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tv   MTA Board 22916  SFGTV  March 2, 2016 7:30am-10:01am PST

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people to wake unand realize what is going on -- wake up and realize what is going on. so it is a memborial trying to get us to interpret history and look to the past. they have always been about lacking at the past so we proceed forward and maybe don't commit the same mistakes. >> amen of the san francisco municipal transportation agency board of directors - thank you bob. >> i'm trying to get there. >> it says it's on but. >> let's try that one. >> does that work. >> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco municipal transportation agency board of
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directors and parking authority commission call roll. >> director brinkman director borden director ramos director rubke chairman nolan mr. chairman we have quorum pier 70 great, thank you. >> please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, phones, devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room microphones set on vibrate caused interruption we respectfully ask they be turned off item 4 approval of the minutes. >> motion to approve. >> any further discussion?
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the i's have it. >> communications directors please be advised there will be no closed session today and also posted online an item are regarding 330 stockton it is not on the agenda today to we apologize for any confusion to the public 3 may have caused it will be brought to you at a future meeting any unfinished bus. >> director heinecke and i on the board knows a fatality only market street about a month ago and rally by the community before this meeting a letter september to director reiskin and copied to us asking for improvements with the person the wheelchair that was struck by a left turning vehicle and as
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improvements we can do to make it safer on market street and i appreciate if staff could report back on any on those particular items as well as short time and long term improvements we can make there. >> thank you director heinecke. >> anything on the new or unfinished business. >> director's report. >> director reiskin good afternoon members of the board and public and staff just a couple of items one as i mentioned last night we want to acknowledge on behalf of literally hundreds of mta employees that contributed to the success with the super bowl that happened just about a month ago you recall our goals for that event for the transportation associated with that event make
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sure that people could get to and from the event safely and everything else could continue to get around the city whether they were going to the events or not and i think that by and large we achieved those goals it is - the result of a lot work from a lot of people both from within the agency and the public again both people that were participating and not just so some of the highlights we encourage folks to take transit and people listened and heeded our transportation ridership on muni was up the day before super bowl and tens of thousands of additional riders on the light rail and buses i'm sure you saw bart had record breaking numbers folks listened
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it made a difference and kept the carr geology folks talked about but it was prevented by the fact we had our parking control officers out in force and as i mentioned before the mayor you know himself told me they were doing an outstanding job and gotten a lot of feedback the last couple of weeks folks were surprised how well, the function of the street and not only that but the transportation getting around well there was a lot of communication that went out particularly from us from our website and in the course letters and text and a lot of staff about all the communication but i think that really worked in this case it helped the folks to understand what was open and closed what their options and how to get
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around that made a difference and i would say that really a lot of this is attribute to the planning extensive planning it was modeled a after previous large events the city and have large events the city this is a city that we are and it's our job as the transportation television station to make sure those events work and particularly that people are safe as i mentioned last meeting there were during the event related to the event there were no significant safety incidents which is something we're very proud of and it really was across the agency and across the city and region effort that made this work we will acknowledge some of the folks one of the key partners the planning and the lesson i can see was the super
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bowl host committee i believe stephanie martin is here before we recognize the staff i'll invite her up to say a few words on behalf of the host committee. >> good afternoon ms. martin. >> thank you very much for having me, i'm stephanie the vice president of the marketing for the super bowl 50 host committee couldn't urban design more thankful to be here we have so much to be proud of together as a city and an organization we came together toy define the super bowl that was the goal and together we did and heard that repeatedly from members of the public, from visitors from cio and the nfl owners from the team the experience they had in san francisco police commission o san francisco was one they had
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nowhere else and super bowl was the biggest celebration to be able to have the super bowl as a significant here to not only post something that was great but also do it in a way that reflects the value of san francisco was important to us we truly thank the residents and the entire team from the nfl and leadership a and put together a transportation plan that was considered by many flawless it was something not been seen before across the country when it comes to super bowl but it sends a terrific model we come together and region can work to collaborate and in particular when it comes to transportation how to take care of our residents and the investors make sure they're safe they know how to get around and meets the
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transit transportation was amazing there were hundreds of people we had the honor and privilege to work with in this o i wish i could name them all but truly thank every single one of them for the hard work and it is hard work over a long period of time to pull off something of this nature and again, san francisco really shined so thank you, very much for the opportunity and congratulations to everyone and you're great partnership. >> so we wanted to recognize the employees dozens involved the planning and hundreds in the execution we're now going to bring up every single of these employees one by one no, we have a few folks to accept the acknowledge from transit operators to parking control
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officers, street supervisors and maintenance and communication folks and a lot of people to make that happen and i'm sure to make it happen save 3 folks to come forward to accept the recognition on behalf of all first peter albert the planning manager who was the lead transportation planner for the city and region the super bowl ed co-bean acting as the transit director his day job the manager of the gary and mr. smith for all the communication and even though marketing efforts for the super bowl come forward. >> good afternoon. good afternoon. i guess i go first peter albert director of mr. sharp in mta what a pleasure and realize we can pull off
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something that people recognize as a challenge i could go on and acknowledge people but the groups of people that worked on stbld r sustainable streets in no order acknowledge the security and enforcement team the pcos making sure they made the traffic flow and the transit riders and act as ambassadors which they did and the traffic jerry that did work with the permits and that process the problem solving on a daily basis it would be a mistake we sat back and checked the plan everyday the liveable interstates streets people to make sure 9 bikes and vision zero and the parking team to make sure we had the parking
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done and don't want to lecture out the planning team planning this group i headed up and some of the transportation and demands management made a difference how we you know make sure they handled the community and field operations when it comes to laying down the stripping at the could through to make sure the information was out there physically and to make that work so thank you to the sustainable streets team. >> alphabetic order. >> good afternoon folks cable car i'm phil in for john hale and super bowl 50 the largest and biggest the city has had posted this event certificate of occupancy will have been made
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possible without hard work and all 35 hundred members of the community e muni community we know how to handle shakespearian events we do it everyday and every weekend but this required all hands on deck for 21 straight days and the operational set up to support the entire super bowl from the taxes down to the post take down this insured that our customers and investors got to their designations muni is on time perform was unimpacted by the events and detours thanks to did front line staff we served 21 days of detours the city with that 9 concert across 3 venues and 9 days of
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activities during super bowl city and the nfl experience this was our finest hour and best 21 days no significant incidents impacting our events and heard a lot about bart bart's ridership what about muni's ridership our subway was 50 percent higher on the we understand than super bowl city has and we carried over half a million customers on the saturday before super bowl which is almost a hundred thousand customers more that what that says about our system speaks volume behind me are a bunch of folks they played a huge role and it seemed easy but they made
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it seemed to me that way as possible we brought in representatives from rail and maintenance, street applications, metro rail and planning, station proclamations and central control additional our new transportation set up all the front line folks made an international role and together those individual have over 200 years of services serving muni and the city he wanted to recognize them with you and thank them and colleagues for the eminent support. >> thank you, mr. co-bean (clapping.) and good afternoon ms. smith. >> good afternoon. director nolan and esteemed board members i'll the marketing manager my honor to be accepting this on
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behalf of the sfmta team to make sure we delivered our transportation plans as i call the groups i want to members to stand up first our finance and technology team this group developed the budget and account for the costs related to super bowl 50 and many of the teams they volunteered as transportation ambassadors on the streets to insure that customers would find their way to the bus and around the city next our taxi accessibility team this group maintained our taxi zones around the evident and the parking enforcement they prioritized the path around the event and assisted with the maps and conveyed the sergeant and insure that the mayor's office on disability on protocol are these and sensitivity training and over capital group this
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group worked on the octavia boulevard wires and switch backs to successfully implement the muni routes to made sure that the customers got around in a this manner and records on the streets and finally i'd like to acknowledge the communication team my team from our digital communication like 9 the go to transportation to our realtime twitter to our maps and signage and rate findings and the obvious ambassadors this group worked often to insure that no matter if you're trying to get around san francisco you have the smart choices and get around without a vehicle to once again i'm pleased to be accepting this on the many folks if our behind the scenes that make it it possible for the front line teams to get it done
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effectively thank you very much. >> thank you (clapping.) if i may peter albert because i don't want us to video too. people with the up and down motion why not have everyone that worked from mta if you could stand up i see so many folks around here don't be shy we want to make sure that the complexity of that is understood by the variety of people the room we thank you (clapping.) >> one on behalf of the board of directors and the region thank you for an outstanding job a lot work to pull this off done very, very well as a special treat you're invited to stay for the entire board meeting
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(laughter) (clapping). >> director reiskin. >> yes. mr. chair two other kick r quick items one you may are read a story from the newspapers about some of the new buses the trolley buses and their performances i wanted to clarify that the craft to what is respond they can climb san francisco hills without difficulty and as specify they're performing how they should with the merchandise the 50 foot vehicles the longer vehicles with the partition the middle some have been in service for 9 months no incidents related to the time our tested vehicles have passed every test they've faced and those tests have specifications the contract a r and on our wish lists one
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measure of the comprehensive set of tests of vehicle performances and our buses have done quite well in terms of the the wish list and the manufactures r a new flier for the requirements and the trolley also passed every one of those tests those tests were to measure the ability to get up the hills they do so our goal to use the busses on streets with upgrades of less than 10 percent and on safer streets the contract harassed options for 200 and 40, 40 foot trollies we'll use on the extremist grades since 2014 the buses reliability for the fleet has increased by more than 60 percent as you measured by the
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distance between fairs so those are performing much, much better and the trollies are making the most defensive in customer experience and quality i know that every time i got on one whether a new trollies it is a different feel so want to assure you the buses are performing as designed as they are doing very well and finally want to speak to something that director rubke they mentioned a number of people are here and want to recognize that the tragedy that happened back on february 4th when a community member in a wheelchair was hit and killed as crossing market street at 7 and first want to express on behalf
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of the entire agency the condolences to the families and friends and just since learned what a deep impact on san francisco and the bay area community i know a lot of people were touched and like every fatality collision it was tragedy and preventable everything we're doing under the umbrella vision zero to prevent those tragedies from happening as director rubke mentioned our partners to the mayor's office on disability as well as a number of organizations part of vision zero coalition senior exact action walk sf had a memorial outside to honor ms. fan and i actually called for action and you know we take this and
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anything that happened on the streets seriously we don't want to wait and working to be pro-active and trying to design or redesign our streets such that a mistake didn't result in death or serious injury so we're working very hard everyday to make our streets safely but we will continue the police department is investigating so i can't really speak to anything cause or determined at the moment but hsa as they're investigating we have already started at making improvements like the signage the intersection to help to clarify to all the modes of traffic that can and should be aware of reducing the likelihood
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regardless what happened in this situation for something like this happening again commit to the enforcement on market street and argue parking control officers some of them are the room to continue to help guide and educate drivers and people traveling in he every mode to get around safely we are working with the malice environment to allow the citywide viewing of the vehicle training video a video the city first help teach city employees and anyone else we mandated in our department that anybody in our department that point to say use this vehicle must complete the training and the highlights urban driving practices to drive in san francisco and that congestion we have in many ways the people get around and the
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video on oversized vehicles specifically for 3 industry so wanted to acknowledge that i know that is very present in people's minds today, our condolences to the family and this renewed commitment to make our streets safer and to the early comprehensive report on what we can do with respect to the requests and to the safety on market street. >> members of the board questions or comments. >> if we can adjourn the meeting in many fans memory. >> members of the public. >> yes. mr. chairman there are members of the public that wish to address the commission
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(calling names). >> it will be followed by carla johnson and jessie. >> hello. >> good afternoon. >> hi, i'm maria the director of community services at light house for the blizzard i'll hear to say a couple of comments about the tragedy death of two fans at light house for the blind we train thousands of blind people around the bay area and the beginning of may we're
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moving from van ness to market street just half a block from 7th street and market she was killed on the 5 of february we are concerned about this at the light house many of the staff are visually impaired we may have the skills to safely travel the streets of san francisco many of the students don't we are building an agency we serve not just the blind of the bay area but many people from across the nation will be coming to visit us for various reasons and have to cross may not be that is environmental to all of us that i know we have commercial vehicles turning left into market and improvement of traffic laws amongst the drivers
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and pedestrians are given a head start while according the street before it turns green those are the comments on behalf of the light house. >> more names (calling names). >> good afternoon good afternoon directors with walk sf i'm here today on behalf of the walk sf and the vision zero coalition to really highlight this really, really sad tragedy was prevent able to lost her life she shouldn't have and save market street was designed to prevent the exact crash that killed two we know and really commend the mta for taking action on vision zero projects moving this forward quickly and getting to thirty when you
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committed to 24 and now we with need to do it challenge you to move faster and really think about how we can push the boundary the left turn that killed two allows for many exemptions that is the first and most importantly to address we shouldn't be exempting all the types of vehicles we should be looking at the core vehicles and really reconsider the commercial vehicle exception allowing trucks and commercial vehicles to turn left not only is dangerous in and of itself but signals to other drivers i think i can turn left we see the following the leader non-stop for the corner of today and secondly, clarify signage it needs to be really easy within a split second to be able to understand what the signs are telling you what to go not a
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comprehensive test and finally cerebral palsy across all directions on market street people should be put first and be able to put pedestrian first and in that intersection so thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> carla johnson followed by jessie and others. >> good afternoon. >> thank you director nolan and director reiskin i'm carla the directors at the mayor's office on disability we're a member of the vision zero task force and our role has been to raise the issue at every single opportunity it pedestrian safety that people with disabilities and seniors have a higher risk on the streets of san francisco so our plans need to be developed with with that in mind i'm an employer here in the city
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of san francisco i have to say as someone who lives on mid-market our office is there between 7th street and 8th street as someone that hazard to cross the street that event was personal this crash rather could have happened to anyone of my employees and instead it happened to someone that many of us knew the community that was true he she was effected she wa market i saw her everyday and my piece of the recognize is actually from the prospective as a city manager that is, i building we need to we can do better job and appreciate director reiskin to develop that my experience as a aide driver i
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last had my training over 20 years ago we need to look at training videos and things tools like telling motivation to so and in pga one observation on the memorial we're recommended 50 advocates from the disability community i wanted to know if you're enforcing the city vehicles to make that left turn so thanks. >> thank you. >> (calling names) >> good afternoon. . >> is she here. >> yes. she's at the mike. >> my name is jessie i'm a staff attorney with the resource center
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i- we are highly motivated to bring about changes to pedestrian safety and in the advisory committee of this crash that happened i one of the things we can do is we can install pedestals and the inspectors like on market street that can help people people with disabilities to get a advantage and make sure they are more visible when the crashes and every way they can be cost effective and should be implemented you know as quickly as possible and in the advisory committee of that incident. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> hello. >> good afternoon.
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>> i'm is from san francisco i have lived in this city since i was 6 years old yeah. >> thank you very much. >> she says my name a sasha inch lived here since i was 6 years old. >> okay. >> things need to get safer on
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market street and for pedestrians in general. >> i'm a cancer survivor and on to. >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. basis i'm worried getting hit by a car than my cancer (interpreter). >> i support walk sf recommendation
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(interpreter). >> i urge to put those recommendations into action very soon. >> ) interpreter). >> because i don't want to hear about anyone else the community. >> dying from this preventable thing. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> holly and jessica and patricia void. >> good afternoon. >> i'm holly this is my sister linda and my husband and my son and nephew we live if san francisco living in san francisco you hear all
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the stories all the time burglary people being hit you never imagine it can happen to you or your loved one two yookz media sister family was fayette hit by a car on her way to work she was crossing market street and a city vehicle made an illegal left turn and hit her, she was hit and died we were the hospital we saw how fast she deteriorated she had two broken bones, broken ribs and broken arm the surgeons told us she had bleeding in her head and never woke up it was one of the most painful things we let her go
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seeing her body her half shapen head and swollen body it's about been so hard the last couple of weeks we just want to maya angelou make you aware she was somebody who was loved and she's was such an impactful person and made a difference to everyone she met please take all these - the advice in consideration because nobody should face the pain and harshest. >> at some point why not show the pictures of your sister on tv ms. white go ahead and
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actually jessica layman and patricia void and ms. layman. >> if she can sure. >> yep okay. >> good afternoon ms. layman. >> jessica with the senior and disability action thank you for your time to hear the stories. >> thank you to the family for sharing that with us i don't have a lot to add you saw the recommendation and heard the urging to take action quickly quickly and thank you director reiskin for oonls it shouldn't take a death to make things at save as possible but recognizing this is an opportunity for us to
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do something as a memorial the call to action event there was bossing of people say saw people from the disability community i didn't know people from san francisco and the east bay and all kinds of disabilities and it is amazing to me that that the family and community members awhile people are grieving are also saying let's have is something come out of this let's not only mourn and feel the loss let's found one positive thing making our streets safer in the future on, on facebook and in person i've heard so many people in who cares and all kinds of district attorney's office talking about the close calls they've had and talking about how scared people are to cross the street i know i've been there myself we have a responsibility to do
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something so i ask you with the family here today with the communities here to make sure that we all see something come out of this tragedy thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> patricia void the last person turned in a speaker card. >> good afternoon. >> this accident shouldn't are happened but this department will see more sorry about this ed reiskin we've been arguing and arguing and arguing about seniors and people with disabilities walking eight-hundred feet between buses people are not take into consideration with ms sincere balance palsy they're your clients and hearing this this a corner at barker and lombard we've asked the remodel
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owner for 20 years remodeling not showing us the plan i think that the department is not looking both this and thoroughly as possible americans with disabilities act was not just about who cares it is about one hearing, physical defects i personally kanltd walk long distances i have things in any leg i think this is being extremely ignored and can be probably going to court on that issue pretty sure i fully believe you can work with us more thoroughly and with more of an open attitude other than well, we are doing this for our constituents you can - the
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constituents is ada people and i think that is being ignored and i would like to work very hard with the groups to stop this nonsense. >> ms. bloomer next item has he submitted a card. >> i'll speak because the other item is related i'll feel the last time and he spoke about the physically challenged and how some of them are forced to come in the middle of the road and i have had the opportunity to push some wheelchairs away from the traffic and i was looking at your faces which of you had tears in your
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icy that this real estate happened a life was lost you'll soon revise one thing to feel from the advocates but it is quite another thing when someone losses their life and i work with ed reiskin and he'll tell you that he is very prompt when i text him he'll get on the ball so it is not about mr. ed reiskin himself it is about how do we feel about the americans with disabilities act i was ray a program director at the presidio many years before you all had an ada director in the city and county of san francisco so you commissioners you know i don't want to get - see really is what i want to say i've seen
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this is european effects you all so i think it should be part of your mediation so you all come up with solutions thank you very much. >> okay that's it ms. bloomer anything else. >> seeing none mr. chairman item 8 the citizens advisory committee report i don't see mr. weaver and item 9 members of the public may address the commission of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, mr. da costa he left. okay. >> chip (calling names). >> game-changer directors i didn't realize that the tragedy death would be covered during
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the director's report i'm commenting i'm the co-chair of the marries council i have a letter written by my colleague and might have i won't read it word for word but a copy is a complete copy mailed to the board you'll have it by the end of the week the bay area advocate was hit by a car crossing 7th street in a wheelchair talks about the safety concerns with the people with disabilities seniors face on a daily basis the members of the mayor's office on disability support the vision zero initiative it is of paramount importance to insure the pedestrian safety through the priority unenforcement and the use of engineering solutions and enhanced public education for
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all road uses including bicyclists and drivers we conditioner consider this a call to action and urge the mayor and this board of supervisors and the san francisco municipal transportation agency to implement the following recommendations as quickly as possible to prioritize traffic enforcement by police officers or traffic ambassadors who guide the cars through intersection, adjusting the time of traffic signals from market street to say a integral and scramble time that allows the pedestrians to cross the intersection from traffic in all directions are stopped and increasing the bulb outs and the materials the san francisco bay area has a history of disability rights movement we urge you to continue this by sending the message the
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need of pedestrians are disabilities are valued and all pedestrian safety discussions thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> my name is eileen a resident of the sunset park side district here regarding the rapid project the residents the neighborhood serving businesses have a number of concerns regarding the proposed project however, there is is also the prospective that the mta is unresponsive to these concerns and in response to those neighborhoods concerns i'm developing a community-based plan for the taraval improvements >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) good afternoon. >> good afternoon speaking as a concerned citizen
8:19 am
i believe you received a copy of a letter i e-mailed yesterday i'll read into the record the sfmta has not been rehearsal as of late with production of public documents request and the wednesday night is not easy to navigate for people trying to research and understand what is going on in our neighborhood we're getting requests for help you understand what is going on we are private citizens and not our job to help people it is the departments therefore we're making a formal go request on the record to produce documents if a know manner i believe that two days e-mails should take 14 days to fortune we're requesting the sfmta design a proper website that the public can use to assess the data they're using to plan and execute the -
8:20 am
programs and promotions a few years ago compliments were brought to the planning department about their public notice and assess to the database the planning department has considerably less funds than the sfmta yet they've done an excellent job of the database that the public can use one evaluate the sfmta needs help we suggest they talk to the planning department if the technical people needs suggestions or ideas how to improve their service they may request surveillance from those who are waiting for the results sfmta needs an online public friendly easily searchable by street name database similar to the planning department has produced thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> herbert wiener followed by
8:21 am
patricia and last speaker is john. >> good afternoon. >> herbert wiener the interpretation of the two clemente line with the sutter's line the recess regulation is promoted as progress notably great speed in transit what is the left out the tariff points from the ferry building to market street to catch the turn around during rush, however, others presidio and california street that is forced people to wait for another bus to complete their designation the reason for the turn around there are not enough sutter's buses to provide services there should be buses that travel the route all the time and the two sutter's have been stolen if the
8:22 am
jackson line it invents people passengers for the 3 jackson in addition the two will terminator at 6th street and clemente ending the bus service along the clemente that was a perfectly good line until mta tickle elder about it with twist planning that results in an inconvenient travel time with the clemente streets case by case for sutter street they're for everyone and not particular parties you'll seniors and advocate groups should be protest that and walking along danced to clemente and california and geary street this should be protested because of walking long distances for shoplifters the clemente is another sign of failed muni
8:23 am
planning moving forward? >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> patricia and john. >> patricia void. >> disabilities so many of them are asthma people have to have their houses cleaned on a regular basis, they have to have special machines inside of their houses if you put boubltsdz in front of them it can't be done ms the same way special treatment come to the houses and they can't get in with bulb outs, transit bulb outs in front of their houses i have an algae and people give
8:24 am
me the hemming lick maneuver they could be walking across the streets or so two conveniences korean war veterans who are in late 80s and 90s that's what it's all about they're only lives is coming down on the thirty stockton getting off there and seeing judy at the bank or max at the grocery stores and it used to be the doughnut shop they hung out scott street scott street is an narrow street from the earner ends stop to the grocery stores take away the scott street stop these 80 and 90 years old with the rheumatoid arthritis have to walk another three to four
8:25 am
hundred feet with grocery bags to take to get on the bus to come back is it fair no, it is sdriemgs big discrimination i want you to realize things are happening on lombard and on that lombard barker exit thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> john alex although, the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> board of directors of san francisco municipal transportation agency i john come to you in a moment of appreciation for your vote to not extend the temporary permit on as inching or initially independence on the commuter bus
8:26 am
two steps forward may it not be one step back we've developed a program the future for all the traveling in the city thank you. >> my second point is relevant to what occurred today and how it relates to the disability empowerment movement 4 people i know of that went to uc berkley that were involved in exact combrfrment movement and pedestrian safety ed robert, carla johnson and i'm following in their lead as a graduate of uc berkley in 1994 i ask you to realize how important their campus is and it's sicken college it relates to usf i urge to constructively analysis and implement safety manufacture for
8:27 am
pedestrians and cars and along laguna and herman and hate on the property used to be owned by fully owned by ucsf and the estimation campus run by mercy housing and open house so, please further look at those projects i appreciate your decision not to extend as initially defined the commuter shuttle program thank you. >> anyone from the public wish to comment seeing none, okay ms. bloomer moving on to the consent calendar those to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests mr. chairman i've you've received a request infrastructure the k and y be severed i've received no other request from the public or the members of the board. >> members of the board is there a motion on 10 point one
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must i and j; is that correct and 10.2 and the rest of the consent calendar is 10.2. >> motion to approve. >> second any further discussion? the i's have it. all right. public comment on item 10 point one i and j for the record the parking modifications establishing a tow away no stopping at any time at various locations and establishing a red zone on eddy and pine, play street and various locations. (calling names) >> mr. hale. >> good afternoon mr. hale and and then hale i'm a veteran of this country and city and i'm
8:29 am
appalled we have the eagle turned backwards has anything noticed that thank you. >> my concern today is of our business which is a family business located on oak and since 1937 a small family business we've been there since this time we have a concern we have a bicycle pathway down through our street that is considerably working right now they would like to extend this to eliminate part of our parking and our access to our driveways for the safety of all concerns the concern we have to come out of a basement and if they put this track excess track we'll be
8:30 am
running over bikes and pedestrians they have a incline as soon as we reach the sidewalk we'll be running over bikes the bikes have been lying there it is save we watched the people they have been no accidents the bicycle lane right now why do we need to extend it further this was not part of original plan it was a reverse plan on the option of the street we have no knowledge of the changes until we heard this fwoogs weeks ago thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> peter followed by jean and then shalg the last person peter is next.
8:31 am
>> he left. >> he left? >> i think he left. >> my name is jean i'm the third generation owner of the lines on the corner of polk street any grandfather established this in 1937 i worked with any father for 35 years have a second job as a school board trustee i'm i think so the political pressure of making decisions i served on the nonprofits organization i have been serving the community at the i take it a pleasure we replace refrigerators for apartments in san francisco two to three years ago i attended a meeting regarded the changes on polk street i was shown the bike lane where
8:32 am
it would be or where the loading zone will stay it came to my attention the bike lanes are moved it is the only derivative to our building and in between the bike lane and the lane of traffic there will be landscaping making it even more difficult to get those trucks in and out we don't let the trucks in and out without someone spotting but still a challenge we're also, because our chair only entrance there is no inside entrance only from polk street a loading zone that if years ago when i went to the meeting about this bike lane they said oh, no the bike lane will be staying new i understand the loading zone is goinging away i asked
8:33 am
him to keep the bike lanes they've been working i wasn't sure how it will work but they've been in place - >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> shalg last person. >> everyone i'm shalg i'm a representative for the work and concerned about the i guess taking away the parking which creating to the bike lane they have now that's fine it is safer for the bikers and when their coming up the level and coming down at a hill so when we back out your or ours is a repair shop sometimes, it is hard to see them bend they see us so if they're coming down the hill fast and they don't have enough
8:34 am
time to spot us they'll go into the car we back up and it is harder to see we're at a lower level it puts them in danger so often the issue you guys are taking away the parking it is downhill for the tow truck to move the car only one way in and out we're the mid block so the only way the tow truck to unload the car so we can drive is in on a down hill speed there's no way to push the car up that hill the only way do we need parking in front so not for the tow truck but for the people that pick up the waste oil they have to go because the truck will not be able to drive through did garage because it is too small
8:35 am
so they have to use the hole to supplement the oil so if i take away the parking this will also not having did parking there will be a big time traffic an up and down street and my tow truck. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> (calling names). >> he's the late person to turn in a speaker card. >> good afternoon directors noichlz a mr. apprenticeships with the bicycle coalition here to speak in support of polk street project for the past 3 years we have worked with our members with the community stakeholders and, of course, the sfmta trying to insure we had a vision for a project for policies that was transmitter active and addresses the serious
8:36 am
safety concerns on the corner not only for people biking allergy but people walking and driving it is a project that is ambitious but goes a long way to address the issues. >> thank you for moving forward and i also people that hope we can address the concerns the merchants have that are very real. >> anyone from the public wish to comment director borden. >> can we have staff respond i'm yes, ma'am athletic but this polk street is a safety project years the making and was legislated most of project can we get clarification why more changes coming before us. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon
8:37 am
excuse me. i'm matt with the sustainable streets and the reason this is before you we have what we call clean up legislation so you the board passed the polk street escape project in march of 2015 and as we've gotten into the daily design with public works our sister agency the city that things get modified or tweaked slightly so we have to bring it before the board for legislation additionally, there is some other minor changes regarding the stated of practice this is regarding the bicycle safety and many changes that are really the best thing we can do lastly i'll say that bans what more field observation and being the field and evaluating what is
8:38 am
happening. >> good thank you. i'll go ahead and make a motion to approve the bicycle safety and so many policies in place that support this project. >> a second on this one. >> i wanted to ask one question i cannot visualize if you have a graphic i can't say visualize the concept to make sure we're not causing - >> for this specific location. >> sfgovtv if you could put on - thank you.
8:39 am
>> so i actually spoke with the constituents i think, too weeks ago and spoke with them after the engineering public hearings so my understanding of their concern where their businesses are located are on the west side of policies just south of 0'farrell which is here currently there is a loading zone one loading zone on that block we'll remove for the curve side bike lane the reason we're doing the bike lane to keep is consistent how zoomed out on geary which is north traveling setting the bike lane is against the curve and a we want to continue it along the
8:40 am
curve adopt to ellis where is the driveway. >> the driveway is right there. >> does it go to the bike lane. >> there is a driveway that enters the bike lane through the sidewalks like any other brick lane to the sidewalk the idea the reason that staff is recommending it along the curve as i said like the weaving of cyclists. >> in general how are we handling i don't think there are that many situations. >> we have driveways. >> not on unusual situation. >> we have driveways a lot of places the city especially with driveways the city and anything
8:41 am
else there is a motion and a second any further discussion? 91 west in those the i's have it. thank you. >> okay ms. bloomer mr. chairman that concludes our consent calendar and so move on to item 11 amending the transportation code to limit the duration of the shuttle program to one year and limit the stops to one and 25 and directing the staff to report a network model and for the increases in stops at the individual locations and authorizing the director permission to study at the relationship between transportation programs and housing costs. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon director nolan and decorators i'm hank the budget director for the
8:42 am
commuter shuttle program you've heard about a lot about the shuttle i hope that is the last time but before you get to what is great the board on the screen yeah. so the board approves the ongoing shuttle program to the 2015 we felt like this program improves on point out polite and i'll get to those i wanted to mention we think this program is a model for the regulation of this kind transportation observing san francisco is at zero for the commuter shuttle we have more in the country and than in the world we're sort of limited in how we can regulate given the walk sf we're not allowed to ban the busses from
8:43 am
the streets and stopping at curve this is generally a model for transportation in other cities and that might face the same issues before we get into the program improved the situations on the streets the first is regulating the busses to aerial street and we've heard this from constituents a map is helpful i don't know how well it comes through on the street the buses over 35 street what drive before the program came around >> and this is what it looks like now so significant reductions the number of places buses can drive so we think this goes a long way to address that concern and a similarly a lot fewer 0 loading zones so an example where we on
8:44 am
the buses are stopping at 200 and 50 locations before the polite that is introduced one and 25 as we move forward that number will continue to go down and one thing the map we've xhvblt moved from shared zones to white avoiding the muni conflicts as possible and making changes forward to move the shuttle from the intersection to the far sided issues for the concerns. >> we heard a lot of concerns about the emissions and we are in response requiring a newer cleaner salute it fleet and those shuttles are 25 to thirty years old the program going forward shuttles starting in 2020 more than 8 years and will
8:45 am
all be meeting the emissions from 2012 before the polite we had no way of collecting data we sent people on the discredits with clipboards we did but this resource sensitive and for the program we'll have impeach data about the shuttles location and we narrative maps and track where they're going and issue penalty when they're doing something one thing wrong and use it to approve the service a concern we've heard the decals under the project were not visual enough we've addressed that by making the decals 40 percent bigger and the 36 is more visual to contact the mta if there is a problem and requiring a sticker on every
8:46 am
bus that allows the members of the public to contact a shuttle if there is angle issue. >> before the polite not a dedicated enforcement team on top of the busy responsibility to try to enforce this new kind of transportation and under the program a dedicated enforcement team of 1 pcos to make sure that everything is moving smoothly and the shuttle operators will be participating we'll be oozed the fees to install safety improvements around the city like transit boarding island it improve the pedestrian safety and shuttle drivers alike i think as some of the folks from the labor communities said in previous meetings without the
8:47 am
program there is a an issue. >> and, of course, fees before the polite we were collecting no fees and the facts of the shuttles under the polite we've collected over 4. $5 million allowing us to do robust improvement to minimize the impacts. >> with that said, the board of supervisors negotiated changes none of which are particularly we don't think those will impact the benefits we've talked about that includes the study of hupdz u hud system or some other system that maybe more efficient and monitoring the impacts in specific zones and looking at air quality and things like that and i believe the board of supervisors setting
8:48 am
up sunset data 12 months we'll come back i guess about this time next year in 2017 hopefully with more improvements we're seeing more evidence is working well the board of supervisors asked that the budget analysts to conduct a study on housing and transportation i'll be happy to that will not be coming out of mta budget for that so if this board should adapt before you essentially the revisions that the brvrsz passed this program will take effect april one and on the streets for commuters and a six months report and report back and hen the program will again be over on march 31st and 2017 to give you more information. >> just for the clarification mr. chairman the agenda the
8:49 am
state that the board will authorize the study relationship between the transportation and housing costs, however, after mr. willingly nodded the board of supervisors actually directed the budget analyst to conduct that study it is not an action that the board will be taking today. >> thank you members of the public anyone wish to address the board. >> yes. members of the public who wish to address. >> (calling names) >> good afternoon. >> i'm bob one of the 3 appellants of the program you approved in november and after the negotiations and the board of supervisors action throats transportation authority we withdrew our appeal of the november approval of the permanent program hoping you'll follow through so thank you for
8:50 am
that that represents some good steps towards a good safer program i want to call your attention to one concern ongoing that was referenced in an unusual rephrasing with hank willingly should the mta can't allow the bus at curbside by reading the language of the vehicle code subdivision i that those shuttle buses will not be loud in transit bus stops not given that up but. >> party to the original lawsuit to the pilot program the case is still pending how wide you can allow those transit bus stops is not been explained is not been clarified i know that supervisor wiener seems to think that is acceptable but at the same time since all the briefs
8:51 am
the decision the pleasing on the lawsuit have been completed and waiting for the judge's ruling i'm going to ask why mta can't come out with a justification why going against the plain text reading of cbc you, you may not be able to do it but raise questions are you getting this through and in concrete and later retroactively deal with that attempts to come up with state legislation to authorize commuter shutters to use commuter bus stops it didn't seem likely you need to >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon ms. current letter. >> good afternoon
8:52 am
i'm a citizen who witnesses the commuter buses in earlier in the morning and late into the night solutions are needed for the inefficient courtroom shutters in san francisco we're dealing with a system it is room pant the onerous on the businesses to deal with the buses and size and an extinct body to critically evaluate if better organization could be achieved with less negative impact on the city for example, we should know the occupancy rate of the buses put smaller vehicles what under the circumstances have been evaluated the companies should be made to show they've done their homework there is a recent boom in europe of carpooling based on smart apps those are successful in france and now in
8:53 am
india increase the public translator and extend bart and the use of ferries those are long term fixed the short time the companies, however, unwilling note to cooperate facebook and apple and google the irony of the situations we're dealing with companies that are world leaders in cutting-edge technologies yet the best transport is not okay with 9 generosity once more a system that the 1950s would have looked date and thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> thank you for pronouncing my name right. >> hi, everybody i sort of the way cataracts are
8:54 am
supposed to take over someone's vision slowly you don't notice our losing your vision and have it removed you see the world and realize how much our vision is corrected this is what is happening with the shuttle the beginning it provides a way for the citizens and others to get to businesses have you sat at the corners we sat at and tried it as a pedestrian and tried to ride muni and felt what it feels like to be on the highways of the residential neighborhoods it is dangerous, it is anti athlete to the kinds of communities that san francisco is like by allowing those companies to run double decker shuttles that appear to be us half full at times through our residential
8:55 am
streets shuttling people in and out who are not participating in our communities and neighborhood who many of whom the last survey i heard shouldn't be living here if not provided with the free commute why are we rubber stamping this to do the studies and find alternatives will move them to the transit hubs and in the embarcadero they can join us instead of impeding our commute let those people figure out if they want to be part of community not make it so simple for the corporations to be invading our city and make muni work for everyone instead of us watching those highways taking over our neighborhoods thank you. >> thank you.
8:56 am
>> (calling names). >> my name is eileen a resident of the sunset park side district even though the sunset park side not heavily impacted by the shuttle buses the west side is here in solidarity with the neighborhoods that are impacted i'm here in support of proposal for a one year polite project with a 6 month review thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon directors i'm michael barrett work with save muni and i do that voluntarily i want to see the muni railroad succeed you're doing a great job one thing limit the commuters shuttle program to one year six months
8:57 am
review and restrict the number of commuters stops to one and 25 that's make sense during that time they have a chance to look at other programs that explore transitioning to a hub system to get the commuter shuttles out of the public bus stops please remind that is a illegal vision of the vehicle code for private carriers to operate in public bus stops a big problem i think this going forward watching what is going on for the first 6 months and make that better for the public transportation system so thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> last person to turn in a speaker card on this topic. >> good afternoon again, i'm
8:58 am
here to support the amended version of the shuttle program sierra club i didn't hear what everyone said i'll offer any help and if it is needed to come up up with a hub system we've been talking about for 4 years i know the people on potrero hill have been talking about either local shuttle system or some kind of hub system we really don't need to have a lot of cars coming through the city right now they don't have options we know parking lots get full around the bart station and there's not enough parking near the train stations and san francisco has no parking near any of the hubs but we're concerns about the shuttle bus hub situation if we can set up a
8:59 am
situation near the on ramps whether by bus or shuttle or bart didn't matter matter you need to keep them off the city streets right now more shuttles on market street and 16th street than cars i can tell you for a fact few cars on 16th street they're big vehicles thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) >> last two speakers that turned in a speaker card. >> good afternoon mr. mason. >> good afternoon edward mason for 10 years increasing the neighborhood impact and no enforcement of red limousines the strategic analysis by the san francisco municipal transportation agency for $75,000 and completed in june of
9:00 am
11 the neighborhood impact disharmony i didn't with 33 buses an hour at twoufrt and church street and 24th street and van ness 47 buses an hour between 7 and 8 o'clock in the morning the invitation to stand and obvious those vehicles at any time i'll be happy to to acknowledge that now the mtc is initiated a bay area managed lanes implementation plan and topic leveling 11 to complain a regional express bus system with parking lots that is moving along slowly at nbc i urge you to communicate with them and other option for the individuals to take bart to the bart station because there are considerable number of bus spaces not used at the bart station the bart's is no longer operating through that
9:01 am
area now that's my basic comment lastly the ids numbers have to be on all four sees of the buses i'm glad they're increasing by 40 percent you can't see the identification number of a bus when a bicycle rack is on the top of the bus no standard location if you're monitoring and trying to write down you can't see it so i'll strongly recommend that and also keep in mind there is probably will a half a million gloolgsz of fuel waftsdz on $29 million a month those buses are commuting back empty to the city thank you. >> thank you. >> patricia void last person. >> i support the trial i question how the departments are working together looks like a
9:02 am
piece meal issue on some of the programs and you're not allowed to piecemeal projects the one thing i'm worried about i'll give you an analogy on one side is one manager and on the odds a manager the one is wonderful we've worked with the phil station and with the parking lot where they can stage them the chariots and put them in and they go back on the pickup on time and gone on the other side what we see is will not work when this guy is on a day off chaos they all come and just line up. >> the way between cellist nut and lombard the police department have been out there
9:03 am
several times this is not working i talked about with one of the riders he said i get tired of waiting for muni but he stand out there every day for 45 minutes waiting for a charge i do not i don't understand what is really happening here i think we should look into enforcement big time and really enforcing is something to enforce it they're not listening they're just not listening. >> lover said we never go oh, no, we don't go to residential 10 of them turn right an muni and take a left on greenish but oh, no, don't go in residential neighborhoods we have to think of a way for enrollment. >> anyone from the public wish
9:04 am
to comment to the board. >> my name is herbert wiener i have an observation i noticed that the google buses don't dare travel to the areas of town because a ban on oversized vehicles now what politics to the ceqa should apply to the rest of city it is not fair those buses are collin traffic a nuisance and impede public transportation as well i'd like to see more buses on one condition they be muni buses to have their services i think those are the only buses providing the service i think that the hub idea is an excellent idea i support what the other speakers have advocated. >> anyone from the public wish to comment on that seeing none, what's pleasure of the board. >> i want to thank mr. willingly and his entire group i'm confident with the continuing hard work of the
9:05 am
group and the engaged public to improve that project as we go forward and discuss this bus stops in improved forms thank you very much and offer a motion. >> a motion to me. >> is there a >> technical discussion? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. so we'll adjourn. >> mr. chairman director rubke's request for ms. fan thank you very much. >> thank .
9:06 am
>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support
9:07 am
the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc >> well, thank you for coming this morning ladies and gentlemen, our city over the past few months had not been grammatic grappling with a crisis in far too any city's between the trust of color and law enforcement in the breakdown of this trustee
9:08 am
can most awe kufl the shooting death of mario woods this past december and since that sdooub incident i've ordered a number of reforms to the use of force policies to prevent police officer involved shootings whenever possible i've proposed comprehensive farmz removes the department of justice own recommendation and the president obama to rebuild the community trust i'm joined by many in our community more calling for an independent review of the police departments policies and of the death of mr. mario woods i've asked and tasked achieving chief suhr and others to submit a detailed plan for further
9:09 am
reforms after a series of community meetings around the city and with stakeholders input this is not been an easy task by any means i want to say first hand a deep gratitude i have to the volunteers of our police commission of who spent count countedless hours working with volunteers from the communities, to make sure that this reflected deserv desires coming from the community as well as professional ideas and today, i accept their comprehensive reform packages it you'll hear in detail in a moment a reformed package that is developed in partnering with the community and already directed any budget direction to incorporate those into the budget planning i believe because of the input
9:10 am
that has been given by countless hours by you are african-american reform and review form and also by a number of conversations i've had not only with this forum but engages engagements throughout the community substantial and meaningful changes to policy to training, and to equipment and they do sdmafkt have agree change in craigslist as to how and when offers use force already, we've seen the benefits of those new tactics earlier this month for example, the police department encountered a man with a knife and the man didn't drop the knife avenue verbal very clear verbal instructions or after getting hesitate that beanbags and pepper stray our police officers
9:11 am
retreated in this incident to create time and distances and eventually were able to apprehend the superintendant without firing the guns our policewoman's protecting did public without using life or death force we are fundamentally reengineering the ways police officers use force awhile at the same time increasing transparent and other within our san francisco police department we already have one of the most transparent process he's and open processing for governing the police the country and this comprehensive reform will build on the foundation and help our sworn officers to strengthen their ties with the community while keeping e keeping the city save
9:12 am
this is a time to rebuild and build and go forward it is a time we recognize we must he'll the wounds and at the same time bridge the challenge between our communities and those scorn to protect them and again, i acknowledge this is no single task it requires the continuous efforts on police reform and job training and violence protection but has to do with education, housing and violence reduction the communities i and many of the other standing behind me representing our communities and our departments h are committed to the work i know everyone here as well is committed i know that more is needed to be done and more needs to be said we'll continue this
9:13 am
dialogue and this action and also wanted to make sure you know that with us today are march and deanthony jones a couple of the youth leader that are part of that process we engaged our youth as ma many along with our faith-based leaders and the community advisory form we've been working hard at with that, i want to let you know this document that is presented to me does reflect what i asked for mayor ed lee and it reflected an approach that i'm proud has been reflected of our community input and, in fact, stat through a couple of the sessions including the one last week to march or make sure they're on track and d to go into detail will be the
9:14 am
police commission and police chief let me introduce exclusively greg suhr. >> thank you, mr. mayor and good morning years we've been working as a police department with the community members many standing behind me and many more that will end up finishing this story to foster trust and good relationships with the community realm in policing without the trust the community we can't best do our jobs that trust was shaken for many recipient especially in communities of color on december 2nd with the use of mario woods and we've been working hard under the leadership of the compamayor an commissioner president loftus to try to get to a place where we can minimize that force with regard to weapons and other
9:15 am
situations we need to figure out a way to reengineer force we've collaborated with experts from around the country around the world and met with people from the united kingdom and members and 3450i67 have been back eatist tries the main goal the sanctity of life for everyone that everybody walks away whenever possible as the mayor stated on the story 90 on february 8 fourth street officers enoccurred a superintendant of 6 foot that mr. plus with a knife in one hand and a key the other and wouldn't surrendered the weapons we tried the tools and were unsuccessful used the language we're talking about the deesclation practices where we wanted to create time and distance to formulate a plan and
9:16 am
tried to deescalate those are makes sen things we've been training for the last few weeks and the day ended they realized what was not going to work and plan b getting an arsenal of the superintendant and wrestled him again sanctity of life, deesclation, proportionality and the time for distance are the basis for everybo everything tweezer talking about with with any weapon short of a firearm the vast majors of shootings that have happened in san francisco by a recent study inside 5 minutes and 19 months create time 15 and distances 15 yarld we can avoid the officer-involved shooting short
9:17 am
of a firearm we've made the planning of a firearm with the use of force it might not seem significant to a regular person but meeting with the community they want an explanation every time an officer points a firearm and will get it supervisors are not required to respond to an incident to take over and hopefully get inside of the 5 minutes that is the firearm qualification to a - from a one or two basically just confidence for the firearm to a 8 firearm training with the first half of the day everybothing on but ucll force the officers will carry the helmet and explosive and batons anything that creates the time and distances and double did capacity the way of beanbags and climate devices over the
9:18 am
same amount of time we've put-down for the under surveillance nufl cis an activiy and declapgs within the policy an officer against a danger to themselves this is a policy driven but not institutionalize as a policy as from 2011 it laid the deesclation and bans the use of restraint or choke holes and prevents the officers from shooting other vehicles the vehicle itself is the only means of assault and we're asking for additional tools including that training with shields i know much is - on for the the swat teams and phenomenal o only for use when someone is a danger to others and staexpanded the cris
9:19 am
intervention i wish for members from the community withat were helpful 5 hundred officers tracing e training in intervention and every recruit graduates from the academy and the trainers we want to come up with advanced crisis intervention short of hostage norts for an aptitude for preservation there is as call for independent review and the department department of justice the cops office formed an initiative is coming to san francisco they've been here we'll have one meeting in las vegas and other plaza places and asked for a command level that person was appoint and stands behind me deputy director tony can capita r chaplain for the mr. nolan and will speak in a
9:20 am
minute on those subjects and transparency asia accurate data and technology is something else that the community is calling for we'll collect the data in realtime using the web-based whatever and smart phones the officers ahave been issued to process the tickets detentions and field intervienss over time he we believe will come in ahead of the supervisor cohen's bills hoping to improve the transparency, of course, body cameras and hopefully the first body worn camercameras in maybe sooner with everyone the san francisco mr. police department barbecue being a body worn camera by the end of 2016 and opted into the capitol hill initiative we're additionally posting public information on that website with regards to
9:21 am
arrests, demographics within the department and on and on so regardless of there is a disparity the numbers in their transparently posted and working to address any disparities we've tried to identify and improve the culture committee we have the officers sworn and services taken an oath to each sought bias and speak to it but inside the department and outside the department all officers will receive preschool judged training by the end of the year and partnering with the community leaders some will be instructors the training and the indict level captains with the we respected community to identify hot spots and senior officers to resolve conflict where people
9:22 am
might have neighbors in their community that might need special attention doing everything we can to create a devised workforce it is critical that the splpd look like san francisco for the first time pretty much ever we have a 24/7 application process whereas it was not that long ago that was a two week window to apply to be a san francisco police department now pretty much anyone can apply around the clock were we having an 8 human resources credited course to help people fought u figure out what they need to do to become an mrofrd and african-american restrictions have a workshop we have barriers to entry to get to people to a place to become san francisco
9:23 am
police officers i'm going to turn it over to commissioner president loftus to speak about yards in regards to policy and introduce chief capita listen. >> thank you chief suhr and mayor ed lee and sheryl brown community parts on december 9th of last year a week after the use of mario woods the police commission challenged and heard speak a speaker express anchorage, frustration, grief and sadness what they saw the video of the use of mario woods i'll say this again 3 separate investigations that are ongoing into the actual shooting and thorough and complete the commission, however, would not wait for the conclusion before opening a discussion of policies and procedures used
9:24 am
regarding use of force on the police department we commit to joining the naturional forest t ve reengineer the ways that police officers use ellis we've been meeting no small and large groups at the police commission to work with the community members subject matters and commissioners to chart a path forward a lot of what the chief mind is true ear boring context from the achieve from the wants 21st century on task force on 126 policing but it has to fit san francisco in order to rebuild trust it is a relationship and it requires all parties at the table. and the thing i'm proud of in this effort the words on that paper and the path 10 headings and thirty sub blues with the result of communities across san francisco what that takes to
9:25 am
rebuild this relationship of trust in particular i want to thank the young people from the community safety initiative that facilitated those discussions if you were there those were tough and lead by young people prominently the public housing in san francisco who lead the conversation with grace and a real commitment i want to thanks the community members the consortiform the ch african-american forum and those who spoeak out everor come up t myself or fellow commissioners we've heard you all of you loud and clear as a result of the conversations suggests and discussion temple areas of focus as was move forward and it comes down to this regardless of the zip codes everyone deserves to have a relationship of trust with the
9:26 am
police this plan recognized that while there are countless neighborhood cross san francisco the communities they enjoy that relationship many have that relationship disabled and the mayor has directed us to work on rebuilding that relationship that it it will require everyone as the chief mind 10 areas i invite police officers and advocates join us first, as a chief indicated reengineering the use of force the commission has asked the department to redo the policies around use of force in this process what we've learned if we can train the officers with the skills, equipment and tools needed to create time and distance with suspended armed with a knife we can see a reduction of up to percent fewer officer-involved shooting s as the chief indicated month officer-involved shootings happen within minutes of patrol
9:27 am
recording to the scene if we put that poorer at the frcenter tha person might be under thirty years of age the question does that officer have all the training skills and equipment to have the time and distances khacan they create a safe perimeter can decree bye time to allow a senior officer to arrive someone that is crisis interferenventio trained to further preserve life at the heart it is considered now sanctity of life everyone decision is around preserving the sanctity of life and the commission has a group of stakeholders to review the policies and the united states department of justice acholic beverage reform has reviewed the policy and the focus a
9:28 am
accountability you'll hear from con in any chaplain and asked for the staff to support our initiative data and transparency is the next focus on our path forward the commission has directed the department to have a study to disagree gait the studies specifically we need to better understand the gpa disparities in particular the african-american community with the less rates to do better to close the gap the chief said body worn cameras have been a proprietor of the department and the commission we believe in 2016 all officers had been armed with body cameras and the next focus is eliminating bias referred has said it is sometimes a motivatatter of com sense but it is understanding the community your sworn to serve and train on the justifies
9:29 am
will be infected a community partnership to have the confidence that reverend brown discussed in community forum to those hospital to identify the officers that are struggling before they've gone too far and want to make sure it works and the next phone call focus sheryl davis will talk about the process with the young people prominently in this community that came in and talked about the relationship with trust our relationship of trust it can work for one of the ears of focus is the sustained effort to recruit the young people to identify ways to do better the chief talked about recruiting a exists wvng and represents for obama 21st century policing and the last 3 things i'll mention when we had those meetings the community we vaufld them a survey how effective you
9:30 am
think that was we heard loud and a clear we loved you asked our opinion by excuse me. criticisms the ideas will be action and as a result of that we've commit to establishing an academic constitution it actually evaluates plenty of time but the commitment to evaluate it live or die with the results we're left to hold ourselves account and allow the commission to hold the police officers accountability and beyond the scope beyond the scope one is community member after community member addresses if we don't say where a community that addresses the realty that violence destroys communities and in certain communities in san francisco without intervention
9:31 am
we opening statement awill havea 6-year-old that witnessed hom homicides we do want to work with the police department and improve the procedures and public health response in community effected by violence we can enter keyed the cycle of violence and create save communities for everyone and finally we have asked the mayor to identify the additional resources to help us to comfoer additional police officer in foreign languages that is another way to build trust that's the final recommendation and as we moved in the prelims of those paroles that we have one of the most open and transparent processes for governing police the industcry invitation let's use it to make sure our city lives up to its values thank you >> my job to introduce deputy
9:32 am
chief. >> thank you, commissioner the mission has a new bureaucracy to contributor to excellence in law enforcement but increasing professionalism and maintaining high levels of accountability within the san francisco police department through theus of doj finds the bureaucracy was created by the chief suhr for the policies and procedures and allow and implement changes to bring san francisco police department into the 21st century of policing a major component of that to pass the doj acholic beverage or more process that lets us to see what good and not working with that said, president obama task force in 21st century policing had 48 represents and 91 action items the report the department agrees with has implemented and or will implement all the
9:33 am
recommendations or the action items directly related to law enforcement one of the main point is having additional resources phenomenfor unsolved s most impacted by violence we're committed to take the doj recommendations and implementing them this is a two year process we'll will not wait for completion we intend to begin immediately during the review process itself this way as issues or deficiency are identified they can be creating corrected at the request of the mayor we'll have a dashboard available on the website to monitor the process of implementation of the task force recommendations and keeping with the transparency and the accountability of the san francisco police department if so a challenging undertaking this is a browsureau not before existed this is will be for the
9:34 am
whole department and have issues push the change to them i say what we're doing will be for the good of the city and county and most popular for the people we serve the fact that the chief is involving a deputy chief and bureau it an credandle stick th bureau adds bureaus as part sfpd those vunts i units are the youth community engagement that gives of i us access to proactively have the members of the department y c e opens up the lines of communication between the police and the community to have a better rapport and trust the services unit that allows to modify the certification and
9:35 am
training needed for training with althsd mental states that archives the goal of 100 percent cit certification and gives us our offers an additional tool for time and distance in terrible situations the third and final unit the directed unit that is responsible for facilitating the review, development and publication of the policies and manuals and forms that concludes my report the delivery method to push the change to 9 desire department while san francisco has seen measurable drops in 40e7homicid we've seen the trust that needs to be mended and it will be more community involvement and day to day operations with that, i'll comploos my introduction to the standards and principle relationship bureau are a reminder that, plea police are public and the public it the police i with that, i'm going
9:36 am
to turn it over to reverend brown. >> thank you, very much. dpw chief capita listen mr. mayor, i should like to first commend you for responding to the appeal that came from the wom womb or african-american community that appeal was that we should in times of crisis and tragedy not turn on each other but turn to each other
9:37 am
and because we turn to each other in this city of strans we have really created a dream team team that has been referenced in terms of persons and personalities who came together, secondly, as a history buff i want to make sure there will be no redacting on this matter we will san francisco transportation authority set the record straight chief suhr 20 months ago assembled the assembly hall of
9:38 am
historical third baptist church with his command staff and at that time, the wake of the fallout staten island, ferguson, and many other communities were there have been unfortunate expressions loss of life and violence chief suhr responded to the call of the naacp that we will get involved in a difb active focus intentional endeavor to make sure that san francisco would not be a republic indication of what happened in other areas of the country,
9:39 am
however, i unfortunately missed the process we lost life one mario woods we again were confronted with a apparent grieving, a community disturbed and some folks are getting on the defensive rather than coming togeth together. >> and before i end my remarks i want to say that i am issuing now a respectful, loving appeal to the san francisco police officers association to come to the table, come to the room and
9:40 am
let's sit down and talk we are not your enemy we are your friends. >> we with you, when you're right, we're still with you when our wrong to make sure you get right. >> i did not feel it is disrespectful to make this comment at this time the naacp has unsuccessfully reached out to the police officer organization that put up a firewall rather than to see all humankind as members of the team of our maker
9:41 am
and that people tend to hate each they don't know each other they don't know each other because of a lack of conversati communication it is time i repeat that the police officers association join this dream team and agree to disagree about being disagreeable. >> i pledge to you our dream te team. >> the naacp will be looking, we'll be watching to make sure that these plans, these words will not ring hallow but we are going to in the words of nike
9:42 am
just do the right thing we must move beyond truth telling, meetings, and engage in counters of scene of this accident we are on our way and hold out hope and not let go of justice rose down like waters and rightness in this police department and this community will offer flow as a great moving mighty stream and now i present to you ms. sheryl district attorney's office as she comes let me acknowledge that the moral campus of this dream team is expanded, strengthened and
9:43 am
shines brightly we have here the room rabbis anthony and beth singer of temple manual representing the interfaith community who are standing with the mayor, with the chief, with all people of goodwill and justice. >> thank you reverend brown. >> as reverend brown made his appeal to the piaoa i worked an the appeal to make sure that the voices of community were included i wanted to thank the chief and commissioner president loftus and the mayor for providing that space also that first time want to thank the people that host those xhfgdz to take the reflex to challenge in a space they invited people to come in and
9:44 am
share the magic shawn helped to rally people and boys and girls club in the tenderloin, reverend brown and third baptist that hosted the first workshop and i see others here those were some hard conversations to have and begin i want to acknowledge i know that d anthony jones grew up born and raised in the western edition in a couple of housing developments and morgan ran deep in the hunters point those people leads those working groups and managed the break out groups and the hard conversations they were hard because they were critical this was not a come and sit thouhow t san francisco and the police department let's talk about what that needs to change and what we do to change it i want to acknowledge some of the other folks folks that are here km
9:45 am
african-american young men germany that led the working group working group i love the story of germajeramy a man was accept and the voice was louder and louder and germany went over to talk with him i don't know what 83 he said the man sat down and laughed germany what happens how were you able to calm the moment he had did pins on his shirt and asked him one of the pins frhe skmd asked him what d you know may i angela would do she wouldn't be happy and calmed himself and reengaged those who attended the working groups and sessions appreciate the space to
9:46 am
talk e talk to be heard and respected the youth that facilitated the conversation it provided an opportunity for young african-american youth who are most likely to be impacted a lot of time we talk about be those conversations we're doing the work and forget the voice of folks and it allowed them to have voice to lead the conversation to be part of there were 4 sessions led by the youth kichr, i want to recognize that whasn' reactive those were since this summer and 3 forums that interviewed hundreds of people across the city and two documentary movie how people feel about the police and change the place was an honest critique as commissioner president loftus mentioned people are concerned those will be more conversations
9:47 am
that go no where we're hoping that today is really not symbolic of moving forward but some movement to happen and some may disrepair i'but i'll agree that is a national model to engage with young people and giving voice to communities can shift the dynamics so take the recommendations from community and implement them we can see the change we want to acknowledge many of the young people are criminal justice involved they have been on probation or over probation for them to come in and lead the conversations to be in the room with the police officer is huge and to also feel like those police officers are hearing what they said reverend brown talked about the idea of coming together with visitation e reconciliation that was humanizing on both sides the young folks got to see the police officers as human and
9:48 am
police officers got to see everyone as human we are hoping this is the giving up of more conversations and not the end especially with lead by as you kn young people a comprehensive approach that xfrz the most impacted by the failing system i think we can't stress the idea and notion we engaged the community in the process to define how things can improve will help us to improvement i wanted to hangith the mayor, the chief, president and the police commission for leading the effort and time will tell but based on what has transpired we're looking at a pro tem and hopeful future. >> thank you sheryl and thank you reverend brown and deputy chief chaplain and commissioner
9:49 am
president loftus they'll be here along with others to go into dependent on the package of reforms we've committed to and against with the budget you i assure you that short-term rental and everyone we'll follow-up on every single one of those as the commission has done a lot of work with the community folks we have to honor that and our youth abowill know whether t of the matter we dwekeep our wo by implementing those changes those are not going to be easy this is what i'm getting everyone ready a change that will effect the officers and the training will effect the way we hire and community and certainly the incidents we're seeing are trauma we know of others you're welcome to talk with the chief about other incidents that have already shown the results of those changes take place with
9:50 am
the officers and the criticized response team with that, i'll open up to a couple of questions and i invite you to follow up with the individuals yes, ma'am. >> (inaudible). >> we don't have a total amount we've already i've gone this document is being reviewed now with the police chief and the commissioner president loftus with kate howard and we're the beginning of the budget we have cost factors for all of those hthat will be implemented we are adding this to what i've already been committed to i have a robust it program the interrupt policing and the community organizing that has been successful over
9:51 am
the past few years in reducing the number of homicides but areas of our city we've yet to reduce that dramatically this is where i challenge the reduction program leaders to take this opportunity to come in with us and see what can work more we're in a good trend but have to do more in education there is more than ideas they're implementing ideas we want to have reflected in the budget the community based violence reduction are key but the rec and park in making sure we have a spring and summer so the kids can be active because i doness will not help and in education we're always trying to find alternatives to additional education that didn't reach all our kids i belive that we have a very good conversation in both
9:52 am
public and private resources that hopefully can be aimed at the health crisis in our african-american community as was stated earlier the trau traumation of kids who see this over and over again, we can't dismiss that as being simply a scientific later xrerpt that effects kids going to school people we sadon't want to drop t we can reduce that and make sure we have healthy environment that takes a lot of coordination and cooperation no objectithat's wa this takes everybody and the youthism about being a village it is true everyone has to work at higher levels in order to get a better result. >> (inaudible). >> well again and here's where
9:53 am
i will accept the criticism i'll be deliberately slow in talking about tasers because i didn't want othut of respect for all t communities input we don't believe that tasers is the panacea the answer to reducing violence we don't believe that that is a truth here it is one tool it can be valuable in certain situatio circumstances but time and distance, retraining, backing off and having other alternatives are more than being studied they're actually being implement that is why i want you to talk to the chief about other things that show really good life-changi league of wom life-changing results. >> (inaudible).
9:54 am
>> well you know, i think reverend brown respond to it let me add we respect the poa and the officers need to be represented but like we said on those crisis situations we have to come together and figure out we have to go forward not accusing each other of having different views but having a commitment to a overall goal of reducing crime in the city the poa has a very important role in rebuilding trust this is what we're trying to do with the collaboration we have retirement boaverend brown >> thank you, mr. mayor >> the cleric said no men and women is an island into
9:55 am
themselves as the bell told us is tolls for thee now it is unfortunate that the poa took issue a life was lost that should be the busy business of all we're all part of human family i hope they'll rethink that position the board members were expressing sympathy and support for the mother it was not to condone the actions of this young man at all and i think what we are doing as a team would indeed less even
9:56 am
and stop this unnecessary force that destroys human life i hope we'll not phone cafocus on tase it is about trust, it is about police officers getting into the community and the community getting to know the police officers and working together as a team and i wiant to acknowledge the presence of shawn richard that put his life in hormonarm's way the midst of this great tragedy and that is we're saying to the police officers association don't relate to us through the past come and sit down and talk with us as weave sat down and talked with each other over those two months 20 most. >> one last question and i'll
9:57 am
over offer you the opportunity to talk with everybody. >> first of all, let me say this ever life it is lost is a very big tragedy and while that is under investigation i want to appeal and join our commissioners and our police department and community members we have to reduce violence the circumstances here call for our community to come forth with any information they might have in order to assist us in making sure the individual or responsible wiare held accountability it is break in in a neighborhood we are embraced with trying to change for the better and have a lot of
9:58 am
challenges the fillmore and this is obviously a tragedy and this represents the reason why we have to keep and have strong group of people to prevent those tragedies and getting the guns out of the hands of folks that will misuse them and making sure that people have a way to resolve their differences without shooting each other and making sure we hold those individuals accountabilile and is a young person a 20-year-old was a victim and how much time have we eaten even that and have to work more conservatively with that, i invite everybody to follow-up with the members of the community thank you, everyone for being
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> >> the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the budget and finance sub-committee for march 2, 2016 will begin shortly. >>