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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  March 27, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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ferry building in technology you may remember she came and presented landlord her peers on behalf of the rooftop swlz continentals with a better campaign she's smoothing be contributes into cat i'm proud her freier of school she's strived and thanks to the support of cat she's increased here living but has been an environment that embraces up lifts and support her a number of things i can highlight it cat does well infuses the interference technology for her skills in here career cats sensitivity is what i as a single parents and the congratulate of usf presenter
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having teachers that challenge and for her to talk about the social issues coaches to an administrative staff that listens and meets with the class they thrive in embracing her names and addresses a young woman of color the fact they assess the programs like making a program of youth highlights the youth he hope as you consider this he'll consider my feedback as a graduate of u.s. d specifically a second generation something that is a rarity at this time in san francisco is a true privilege and blessings thank you.
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>> hello board members my name is caring rene senior at city architect i'll share my cats being a college student makes me want to proof i'm a teenager i'm a scholar ready to defend my school my parents rife journey has on a motivation since i started to think about college i knew i was going they came to the united states at a young age any mom 2k3wr5i89d at balboa park and my dad came in with an elementary schools education when they talk about the lack of opportunities it makes me time to work harder towards my dowels i have a after-school program and financial aid and spend 10 to 12 hours in my college center
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and grateful for a counselor she'll not let me leave until i have a change for a conceive future i have university to look at uc berkley and riverside and cat is more than a high school but shaped hi appreciation for the community to seek resources and celebrate my academic achievement had not have cat environment i may not have the skills and the confidence he hope my story is a representative of cat and thank you for the time to represent the students thank you (clapping.) good evening my name is bill i'm the vice principal at city architect i want to talk about myself i was 4 years old and left the state
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at hunters point anothers a teenager my point with the education as an adult an opportunity to work to allow to give back to the community this is my second year at city architect my role promotes the culture and celebrating successes and management discipline systems i have experience in growing up in san francisco for the students and families i came late to the challenges and raising a child many of the barriers any students encountered i encounter through my family's with that understanding i maintain the higher expectation for the school community to have a recognition of success from sending home letters for hour role students we're committed to
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the academic culture we restore the practices for the - to find ways to repair the relationships the clamp in my second year i've reduced the suspensions we're working with the schools to realign the champs in conjunction with the people services i'm using the restore to justice to build changes so that leads to less people out of class and less student suspensions many of our families are attracted to the project based model at cat we want to insure the responsibilities for the students awhile aligning with the policies and procedures of sfusd's we believe we'll continue to move forward with
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the students for a college thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening. i'm minor brown i'm a parent and a grandparent and like most parents here tonight, i'm also a san francisco native and my alma mater is a - proud to be a graduate sometime g ago i credit myself a professional volunteer especially, when that comes to volunteering at my children and grandchildren's and three children that are under my legal guardianship i need to go as often as possible and feeling welcomed and my gut is important to the staff teachers and everyone work at cat for any
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kid's my expectations at cat have been met and so have the expectation that i have for my children under any care the last time i spoke he told you i had or had 2 children left at cat to graduate one the 11 my galvanized and the other one the 12 under my guardianship i'm very, very careful of how i'm handing situations with cat and one of them has an i e p happy to say working with the learning specialist teachers and staff and the way they give the support to all my students whether on p p plummets or not i'm been having very, very happy
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with the results the opportunitiess a parent and a volunteer to be able to be part of most of all pros in cat it comes in as so important that when it comes time to have schools meeting and the hiring of teachers and administrators i'm right there and i can see what the input will be that my students will take awe w. >> from it cat prepared me and my students in probation officer processes like the w l e a with work or work experience i have a lot of and my college portfolios where confidence and growth in presentations is vital in the work they've included me in valued my gut to help and
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encourage any students and help them to thrive for excellence for the future and to finish strong in life thank you. >> (clapping). >> hello, i'm spending sole purpose i'm a senior at city architect high school as a senior i've dealt with the college circulation process i have personally applied to columbia and stanford university and the university of chicago more than at that time i've been september into some amazing schools like exaggerate state and uc san diego and ucla have a bragging i'm excited but most importantly it is me giving credit to my high school temp to programs like the portfolio defense where in we go tloven of
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the panes of teachers and defend why we're ready to move on to college we prepare ourselves for the adjourned with other things like the workload we as the students find jobs and hand in resumes and conduct interviews that prepares us for college and applications for the real world beyond that so without a shadow of a dough i'm more than prepared to move to college and the technologies has gotten me to a place i feel comfortable thank you. >> (clapping) ape hello board i'm matt i work with cat for 10 years and teach the visible arts at cat we welcome the students and decade our lives to support them we nutritious the anybody else needs to help the students
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realize tare greater than they ever thought they'd be our portfolio model after the dock i don't like real occupational and divorcing to feed people in homeless shelters we've been lucky to pay over thirty students in the excelsior district in the loophole boys and girls club and had an art show in the supervisors office where the students present their art because we have we provide big opportunities you know our college resource center is topnotch they return to cat getting help with filling out their face if a we were awarded the achievement gold blue ribbon school award i'm
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glad to be part of this cat academy to please allow us to continue our work argue we're over 19 minutes so i'll let the young person speak. >> good evening, members i'm south of market person i'm from the pennies in 2014 and met my dad for the first time i started at cat as a ninth grader i didn't know money and not - i'm glad he choose cats because thanks to the teachers helping me to teach the lessons and catch up i was able to about how long bank they believed many in my abilities i know how much they appreciate my hard work and may have had me they didn't only support me
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academyly but it was a difficult adjustment i felt from my teacher that introduced me to other students and helped me to make friends he texted me to see how i was doing this why i gained more confidence every single day when did school year was ending my parents gave me a change to decide whether i wanted to go back to the philippines are stay and katie choose cat this year i'm taking advantage of the counseling services they have more handing my personal situations in an effective way to continue to improve in my cat cameras that's why i'm here telling you any
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story what cat meant to me i was not alone that is more than a school my second home where i found any second family please consider cats charter school renewal thank you. >> (clapping). >> thank you to all the speakers i'm going to open up from questions or comments from the board. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you i want to thank everyone for coming out tonight i have a question so i'm concerned because the suspension rate is very high at cat and also, we have a report - i need to ask the question whether or not any student to your knowledge has been or their
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family given the choosing choice of transferring are getting expelled because the law requires that charter schools follow all the provision of the law that recommend to x public utilities commission's it is not allowed under the law. >> so i'll glad answer that question when it comes to underline we involve the family we have students with complex issues and work with the families to find the best solution most recently, we viewed the sfusd services to make sure our policies are aligned so we're familiar with the big 5 and we realized that we understand that we need to be aligned to those big 5 so we
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always involve the families and talk about different options and most of our students and families decide to stay and sometimes the students and families decide to leave but we don't threaten them with expulsion so if there is a concern i'm happy to talk to you. >> when you say we explore options that's the question is the option you often for trouble leave the school or we'll discipline you. >> we have lots options including for them to be on a contract to basically give back to the community i've harmed. >> is one of the options ever leave the school or you'll be disciplined. >> no. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm concerned because we've gotten people that said that's what happened
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you know full disclosure you'll not vote but this discipline issue a big deal that has recently come up. >> i can also respond if it is okay i just add reiterate that families are brought into the process and deciding what make sense for that the students there's a lot of things we look at discipline and the history of intervention what has not work those decisions are not made within the room families are definitely part of conversation if a family was not or feel there was some sort of a threat we're happy to engage with that family and move forward. >> i appreciate you're saying that but i want to point out families if disciplinary actions is not something you do by choice i mean, i'm glad you do that that is a requirement under
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the law so it is you know good you're following the law that is basically, what you're telling me some have said i think you're not foreperson the law people the school so - >> thank you students for couple of to the microphone i had the opportunity to visit the 11 and get a fortunately feel for the community and i really was very, very impressed with the project based learning approach and all the students were engaged i think you have talented teachers at the school i was impressed with the benchmark portfolio and it reminded me of my own dedication defense that the kids are
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mclaren valuable skills and finally the program does have a lot of value for the young people that are learning the crazy i'll be supporting this charter school. >> first of all, thank you to the students for being encourages and speaking on behalf of the city hall tonight i had the opportunity to visit cat and i had an opportunity to speak with great students that definitely recommend themselves well i was hard for me when i visited the charles i know when you visit they'll put the best in front of you i'll do that as well but the issue i'll bring up and the fact that charter schools top spaces from
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typically schools and puts us in a binds we continue to grow our student population continues to grow and make the decisions on do we place the traditional schools and having to expedite for resources 0 with the charter schools and again, this system will not be sustainable to be able to have more charter schools and have - continue to have the ability to support our traditional schools that will be become a bigger problem at some point we don't have the resources to sustain a charter school system and traditional school system no way for that that be possible and the issue of suspension rates and what's happening in terms of the suspension that is tarnishy within a district and how we work with the students and
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families understanding working with children everyday some of the most challenging 24/7 and bloipd but understanding our students should feel and have the support they need to be successful even with the issues they bring in our students first frustrated and at the same time, we choose those can wes to provide the opportunities for them to drive and be successful she shouldn't feel threatened when they come to school and because of minor incidents they maybe thrown out of school or told to pick another school system personally i get excited when we get children from charter schools but she shouldn't feel forced out with that said, i do want to say i was impressed by the students
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that had the opportunity i spent time with i know they're learning and they're excited about their school experience but this charter school system is not good for public schools and has to stop and change. >> commissioner norton. >> thank you so i want to say i as have liked cat i've spent time there and, of course, i'm impressed by the students and by the showing at all the meetings how people and the students feel about the school it is clearly working for a number of students i'm really worried about the discipline data that as surfaced i appreciate the addendum you gave us and you made candidates i appreciate how you'll reduce the suspension rate i want to
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ask the staff i'll watch closely i'll vote in support of chart but ask the staff to report back to us next year the commitment you're going to cut our suspension rate in half in the next academic year want a report back on that monitor that closely thank you. >> excuse me for arriving late thank you president haney so i had an opportunity to go to katie liked everyone every single everything that is engaging all the students were engaged in the instruction on pathway you know i asked about the suspensions and i appreciate that you're very forthcoming saying yes
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there are some things we want to work on that is a positive i think i think everything he saw i really liked loved puc to the students and walked into a lot of classrooms i like the classrooms and yeah, he want to say thank you for the time you took to show me around the schools and introducing me to sf some of your students. >> (clapping.) commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> all right. thank you i've the parts supported katie will be supporting you tonight again but i have some issues as my colleagues do around the sprungs rate is concerning and actually a question my question what has typically - is there a theme that is happening on the
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suspensions last year what are the top 3 types of suspensions you've been dealing with and you know i'm confused that bumgdz up so quickly and if you could we are. >> so i want to speak to that her first year at cat she was a teacher previously one of the reasons we hiring ms. wynns because she as a teacher has lead a lot of student groups around exhibit and culture xez competence how to focus on restorative justice i want to say not a reflection on ms. wynns she's making a great, great difference i think that the past we had a policy that now we're are we looking at and not using that is
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around the track record of students and how many reversals they've gotten it leads to a suspension we're not using that that will considers a lot of the suspensions. >> but what are the kinds of suspensions what is causing - what are the students doing to create you know a spike in suspensions. >> i think that is if fluctuates a lot of gun recommended suspensions this year is different alterations we student conflicts one of the things transparent we're trying to work on we don't a lot of restorative practices it is entering personal so our support council students i've pushed in hard circles we try to really build relationships and a
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restore discipline the next step for cat bringing the teachers and advisors likely at u.s. d for the intervention so when we met with john a few months ago we remember existed to talk about that process and systemize the work on an individual basis. >> i appreciated that comment by the way, part of the challenge we often have between charters and our more traditional schools no shared learning he appreciate over learning from what is happening in some of the more traditional schools and our staff is helping you so the comment i want to be able to say all the appreciation for all the students great to
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hear our stories and the challenges you've gone through and i really wanted to kind of push on the suspension piece when you're in a charter situation you have to come to us every 5 years to renew the chart so really critical things we look at we not a very - we're not a large charter supported school district we're unique in that from other districts the state we have high is it so for charter schools as students you have to recognize that your reflection is how oftentimes we'll take all that into consideration when you have board members that go to cu and we hear the stories how you made
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connections with our teachers are going on to college or have so many options to choose from those are the things as a school board member i consider your is it so i want to take the moment to remind you as students the work you do and cut down on suspensions and recognizing your job to be in school and performing well contemplating so you can go on to to the next level our responsibility and that we keep an eye on and that determines of the future of cat going forward and want to appreciate veronica who has her kid with all of the legacy pieces that gone with that the supervise volunteer kids and kids and kids have gone you continue to do that to be there
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those make a difference that makes a different our building the community so thank you for coming out tonight and for the young people came out to speak about our school i wanted to appreciate that. >> (clapping). >> yes. i wanted to add one thing that that vision schools in a history of council students out of the school i want to make sure that we have a commitment also, if envision that practices that you're changing that model of students we're not council students out of the school your school is actually for the benefit for the many students thank you. >> i also want to echo the
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gratitude to all the students and parents would came out and spoke that was powerful testimony it to hear our stories and as always we're incredible proud and consider you san francisco unified school district part of our school districts and to hear over successes and feeling there is angeles environment you thrive is something that makes us proud that your students the city you feel that you have a future in college and beyond so we want to thank you for that i think there is a couple of points and questions i have you know the point will stungsz suspension is an important one and people are saying forgive us it is not just the number it is what that tells us what is happening the school and to hear that some of the suspensions are
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could by fight and sort of different types excavations and referral without the supervision this is a sense of what is happening and whether it is reflective of values we have the school district around being the student center and creating ms. wynns in a pro-active way a culture where those things are not happening and where students feel safe and supported and strong connections with each other and the cults he appreciated in one of the points i was going to bring up how you think about creating that culture in a more pro-active way so those things are not happen to begin with a level of trust and support and that you know reflected in the comment there is not a
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culture some students are pushed away or out some of the hearsay is about compound with the suspension is there something there around picking and choosing who defeats to be supported at cat that is not what you want to see and not we want to see one piece the last sorts of data point around the suspension that is helpful to me is whether you have data from the fall or around suspension numbers and whether you've begun to see a drop over time this year already under our leadership we're looking at the numbers from last year and again, this is something we struggle with and have a lot of sprungz under district schools we're you know committed to that and seeing that year to year a
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huge drop i understand but i want to better understand the successes of the things your implementing. >> we don't have the schizophrenic numbers but looking at it is closely a significant drop this year it started with ms. win was the principal she and her staff planned an overnight trip to berkley so this focusing on positive college culture there's been a lot of communities meetings around pride and celebrations so all of those things helped and a significant drop we're happy to bring back reports monopolizing like scomploern q's requested and share with the board. >> to add one of the things we look at as the staff data referrals when you refer a student out they're leading to other things we're critical and thoughtful around the data and
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why we're writing referral and better intervention so our suspension numbers are going down in terms of the student population positive recognize so celebration of academic success and exhibiting score values and shifting to where the focus is around celebration and pride and not a negative culture the combination of that student work and the priorities with the adults. >> i also wanted to say we recognize as an area we are commitment to taking action to make sure that less students are suspended and wear reducing those recreates. >> i'll appreciate the regular update to the board the one question he was going to raise potentially that is hopefully, some positive success to report
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i share commissioner vice president walton concerns as it relates to the charts and space and facilities ando so i wonder if you could speak to how the shared space with june gordon and i feel like potentially that is a positive experience for both the school communities in any conversations with june gordon they have expressed that i've not heard in general i don't want to speak for them but strong concerns sometimes we're heard the other co-locations i wonder if you can speak to that certainly a very serious question for us how we make sure when there's a co-location the district school is a support and collaboration. >> we're proud to share the principal a matt as twins and his in coming ninth grader will
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be attended the other son goes to balboa park and one wanted a big school and the other a school based learn we have a stronger relationship with june gordon and do professional development the kids go on college trips together we use each other's resources a very, very positive relationship we learn from each other also. >> i just echo that being my first year i think with the bell schedule and the way we cooperate that spaced a wonderful relationship and very supportive. >> mr. totiano. >> yes. we do want to thank all the students that came out as well as everyone that spoke today this is a big
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thing presented for you guys i do believe that ever student did this the city throughout the world does have the potential to be successful, however, that is up to you to put yourselves to the plate i'll be supportive of this resolution i want to say i like it (laughter) i am happy to support this i'm so sorry good job to everyone. >> all right. roll call vote please. thank you mr. totiano ms. fewer commissioner cohen's dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns no mr. haney this is a of i's >> thank you so much
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thank you, thank you (clapping.) >> (yelling) (cheering). >> thank you.
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>> now you see we're open if he scotland the folks leaving to quell exit we'll continue with the meeting. >> so the next item conferred personnel can i have a report from the rules committee. >> okay who think are we on the first. >> so this do we have the
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updated policy. >> and they've updated it. >> in this case all the policies rules committee is recommend with a positive recommendation one we asked for changes the language that is forthcoming they're all positive. >> i'll ask for a report from the personnel committee. >> i'm happy to diverse that report the personnel labor committee reviewed that and voted to move it forward with a positive recommendation. >> all right. deputy superintendent. >> thank you. i'm asking the chief personnel. >> the requested the board death penalty the policy 4 a hundred certify as part of
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districts effort to organize the policies designed to have a positive climate it consistent with the collective bargaining and in conformance with the state laws and regulations. >> no public speakers comments from the board? >> roll call vote. >> thank you mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns praen 6 i's. >> board policy 4200 there is a motion and a second can i have a report from rules. >> i gave you the report they're all positive recommendations. >> personnel also all positive commissioner. >> thank you president haney
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and coming down the pike danielle hope the requested action the policy adopt the clarified personnel as part of organization for the positive climate it is consistent with collective bargaining agreement the civically and in conformance with the state laws and regulation regulations. >> roll call vote. >> mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 6 i's. >> board policy 4 three hundred moved and seconded on march, 2016 argue general council that the board adopt the policy
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43 personnel clarified management and clarified supervisory personnel as part of districts effort to organize their policies for the positive climate that is consistent with collective bargaining agreement and doesn't conformation with the state laws and regulations. >> comments none. >> mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> oh, one 53 dash sp 4 personnel management and supervisory staff organization will be second an march 8.
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>> general council daniel hope the requested sex our the personnel management and supervisory staff organization part of the district update of the design for the positive climate this is consistent and in xhofrp with the state laws and regulations. >> roll call vote and. >> mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> one of 3 dash 8 board policy recruitment for election there is a motion that has been seconded. >> hit it general council hope. >> (laughter). the requested action is the
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board adopt the personnel recruitment selection to update and organize the policies for positive compliment and consistent with the collective bargaining in conform with the state laws and regulations >> roll call. >> mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> one of 3 sp 7 board policy board of representation there is a motion that has been seconded on march 18 mr. superintendent. >> our general council daniel hope this requested action the bio law representatives and this adequately reflective it is by the board president the bylaw.
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>> roll call. >> mr. totiano ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> all right. so this is something new 163 sp 8 approval of a expenditure plan for 2016-2017 there is a motion that has been seconded on march 8 can we have a right from the committee >> thank you president haney just in the case you missed that a wonderful public education replenish fund expenditure approval meeting at the xhes committee as a whole and recommend to move forward with a positive recommendation from the
6:49 pm
committee of the whole and we had, of course, thank the chief cat for their work and mr. fleming and her team for the work and also talked about the development and increase strengthening the relationship between the cat and district and appreciate that and with that said, superintendent what are we are doing. >> i have exist news thank you before we pitch it to the director kathy with the education fund and over co-chairs of the community cvs and on behalf of the district thank to the voter and citizens of the san francisco others skuktsd cross the state of california are been cutting their arts and libraries and and
6:50 pm
sports san francisco has not only been doubling down but growing the fireman's in support of rishlt education funds we're proud of staff to bring to the board for your consideration is a strong return think investment report we can tell you the monies are invested strategize specific to grow the programs and that the voters approved that board has authorized so it give me me great pleasure to recommend this budget and in that vein i'm i'd like to ask the director kathy fleming to make the short presentation and answer any questions you may have. >> thank you superintendant with our permission commissioner president haney i'll skip to the therefore, be it resolved therefore, be it resolved that
6:51 pm
the board of education and the san francisco unified school district comprehends the hard work and recommendations from the community advisory committee on peace arts confession steering committee the library advisory committee and the physical ed sheering committee and all the staff members that involved therefore, be it resolved the board of education of the san francisco unified school district proved a spending plan for after examining the elements from staff and the siding think peace and be it therefore resolved this spending plan maybe amended during the budget process based on availability of state funning and/or subsequent adjustment made by the city and county of san francisco the president is requested the superintendent is requested to
6:52 pm
to the board of education and the city and county of san francisco mayor's office that such amendments may occur so commissioners before you updated materials for a second reading two packets tonight one is the expenditure plan that has the blue fonts you'll be voting on to approve that is the full native narrative and full budget of plan for next year the second document is what i recommend you combine with the superintendents supporting materials an orange font and it contains it included a summary of information that has been updated for second reading just to you're aware the beginning the documents includes if pages 2 to 7 staff information provided in response to many of the comments or questions by commissioners at the committee as a whole megan
6:53 pm
the 15 ever mark last week so that is priority as additional information and on page 8 is a summary of some good news we received confirm from the controller's office we can submit a budgeted with an increase allocation and the amount of increase is the first reading budget we received reviewed is $87,000 for the whole allocation for sfusd, of course, that is split in half dedicated to the slam program 4 willed and 35 thousands and the other spent to on the programs the following pages contain a summary of changes since last week and those changes a highlighted in yellow the 3
6:54 pm
housing unit $17 million and last week, we rectified the n reviewed the allocation for the sports libraries to music use to absorb the salaries and benefits that we discussed last year, we've been relying on the chair over funds and additionally approximately for supplies and materials and purchase equipment for the expansion of the girl's sports also a one .0 middle school arts teach has been added in order to maintain the course class sections awhile the multiplied e multi lingual packet are the middle school other general new
6:55 pm
allocations first to support the pier resources program 90 thousand for 8 ftes to support martin luther king exist programs to continue at the same level of services they enjoy this year and to expand to every middle school had been a peer resources this bring the total next year to for peer resources programs 6 middle schools and 8 high schools the schools with listed on page 10 additionally the source report that s o ar supports the programs added to the budgets for the first time will allocate $345,000 and that increase will support the current cohort of
6:56 pm
elementary schools that are receiving the support to expand two additional 6 middle schools to priority supports for the general population in order to maintain a climate site and this provides additional 5 ftes for the 6 middle schools and superintendant truest is here so the changes since the first reading i'm going to turn it over to president haney thank you. >> thank you mrs. fleming and commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell i have a clarifying we think page 15 there was an additional 44 thousand or $45,000 provided to athletic equipment and repairs and i wanted to just wanted to
6:57 pm
understand what the facilities pieces was, you know, the past we moved the facilities monies out of athletics and put it back into the facilities department if does that make sense that the athletic department was dealing with appliances and repairs and facilities so what's the other $035,000 dollars going towards specifically. >> those are funds dedicated to ongoing basic maintenance and repairs not facilities construction projects so, yeah this is basic repairs and appliances it is not dedicated to major projects. >> can you give me an example of what a repair facility is. >> so we recently had a mat
6:58 pm
overhead hauled hello mr. truett i'm sure kevin truett don't give me a hard time i was going to be professional you started me on the road so (laughter) they all enjoyed that okay. so one of the works the matt over hauled we had to replace and repair matt's i know that displacing had to dig a general wear and tear on the theoretically equipment on the other hand, and facilities for those repairs that took place on an ongoing basis generally, the schools dig into their own budget this provides the direct schools with a cushion the
6:59 pm
equipment repairs in need the weight rooms go through a lot of repairs high school kids are hard on stuff. >> that's the basic maintenance and repairs to facilities if it is not what it is let's not put it in there if it is repairs to equipment i understand i want to be clear who is - >> some of the facilities are considered a scoreboard which facility it is the equipment it is a facility charge the backboard of the facilities court those things are countered facilities a type of building equipment not moveable equipment. >> can we note it somewhere i just want those dollars used for facilities that's not the
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appropriate place a but understand if it is the category of all under i want it to say, i.e., basketball or backboards so it is clear. >> i'll prepare a list you've been clear so we actually that's why i stood up here he had a sit-down with commissioner collins we spoke about this. >> thank you. >> absolutely (laughter) oh, stop it. >> commissioner fewer thank you vice president i'm thrilled the resources is getting an additional $90,000 to expand to another millionaire moifld it is fab is academy
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support one and 14 thousand so mr. truett is that enough because we had a cow in that and all those ideas and so maybe you can respond i - i'm sorry but one and 14 thousand is enough for one fte if even. >> the main thing for the personnel we as we implement and asking yes you'll have a timeline of when the academy will be implemented perk up there by the end of may so you'll have it for sure so you raised a good point here's the thing about the peace funds a level of specific outlet if you need this for materials or conspiracy what exactly do you need those those are the types
7:02 pm
of answers we don't need we really need we need the salesmen let's ask for the full amount of staff as a materials extra hours we know facilities charges and food and events stuff when we have to those meetings we'll use to the funding and get a better sensed we be able to put together a budget the problem because we've not done it putting a budget with the specifications that people need is not possible the one thing we know we need it staff okay. >> i was wondering one question is that reviewed by the cat and the cat given approval the second reading version has not been reviewed it is finalized today and yesterday we received the confirmation of the
7:03 pm
allocation, however, we have the two co-chairs presents. >> i'd like to hear from the co-chair of the additional funds this was to the included in the original execution around the budget. >> thank you landmarking it over the past couple of hours this was given to me today - oh, thank you so much and sorry about that since i received those with only a couple of hours it falls within the preserves of what peace cat has established following the trends and guidelines to capture over the work on peace cca and also i've seen especially at galileo and other high schools they've sewer planned a personnel fund for peace cca money and for the
7:04 pm
increases in the athletics increases i find that credible important because now more the pots for the schools to be able to take for their repairs and maintenance for the repairs to equipment it is very important other increases such to the pier resources and middle schools i know at any schools i've visited peer resource has a direct co-restriction of acceptance at their school and see one more school site to have an opportunity at it site it captures the rec services as well. >> wow, i think that you're here a snapshot you want to actually play on our website gnaws that's
7:05 pm
great. >> (laughter). thank you. good evening commissioners superintendent as co-chair my co-chair mentioned that i think slufl with the new budget locations is in aligned with keeping the resources and reaching the students first and foremost our peace cca spoke of the reours and particularly looking how to further strengthen the programs at middle schools and this fund reaching the specific sites >> thank you co-chair. >> commissioner norton. >> so my question i'm really pleased to see the additional resources in story this is a great i see that positively but
7:06 pm
i'm - i kind of want to understand how we prioritize what investments we're make with new money i mean it is great we've got a lot more money than we thought 8 hundred odd thousands but it has been applied to things we didn't identify at cow and so while again, it is positive and i support the investment i want to understand the process of how we prioritize and define those are the things to invest in not a lot of input from the board of cat. >> so commissioner i'll take the first stab and if mr. fleming or deputy city attorney there is an ongoing dialogue with the board and our communities around district priority work that has been captured the el cap and captured
7:07 pm
the resolutions the board has supported the environment around restoring the compliefk cultivate it is supporting the capacity and the direction to the lifetime vision zero we actually have a list of strategy work strains the board as articulated not only during the community members of the committee but an ongoing conversation of the direction of the district we regularly touchback to the list of priority work strands and the prelims of the work to create capacity and build capitalized in the district we also are cognizant of the feedback we've received from the board not only the committee as a whole but the budget committee and the exciting meetings curriculum meeting so what we try to continue to do as staff weave a
7:08 pm
narrative around the priorities that the board identified and we have heard from the board and from our communities quite frankly and continue moving the pride work forward quite frankly i think that as we get a few more peeps the coffers it really is for us as staff to bring the recommends to the board bans those previously identified priority stance those input from the various committees that voices the board as well i wouldn't see a scientific prosper say but i will say an eir active process that is very much ground on the input of community, the various siding and most definitely on what the board has articulated in terms of direction of the district. >> okay. well, i appreciate that i want to drawing your attention i mean, i mean that is
7:09 pm
the last hoivent of the priorities we've talked about in budget committee and i am expressing a little bit of concern here not because i don't think your investing the wrongs things but certainly is under the list ever supportive schools i want to express some concerns a number of provided we've spent a lot of the time if budget committee talking about the new monies i don't remember hearing from staff that was the priority and again, i'm not criticizing but it feels like a big church of money without any discussion about how to spend it by the board. >> so again totally finds that that's why we bring the elements to the board and we can justifies that in our current experience priorities will shift and right now that is an area
7:10 pm
that needs port so we have a responsibility to prioritize that spending based on the need that is maneuvered in the schools as we speak we're happy to describe a little bit more why that happens but this really is strategize aligned with the school seats and educators it is not going to go through the vetting process but that's why you hire us to bring the feedback and recommendations to you. >> i have one other question specifically which schools elementary schools and which middle schools will be receiving the support. >> sure as mr. truett elaborates to builds on the superintendents comment under the realm of safe and supportive one of the areas from
7:11 pm
the school communities clearly to continue focusing on a strong core academic and core program with the tier two support particularly in schools that are actively working towards a universal role we want to maintain some of the support that were put in place and maintain those not on and the elementary but support the middle schools as well. >> commissioner vice president walton. >> hey. >> yep. >> the elementary schools are tenderloin feinstein and flint and provider and dead man and lick and however off i'm sorry you're writing them i'm sorry so elementary tenderloin
7:12 pm
e r taylor and feinstein and flipt and francisco and gunman and lick, hover, and to be determined. >> as yet undetermined okay one of the things i want to say perhaps at this time you know right now the school sites are going to the budget process okay and their determining what they can actually afford to fund themselves last year, i partnered with dr. blanco and said we need to at some of the schools the tier one supports are not strong my concerns some of the schools when our tier 3 or your high needs students are exhibiting the niece and your tier one is not in place there
7:13 pm
is fingerpointing one program and kids with unfairly targeted for creating some disharmony it is the whole tier one the school needs to be strong we're not blaming one classroom so my sense of urgency with dr. blanco do so let's make sure we are committed to showering up the tier one and elementary for this year and have a chunk of money to move to memorial day we can't do all the programs and have to develop a program with the board certified and so built a program of development and shore up but with the emergency room and the shore elementary said what about us this year we're moving to the middle the plan is move to the million dollars and the elementary
7:14 pm
school is wait, wait, wait don't go yet in their turning in their site budgets and asking for support that's where the volume way turned up as this time right now so when you say we didn't hear the plan to move the support to middle and the elementary school and wait a second we can't use this yet this communication to both the deputies was what rachet up and put me in a place wait a second what shall we do they said oh, let's do this bans volumes. >> to make sure i understood it is really tier two support moving into tier 12 support for the elementary and the middle school. >> it is a combination of
7:15 pm
factors some of the schools are solidify phil ginsberg their coerce we want to make those our school environments as welcoming as you know, making sure the to and from and learning is meeting the diversity and helping the educators but behavorial for some of the students in the programs. >> superintendant. >> sorry president haney if i can make one comment to address scomploernz reference to the chart we appreciate our paying attention to the chart. >> yes. we love that and that's okay for the rest of the budget process but in light of the last couple of comments that were made i also want to make another connection to. >> couple of items on the chart in case it was a little bit obscured we mentioned the
7:16 pm
safe and charter schools we see a strong nexus between safer schools and as superintendent truett mentioned a nucleus between the school sites budget as we've said they're going through the planning process and the budgets are due friday the first two items direct school locations and the process for for is resources are not f t 19tare part of information that the support they ask rile on as they develop their plans in your mind we saw the connection to the priorities the context of site planning that was clear we understand that the timing has been challenging because literally mr. fleming and i were checking in hourly and did we
7:17 pm
get the official word from the controller's office have we gotten it have we gotten it we're uncertain it will come in time for the second reading we read we regret the timing didn't leave the ideal amount of time to clarify all this we wanted to reinforce that we do think this is the clerk will take the roll connected with the multiple of the priorities on that chart thank you. >> commissioner vice president walton. >> thank you president haney just a few things first, i think that one that is a testament as to what happens when you practice positive thinking (laughter). >> and that's why we are not enjoying accepting the words i can't when you work hard and
7:18 pm
$80,000 falls out of the sky i think that is relevant in terms of was there as big chunk of people money and will not think of it as extra money but this will help us do a better job the classroom. >> just one i'm definitely excited by the peer ours and e resources and be able to maintain the level of services that martin luther king and also being someone that sat in programs over the past year and hearing from the educators and hearing from the administrators and walk through being disheartened by some of the comments and statements of individuals that want to blame the students for what is happening the schools we adult need to find strategies to support our students they can be successful this will definitely
7:19 pm
help us and understanding the inexhibits that kind of across the programs so again, this is definitely something that i'm in support and excited to see the most vulnerable students happen to be from certain democrat grachz will get the support i'm excited where we've chosen the resources to provide the environment we're decided the district so thank you for taking the time to listen to the feedback and make those quick decision i know that is not ideal over the course we'll like to weigh in and talk about where the resources go but i appreciate and want to reiterate what happens if we work towards we'll come up with a solution
7:20 pm
verse that is something we can't see are figure it out and work together to make things happen sometimes the work will be blessed so thanks. >> commissioner wynns. >> i wanted to go back i'm happy about the more investments of peers i think that those are we actually think the on this way i can think about that that i find out a couple of hours ago we're asked to make a decision those are probably good recommendations, however, i would like to have a better way and one the things this is not the first time this as happens and the same as respectfully to all the staff the same thing is
7:21 pm
initiated the budget reviews and it seems like we have the budget process with recommendations that are good recommendations are the beginning budget recommendations and have board members that is a i like this and that and the next thinning the next thing i know those things are not in there what are the suggestions and traffics in what order to prioritize and weigh in and all of a sudden we're going wait as you can see the report one board member asked for this and all of a sudden is it shows up and i don't you know we're in an odd position of having to say well, i kind of like those things but not the way to do it so i'm hoping that both the budget process and as we do this for next year i want to say about the vaping pa discussion i find
7:22 pm
it nervous making that basically, we're redoing rear reviewing the master plan until we kind of are not ready to decide forever investments we'll make which i know is true but you know i'm still as i've been saying for a couple of years state your name for the record, sir by this idea we've hired all those teachers and we don't have any more things available to students well i'm reading here that just the give-up of someone saying they don't center room we have cola's classes are not room and take the schedule for the classes to repeat what we've put in place and essential we go back if washington we're sewer planting and the schools are cut
7:23 pm
from their school budget we were able to cut their own investments in art and musk teachers by the way, they were getting the peace money and kids don't have time to take the classes anyway so that all seems to has to shack out i think we need to side training with the principals and say what things have you cut you've for the restored by fund like pete to we'll need to be and aligned with the discussion we're looking how kids can possibly take all the things we want them to take or on the verge saying you have to take those things so i think that i'm hoping when i can suggest we have a talk about the design of a process based on
7:24 pm
the processes we've gone through this year and prior years to make that budget better it seems to me we can have the peace cca and the board have a list of things we wanted to fund and what order we'll fund if we end up up getting more money this is our first priority and the siding we'll comment but i'm sure there are plenty of other ideas about how we could get in workable knowing this situation we're in not always one day yesterday's or today you find out u found out find out but, in fact, every year it is been speaking many or something that was so time sensitive not to have the deliberate process now
7:25 pm
a routine we'll look at it and discuss how to prepare and anticipate the way we know the funds is likely to happen and i'm i instance for example, will be convinced that we need to make more investments in things that are on the board list of priorities we've pass resolutions about we're not investing enough in so not that i want us to ignore those things i want those things to be clearly integrated into the budgeting and thinking i don't think we have a process to do that it is kind of oh, yeah by the way, we did those things i'm hoping e hoping we can learn i have to say i'm kind of still - and last i will want to say i'm
7:26 pm
sort of when the master plan is updated we go through the process i'm presuming that will have budget demands in that and not only more which is kind of what we, of course, hear that if everyone, everyone does noted more but more in a targeted way when we get more and maybe move don't invest but put it here instead so i do feel like the - discussion here about the vaping pa we're not ready but i want us to be reabe ready i hope that what's-her-name my questions how
7:27 pm
can we keep on hire lots more teachers and not structural time available to students and again in this we're redesigning and working on the middle schools schedules and the high school projects going on so i'm kind of supportive of this but also want to just sound a little warning we have to plan the upcoming years and not plan for exactly this to happen because we just know we're not - we know we won't know how much money we'll get before we make the decision so we all plan for things like this is our contingency plan and thank you to everybody for the work we just came back back if talking to people around the
7:28 pm
country and some in our own state we are saying to us question don't have this and that they're looking for basic things to make school more effective for all their students and it is very hard we were quiet about that but for ourselves we feel so privileged and grateful we can say we have all those things because the jeopardy reiterate of the people of san francisco so thank you very much. >> dr. murase. >> permanently patrol officer
7:29 pm
fte where multi lingual complifrgs the three is wonderful and but i starred talking i'll say a little bit and if dr. stevens want to elaborate but several years as you may know there were in any pathways that were launched into the mr. pilpal middle schools and we're starting to see them going to high schools mr. starr
7:30 pm
particularly with the middle schools we saw happening in a number of sites is that given that their sites budgets were no did changing aside as a result specifically of the pathways per say they were creating additional sections they were expected to create additional sections of the language pathways at the same time, they had same funding to cover their existed electives for music we saw in some cases the sites had to sort of trade off they had to in order to create the sections the languages pathways had to reduce some sections for visual and professionalism arts as we saw that pattern took place in a number of sites we were also seeing increases in the funding
7:31 pm
from peace for the virtual of professionalism arts in a limited number of cases not across the board but a selective basis we saw some of the spending plans for peace was for the p funding to priority protected fund for the arrested sections to the sites would not have to you know in a way can only whether i see their art sections to - cover the section added 3 sites. >> may i ask when sites. >> marina and martin luther king. >> i support that i really
7:32 pm
would like to see more entry points to lack at the middle schools so i'm very glad about that doesn't the assistant spending plan i want to read for the listening public what the middle schools language classes are superbly at jim's and marijuana at roosevelt and minor and cantonese at ramon hotel i said to emphasize sxinz point it is great to offer music and language but not allowing the students to take both rights this is really we're if i had league of women but at the same time not time to take advantage the amazing sources so like commissioner wynns how to get to
7:33 pm
a 7 course week to allow students to take advantage of the many invests that we're making a thank you. >> commissioner murase we agree we don't consider to be sufficient to be sustaining under enrolled classes but provide assess for the students since our comments last week we are getting back to the board before the end of the year and able to lay out the challenges associated with creating the 4 sections during the period of time whether a day of the week or something else. >> all right. seeing none, no more comments from the board say anything but thank you very much i'm happy to see the additional
7:34 pm
funds and support the uses i think that assess a lot about the district when we get additional funds we choose to spend our money on the expansion of future resources and i'm supportive and on the support of schools for the relationship to the schools makes a lot of sense but i understand how the inputs we know that the board wants to feel that which i think i want us to feel there is a plan a sense of a large priority we understand and we're sort of working on the same list to the extent that folks feel that is not the case but think about the future with that said, i'm happy about the overall project and a
7:35 pm
great student co-chair again impressive and, of course, a great fellow co-chair i'm call a roll call vote and thank you, everyone for your hard work that is an entire district undertaking not on this mr. ms. fleming does extraordinary every year but we worked on together. >> ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> thank you all right. moving on to board members, there is none tonight. moving on to public comment on general matters we want to apologize >> thank you everyone for who has so much patience to wait to speak there evening if there are i'll call up in groups of issues
7:36 pm
came up i call up the folks from carve first students to make sure they have the opportunities to come up and speak and call flex after that i believe there are students in f that group (calling names). >> that's what i have from carver twoiness there are any is it so that are here they are welcome to go first in any or r
7:37 pm
order. >> i'm exhausted i'm okay landing
7:38 pm
>> i have to be here hesitate a disgrace why would you put this the newspaper it hurts i'm coming to fight for my child
7:39 pm
you'll tell me i'm not a good parents not a suburban parents the board of education you have everybody give eastbound a copy it is out there hello it hurts my stomach ever since i read this i want to puke i never understand the board of education because i come from the black community the bloipt and it is mission rock come now coma now that is not cool i hope you sleep good baby don't let them read the article they'll be mad. >> first of all, i'm going to say i'm not anger my name is
7:40 pm
rodney and then two grandchildren that are going to the elementary my fourth grader an honor roll student and the first grader a bright child i know the common core some system is needing focus i'm in a school with no walls and the interference from one classroom to another one is interference they don't have the change to be a focus i know there is a lot of bright kids at the school i want to be able to look forward to the ideas of doors won't be replaced they'll have their individual privacy to move on and be prosperous all i'm asking for and i don't know how much
7:41 pm
the budget we're not asking for much not asking for $2 million not all of that we're asking our children to be protected children to be able to have the privacy of from one room to another one not hearing the teachers from the other rooms awhile your teach in this classroom i guess that maybe is enough for me to say not that much in the gieshthsz and skwaimz my children are good children
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