the would like to mention last year motion to we served all most 12 thousand accept the amendments made by-the patients, of those diagnosed with
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written and oral amendments. >> thank you. i second that so we take overweight and obesity, all most 4100 which is that without objection these amendments are adopted. now if we can get a motion to continue the item to 31 percent. i would like to the july mention about 11th special committee meeting. a thousand of our patients have >> so moved. diabetes. around 5 years ago >> take without objection. any we had other about 50 percent ofpede atric items before us today? >> there are no other items. patients >> we can talk about the letter around 5,000 patients, 50 percent were overweight or obese. thanks to at the next july 11 meeting. our meeting is adjourned. thank you very much. health and wellness [inaudible] have been able to reduce it somewhat to around [meeting adjourned] 40 percent. we think that we need all the tools in the tool box so we can address the issue of obesity. if we do not that what we will do is fueling the diabetes epidemic. i think this is a good way with health and wellness promotional messages. i think >> good morning. welcome to we will be able to curve this epidemic
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of diabetes that is effecting many of our patient pop ygz. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> good afternoon. my name is cristina [inaudible] i am here today as a resident and a public school our special the wills committee parent. i work for the public health department and work on this issue since 2008 when we started soda free summer. at that time i thought sugary drinks meeting of july 11, 2016, monitored i'm katie tang chairman of the committee. to my left is supervisor cohen and eric mar will join us soon and we also supervisor weiner. our clerk we like to think sfgov tv. mr. clerk any announcements? contribute today diabetes and obesity. >> >>[moment of silence] also the sugary drinks consumed are get toog a phones items appearing today point where it is toxic. we are having fatty will appear on the july 19 agenda liver transplaintsplants >> think you. please call item 1 >> item number one, >>[reading code] similar to >> alcohol. the body processes
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liquid sugar differently than it does food. i'm here to express my strong support for something like this. i have been doing the work dr. bennett >> thank you. i will let supervisor weiner take this away. >> thank you very much mdm. chairman. i described this measure a few times so i won't talked about around education. we won't get say other than today mention it does create a segregated to significant change until we have dedicated fund for transportation improvements as something that discourages well as for critically sugary drinks whether it is a form of the tax or warning label. there are a lot of different strategies. it will important housing related homeless services. so, we made a number of amendment through a provide needed revenue to provide education. the beverage industry will say people need to educate. we can't very broad-based collaborative process and today subject to public comment, i will ask the compete the committee to forward this item to the full board of supervisors with a positive recommendation as a committee report. thank you. >> thank you. seeing no other ads, so this is a way to have some questions or comments will open level of equal footing to take this up to public comment. on the industry and speak the truth >>[calling names] >> district for resident here about sugary drinks and the fact they are making us sick. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker
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please. in opposition to this set >> my name is dr. robert guld aside. charter member homeless housing and services fund; and thank you for the opportunity to speak here. i worked for 35 years as a pathologist in kaiser before coming to my transportation improvement fund, budget set aside. the; says it all. one charter amendment, to budget set aside. current position as adjunkt professor at ucsf school of medication. all of this is when does not equal two. this is ill-conceived and poorly drafted. >> thank you very much. any sent for identification other members of the public purposes as our which comment on item 1 seeing university can't indoors none,, and >>[gavel] >> at this time will go to our specific initiatives. a great deal of comptrollers office the modified cost letter >> good morning supervisors. my work and working with others and protecting children and those who will be born from the effects of a wide comptrollers office. as written variety of in the legislation this creates stuff such as chemicals and two new funds. the first one is a homeless housing services fund. this fiscal year the city would provide $12.5 million in sugar sweetened beverages is at the heart-of the healthy food component. i'm speaking for san francisco the next fiscal years it would
6:28 am
be 50 known. the second one is a transportation improvement fund this fiscal year it would [inaudible] past national organization are be 25.4 million going to 101.6 more million in the next fiscal than 2500 local health professional and other members strongly support year. starting in fiscal year the initiatives for all the reasons 2018-19 and through fiscal year 2040-41 the contribution would grow at the same rate as other given by other helths professionals city baselines required funding and recognizing effort like dr. at the same rate as the city's aggregate discretionary revenue. >> thank you very much. bennett are colleagues, cc no other hampered by the ability of questions or comments i think we had heard the intent for a large corporations to sell these type of stuff willy-nilly to our children particularly those in already strussed out areas of the city who have motion of where committee multiple other things impacting their members to make that supervisor health as mar get the thank you. i want to thank the mayor and supervisor weiner and farrell well as poor healthcare in and avalos's office for all general. i been part of this effort to make sure we're adequate funding for transportation. the want to underscore or strong support for this mere ered by the support of california medical association, american academy of pediatrics. this will aid efforts to provide homeless services part, you by surprise as was added on and healthy though i really appreciate the food to patients and have a need for dedicated funding stream michael is that we can have other funding streams strong become to support homeless message from san francisco will services. i know that the make a strong word. strongly supportive of jeff kosinski's new office of >> thank you. next speaker, homelessness. i worry in some ways, when broader efforts that
6:29 am
please. are matrix like like the 90s >> thank you for giving me the giuliani in new york in san francisco crackdown on homeless opportunity to show my support. people and dehumanization of my name is wilson [inaudible] from the [inaudible] chinese health coalition and our mission is enhance the health and [inaudible] in the chinese community. it is time to take action and thank you for the legislation by homeless people is a concern of tracking the sugary beverage mine. my hope is that we move forward deftly with supporting transportation the equity part companies because they are effecting our though then i really appreciate but i can't support this measure to go forward i know community communities now. and i'll be voting no. these >> all right. is there a motion to let supervisor weiner had stated? thank you. supervisor companies are distributing unhealthy drinks to harm our diverse cohen >> i would make a motion to community in accept the amendment. san francisco. consuming unhealthy drinks can increase the chance developing many types of >> we will move forward this chronic disease. for example, there item to the full board of are obesity, heart and liver committee report. disease and early stages of common disease >> so moved >> with a positive recommendation but let's do local >> on emotion, supervisor mar for youth now like tooth decay and early stages of obesity. the total population of the current children in
6:30 am
san francisco cover 40 percent nay san francisco aye, tang aye we have 2-1. of having obesity especially in >> thank you so this measure will appear on the july 12 the san francisco chinatown. children have 53 percent developing early stages board of supervisors meeting. >>[gavel] >> any other matters before us of tooth decay which is today >> no more items mdm. chairman. significantly >> thank you. the meeting is worse comparing to san francisco overall. right now getting adjourned. this >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] legislation we'll be able to support and show like the changes to support our future generations. so, in addition to the fund ing that >> we are receiving, we can promote the current health education and develop early stage prevention that can benefit and >> the office of controllers create better and healthier communities. on behalf of [inaudible] we are strongly supporting the whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient san francisco sugary distribution sound the alarm an fraud address tax ordinance. thank you. wait in city government >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon supervisor charitable complaints results in tang and investigation that improves the supervisor cohen and citizens. efficiency of city government
6:31 am
i'm that. >> you can below the what if [inaudible] project coordinator for anything, by assess though the [inaudible] appropriate services project and [inaudible] chinese club program website arrest call health can ligz. thank you for offering the opportunity to share our viewpoints on the sugary drink distributor 4147 or 311 and stating you tax wishing to file and complaint ordinance. nicko choice point controller's office chinese helths the charitable program also coalition is [inaudible] address public health crisis of sugary drink accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk consumption. it has been found to be a you can file a complaint or leading contributor of tooth decay, obesity, heart disease and provide contact information seen diabetes. the proposed ordinance will by whistle blower investigates raise some examples of issues to be awareness between sugary drinks recorded to the whistle blower and [inaudible] support community program face of misuse of city programs to [inaudible] epidemic. in particular, sugary drink government money equipment consumption is supplies or materials a significant health issue in asian exposure activities by city clez american community. 63 percent deficiencies the quality and of asian youth report drinking at least one sugary beverage a day. the delivery of city government consumption as sugary drinks is services waste and inefficient government practices found to increase risk of diabetes,
6:32 am
when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint which is form you'll receive a unique a silent killer. according to tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in nih and cdc researchers, all most 50 investigators need additional percent of asian americans are suffering information by law the city from end employee that provide diagnosed type 2 diabetes often information to the whistle as a blower program are protected result of sedentary lifestyle and an employer may not and poor retaliate against an employee eating habits. 2 out of 3 that is a whistle blower any persons with employee that retaliates against diabetes die from heart attack another that employee is or stroke. in addition to subjected up to including submittal diabetes, 38 percent of aelgz americans in employees that retaliate will san francisco unified school personal be liable please visit district have experienced dental decay by the sf and kindergarten age. prevention and early intervention can go a long way to information on reporting intervening a epidemic in the retaliation that when fraud is loudly to general and asian american communities. i'm in strong support the sugary drink continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city distributor tax orbd nns to government can provide in you enhance the well being of california. hear or see any dishelicopter
6:33 am
>> before we go to the next behavior boy an employee please speaker i like to welcome our frnd and report it to say whistle blower colleagues program more information and the whistle supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much blower protections please seek blower protections please seek www. supervisor cohen. thank you. i just want to-i am in the middle of something but i wanted to make sure to stop by to reiterate my strong support for this soda tax. this is-this issue in termoffs the catastrophic health impacts of sugary drinks on our residents here and around the world particularly in low income communities and communities of color and particularly on kids who are now actually getting type 2 diabetes which used to be a disease of aging. not that sugary beverageerize the only culprit but a significant
6:34 am
culprit and we know that and the science is crystal clear t. . it is not disputable. the only ones who dispute it are the so called experts on the [inaudible] the only question for us as a city and society is are we doing what we did with tobacco which is regulate tax, provide nrfgz helths warn ings and do what we know works to reduce consumption and make people healthier? it worked with cigarettes. we have a lot fewer people smoking today and people are healthier. the announcer: b dreams and good grades question is are we doing that with sugary aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. beverages? 56 percent of san franciscans voted in favor of finding someone who can help the soda is the first and most important. tax. 56 percent spent $10 for the next steps, go to million in corporate responding against it. we know where the people of san francisco
6:35 am
stand on this and i know that it will happen this time and just want to thank all of the grassroots so, same time next week? well, of course. activists, volunteers and community stakeholders. we didn't get it last time but >> it's 6 o'clock and we'll we will keep going and thank you for visor cohen for your leadership on this as well. >> thank you supervisor wiener begin as you're asking for again, that the acceptance of on yours. ready for public the meeting notes distributed comment? next speaker. >> thank you madam chair and online maybe arrived on monday supervisors. my name is [inaudible] or tuesday and arrived and pediatrician in san francisco for 18 years and as my colleagues distributed i don't know if we before we stated i stand here have a hot copy but if anyone representing many physicians who can't be here because they are seeing patients in the office today. the california medical has any additions, deletions, or changes to the minutes this is association and american academy of pediatrics and san francisco the time to speak up anyone have medical society stands in support of any additions, deletions, or this. sugar consumption trip #89d changes tripled in the past 50 years. sugar
6:36 am
sweetened beverages which are what will be addressed in the initiative are the largest source of sugar. it is the largest source of calories in the american diet and liquid sugar is different. the way the body processes it go directly to the liver and absorbed differently leading to the fatly liver you heard and i have diagnosed children as young as 5 and it is just devastating. the other piece to this is it doesn't help feel full when you have liquid sugar and that is another piece of the puzzle that is so important and why sugar sweetened beverages are different. i also like dr.bent diagnose adult onset dibateies in my practice. one out of 3 born in 2
6:37 am
thousand will [inaudible] this is a preventable disease. the data is clear, taxing soda will drive down consumption. we know this is true especially for children and teens. this is common sense to address a real public health crisis driven by increased sun sumption and need to reverse the trend. i and my colleagues support the initiative. please put the health of our people above public profit. thank you. >> thank you. next speakers. >> my name is emily [inaudible] and work at close concerns a diabetes and information organization. the incidence of type 2 diabetes increased in the u.s. becoming a leading cause of morbidity and mortality and effecting people of younger ages at a greater frequency. as a daughter, granddaughter and niece of
6:38 am
people with type 2 diabetes i know how pervasive this disease is. unfonchinately ratef diagnosis and complications are exacerbated in minority and low income populations. the toxic food environment intensifys this problem. near half african american and luteenlo children will develop diabetes. significantly increase the risk of developing diabetes. i urge you to prioritize the health of our community, particularly that of children, the most vulnerable members of our society. the greatest tool we have to combat the dpi beaties epidemic and revention. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon and thank you for the opportunity to speak. my name is ava [inaudible] and senior program
6:39 am
manager at the [inaudible] diabetes non profit dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and prediabetes. new diabetes cases are exploding. the impact of diabetes [inaudible] the greatest burden is on the personal level. through my work i hear all the time about the challenges many people with diabetes are up against. here are quotes. i had 4 surgeries in 4 months including having two toes amputated. i hate finger sticks. i feel i'm losing control of my life and it st. frightening. i am falling all the time, broke my shoulder and kidneys are failing and cant feel my arm or leg. these are happening in san francisco in children and adults. we know
6:40 am
sugar sweetened beverages are linked to diabetes so if we don't act it is on us. thank you for taking this initiative and supporting the sugary drinks beverage tax. >> thank you >> helen gow and work at close concerns, a diabetes nrfgz company based in san francisco. the biggest public helt challenge failed to capture the attention of americans. stigma and misunderstanding created a culture where patients are blamed for diabetes. this is close concern. we too often make people are diabetes feel it is their fault about the toxic food environment makes it hard to be healthy. drinks like soda are the number 1 source of added sugar in the diet and account for half consumed. a sugary beverage taxes shows decrease in soda but raises awareness
6:41 am
[inaudible] too many people are not informed of the risk. we [inaudible] the city of san francisco has a opportunity to set a example for cities across america as we build a culture of health. thank you for your support and make thg healthy choice the easy choice. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. thank you for having me here. honored to be here. not a san francisco native but work here. my name is jamie bruno and health nutrition [inaudible] we serve over 400 families in the city and i wanted to share that i am in support of this tax because one the toughest part of my jobs is speak to the parents addicted to soda. to speak to the children and try to get them off the soda and try to reverse their consciousness and awareness of what is healing to
6:42 am
their bodies. it atrocious our water systems are not in place in the mission. there is more soda consumed and more liquor stores around the corner and food deserts but can't have a functional water fountain to teach the children to take them to the park and give them water to nourish their bodies. that's why i'm here. i want to insure the wellbeing of our future generation because they are the ones that will be there watching over us when we are oldser and now they are sick. 40 percent of the children in the mission are obese or dealing with stages of diabetes. already having high blood pressure. this is a injustice to the future generation. this is injustice to the communities that come here for opportunity in the nation. they center to start out being sick. this is not how i invention america or how
6:43 am
i envision san francisco. everyone in favor of this, please stands up. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. thank you for the opportunity. my name is ben dudeic and concerned citizen. so concerned i sought out a job on the campaign to pass the soda tax. san franciscans united to reduce diabetes. i want to second all the stats but not going to repeat them. i just want to thank everybody who is supported. elected officials-there are 115 endorsing elected officials, local businesses, and organizations both local and national all in support and want to thank everybody for standsing up against the propaganda of big soda. i want to remind the san francisco unified school district feared removing sugar
6:44 am
sweetens beverages would negatively impact the school male program budget. the idea removing the products from shelves would hurt businesses is a myth the big soda corporations spread. in fact, when the school district removed the products they sold more water, milk and juice and revenues went up counter to what the big soda corporations would like you to believe. i would like to reminds everybody in 2014 the american beverage association announced their balance calories initiative with the goal to reduce beverage calories consumed per person nationally by 20 percent by 2025. i think voting for this measure and supporting at every level will help the american beverage association to achieve the goal. if they speak out against this they are hip crts. >> thank you. next speaker.
6:45 am
>> [inaudible] [speaking spanish] [waiting for translation] >> he works for had latino
6:46 am
coalition for healthy california and works with diabetes community. in outreach to families, parents have a hard time getting their kids to stay off the sugary drinks and beverages even though they try to educate them. they are find tg is hard to compete at home when the kids are expose today a lot of ads and sugary drinks accessible throughout the day. he also states that he is a huge supporter the soda tax because of the marketing being done to these communities of color and the students. >> thank you for your testimony. next speaker. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is john [inaudible] i teach english here in the city at francisco middle school and here to voice my enthuse astic support of this measure. every day i teach low income students and see the
6:47 am
disproportioninate damage soda does to low income communities and communities of color. today the soda industry knows of their products many harms just as the tobacco industry did 50 years ago. their business model is the manufacture and sale of metabolic and dental illness to the most vulnerable strata of society. sugar is addictive. therefore, in the face of a industry happy to take our money and ruin our health, the only ethical response is a tax on their dangerous product. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> [waiting for translation]
6:48 am
>> she is a resident of san francisco and she supports this tax on soda companies. [waiting for translation] >> we know sugary sweetened beverages are tied to diabetes and diabetes has a huge impact on our residents wellbeing and health. >> [waiting for translation] >> and this is quhie i support the distributor tax you put on the ballot. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon.
6:49 am
>> hold the microphone to her mouth. >> [waiting for translation] >> in the last several years i center seen the impact of diabetes on young people particularly ones that i interact with. and i represent cyc. >> [waiting for translation] >> the young people are the next generation so it is important we keep their health and mind when we are here today. >> [waiting for translation]
6:50 am
>> i urge all you to support the tax in support of the future of our next generation and health of our next generation and future of our young children. >> thank you very much. we still have a stack of speaker cards but know many stood up in solidarity, if there is anyone that would love to speak that hasn't a chance, i see a representative from the heart association so welcome. welcome you to the microphone. if there is anyone dying to speak, please come on up. if not, we'll close public comment and continue moving forward. >> hi, good afternoon. britny
6:51 am
nob nagovernment relations drecktder for american heart association. we wanted to give our strong support for this initiative. as we know, sugary drinks are harmful, addictive products and beyond the health impacts of the products, they are marketed to communities of color. we know that despite the industries claims this is a regressive tax they target people of color and show latino people twice as many ads as white children and show black and asian children twice as many ads as white children. they were not claiming this internally when they made decisions to target our communities and hurt them with anone harm ful product. i am here to give strong support and excite today see the community come out
6:52 am
this november. >> thank you. i have one more person, dr. shaning are you here? you spoke already. any other members that would like to speak come up. >> thank you supervisor cohen. i was fortunate that i could eat whatever i wanted my whole life. my two older sisters were not. they were both severely obose. one passed away 4 years ago. she was a year older than i and she had diabetes among other health problems. when i worked at laguna honda for a decade in the rehabilitation services department i was very aware the deproportioninate number of african american patients, they represented 25 percent of the population. many were there learning how to ambulate again following
6:53 am
lower leg amputations. it broke my heart. worse, when i confronted former supervisor sofy maxwell here in city hall about the plan to cut 33 percent of the bed of laguna honda because 25 percent of the patients were african american, her callus response to me was who cares. i cared. i cared because i have multi-racial nieces and nephews who are also severely overweight and dont want to see them face amputations and not have skilled nursing facilities that will care for them. >> thank you. >> i strongly support this propolesh and you have my vote. >> thank you. i appreciate that. thank you everyone. i
6:54 am
appreciate your time and willingness to come down and testify. supervisor tang, thank you for allowing us to schedule this hearing. needly to say this is a measure that is of urgent nature. it is matter of life and death and think you heard the statistics and we know personally many people probably in our own families, i know the case in my own family of members that have suffered and died from diabetes. so, it is my effort to bring this measure to voters in november so we can not only raise awareness but raise money to educate the next generation so they can take care of themselves. with that, i turn the committee back over to you. >> alright. thank you so much supervisor cohen and everyone who came out. i would just say that coupling this effort with other efforts to try to encourage people to drink water and so forth is so important. i think we are moving slowly on that. i
6:55 am
have worked with student at lincoln high school who said we would love to have more water bottle filling stations in the school. the only one is in the cafeteria which is locked after 2 p.m. so we have been trying to ret row fit a water fountain so they can go and use more of the water bottle filling stations and just wish the school district would also try to help speed that process up for all schools in the unified school district so kids can start early on knowing water is a better alternative. also, you were alarmed to hear at lincoln high school we discurved the school district is charging to buy water bottles. they are selling them in theveneding machines and there was concern if they took away the sales from water bottles that it would hurt the revenue source frz the school district as well. i just bring up one experience i
6:56 am
had with our local high school to say i think there are a lot of other things we need to do as well to encourage young people to drink things other than soda. so, with that said, thank you for coming up. thank you supervisor cohen. >> i just want to say thank you. i want to acknowledge and thank my staff who organized this from a legislative perspective and want to recognize moncuchinchia organizing the volunteers and getting people out and educated. she is on the grounds day to day person. i want to recognize the volunteers that are rolling up the sleeve jz joining this fight. the seniors and young people will ban together and will be victorious. >> with that said public comment is closed and this hearing-before we close the hearing why done we go to the controllers office who will share the costing letter.
6:57 am
>> nutosha [inaudible] controllers office. we estimate the tax will bring in 14.4 million dollars a year as it is a enacted if passed jan 1, 2018. that is 7.2 million and the fallying year 14.4 million. >> thank you very much. with that said, public comment is clezed and the hearing is held. thank you everyone. alright. and now mr. clerk if you can call item 3. >> iletm 3 is second draft charter amendment to create the housing and development commission to ovsee economic and workforce development in housing and community development at election held nchb 8, 2016. >> i believe we have mrs. [inaudible] from supervisor peskins office. >> thank you chair tang and supervisor cohen for scheduling this hearing today and considering a next round
6:58 am
och amendments. i wanted to thank both of you and also the other supervisors and steak holdsers that came out the last rules committee meeting to offer feedback and comments with respect to the charter amendment. i believe i will be asking for your consideration to move the amendments again today. i believe we will clarify and strengthen the measure before you for consideration. just to recap at last weeks committee meeting after discussion with the city administrator and real estate division we removed oversight of the functions that didn't per tain to affordable housing development or implementitation of the sur plus property ordinance. i also appreciated supervisor cohens feedback and kevin carol with respect to ovlap of the workforce functions of oewd oversight. we are proposing to remove the functions from the jurisdiction of
6:59 am
the commission. the specific scope of the commission is left broad keeping the placement within the charter and supervisors desire to not be ovly prescriptive but there is a rational wlie the charter amendment can award contracts and grants allocated under the workforce investment act or community block program. this is keeping with the charter amendment central focus which sh creating a commission that provides a vision and strategic plan for housing and neighborhood development in the city. i want to thank lisa [inaudible] from exoewd and stakeholders who have taken time to meet with our office and offer feedback and would like to thank supervisor avalos with respect to establishing a strategic plan for equitable community investment
7:00 am
particularlyinose struggling with economic opportunities. we like to offer a amendment to the measure the commission would be tasked adopted a strategic plan for housing and #c3450u7bty development every 5 years which the board of supervisors could modify before adopting via the resolution. if the incoming department of homelessness and supportive housing can commitment to procuring the strategic plan in the first 90 days we should insure the vision for housing and development in the sate which will benefit from long term planning. supervisor avalos offered feedback with respect the way the city family vets development agreements and that is the biggest concern i heard from community members and other supervisors unable to make the rules committee meeting last week. examples brought up
7:01 am
included cpmc and america's cup. without being too previptive given chapter 56 of the code sets forth very specific procedures for the processing and approval of development agreements, i think there is a desire others on the board including supervisor peskin to be involved much earlier in the process and make it a transparent process for vetting agreements that you with ilbe asked to vote on at the board. to that end supervisor peskin would like to offer a amendment by providing a opportunity for the director to present a work plan highlighting potential development negotiation opportunities and giving the commission the opportunity to provide guidance. again, this not a mandate or something that the commission will have the authority to approve or reject, it is opportunity to have that discussion a lot earlier. with respect to mohd fundsing approval process, i also
7:02 am
received a lot of feedback from housing organizations and staff we should include language that is also more prescriptive setting out a process for the commission which actually included things like a appeals process gibbon other departments with oversight bodies also have appeals processes. for example, it also made sense for us to keep loan committee process in tact and insure the commission meets weekly during nova cycles and recommends those to the loan committee at the end och inweek. i heard from stakeholders this aprauvl process could and should be stream lined. all that said with the wonderful guidance of the city attorney, we feel that is to lay that out in very specific detail is probably much too previptive for the charter so we are offering a amendment today to include a commission task or responsibility to adopt guidelines for
7:03 am
how greats are procured and approved. within that process the director and commission have wide latitude to work that out themselves. um, finally, after requests for more flexibility and avoiding the potential for conflicts with respect to the [inaudible] criteria and insureing diversity of voices we added one additional. the supervisor iopponentment process and mayors that would be at large seat and one additional or one change in the criteria for a mayor existing seats that have some experience with homelessness and supportive housing. the intent behind that is to acknowledge not only the mayors commitment around supportive housing but the very necessary role supportive housing plays. without calling the newly forming department of homeless
7:04 am
ness the thought is it is someone from that shop. so, i want to thank you the community members and city staff who offered feedback throughout the process and want to stress the charter amendment is designed to be floxeable and also a cooperative relationship between the directors and commission with respect how they run their departments. there has been ongoing discussion for years regarding the x creation of the commission. this is i hope a very thoughtful approach that still allows for wide latitude to the department directors to be able to do the very necessary and critical work they do, but also would help steer the direction and strategic planning for these very important agenda. supervisor peskin feels we pull together a comprehensive measure without being ovlee prescriptive or micro managing these department and look forward continue toog work with staff to work out the existing
7:05 am
issues that are not encompassed and addressed within the chapter amendment and i'm available for questions. >> thank you very much. i have quite a few comments but don't know if we want to go to public comment here first. i have one speaker card. eileen boken but think there are more who want to comment on this item. please come up. i see mr. [inaudible] >> good afternoon. george [inaudible] president of coalition for san francisco north neighborhoods. i'm here because i support the charter amendment for housing and development commission. number 1, transparency. i believe the commission will give citizens who don't know what
7:06 am
the oewd or mayors office of housing and community development-it gives them a chance to know a little about what is going on. there is no committee or oversight. we don't know what is going on. if we are told we don't know if it is true. planning for neighborhoods. there should be something about strategic planning on the frontened as the commission should be tasked for overseeing the process from start to finish. this is also about taking power away from the mayor and giving this power back to the people who live in sf. citizens need this power to make sure our money is spent correctly so we believe the mayor has way too much power in this process. it is vital the commission or the new commission would have the
7:07 am
discretion to establish a process that will streamline the existingfunding approval process. people want to know how their money is being spent. mohcd is one of the only departments that doesn't have an appeals process for rfp's like dph, dcfy or department of homelessness. the new commission must have an appeals process. i support this commission. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, patrick [inaudible] i urge this commitsty to unanimously forward recommendation to full board to put this on novembers ballot. let the voters decide. whether they
7:08 am
want more transparency and oversight of a city department that has control over 3 billion with a b. this is about the 850 or so san francisco residents who want to decide this for ourselves at the ballot box. particularly concern is this is not about olson lee's need to be entitled to gravtaus. i was shocked reading that in the newspaper and [inaudible] audioof the meeting last week. his concern he would lack substense or importance a department head has reporting to the mayor instead of to the commission doesn't hold water. you can ask barbara garcia and [inaudible] joan hayes white or
7:09 am
greg suhr, bill ginsburg or [inaudible] at the library commission. they are not whining about gravtaus. according to mohd annual report for fiscal year 14/15, mohd issued just one [inaudible] to first responders and that program was first developed they were going to issue 10 thousand dollar loans annually and that didp cut out and cut to to 5, [inaudible] more concern is 5 year period between fiscal yeartony 10 and 11. [inaudible] small program that had -- >> thank you. sorry, your time
7:10 am
is up. >> they have 50 million not issued [inaudible] that need to happen and it needs to happen now. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> eileen boken. a resident in support of this item. most of the previous testimony at the other meeting was regarding this item asfocus on the mayors office of housing and community development for affordable housing. instead i would like to focus on mohcd role as a policy body particularly the mayors working group. it is my understanding the mayors working group is instrumental developing the policies for affordable housing density bonus program. in this respect
7:11 am
having a independent commission to oversee the mayors housing working group could have significant benefits. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> calvin [inaudible] san francisco information clearing house. i believe if it makes sense to reconfigure city government to deliver homeless services by the creation of homeless department it makes sense to reconfigure city agencies to deliver housing and community services given the fundamental and basic changes that occurred since both of the officers were formed all most 2 decades ago. the realty is most of the financing and the development that is occurring major project development that is occurring that used to be carried by the
7:12 am
redevelopment agency or funded by the federal or state government is being done at the local level with our own resources and through a mechanism called the development agreement. i am greatly in support of this measure because the way in which it gives community responsibility and oversight as well assistance to the board of supervisors in the process of the development agreement to development of development agreements which is now the principle form of major development in the city. i process the city hasn't organized itself in my opinion to deal with. this is a necessary staep in that direction. thank you. >> thank you very much. any other members who wish to comment on item 3 just please come up. >> good afternoon. my name is
7:13 am
gabriel medina and policy manager for meta. we became affordable housing developer and well as a host of services for over 7,000 clients mainly in latino communities. i am here to support this charter amendment. in particular the mission had over 1500 units of development occur and a lot of the developments happened with development agreements. one in particular the vitta development had a developer agreement, had a lot of benefit tooz the community, but when the community called to ask for the document the city said they didn't have a record of it and the final copy and didn't have capacity to share this. when it came to-we had a recent scenario where i look at developments happening down the line, for sflans instance 300
7:14 am
members of the bublic came together prop a how to spend the dollars for affordable housing and intention of local based developers being able to do that. however, regional developers came in in this case and tried to also apply for those funds when the community, the mission rallyed very hard for not having affordable housing development for 15 years to have the capacity and need policy set so this doesn't occur again. also, we would like to see more representation and transparency especially with regard to latino commissioners. we are 6.6 of the commissioners yet 15 percent the pop wrlgz and this is more opportunity not just for these commissions for transparency and budget allocation but other commissions that center have to
7:15 am
do with land use. >> thank you very much. any other members who wish to speak on item 3? okay, seeing none public comment is closed. thank you very much to the speakers and to mrs. anglo from supervisor peskins office to trying to address some of the issues some of the initial amendments. i stand by some of the comments i made at the last meeting which is i am not the creation the commission is really the mechanism for solving which ever problem it is that is identified. i would say i tried to look hard toor see what is the problem we are trying to solve here i think what i'm hearing is we need to have more of a vision and work plan in place especially when it comes to the development of housing and the direction the city is going as well as the earlier valvement and discussion for the development of development agreements. so, those are i
7:16 am
would say two of the main components i hear wanting to be addressed, but at the same time i'm not sure having this commission be the place to address that is the appropriate way to go. if there are things that for example, we should do better as a board of supervisors where we see what mohd is bringing forward to us maybe there is something we can change or ask for more brought before us bringing things to light. maybe there is something we can do earlier on in term thofz development of development agreements. that is where i see room for improvement in terms of what is potentially not working here for some people. so, i'm not sure the amendments today really address that. for example, just creating another seat on the commission is not really in my opinion speaking to what we are trying to solve here, so-i know that we do
7:17 am
have to continue the item anyway so i just wonder if there is potential to continue the conversation especially when supervisor peskin comes back. i would love to discuss directly how we can shape it in a way to at least address the two main things i have pulled out from what i'm hearing from all you. >> i think that as you all know we are on a tight timeline with respect to the charter amendment. i have talked a little with staff about the potential to-we could have one more shot at making amendments. i would love to hear specifics from staff. i feel i put out there at the last committee meeting i was open to specific language if folks had ideas they wanted to shop ajound heard from some and not others. at this point if there is a opportunity to have a special on monday and
7:18 am
then continue that to the 14th so it would be able to circle back around. i know the supervisor will be interested being a part of that conversation. i just want to again say that i do think he has done-has tried to really address without giving up on his initial principles or intent he is trying to do, has given some concessions in terms of jurisdiction or not wanting to micro manage the functions of these departments so i saw yes i think we can continue the conversations but with the understanding that some of the fundamental things he may not be willing to change. >> okay. it would be good to have that conversation with him directly as well and know he has been out so we'll do what we can to make sure we have another special meeting we can continue it to after amendments are made
7:19 am
so it doesn't-it can still make it to full board on time. supervisor cohen. >> one day when i grow up and leave the board i will be like supervisor peskin and take long vacations and be able to get things done. i appreciate the amendments and thank you for stopping by the office and walking through them. a couple things when they briefed me on some the amendments i just want clarity on and the first question that comes to mind is, something-is this precedent setting? specifically it is unclear and think my staff may have raised this to you, unclear how one part of a department can be under the jurisdiction of a commission or overseen by the commission. how does that work? >> the way i approached it and
7:20 am
the city attorney has some legal guidance around the precedent and impacts, the way that i have approached it is that there is largely no-it is really the commission has the discretion to sort of just set its own procedures and policies and develop that relationship with the directors and so calling out specific provisions and carving those out was really a attempt to try to address folks concerned that even though it wasn't mandated or prescribed in the original draftd it may be something the commission decides it wants to micromanage. by specifically calling it out and saying this will not be under the jurisdiction of the commission was a attempt to try to insure that process waents held up or delayed or-- >> i'll ask the city attorney. deputy city attorney, job gibbener.
7:21 am
>> do we have other departments set up in a similar fashion? >> um, there are no commissions that oversee only part of a department or that i know or where we carved out a piece the commission-it isn't within the commissions jurisdition but don't think that is what this does. this says this commission oversees these departments, oewd and mohcd and can set policies overall for those 2 departments including grants and contracts mpt the one thing the commission-can set policies for how the departments process c [inaudible] or workforce investment funds so that is all within the commissions jurisdiction. the only thing the commission cannot do is decide
7:22 am
awards of individual grants under these two programs unless the board of supervisors dopts a program providing authority for that program. >> i dont center other questions. >> speaking to earlier points about not trying to micromanage i think a problem i do have is that this charter amendment actually writes out what oewd and mohcd is suppose today do. it writes out how in supervisor peskins mind those departments should function and the functions are. that is the problem with that. we have a charter amendment doing that where i'm not sure the departments themselves-i don't want to speak for them but not sure the departments have collaborated to figure out this is what our function should be. so, even though it may not be micromanaging but passing this
7:23 am
you are chaichcking essentially some the major functions they have. in any case, i think too continued the discussion and so i'll look forward to supervisor peskin returning and maybe more amendments we can work through on this. >> would we then be looking at continuing to monday special meeting or- >> we could continue to july 14th because i think supervisor peskin doesn't return until monday, is that correct? july 14, i'm willing to hold a special meeting july 18th so it doesn't hold up your timeline. >> thank you chair tang and supervisor cohen. >> i have a question for director-thank you. i have a question i like to brink up drecktder olson lee, one the speakers raised a interested question and thinks it goes to my
7:24 am
concern i articulated last week. something you said supervisor tang about the legislation actually will be bringing about change to the department and perhaps it is a change we need. i don't know, that st. why i'm here to figure it out. a public speaker raised a interesting point. 50 million dollars for the small sites program is not used, is that accurate? >> that is not accurate. there is a portion of the general inclusionary funds that are being used that are 10 percent is set aside for the small sites program and we in the process getting legislation to conform with the existing program so we have used some of that money as it comes in but we dont have 50 million dollars in the small sites program sitting and waiting to be used. >> when you say getting legislation is it is drafted and introduced by the mayor? >> we are quite busy trying to
7:25 am
get things to the board as i
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