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tv   Planning Commission 31716  SFGTV  March 18, 2016 8:05pm-2:01am PDT

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permit applications to bring their properties into experience that is request for variance and subsidizing think illegal and bad behavior didn't the planning commission help those to - how much has is aau raked up in finances in violations no mention the memo several months ago the city attorney states those penalties could have amounted to 3 and a half million dollars through dennis herrera has said the planning department has given the academy unprecedented extensions and accommodates despite the long outstanding violations of the allowing law and quoting the city attorney the treatment of the aau jeopardizes the enforcement effort and, yes the
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aau is above the law the department needs to restore public confidence beyond why the planning department of rebating permit violations exists the aau we all know their unlivable to change their predatory and callous practices of land use violations it is disturbing to me as to why the department is not activate the city attorney and use the recommendations under the planning code in section 17 of one can only speculate why it is a matter of principle and justice thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm going to be using the overhead i'm not going to start until he sets it back at 3 pardon me. >> i'm ready. >> my name is sieving i've been dealing with this case for 14 years on the overhead is the map that was the eir academy of arts red is housing the blue is institutional uses was the first map all i'm asking for the planning commission to take the opportunity to reset the hearing
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informational hearing with the ability for the public to give input on the report you got last friday or thus on the i p m the basic acquisition have been by the academy of art i'm looking this map they've been required to have an im p since 1991 and on stockton street today is 25 years later they're still not disclosing the land acquisition the planning commission should give input for an i p m we really haven't had the opportunity more has the public had the opportunity to give input the i p m is a hollow shell the only thing you do is allow a defective i mp to be filed and
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installed forever that he on the backside of the paper that i have that has this thing i'm asking you to do a summary when the i mp came in and the eir starred they filed a defective i mp in 2006 and two in 2007 the planning commission said they're not complete you need more information and basically told i got to get rid of of this thing so we can have a project for the eir so that sets the context for when the planning commission quote accepted as complete the i mp the result no opportunity for the planning commission to give instructions to the e i u for
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example, we should have a discussion the public as well as the commission on how they have to list the projects it is obtaining securing projects intentionally have to decide they have to build housing there is enormous housing their draining the housing stock one thousand units obtaining laid housing and sros and group housing all over the place needs to be a place you have to tell people to build housing thank you, ma'am. >> your time is up. >> >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, everyone i'm a small landlord in the city and county
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of san francisco i was not aware i'm able to do anything i feel like in any of the my properties, in fact, when i don't have a sewer coffer i get fined a hundred bucks and when i start to build something without a permit my site is shut i i don't understand i don't why we can't get away with things you may recognize me as a housing activist i'm amazed for 15 years no affordable housing in the mission and we're fighting tooth and nail to get a developer to give us one hundred units we have a community meeting it was hot as hell and we're arguing can we have a hundred unit and one thousand on the table for rich kids to buy their degree from the aau we're
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petitioning and i can't understand why for 25 years you have not yielded so i support you actually moving he support you getting the attorneys on them to close them down they're just making money the tuition is not covering the rent just a buy your university degree i don't know why you're allowing and urge you to stop them not in 25 more years but we're talking about affordable housing and there's no money by you $3 million on the table sitting there in fees and fines i'll let them get away with i don't know 6 hundred more units in the mission i really. urging you to act and not lingering and let them get away my message is do whatever you want and that's
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what we can do no rules that apply to anyone. >> is there any additional public comment? >> hi commissioners i'm john he was not going to comment but i want to correct something the commenters have said although i understand a need to take care of the academy of arts universities has over month years procrastinated there are housing implementation of having a you thought of 10 or 20 thousand of students the unit those students live in are being you know grant through their university they're not empty people live there and so is the university is a buy your degree for students or foreign students
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whatever the previous commenter said it ant be offense as a person that went to a universities that if require a portfolio review i working hard for my degree and just because it wasn't a super super top art universities i know a lot of people that went to an academy of arts institute and people that graduated from there this is not a fake university a blatantly offense statement to thousands and thousands of people that are san franciscans okay. please get them inclines e compliance. >> i have some not had visual
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aids in years so - i do have a couple of things to show on the overhead so the first comment i'd like to make that student housing is generally recognized as a critical need in san francisco most of other post secondary institutions recognize that r and are taking steps to audience that aau expressly states going through the existing vacated or unutilized properties now as i walk through any neighborhood that is rent-controlled units buildings that are taken off the market and used to house people in san francisco but people that brought to san francisco so attend the university to remove the housing stock that would be otherwise available for the open
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market the second thing i'll note with the - if so it broadly distributed one of the challenges for students is time they've got a lot to do when you look at the the roots and other than that, map you'll see the blue housing to the southernmost red dot which is one of they're other buildings this is a 28 minute car ride in our driving if you take the shuttle bus it gets more convoluted you have a problem with the student housing not convenient to the institutional 9 i p m proposed to continue that you what i find confusing is how anything is going to make rational judgements about the housing responsibility to they'll be providing a company that was planning it bring in
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large numbers of people so when you look at the are enrollment data if needing that is cited the 2015 eir it is 11 thousand plus and they're talking about a prorjd growth of about 4 thousand students and 5 found faculty and staff by 2020 that's impressive where is that housing coming from. >> it's hard to make sense when the recent i p m says off no only 5 thousand students full-time assistance how did that square with the eir and the growth projections we've got that inconsistent please tell me how you evaluate the district of
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those documents thank you. >> game-changer commissioner cynthia at local 2 where the local unions and we represent the front deck clerks and others that represent the workforce i want to raise and question has to do with with the impacts on housing for this workforce members of the local 2 and raise the question about the impacts specifically of aau housing subject to rent control we know a very purposed stock the city not renewal one point about the student housing students are a population of high turnover that means that rent control is limited it's ability to keep the rents low
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given the high turnover and the students exit their at lease when planning taxes into consideration the impact of the aa us i will ask they take into account the service ingress off of houses to be used for the workforce we represent thank you for you time. >> to clarify none from aau is here to speak public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> thank you thank you, mary for an excellent report and to try to get to some of the things you've asked us to do you've carding the different types of approvals we will the future need to consider for the
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academy based on a different categories and understanding this moves in concert with the environmental impact report that is prepared that evaluates the existing situation month eirs deal with something the future we understand that is the present situation with that said your place to proceed. >> a certain category of these projects those parts of academy that will need legislative action before they could be legalized so it seems to me those should be sedate aside until such time as the type of you know legislation is done to allow those to be considered and then the other ones that would
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be excluded will be those that need building permit we'll not have to take action and deemed to be legal so it leaves us with the conditional uses and the ones that need historic action that presuming needs to be heard by the historic preservation commission before we will be able to consider them am i correct? >> yes. you are staff wanted to provide the commission with an overview of the entire picture i know which ones that needs the commission approval like you said the with building permit will not need to come to the commission. >> and then in terms of the ones we have to opine in terms of the conditional uses i'll assume any of these that meet historical need a condition not
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sure what sort of action in the event is seems to me the most beneficial option to consider in agreeing gaits needs collectively rather than trying to do is grateful graphically it make sense including but not limited to to group the same deficiency and need a conditional use that is based on the same sort of condition and consider all those at the same time and move to the next category rather than trying to do it geographyly they might feeling. >> we'll take into consideration and like you said some of the projects requires conditional use and also historic preservation commission and building permits and we can
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go grizzly it in terms of the highest level of review required so if it is a project needs a conditional use in order to move to the next step of the historic preservation or building permit is falls under the conditional use because the site can't go get a building permit without a conditional use first. >> right. >> so. >> when you list two of the building permits i assume that category and radios legal i'll assume they may or may not may needs permitting but didn't involve us. >> only in the discretionary review this dr and staff needs to bring it to the commission. >> thank you that makes it clear in realizing a series of
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steps; right when we're ready to hear those and the ground work is laid down i'm i'd like to advocate for that to be the most efficient thank you. >> i pushed the button i see the zoning administrator has a question i'd like to have you speak first. >> i want to make sure that the representatives of the academy have here in the room. >> thank you question i have i said this the first time i heard the issue way back i turned to the zoning administrator and say each each time we hear the aau and other properties that are converted or - notify of the additional properties that were acquired
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legally. >> i want to environment ms. woods it is complicated and your doing a good job back to the issue mr. sanchez of the fines we've heard members of the public comment about the first paragraph the staff report can you comment on what that is. >> i'm happy to have the opportunity to clarify we've completed the enforcement on at least one property on townsend and had a hearing at the board of appeals at the end of december 2010 penalties awe krirg referred to the city attorney's office and to date there their penalties of approximately half a million dollars for the property. for the other properties we have pursued the process of - first of the stay and we've been having the process of pulling penalties and setting a deadline
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with the penalties accrue if they fail it act in good faith it was after the deadline but we were working and they were making diligence efforts and we're setting the deadline of july 1st with the guidelines if they fail the penalties will accrue we'll issue the letters after that at least >> perhaps for clearing for our sake the public's sake if there is out of compliance an additional fin you know any finances on the property and when will they start to accrue and the - total fines of the dates to get an idea we heard $300 million and nine hundred thousands that will clarify it for myself and the public and
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the other commissions any comment. >> we can definitely add that and provide clarity moving forward to date penalties have accrued and continue on 460 townsend and taylor for a period of two weeks no penalties by the academy of art they're aware of the penalties they continue to accrues crew on the other properties they've been assessed under the theme they're liable for the fees for the enforcement we've been assessing those over the years i think the sum total is close to one hundred thousand dollars that will help us understand the cost of in terms of what we're abating that is, i think a good thing for the public to understand we have several issues 200 and 52 ramps i read an article last
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week one of the supervisors had an informational hearing on the state of the homeless situation one of the members of czar of the homeless department i forget what it is called one of the issues for additionally emergency rooms - it was a very, very high impact situation and it is got got to be take place seriously ms. hester i have a question for you if you don't mind. >> the whole issue on the i mp and the public review process i'm a little bit confused where were you saying the addendums should have a public review it is administratively. >> i've been through a bunch
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of imp this was not done for a u pardon me a gun to the head of the commission we need a project eir so what i asked for the conditional use to continue that decision and have the hearing on the 19 of may and have the consideration of feedback to the aau based on the imp not the eir that was what i was school board. >> zoning administrator you
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pushed the button. >> that's not all correct we've had multiple multiple hearings on the imp ms. hester i think your time is over i'm trying to answer the questions multiplied hearings back to 2007 it was inadequate and two or three pages long we found out the extent of the multiple of violations we came to you with a.m. an imp hearing and requested additional information i don't know the exact number one number of hearings leading up to the acceptance imp it was not near what you submitted and much aboard it is quite comprehensive he reject the gun to the commission i think many
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of the commissioners were here at that time, i don't know of any representation that the commission has to accept this the commissions choice and the commission choose to accept it i don't recall anything other than that. >> the 5 year update. >> the update in 2013 would be in 2015 and they have been compliant with that their would be other full imp 20 if there is a substantial change no one identified for a loophole imp one of the purposes to have this further discussion about the imp and people can express their concerns about the imp those are documents available on the website and in your opinion the update is complete. >> it is adequate. >> one other question i guess for ms. wood. >> so if we have anyone member
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of the public mr. weber hand in paperwork with discrepancies in terms of students accounted and varies documents any comments what we'll officially look at it it. >> he's talking about enrollment at the aau is it would be a higher number than the actual enrollment so actually, it is lower than than projected. >> okay thank you commissioner moore. >> i'd like to acknowledge staff for not having a continuing to do an effort to push this along it is somewhat with a heavy heart i need to
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remind myself very cordially, having be looked at this process since 2006 something socializing missed and you'll go back to the tapes all the way back to 2007 with the first hearing on the imp in 2011 i've been a vocal critic of the puc it is being nearly a real estate many of the other san franciscan institutions have a.d. miller done and set rngsz as a we continue to hear others imps i'm not saying anything about talking about anyone with usf or is san francisco general or the
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most recently hastings we don't have to come here i've again and again and again said look at those imps put them on our shelf and use them as a high bar for what the commission is expecting i've said in many will recall that i urge the department to get funding in place to really create metrics by which imp are apples to apples and apples and oranges i stand by my comment i've not believed that the imp that we're using as a guiding document is providing us really with tools that are equal by which we're looking everybody else and institutions like the in some here i see quite well, are part of the civic structure of the city and has been painful
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for all of us the many mergers to go through the process and have to see that we are not creating any tools we as the commission can use the imp process more effectively the imp process is the only solely tool this commission has to create a shift in paradigm no one else we can a lot look to police department or nobody it is only us i believe that one what i'm asking for more disclosure the properly prevented imp will have more tools including to ask the academy of art engage the subject of housing we're all others insinuations not because their asked but seeing the problem want to be part of solution not problems are coming together there are
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only a few of them to potentially inquire about the use of shuttle services i continue to see their clouding traffic not only now but since 2006 nun of the things we address we're not using the process properly to correct that shift i'm looking for i bafbl am sitting here incredibly frustrated with a heavy heart and can't use the tools to ask for a different behavior the eir will be ignored and the penlites will be ignored the use had been ignored i don't know what to do but as the public criticized the planning commission i have to say we're part of the planning department so we start using that
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differently are we mraipt or continuing to be part of the problem. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. a couple of procedural questions on process many speakers talked about housing yes, commissioners but my understanding is from what we've been pretty bad from - by mary woods is that many of these properties of the academy of art university that are being used and housing for the students are technically residential units at this time and to be in compliance they'll have to have some sort of legislative amendment that allows them to be converted to student housing am
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i correct? so before we use those has to on the province the board of supervisors am i correct? >> commissioners so the academy of art university submitted a process that will come to you first and go to the board of supervisors i'll note that going back historically many of the uses actually, the violations occurred before the watch to prohibit in the first place so have they gone through the process to legalize they'll be able to do that substantially the student housing legislation became effective i don't know. i think a desire to have the grandfathering clause for their use a similar grandfathering clause for usf that didn't occur they're not subject to the law can't legalize without an
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amendment to the planning department planning code that's what they're amending. >> when student housing in 2013 i'm not sure of the exact date it might have been earlier. >> 2012 i believe 2011 or 2012. >> the issue that before this category existed i would assume that the academy should have done a lot of things but one of them to category as group housing; is that correct how they were viewed prior to the category of student housing. >> that's correct prior to student housing provision they likely would require the conditional use authorization to convert from one that serves the students so in many cases would require an cu. >> we might hear some of these
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prior to going to the board of supervisors. >> you'll hear the legislation first and hear the legislative of legislation and then approved by us and the supervisors and then at this point we'll consider the individual projects if there was allowed. >> a that's correct that's the only path forward to allow you. >> i understand a little bit more you know people students have been looking for housing in san francisco for you know many decades and my student days a number of us grouped together and combined our resources to rent a house in dental school because the colleges didn't provide student housing so it is not like the students come out of no plays place the academy of art is learn than any other institutions that don't have
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student housing but nothing the whole concept is it not new the larger institutions don't have housing for 100 percent of their students in fact, most states prefer to be other campus the cost is driven they're asking the campus to put in student housing because the market is two competitive i mean when i was at santa clara you thought we were happy to live off of the campus you didn't want to live on campus this is a long going story so i'll be interested in hearing as we precede and southern necessary favor of improving the imp of the institutional master plan and other things that might make that more acceptable for the commission and the public to be able to understand there but
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this is productive and categorize what we need to do we should move with all die speed. >> commissioner hillis. >> so just questions for staff on the housing issue which others are touched on this is the most difficult and complicated because they do need changes to lvngs changes that needs to be approved by us and the board in other words, to do that our hand a are a little bit tied it seems they push back a little bit and i don't know if we are sold solid with that dates in july ambassador most importantly on the housing our options to approve or disapprove and the boards options to do
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that are or a new approach if we don't disapprove some of the conversion from retain or rent control that the student housing what did that look like what happens. >> i mean it is a challenge because what is being brought to you are individual projects so you're looking at the projects individually deciding implicitly charge actions in terms of the holistic solution for the housing issues that were created that is a bit more challenging but we'll welcome our comments and what you may want to see as part of the housing resolution and requiring a lotta's fountain earthquake change to do any of it so whatever thoughts a consolidating properties or is that you know maybe approving some of the ones converges of the tourist hotel to the residential use that can come before you and disapproving
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some of the ones the residential changes of use that requires the legislation to you know like to hear your thoughts how to proceed. >> we talked about this at the last hearing i know some it would be good to see options both deny every project or what the comprehensive approach looks like when there is a potential of some mitigation to the loss of affordable housing i mean, i don't know what that structure looks like but objective you know pretty major policy questions that need to be addressed if he were were to consider approving some and converting them to allow student housing so you know hopefully as the eir date approaches your you'll looking at percentage obviously not all of us needs to approve that but the board of
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supervisors in trying to get at policy options in order to look at possibly allowing some of this or the questions up and down or disallowing to explore what that looks like as part of comprehensive solution. >> we're definitely analyzing the properties individually some are more suitable for student housing than others those are the things we're looking at. >> as far as the housing is the more xhafshgd and have more policy implementations is - you know look at the others separately i'm sure you'll report back on that. >> commissioner wu. >> thanks. >> so go categories for the housing i'm looking at their 9
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believes that are not allowed under existing codes and then there is 10 cus not all housing ambassador i'm not interested in suggesting approval for legislation that allows the first category to be legalized aau can run those as hotels they can use it as it exists maybe rent to students but no way to exclusively executive branch rent to students under that theme i think that commissioner antonini we're talking about student housing i wanted to make the distinction between student housing under the code is defined as a institution running the housing but anyone can rent to an individual student that's not considered student housing.
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>> there's only one student desired use of student housing the cu educator that's right. >> so those in the educator have conversions of non-residential to the residential use those are the tourist hotel conversions to the residential use i'll note another category it includes the residential use that are legal to some the property that are converted were done so legally and not a change of use at that time, that is not category we have some existing legal housing but then there is the other category those are requiring the cu and ross non-residential versus residential. >> on the conditional use i think the process you've laid out is the right one chronicles are suitable and not suitable i
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think we can consider the conditional uses that on their merits one by one but for me changing the legislation to will you the student housing is really crossing the line. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> to commissioner antoninis point do we have anyone conceptually that has as volume of all the educational institutions their encouragement enrollment and current beds and pronged beds and the bay area commuters and out of state commuters so understand to this point where the influctuations of students are popping with no providing the housing i'm trying to understand calibrate where the institutions are in relation to each the article it remind me of people that work something else and live here with the pop
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up housing needs to be provided is there a look at that anywhere. >> you're asking for a consolidated table of the different institutions not that i'm aware of of one table but currently most of that information is available spate imps i consolidated some of the information at the board of supervisors. >> for mr. i'm sorry, i forgot his name provided some of that well, some of the institutions are 10 or 20 others more like 50 i'm trying to make sure i tend to agree with commissioner wu if we go beyond the cus it is fair to calibrate the other institutions. >> thank you let me quickly add on i do want to get away
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from the aau but have we done the work in creating imps for several institutions what will we do as the city including the board of supervisors react to this forecast of information and change the city in a few years will that he continue on a path are help them frankly intersect with they're growth api i'm hearing common thread back to the department to propose ideas how to use the information data. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you - yeah. i won't be repeating a lot of the comments i appreciate the discussion i personally feel my thoughts we've discussed and saw
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the imp last year and look at the eir as well the only thing i'll ask is obviously we're looking at the eir and the around the july timeframe when will we begin to see the projects we've been in circle and only to start seeing stuff and approving or disapproving and the more x's in the column the counts more that is argument they need to go back to the imp and we account for the things we'll not allow to go forward when will resee stuff. >> commissioner we haven't seen stuff the eir is not done we can't do if before the eir mr. sanchez said the eir deadline is july 1st your goal to get things in front of you.
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>> and then question no. 2 is that to commissioner wu comments he definitely see really valid strain of the logic not seeing the amendments with the sort of policy goals we've been discussing over time but i'm not sure that i agree with not seeing them at all i've fallen towards not supporting but i'm not sure we can see not hear or see them pimping to prefer to see the legislative amendments it sounds like their section 317 and ask you where we are but to not consider it. >> director rahaim. >> thank you. i just want to say i think we're color than we've been to resolving a sorry
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situation for a long time we have the ability to resolve that this year i want to thank scott sanchez and tina changing and others it's taken a lot of people to get to this point i realize a lot of frustrations on the part of communication and on the department and staff for having this go on for this long i want to remind people a couple of things to say we've let the process go on for 25 years that is a misnomer because the building permit violations were corrected the most important things to take care of and those were taken care of that is an important part of the process and the planning codes violations have not been attentively because of the eir
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being delayed we've made it clear those dallas delays have not yielded possible and it is resolved so the planning code violations can be addressed this year and on this if we complete the eir i will be the first to agree the imps are weak tools i do think that part of problem with the current imp two things actually requirements that are laid the code i realize will result in a compromise thirty years ago and the imp is an informational docket no teeth by design it is informational you don't approve it we don't approve it is it is accepted or not accepted and in this case particularly challenging is that the academy of arts has a model thai buy properties they're interested in
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buying we can't prevent someone in buying a property but address how it is used an imp which i agree should have been done we're not changing that would not have bought them into better compliance by having a better imp they having would have bought properties that is clear i would rather that about the imp process can be improved rather than saying it would have corrected this situation it wouldn't you're correct in saying we should alecky b collectively prepare - there is a lot of different reverberations and go it is true that some institutions provide no student housing none whatsoever we need to compare those and i think we can do that in this particular case the imp
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wouldn't have brought us into a inclines the last thing we've started to look at the sites the staff and i spent hours with the staff gopher site by site it's clear to the institutions we will not likely recommend approval with all the projects nor the ones we have approve we're working with that through right now that it seems to me the commissions would like to separate discussion on the hours issue it sound like that is a smart thing to do and if we can bring that is separately perhaps before the item for approval or denial we'll do that first before we bring them to you for action i'm talking about that to the staff i recognize the importance of housing issue and want to insure we have time for a serious
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discussion on that item alone. >> thank you commissioner moore. >> it is difficult to understand the full effectiveness of the imp it is an old legislation 1996 i think the zoning administrator summarized. >> the issue that pulls me we've asked. an update we've not eyed it because it is a multiple institutions understand they submit the information we've looking for with the academy will pushed outer that aside i would have liked to see the supervisor subcommittee or committee come back to us they've got an update on the imp but move forward with the basically understanding of the things it does and didn't do i
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got a slightly different message i'm between a rock and a hard place i've done imps for the san diego university of california at davis and they're very, very very different from mini anything from the state institutions and follow the procedure that is called the institutional master plan i've forwarded that that aside the legislative tool was not explained to us we should understand and prosecutor's office use i don't have any guarantee that the supplies and he appreciate the optimistic we know the department has worked hard if i believe this will create a changed behavior it perhaps cleans up the past i appreciate your smiling it is, if you will, fully true no
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guarantees all we're doing is moping up over decades of bad behavior that's all >> commissioner vice president richards. >> one point to commissioner johnson pointed she made if there are we need the eir to be complete in order to approve the projects if there are someone in the department knows they're not recommend for approve why not sooner than later. >> we'll bring projects to you for denial it seems to us we wanted to look at them collectively to look at where the housing should and shouldn't go and should not and that's why we done it the way we done it frankly not delving into each project until recently, we asking can have this discussion
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with the city attorney we can bring a checkoff safety net projects on housing and give you our preliminary thoughts. >> thank you for me it if we disapprove what's the process 10 more years on unwinding process we're widening this out for process territory that's my worry. >> commissioner moore. >> i wanted to say one comment i call that institutional equity i read it applies the institutions all of ♪ different fields and many not worst mevengsz small institutions are all competing for the same things student housing how can we in imp be equitable to all of those in a pinch he summarized is it he
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pointed out their competing for the same housing the academy is everywhere and the other institutions are site specific with at classrooms and institutional support buildings and classes that are the surrounding not owned by the institutions by at least close by the academy is everywhere like a spider web grows and grows that's is what the problem is imp can be equity an equal obligation for albeit the free rental market for housing or is riders student housing which the institutions has to provide otherwise we're pricing
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ourselves out of the institutions >> okay i think this concludes that item and . >> very good commissioners. >> the commission will good a back to the san francisco planning commission this is the regular meeting for i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. those persons standing need to find a seat you can't sort of linger around the doorways and what not you'll cause a fire hazard commissioners, we left off on item 13 the 2016 enzymes informational presentation. >> good afternoon emry rogers
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planning department staff we're here to talk about the implementation of the mission interim controls you adopted those on january 14th of this year their labor the commissions expectations to engage the most important dialogue property owners and others are asked to consider how development interacts with the neighborhood change those controls are novel and the department is using this hearing to share our implication for the interim controls will be preempted in advance of a development project the first project we expect to be subject to the court of appeals may comment sometime in april or may at the earliest it is for the commission and the public have a chance to purview the interim
9:04 pm
controls i'm joined by claudia the manager of action plan 2020 this effort will establish and long term strategy for the mission district also the assistant director of the current planning the is a staff will be preparing the materials for the commission subject to those materials my presentation covers this materials 4 major items first some clarification about how the department will apply the interim controls second some guidance for project sponsors, and how the staff conducts the analysis and update on the interim controls so first, let's discuss the clarification 3 of these the first one has to do with with the term the loss of a rent-controlled unit this is caused questions it is used to determine when
9:05 pm
some specific controls apply i'm here to say we'll be using the broadcasted definition this loss includes any loss through demolitionable merge are conversion two calculating the told her they're used to determine whether a project is subject interim controls we'll use a creation of a net space regardless of what the new says that a a agency a brand new building or existing building and lastly the last clarification these interim controls apply to any project that maximums meets the thresholds whether a single or a mixed use project now move on to the next category some guidance for the project sponsor materials partnerships will need to submit the data that addresses the
9:06 pm
identified revolution there is an example of the category in your packet we've identified 5 potential exist reports that maybe used project sponsor may choose any of the force for their data they may uses the published or the contract and publish new materials and as part of memorials prepared for this report we show where those existing reports may be found we have developed the maps how they are produced with the city's online resources moving quickly staff analysis in response to public comment the commission added a request for the staff to analyze the materials this will be done by the entire project at laser to the adopted project the ms. directly applicable policies had
9:07 pm
been found in the mission area and staff my use any adopted policy the department is not expected the staff to test the undermining report we're not environmentalist instead staff will locate the project sponsor their citing the material from the report and staff discussed the adopted policies formulation where a project is demolishing a gas station planner analysis the materials against the missionary obviously 1.2 that says where housing is increased maximum the development in keeping with the character of the neighborhood and balance it against another
9:08 pm
one for the production and repair of activity that requires a professional assessment of the value of the project an balance in light of the applicable opportunities the commission will be informed by this and the staff analysis and economic report lastly next step enforce and public engagement the interim zoning controls they'll cooperate with the mayor's office of housing for the financing and strategies more affordable housing projects the mission this information had been present at the may 5th meeting the interim controls ask that 9 planning director to consider sending staff to the preapplication meetings the developer is producing a full engagement strategy for development projects duo to date it includes 3
9:09 pm
components first a guide to the san francisco entitled process and how the public may gave me and second distribution of the preliminary project neighborhood fwroupz near the property projects and third a new department led community meeting heading up he would say after the entitlements are filed this proposal is expected to be finalized this spring that's how the additional community engagement works and this in general describes how the department plans it implement the interim controlss controls provide a vehicle for planners and policymakers to test ideas certainly the housing crisis is to be eased we'll need many solutions to try to meet the needs that concludes my presentation. thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> anything else from staff
9:10 pm
opening it up for public comment jonas any speaker cards. >> any public comment? open this item. >> not seeing any, public comment is closed. and commissioner antonini. >> thank you, very much phone number for an excellent report i've read it over a little bit and have a couple of questions he guess in terms of the meetings suggested to to the community i assume staff will in some form be participating to verify the meeting and verify what was presented and who was able to comments allotments the meetings have a discussion who was there and informed i think that that would be helpful to us to make it clear what actually happened and the other situation i found in reading over the thing of the various studies
9:11 pm
talk about the income trend in the mission and demographics of the missions and have entirely different population members but as per my conversation with emry rogers the studies have different boundary the basic interferences are the same in both of them but 10 to 121-5000 are different didn't mean one study is better than another one and that was about it the only thing i have a question on is there was a technical e second we're talking about replacement of pdr and it mentioned we look inform plays the missions by not necessarily have to be replaced the mission i think that is the priority as somewhere when you say the mission you're looking
9:12 pm
at the area is that the correct way aim interpreting it. >> all of the material will be available to the commission if you decide the overall project is beneficial for the community 3 particular question ask they letting let the commission know they're available the 34igs they may approach a real estate broker if not a phase maybe they'll move to describe other places district attorney meaning mean you - >> it is informational sounds like and the first protrude. >> the only thing we ask is it is in the mission. >> commissioner moore. >> i'm dltd the fact we have a lot of people here saying sometimes, i commend you for being here. >> commissioner vice president
9:13 pm
richards. >> a few things haiti this is a fantastic way to go nobody rallying against it it provides the process and policies of the communities and certain engenders trust and perhaps we can learn from the works and other large projects around the city. >> director rahaim. >> thank you. i want to thank ann mary and claudia we wanted to bring this with an overview and with the controls on the community involvement piece the community involvements piece and staff involvement the community asked us to consider having the staff attend the preapplication meeting we further decide this for us to in 10 members of the committee the middle of the
9:14 pm
process so when the project is more fully designed and changes to the projects are better known we'll be more engaged to understand where we are the process the preapplication meeting will be by the developer the developer per the earlier question we have the documents but staff will conduct the meetings sort of in the middle of the process so after the preapplication process this seems like the more productive meeting and as you recall the budget included the position to help the staff this is part of the same package thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to be move on to item 1441th
9:15 pm
88, 44 first street as the first mission project the informational presentation. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong marseille with the planning department staff before you an informational item is presented to you as a first informational item on january 14th of this year at the first informational hearing you made a question q request for updates on the components of the project and to allow for an opportunity to decide the design element in detail information in staff is detailed the memo for the record i'll note a small misprint under page 5 the square paragraph the information provide in chart two is the correct information the sponsor has prepared information and their include the packet and you
9:16 pm
foster and others had a presentation with the additional material i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> about the information the memo that concludes my presentation. and i'd like to ems to staff sponsors thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we have to plug the machine we'll also hand those out. >> we've already received those that was submitted. >> for people those are a slight update. >> sure.
9:17 pm
9:18 pm
>> can you get the technician back. >> jonas. >> if you want to start we'll have i'm guessing this matches up to that. >> the media services is on their way tail be here shortly. >> it will be slightly better on visuals but i think
9:19 pm
hopefully, we can imvices so i'm walk us through. >> it is the updated one i apologize for this getting it prepared for the unexpected so sorry ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for seeing us again, today for the second informational hearing we will now try to be as brief as possible we waited wasted the first few minutes we'll run in sequence the public realm overview you've mentioned in the last meeting and talk about the small businesses and the particular functions venues activities within the project, and the environment sun past
9:20 pm
wind conditions and i'm here with my colleague an famous architect and show you think an animated walk through it will be better on paper staffing from the - this is a reference on page 6 which you know one of the our favorite view if the public platform down two the space page 7 the public realm at ground level and too big distinctive spaces zones we'll calming call them within the urban room but most importantly if you go to page 8 see that even though our site area is 56 thousand square
9:21 pm
feet at the open space the true public space is 47 permeation of this ground floor we hope it pretty close to a record and we are quite proud of and we'll talk about today, if you go to page 12 you see an actual old diagram we did that and a bigger version of that a few years ago looking at the small businesses the neighborhood and we dare to say we had lunch at the young sink we're not allowed to mention and i know the small businesses are dlooifg at the moment your comment of the outer it gets better and the whole environment businesses will get better as
9:22 pm
well page 15 you see the comparisons of the old and new on the corner of fire hydrant and mission we'll have a local grocery stores delicatessen that serves the community and now the different venues on page 19. >> screen is up. >> that's not bad we play - on those venues the hotel, restaurant on the corner of - you see the public park on mission and the two zones i've spoken to you at the beginning we're now running through the spaces you have them in front of the you the problem now we edited the deck to be quicker so i'm following the subsequence
9:23 pm
run through a few father-in-laws to stick to the 15 minutes as you can see the eagle and the hotel when will have a cafe that goes and cafe tables and chair a coffee cart near mission which we think will be comfortable for the people of the students from the golden gate university which were mentioned the last hearing and the grocery store on the cornerstone corner of fifth and mission we think that definitely will be on improvement for the neighborhood now go to the zone which we call the cafeterias so the left hand of the big urban room that will have thirty seats and allow people to sit outside all year arena and enjoy themselves on, on the other side
9:24 pm
the terrace we will enlighten space for one hundred people to have lunch and enjoy themselves concert during the day and music events on occasion farmer's market and the weekends kiosk to supply whatever people need you than on that image the view of the terrace we think will be a very nice place this is a cafe it allows people to explore the neutrality of the space and see the water feature that tunnels into a sfaj katherine will talk about that and here's the view as i said one of the flattered looking down from the platform and enjoy the 3 dynamic of the
9:25 pm
space now the investment we have done some solar analysis and basically see every hour of the year and how much sun hits which area of the space as you may know march equals september and spring equals autumn so i think there is still sunshine the space and obviously the best moment of the year is june and probably recommend the coffee in the morning in june that's when the space is flooded with sunlight so this is a bit more sophisticated we built a big wind tunnel a model and of the current situation and the new situation wind you tunnel test the u w i in canada one of the most bleeding firms doing the tests and basically shown their
9:26 pm
tests have shown the test speed will not increase because of the this building so it is staying under the wind tunnel criteria and not only within the space. >> the neighboring streets this is the current situation just quit interesting comfortable if you're below 11 miles per hour and that is the new condition this is quite surprisingly the wind is less in the neighborhood streets and as you can see should be comfortable within the building the hours of operation another discussions within the team what should be like a little public park like dawn to dusk and possible to have more activities the evening and they'll be security the space so hopefully, people will feel happy and safe
9:27 pm
to enjoy this great space now over to katherine. >> aim delighted to be here the landscape potential is one of the best the world it is absolutely extraordinary we've set out four principles we like to achieve we think we have one is on the super block south of market the blocks are bigger and getting more incumbentcy on the water and we are a landscaping in the city and also bringing in texas it is your and light the intimacy to the space i talked about bht super block south of market how to take advantage of all the alleys and the different spaces to make it truly part of san francisco and historically also recognize we are on first and on mission that used to be a
9:28 pm
wood plank road to the mission unfortunately south of market has the worst tree coverage in all of the san francisco we want to return it to happy valley so this is fosters first building on the park i'm here so we're trying to have that feel like a park but feel like part of the city it is interesting that we have streets we have alleys we have other things and squares and gardens each of those has a specific feeling but a feeling as a whole we found in other country's and they feel like a garden 50 percent of green space 0 so so right now with the urban room 46 percent that is really good but really will feel like garden madison square garden has
9:29 pm
50 and union square has 20 to give you of of more vegetation that vegetation will be because of amazing high ceiling i think of the ceiling more of a piece sky than architecture it allows the trees to develop underneath like in the airport that is 78 feet tall xarpd compared to 68 it is a different type of ceiling the overall plan is really been worked so that people can move through the space freely it is course you can come on first street and through jessie and through echo but it is also a garden and park so if you're walking other than first time you're walking through an alley of trees and walk both a room up jessie
9:30 pm
you're in an alley of trees but different rooms so a series the alleys and rooms throughout the spaces and one of the first alleys is ecker it is really a replanting new soil enough soil for the trees for the plants to give golden gate university a nice all over the and a to enlighten the area the 12r9s will think working a lot on the streets to make them more part of stormwater 345g9 having limited impact design on stormwater also using san francisco urban forest for the trees and more of a buffer on first street we're making first avenue larger so that is giving us a bureau of buffer from the traffic to the bridge and trying
9:31 pm
to get that buffer so the vegetation will really help us with that. >> also the urban room the jewel piece as far as landscape in two different rooms better connected shown by the stefan the room on the left is a terrace room connected to the cafe that is on 78 street and at the same time, you also have seating for the general public comment you don't have to spend money you have both types of seating and dining and a larger space on the raise your hand with the water feature that becomes the stage dwho go water features as you can see at at terrace room and mitigates the sound of traffic and the water that is the stage the stage is
9:32 pm
set up walking along first, you see the events going on inside. so one of the things of light and water actually water is a better reflector than shadow reflects colors and lights as you can see in this slide can also mean that putting the water features and shade has light features it balances the space this on first that has thin water only about an inch deep you can turn off that is a beautiful sculpt piece or sun will come through in the morning and pick up that throughout the room all of the water is cycled off the main with the irrigation for the it is all recycle water
9:33 pm
if you don't want to have water through whatever reason for maintenance can turn it off by any point the stage is the same type of design the water feature if you want to have an event you turn it off it is the stage for a band you have the water is a mirror water on the top that will balance light through the space and has too ramps that are rough water to create the sound of water those ramps pushes the speaker up there and installs the experiment on that that is a multi use of space vegetation will be important we're taking our can you - as
9:34 pm
you can see from first street you can see across see into the space but at the same time when our in itou feel like you're in it the combination of safety viewed and in that is a delicate balance we want to clearing to have more texture we think that will be a fantastic space for the future we have this amazing animated walk through i hope for once everything will work that concludes >> where's the -
9:35 pm
>> we are going to do take you through several little journeys. >> if you can through the mike please. >> the technology is too much for us we're talking talking about take you through first street and going through the space and ending on even this is th situation right now and you can then take it up completely we're turning right into the space you see a band just getting ready people working through the coffee in the morning and the far distance the existing building with a cafe and even though cafeterias we're turning right so i could have. to you and now turning around the corner walking towards the lush garden
9:36 pm
and as the alley widens to the right into the alley and you see the back the mission street tower the second journey starts at the corner of first and mission and walks through the park and ecker and back down to jessie that is the pocket park at that minute and will be the future and more of the same location you can debate about that option we're now walking past the mission street for the hotels we're interning into ecker and katherine described the landscape near the cafe is build out into this lovely alley we like the green space at the base of the building and walking
9:37 pm
interest jessie right now from the same view we're continuing jessie into the urban room i think we can feel the viable climatic difference the third journey takes us from the corner of first and mission we're on the other side of the street the salesforce tower looking at the situation and see the building kept with the new grocery stores delhi you know the locals and the view do you only mission on the right-hand side this is important to see how the walk along the street will be completely different we all know that is a busy street but as you're turning into the cafeterias just going past first, 78, first and again the
9:38 pm
far distance see the viewing platform that go eagle lives the space and up the escalator under the trees we think will be cool and as you get to the top you get to the viewing terrace yeah, and then get yourself a coffee and sit down and relax and look at it katherine's magnificent piece there were a few hiccups we can't seem to get them author that's okay. >> opening it up for public comment (calling names)
9:39 pm
excuse me - commissioners before public comment if those put that down there, sir those of you standing could find a seat otherwise you're causing a firefighter hazard room 408 has been arranged to accommodate the overflow when your name is called come back to the chambers to submit our public finally it you can't make our way to room 48. >> i'm daniel a residential of the other brick building behind the old project i think i can safely say as occupant of a top unit of all who is windows we're the most effects there is great excitement i follow the progress
9:40 pm
of that ambitious well-thought-out plan the plan we were holy hoping for i'll i'd like to comment the rerouting of the jessie street will have a minimum impact and used entirely for deliveries and drop-offs the centers neighbors including the golden gate university and the students will benefit from the massive increase in public street level open space the removal of the attractive nuisance on the mission street lot and the planned market only the corner any of us understood that at all buildings and increased residential density were planned and must welcome this to fruition the years of construction require the patience and accommodations from an ocean wide steps for weekly e-mails as much as the transbay
9:41 pm
joint powers authority with the compacted neighbors with work to be done and off hours the coming weeks that allows us to feel a sense of control and ability to plan and a sense of participation the positive transformation of the neighborhood please good underestimate this i can barely weigh the for any front row seat the congratulate the earth architects on this ambitious. >> those of you who are standing need to find a seat or make our way to room 408 if you're waiting to speak line up on this side of the room. >> you can't stand in front of the doorway. >> good afternoon,
9:42 pm
commissioners my name is amanda here from dane morris representing the owners of mission and first street we just wanted to come and kind of reemphasis emphasis that was in our letter he brought extra copies in the case you needed them we're concerned regarding the eligibility of the proposed plan exception we on the environmental impact report should be done for this project basically building that the impacts for the project has not been analyzed i'm highlighting a few things in the letter just to put it on the record number one we're concerned about the mix curb cuts
9:43 pm
the center prohibit them we're concerned about the impact of the curve cuts i believe that on mission and first street that area is identified as a high injury zone the vision zero program and we are concerned with the curve cut could be in more dangerous area we are generally concerned of the rerouting of jessie streets some concerns not attentively the plan mission street has a heavy vehicle concern and we're concerned the route that is proposed could create more traffic vehicles going to the bay bridge and also the project shouldn't rely on the transit city support
9:44 pm
to support the traffic situation because of the method used in analyzing the traffic they're used the level of service methodologies as commissioners are aware the proceeding has adapted the new method of vehicle travel methodology and the project should be analyzed under that methodology and finally we're considered about the vacation have the this is not considered we the transit center development plan and just general concerns when shadow impacts i believe previously the january hearing we know there were additional discussion and in this prediction also, we building that the vacation might not be necessary the project potential could be designed in a
9:45 pm
different way to talk about the overall concerns thank you for your time thank you very much. >> thank you (calling names). >> i'm sorry i waiting for the next item. >> next item okay is there any additional public comment? >> - hi my name is michael nolte my name was called basically i'm representing the alliance in district 6 we wanted to make sure that neighborhood noifrgs as the project process is done correctly i know this sounds like a big project with a lot of addresses open that we definitely wanted to make sure that the community has proper notification as different phases are happening and the community stays aware of it thank you. >> thank you. >> game-changer commissioners
9:46 pm
john i know we pay really close attention to poland those major open spaces they're important for the south of market and the city and while all the eye washington is terrific there are basic not helicopter what you see are people it would be correct it is 78 degrees right now but if you notice or anyone noticed that someone has a suit on or short-sleeved shirt it is light it is not showing you a day when this is raining not a cold foggy day or any day all the more important graphic the passage the charts is that shows you how much sunlight reaches the area for most of it it gets liaison an hour of direct
9:47 pm
sunlight and less than two hours clearly this is a shadowed horrible to the element and with the height of the ceiling public space and wouldn't be used when the weather is not good and in order to have a properly design and great potential obviously we need to enclosure having half the space where it is dry and it is much more appropriate for evenings and i think everyone would like to see the evening use the transbay district very much so we'll really need to can the to the designers for this to live up to the height they have to include those things and second there or duration of the prop m i know you have prop
9:48 pm
m think your calendar but cut to the chase i don't believe this project at that location and this time with that kind of office space warranted getting an over-the-counter you know property allocation you need to save the prop m allocation or role it over to next year so when the central soma project comes up for approval you'll have enough to do one or two of them those projects are much better buildings for the public and community than this one will ever be thanks. >> essentialist this is back to back schools colleges today
9:49 pm
you, we went through the academy of arts i was a 3 year daytime student in the 70's that location will zone 3 g at the time but it was basically industrial i was listening for someone from the golden gate university to speak today when you're talking about academy of the art you have the campuses you're dealing with this setting so i would ask you to look back on what the nature of the people the area are galg has students full-time for law school or from business school and they have lives in the city at the go down ecker street getting to the school and
9:50 pm
so you've got to get involved how your planning for the university right there golden gate didn't have student housing a lot of people are last week me myself i was a head of the my neighborhood when i went to law school i've been living in the city for quite a while and had a rent-controlled apartment you must have input how this works for students students are generally pretty poor so 41 if you're wiping out the area for the upscale uses make the developer very happy but bit by bit your making it difficult to have the students the city second thing is since the eir was done for whatever a whole
9:51 pm
pattern of delivery of trucks has challenged the transportation analysis which the city does, does take into account a.m. done and the delivers to everyone they have trucks, ups and fedex they deliver all kinds of passages they didn't have pull out for that and it is a creation of not only people that live there but people that buy things for their business and final thing the planning department has to take seriously people can't make copies your dlij too much in color copies and the believability is astronomical if you want to get copies have a
9:52 pm
serious discussion of documents it under the law for the planning commission thank you. >> any public comment on this item? not seeing any, public comment is closed. and commissioner moore. >> i appreciate the next chapter on the presentation delightful to listen to the project i'm fully in support of buildings i would have liked to see slightly for differentiated presentational landscape the one that was presented was wrong the gentleman comments definitely ring true to me that the extent that i'm not looking for indoor space by a depiction of open space with an inclusionary needs to be less ambitious
9:53 pm
unfortunately, we're worked the city and the profession we know that the old ambitious sclaifrp hardly materialized it is taken many days are just sixth more gray than what you can possibly imagine when you come on a sunny day it is very gray in this area i'm looking to discuss to think about what he was challenged and in chicago is one of the most noble pizza fabulous architecture and an - this is
9:54 pm
more me american people expression of an impression here with all criticism but remedy niagara on the escaping depicted it is clear i saw t video - people go into super green landscaping it is not the case we have plenty of space to walk around in and see landscaper and how they're mostly at the scale don't quite work i'd like to leave it with those comments and their supposed to be more challenging than critical and ask for other objectives with the variety of landscapes that are slightly perhaps relative to what we can
9:55 pm
do and that express a variety of an experience rather than a continuation of trying to create a tropical garden we need green we we need green where it can be maintained the market maiden be as green and i'm circling to our fantastic piece i'm highly admiring. >> what is the location. >> pardon me. >> the millennial park. >> thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you yeah, i was at millennium park for those comments we have to challenge
9:56 pm
chicago and minneapolis and st. louis has a compliment for certain times of the year is championed and certainly well-taken whatever we put in will for a fact survive a couple of things i really like this a lot i think the finest open space we'll have in san francisco when completed we made a lot of mistakes the 60s and 70's when we built buildings without open space a couple of exceptions the front of the bank of america building their nonexistent or small and recently we've acquired open space but in the as open or inviting as here with the completion of that will be the best area for pedestrians and
9:57 pm
people to plaintiff with the parks and open space of the transbay tower it will be a very nice area very pollutant area and for concerns about the weather the buildings are buffers the westerner the most injurious winds from april to late september that come from the west but during the winter months we will have some storms that come the other direction but most of time the wind from the west and typically the strongest the buildings will provide buffers i agree we might be challenged on the hours of the light because of the dense environment you have i think it looks like the area it covered it is very high but. >> ceiling over that so for those who are concerned about
9:58 pm
rain it is probably not that big a problem i think you'll be underneath the coffer and something that can be worked with i think that as sensational plan with 9 allotment of the needed prop m space it is exactly where you want to put your business climate or business community because it is right in the center of the development of the new or stent business center of san francisco it is all walkable walkable to transit that is very important so i'm really happy with that and i'm sure the difficulties of landscaping can be accounted and happy to see what is done and a step in the right direction. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, again, for the
9:59 pm
presentation it is experiencing technical difficulty i enjoyed the video and being able to have that amazing experience but having different ways of seeing the project developed i know there were a lot of things that were clear than the first presentation regarding the open space although i see commissioner moore's point in many ways i believe that i see this as a continuation of the transbay park i'm going to be an open misty see that as the - this phase a ambitious the transbay park i see providing the open space the area and love it is ambitious i think about
10:00 pm
the small sort of mid block alley park right behind the transbay building as - sorry the trans america building this it is compared so obviously the owner thought you guys or whoever owns the property in the future years will be responsible for the upkeep of the property i'm confident you'll design some practical i hate this to be landscaping because someone the future decides they don't want to upkeep the trees. in terms of the the gentleman's comments about prop m i see - i don't see the point but we'll see on the very large project to have information coming to us i want to look at more how you guy is are designing and programming the office space and my sorts of
10:01 pm
thinking on prop m allocation for the space and my understanding is rendering and this presentation has been seen this is a phase that will be competitive the marketplace not just office space that people are not looking for i think is the proton right now we have a lot of classy office space but businesses paying top dollars they're going to other neighborhoods and taking those spaces we'll get something new and drive the business activity where we want it around here no comment on the rerouting of the street i've seen it and discussed this the past there is still some real discussion about the impacts that miter create an admissibility particularly we think about the rest of the
10:02 pm
transbay district being build out and other changes to the streetscaping it is few blocks north they may change fulsome street making it two-way but i appreciate the update project and will have the allegations and looking forward to seeing more. >> commissioner wu. >> i want to thank staff for the shadow analysis that i asked for last time i think that is helpful to see the promotions the t cd p i'll ask for the remaining suggest the date university and the policy we get the same level of analysis that would be helpful and if we actually finish all the buildings and left over allocation we should take it away they were specifically for this district. >> commissioner hillis. >> thank you for this
10:03 pm
follow-up rarely do we see a project of this scale we're focused on the ground level and the pedestrian realm which i think we mainly appreciate we spend our time that are not in this building not that i don't appreciate the architecture but focusing on that ground floor and how it looks and feels it extremely important anyone the more denser part of the city we're trying to shoe horn under the city and freeze this is one of the more exciting place we're seeing again new opportunities for open space is tremendous and extremely ambitious we don't have a great feel we don't have great works like the airport i'm
10:04 pm
wondering how high it is a good feeling but this is extremely ambitious and very excited to see how it progresses i've got concerns about compliment and how it feels on days where it is colder but i think it can work last week the embarcadero as you walk there it there are smaller spaces outdoor and undercover that work on cooler days that don't say the scale and multitude it is one of the projects i'm excited to see how it develops in excited to see how it gets built and works it could be a signature space the city thank you very much. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a few things to add to the commissioner comments i love you start out with the focus on small business that is the key to making this a complete this
10:05 pm
eco system and the additional business that the small businesses get will be key to the long term survival i like the term people can be here without buying something federal and state this is good for san franciscans i do like the 40 percent green coverage and you know hopefully, we could find a condition on that project being maintained for then the last item i picked up on the feeling i saw this project i thought it was sink important or hong kong maybe you can consider other things so - commissioner antonini i think you'll move forward as whatever to be successful i'm very happy with what you presented and
10:06 pm
particularly like the trees their colorful and do well in san francisco that will be very nice street trees we'll have the change of color the autumn and then also i would ask staff i'm sure all are the we are for the materials the approval process in may to make sure we comment under the community exception eir that was passed inform a long time and make sense all the other towers were approved 24 i don't see this as different from all the others it maybe a little bit large but the terms of the towers are not small and some of the others buildings with also very large as the transbay terminal so comment to staff so be ready for our hearing in may when this comes before us. >> okay. >> i think that concludes
10:07 pm
comments and thank you to the project sponsor and very exciting project thank you. >> i think we did fine. >> commissioners, that places you under your item 15. >> psa the wireless telecommunications facility planning code amendment. >> fancy. >> is that what we're doing now with the screen? >> ready.
10:08 pm
>> game-changer commissioner president fong think on behalf of the planning department the request before you to allow 0 for the initiation to the proposed change of the san francisco planning code as it relates to wireless telecommunication facilities otherwise known as the cell towers and cell antennas while still continuing the challenges of the state and federal laws we discussed intrusive or lessening truthful for instance, the full penthouse screening
10:09 pm
think antenna capable with the size of the building and the context for the pipes for instance, many designs we can't find that are appropriate before you in an dense environmental like noise and equipment cabinets and it may include voiding lightwells and include suhr the equipment cabinets contain batteries and computers are no large and fully place to disturb the tenants on a lease or impair the use of riders open space like a roof deck for residents it also may include voiding large bulky equipment cabinets
10:10 pm
on wooden poles in front of units. >> and in the city like san francisco 19it assures the tenants don't impair from the historic buildings or districts primary change the screening elements to exceed the height limits with the unscreened innocent and towers that example on cal hallow unscreened facades and a exterior to work with the tenant to move to the roof the current height limit will not allow for that it exceeds the limits when the towers and antennas screeners or screens were not available mostly full top sites and industrial buildings the last 90s as of now
10:11 pm
seven hundred and restraining order micro or making rooftop and many services basic equipment the public right-of-way in screening elements can be composed of a number of things like wood and brick and steel and an example of the roof the current sorry, sorry the proposed will preserve the built for staff to look at screening elements with an eye towards shadow for parks and hectic views plus limits by the planning commission for the ability this is not capable for example. >> of the next things to create a 10 year time limit for the conditional use authorization if one is required for a wireless facility and for
10:12 pm
the commission to dedicate o'dell gait we believe that is important, important surrounding neighbors an vanity building might be torn down consistent with the many california city and counties and in our letters provided by verizon they noted that they believe about many facilities are smaller technology but size is increasing as per that image i eyeing more for added to the existing sites throughout the year this time will be consistent with the wireless facilities the public right-of-way are seven hundred we venture the coming years it is time that will not apply to the making or other
10:13 pm
facilities in the pdrs districts a conditional use authorization is not typically required as well as shadow and design review in this time will not apply to the micro typically when the two antenna those sites typically don't require the conditional use authorization one of the trend we're seeing the gentrification network that is basically adding more sites closer into the neighborhood they're trying to control the radius to see the spectrum from 9 frequenting fine tuning to they'll be able to provide for data and capacity in the carriers service the last two years the employment of 200 plus
10:14 pm
antennas now city owned light and transit poles and another example for t mobile this is golden indoors might see small antenna that carry indoors their smaller in hotels and commercial buildings the large glass they are energy efficient and may block the cell phones waves they're up to 3 hundred neighboring groups and the information was present to the sf for liveable city's and the community supportive this in the cumulative effects and concern was raised providing a combination definition of the
10:15 pm
micro facility that computed an observation that was meet by the response that was attempting to droll our information we don't make the decision on the conditions as well as it operationally is set thank you by the federal commission and as voluntarily leasing out antennas to conclude staff is recommending the planning commission adopt the recommendation for the appropriately company with the hearing before the historic preservation commission to discuss the article 10 and 11 planning code as it relates to clarifying the ability for staff to deny certain historic preservation commission applications and lastly an adoption hearing before the planning commission an or after july 15th with that, i'll be
10:16 pm
happy to answer any questions you may have. >> and i'd like tool acknowledge his work for 3 years doing the wireless facilities that that was not a topic for him he'll be moving to short-term rentals we're excitedly for him he's taken this completely under his powers of for the authority and had a lot passion to have a enforceable wireless program we're seeing that with the legislation before you he's working in short-term rentals program by maintaining that and getting to the final post 0 so thank you very much. >> thank you it is complex opening it up for public comment. >> hello commissioners my name is charles i one or more we
10:17 pm
service one thousand this with point to point wisely luckily you didn't see the inflation we hide them about the technology is in fact, the internet and my purpose of coming to introduce you to the internet franchisee a piece of legislation we're trying to get adopted the main intent to see that the internet is a utility and the internet is the internet through fiber or via our phone or wires it is an internet connection and fortunately, no competition because it is different difficulty difficult to navigate the wireless and others recollections schemes to deliver
10:18 pm
the internet he will encourage you to look at this legislation and an eye towards delivering internet everyone the city wants the internet regardless the structure and who you are you want the internet and i encourage you to approach with that a ubiquitous thought process thank you very much. >> good afternoon paul outside council for verizon wireless thank you for considering this legislation as you heard from omar we submitted a letter for the prompt legislation and omar will allowed us to decide our concerns we hope to resolve those concerns before that comes
10:19 pm
back to you in june our letter oils major issues we thought we should raise you've heard about omar talk about the undersigned and outside facilities they provide services to that particular property in general are concerned we're concerned that one of the definition that is proposed could possibly be interpreted to regulate inside facilities and we're concerned and omar pointed out the definition of using the emissions as a measure between macro and micro we made a mistake the emissions are really irrelevant to the size the facility it is generally the proximity to buildings and other areas that creates the small macros on light poles we have
10:20 pm
greater emissions that is an appropriate measure and the number of antennas is an appropriate measure my phone has 5 antennas really didn't relate to the size we would like to propose a definition as - we would like to work with the department on what is a good definition the scc as certificate of occupancy with a good definition we would like to talk about that discuss that as tier 1, 2, 3 for the right away under article 25 with respect to the - we think that the making is duplicate illicit no need for a macro definition and superfluous there is macro and micro facilities those are the two distinctions
10:21 pm
we'd like to talk about that and finally wireless is against proposing a 10 year term on the facility i've been involved withs types of applications for thirty years we think that is a mistake for you to have these applications returned to you ever 10 years seven hundred facilities not all are up for renewal but 10 years the land use no reason we think a 10 year could be proposed for a land use and from the court allows you to propose the term then on a blanket a basis it good i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissioned i'm cammy blackstone from at&t i share we share some of the same
10:22 pm
concerns that mr. albright mentions we want to thank staff for providing a draft of the changes early on and had an opportunity to respond with that said, we have several conferees specifically about the product line in this rapidly changing industry the terms on the conditional use that the gentleman mentioned how you proposed will work with state and federal timelines we think that legislation does require a lot for discussion we look forward to joining those discussions with the city with the commission and the department and the dazed to come before it go comes back to you thank you. >> is there any additional public comment on this wireless item okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner richards, sir maybe you can comment on a couple of speakers that talked about the
10:23 pm
definition issue macro and marcus books frequency based and the 10 year term and those two major points your additional thoughts you think it is a valid basis for further discussion. >> we're using most of the same terms the industry eye when they approach to request a micro category be created t avoid this planning commission not this one but the previous one of the factors are deal with characterized that's how to say worded if i meet one of the definition you're looking at a micro facility and avoiding the in addition for a conditional use authorization we believe that is the flenth but still a concrete enough to provide an information for the public wonder why not before the planning commission and save
10:24 pm
characterized by those factors this is good for the community that general looking at the scale we're codifying this is common practice and as far as the 10 year time we believe this facility is a challenge especially most of marcus bookss we'll see will not come frsee w the. >> your estimation in terms of. >> 8 percent i guess. >> and at the rate we're going it will be several dices versus hundreds and hundreds. >> maybe a few a year we're not seeing the same pattern but shifting to small cells in public right-of-way but smaller cells. >> thank you
10:25 pm
commissioner johnson sorry. >> okay. thank you very much mr. masonry we'll miss you and miss hearing these just i really, really great work a couple of thoughts i'm going to definitely support this on micro and macro on the radio frequency as one of the conditions it is one of those if it meets the other one so me f the micro small in relation to the space not a lot of antennas i think there will be an easier way to frame that you generally speaking you've worked on it and know the stuff this is really great work that will decrease the work for obvious for things not you know the best use of our
10:26 pm
time the other thing i'll say in the 10 year term i agree with that the reason raise your hand to the public comment that was because if we don't have anything like that we have a clunky way of clean up what is happening now many things around the city that has equipment it is obsolete we only clean up when someone else puts a site oh, this other stuff you have to clean up 0 those things about before you put up the new site but not speak to new buildings 13407 has not said let's put a new sites a 10 year term puts it on the installer to make sure those things are under review so i definitely agree and says in the legislation that we could
10:27 pm
designate it to a 10 year term maybe not as much work on us but make sure that's fine but great work thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> move to innovative. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion those planning code commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner wong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> commissioners can you give us 30 seconds this is a little bit of a - where we're done. >> i might ask you to take a 5 minute a break and so the
10:28 pm
commission will take a 5 minute break there is a little bitsorr >> good afternoon welcome back to the san francisco planning commission this is the regular meeting for i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners, we left off under our readings on item 16 market street this is an appeal of the primary income negative declaration good afternoon commissioner president fong i'm caesar chavez chelsea for the market street project
10:29 pm
joining me is the senior environmental planner and the members of the project sponsor team are here the item before you an appeal of the primary negative declaration prepared for the proposed 1600 market street the project seats is bound by golden gate avenue to the north market street to the south and jones to the west and a second story commercial to the east demolition of the parking lot and the construction of a 12 story one and 20 foot tall residential building with the formula retail use and go subterranean parking levels the proposed will include finals 4 thousand 5 gross square feet of retail space it was published on jargon 13, 2016 and then appeal timely filed only february 2nd,
10:30 pm
2016, by sue hester representing san franciscans for reasonable growth at issue the cumulative and impacts of the project and displacement of the low income residents in tenderloin and south of market neighborhoods additionally the appellant raise the conferees of the analysis of the potential mid market and special use district and how it relates as note in the appeals packet you have the pmd look at the housing backs impacts and cumulative population and housing impacts were consistent with the planned bay area a regional go transportation plan was adopted for the green house gas emissions legislation senate bill as part of planning process for
10:31 pm
the planned bay area san francisco identified priorities development areas or p da p da in any areas will support the residents in a pedestrian friendly investment and severed by the transit this project site is located within the identified p da even though when the proposed project is designed with the identified cumulative projects all together addeding 3 thousand new recipient and new sdnlz to the track this growth has been planned for in the bay area additionally the cumulative growth was the tapes and determined the proposed project will not contribute to cumulative impacts with regards to the appellant arguments they didn't analysis the displacement
10:32 pm
of low income residents and the project area do you due to 9 cumulative projects ceqa is required to focus on the direct and indirect physical changes to the environment it results from the proposed project economics or social effects are not considered significant environmental impact potential displacement is a social economical act impact it didn't contain in any residential unit and not result in direct displacement of residents the peter o'toole that the project will attribute to rising rent is speculative and in accordance to the appellants claim the p m did if adequately the discuss the art eye district or mid market sud
10:33 pm
in realization e regulation to the property project the pmd acknowledges the project is win the mid market sud and analyze any cumulative impacts that results due to the promotions location within the sud however, the project sponsor is not seek to use this potential zoning for the project additionally the project sponsor for the mid market sud are not currently seeking approval for this potential sud therefore we recommend that the planning commission adopt a motion to uphold the preliminary negative declaration and that concludes my presentation. wear available for any questions you may have. >> okay. thank you. >> jonas just to be clear i'll open up for public comment to - the appellate gets 10 minutes and the project sponsor gets 10 minutes. >> the appellant please.
10:34 pm
>> thank you, commissioners my name is a sue hester i've been the attorney for them i graduate from golden gate it's come full killer we talked about housing of upper and protecting residents been destroyed or taken over by academy of art we which i've been planning seating for really serious discussion i'll leave that alone we went to discussion and information item not very but getting information on what is happening at bristol and mission for an office space we're going
10:35 pm
back it poor people and the fact of poor people my office is on market street just down the block a couple of blocks away i'm dead serious about needing to have a discussion about the effect on the residents population and the services real people and their services on the area from 9th street to 5th street on mid block the same area was supposed to have a discussions when the mayor announced a big plan to budget and finance built housing for the tech community and do an sud on market street and when this came out i appealed i appealed the following week the unified school district sud and hopefully hoping to have a serious discussion about what
10:36 pm
are the effects of cumulative developments on services and people on either side of market street in the tenderloin and south of market the planning department i'm going after ms. jones the planning department goes and does its own thing sentencing didn't require the analysis of poor people's housing and services they could be total rights but should be a discussion at the planning commission if you had a discussion and i missed it i apologize when was it when was that discussion about what is happening and planning to have planned the mayor had a lot press conference not a lot of press the discussion should happen it should happen because i was away
10:37 pm
reading the appeals by the displacement cross into 950 market street on ned of turk street they were given an eviction notice for their podium programming that is 24/7 blocks away i know 1066 and on the other side people the area that have buildings say oh, owe, make a fortune they're willing to displace people if the building for a locate at some point we need to have the discussion unless our totally jaded i don't think that for the planning commission at some point the planning commission should put it on the haven't calendar you'll have it
10:38 pm
this decision help we have a low income population that's been rapidly displaced the city tech industry and people that have higher incomes can take over 144 las vegasy that's a site their willingly a site take over 341 the golden gate site not more affordable housing and so i'm going through this and saying help we need a discussion from the environmental review says not in our scope then i building they said that then it should be your scope one of the things that i asked and the things i was scratching any head at when we did 341 turk street the analysis that with we had from trio with gave the
10:39 pm
projects within a half a mile radius this is a quarter of a mile it shrinks and i'm looking at this and saying i know we're proved and not on the list there is a current approval for 1390 market street if they can build their high-end housing owe the approvals for 351 turk golden gate and one 4 leavenworth so you approved them i know of a lot more projects that are on your list because i read the notices i get i'm aware of how many market-rate sros are between the tenderloin and the south of market increasing into the mission market-rate sros are not a factor in people's discussion of what was going to happen in the
10:40 pm
eastern neighborhoods rezoning i went to the hearing people are assuming there will be no massive displacement as you built more housing and guess what the analysis in the early 2009 is not the real world is happening right now and i'm pleading he was trying to get it through the appeal and the appeal on 950 that was pulled out from underneath me the city said oh, we'll not do the mid market suds but someone else how do we have that discussion and talk about poor people have we basically said your gone i'm hearing it as you approve the projects i'm hoping the presentation on the project will address that they will address that partially for their site
10:41 pm
they will not be addressing the entire area and do people have to come in all the time when people are evicted or get an eviction notice from their food programs we can't do that forever and at some point i'm going going to say - but there is a place for planning not environmental review but have a planning discussion don't talk about on environmental review that was done the early 2009 when the market is 2016 the economy has changed the population is looking for housing is changed get as much as you can and get it outset the context for
10:42 pm
understanding what is happening to low income people i'm leaving you my extra two minutes thank you. >> (clapping). >> excuse me - folks really unnecessary at that point. >> no, it isn't. >> project sponsor you have 10 minutes. >> good afternoon commissioners steve for barn and mary tell on behalf of the project sponsor we'll be brief an appeal of a deck an eir should be prepared for a project in order to successfully appeal a mid deck one must present the proof the appellant in this case has not done that the presentation was not sixth impacts on the
10:43 pm
physical environment the discussion that she wishes to have regarding the socioeconomic irks in the tenderloin can happen somewhere else but not within the compensation context and can't happen within the appeal of a negative impact the response to the departments response that there is nothing the appeal that requires an eir for this project that social and connective appeals are out outside of ceqa but outside of the ceqa he wanted to calling your attention it to a case that came out of the court of appeals this is the exact same question that the social and economic impacts the character of the neighborhood with a ceqa document the court
10:44 pm
said no quote ceqa addresses physical changes the environment and under ceqa economic and social changes rumentd shall not have significant negative declaration and not under ceqa the focus of the analyze the ceqa documents should be on the physical changes of the environment so this case is 8 days old it supports the staffs conclusion this that appeal if result from the need for on eir i urge you to reject the appeal and monarch to the hearing. >> okay opening it up for public comment (calling names). >> if everyone wants to line up on that side of the room reminding you no outburst the commission room and keep over cell phones off that would be
10:45 pm
helpf helpful. >> also i'd like to be reminding the folks that are testifying in the hearing over comments should be limited to the preliminary mitigated negative declaratio if you wish to have submit comments on the project do so when that begins. >> hello commissioner good afternoon my name is abdul i'm here today on behalf of the d and the city which he last week to speak how the lands one hesitate thousand 66 market market that land has four thousand 4 hundred 50 square
10:46 pm
feet that land is neighborhood they left the plan over 20 years empty and now is our time to ask you and to open your eyes for each land empty the city the man he has no right to tell us we don't need homeless people here or homeless people there how can the people live in san francisco now you give the right to let people in one 21 building one building there is still empty you ask me why one house or one studio they ask for 3 thousand 6 hundred what that mean? the man behind me he make it is dollar an hour
10:47 pm
how get nine hundred plus a day that prices when you ask for one bedroom please if you want to make it something else good for me and good for the building of san francisco besides to make it housing available this we need it and that we ask you feel guilt for the building that make it greedy and ask for 3 thousand 6 hundred for a studio when we get the money if people in my city their low income low income and see what we do and what we need you, we need you to - you think about any lands empty we need to build housing for the homeless and the low income
10:48 pm
people like me thank you very much and god bless you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> okay. the next item, please. >> if you're ready anyone we've called is ready. >> again, i'd like to remind the members of the public this is on the appraisal of the negative declaration. >> i can talk about the change in the environment if this is part of it relevant. >> my name is jessie. >> co-chair but to think about the person that lived in the tenderloin for 20 years on golden gate where the development will happen and the person that loves his neighborhood very much this project should be a disaster and alternates my investment kitty-corner across
10:49 pm
the street is a senior apartment buildings a you know next to that a church there are 3 mosques and people in wheelchairs and quite frankly people that had a little bit dwoch to drink this is gridlocked twice a day or people use it for a 30 fair that project will make things worse i can't see how this will make the area safer that will push people out to the block a couple of ways so i'll be living on a powder cake it will be in denser and denser areas and plus people are displaced they'll be hanging out the city that will be a big frustration for people frustration situation for the cops and this is a danger to me.
10:50 pm
>> you know i know a lot of people will profit from this project but you know sometimes there are more things important than profit you want to talk about environments you know people poor people and people of color is endangered i species the city and no applaud or outbursts next item, please. >> i'm working with the tenderloin development corporation i'm here it is objective the people that submitted comments on item 16 he tipped to submit for item 17 call people up for the appeal with those cards and people don't need to resubmit cards but
10:51 pm
cue up on item 16 thank you. >> fair enough that is a fantastic idea and through the chair the person that wish to speak on the appeal of the negative declaration line you think that the line up on the screen side of the room and approach the podium otherwise we'll take our comment from the project is upheld. >> i do have comments on the nothing else appeals but a separate item do we get both. >> no another public comment. >> my name is john i'm also the neighborhood i live across the street into the project my specific comment is this is a
10:52 pm
pretty good example of a time when someone can write a page and a half of not particularly pertinent stuff about the project that most people looking at it will that it is not really a good appeal they get 10 extra minutes to talk and planning has to write a 20 page analysis why their letter kwais was gibberish and maybe to raise the fees to sentiment the appeals thank you. >> my name is joe with the hospitality just to reference the previous comments i want to applaud sue hester for her cogent comments in terms of the appeal i do think that is very
10:53 pm
telling it is almost something through the looking glass the condition of people the displacement of people is not subject to environmental review by that aside i think that it is especially important for this body to consider all aspects of the effect on the environment and the condition of the people outlining in a community is very much the purview of proper planning so i would fully support the appeal be upheld and additional appeal be conducted to specify both the anticipated impacts and he real displacement that is happening everyday in communities like the tenderloin thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm reginald i go along
10:54 pm
with the last persons comments i think you shouldn't accept the proposal but put 2 on ice and looking at it again and getting to come back to the community again and try to look at this and come to a real understanding of what is proposed so we can all be able to say we're happy with that right now, we're not happy things have to change people are i don't care who says if so happening every single day and no matter what you say what was said earlier eating and drinking and carrying on people that are not able to do that the per because they don't see them the picture people are people and people should be treated with respect down and out doesn't mean they're a done deal look at that and try to find ways to
10:55 pm
help as well. >> again calling for speakers that want to speak to the appeal of the negative declaration. >> hi, i'm james and i just want to see what someone says they'll not be a significant impact on the community they should throw up a red flag what is significant to here is delubld by the amount of money she'll get her impact is different than on me thank you. >> any other speakers in support of appeal? >> hi commissioners i take it cutting it's wanting the tenderloin association the reason overwhelm going in support of appeal of sue hester he first of all, it is important to acknowledge the process is really important and protecting the appeal so people have a
10:56 pm
voice if not for the environmental review the ability to appeal that and address you commissioner and actually make sure that those processes are adequately addressed what are we here for ultimately this process about, about serving the public and protecting the public you have to have appeal procedures and lengthy discussions it is appropriate for 9 and we need to do that i don't believe that trying to limit that process will or diminish that process by streamlining will help the community this is not how the planning is supposed to work i applaud sue hester and ask the commissioners to seriously consider we need an additional environmental impact report so we can adjust what ought to be the significant impacts as a community member i don't buy the
10:57 pm
fact of what was said thank you. >> okay not seeing any, speakers public comment is closed. >> and commissioner antonini. >> thank you and thank you to staff to doing angle excellent job of answering the appeal and as appoint while there are sixth questions that will be raised about this project during the consideration of the project the appeal is about the environmental analysis which was very thorough and complete social economic are not ceqa issues they can be discussed when we talk about the project a vacant parking lot and commercial this that is being built so it is the physically displaced anything or anybody that is the second issue about this and also in regards to the argument of education sud there was piloted that is not in place
10:58 pm
and even if it was in place the project sponsor is not applying. a additional benefits by having an art or educational use of that was in place not involved in the on or about so i think it was really well done and analyzed do areas in terms of of the bay area and senate bill 375 talked about the new residents the area and how many housing units will be built and so i think that it is a very thorough negative declaration and i'm going to move to accept the negative declaration and reject the appeal >> second. >> i absolutely agree that the conversation around the ordinances brought up that will be brought in the neighborhood because of the development needs
10:59 pm
to happen i regret fully agree that ceqa is not the practices to have it we should be looking at others conversations he finds is incredibly ironic how to implement the interim controls the mission that talked about the demographics today and two connective pressure, indirect displacement and housing preservation tenant displacement and relocations assistance and community building and additional available space, etc. and the last to availability for the not that i recall those are exactly the same things for your neighborhood not the neighborhood the mission this commission really should take upon itself to work with the supervisors office to come up with something to address or take it upon ourselves to
11:00 pm
initiate the interim controls if we find it necessary for the neighborhood we're not right now to find that in ceqa this the place for the conversation to happy. >> supervisor mcnamara commissioner johnson. >> thank you. i'll be upholding this in terms of the conversation specifically about the federal physical impacts we're actually were some potential direct impacts they're going to demolish public housing people will have to move somewhere and even there it was difficult to and look at the physical impacts within the eir of that project we have to say well, this is a true statement but when we look at the environmental impacts will
11:01 pm
support the people; right? so since we had a couple of them there impossible for projects to look at indirect impacts and 75 studio look at the general conversation i agree with commissioner vice president richards that the mission interim controls allowed to us to ask the developers and staff more information to help us and see a gap we should look at what do we do about it; right? i thank you ms. hester for making the appeal and the rift none knows how to solve that is indirect; right? not a building inspection that is torn down so 5 hundred families are to find a place at the same time ensue a slow to medium trickle and if they go outside of san francisco what's our role in that; right?
11:02 pm
what is our role if that an elements of crisis or facts and circumstances that informs people out not one or the other i i want to put that out there it is a challenging conversation and a response to say it is not a ceqa discussion it is a discussion we need to have i agree but not a matter of venue i don't know we have the tools right now to have the discussion other than to voice over opinion not anything we can say about it we're challenges and challenge anyone that is involved the policy discussion to think about the tools that will actually help us solve the problem >> commissioner moore. >> thank you to commissioner johnson and commissioner richards summarizing the challenges there is a concern and shared pain and i'm going to be asking sarah jones just for the sake of giving me a solid
11:03 pm
foundation of what we're supposed to do and the tools to basically acknowledge this appeal is not warned that doesn't mean the responsibility to bring the policy forwards, etc. but not this venue so what our responsibilities are to do. >> good afternoon, commissioners i believe the question is just to make sure i answer credulous kwhar the commissioners rooblt under ceqa snooik in this case. >> the planning department issued and negative declaration that with the mitigation measures the project will not is have significant impact on the environment under ceqa the commissions responsibility here to consider whether that
11:04 pm
determination is correct regards to in the statute and guidelines and also consider from the environmental review was done accurately and according to the provisions of lay and if a fair agreement has been provided provided that leads to a different conclusion i'm going to ask deputy city attorney mirena burns we're being challenged of the impacts that we don't have metrics we have large prevention up and down market street bourd other sensitive neighborhood but not have any tools by which we could ask any irresponsible ceqa process as it stands to respond
11:05 pm
to those types of challenges. >> that's correct we look at the cumulative physical impacts at ceqa specifically says connective and socioimpacts are to be credit cards that doesn't leave us as we see a strong push for the responsible statements to avoid that as a discussion item not part of what we're asked to do today. >> deputy city attorney mirena burns i would jump in and say that's not what you're asked to do in ceqa, however, you have the project you'll exercise our discretionary approval including those kinds of policies and reiterations ceqa is only concerned with physical environmental impact you have an alleged awe certified
11:06 pm
socioeconomic impact if that indirectly of the changes of the environment that is something we'll consider what did you do w that link between the socioeconomic impact and the physical changes the environment not a topic for the environmental analysis. >> commissioner antonini. >> as i said earlier there is a difference in the city attorney and ms. john made it clear we're asked is that an accurate analysis of the project which i feel is adequate and we'll have plenty of time when we get past this one to discuss the project and impacts and here hearing from the proponents and opponents and discuss this then not the environmental ring. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to there is a motion that has
11:07 pm
been seconded to uphold the negative declaration. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and commissioners we can move on to the actual project proposal item 17 abc for cases at market street you will consider the downtown project the conditional use authorization and the zoning administrator will consider a request for variance if you leave the doors alone they'll close. >> good afternoon tilly chang department staff the project proposed to demolishing don't worry about a adjacent parking
11:08 pm
lot for a 14 level one and 20 mixed use building with units in approximately 44 hundred - it fronts on 3 streets and north of market street ante of jones and one and height and bulk district district the project sponsor will talk about the project first of all, i'd like to touch on policies the actions from the commission including an exception for the reduction of ground floor wind currents compliance was described in the motion in your packet but the department buildings their warned and the criteria to allow
11:09 pm
the square footage above the affordable units a there and it is below-market-rate housing on site and approximately 21 thousand plus square feet that is exempt from the calculations compliance with the section are included under the of in the draft motion this is necessary and desirable and because it will add three hundred and 4 dwelling units they most 80 are below-market-rate and activate the project street frontage it is cupidity by a 23 parking lots it corrects typos the bmr lots are allocated in some sections and incredible it is 3 stories versus the two bmr unions that be subject to 314 that is an
11:10 pm
onsite rental all bmr unites will be made affordable for households not exceeding one and 20 bbm and the costa-hawkins is talking about the agreement but not signed by the city attorney. >> finally the project requests the uses the course of open space and the zoning administrator will talk about that to dates the staff received one request for a continuance from businesses and organizations is the community in addition to the supports included the case packet i have additional letters of support in the case you want to see and in conclusion the
11:11 pm
department supports this as it replaces an underutilized with now housing and to be consist consistent with the neighborhoods character thank you i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> project sponsor please. good afternoon, commissioners i'm mega residential we're pleased to be here to share with you the culmination of 3 years of work that went into the market street this is the first property the family has developed as residential and will hold and operate the property forever owe wanted to thank ms. tilly chang for her work and the core team is here i've heard from our attorney and
11:12 pm
julia and our architect designer this is the vicinity aerial had will show the parking lots on 1066 market street we brought the frontage and in total three hundred feats on golden gate and jones the shore stop sign purchased in the 1960s to provide parking for the golden gate theatre because of the high crime the area they're incredibly apprehensive, however, despite the challenges now it is right time to move forward with this project next so we're surrounded within a block radius by mostly housing you see mercy housing and the boyd e boyd hotel and st. anthony's those are all permanently affordable housing
11:13 pm
buildings you do see a little bit of commercial the area but i'll say not much positive royalty retailing at the storefront level next slide, please this show is the frontage and the three hundred feet of frontage on the other hand, on golden gate and jones so in recognizing this is an incredibly complex environment to be building housing in we started you are community outreach early as soon as we before we filed our psa we meet with a broad bought of stakeholders for individual commercial businesses as of idea had having had 98 meetings with the neighborhoods shareholders and hundreds of letters of support 68 from tenderloin residents
11:14 pm
also in - we put teeth a community benefit package we formalized our commitment to the neighborhood with the neighbor agreement that is a st. anthony's the clinic and working with st. anthony's in creating homegrown security program we funded capital improvement plan for the boyd hotel including a change of laundry onsite for the the residents and faltd a program to offer mobile showers on golden gate and jones hope that continues and also storing the grant piano other than the streets that get rolled out on the streets and played. the public so before i i'm going to turn it over to bernardo many agreements and 36 units of affordable housing onsite and
11:15 pm
for the parking radio we have location .3 and we've got more than one per stall merry unit i'm going to turn it over to bernardo >> good afternoon. i'm bernardo the principle everywhere we're the architect for the project we're faced with an unusual site in that that has a panhandle a rectangle site with a panhandle out to market street and a precipitation of a new development adjacent to that to the right as you can see the signs that indicate to those parcels and then yet on the other hand, an existing historically
11:16 pm
designated property at 1072 market street a retail and ground floor and other uses the upper levels that building is i'll call it even though it is in san francisco a which i style period in which this neighborhood simple lads so-called school of architecture with a concern type of windows this building will remain as a low rise building because of it's designation and both a challenge and an opportunity for a project we - it allows views and light and air that is very positive for the development of the block. >> as you can see here what happens in that district and as you can see go what i mean by
11:17 pm
the which i style particularly to the left imagine from the wilson building there are spanlz that divide and the windows are 3 pieces like a picture window in the middle and two side panels on either side. >> all the ground zero are i'd like by rail and we have tried to relate to simple conditions on math as you can see the proposed building along market street has like the on the 3 buildings it has a base to the building and as you can see we had to make a choice which one it aligns to no alignment the floors are up and down you don't
11:18 pm
see often in any cities not an exact cooperation but we have that base and then we have a middle zone with the penetration and the upper zone that picks up again what starts on the ground floor with the spanl horizons and on the top building with the height this is what we call this is the leg of the building that face market street the building continues back into the larger portion of the site and creates a courtyards with quite a bit of natural light and wraps around in a u shape that stops short of historical building and as you can see that the building is made out of
11:19 pm
multiple pieces that actually have a gradual change of finality that helps to identify the same base and middle and top on jones street the cornice aligns with the podium of the base portion the building and a second element above that projects forward and thirds element it reseeds and on the raise your hand an aerial have you we'll show later go back, please a few other things and the floor plan on the left-hand side how our building in yellow it is a commercial space that fags math and continues with the commercial space along market and the commercial space allows an alternative way to get to the
11:20 pm
this and it is a lobby there is a change of elevation so that, in fact, the market is one level below grade as in san francisco the interesting typography the corner is on the corner of jones and golden gate the drawings i'll see semi basement where we have storage and against that retaining wall on the europe side facing the courtyard that is something with respect to jones some amenities with respect to market and part of green space allocation as per reminders of code we have a fitness area shared spaces for the out the terrace
11:21 pm
for our residents in that space here you'll see the basis bases on the corner of jones and golden gate i'll show you a slight modifications we've made we've submitted many months in advance and reflected on the corner but seefrnl this is an urban corner with shops and there is a retail along golden gate and we have our lobby that is intermediate from jones and we have - so we have significant commercial space as you can see on the rights what are some of the adjustment we've made on the market street side we have a moment a change of scale at the top of this and in this case on the jones side we have a cube that projections into the middle of the building and eroded the corner of jones and golden gate
11:22 pm
to create a double corner on the lower levels and we have done the same at the top of the building and by making that kit on the top and the bottom we've lightened the composition of the salad of the block and have a floating dwraum in a different scale some of what we had on the market side is in a deft form on jones and the middle of the building otherwise i see the arrangement of accident with some of them are combined vertically and some horizontally in some of them combine horizontally within each the rectangles that form the
11:23 pm
composition of the building that is a way of reinterpreting the ideas that the details that occurred in the neighborhood but given giving me that a twist in a different way, way of using it several decades later but this is the view from the top and as you can see the courtyard that i mentioned and see how the building is taller on the golden gate and jones and on area of influence into the golden gate to down jones where secondly, the building drops and creates a terrace that independence the upper zone of the building and the same is on golden gate the building is now measured from the golden gate sorry from the market street side and seconds with the roof terrace for the
11:24 pm
project occurs there is a more quiet and intimate roof terrace on that learned and a shared space think is raise your hands we have a significant roof terrace and so this in addition to the balconies on the courtyard. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> unless the commissioners have additional questions. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> okay. we are opening it up for public comment and me questions for the project sponsor after continuing on where we were before and line up on this side of the room (calling names) we got a bird in here
11:25 pm
(laughter) (calling names). >> ready good afternoon hi, i'm kim i live on golden gate leavenworth in golden gate in the 145 project going up next to me on the whole day is sad where is everybody's condominiums i want to give you my comments i earned $13,000 plus last year and next year in 1978 i was married with a child's on the
11:26 pm
way and residential two bedroom home for $200 a month that is many years ago i've been through the shelters there the sros you can't say condemn their falling apart with mold and roaches that gets all the give the money you time to see greed go to the sros and do inspector them and take them down they don't steal from disabled people last week me the affordability realistic the tenderloins what did that mean 50 percent of people that are disabled last week me medical cannabis and file number and people that are on real low income earning less than 25 thousand a year if you were to do realistic community housing
11:27 pm
affordability you see the rent not intends for $200 a month up to six or eight hundred that's the definition of me 15 years of school and housing means is if that is affordable housing inclusionary been the real they know inclusionary ordinance will be how many unquotes 15 hundred to 2000 units will be allowed to be sold or rented by the owners let's give me the 12 percent inclusionary that's not normal not intends you have businesses, of course, she is on the corner of market everybody knows market street is the big, big big so i challenge this board to temple with the computers and turn the clock forwards to help humanity especially those representing up the intends you are down troelgd
11:28 pm
people are crying out for housing and food and safety we can walk outside and not be attacked by criminals she's mentions are they good evening to clean up the streets the police can't do the sros should be able to be shut down totally not helping us make humanity your gel and money the non-restricted rural they've been. >> thank you, ma'am, your time is up. >> >> thank you very much next item, please. >> hello once again good afternoon, commissioners and st. patrick's i really want to speak about my feel is an enjustice i
11:29 pm
don't oppose the project it looks lovely you know we last week quality improvement the neighborhoods it is an entry parking lot and empty knows i'll not site of here. >> say i'm oppose the project i oppose the way it is being proposed it is going to 1066 market street but it is golden gate and jones we're talking about the tenderloins this is into the tenderloin neighborhood and push the residents even though it is not going to physically push them out but provide a displacement through i know the pressures that come along with safety and securities the socioeconomic pressures whereby sixth and you know what we can work with that there are socioand connective benefits to developments and i'm not good
11:30 pm
evening to try to deny that the reality at 12 percent affordability that's not representative the intends is thirty percent permanently affordable housing as it stands building a project like this only 12 percent volleyball is going to begin that process we will see it will shift that and a change the demographic the intends by dispensation a gentrification a few years a different population of people living in that neighborhood as and a tenderloin residents my neighbors deserve to stay they are hard working people we have changes but a lot of good people the neighborhoods if this project is going to be built let's talk about the real options 20 percent affordable minimum and the realistic thing
11:31 pm
we needing housing the city but for everyone 20 percent not unrealistic and frankly the reason they're not doing it out of sheer greed and 20 percent quotes the tightened doesn't make sense thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm dr. ma electrically od on this is the less than significant prospective sells here is the broadcast of the media portrays viewing their means for saying souls by lives
11:32 pm
told looking for judgment eyes and pained smiles with formed conclusions to people and the individual stories blind groups without getting to know others don't for shore prospectiveal boundaries mr. money and power and control keeping the people separate to divide i wonder why willie the evidence will then show drugs you provide and manipulated eyes and the dispar and displacement not to come what is done to capture the minds and souls i wonder the agenda gentrification feeds the need of greed a platform a false beauty with money setting the standards of many but calculating to the few neighborhoods e tottered and
11:33 pm
faces fading displaced going to the streets homeless no sit our lie laws the streets massive schultz limited roles no direction, placed with distractions it destruct the consent physically and mentally for the revenue and capital dividends with specific agencies of so-called social services with stagnate pools delivering the multitudes with it has barriers and maneuvered discrepancy, labors for containment of human suffering the ends prospective sells p.s. thank
11:34 pm
you. >> how about i'm darnell and once again i had a niece speech but every time i come here it gets thrown off i'm from chicago i wasn't impressed with the buildings in supervisor chiu and not impressed with a swastika copy of chicago when i lacked the project that is go for 0 one they know housing three hundred elderly and homeless women they said this was women's history month he and to me if you want to honor a woman give her keys to the apartments and get her off the streets you shouldn't have elderly with rheumatoid
11:35 pm
arthritis and sickness living on the streets i found a pamphlet it goes into the signs of physical and emotional abuse enexpected marks and scratches uncome down hair and unmet medical needs and unusual weight loss and withdraw from normal activities and unsafe or hazardous conditions now if we do 24 to our elderly we go to jail but you live in a lecturer chicago apartment into a low income neighborhood this is what you cause and so what i'm saying you should the family that the shore stop sign family if they want to
11:36 pm
do right use it for a heels shelter and help the people out don't transfer you are neighborhood into a bunch of these with the workshop i didn't see in and out they bought the property in the 60s what took this so long couldn't they find the right police department that real pushed out the homeless the audio i was watching security a lady in front of the old field theatre kicked the lady get up get up this lady was elderly could you want anyone to kick tour mother on the streets we want those developers to do right and respect the cultural
11:37 pm
and the oyster the tenderloin and do right thank you for linking to me. >> i'm vincent van gogh for the george avenue on the next block from this project we serve 200 and thirty fathers and mothers that live in the tenderloin and central soma and a 4 through 8 grade school program and program that serves the high school and college age youth over the last two years shore stop sign has built quality relationships with the institutional leaders and people the tierpdz for this work their to be commended the two hundred and thirty families at the marriott academy want it to be developed they
11:38 pm
believe that that will make the neighborhood safer for them and their children that is important because the density of the tenderloin is one of the hoist highest in the city according to the tenderloin strategy and children growing up in a safe neighborhood is important for life success and longer healthy at the same time the 200 and thirty families we serve are worried about their own affordability of their hoosiers 90 percent of the families have an income of thirty percent or below of the area mentioned income, of course, 24 percent permanent affordable housing in the tenderloin that is the strategy that oewd put out an incredible number compared to the rest of the city, however, less than a thirds of families
11:39 pm
we serve actually live in that permanently affordable housing most of them are the odd 55 percent of the residence stabilized housing in the tenderloin this is not permanently favorable favorable 12 percent contributions to the below-market-rate is not enough for any city it is the test responsibility to insure that all developers up to the appropriate contribution for the affordable housing need to the city so commissioners the next step is in ouyour hands. >> good evening. i'm lapse the executive director of the gru 0 project inside a church half a block from the
11:40 pm
development site we allow about 200 and 50 homelessness o homeless people to come into the church and one and 10 at any given time people sleeping on the pews of the schich this the east 2 thousand meals a day where people come and get clothes to wear and see the case works across the street where families come and get medical help larkin is across the street from us as well and the mary yes, academy to the west the virtual when i think of this proposal going in on this 90 percent is the tenderloin and 10 percent on market street when i think of the peep 90 percent are folks that don't fit into the tenderloin as it is currently
11:41 pm
understanding of the current levels of economic and socio - people living there part of group asked shore stop sign if they were increase tif percent some of the guests are making money not 6 thousand like most people the toipdz but the average is $25,000 i think one room the new development for our folks for the one that and 50 folks we're seeing just one room 3 thousand people are sleeping open the streets each night and the tenderloin is the home of the majority i one day in
11:42 pm
shorenstein can be an example instead of those folks 48 percent of homeless saying the obstacle for housing they can't forward rent we're talking about about the crisis it is an opportunity for the feengz to step up and go that extra mile the rubbing 0 project does not a good match the residents will not be happy and the nonprofits as well thank you. >> i'm reggie i was here earlier from the community association downtown tenderloin i have problems in that city
11:43 pm
money makes all the difference and people's lives don't i the development can come to town and they have a counter proposal to you guys and then go along with the proposals unskashtd without a conscious what they're doing to the communities we have people sitting in high places their seam to have the power to do whatever while the people that votes for them don't have a say in what we do sure two minutes of fame by when it comes to incomes have you made up your mind to mention the people on the streets one lady
11:44 pm
often the streets she's very sick by she have not yielded place to stay it rains on her and gets colds she didn't have clothes people are warm at not and no proper blankets not one but a multitude of people while you're sitting at home many on the streets can go no place they august it didn't have to be that way but there is a hopelessness they sit if their office may be legislative by at the end of the day they go home to their by these but the homeless go on the streets no holiday sure rich folks come from out of town and come from beautiful homes but
11:45 pm
we're going to san francisco and what expense are they doing this they're doing it at expense of poor people the intends not a nice place well, can anything good coupling come out of the intends a lot of that tlinlt people are in the tenderloin and a lot of people with good since in the tenderloin give them a chance and do the right thing god is watching. >> next speaker, please. >> hi good afternoon i work for the homelessness and he approve of the project number one because these they all only have 12 percent of the
11:46 pm
housing units to poor people we want to these we have 7 thousand homeless people in the shelters in san francisco without housing we have more than 3 thousand homeless in san francisco school districts and this is housing right now making no way to tomorrow and can't waits for next year this is part of the adapted people from all neighborhoods why i say this what happens the mission district thousands of people and families children are displaced the last year and the cold we suffer the consequences as our children and no, i have a job i
11:47 pm
thank god for my job and nice meal with my family when these families have a chance to sit down together and eat as a family is not i disapprove that project and take into consideration that give you more housing of this project to families and poor people in san francisco please. we need we need right now we can't wait thank you very much and have a good evening. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello my name is katherine the president of the south of market communities association a single partners of a homeless vet and formally homelessness i'm disabled my family and i lived in sro over 15 years we existed on three to four hours
11:48 pm
interpreted many times a step above the streets my daughter was defined as heels we also the deduct many of the community has been in the situation housing is a hindrance it to better quality of life many does not have are not able to assess affordable housing bigger an tiny room to meet their options there is not enough affordable housing in san francisco and therefore, a huge housing crisis just going with the minimum of 12 percent is not going to help to solve the affordable housing that shorenstein is proposing it is times for all i repeat all housing development to include 40 percent minimum which is
11:49 pm
affordable for the ami medium income or $36,000 but if store so thirty percent the ami designating for every housing project at least 1 to 20 percent be designated for those that are homeless forming homes and veterans and disabled and seniors with incomes from zero so to thirty percent at e-mail as a city and community begin to give all the people a better quality of life when we these people last week me have a better quality of life and not daily faced with barely surviving but most of all by contributing in a quirk them of
11:50 pm
time i have gone from been homeless 3 nature dwoogz on the grounds to having a one bedroom apartment and giving back to my communities please give us this chance by continuing this item until the developer shorenstein has decided to provide thirty percent affordable by better 40 percent available for the housing crisis issue i ask you to continue this item he ask you to go with 40 percent we need to make that affordable not only - reach the zero to 35 percent. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm deborah to support low protecting affordable housing ami i've lived in the tenderloin with the quality of life the neighborhoods is not
11:51 pm
good because of the housing problem homeless poem have to live on the sidewalk in front of my this the surrounding area the lack of housing bring other situation that reduces the quality of life help us gvrdz of this by bringing more affordable housing thank you. >> next item, please. > thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm sam i'm with the market street for the mass i'd like to to tell you a sort of incredible story from april fools had begun and $500 we thought weed have a building inspection in the tenderloin who thought you could buy a little with $900 we met a fellow that ran a coffee shop he wanted to get out of the business and sell the building to a nonprofit we made
11:52 pm
an agreement he charged a high rate of interest the 6 medias we were able to get people to donate money to pay off the 6 hundred to tell us depth lots of nonprofits are not the neighborhood by good days after another person said i'll give you another one nomadic it $200 we said profit attempts by my conscious is clear in these days we have a crisis one of the things we need to all set aside profit motivate and ca ask ourselves where the the conscious we've had good conversations with shorenstein
11:53 pm
their bright and determined people and one of the things i'll ask ifal affordable housing at all possible put that energy how to make projects teethd that provides affordable housing we'll need it collaboration along with the projects and having this project rather than steam really along it is time ask them to work with the community and finding other solutions we all sort of step outside of boxed it is if we're on a roll that momentum and find a better way let's focus and ask ourselves to do it better thank you very much.
11:54 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners joel hospitality house urging you to continue it item necessarily the developer comes to the table and new york city in better faith to increase the affordable housing the fact of the matter for this project had the pleasure of visiting the store stop sign websites and found this item bear with this d requires a senate to maintain pricing discipline when buying and a willingness to move quickly to sell when the value enhancement program is completed
11:55 pm
and the evacuation of the math fundamentals not exactly what that sentence meant it sounds like that has to do with with making money and it struck me that principle of getting in and getting out quickly and that interesting phrase pricing discipline someone that poor people know about when the poor people don't maintain the prigs in this town the children go hunger when all the people don't maintain the pricing discipline in this town they die on the streets the purview of this body a to maintain policy discipline policy discipline that says not everything in every communities is for sale we must uphold every
11:56 pm
opportunities of prop k that sets an affordability targeted of 33 percent a policy discipline that levels the leveling the playing field a policy discipline that says if you want to make money in this town you play by you are roles our rules say that people come first thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please building and construction trading code all mixed use income neighborhoods is desirable i submit they are the longer for low income families in nuked mixed use neighborhoods are better for the protecting
11:57 pm
neighborhoods the next questions are mixed use neighborhoods achievable the core of san francisco and i'll submit they or it is prooefs as eir right thing to do in the tenderloin they are the project is going to be located in a place with substantial president pro tem affordable housing with the nonprofits and in close proximity it will be located in a neighborhood about most of which is subject to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and therefore in rent control and if we'll achieve the protecting housing side by side with upper income housing i'll grant you this and polk outcomes for the children as a result it is the precise place we'll do it in san francisco the 12 percent on the board will go away the 25 percent of ballot measure for
11:58 pm
the inclusionary housing that the board of supervisors approved 11 depreciate had been km with a piece of trailing legislation under the negotiation right now the quantities of call back the project like the ones today in terms of increased requirement for inclusionary housing this project will become subject to increased requirements for inclusionary housing the question is simply how much and how it will be achieved we ask you to approve that project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon joel electrical works local 6 the contractors association here voicing our full support of project as proposed today we've had a long relationship with shorenstein over multiply generational a contributor to the sheng marching that has
11:59 pm
lived in san francisco and less by the year the shorenstein supports our loophole that our san franciscans to work and provide career packets for the residents introduce our apprenticeship programs i really think that project is a better utilization of the land than a parking lot i can - i'm familiar with the neighborhood the past couple of weeks we've been to a night club on hyde street and record a couple of sons at the hyde street studios i used to play pool and giving up market street from fifthd and van ness and not unhappy with the development
12:00 am
i think it is becoming living up to it's potential again, we're in full port of project and urge you to support. >> i'll read more names there are a lot of people standing (calling names). >> good evening commissioners. >> thank you for providing this forum i'm vince before i going both what i want to say there are a number of people that meant to speak not able to and in port of that project one there is a corpus of united playaz a tenderloin recipient and kathy cadillac hotel sros supports house and will douglas
12:01 am
chris of the tenderloin recipient and ann of tv dp and others so once again, i'm vince i'm a local recipient of the near 1066 market street i currently live the same housing components and prior to living there i live on hyde's at the corner the hyde and alice i work worked on the golden gate building i walked by the parking lot of 1066 and on my way to work i missed a lot of illegal active on the way back from work i avoided walking why no lighting was
12:02 am
mostly for my own safety among the curb around nine hundred many avoided for the same reason as personal safety i ask for this project to be approved it will sixth contributor to the health and safety of local time. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm here to expose as a krirpgs people for people that have veterans and the mp i scale which is produced by hud starts at 13 or $14,000 a year and goes up to people making one and $20,000 a year these construction companies
12:03 am
developers are manipulating that scale by monies mean of zeroing in on the income of $39,000 a year and claim that is below-market-rate and in protecting and affordable housing in order to make you believe they're helping people that are in need of housing it is a practice that is used on the 5 m project, that is unique on the commission rock project for example, mission rock advertised that 40 percent of partner building complex with 5 thousand plus low income 40 percent affordable housing people when you read the fine prints 10 percent goes to people that are making one and 22 thousand plus dollars and year the unique the project here and other two projects for instance,
12:04 am
you claim 41 percent when you reads all the fine prints only 2 percent is for people making up to $36,000 a year you're starting at $39,000 a year people people with disabilities people open social security income and you have veterans that have pensions that don't make that itch money that's the reason homeless people on the streets all the homeless people on the street the city acts their, their concerned but as a matter of fact is the anti constitutional and demonstrating appreciatively willful misconduct on the oozing your violating the due process not equal protection our providing housing opportunity for people
12:05 am
in high income but you'll provide other treatment for people in low income go bracket it is adverse it is up to you to halt and companies providing low income we need a nonprofit construction company they'll not undermine you with the rates and further you make a demonstration schematics show how 80 percent thought that building is in the heart of the intend to so mercy housing. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> thank you. >> randy shaw director the housing clinic 6 of you commissioners commissioner wu was on her honeymoon by - i
12:06 am
think the core on or about the precipitation that market rate housing is coming into the intends the fact we've not have a market-rate the last 10 years and planning commission you've been approving promotions entitling projects 25 mason a prong on jones you entitled 10 years ago not built still a parking lot and used to be a post office we know that is a drug scene the owner got it entitled and no projects moving forward this project will get built i think that i have to disagree with the pressure speaker they're not speculators they will keep the project we don't have me rent-controlled units people are afraid of the
12:07 am
terrible effects not the evictions the intends since is rent board created the statistics we don't have eviction in the tenderloin not owner move-in eviction the kind of abuse the mission have not yielded occurred more police sister constituent the intends and a huge nonprofit basis if you look at this diagonally it is since 111 jones and st. anthony's build a 10 story building across from this site and the gentrification i don't know if you want this from across st. anthony's dining the whole low income housing and the postal there and chief of staff office are next door to the building on the corner and
12:08 am
straight up christine we've preserved that area this project deserves the strong support i give it thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners happy stafls we're a local no point based on mission street we bltd built a better neighborhoods one business at a time we're the only wroshg in the city one of the nonprofit brokers around what we do trike businesses to come to increase served neighbors so we can help to improve the areas of the neighborhood and the businesses and residents that are there wear very much in favor of this project will bring new retail tattoos neighborhood and in conversations i've had with the
12:09 am
shorenstein we've discussed making that retail available and affordable to other local small business owners so they can afford to be there will provide jobless and resources for the residents and really emancipation proclamation to enlighten none has spoken on behalf of us i'd like to urge encourage to you approve that that will help our small business owners to better to contribute to the neighborhood. >> good afternoon. i'm the community organizing and planning manager on the tenderloin corporation i'm speaking on behalf of of the tndc and a member of the massive coalition tndc very supportive
12:10 am
of the work in the intends we're among the right planning effort to foster without displacement in the neighborhood we're definitely not anti department, however, we support development as long as that development is equitable by equitable the existing intends residents must benefit the projects to that end we welcome the possibility of 1066 for the benefits but are distressed to have only 36 of the units quotes is unacceptable we can't support a project like this we've asked the developer to provide 20 percent of the units onsite and affordable housing weave expressed we're apple to on the option we'll exteriors it if it meets a 25
12:11 am
percent requirements we're not retemple e accept to an in lui fee with the mayor's office of housing we've proposed a project programming it shorenstein to pay for a rehab funds to be used to acquire existing regulated buildings to protect the residents from displacement and go into permanently affordable housing the tenderloin is one of the few remaining districts that is home to racial diversities it is in a world-class city the medium salary is $20,000 annually the medium similarly needs for a new home is one and 20 indoors the below-market-rate will not be affordable for the intends you've heard many of them explain it is slated it receive with an thousand now households that earn 6 times as
12:12 am
much as the tenderloin recipient the intends residents are worried about their homes they're asking to, treated equitablely in light of the fair share and speaking about before you i'm responding to our residents they're asking for more ava despite needs for more affordable units we've been in conversation with shorenstein at the appreciate this by the value their relationship and continue to hold out the hopefully hope they'll pride 20 or 25 percent offsite. >> i'll call for names (calling names). > thank you. next speaker, please. >> i want to say good evening it is almost 6 o'clock i'm derrick brown and a lesson to be
12:13 am
standing here 6 years on eddy i was shot and i'm on disability if that doesn't happen he said would be making $40,000 i have no problem with the prestige or change but i have a problem when people come into to communities where people of color people who are low income and you provide jobs for the construction and the people that live the community to work when you don't provide education when you know about profit money, money, money i have no problem with money this is a great country a person a female regarded to the religion takes a dollar and turns that into many dollars i have a problem with
12:14 am
greed we live together i have no problem with those who have money but faster than we need fairness the country if someone wants to come to san francisco and have a property i have no problem but learn how to share and live together in the san francisco and the tenderloin those who don't will hear i live on eddy now on 8th street and housing las vegas woosht is norway sfrormz so the tornado is here how is that different within block away i'm at macy's and norman's he live in the tenderloin thank you for thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners
12:15 am
yeah, yeah, we i'm sorry yeah, we want the project to provide at least 33 percent or 99 units as quotes thank you, sir. >> thank you. i'll call for names (calling names). >> supervisors i'm terry of arnold's and ann derz a community no point my mission statement to break the cycle of recidivism so i'm in support of re-entry populations population i've yet to hear people talk
12:16 am
about the tenderloin and the large sxhaengs of the x offenders and dope addicts i'm clean after looking at one and 40 years for rehabilitating 7 banks so i owe to the construction trade i'm a former retired member of local 377 he still go to the meetings every every month where i am by trying to bring kind of sanity and sensibility to people that live the area this is the same peep last week myself i offer to put people into the different units they have the opportunities for people that don't have skills
12:17 am
orange county ami i've talked with shorenstein they or willfully to give it population a better opportunity to work on the project to help deal with the demolition is i'm hearing about the housing yeah, he was part that have element parts part of that problem but did i as you look at around the room this is mixed use and peep came together to talk about mixed use if we talk about like when i look at the project i see poor folks and it is cancerous it is eel eaton itself any kind of depressed neighborhoods that's why name in favor of the mixed use and building this project i'll be part of helping folks getting into a trade those are in the adu dictionary get out of elements and want to deal with the tread trade with no
12:18 am
marketable skills they district attorney have to have a high school dilemma or ged there are some that will take you when you don't will have it let's all move forward and room for everybody. >> thank you, ms. imperial. >> hello, i'm teresa imperial from the housing program and we're here in solidarity with the tenderloin groups if opposing of this project as you you know your grew up is in soma and we have been here before different districts different neighborhoods have been here the mission and soma and now tenderloin they're all asking for are it displacement analysis
12:19 am
you guys have provided for mission and now looks like we need a citywide displacements analysis also on the issue of affordability i mean our surveys we really it is primarily for people that be looking for affordable housing and we really needs to address do barriers in applying. air force one it is deep affordability level so also there are the bureaus in the inclusionary housing that also had innovate been additional people are that applying get denied so before we talk about this inclusionary housing let's look at this closer in this program how you effective to the program and also i've also said that when we are talking about affordability let us know how much is the rents and the income
12:20 am
requirements you know we keep on assessing that necessarily has not been a change when it comes to inclusionary housing those are the things that commissioners and others legislators need to factor in when it comes to develop and more development like thiso so, please think of that and oppose it project thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please good afternoon my name is derrick i live a residence of south of market and a nature san franciscan four generations this project is providing the bare minimum of affordable housing only 12 or 36 out of hundred quotes to people earning
12:21 am
55 percent of medium income or $36,000 a year the rest of the year unaffordable to anyone earning less than one and $20,000 a year the tenderloin is losing housing due to rapid gentrification even the sros units are being changed if low cost residential to micro units over one thousand dollars a month you're working people those are making less than 50 percent of medium income cannot on the housing in the tenderloin it took me 13 years in an volunteering to get an apartment after i was priced out of hate so are teachers and police officers and preliminarily white people will not live anywhere in
12:22 am
the city this is one of the reasons we're asking you ask shorenstein to give 33 percent of housing thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello as a member of communities and someone that is employed on the block i urge you to approve that project there is a stigma of the intends of a place of drugs and poverties and unimportance this still caused it to be overlooked and places the burden a burden of the care on the nonprofit i'm asking when we as a city going to take care of the intends and continue to let the intends viewed as a firm seesht it starts with development it starts with welcoming difference income levels and the residents know they've not been overlooks
12:23 am
some will august many the room a micro of juxtapose i disagree most of stock in the t in the stoirndz are for the homeless and low income i believe those residents deserve a chance to thrive many are developmental in his over and over by drug dealers on the plain clothes i attest he walk in fear and everyday hope that something about change the cops will stand on the block. twenty-four hours a day and don't all i'm asking for are we good evening to stand by and let you are streets be own run by drugs and this is our chance i think we have a chance to erase the stigma and develop a project that adds value and shows the
12:24 am
residents their valued i urge you to support this project>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi laura clark with grow sf he urge you to support this project anytime you can turn parking into housing for people it is a good thing we have inclusion zoning with 12 percent affordable and abused ceqa in other words, to push it sometimes for higher levels he appreciate the motives of people that point to do that if we continue it legislate on a project by project basis right now, we're he there a crisis to build the hours we despite need if we raise the rate of inclusion zoning this needs to be done legislationly it is debated we'll bump it up to 25
12:25 am
percent let's have that debate and bum of up to 25 percent total if that and decide about the affordable housing bonus plan if we add in middle-income housing fantastic but we can't continue to abuse ceqa and abuse these covets ways of pull the levers on those projects in order to slow down the process and create pain throughout the entire system in other words, to raise the amount of affordable housing it is long time disadvantage into the idea we have laws on the books we follow and a long time disadvantage to this body to actually make process and not listen to people complain for hours and hours and hours i know you're sick of we're indeed to speed this process up we cannot allow people to continue to
12:26 am
abuse the processes we know has nothing to do with with the issue at hand and ceqa has nothing to do with with two what people are coming up here to address this this is think unrelated people you're a aboard designs to say does that meet the requirements that the legislators have put up the books yes or no this is not an opportunity to reprotective the issue he beg you to leave those decisions up to the elected give the thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi i work in the city and know that the intends as added a ton of jobs in the mid market and so the gentrification pressures are already in place people want to live near where they work and this allows people to live the area and replace the
12:27 am
parking lot are homes we absolutely needs with an of my friends came to invest from new york she said how it the intends northbound existence so close is to the center of the str city how we saved it from being displaced i explained how nonprofits bought up a bunch of the units and protected the cost of living there i think that is something we should be proud of that project allows the intends to grow without displacing any of the people that currently live there to i'm in port of this project ask you to approve it. >> thank you, sir. >> hi again so as i said i live halfway down
12:28 am
the block it is in my immediate neighborhoods several mornings a week at 650 i walk down the student to take my daughter to her school bus an intimate part of my life i think we have to really take into consideration and he really sdwraur with the idea the tenderloin needs sgim interim zoning controls a high percentage the extend is mr. rose housing a high and tenderloins it rent-controlled housing i live in an rent-controlled units when someone moves out the next person gets efd it at 2 and a half times the recreate i pay the times since i've may we have this marked in we've added
12:29 am
twitter and spare spar we have a successful economy or these jobs will drop other either way having three hundred plus units is important from the public keeps growing that three hundred and 4 minus 36 whatever you want to call that's how many people are not looking for the other units in any this and the rent-controlled units to pressure the people to connect people out and not have as much pressure to be connected out and by building the below-market-rate housing next to the jobs our creating less eviction pressure and creating lower rents the future from the bubble turns this is the first building in the city that is going to be affordable flailly
12:30 am
not the first filtering surrounded by listening housing people get shot once a month let's not hold this up for buildings not half office building but let's get it built those are you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm the executive directors of intends economic project i lived in the neighborhoods evicted on eddy and larkin studies have shown when neighborhoods reach 20 percent poverties level declining a safety and educational we have a 25 percent unemployment rate we
12:31 am
believe that the problems with the neighborhood we we have a lot of absentee landlords my job it is sustain and run small businesses they're the reflection of the neighborhood and bilingual and bye cultural my community has been the neighborhood since the 40s 80s and if people the free market gentrification my generation has been displaced at the highest rate we have a neighborhoods full of children the children deserve a safe neighborhood and the parents to be able to run their businesses the neighborhoods to improve the neighborhoods for the community and from what the shorensteins said they've said they'll commit to providing space for the communities like they can earn a what this and living
12:32 am
i support this project but i believe that our neighborhood needs investment and as it stands now those absentee private pertains don't invest in the community theirs nothing to get from the slumlords in the neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon i'm with the coalition on homelessness and i see a lot of families i know on the streets and i want you guys to stop and see who thank you to see the housing foyer affordable housing for low income families and single so i want you guys to walk and just so how it is okay. >> thank you. i'll call more p
12:33 am
(calling names). >> ms. collin please tim collin on the housing action coalitions we reviewed this ages ago to the extended the members liked the project the design is respectful of the neighborhoods and generous think bike parking but there really two issues that are at stake here the first one this project is unique it is in two neighborhoods mid market and the tenderloin hard to overstate how for the benefits are to both of those neighborhoods that project will bring more people on the streets and more families and businesses and people in the hoods that badly needs it this project is entirely code
12:34 am
compliant is asks for favors on the question of fabricate the city is candidate it put from the affordable housing onsite as our members appreciate that was what was expected to come in at the last minute saying this is not enough we need to change the rules when the financial commitment have been made is bad seismic practice this project really needs to move forward for the benefit of two neighborhoods and on the question of the character and composition of the intends it is hard to none that potentially is better than rapidly shaw i'm echo what he said this is something you have a chance to commissioner tang the trajectory on a neighborhoods that is crying out not delay a second to approve it
12:35 am
thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners i'm the field represent for local 22 i want to introduce sharon our stand by i'd like to to say we went into the apprenticeship in 1979 as carpenters more years than i like to remember about of us want to remember but stockton sharpening is a carpenters local 22 member a hard working carpenter we support the project she's more than a rank and file i consider sharon a close friend
12:36 am
we working closely together on local 22 she deserves as well as all of residents of the tenderloin to have a safer neighborhood we believe this project is going to make that neighborhood safer that will permitted affordable housing, and it is going to provide jobs that carpenters can, to work at welds to thank you are partner shorenstein for the project to committing to use the contractors that provides those jobs that sharon and the local 22 ladies and gentlemen, behind me can go to work on tuesday. >> you want to add anything sharon. >> no (laughter) next item, please. >> i'll call a few more names (calling names). >> i'm with heard many speeches
12:37 am
resident we can't prioritize parking over people and turning the parking lots into homes we need it, it is codes and so forth by the city we can't delays to get a higher affordability that is with the affordable housing bonus program this project is within the bounds and should move forward as is we can't continue it delay building housing thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please good evening, commissioners my name is sam i'm a student at uc hastings in my third year live in the neighborhoods and my fellow classmates i've watched the people move into the neighborhoods the truth is very times housing especially for students for it is important
12:38 am
students are very much the people do it on our own who are the general firs wear moving into the intends it is better to give the students and you know twitter and places they can pay and not competing the truth is we've added jobs to the city we don't have enough housing we're not going to find a way to fix the crisis if we don't build more houses thank you. >> hi names a julia i work at hospitality house a nonprofit in the intends thought that was cute how early someone less the supporter he wish i could list the people on the waiting list to get into hours or shelters or on the
12:39 am
street waiting more affordable housing the ideas helping the neighborhood with the unavailable his or her the murder in the third degree is insane this is proufrnd insult all i'm asking for on behalf of of the folks that can't be here because the shelter maybe they don't know how to talk about what is going on we need to he prioritize this is the bare minimum but they're willing to do bare minimum thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please i'll call more names (calling names). >> hi, i'm sonya founded the sf
12:40 am
renters federation want you to consider naming the 4 or 5 hundreds people that would moist if this existed and the many thousands of people including people will live in it in thirty or 40 or one hundred years i have one question since this is code enforcement does that body have the discretion to turn this down i don't have the answer but would like to know and interested to see that a lot of commenters time this to be 25 percent as far as i thinks you guys will be hearing the grandfather legislation in go weeks so the commenters have an opportunity to come then and ask you to not approve the graifsht legislation and have nothing be
12:41 am
gartd so if they want to see 25 at this location moan can come in two weeks and ask for no grairts. >> thank you for clarify that. >> excuse me - you're out of order. >> my name is john nolte we want to clarify a couple of things that was said about the neighborhood and also i think most importantly the sponsor the sponsor last week said is the neighborhood for 40 years they have the theatre across the street and so the parking lots was for the theatre across the street and so now after the founders of the company died last year now they want the prototype this is not the first time they've built the property this is in the the
12:42 am
first project about this on the parking lots secondly, hearing the conditional use floocht you i have a problem with clarify the wind study they want to put trees well, i put the trees the neighborhood so i can't speak on the authority but this is not going to reduce the wind study by putting in trees it is already been discussed multiple times the downtown area about the wind the wind comes especially to around two blocks away we know that it is a very winds i didn't part of the city the windiest is coming off twin peaks to might up rooting trees will-less even the
12:43 am
studies i find that helpedable by the want it - the plan that was sdaucht by the planning commission it is the plan of the community and plan that still speaks today because no other plan currently in place for the tenderloin so it is already the they're talking about housing it has a subsection on hoosiers we've discuss this kind of - market-rate and why we don't have agreements with the community by shorenstein shorenstein have infiltrated the nonprofits with their staff i'm
12:44 am
concerned about what in their doing with their company thank you and i think their founders will be frustrated with them. >> while your cou're coming u (calling names). >> i'm tony rubbing less we preserve the signal hotel it looks like full circle when the structural was happening shorenstein mind to tear 3 down and making make that a parking lot so, now built on the parking lot we've come full circle the 20 percent proposed development doesn't address the housing crisis it is irresponsible 69 percent of people in san
12:45 am
francisco earn less than 80 nested housing finds out most seniors they're concerned about you are constituents earn 20 of ami so who are we this i've heard 24 talk about a which i style building but there is chicago style pizza doesn't mean that belongs here or in the tenderloin we have to build everybody a golf ball developer puts on the plates this housing crisis with the senior disabilities is extremely it is a health crisis and housing crisis i met a muni driver living in a shelter i don't know if he'll be able to buy a home the development i feel gieven what i have a seen with the homeless decrees with
12:46 am
the affordable crisis 12 percent is nothing it is irresponsible and inappropriate i'll ask the commission to continue it or not approve it thank you. >> me good evening jennifer executive director of coalition coalition on hematomas one organization we've been in the tenderloin for 27 years we as as an organization have a an effective dialogue with the community and represent that community that makes us on audible organization we can only been opposed to this promoted development as an accountable organization not take a position but shorenstein bought us new carpet and an accountable
12:47 am
organization we recognize it this development will have devastating impact other than the tenants the neighborhood and not levi's stadium we don't have the units the intends we have large buildings the way people getting evicted for bogus lease violations you have 3 things last week throwing things the hallway and being sued of things for having to call the fire department a 12 story hi tevendz ends development will bring up rents and lfrdz are are have more motivation to evict attendance i want to call out this ugly notion that having households to add to an impoverish impoverish impoverished negatively are the
12:48 am
people the community already criminals are the new tenants drive away drug dealers like people that came into if droves to buy drugs will the new tenants call the police on drug people unlikely what exactly it this idea bringing people both a neighborhoods makes it more safe that is called racism and class ism shorenstein with the most evil evil legacy in san francisco with a lot of money they're absolutely doing nothing for the neighborhoods in their profiting open and doing the bare minimum in giving me away this is painless the 12 percent by the law is ridiculous it is
12:49 am
not going to impact and offset the harms that the developments will have been the neighborhoods the breads crumbs will not housing poor people not just 12 percent but real numbers that as guaranteed i didn't monster anyone elective and not willing to give so reject it thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners i'm jackie executive director of hospitality house we are a community institution in the intends we've been there almost 15 years eave had the distinct privilege of working in the tenderloin for 21 years with residents struggling with poverty and homelessness i ask you to continue the approval of this project until the developer will substantially have more affordable housing than the bare minimum 12 percent is not
12:50 am
acceptable the mayor and the members of the board of supervisors has atom that point i think that point of privilege what that boils down to profit over people somewhat understandable given the world we live in and everyone walks around to capitalize this is the way it goes no ordinary neighborhoods according to the american community survey that 2014 update the medium hours the intends is 25 thousands crafted with the 79 thousands medium hematoid income stuart this is one force o fourth the income of san francisco as a whole medium rent in the intends was 8 hundred and 80 crafted with 14 hundred citywide we know that
12:51 am
has changed considerably but still stark and the majority of homeless folks in the intends the mid market area i'll go so far so see no oriented developer the shore stop sign father and mother as noted by the others owned the lands for the past 50 years the father and mother owned and operated and should know the neighborhoods - i've met point developers the good folks of shorenstein met with community organizations and agreed to the requests the most important request given by even though communities has been the affordable housing the bare minimum was 12 percent unconscionable we must consider
12:52 am
the economic impacts of this on the community and you were if we don't have the tools maybe we need a moratorium on market-rate to develop the tools once it is gone it will be gone i also wanted to say my last 14 seconds the idea of safety hospitality has witnessed how all the police presents in getting readies the community has made our community more profiled to the extent that even our staff of color has been hassles thank you thank you, sir, your time is up. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is michael nolte the executive directors of lives for better district 6 speaking
12:53 am
on behalf of the organization we've meet with the shorensteins but the acholic beverage meetings the positive thing they did a lot of outreach compared to the others sediments from the intends over the last 10 or 20 years and again, i also want to clarify i heard someone said we've not had many 345u6r9s we're surrounded open conveniently and marketing market have planned market-rate and what is happening that was before this planning commission before taken place hyde other developments being planned and market rate housing that be coming in we have the bored and now in the middle of the tenderloin we're newly on the project but we do have issues within the lack of communities
12:54 am
services and building that the joechz and golden gate front of the buildings are solid walls and don't serve a purchase the open space to be reconfederates and the increases sclgs needs to happen and this is because it is on market street the gateway into our neighborhoods nobody has mentioned that this is the gateway people will have people walking into our neighborhoods with this new building or leaving whenever direction and a few speakers mentioned an different angles which really question us to have seven hundred small businesses in the tenderloin now down to three hundred so this project i'm not sure how it will be helping out that issue but the it's on the
12:55 am
tip of my tongue is we as a tenderloin community has to planning our neighborhood not project by project but food for thought our needs and not be dominated by certain scomboiblts is that supportive us by a check happening the intends and the real voices are the residents because they're here 24/7 he represent the organization and we've been dealing with the issues and many of the board members of the north of market planning code violation we understand the organization and we want to empower the folks and not deal with letters coming from the executive director
12:56 am
thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> this evening. >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> and commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i think this is an excellent project it is kind of amazing that people say people will see this as is entry to the neighborhoods i mean isn't that better than a parking lot and an empty commercial this i don't think so that it is long overdue and provides the growth without displacement the demands for this housing the area with will continue and get stronger where there are rent-controlled units competition for those who you are numerous newcomers and could get into the units help to accommodate that demand it make sense as far as the actual approvals
12:57 am
- this is standard and freight loading and still have one off sight loading not two tentative 61 and the winds i read the rhetoric and unfortunately, there the way the wind unless you remove everything your stated as having a steady that is not significant and the feinstein finally the f ar which is standard for all affordable units the square footage of the affordable doesn't count towards the faa if a and one-half the phase and the halls or entry areas don't count for the far so that still have above it and this is a what we're security guard asked to do
12:58 am
96 letters of support and a lot of outreach i think that people are represented the shorenstein company has been here for decades not someone from the outside and you know, i that that will there's a lot of affordable housing that has been built around the area and most of the buildings the area do have low income housing or surfaces for low income residents so that was a good point made by mike this will allow us to be a more mixed use neighborhood that will potentially be a good thing to provide jobs that will provide benefits for the city that can be used for the
12:59 am
neighborhood for the fees and you know, i think it can only do gingkos a lot of community outreach people have acknowledged 98 meetings and also the night lighting will help with safety they don't have now and probably be new retail the new retails provides local jobs and meet tends to discourage some of the criminal tests in the area even the opponents are saying their unhappy the other thing in keeping with the discussion we had earlier during the eir was people have asked for displacement analysis we have two of them that are delinquents been used in the mission district they apply to the
1:00 am
tenderloin there is ted egan and about of them point out that the provision of market rate housing and low-cost neighborhoods lessens the displacement it make sense the demand that be there if you provide market rate housing to supply that demand less pressure think displacement in fact, the assembly study shows you that up to 50 percent less displacement of the market-rate housing built in low income areas the studies are>> i. out there and consistent with their presentations and we have had different studies we're going to be looking at when we talk about the mission controls those and i applicable and apply to the areas that will have a
1:01 am
lot of low income population and in terms of the affordability united states of america a ballot measure in june we're not allowed to discuss is but it will be there, there is also trailing legislation i think the two things together more than likely the streamlining legislation will encompass that and other projects that have been approved in recent months, that will have to lend e ends up raising the affordability this project needs to have or happen automatically if no trailing legislation because controlled by whatever is passed by the ventilators and if it operationally is successful it will be 25 percent this should be taken the board of supervisors and their e meshed and the supervisors and voters
1:02 am
will have the ability to ask the developer to come forward with this as required didn't make any difference it will be change by the twrail legislation or the election i think those are the main things and pointed out by randy shaw that know the area excuse me - continue. >> randy shaw knows the neighborhoods well and says only one market-rate housing project was built in the intends in the last year's some are approves because - because the problems this project and other projects have had when we try to it and get financing and one thing leads to another a downward spiral this is the kind of thing
1:03 am
to you provide economic opportunities for the neighborhoods to you know become more connectively beneficial for the existing residents anyone else that moves in few evictions in the tenderloin they're in affordable units and no evictions from those i'm very much favor and support. >> commissioner hillis. >> just first at all for coming to testify for those who been before this commission or heard it the market-rate hoosiers promotions the past primarily we've seen a lot in mission and potrero hill not as many in the tenderloin faced the issue how we stop displacement
1:04 am
and gentrification and try to provide additional affordable housing and we've taubldz that over the years and i'm encouraged this is led to the boards and elected officials to increase the inclusion percent we scott taylor applaud we agree with the commenters that 12 percent is low and i think we're all facing the charter amendment to increase that and feasibility study we know that it is going to land north of 12 percent we've been encouraging and look forward to having it to increase the affordable housing any question i don't know if for staff or the developers is where would this lapd's the as the
1:05 am
trailing legislation that is bagging being kicked around by the board and introduction as it continues to the process i imagine that gets caught up up in a little bit of progress you know gamemanship and delayed will get caught up in the streamlining legislation. >> so the trailing legislation requires a flub of things feasibility study and so forth and grairts provisions and to be clear that was the legislation 2r50dz two days ago 19 it needs to be approved but the grandfathering provisions that don't think the date of the smemgs of the environmental application so it changes the it
1:06 am
is lower depending on how far back, of course, triggers the beginning of 2014 i believe this project was submitted before them and projects that were submitted at that point i think will have a one percent increase in the affordability as well as 13 percent and other percent and increase for the percentage it is my best guess it is i'll say effected by a one percent increase. >> he guess the question for the developer your obviously here you know requests from neighborhood groups to increase affordable we've seen this is the vast majority in the past year to be kept at the current
1:07 am
rate which is you know 12 or 15 percent or whatever the rate maybe for where they are some have increased voluntarily he guess you've obviously had the questions and done outreach and peep you've met with and grandfathering takes effective how do you see what was your thought process and analysis how to potentially increasing that voluntarily. >> sure appreciate the question commissioner hillis we are a code compliment we're also is in regards tattoos trailing legislation we fulfill fully expect to fail under that regardless of the x and how things unfold
1:08 am
leeds up to june 7th i believe at the policy level moving forward with the chapter amendment we are willing to let the government tells you where we need to be. >> i mean, i think that is question thank you, thank you before us we have a capture of options one to approve the project and see what happens at the boards level and obviously that will get capture in the streamlining legislation and will have to continue it which i think gets to the same outcome we'll vifb have to hear it or deny it again, i'm said it is important to us to keep on building projects market-rate and not enough but grounds the
1:09 am
benefit of denying the project and keeping a parking lot certainly, you know, i think we've advocates for projects with the maximum amount of inclusion as possible that's my thoughts on the housing one issue that didn't come up i appreciate the changes the limousine the project i think there is obviously a couple of facades to the project you'll see 1 on market street builds at the market street level and on the hectic building which i think are good in their design and articulation in the changes done to the golden gate and jones facade i think were flat and remind me of the john congressmen article about the trinity projects to give me more depth and articulation and i think we saw some changes to the facades
1:10 am
which i think were encouraging you know and i certainly, if we are moving this project on one like to see the developer and architect to strengthen those and make them more pronounced they were heading in the right direction thank you. >> commissioner wu. >> thanks so i also want to thank everyone 0 that came out for public comment there were a number of things that resonate to me there is something special 2, 3, 4 cultural and diversity in the intends i take everyone are the sense it needs tobacco cleaned up there is something important to preserve that is hard to build also that you know percent e-mail for relocate bmr's is an important place. there to be bmr's meaning it is
1:11 am
important to serve people that make $39,000 a year but true the medium person the intends can't afford to be many that bmr if the medium income is $21,000 you don't make enough to apply and be accepted for that bmr it leaves out the majority of people living in the tenderloin already i wanted it respond to commissioner antonini there are a number of deft studies within mccain is doing out of the berkley and the urban project has a different look than came out of the ted egans office as to the question of inclusion i think that the question of equitable is about equitable the legislators said the 12 percent
1:12 am
at the time they thought was equitable it was clear that the commission over the last year or two no longer true we're not yet caught up i think that the june the work is upcoming with regards to grandfathering we heard the communities president 20 percent didn't look like we don't know what will happen in the negotiation didn't look like it will get there with the gratifying i i want to put that out there to the developer to think about >> commissioner richards and a question for the gentleman something you said i got into a tussle this past week come on
1:13 am
over something called c zoning district how it keeps mixed income spraets home generic. >> i'm sorry, i have braces in the aspect that someone sent me and sat down with a clear head and read it it better to remove the lower income into higher income neighborhoods than vice versa i see with the your mixed income it achievable what are the thoughts on the two comments and eave not seen this i'd like to i'd like to see it i don't know why again, if you have a situation where a substantial quantity of housing preserved as affordable and a lower standard
1:14 am
consequent has a high degree of the protection with the foovshl quotes that may be different. >> thank you very much i appreciate that. >> i guess maybe to staff a question to staff ms. chang kwh we had the 5 m project to understand the context i'm struggling with that with the context in terms of what is permanently affordable and unstable listed and with an next door housing for what purpose map two where to look are like can you help me out with the context of the intends in terms of those two dimensions and i've not prepared that. >> i didn't mean to put on the spots someone brought up two percent properties a tipping point for a
1:15 am
cancerous circle the tenderloin is having 20 percent unemployment i've heard 25 percent of the affordable housing were urban stabilize and 25 percent is permanent quotes i think for me a project make sense absolutely i completely agree that make sense i'm concerned about understanding the principle is inadequate strong a statement but understanding what is good evening to happen at least understand bans the equivocating conditions that would be helpful if i had some of that he can go over it quickly thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> the prestige poses great deaf difficulty on the 10 percent market street does it
1:16 am
don't see does all the rights things for the challenge on market street on the golden state jennings side it is hard it understand 90 percent of the project being if that area and picking up think what commissioner wu said simply that indeed the bmr rental rates are out of sync with the people that actually live there this project becomes like an introduction of the foreign objects because we're normally having is well in any neighborhoods i live at the edge of chinatown nob hill it is similar factors no discipline so i can understand why people describe this as being like the upper sewer mother-in-lawable
1:17 am
wall next slide, please not finds themselves realized the project in any forming i'm not debating 12 percent that we have been diligently users for the last few years it is in gap of defining who is quotes the neighborhood that's where it becomes difficult and yeah perhaps he was expecting mask it was in the 40 or thirty perris but i hopes next slide, please projects as of late where the developer was hesitating and took the next step the shore stop sign is new from the relocate business an open statements but somehow along the line given we're really improved within an ensewer millennial
1:18 am
project with housing i am - i want to see that i feel tied by supporting many aspects of this he agree with some of the observation the design but i'm very much torn about the under developed commitment to a higher percentage of affordability. >> commissioner johnson. >> yeah. this is a interesting i think that at least to the developer i'm courageous about a lot of the physical building this is about building entangibles and who is it serving and i'll you know, i that is encouraging we're working within a legislative
1:19 am
ream with certain levels of inclusionary housing concern dpefgs of ami we're certainty bound to it for a lot of reasons but honestly there are things that lotta's fountain earthquakely we've had conversations the future i'm supportive of the project the space that is exactly what we looked for for in fill and adrc density and creating more housing units and supporting the housing units the one thing i will say in terms of the conversation it would be niece to have this more informed by what you know trailing legislation actually says i sort of debated in my mind it continues i'm not sure this project will or will not be part of legislation and is part
1:20 am
of policy making process and in terms of the affordability for the people that is a conversation that has not started today talking about the medium income that are beyond the san francisco metro area that's how we get it the numbers with the entire city getting to the $340,000 in 2015-2016 for 55 percent if i were to do neighborhood blim that's a conversation that needs to happen at a higher level not sure that is a good idea this is a where i'm at i have a specific question about the
1:21 am
layout of the project the lay out sorts of inputs into one bedroom and lump them together when you look at you you know and for the affordable housing units have to be equally distributed so is that designation or full one bedrooms we're robert quotes chronicl an >> thank you commissioner johnson's the bmr reflects what is going on the desire building i think maybe you're asking to swap a junior one for a studio.
1:22 am
>> you have studios and junior one bedrooms and two bedrooms when you look at the percentage of the one bedrooms and number of one bedrooms has have to be the inclusionary housing program one bedroom is a design distinction but not which units are affordable and brainstorms percentage turns into but is that a split amongst the juniors of the affordable units you i think if i understand your question there is maybe a concern that me ultimately designate the junior with the one bedrooms that will not be lettuce by across the arraigning of the apartments if they have at x number of brainstorms that
1:23 am
will be bmr one bedrooms or san francisco's the two bedrooms. >> so maybe that's more for the staff in terms of a motion or maybe the documents that's the distinction in one bedrooms or two bedrooms. >> no, this is part of standard practices for implementing the bmr we insure there is compatible units we have a program excuse me - . reviewing that and go to the extents during the end of the phases we peg is the units and not a special restrictions but they're appropriately equal >> a question for safe a downtown authorization and the cu so did this proovenlg have elements that need approval by the board of supervisors. >> no, no promoted code
1:24 am
amendment. >> not keyed amendments but amenable to the board. >> certainly okay. >> okay thank you. >> so, anyway as far as the the 12 percent that was approved by prop c in place now, you know, that will be decide in the future by the voters in june question don't know what the legislation i'll move to approve the downtowns authorization for freekt loading and rear yard and also the ccii for the far lou it to include the inclusionary i believe those are the actions before you. >> and the variance and could we do those together. >> i think you made a motion
1:25 am
for 17 ash i didn't hear and second. >> all second but i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say and second. >> the variance is not in your motion. >> sorry let me through a few thoughts and thank everyone you've spent the time here today as far as the affordable that is a code compliant prestige sits on top of transit i realize this is the answer i have to go through sits on top of trees not involving displacement or demolition an interesting project as commissioner moore said it as potentially 3 faces that has been addressed that is interesting and those 3 streets are very different and one speaker said a confluence of
1:26 am
many streets and shorenstein i've known them for a long time 31 they have a number of properties they've been making great tricks to the by lefttwo: am fluoroscopic way and in my opinion i don't know if it makes it better but a very good neighborhood and i feel they'll stipulate i don't understand the things to help to prove improve the neighborhoods and it is a san francisco family and san francisco company i think has long-term vision for the city i'm interested in seeing it go through ideal and i think endearing in watching it being subject to the 25 percent affordable that is changing the dimes so we end up with a lessor
1:27 am
project to go forward and keep the money in san francisco commissioner hillis. >> yeah. >> i think we'll see an increase in the project the bmr's the doubt that will get catch up the board of supervisors and the tenderloin that presented should be more than the typical kind of can we citywide because of the diverse income now arguments it should be lower because of the higher percentage of stabilizeed housing no the tenderloin a good model for the city that there are so many housing promotions in parcels that are controlled by nonprofits and later on
1:28 am
reverend where rent is stabilized not a debate we can have we have the power to alter the percentage of inclusion so inclusionary it is best to more often and property to have a project a lot that is been needing of a project i worked in my mind the city 15 years ago under the old planning and i know this project was always laid to have a project that is long overdue we saw the housing on this parcel i'm supportive of the motion and second. >> commissioner moore. >> i just wanted to make a comment that contrary to the the projects we've decided this prestige does not provide any market-rate housing bedrooms that needs to be said because it speaks to the 36 union that are
1:29 am
affordable as being good units i'm not sure how if you could favored the definition of the affordability i'd like to see commissioner wu has any experience of whether that is a challenge. >> if you won't mind. >> the rental bmr. program it is what it is i was trying to take notes is under anyway to do a loss operational subsidy that is a totally diversities kind of project if that was a mercy prestige that's not in front of us. >> that's a sore point how we in the brud for the soot he
1:30 am
lives this is an estei'm uncomfortable so on the large issue last week i'm not sure we'll be voting illness ami to vote if nothing else i'll pick up with commissioner hillis the modulation of the building needs to be looked is a very large building the changes in the panels is random because innovate a lot of modulation of the facade i want to - the department to work on that a little bit more. >> a maker of the motion i accept staff continue to with work the project sponsors on the
1:31 am
segments on golden gate and yeah. >> s areas. >> i'll agree to that as a seconder. >> the only they know that reams to be asked were there of a point staff was encouraging the developer to look at a higher affordability or discussion that would be considered i modest have to ask the gentleman himself something dry and painful about there project as much as i want to support it. >> is he still here. >> and the question then. >> was that of a discussion or on the table as a realistic question it's difficult to answer the 12 percent we given to the project
1:32 am
and the advervoters enacted but that's the level this prestige make sense at. >> okay. >> commissioner richards. >> yes. we're with commissioner moore's i'm struggling with this one the optics look terrible we're the housing crisis and affordability and coming out of 12 percent and that's the law and he conveyed to the property owner $0.83 and whether it gets caught up in the grairts what i want staff to put you think the list the projects in the tenderloin to determine more of a contextual rather than the hoosiers controls and
1:33 am
permanently affordable maybe on the can i believe of the poverty where we have to have the distribution and maybe what is the good mixed income neighborhoods if there is data this general stuff so it is i stricken here but want to understand how the condition and not a 5 m project it is what it is i appreciate that. >> commissioners no other deliberation then there is a motion that has been seconded to approve that matter with conditions with the suggestion that the project sponsor continue working with staff on the designs specifically golden gate and jones modulation. >> right. >> and along the lines that the developer presented today. >> very good commissioners
1:34 am
commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore excuse me - >> commissioner moore. >> no commissioner wu no commissioner richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 5 to 2 with commissioner moore and commissioner wu vetting against zoning administrator, what say you? >> thank you claims public hearing and grants the variance commissioners, that places you under your on item 18 hadley conditional use authorization if those members of the public could leave the chambers quietly we'll appreciate that.
1:35 am
>> good evening commissioners marseille department staff the item before you a request. an approval of a sxangs it a two units residential building that exceeds the lot koofrj the project has vertical additions the building permit was approved in february of 2035, however, a final site building permits was not for large project authorization that become fiscal on maker this proposal is subject to conditional use authorization for approximately
1:36 am
66 percent and following the expiration of the notification of the building permits in january of 2015 no discretionary review requests were filed the subject property within the rh2 with the coverage of 48 percent 29 dash 31 a small block with parallels of lot coverage and structures occupied no pattern of open space on the small block the project was reviewed by the residential design team and with setbacks it is compatible with the scale and character and with the surrounding residential structures with the massing of the structures the difficulties has as needed received no additional information
1:37 am
based on those chtsd in the access report the department recommends the approval and with recommend conditions that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions >> project sponsor please. >> does that work and yep. >> it should be - >> i'm the homeowner i lived in san francisco for 20 years and love and respect the charming character with the heights he choose to make my home easement an zerp or investigator that is 8 hundred square feet my partner i and i where the process of dooupt a
1:38 am
child i fully parrots 24 to prevent monster hematomas media lot is smaller been the standard one foot lot one ever of the smallest itself lots in the entire neighborhoods as you can see this is loots an order street the monster homes tends were to prevent huge homes on the throw lots of court ord and streerts and radioactivity the 55 percent the large the lot the large the home my lot is 1875 square feet and lot could fit inside the monster homes several times over the my house is planned the
1:39 am
plans that are up for review within the codes and the rear yard constraints before this legislation was passed i passed 311 by no complaint from neighbors no notices my just a few minutes neighbors have though the complained and in fact, none on the mid market has objected i was fully approved and the site permit was both to be issued and i was caught the legislation was passed in the meanwhile so mine is not a monitor home not a home that is tent to say the subject of this legislation scott wiener told her the press this legislation is not intent to prevent the homeowners from accommodating the nominees of a families which is what i'm diagnose thank you. >> i'm john gold of man i'd
1:40 am
like to point out a couple of interesting go things this is a small will the three by 17 feet the finite is 4 hundred plus from the lot was 25 by 90 that is a small lot if it was a twae by one foot lot with standards sized san francisco lot the coverage is 49 percent and if it was lots on court ord i'm sure the legislation was not meant to effect tiny lots that was meant to prevent monster homes on large lots we find that an order street we are trying to get very xhovn with the adjacent neighbors and on the mid block
1:41 am
open space pointing out we are adding the space converting the attic into a usable fourth floor we're expanding many of the issues has to do with with the rear yard this home to the south has a long blank wall on the property line so we used the averaging which i'm going to put this diagram up sums up. >> pull it down.
1:42 am
>> okay. so. >> no there we go. >> what we've done the home to the north here has a large roof deck with a bunch of stairs they use the living space and couch and a living space right here the homes to the south has a lengthy wail it make sense to take some of the area away from here and put it on this side so it basically took 37 square feet from this area and added it to it basically moved the east wall along the blank waulg of the adjacent property to the south that is the ultimate rear yard and something else so this wall
1:43 am
here is basically the average between wall of the building to the south and the wall to the north request the exception of the east in order to accommodate the building to the north the other thing that is interesting to note i'll show you the roof plan the deck to the south is here the stairs and zika here so the additional 6 foot 8 extension in the puddle in 5 feet to second story at all that, in fact, that face it average between the deck of the stairs and the afternoon of the deck there. >> i think if i show you a roof rendered roof plan apparent this is to the south and to the north pr and as you can see the rear yard is the 2
1:44 am
story high extension averages splits the difference between that and the building itself splits the difference between that wall and that equal the north and south wall the four story is held back and the 35 percent setback from the rest of the building. >> showing you renderings from the street first you really can't say see barley see the four story addition from the street right here and here barely see it if you the view from the rear yard i think you can see it fits within the just a few minutes properties
1:45 am
i've in no way hurting the neighborhood to the south we're here before you because the interim legislation occurred during the process and has to get it approved wouldn't have required an approval prior and i
1:46 am
want to >> commissioner richards is an acceptance to legislation this one seems to menot the subject of this whole legislation and intent was so generally supportive of approving this project. >> commissioner antonini i feel
1:47 am
the same way. probably is caught in the legislation that was not intended to be like said that from the adjacent neighbors and might have had an impact in this big elevation change behind her so it's-you have a very short lot as was presented if you had 100 foot lot it would be far below what was allowed even if this was a 55% coverage, which is a special provision which past so very much in favor of this. >> commissioner moore: since this is elevated to be see you i think with the ability to look at hopefully i think
1:48 am
there's some skillful holes regarding the rear yard averaging. i still will ask that we consider the fund of the building. i believe the front of the building should indeed follow the standard guidelines of the 15 foot setback that was presented on the-the 12th at the back parcel because it leads to much fluff on the 4th level. i think point aback by an additional 3 feet which would mean flipping once they are would not diminish the quality and the general usefulness but would in a way to the, what i believe, is the intention of supervisor wiener that we want to avoid the massive-when not here to apply strict strict usable
1:49 am
square footage per what are trying to restrict for the expanding family but we are here to use with the skillful eye by which we diminish the over imposing quality of a neighborhood where other houses are lower and where where we otherwise he'd typically even with non-corona height situation asked for a 15 foot setback. i more and more and trying to have us realize that those extra 15 feet matter a lot. we have a lot of across the city we reminded ourselves on that. so, i'm strongly encourage us to ask for a additional 3 feet. that's very visible on 1.4. everything else is fine about the building. but that building is pulled back a little more. if you want to make a comment on that i don't
1:50 am
think it's a dealbreaker. but i think it's important to us in order to be consistent in how we -just pulling this back 8 feet. this piece right here. how we meet as a commission we need to act on this >> president fung i'm aware of the standard 15 3. visible things first the front >> testifier: it is roughly 15 feet back from the opulent is to the reason i think you don't need 15 feet and this case is because we are hiding it behind the master roof. if i can find the section,. >> commissioner moore is for us to be consistent get with of situations on flat streets on sloping streets on sloping lots, all kinds of situations. i think the indication is a consistent one and i strongly
1:51 am
encourage us to leave it with those 15 feet because it's not really in a form or shape diminishing the building. are you prepared to amend your motion. i make a motion that we ask for the week of the project with the conditions that the front façade get sent back by the typical 15 feet,, that the department basically is using as a standard for setbacks on extra for expansion.. only on the top floor. >> president fung do you still use 15 feet alex? i mean it's not a strict rule? we look at the context and i guess i'm
1:52 am
wonderingin order to achieve that the circuits in making the light well smaller? >> testifier: can we show you that section? >> commissioner moore building that that [inaudible] >> president fung you can see the top floor from the street >> testifier: the master roof which are keeping for this purpose too high that front face from the street so if we didn't have that roof you would see definitely that more top floor. by keeping it,-i mean here is the view. if you can see the top 3 feet of that floor >> president fung they found it to be consistent with the residential guidelines. i think that's one of the kinds we have good attitudes are very subtle change to that trickle down to the project with the stairsand
1:53 am
affecting the [inaudible] >> testifier: it would be difficult to get that stare to work without extra fee. that extra 3 feet is where the stair actually exist. i'm not sure how to-that's their stocks about of the stairs below and so without that extra 3 feet i lose for risers and i don't-i'm not sure how i how i do it actually. it's a pretty pretty significant redesign of the floor below >> commissioner moore i thought you nodded her head when i make a comment about 15 feet could you please comment on how the design would address this issue? >> i have an understand of it, and when reviewing this
1:54 am
>> testifier: with preservation we did feel like the 12 foot setback would be appropriate for this project due to the fact and he would minimally visible standard. >> commissioner moore: i question why you have off the stairwell we have an additional terrace, which is right next to your laundry room when you have just when you're averaging plus a master bedroom created a large terrace to the rear of the building. i find that somewhat not necessary. there is a sliding door good i can understand all the lights and everything else come up but by asking for an additional, almost nightly terrace to the front of the laundry room, i don't get it get magically the front of the building. i just don't get it. that's me
1:55 am
somewhat of a dealbreaker. we do typically not have when is no purpose of having it. does not really in a use ballroom behind it are coming up a stairway and walking into your laundry and you have a 7 foot terrace. it just does not make any sense to me. i'm not intending to support that. because of that makes the building more massive than i think we're making a mistake. >> commissioner hillis: i was then asked i mean the 4th floor is relatively-it's not deep. i was just concerned about the 3 feet chopping off and not being to reconfigure the stairs in the master bedroom. so, i mean i have some
1:56 am
concerns about reducing the 3 feet. >> commissioner antonini: a little bit confused. by the motion. what we are asking to be asked to move back is the wall, not that that the wallet itself but because you got about 12 feet setback just a little under. 11, 10, and 5/8 from the beginning here back to the wall of the structure itself. i can see reducing the deck. i don't think the deck has to be as big as it is. by paris with commissioner be more undoubtably by making it 15 feet then you're cutting into those stairs, which is the only way you're going to get to that floor. so, i'm not quite sure-i will be supportive of moving the deck and reducing the deck but i think you did the wall where it is. you're not going to be able to-you have to cut
1:57 am
the size of your master bedroom by quite a bit and move everything the other way to get you off on the stairs. >> commissioner mar. you corrected me in the wall where it is. >> commissioner antonini that's fine. are you changing your motion? >> president fung you made a motion can >> commissioner moore then i think we need to laminate the dock altogether. but don't move the wall. the wall stays where it is. he insisted on the deck you have to basically move the wall and since that we would have to redesign the stair and basically eliminate the deck. >> president fung they would be denied access to a deck. >> commissioner moore there are not be any railing or anything. >> president fung also
1:58 am
findings you suggest with that? we have to incorporate that finding into the ultimate motion carried.. at the very least i think we need some clarification with the architect to understand what direction you're going in. >> commissioner moore: when i'm trying to do when not moving the building back. we are just illuminating the deck to include these doors whatever they call. whatever they are. and basically have a laundry room with a full glazed window on a non-occupy will deck. non-occupy bull roof. the
1:59 am
building sits where does but there's no rooftop to the front of the building. >> president fung does that make any sense to you? if you can speak and your microphone please >> testifier: this deck here commissioner moore insane to eliminate it. there's no guard rail here. i mean, that existing roof for keeping and it's hard than the 6 foot argo >> commissioner moore i see that's at elevation with its clearly visible >> testifier: that's the exist inside of the house. we actually have not built up. that wall right here the sidewalk that is there now. no, i think we are saying is take this straight across sue have the-we put the deck there just
2:00 am
because we didn't see any point in having unusable boy. yes, it's true that deck is 6 foot. it could be-my kind of general thumb is 6 feet is absolute minimum for usable deck. we reduced to an even smaller, in other words if we made this wallpaper, we could do that but i'm not sure with the urban design point would be. it doesn't affect the view from the street at all. whether this deck exists or not it doesn't affect the view from the street. having the deck does allow more light into the west side of the home. because then you can have not. it doors there and leading light in incident just roughly 3 feet windows but i guess i don't get because it doesn't affect the view from the street. >> president fung this is not acting out. there's no opposition to the project at this moment.


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