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tv   Public Utilities Commission 3816  SFGTV  March 18, 2016 7:00am-9:51am PDT

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>> good afternoon i'd like to
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call of the sfpuc to order it is one 37 madam secretary can you please take the roll commissioner vice president moran commissioner caen commissioner courtney commissioner kwon everybody is present we have quorum >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> next item is approve the minutes of february 9, 2016, a motion to approve the minutes. >> 70 second questions or comments public comment on the minutes hearing none. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the minutes passes unanimously next item, please. >> item 4 general public comment. >> mr. da costa good
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afternoon. >> good afternoon, commissioners so i'm here to speak on a number of issues i am very interested in getting a set of salutation on the water improvement project especially mountain tunnel and then i'm very interested in knowing about our water pipes the city some one miles plus in view what is happening in flint i'm not saying to make a comparison a detailed comparison but we need to know how many of our led pipes are removed and what data is available because you know we are ending coming to the end of at water system improvement projects cannot take anything for granted for example, the
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salutation on the mountain tunnel but now we're fourth street to expand maybe over one hundred millions that is taxpayers money on the southeast you may know that is no longer - it has been move forward to one 50 executive park because you're now have a longer lease for another 4 years however, commissioners you must remembered the task force was created where the task force mandated 5 percent of a billion to you multiply that by 6 it is $300 million you commissioners
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are not doing a good job how money is spent after the monies were put in place we found out that one of your assistant general manager took upon herself to send $400,000 which went before the staff political action committee and the san francisco ethics commission and when such things happen it brings a lot of thoughts buses my point is simple from the task force fought for those monies we want to know what is happening the community when it comes to workforce, real workforce and career jobs i mean and also when money is spent in terms of of grant and given to people we need dialogue
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happening the southeast sector thank you. >> mr. eddy please. >> if i got interject i think that ann is an interesting point mr. da costa brought about the our pipes and could we have a report on the conditions of the our water pipes. >> yes. we can definitely do that. >> what specifically the materials they are and their condition. >> and how often we check them. >> and maybe led content. >> lead content. >> pipes there is water in them got it. >> thank you. >> yes. mr. young. >> good afternoon commissioner
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eddy executive director of bryant line that's been been a minute since before this commission and that's because we are engaging at the state 11 level around the issues bryant brought during general public comment an issue around the scene 2.0 due to our staff attorney with the public utilities commission about a mapping tool over sgaejsz communities unfortunately, the 2.0 version didn't include bayview this was spoken to bringing up 3 points the 2.0 didn't take bookstore by a take into consideration the methodology about the factors
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such as the cost of living in the bay area that is unique and third and finally it is the data itself used in that particular tool is underrepresented when it comes to communities such as bayview hunters point and from the general manager commissioner caisley leadership that the african-american and the latino community and community that face pollution barriers from urban pesticides to tell you meeting size to superfund size by the creation that was sported 5 years ago and fast afford there is an effort to take the tool and the only tool to describe the sdaejsz communities we think that is port with certain environmental pollution burdens it is executive of the
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city and county of san francisco and seeing that happen at the state level puck puc and hopefully get direction if working with our staff there is a legislation pending in sacramento to help push along the cal bills and we'll go from there, i suppose and thank you, again, for our leadership two years ago and seeing their fruit new thank you. >> i have a question about you go i've been following about the cal virus and my understanding the legislation pending will maybe this is for staff but this pending legislation may correct the issues and may redefine the neighborhoods. >> potentially one of the factors that are particular many that piece of legislation is the populations density and there are a number of factors being discussed assembly mechanic said
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it maybe an issue of dense focus for the caucus and hopefully yes calaveres screen 2 pointed 0 will be revised there is a presentation because of air flow there are no sgaejd community through the program we'll see that simple not the case. >> maybe in one of the meetings get an update on that legislation especially, as it remths to 9 sfpuc activities and some vantage maybe a followup letter. >> yes. thank you. >> thank you general comments any other
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hearing none, next item. >> >> item 5 communications so you have communications before you in your packets or on your screens commissioners any questions or comments on any of the communications? >> yes. >> i had a question on the pacific core item and wondering who gets to decide on their application and what opportunity we have to participate in that process. >> barbara you want to. >> i'm sure i didn't hear the question. >> item 5 asked the request to be part of service area. >> yes. >> and on one hand and it
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sounds like that is a decision that has impact on us i was on one hand how we participate in that process. >> it decision is going through a participatory process that is designed by the california assistant operators they've designated some municipal electrical utilities to represent the utilities and we're participating in that process through them as members of the california municipal association that's our are participation behind the scenes orientation organization and participating at the i s organization with the legislative opportunity to participate we're keeping an eye on those. >> at some point and i'm not sure what the form should be but
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get an update open that process as well as what potential opportunities might assist with our own. >> ebt to have an offline briefing it can, go deeper if you like. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i appreciate i don't see karen here but i appreciate the work that is done on the green infrastructure program so i don't know as that roles out it will be great to stay apprised we have a pilot on line and how the sites will be maintained and the skills and the operations piece and we'll definitely give you an update on the green infrastructure that relates to
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the assistant improvement program and talk about the stormwater fee and how that ties together we'll bring that to you. >> i mean specific to the workforce piece and how many what are the maybe the old engineers infrastructure engineers that are trained or we're looking attracting additional engineers that will be trained in green infrastructure a bigger communication on the workforce development that would be great anything else on communication. >> public comment on communications? >> sometime ago sfpuc used some consultants not your local staff but consultants to give some classes on eco green
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participated and we found out that there were difficulty in understanding how to use the materials also the technology we talk about green infrastructure but many a time the technologies are used somewhere else so we need to find out as was alluded how many of our engineers have those skills and how many of those working for sfpuc have those skills we went to classes and hoped for
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certificates maybe they're listed as taking the basic classes so the other thing we have to note is even though we had a drought for four or five years and could use a lot of the technology maybe this year and the next year we'll not be able to use it because assess rain and we still have to figure out some areas where we use this technology on caesar chavez and some other places why is it that the stop working as it ought to work and also have to use deeper skills when it comes to fulsome street there is assess of flooding and near army streets
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assess study and haven't done much accept trying to curtail the damage by using sandbags it is a good idea but need local skills sfpuc employees so that we can contact them and use them use their skills in our neighborhoods some of our neighborhoods are experiencing flooding which is tied to this for the last 60 years and ever flooding causes a lot of damage so i'll brought to your attentioning from the community at large can take care of that i have to go to the
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board of supervisors. >> any other public comment on communication. >> item 67 other commission business. >> commissioners public comment? next item, please. >> item 7 a resolution honoring dr. espanola jackson. >> so definitely would like to take the opportunity to honor the family of dr. espanola jackson on january 24th of this year i received the sad news of dr. jackson passing you know, i joined the family and the community in mourning here loss had an opportunity before the meeting to break bread with the family and talk about the war stories and the
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fun times that we shared together making process the city what really came out about espenosa she is kind and caring individual but a warrior she's made so many changes to the city and also to the bayview hunters point area and also we've seen her present at the most of us have experienced her fire about issues that meant a lot to her we're going to really miss here at 4 hundred i'm sure the good thing about the commission meeting it is taped if you want to see a replay of issues she were paths about it is on video so her legacy is here to stay and my vow to the community and the family that anything that
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the puc is doing the community or the city i want to share with the family and did community to make sure that i hear their voices before we move forward so with that, i would pass it back over to you, you read the operational. >> it is my great honor to read this resolution in memory of dr. espanola jackson and from the family and friends would like to stand we'll invite you to come up in order to hear the resolution and be here to take photographs resolution honoring the life, activism and contributions of dr. espanola jackson to the local community whereas on january 24, 2016, dr. espanola jackson passed away at the age of 83 and whereas
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known as mother jackson and recognized by self-sunday time for her family values dr. espanola jackson epitomizes the shirt there humor and unconditional love for the community and whereas dr. espanola jackson embodied the true spirit of a community leader by educating dozens of mayors and others about the entering qualities in race and income around the bay area to garden the support and effect changes and whereas dr. espanola jackson tireless worked towards improving the lives of the african-american and the tribes because she had a lot for the city and county of san francisco especially 9 bayview hunters point and whereas dr. espanola jackson exhibited the soul and
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hereto of the bayview hunters point because they helped those who were struggling to pay rent and shared meals and spread her message from day to day and whereas dr. espanola jackson enhanced the african-american community through her dedication and weight of knowledge and expresses those qualities in hero duties of several committees as well as a member of many outreach associations including the black human right council and the san francisco democrat form and health and education and dignity. san francisco jointly housing and the new bayview committee and the california state rights and the civil jury commission commission and the council whereas dr. espanola jackson was instrumental in growing the next
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generation of leaders she was an superstition for young people to become active and whereas dr. espanola jackson worked with the san francisco public utilities commission sfpuc to improve their operations around bayview and san francisco from her service on the digesters task force and the southeast working group and modernized the plant to benefit the community and whereas dr. espanola jackson was a champion of clean power and an early who sold panels in her neighborhood and a strong advocate for bringing solar energy to communicates and whereas to the bayview hunters point need for a institution dr. espanola jackson placed a pillal pro-roll in the southeast
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community where local recipient going could get an education and pursue fields like biotechnology and nursing and whereas dr. espanola jackson list of accomplishment have been honored and recognized by mayor frank going forward and willie brown, jr. the u.s. epa federal woman's program and the san francisco magazine and many others and whereas the communities was near and dear to my heart and until her last day dr. espanola jackson continued to speak about issues effecting the public her legacy will impact the lives of those grateful for for her countless endeavors therefore, be it resolved this commission hereby honor the life of dpraeks will be remembered as a tireless leader within the city and
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county of san francisco (clapping.) >> if it is okay. can we open up with sam murphy and introduce shirley and gwen. >> exclusively. >> whereas hello. >> (laughter). i'm sam murphy i'm samuel i work to the san francisco utilities commission this is a very hard for me i want to say thank you to the commission for doing this
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thank y of mr. kelly if you don't know harlan and i we're very last hour espenosa taught us to do proper protocol so everybody see will not be speaking that's not the way espenosa will know it and commissioner moran you knew her and commissioner caen so we're going to do that that way for her so the two people that will be representing to speak for the family and friends will be mother shirley jones and espenosas daughter jackson thank
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you shirley >> i'd like to say we thank you there is no words we can say to tell you how much we preshlth this day she's up there looking down smiling very pleased as we are and we thank god for you all taking the time to give this resolution of whereas and i want to say she was a wonderful person a loving money a 65 old friend of mine and my sissy know she's pleased we all are so pleased and delighted to, here to accept this resolution gogd and thank you. >> on behalf of our family and friends thank you
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honoring my mom for the work she had done we know her legacy will live on and through you all to make all these things happen i appreciate it i remember one day i came here my mom was like what is like she was anger about something i don't know but we can smile today in her honor for things that are happening and again from the bottom of my heart my sisters and family and friends so so much our heart goes out to you, you we'll send you a thank you another day but such. >> thank you very much (clapping.) >> and we like to now invite you, you to come up so we can present you with the reds and
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photos everybody can come up we'll take one more photo. >> come on up, come on up.
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>> (laughter). >> thank you.
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>> are there public comments on this item on the resolution? yes >> thank you that was beautiful and it is really good to keep on remembering her i really appreciate that thank you very much. >> thank you. >> game-changer just briefly
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i'm commissioner king from the southeast community and i just met commissioner cane i want to say in reference to dr. espanola jackson she called me up about a meeting telling me how important to be at that malia cohen she said baby we need to be there at tribulation she said you won't pickup me i drive myself he ever where she had any on the bus as a teenager mom a and so many things she did for the community so thank you all very, very much >> next comment. >> briefly from bright line thank you for this resolution. >> any at a other public
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comments on this item hearing none, and thank you very much for the family and relatives of dr. jackson (clapping.) >> next speaker, please. >> item 8 is advisory committee quarterly report. >> good afternoon, commissioners i also want to start by on behalf of the advisory committee expressing my condolences to dr. jackson family i remember my first commission report and so public comment came and dr. jackson came out for comment they talked about how the e j seats and how the history of cac had failed to have a
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relationship with the people of the southeast community and she look at me and said he met this gentleman today, i think we'll get along fine i took this criticism because of drablgs we hope the first and hopefully not last meeting with the joint commission and we never visit with the southeast we were able to hear and see the people and her, she meant a lot to me and i will miss her greatly on to my report on january 19th the cac held the elections for the leadership i'm happy to say i was reelected to another term and that the community has so much faith they've honored me with a second term and reelected rebecca lee as the vice chair in district 4 as our secretary and amy is
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excited to take on that role for the correspondence for the cac we had 3 new appointments last year dr. lee was appointed by the mayor for the finance seat and district 3 our new representative is leslie and district 4 aim i didn't that represents supervisor kim's office the cac continues to be a difference represent body made up of 40 percent ladies and highly educated individuals with the connective status and proud that despite our methodologies and other things we're probable one of the most productive bodies the city i think we set a good example
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what a good challenge to be to represent the district and communities world cup's and environmental justice goals and through the sfpuc transit this year we passed two last year 3 resolutions in which i addressed in my last report the support of southeast community sorry the southeast facilities community outreach process and the impacts of the system and improvement which we adopted in january we collaborated in events following high priority neighborhoods and have a sense of the puc and the transportation authority on january 23rd to talk about the blackout on treasure island with our representative mark our
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priorities the 10 year capital improvement plan and the southeast revitalizations and the spiritual justice and the sewer system improvement plan and stormwater management and cleanpowersf prelims and the advancement and empire security and drought we currently have two draft resolution that are voted on in march we to the department of the proposals the first is the lake merced west development resolution and the bubble resolution i also wanted to thank supervisor avalos that come out came out to the last meeting for the affordable housing reservoir and i want to thank the commission that comes down to our meetings and keep on coming we love having you and thank you so much for the last two years and i looked forward to starting again for the next 4 years.
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>> thank you very much and congratulations on our reappointment we're lucky to have you, we appreciate our service and the ambitious agenda we're looking forward to that. >> i'll add along with the comments wendy you're doing an amazing job so make sure you come back. >> thank you. >> public comments on advisory committee report. >> hearing none next item, please. >> item 9 a report of general manager a. >> good afternoon, commissioners first is the drought update steve richie. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners steve richie assistant general manager for water next slide, please it is probably well, we had to cancel the february 22nd commission meeting everyone was talking about the disappearance of el nino and things congressman rapidly as we'll see this is our standard chart on the storage levels with i'll point out that the water bank increased 5 percentage wants if where it was not just last weekend through this storm basically friday and saturday and sunday added that much water to the water bank and 3 percent to the total system storage so we got a lot of water this weekend and, in fact, in particular an e-mail that noted that san jose depth increased 36 to 40 new inches at salutation
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plus that water salutation will say a lot of water and rain and snow that is really good for our system and just a quick slide on the other reservoirs around california the blue bars show where the water are relative to the historic averages and all the reservoirs are doing better than it they have lastly it is good more all california but they lag where we are but still more weather ahead in particular our precipitation at hetch hetchy that bumped us up to 40 percent both normal and this is a positive sign for more as well as snow pack we've bulged up the last couple of storms and things are looking better than on the snow pack
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that doesn't mean that the water is filling up but certainly pro tem this is a slide we show where the water available to the city maybe on the two relative to the water in our system on the green line as you can see where the one and 39 thousand feet with that number steady increasing if we get 10 thousand plus this will total fill up you are system bans the projects on the last month's results we are predicted to get to 6 hundred and 15 that will go up so i think the possibility of phil our system a better possibility than it has the precipitation numbers again up february was a lousy month
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but march so far we're at 80 percent in hetch hetchy and a similar percentage roughly for the bay area reservoirs we're doing better after a poor february. >> and the precipitation forecast the bright colors are good the reddish shows this week's precipitation forecast and the following week not as much but an unsettled period that is good news more water management and again, the deliveries are allow people are conferring a creeping up in demand nothing to be alarmed about i think that is a little bit warm but the is well below
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than prior times and that is a quick note the state water board is having a framework for a longer than conservatism so extend the level we asked to reach out to folks the urban efficiency and report back by may first with bosca and others are to participate with the board staff we're interested to hearing where they're thinking of going and our suggestions how that will work the future statewide i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i have a question. >> on our first slide how do you get 899.9 percent plus 4.7 percent. >> oh, the 99.9 that is normally where we arrest are
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generally, we fill water bank we're on the average we're full the plus 4.7 is the current at 39 plus last weekend that was 39 percent full so we've increased 4 plus percentage between last monday and this monday the 99.9 is an average number of storage but means we increased about 4 percent from the last week. >> okay. i thought that was some type of a new math. >> if i can make bigger numbers i'll do it; however, i can. >> any questions or comments any public comment on the drought update next item, please. >> general manager. >> the strategic plan update
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and ellis will give you an update on that. >> i'll ask for the slides to come up. >> so juliette for the external affairs i want to workshop the 2020 sfpuc strategic planning process and share some of the work. >> our goal today not to cover every aspect but share the process and the goal areas with the objectives that are executive team has priorities and any high-level growth that to get a sense of anything significant. >> so i'll spend a couple of minutes fairly quibble trying to
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describe what the genesis for the strategic planning process and really our general manager has really been the driving force the process to begin we feels strongly we need a road map for the next 3 to 5 years to connect our day to day work to the long term agency wide vision and looking for an opportunity to link the warment and pour as you imagine there is a function as their own organization and many of the enterprises are through the processes for the particular enterprise that lacks the authority for the overall priorities and have the plans align with one another and lastly as an agency we're looking for opportunity to improve the work and look at it best practices and share the
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information around the departments and focusing on the effectiveness as an organization you mean we also currently have a strategic sustainability plan, which we use as a framework to track process on action items throughout the organization while it is a helpful framework with the triple line approach it is the strategic in part because the breath of information collected and recorded on about 80 percent key indicators that are the plan part of strategic plan we'll have the framework crossed all areas of the organization and then more about strategic direction rather than the data collection and finally has mentioned before the mayor has directed all the department heads to submit the strategic plans for all departments so unfortunately, our process has been a request from the mayor's
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office as well so we kicked off our strategic planning process last may with an executive retreat with our consultants and i believe arcades i saw them i did peter who has been helping to facilitate the process as you can see from the timeline this is a work in process we're testing with the senior staff clarifying the acts and timelines and the process of creating the last components of this coherent plan and our consultants are really been in charge of finishing complete the native that will come to the commission as a final work product for adoption in april and then briefly walk you through through the work the
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executive team identified the areas that are the biggest priorities for the agencies and some of the feedback from the communication memo we submitted an update a couple meetings ago some questions about the strategy behind some of the things we been prioritizing we spent time providing context around what that process looks like so back in may we conducted a swat analysis for the opportunity and threats and this is familiar to many of you this is the strength really being the sense we do well as an organization but the weejss and the areas to improve the places in environment and as we look at the future and the treats the areas that we should be prepared for and keeping an eye on to
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respond to. >> these are some of the things on the slide as far as we've included the slide analysis that came up through several the mayor edwin lee's from the executive team but not a surprised to the commission we been looking at this organization for quite a few of the they have the need to manage the infrastructure and improving the enterprises and the workforce needs and building support for future rate changes. >> in addition to the swat analysis we have a self-estimate we sees the place on the slide and this process really helped us hone in and identify the areas where we will focus our
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attention there are areas that reflect the importance to the organization and that we kind of assess we have a lower achievement the areas when you look at the quadrant on the slide it is the upper left area that is reflects the lower importance in regards to the issues so the easier we prioritized the assessment include a focus on employee and leadership development, operational infrastructure stability and wider resource advocacy under the leadership and development some of the things that were discussed were ongoing commitment to leadership and employee development and the workforce plan to guide both our h.r. process and help us if we think to prepare for that suppression issues under the infrastructure ability a lot of
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communication around the need to have uniformity it the capital improvement plan process and a need to have a centralized process we been asset management and reilly tying the asset management to a forward-looking 2 and 5 year budget cycle under option there were a focus on institutionalizing with the particular focus on the improvement program and really trying to identify to look at lessons learned from the water improvement and around resource coyotecy we spent time looking at the need for better collaboration between hope sf and one area of focus. >> may i ask a question.
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>> so gm where are you in terms of employee satisfaction i find the utilities you know customer and staff satisfaction so how in terms of leadership development how are leaders accountable you know and their staff in terms of hour they're leading. >> how to communicate back to staff. >> so we'll get into that a goal around the workforce development i can give you a sneak peak but an area of focus our general manager has been pushing with an organization and new leadership that through the h.r. department as well as there is additional work happening around core confidences and what are the core components across the different types of chafthsdz
7:54 am
and a bunch of work the strategic plan around tying the core confidencecy work in evaluation processes so it direct connect around accountability those are the things that folks need in order to perform well at their jobs and all of the training and leadership development is tied to the report our general manager can jump if 2, 3, 4 if we assess there is more to be done in those areas to creating the accountability but there is a lot of good work in regards to articulating what the performance means and how to tie it into the evaluation system but additionally if you have ideas we would like to hear
7:55 am
them. >> the past we have done a climate survey how employees feel about their jobs we have that but what we want to do is strategically come up with a plan the direction we want to guess and tie it into how we you know carry out the mission and tie all that together and also up i put that into the performance evaluation and make sure that once we come up with this structure how do we communicate it to staff what is in it for them and how it effects them once we start educating we evaluate do they get it or not. >> that is the employee satisfaction it is the employee engagement with the offer the next 5 years the retirement rate
7:56 am
the utilities we'll be completing the city and county we'll be competing for the workforce and the higher satisfaction rate. >> definitely. >> i'll go back to the slides. >> so with those priorities with the slot process and the utility development in mind we begin to take the plan focusing on the vision values and big picture goals so for the condition we'd like your input on the top two areas on this shied primary are areas we anticipate they'll stay the same over the next year's and the staff and the blow them the higher level goals in my presentation i'll share some of
7:57 am
the ouvenz a working draft and could change so again, we're asking you to give us feedback on the high-level goals. >> so the executive consent sometimes we end up what happens an affirmation we made a few changes to the mission statement so as you can see that listed there i can read it to you as well to provide high quality reliable sewer service inclusive of the interest the resources entrusted with our care and quite a bit of conversation around that there's a lot of attachment to the mission statement that is a good thing because you went through the processed a few
7:58 am
years ago to develop this mission statement and a it resonates with the commission so in time section we think this helps people describe the values that are 5 core values for what the puc stand for the first one is service that we focus on customer satisfaction and innovation and excellence we strive for professional excellence and recognize the axiliary performance and the stewardship we that have entrusted to our care and the access and transparency to stakeholder and community members and the last one is the safety we take health and safety of our employees seriously and those values are important to us to be able to shoot the vision that includes the communication honestly and to openly and trust
7:59 am
with integrity and fairness and equal opportunity to all staff to contribute and respect we understand and appreciate the value of our staff staff and customers and teamwork with the environment by diversity again not major changes but to start with these leading us closer to our vision and the following weeks we extended the table from the exclusive team with the organization to include high-level manages and a number of workshops this slide independence what we mean by strategic goals it is supportive of the main concept behind the strategic goals of the mission it is feature and focus and comprehensive basically looking at those being achievable and
8:00 am
agency wide priorities as a concern to us i think that commissioner vice president moran we'll have conversation to make sure we're focusing on the problem we're trying to address that is under the strategic goals and for each of them we identified two champions on the executive team that will be held bank account account by the general manager for execution execution being delivery of that application so this slide is an important slide to pay attention it outlines the strategic goals that we decided to focus on and spend more time on themselves that is not everything in the organization while tried to talk about that a particular item is not reflected in specific goal
8:01 am
by to articulate agency wide issues to have the attention into those areas. >> just to take you before i do a deeper dive on the 6 goals as far as the process we spent time to set up objectives for each of the goals and as contact to the ouchz their long term 3 to 4 years and subscribe the action we've been pursuing to meet the goals now for the goals. >> this is the first goal it is around effect workforce the goal that we attract retain and have a workforce that is constantly delivering the high
8:02 am
services those slides are obviously under the goals to gufb a sense of what we're doing to keep in mind when the ufos are finalized they're a little bit into the weeds i've mentioned employee and leadership will identify as areas of importance and relatively low achievement areas to improve as part of utility management scan we know we're facing a high retirement risks and attracting the millennials to attract a clear paul mccartney for extraordinarily and internally into the organization so the person that hepd head up our puc are the champions and created a working group we have a recommendations with the new leadership and the h.r. under linda head of h.r. that is
8:03 am
does competent work we have the bay work and then surprisingly with the entries and bureaus bus it matters for them to do their work everyday and per the request of the commission we'll be coming back at a future meg moa meeting to do a more nonprofit presentation the next goal is financial sustainability and the financial sustainability and the meeting is the investment while managing the long term affordability for the future and eric and michael are the goal leads on this one this goal is a combination of improving the day to day systems and also
8:04 am
moving forward some big pictures a better tool for predicting the future and one area for example, we'll be working on the consist approach across the agency and the finance bureau and is beginning to pilot across the entries to have the protocol and framework with the goal around xhvblt with that and, of course, we look at the next two years need to prepare for the new package that is coming. >> the next goal areas around stakeholder interests it read we foster the engagement with the computers and employees through open and timely education and really speaks to our vails around inclusiveness and this is
8:05 am
the strengths relayed to the organizations there was a desire to focus on internal and external communication and responding to february for example, we couple of things around internal communication we have 23 hundred employees on this one hundred and something with located at 525 that is not the employees at 545 i 25 there will be a list how to engage the folks making son and others communications and getting folks aligned with the direction we are moving in and getting their input we'll be spending time focused on user experience so look good xhufkd to get soliciting the feedback with role outs it is easy to assume
8:06 am
people are happy with the service if they're not coming to the commission meetings but the general manager says we need more practice in this and obviously the feedback i'll close with that. >> the next goal i'm sorry if i may please. when mr. da costa asked about the $300 million the question is the report on how that is dispensed with the oversight on that. >> as far as - >> the community benefits. >> yes. we have very detailed accounting with regards to kind of how the community benefits and the organization and we feel we come back on different things for the enrollment, etc. but,
8:07 am
yes that is tracked closely we could report we have a community benefits website that talks about the grant programs but some of the expenditures the ears are for things like secondary use and garden and stipulate we track those expenditures but not to individual organizations. >> i'd like to read it. >> definitely sure we'd like to have a memo coming to you around the community benefits policy that will be sown. >> thank you. >> the next, next goal is roibld on the services another and tla area there the assessment that means we provide the service and high values to the customers that has maintenance and cost effective manners and kathy howe and michael are the lead for this one
8:08 am
and that we you know this area for example, we wanted to build out the level of services particularly with the areas the enterprise and the process of creating a standardized approach to asset management for the 10 year capital improvement plan and the funding based on the assessment and have it operating in a manner that is more preventive than is reactive and our next goal second to last the organizational experience that means we're focusing on the effectiveness across the organization and michael and carolyn and steve are the champions but of interest to our general manager and key manager in this goal area i mean the make take away is we want to consisting ref review our best
8:09 am
practices and look for ways to improve for example, a lots of policies and procedures through organizations and became apparent the staff do not have information on all of them and don't know where to assess them are not trained think the policies as we think about the brain drain it is important we operational lists these policies and make sure they're being shared and then our last goal but not at least is environmental stewardship and this bone is being led by barbara hale and steve richie that is managing the resources to ourville and community health and stewardship is one of the core values around resource management and adopt to climatic change and using our natural
8:10 am
resources so we're currently working with the teams for action for the ouchz and goals that is outlined and we are adding timelines and owners to each of the action items. >> the last part of plan is the development of key performance indicators there are underdevelopment the goal to identify a few goals key indicators per goal area the staff participated and have responsibility for prelims of these will be able to monitor other indicators they want to the purpose of the k pi we're trying to be selective they can really give us a snapshot how well, they're doing on this performance towards the strategic goals if i look at the slides with the commission to focus on the top part of pyramid
8:11 am
think of the strategic goal on this component and staff will focus on the bottom part the delivering on the action items and i know that our general manager had conversations around the all the way down to the goals you speak of the performance and affordability at the gm level it will be a tool with regards to if you sign off on the goals that is the indication the organization i did will be responsible for the execution and that will be one tool that assess, however, the agency is doing. >> so looking ahead our consultant team is jack we hope to bring that final draft by the end of april we are working with the communications
8:12 am
team to develop strategies for sharing the plan internally and extraordinarily and in the process of the implementation of the plan i think there is quite a bit of things to think though how to make sure that the plan doesn't stay on the shelf but it is important to be implemented we are setting that up and of the move into implementation the next task to revisit the sustainability plan to assure it is aligned with the strategic plan and with that, i will pause and open up for questions or comments. >> great, thank you that i have a few. >> great. >> (laughter). >> so in the vision piece a little bit of an issue with it when i read the vision i think that is great but seems like should not be ass prishlt but i
8:13 am
don't know what we want to be the future when you read what the future is it feels like what we're doing so some kind of reconciliation would be great do you mean. >> i believe it should be forward thinking but it should be both the aspirationaaspirati >> there can be an ass permissible. >> i'm confused thank you. >> when you read it it says we are recognized for excellence service and inclusiveness i want that today not some distant. >> my name is e my understanding is the vision how
8:14 am
the organization should be reflected and so we feel that we're there almost there so basically the way i look at it if you have a vision where you want to be and identify the goals to get you there and the objectives what you need to do to achieve the 0 goals we can look at it again and make sure that. >> are you thinking commissioner president vietor we're there. >> well, i think there is something about you know when i read it it says we are and an innovation active utility but this is both the aspirationaasp
8:15 am
>> this is the high-level stuff the mission how to operational lists that if that makes sense. >> does the mission red in a way on the paper that. >> yes. >> i like what the vision and mission says but the definition of them are confusing those from the consultants. >> i'll turn to peter as long
8:16 am
as the feedback you're okay with the content. >> on the strategic goals to commissioner kwon's point i'd like to see what is engaged the workforce and how fiscal not how happen but how engaged they think they're connected. >> something in there that would be great under the fiscal workforce and obviously i didn't see anything b around training and professional development. >> we went back and forth how to how much to show you maybe for the sake of the content we can include the other level to get a flavor around the action because there are look around training the action items. >> i want to make sure that
8:17 am
was not lost and the reliable service piece something around resilience that feels important and not just for the capital prospective but i saw a different level when you talk about the reliability resilient as well anything else. >> a couple of things for the employee we larger hear the commission get the quality i think of sentiment but i'm curious do you have an index you measure what the person was saying the engagement of the staff you know are they managed for a specific you're talking about performance management leaders as far as metrics on
8:18 am
performance or gives me the tools i need do you have those things and also is there reward and recognized within the puc as it pertains to you know just not celebrating large projects but individual achievement for the line staff, if you will, do those things exist. >> within varying degrees so different enterprises and bureaus frankfort, kentucky track them and i know that commissioner courtney and the entire commission talked about the new recognize program that will be launching this year to kind of a stated version of the work but again, i think we do the climate survey every several years and give us a sense of are the staff supported do they feel
8:19 am
- >> is it institution. >> it is institution. >> yeah. the climate the whole organization but i also want to also appoint as part of a recognition program financing there is the n pb the negotiations with the manages kind of give a monetary you know amount to people who perform well, so this is oath performances. >> yeah. the management. >> thank you. >> commissioners? any other questions >> yes. commissioner. >> thank you for the work and the presentation one thing i attended i have a problem tracking of through the
8:20 am
plan let me tell you what an example of my issue when you look at slide 5 and yet the strengths and witnesses and opportunities and threats those are specific either descriptions our current investment or looking into the future we think there are opportunities or threats but fairly specific and a lot of these things are change forces that but want to you know tampering of your strength and improve our weaknesses and void the threats so a lot of action that come out of that bend you get do slide 12 you have a series of goals that are quite generic and you could almost
8:21 am
have this list irrespective of slide 5 so the thing i'll find useful and not know how to community based about it for example, on slide 5 the threats starting the new business the competitive marketed and above that the communication with pg&e if we wanted to comfort ourselves this plan is responding to that threat how do we do it. >> in order to do that you have to break down into multiple areas so one you have to build a workforce or have - so spread out in multiple areas to talk about the competition in the marketplace so financial there are components that will make
8:22 am
that happen throughout you know each one of the objectives and goals. >> is there any physical linkage. >> we can make the linkage cerebrodid slot and the types of action items underneath as well as most of the individuals have a plan and informed we thought about that if you look at the cpa business plan and the other plans a lot of them we're mitigating the threats they've articulated in our plan so we can make the connections to the individuals and the strategic plans is around the financing piece a lot of or the asset management a lot of it came through the conversations as your moving into a new area of work we need the consistently with a pipeline of people coming
8:23 am
in so those are reflected underneath we can make the connections for the commission overall. >> i recognize that gets into several other document that deal with similar issues with the business plan and a bunch of them in terms of - bending by the end you can measure that is a good outcome if at the other tends o end you're trying to say what is our program for dealing with a new business enterprise that is for a comfortable competitive environment do we think we're addressed that adequately. >> that is a harder question to answer and there's a whole love examples the regulatory change and the power change 10
8:24 am
years ago and the word is coming down are we are doing everything to address the strategic challenges as well. >> one of the things i want to point out each one of the enterprise will eventually do the strategic plan and business plan you know would be nice to do all of those and do the whole organization we wanted to do an organization and i think that most of the course stuff is here but there maybe specific things like regulatory reminded that can be shared across the organization but is more specific to each one i agree that maybe some connections from how to you know being you know having a new line of business would do we need to
8:25 am
do we need to develop a workforce or do a transparency and get our finance that is here but maybe something that is not specific in here because juliette said not everything is in here the document would be two large but i think the specific strategic plan for each one of the plans will be more specific to that enterprise and align to the document and that's the hope we're trying to accomplish. >> can i add that definitely will love for i guys to look at this and if you have any more comments give us that information as we move forward and trying to finalize it as
8:26 am
juliet mentioned hopefully, we'll bring back you'll feel comfortable you'll hold me to it i'm holding my staff to it and the mayor's office will like to submit a strategic plan to the eric mar's the mayor is looking at the alignment of other departments liquor workforce there is a common thread across departments there is an opportunity. >> great thank you. >> any public comment on this item yes. >> good afternoon, commissioners nicole ceo in looking at the presentation that p ms. eric prepared one thing that was not clear under the public interest category the sierra club our a wholesale customer and the verbiage you
8:27 am
have a lot of customers the city power and retail water and other customers out of the city but as a group of stakeholders your wholesale customers are the latter group and certainly have a different set of interests it might be useful to incorporate them here. >> we talk about dispensing customers we have a lot of customers or users that actually don't pay bills we want to take input so i think wanted to define and talked about how to define maybe not only our customers but all the users when we come back to the ouvenz we'll identify the types of customers and that strategy so thank you. >> thank you. >> any other public comments
8:28 am
next item, please. >> mr. general manager. >> so the next item is an update on the wastewater enterprise capital program quarterly and while kathy howe is up there talk about the hetch hetchy championship quarterly report good afternoon commissioner for the wastewater capital program there are no more projects that are behind or over budget i want to point out the quarterly we report on the sewer improvement program so this is where a lot of the red that you see the schedule and cost so i wanted to point out that our program director mccain will be coming to the commission at the next meeting to go over the baseline of the sewer system improvement program and the changes and the scope of the
8:29 am
refinement since your endorsed the program in 2012. >> okay. >> i noticed a lot of red dots too so - >> we're forecasting what is going to be presented. >> at the next meeting. >> yes. >> so alright is that it on that item and talk about it in detail. >> we'll talk about it in detail what happened you endorsed on overall program at the $6.9 billion in phase one and phase two and phase three we didn't identify specific dispute projects but started reporting on that the quarterly and so things have changed and they were moving we thought that would be good to establish a baseline to see to endorse moving forward. >> okay. >> thank you. >> so for the hetch hetchy
8:30 am
capital program i want to point out that a lot of the rim fire projects look lake hair behind schedule most of the construction is paperwork dealing with fema and those will look like behind schedule but until we resolve our work with fuming and get reimbursement that will show the red. >> anything else on that report besides the fuming reimbursements. >> there is one project that came in on the low bid came in over the engineers assessment that was for san joaquin that was showing lower than the baseline i want to for mountain tunnel we still have the 30 projects we're report on the added and assess
8:31 am
improvements which the awarded the contract and they're hoping to issue the n p t february 12th actually should have and there's a construction meeting that is scheduled and for the inspection and repair the plans and specifications for that are being completed now and so we're hoping to advertise that in april and then for the last project which was the planning for mountain tunnel bypass they're starting the planning effort for planning the should you for the first inspection which is supposed to happen january, february timeframe of 2017. >> okay. so we took item c and d watering and hetch hetchy
8:32 am
watering we've continued until next meeting and hetch hetchy any public comment on either of those items. >> commissioners. >> hearing none, next item, please. >> mr. general manager. >> so the next item we would like to present the project labor agreement for the sewer system improvement program. >> so we had a very successful project agreement for the water system improvement program and in respect a lot of people behind that one of them is mr. moderating coney so talk about how to use that labor agreement for the sewer system improvement program. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners
8:33 am
infrastructure division as kathy mentioned we want to provide you with a quick update with the labor agreement for the sewer system improvement program and our agreement for the extension of the improvement program really quickly go over the benefit for the sewer improvement program some of the key elements for the water system project label and the benefits of extend it to the sewer system improvement program some of the high result and including conclude with a instantaneously for a successful agreement for the sewer program first why it make sense for the i p as detailed in the memo before you i think that is a size and scope of technical capacity to be covered by the project agreement that allows the project contractor for the skill as you can see in the memo
8:34 am
given the booming construction both on the public and private side and historically low employment rates we have a high demands for skilled labor to the p l a has skilled qualified workers from the construction trades the p l a minimized the risk of project delays and importantly it allows all contractor is the union and non-union and important for me and this general manager that allows the local businesses and contractors to participate as well as training and jobs for san francisco residents so some of the key terms of the water system profit p l e and the benefits of extending one of the most important our local krarth community the brothers and sisters the trades and union and as well as our community members our staff are all familiar with the terms of the
8:35 am
agreement our project manager and construction managers those are important policies and procedures for every single project we do we hold and prejob kwfrn we have contractor and all sorts of people and building and trade herpes virus appear with their affiliate that helps us to coordinate the projects and has jurisdictional language and a joint committee that is really, really successfully allows us to address the issues for the complicated projects and finally of popper for me and this general manager we have a job training and opportunities program that works with the trade and the cbos to put our community residents as mentioned regional and local workers on our projects so, now i'll give you specific quantitative
8:36 am
results from the project labor this month that labor agreement is in effect effect for 9 years and put a lot of hours if and complete labor unit's and no stops and have a - awhile we've done that we've put 12 thousand workers important to the regional and local economies 6 thousand have been san franciscan we've paid out $450 million in wages and benefits we're experienced an economic- those were performed by the partnership with the trades and 70 percent of the henry's hours were in our territory and finally a couple
8:37 am
of tragedies for the successes for ssi p we'll continue to work with the local businesses and put them to work at the contract assistance center and focus on southeast residents to put them to work one great partnership we have around now the partnership with the office of economic workforce development and their excuse me. city build that is led by patrick that is lead and that leadership is louis us to work with the cbos and put our community workers to work on the projects and another really, really more dynamic this is lead by harlan kelly is the partnerships are the building trades and mike and their affiliates allows us to do trainings and partnership are the trades we've begun a training program in partnership with the tracks and a gps
8:38 am
training with the operating engineers and charley labor and a concrete training with the carpenters and one finally which was a dynamic one that told the story how we do the trainings the recent completed a cohort with the laborers that was around the recession habitat and on the training we worked with the trades and the cbos throughout san francisco and had cbos do the soft work and get folks that really wanted to engage and have careers in construction we built ulcer up the workers with the recruitment and the laborers worked with the contractor and you are project manager to develop projects that was specificly relevant and folks got the training and come out on the training and 100
8:39 am
percent is working at trades with cowerier jobs we'll have a phone call on maximizing women participation the trades and 3rd of cohort through that was women that were apprentices and harlan and i say we worked invest in careers but sustainable careers that led to meaningful wages for the workers and the communities so that's the type model we want to continue as we go to into the ssi that that concludes my update we said to provide did stakeholders with any thirty days from now inform give us feedback or thoughts on this we're not supposing taking action if we continue to receive the support around the proposal we hope to return the future with the resolution authorizing
8:40 am
the general manager to negotiate and extend the water improvement program ssi p i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> when will we see that resolution. >> we're going to provide thirty days and depending on the amount of feedback than something in april but provide the transparent process to receive the feedback we'll return depending on that. >> okay. >> okay. >> thank you. >> commissioners? we have public comments here >> charley. >> good afternoon you good afternoon, commissioners harlan. >> first of all, congratulates the sfpuc and the workforce on the p l a and speak in support
8:41 am
of expanding that p l a-1 of the successes at the inclusion of the bid specks as the calaveres dam contracts and operating engineers and the operating engineers apprenticeship partnership with the providing the opportunities foreclose the city residents with the last technologies what really excited me the focus on the self-communities the bay area we drew on cadets from the build and cypress and alameda to
8:42 am
pucs credit they monitored this and taken the feedback and make a bunch of improvements and the second training we were doing a gps training the district for san mateo a training in alameda for people working on the calaveres dam so a lot of changes to travel to sacramento to get that opportunity working with the puc we've made that opportunity available to the residents the local area and the pucs engagement with the cadets themselves i know some the cadets by name they're female candidates that have training and pursuing their training and pursuing their criteria opportunities going forward it
8:43 am
is an exciting great feedback loop we work on the projects and get the jobs and spends our money the city so really hope that the commission goes forward and expands into the circulation of the system. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> mike. >> commissioners michael san francisco building and construction trades the gentleman said a lot of the power points should be extended to the sewer program i'll talk about one appreciative expedition on a smaller scale that was illustrated the reasons sunshine this should be stent you've covered the water media change out the plumps are here representative of local 38 will
8:44 am
talk about the workforce side but i wanted to point out a this was entirely in san francisco and b that project was performed by a non-union contractor successfully and has been many beamed with the ferry building you'll probably get from you outside the area the contractor was an out of state contractor that fully offend the workforce from out of state under the local owners that is entirely permissible but we're not counting against the numbers in this instance we the collective bargaining agreement can institute procedures that limit the built to bring in out of state contractor we did that with that p l a the contractor also ultimately
8:45 am
performed the work successfully and the number of the workers became members of local 38 they liked what they saw in local 38 it was good for our point of view one of the things about non-union contractors working under the original city contracting we the trades have no assurance that if we send american people apprentice to a contractor first of all, the apprentice will seek the appropriate training and the apprentice posture e point of view they know they'll not get credits towards benefits for health and retirement so even though this is theoretically appropriate under the law to those contractors the apprentices can - we're not force them to do so one of the benefits of the project agreement we know if it is not a union project this is more
8:46 am
comfortable been dispatching the apprentices and will dispatch them and the apprentice is comfortable the apprentice knows they'll get their benefits and so when you hear the argument about benefits under the architecture it is important that is a key xhoenlt for us and the apprentices and makes it more comfortable from it in take those few points and i'm available to answer any questions, of course. >> thank you, bill blackwell. >> i am the business agent i dealt with the non-union company that did the project at the hip 65 workers working on that project 40 percent were apprentices over that 40 percent 50 percent of them were from san
8:47 am
francisco we - the end of the project i know we were the highest percentage the san franciscans that has been done in san francisco that company brought in 70 core workers from out of the state 3 of which are apprentices once they saw the benefits they wanted to ask can we give them that opportunity i hope you continue this project thank you. >> thank you. >> pat mulligan. >> hi i'm the director the city build and the office of economic workforce development and want to thank the puc and general manager and staff thank you for the opportunity to integrate you are workforce training programs with the infrastructure projects
8:48 am
and project labor union not only for the city build our our modular specialized training including the tunnel training and the concrete framework as well as the technical training by the project engineers it as honor to work with michael the trades council and all the affiliated locals with mike and on the engineers and carpenter and with the puc in bringing out those strong outcomes associated with the water system improvement project we look forward to stronger outcomes moving with the sewer system improvement project thank you, again. >> great. thank you very much any other public comments on this item?
8:49 am
>> briefly commissioners i'm mike i've had the luxurious of working part of the g ac for this project i've had an opportunity to do some of the largest sector agreements on puc project this is a precedent the project has 4 extensions starting with $4 billion in 1998 and had two major out takes that had to extend into lake merced and every year 5 years they've extend their agreement and now up to $20 billion because they've had some of the same great opportunities that for local hire contractors and they've found over the last 5 years that most is of bias have been lower as the continuity of
8:50 am
the agreement and the metropolitan water district did the east side dam they have similar reaction as this program and extend to the inland feeder for a total of $5 billion so you have what you have groundbreaking and the community has been well rewarded for it. >> thank you. >> future comments commissioners? >> i wanted to - >> working. >> good idea. >> check. >> i wanted to action the work obviously harlan spent a lot of
8:51 am
time on this the data kind of speaks for itself i know we'll be waiting thirty days but to hear if bill and mike and pat and charlie think that we we're excited about moving forward i think you teed it up nicely to show what the benefits not only for the workers but the community and the san francisco employed that we'll be hiring on the sewer system i noticed that martin is the room i'm looking forward to martin working with us from department of human services but i'm not 100 percent in support this is not an action item. >> thank you, commissioner. >> any other commissioner comments hearing none, we look forward to the next step and ref further comments and the resolution before us the coming
8:52 am
week next item, please. >> my last update is clean power update barbara hale. >> good afternoon, commissioners barbara hale assistant general manager for power i have 3 items on the cleanpowersf i want to update you first enrollment and some work underway and finally how we're doing on our schedule for service on may 1st so on enrollment i want to report that we've issued the second of the 4 notifications that we are required to send to the customers they were mailed out last week this is for service to customers that will begin on may one we h have seen so far on this 22 customers opt out of being provided service by clean power there is a 7 thousand 5 hundred and 74 service points that will be serving under the program
8:53 am
given the opt out around less than one percent of those accounts have signed up for supergreen we have a number of expressions of interests if supergreen that we're helping customers evaluate that number maybe go up at this point this is where wiring we're at and looking at the second set of enrollment for phase one part of program and this will occur august 1st, we'll close enforcement for the next set of customers we'll serve those are customers that will serve on november 1st so to make sure that we're all tracking megawatts for the first phase of the program, the consumers that are served on may one make up thirty of the megawatts and august 1st, we want to have an additional 20
8:54 am
megawatts lines that up for service to begin service on august 1st if you're reader in making sure you want to sign for clean before august 1st and serve you on november 1st so that's where we are at in terms of that oh, he neglect to tell you so far 90 points of service they've raised their hand and said serve me on november 1st so we're starting to build the line a accuse of folks that will receive the service the second portion of the phase one and the next topic of the work underway staff participated a workshop hosts at the california public utilities commission on the low charges of p ccii c i a we'll give you an
8:55 am
update but that workshop is telegraph hill prarment with a number of the stakeholders and, of course, our collaborating operating cac sonoma and lane cast we are dpw a project to bring to you and seek our adoption in april that will be available to customers the may 1st service trnlt and our marketing and outreach efforts continue we have had staff working commercial corridors so engage with our customers and participating in association meetings and group meetings to talk about the project to make sure that customers and potential customers know what it is we're up to and offering in supergreen at a slight premium and green with 35 percent thought that content from the
8:56 am
renewal resources at a slight discount than they were participating in the pg&e project where we're on track for may 1st i have only good news there. >> that's my presentation i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> well, thank you for the excellence news so is that sorry what was the percentages people that opted out out. >> i didn't give you a number but 75 hundred. >> only 22 so far and the projections were higher. >> we projected fwoe percent opt out if you're opt out stays as planned our first may 1st we've been severely thirty percent of megawatt customers. >> that's great news i signed up for supergreen and encourage
8:57 am
money that is watching and commissioners to do the same we can utilizing use supra push to get our 100 percent renewal customers online as quickly as possible i think we should focus on congratulations on the gums will is where we have a launch party i know one press conference but you may be in order to encouraendorsement. >> we have weekly meetings we talk about the approach of the marketing so maybe 51 we show come back and talk about at the next meeting strategies. >> that would be great. >> commissioners? thank you thank you any public comment on
8:58 am
this item? mr. freed hello >> jooifd wanted to thank the leader for doing a good job i think the opt out rate is a testament that people are accepting we need to do looked at for to get the supergreen number that that will come as we get more information as you recall the market team you talked about ramping up not like off the wall at the beginning and ramping up you'll see that more as you know, more of the community strait programs are going on and getting out there and you'll see that number improve i was at the pcia meeting a robust subject i'll leave it up to your staff to give and just
8:59 am
want and thooebd but there was a lot of at least last but not least from the non-restricted iuoe side to create a more stable structure for the plaintiff cia it is important for the future planning made it difficult for the launch of our own program in november and december we'll be adopting the plaintiff cia and trying to launch and put everything in place the january opt out phase so hopefully, we'll get adjusted for a better improvement thank you. >> thank you very much. >> any other comments on this item. >> next speaker, please. >> item even is the go solar linkage fine go solar and clean power barbara hale assistants general
9:00 am
manager before us is a presentation entitled by commissioner questions how cleanpowersf and go solar how that works how we'll link it we'll go over some of the background mostly on the slor sf i get briefed frequently on cleanpowersf but we'll talk about how to link the two programs and thankfully the programs are common goals you'll see on the screen both programs are important to san francisco overall compliment goals like cleanpowersf but the go solar goals were laid out in policy statements that now
9:01 am
embodied in city code so those policy statements and directions came to us back in 2007 when the board of supervisors adopted the initiating owners and designated puc as the program administrator and asked we appropriate 2, $5 million every year to the program over a 10 year period and directed us to adjust the incentives how they're going the marketplace over the 10 year period and also directed us to cooperate the administration of the paroling program of the go solar with the implementation and administration of the cac program that is now kind of with the cleanpowersf. >> the programs has combotsdz those goals and directions in
9:02 am
overall program objectives and that's what you see here very consistent with the goals you know and encourages installation of valor panels and jobs for san franciscans supporting accelerator projects for low income households and supporting loca businesses so let's take a minute to see who is eligible the for the go solar program and how the incentives will exclusive those objectives so the incentives are sdielgd to encourage the solar panels to increase the mechanically was the installed we help to pay for the system the bigger the system size which is shown across the top of the slides the column hekdz the birthdays the
9:03 am
incentive we provide jobs to san franciscans by requiring installers to be ignite for the payments we support the solar projects for low income households to have installations on low income residential properties the eligible for the sizeable add on you see that listed on the column other than the left the blue you see the ad on if it is an eligibility low income household and then we support the local businesses similarly and adds an incentive for city installers the installer must meet the log business requirements in san francisco in terms of eligibility all of the our customers are hetch hetchy or pubically owned utility likely e inevitable for
9:04 am
go solar and get g hd power all of pg&e's customers are eligible for go solar sf and with the introduction of clean power sf we'll evolving be enrolled as customers in that program and historically the residents of go solar sf funds are now all potential customers of cleanpowersf the linkage is starting to happen as we roll out cleanpowersf so what sources impacts are we seeing more the program we've talked about the objectives and how to get there for the next couple slides will talk about that again incentives have available for the power customers and non-customers so far 3 thousand 4 hundred plus installations completed in san francisco
9:05 am
totals 12.3 megawatts of capacity a small portion of those 5 customers were customers of ours through the hetch hetchy customer service offerings of public utility for a small 0.25 mel was the we've accommodated one and 69 new jobs for sdaejsz san franciscans 39 folks are currently employed as of february 13th we're the process together with the mayor's office of economic workforce development mr. mulligan you heard from earlier we're the process of implementing a shift from the existing workforce requirements the program to applying san francisco's first source hire rules to the go solar sf program that will better align with the
9:06 am
city programs so far we've paid out 22 point plus million dollars since the program was initiated in 2008, as you can see how it those payments breakdown amongst the eligible groups and this next slide with the largest portions to the residential customers through the residential protecting or straight up recipient or nonprofit residential so we're seeing less reliance on solar incentives than currently than we have in earlier years of the program and that you can see here this is our sort of program wide view what you're looking is the boars representing the kilowatts of installed and the lines shows
9:07 am
the total dollars paid out through the years of the program and as you can see that the installed capacity far exceeds the pay out we're go solar is supporting more projects today with less budget and we're seeing less reliance on the go solar program to go to solar capacity installed in san francisco so that's our program wide look. >> why is that what would you say. >> i think that is a number of factors one shown the slide we'll go through and that's the fact that the cost of solar harassed come down drastically over this time period if you look at slide 10 as you can see year to year what the total installed cost is the first column or rather the second column and what our
9:08 am
incentive contribution was to buy down the cost with the states california solar incentive contribution to buying down the cost and the net cost or was for a system that is a 2 that the 5 kilowatt system as you can see when you look at the last column the net cost column that the cost in recent years have come down when you go over one dlum to the state incentives that is reduced to zero and the costs are still coming down and as you can see they came down from 2011 through 2015 when you look at the go solar incentive column the net costs have come down with the go solar not because we're getting more money from outside but the net costs
9:09 am
have come down and the market is able to thrive even with reductions in the incentive payments both by the our program and by the state administered programs i think there is also a contributing factor to the go solar sf program we surveyed installers to get a sense of what the factors are and one of the factors listed was the champs presented by our workforce requirements and that's part of the reason we're modifying our workforce requirements to align with the city's hiring requirement. >> so the last change in incentives for the go solar sf program occurred in 2013 pr and that net costs have continued to
9:10 am
decline without the state incentives and the overall the bottom line is that the current go solar sf incentive has helped to create the lowest costs the program history. >> so we've benefit talking about what is happening with our program on the last couple of slides overall what is going on in the marketplace slablt to the marketplace the california puc issued a report the majority of installations since in 2014 did not receive a state incentive yet 31 percent of those yes, sir - i'm sorry 31 percent greater than in 2013 there's been worry the marketplace was of the federal tax credit was due to
9:11 am
expire and urban certainty where it was be extended that uncertainty is gone a thirty percent federal tax credit extended for that the next 3 empowers and the california public utilities commission was considering changes in the net energy metering program that created instability the market but now this is favorable to the terms for customers installing solar this is things are staking out there so with that update i think on the go solar sf program is it so time to start a discussion on segregating h integrating this is an opportunity to give me guidance not an action item we would like to get guidance from you and take that guidance to
9:12 am
the stakeholder and solar task force and customers of the program both clean power and go solar sf and come back with potential program changes just to get the dialogue going one of your offer arching recommendation whatever changes we protect the goals of the two programs making sure we have affordable, cleaner power in san francisco that we are investing in local prongs and jobs that we continue to foster the program stability we're starting to see we recommend that since we have not changed the incentive levels since 2013 we need a step down on the incentives with the overall project costs that allows us to stretch the program budget some
9:13 am
we're hoping to have more uptake with the cleanpowersf program and interested in making changes there we will recommend simplifying the incentive structure to you know when you saw that slide that had all the columns across the top those are size you know categories if we did it like the state program was on a dollar per kilowatt basis instead of of the unit size i think we'll have a more simplified program and we propose to simplify the that current table and get hopefully get a little bit less questioning on that by customers in terms of opportunities with clean power sf we'll to go
9:14 am
enhance the program for customers of ours both our pubically owned and the hetch hetchy customers and our cleanpowersf customers some of the ideas we batted around providing a additional incentive to customers that are customers of ours to encourage their participation the program to reward them as our customers to set aside a portion of cleanpowersf budget for our committees there is dedicated funding available and to establish more attractive net metering terms for our committees than are available to customers of pg&e. >> to that's ideas to get the ball rolling and like to hear our thoughts either in reaction to those or creative ideas you have. >> thank you. >> thank you.
9:15 am
>> commissioner courtney. >> that's very detailed and helpful for me you know forgive for saying this but go solar is the pilot program forever so i kind of just not really engaged you on some of the workforce concerns but now that we're starting to talk about go solar and cleanpowersf i would like to have very robust communicates about the workforce itself, who's in the workforce, how many hours they work per week pursuant to what agreement, what wage rates with what training and certification components because i think we jason we have not yielded dealt with those issues it is a little bit premature to do that but i think
9:16 am
now probably is the time because we can focus on those individuals right here now full disclosure martin is here there are disputes in the private sector in connection with the systems we can resolve those last week any project labor agreement kind of i'll wormd but start with the current and get data i know local residents or not to begin the kind of flushing that out i have a strong superstition that people will be curious about what the job opportunities are with cleanpowersf now go solar folks don't work directly with the pg&e; right? so what would be the relationship with cleanpowersf how are those connected it seems like we're connecting them but they can be
9:17 am
apples and oranges it is great we'll start to kind of have this confusion but probably just the tip of the iceberg. >> so make a couple of comments first of all, i think we now see a connection with go solar as it relates to hetch hetchy as it relates to the power enterprise one we were concerned that western providing hetch hetchy money to be used ton solar installation of pg&e consumers but now since we have cleanpowersf visually all of them could be power provides by isn't that cleanpowersf not pg&e they can be our customers eventually be our customers unless their opt out the second thing as you stated
9:18 am
the go solar is not customers of ours it is really a contractors who know how to do the paperwork that will get the incentives and off savings to homeland security to get go solar incentives so recognizing that the third thing as it relates to cleanpowersf building its own renewables we had lafco working with us to talk about what projects we can talk about i think those are the projects that we can probably talk about you know if it is union you know what the workforce looks like and definitely talk about that and planning to bring a job report
9:19 am
barbara you know people that have that. >> the next month. >> while bring the jobs report bans the actual numbers we'll definitely provide that but i think the main thing is that what is interesting when you look at it right now you're seeing more solar installations being insult without looking at the incentives because maybe from what we're hearing it is just more efficient for sun run solar city and folks that have the workforce to deploy them without doing the paperwork is in their best interests we want to hear from you some of the features we'll present and solicit the input we'll like to have a go solar program it is
9:20 am
rated for the cleanpowersf folks those are our customers and really had had metering where if for example, over build on their solar panels so they can produce more power than can be used we can buy it back added a higher costs so it is an incentive we talked about the limitations that we're hearing also a lot of folks who are not putting solar on their roof they need a relief repair we talked about the bill finance as an option you can remove that as well so you can get you know to the - we were focused on the low - this is an opportunity to harvest more if
9:21 am
reremove the barriers so coming back to you those opposed with open to investigate. >> so you know that's it helpful i'm focusing a lot of inclusively on the workforce we've kind of been the job it hadn't had that real connection to the utility that's my original comment been the pilot program but once the workers have greater legitimacy within the organization that's when all the question marks come i hope i was clear i'm looking for data on the work and what qualifies the folks to work and are sfthsz component do those components qualify them for other things are they the career pathway or
9:22 am
the initial thing maybe we should think about ways to have over laptop with the construction industry i know that is a whole bunch to drop on you am i being clear and it's helpful input as i mentioned we're seeing the administration of the workforce component to city build and pat mulligan and his team we'll pull data if the historic practice not relevant to what we're proposing for the future we're making that shift but at least give you a flavor of the history in terms of the data points our q. >> i think there is a question on cac local build out we hadn't fully upcoming packed. >> let's do it now that's the
9:23 am
ne freerlg. >> i think that is important on the method cast if he were to purchase a local project in the end result is we will buy certainty amount of kilowatts for cost it is up to them to build it and how they build it you life e kind of losses some of the control we may want to talk about the whole thing it may change the way we contract if we want to make sure certain requirements are being met. >> other comments
9:24 am
commissioners one thing that kauths any attendance the original legislation in 2007 amended krovrpd go solar with cac and the time enforcement we didn't have a cac and the result was 3,0006 hundred and 602 customers that have solar panels installed in homes that were penguin customers with the program that was run by hetch hetchy so i looked that number of people you've said as much i want those as customers they have benefited from our task and should be our customers as well we should be aggressively going after them and as go solar go forward as a
9:25 am
route part of their signing up additional customers for that sutter program will be signing them up as customers of cleanpowersf that didn't need to be market limiting not a burden i hope we could i know instead of i don't know what the percentage 5 out of 36 or 37 but clipping to one hundred. >> thank you. >> anything else commissioners public comment i have one comment card - i hope i said that right. >> good afternoon
9:26 am
i'm with bright ryan line i want to make a question public comment on the workforce cleanpowersf the central part of program and many of the stakeholders involved i wanted to get it right from what we've heard from the partners the solar industry and the cfos the workforce development program they have been things that are imperfect hopefully what we're getting with this change to the workforce program a single point of contact that is providing candidates i know that is increasing the employer assess we're excited that city build will do that but to realize the vision we need a oewd and ask puc to work with other stakeholders and continue to find ways to improve the we
9:27 am
have a motion and a second we appreciate all the work that pat mulligan and 0 others put into this program and looking forward to it xhovz as we go forward. >> mr. freed jason fried i'll directing your attention the last 3 believability points the ideas for the rewarding the complerz he fully support that i think you can 20/20 types of the bonuses a cca or smaller bonus that is signed that for the supergreen and give people more incentives for solar on the roof people are better late than
9:28 am
never most the green attributes having them sign up for the supergreen we'll get the money for the other build outs that is an extra bonus not doing a large bonus but small bonus and give them the incentive and for the second one i fully support i'll take it a step further as the program is shifted to the new workforce model i see more people wanting to use the money that is available like the early years community based after the low-hanging fruit and we had money for the incentives for the money there should be a priority for the crack customers and over the others that are staying with pg&e your prioritizing your own customers of the hetch hetchy
9:29 am
system whether it is be po u and get to commissioner, i agree those are good numbers but as the barbara hale said maybe not know what the future is sister-in-law we are switching the program over to pat mulligan and may not get the same incentives but incorporated what is changing how that is changing and what are the incentives and how it addresses the concerns that are legitimate and people are becoming unemployed so the comments are very good and with the shifting of the program it solves some of the problems maybe not all but some that existed. >> thank you. >> thank you public comment.
9:30 am
>> good afternoon, commissioners my name is jennifer i'm the project manager at design the employment training center i've been there around for 40 years we had a apprenticeship with the construction that includes the solar installations train component and go solar sf is a program we've been active in since the beginning and seen a lot of our students and our grads hired just to be clear our population as sister program build academy in a sense we're having a training our participants they're also san franciscans but they don't require all the same requirements as if i go into city build our students manltd have their ged with the program maybe driver's license they tend to have more barriers to
9:31 am
employment than the academies but have a desire to go into the construction and fields so we've seen like i said a lot of go solar program and the workforce continue to grow into the first program and we would like to see some focus on training dollars we've been doing solar training with our own resources and finally people signing them into go solar training without any specific resources from go solar sf into the train program we're not the only ones doing the training other cfos that are doing like programs so i would suggest that that be the step also how can we to our point
9:32 am
fully train people to have the skills to be successful the solar trades so i just ask you keep in mind as you're looking at the proposals coming up i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> hello. >> thank you my name is jeanine i'm the co-founder with the design builder firm and san francisco's only solar contractor that is a certified b b e the first san francisco based on contractors to become workforce development through cleanpowersf and today to commissioner courtneys comments you know we have 50 percent of our crew leads come
9:33 am
to us through office of economic workforce development and the first go solar back office hire that is doing during the expansion to insure that is no boats on the roof but incorporated women and others to have pastoring into careers in solar melissa is now has a staff of 3 that she manages and reluctance purchased a home and re-entering we're talking about transformative employment and careers in the best scenario what we've- i'm pleased that the sfpuc is look at the workforce development xhoenlt i agree with commissioner courtney that has not on the whole seen the
9:34 am
placement and retention that is really necessary to drive the environmental and social justice components that i think dr. jackson wanted to see and expected of this program and holds them account recent to delivering the program so i'm encouraged by that i am concerned and that about replacing a mandate with good faith and while i first experienced in trying to hire through first source didn't work i'm you know have confidence in pat mulligan and confidence in laura to work with the solar employers to
9:35 am
improve that process i welcome any comments you have. >> thank you very much any public comment on this item thank you all for your comments next item, please. >> item 11 is the bosco report. >> good afternoon, commissioners initiating bosca chief executive officer i have two items to talk about today first i'll calling your attention to may february 23rd statement that is in your packet in our correspondence packet for today, i hadn't planned to give it to you but i'll not reilly repeat
9:36 am
it but as you may know bosca monitored the mountain tunnel situation i believe we've pushed to insure that it gets the focus it needs to insure the reliability to all your water customers and to that end i'm pleased that you've heard from kathy howe about the inclusion of the mountain tunnel the hetch hetchy cpi so you have the ability to see the progress on the capital improvement plan and one of the things that making piecework like yourselves southerner aware of that raises the issues to a critical nature i'm pleased to see that moving forward one area we're continuing to work on with our staff is the emergency the amounting emergency response plan chase essentially the man
9:37 am
plan it says how about the puc provide water the emergency of a hetch hetchy from the mid-town fails how to provide water to the customers that is critically important and mr. richie put together a report from my vantage point that is where this commission awareness of it and awareness of what it means when you have such a plan and the relationship with other wholesalers the service area that jointly will be relying on that i hope you'll get an opportunity with a presentation and what it means it is very important i also want to thank mr. richie we've meeting monthly on amounting and give us the opportunity to really talk about those issues and flush them out it a very good model and look
9:38 am
forward to the successful resolution of articles if i can have the slides so i the president to give you an update how the service area is in response to the drought that is the lastly data through january overall we see the 27 percent savings for the 15 percent cumulative savings it is down we expelled 31 percent it is hard to a safe that much water in the middle of january when the water use it low we'll seeing the numbers trickle down but a good response the ear and one way we looking at this the state has set a target volume of savings between the june 2016 and how much water to
9:39 am
save and to date the boca agencies are achieved that by next october so this is a significant achievement and one that really is a test to the fact that the investment and the communities responses and just in total what that means they've saved almost 16 billion gallons a significant amount of savings one we're all dealing with the ramifications on the financial side but we want to continue to encourage the customers to do that the absence of knowing what the ohio electrical charges will be next year with that, that concludes my remarks. >> and thank you for all the hard work with the water savings we appreciate it. >> great so looks like we're ready for the consent calendar and he understand that
9:40 am
commissioner courtney has a plane to catch we'll excuse them open him and let him go when he's ready and with that, if you wouldn't mind reading the consent calendar please. item 12 calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. 12 a approval amendment to agreement expediting the duration up to 6 months b approve the specifications the word contract number on a in the amount of of seven hundred 20 thousand to the lowest qualified responsive bidders and the
9:41 am
specifications the award contract in the amount of of $30 million plus to the lowest quality responsible bidder d approve the modification to contract increasing the contract by $2 million plus e approve the modifications increasing the contract by $2 million plus, f the approval of modifications to the contract increasing the contract amount by one and 46 thousand plus and expectation to the contract duration by one thousand plus calendar days and approval the water ascertainment for the third street ocean wide central project h authorize the memorandum of understanding with the modesto
9:42 am
and thank you, sir luck in the amount of not to exceed within an expiration date of 2020 that you thank you would any commissioners like to remove any of those items. >> is there a motion to approve the consent calendar. >> i'll make a motion. >> second. >> pichl on the consent >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? >> next speaker, please. >> item 13 approval for the agreement authorizing increasing the agreement by 50 thousand and agreement by one and $25,000 and a 3 year and six months time extension for the agreement. >> is there a motion to approve that item. >> so moved. >> second. >> questions comments public comment on item
9:43 am
number 13? hearing >> i. >> opposed? that item passes amazing next item, please. >> item 14 approval the amendment to agreement increasing a by $90,000 a time extension of 3 years and of months per agreement. >> is there a motion to approve that item. >> so moved. >> second. >> questions or comments from the commissioners any public comment on this item? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that item passes unanimously next item, please. >> item 15 authorize a new 7 year lease to extend the term for one year between clem could and the city and county of san francisco. the use of approximately 17 thousand plus office building for the parking at a rate of
9:44 am
$38,000 plus per month >> is there a motion to approve. >> so moved. >> second. >> questions or comments any public comment on this item? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that item passes unanimously thank you item 16 approve the agreement between the city and county of san francisco active with the public works the state of california of 3 agreements for the sfpuc west side recycling of property on armory drive and authorize the sale agreement subject to the board of supervisors approval to convey the agreements for an amount not to exceed $25,000 motion to approve second. >> any comments on this questions any public comment? >> all in favor, say i.
9:45 am
>> i. >> opposed? >> unanimously approved may i get a motion please to - what are we're going to do go into closed session. >> would you like the other items. >> items for closed session mitigated claims city of san francisco for the sf corporation are the irrigation from the city and county of san francisco, conference with real property new york city and judicial exchange for the lot 31 for 180 one jerald in san francisco and destruction price in terms of apartment and restore hetch hetchy versus city of san francisco and items 20 through 29 will not be heard. >> thank you. any comments on the items to be in closed
9:46 am
session hearing none, can i get a motion to assert a attorney/client section the commission authorized the settlement of 19 no other action was taken can i have a motion as to whether or not to disclose the items if closed session. >> a i move we don't there is a motion and a second opposed the item that item passes is there other new business seeing none, we'll be adjoined at
9:47 am
>> power it's all around us in the sun and the winds and caves waves power that lights our homes while protecting our natural resources clean power will provide power to san franciscans how about works right now our power is from pg&e from non-renewable systems that comes over pg&e maintained lines with clean power your energy about think generated by
9:48 am
caesarean more renewable sources come to our home e.r. businesses to the pg&e lines >> [inaudible] public housing and public education. [inaudible] instructions [inaudible] thank you for your leadership, your support and partnerships. [applause] congratulations [inaudible] for this amazing and beautiful building. i actually was here when it was a little less [inaudible] it is great to see the building up today. [inaudible]
9:49 am
represent a dynamic and exciting part of san francisco. many probably heard we are building close to 80 percent of all the residential and commercial buildings in the city so this is a part of city seeing tremendous growth so as we get the shape the future of what san francisco looks like, it is important to think about a balance and healthy neighborhoods include and with that [inaudible] medical care and that is why [inaudible] live a few blocks away from [inaudible] so much to keep our community a healthier, stronger and safer. [inaudible] inpatient care kaiser has been a partner with our communities on the ground and that [inaudible] so much to our
9:50 am
community members [inaudible] converting [inaudible] in the tenderloin into a healthy corner store and supporting the business owners to change their business model from making profits from cigarettes and tobacco and soda to healthy produce and changing what the businesses look like. working on helping build more open space and recreational activities in the neighborhood. this is part of how we keep our neighborhoods healthy on a daily basis not just when they come in to see their doctor or [inaudible] also working close with us on the ground in the neighborhood so we can make the lives of the residence and families and seniors healthy every single day. thank you and congratulations. [applause]


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