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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  May 13, 2016 4:35am-5:01am PDT

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actually there isn't i am not remember the funding part only says list the band not authorize the funding it will center to go through the budgeting process it wouldn't be up to me but the proposals to do that match does would require the schools to keep that up or not get the funding and have to write it in that way but the proposal will have to be split so - >> i think this is a proposal to allocate fund for the programs essential it should be done at the same time and clear about the purchase if because people are talking about certain programs all the analyze you might find good this is part of lack of clarity and what that means it is unclear and no
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proposal on the table to allocate the funding vice president walton. >> thank you president haney. >> just a couple of things i would feel irresponsible if i didn't bring up i want to commend our teachers and everyone that participated in supporting the program but all the programs this kind of in sometimes some of the hardest scenarios i want to commend you with that said, i do wish some of us would spend time at the disfachd schools and because that will be hard to argue that j o rtc is in the thriving as a program and this whole discussion about listing the prohibition didn't maple we'll
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use the resources a mute conversation we shouldn't be having not about the possibility of resources let me give you an example of programs that is tremendous no doors on the walls at charles junior tonight 9 teachers leaving this is this evening some of the rules and some of the spaces at the facilities look like their places you, you lucky lock up and throw away the key if you wanted compare situations know you're creating a different situation for 0 are district and students yes, we have targeted resources but what was proposed will considerate those approaches and set the district and this board backgrounds i'm not an - if by
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the lift the prohibition are we're going to take money awe u away from our sports library and arts and music are take it from the discretion pack we spend millions to support the gaps or take it from the 9 teacher portion of the budget and losses the support for educators and the thing we're trying to do in the district i'll not put j o rtc into that position but if we have this conversation we need to talk about it, it is thriving i support j o rtc i've notified and i've had conversations with the instructors and at the end of the day i don't understand why i'm the only one well, not the only one
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but don't feel the federal government is responsible and why we're not all trying to march up to the federal government and have this conversation 1922 their program they started and our students bends we provide a lot of support but make no mistake we are pitting the programs and people through this against each of and promoting issues that did exist so we need to be mindful this is not a pe resolution and that's supposed to be conversation we are having tonight very little discussion he support j o rtc it is a thriving program and quoting and
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will cause issues if we continue down the road. >> okay. so commissioner norton. >> so thank you i want to say that first of all, clarify that i'm not a spore have to resolution i have been a long supporter of j o rtc but but i also that this is as asset and i think with all due respect to the authors you've made a big mistake or maybe the staff i don't know how it happened you tried to make that a beggar community resolution it is complicated and just even the discussion that we've had together and the students that came and the instructors that came all about j o rtc what this
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resolution is about and yet the pe policy makes sweeping changes to pe some of the changes might be good i think we should have a deeper conversation about offering the credits for athletics and marching bands we need a deefrp conversation what we're doing at the school sites there are issues that we need to clean up and fix i think that has president haney said we have to have we explored the options i think the whole process because of how apply it is how it becomes has been completely hijacked by the j o rtc discussion we can't have the discussion because of the
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policies related to this program i think we need and wish to the two of you split is the proposals apart i think there is support on that board for les in my opinion restrictions we've placed on the program on the students and instructors i want i want to correct those i want to right the wropgz as commissioner wynns said but i think the way this is diagnosing done i am not hearing the support italian-american hearing eve he swallow any deep resolution about the pe policy i don't see people on the board supporting this resolution that had been a tragedy quite frankly for the instructors but again,
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we had a political discussion here that we lose and then another year we know bring this up and fix the initials i want to ask you have you willing to overwhelmed the resolution because if you are not. >> are you making a proposal. >> i'm asking you if you know that there is not support on the board for what you wanted to accomplish you came and supported this program and yet you are adamant against ways that would allow you to get the support on the board for that i don't said the strategy quite frankly if you port this program you should want to get the best deal for the students and sulfurs i've told you in all the programs this resolution will
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not get it done for them. >> i personally since i'm opposed to dividing i if not to propose to divide it now any board members if you want to amending amend. >> just to maybe san francisco people the challenge it is all very much integrated a implemented. >> nobody else is capable of doing this i'm happy to make a proposal that a motion to divide this proposal my proposal we divide is a so all the proponents are in one half and
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everything else is in the other. >> i don't know whether the lawyers said it i want to hear what they think. >> okay commissioner vice president walton and lawyers get ready. >> maybe i take it no time intelligent enough to understand what is proposed we should vote on that have a vote we can come back. >> can i speak again. >> we can come back and have a proposal and let the authors come back with a proposal on their j o rtc we don't have to address this tonight we can vote it down or vote it up but we don't center to sit here and keep people out all night but have the authors if they want to come back with a different resolution we don't center to
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address that right now why put ourselves in that position like commissioner norton why sit here for the rest of the night we can come back and let the authors do what they need to do to talk about the pe resolution. >> commissioner norton and then dr. murase. >> i would like to make a counter proposal commissioner wynns i was not seconded and we're not discusses it. >> second. >> we'll discuss that amendment. >> so the amendment was to split it in half. >> i don't know what at half is but the proposal was to put all the components that ply with the j o rtc and leave everything
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else in another resolution as i understand the robert's rules of order can be divided as the maker of the motion. >> in which case i'll be supportive it is credibly confusing and be supportive but would that require us to vote on it tonight it as different limited it didn't necessarily need to go to the various committees but there need to be proper language and needs ton you know yeah, it is - a completely different conversation i think that has different budget implements and curriculum implementations and i mean, i'll want to see a clean
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two clean documents we know what we're voting if we try to make amendments that had been credibly confusing. >> it is the pleasure of the board to vote tonight or that can divide that the j o rtc components on one policy and the remaining pe policies on another one and where i know we can bring that back that's up to the president of the board to make that decision. >> proper to for us to discuss an alternative amendment or have to vote on this. >> i believe you need to suspect the emotion or need to
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vote. >> there's a motion on the floor, however, you can - >> have a separate alternative to what is proposed i don't can't move it. >> vote on that motion first. >> i think if you suggested it as a chance to the motion that is on the floor that's an order we can turn that motion into a different motion. >> i'll propose we do what you suggested i say rather than divided one tuff proposal into two we table the motion of this and ask the staff to back to the
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drawing board there are a lot of questions and issues that need to be discussed more fully so i would prefer them to back to the drawing board and looking at this more holistically and taking the j o rtc portions out i think although this is not my preference i would suggest that in order to deal with the credentialing issues and the pe independent study and the other issues public school we also carve out the central funding piece i don't hear the last piece although i support it and family indians the motion and the action if we vote on to the action to deprive the motion so
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following the motion should that pass we can do whatever we want with the motioned i'm not averse to bring that back substantial in fact, my colleagues were about to do i think some my disagree but from the point of view of the school district not vote down the pe because at the request of the staff we will not be able to bring that back for a year we don't want to see that we have inclines and regulatory issues that the district needs to deal with i think we should just divide the motion to work on this and then we will ask the action to be postponed from the board is okay with that and the
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staff is that good. >> i think we can do that whether in the for the next meeting but certainly bring back to separate motioned and critiquing one 0 and the other on the other. >> you want to do that one more time twice is that commissioner norton as an each time plan but looks like you - >> this is what we go substantially so everyone is clear we'll divide this one, two resolution one that deals with the j o rtc and the other with the other issues and bring overseeing back to the committee and the full board and vote on
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those they make change because they needed to be separated but the language we'll include will be different; correct? >> commissioner vice presient walton. >> who or are the authors for each resolution. >> because we would have two resolutions if we divide they and commissioner murase and i substantially we can not bring them back at all and bring them back as the superintendents resolution. >> superintendent. >> thank you, commissioner president haney so i'll propose we'll split the resolution the j o rtc i'll confer with the author but pertinent lies the changes to pe any pe policy becomes a superintendent proposal i'd like to propose
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that that's my thinking at this point and i think that's a great idea. >> if i may i know we don't want to go back to committee it sounds like from the discussion that the part it's at pe issues that note just financially not fiscally but problematic legal that the commissioners would like to have information and maybe a discussion would be i don't know so that. >> we'll decide what makes sense depends on what comes back in terms of would be you you know come back with a plastic bag in a year depending on what you decide and whether we need but i think i'll agree from a sense of commissioner fewer commissioner vice presient walton. >> i want to clarify i'm adamantly against this not going
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through the right channels that adamantly gets there. >> okay. so we'll have to figure out i think where to refer that then and whether it needs further essentially it will go through the curriculum committee again - so we'll figure it out leadership and which committee it needs to go to and i think that's do we need to voted on that motion or okay. >> let's cack take /* take a vicinity and as supported by the superintendent and the j rotc
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part. >> that's what i mean. >> okay. >> we don't say to sign anything. >> ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton no ms. wynns matt haney that's 6 i's. >> all right. thank you everyone for joining us for that and staying so late and i guess we'll see everybody again, thank you for being here and thank you students for staying so loot it is educational or something we wish you the best of luck with finals and everything else we'll take a second while people leaf they're like what just happened;
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right? >> (laughter). >> the meeting is not over. >> i have item k like laying back special order of business there is a motion that has been
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seconded on second of a language for the pattern the elements and france mission high school. >> so you'll respectfully you clear the room as poish and quietly as possible we'll continue with our meeting so item k i'd like to ask roberto please come forward for that item. >> good evening so as you know, we complete the federal monitoring process for it as it pertains to the several sites selected as a part of progress we looter to the modeling policy during that process for those schools to make the language for robust and did additional language we add so the requested action the board of education the san francisco unified school
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district approve the addition of the following bang for the buck laupg to the involvement policies of the following schools there is one line for the elementary school and a short paragraph francis comments into the board. >> yeah. hi, thank you for bringing thumb i think i had a chance to read this we'll have nothing against involving the parents i assume we want to encourage the involvement of parents this is fine but i want to say that it is not talking about organizing and empowerment it talks about involvement it talks about you know workshops and things like
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that really if talk about the because of a parent actually are really involved there is a base appearance that is sustainable parents there's a vehicle for sustainability for this is just i think is compliant i think that is more than maybe what some schools have but i want to say it didn't i think what we're looking at for in engagement for parents to be understand and navigate the system how it works but we are looking for parents to have been a little of checks and balances to punish what they think their children and school needs i think this is why we have parents engagement pea why we have a school counselor a collective