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tv   Planning Commission 2416  SFGTV  February 6, 2016 12:15am-2:16am PST

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complicated the upper math and the limousine controls this project does a fair job of doing that almost a fully activated ground floor so it has balconies on the upper floors and you know substantial given the side that was a substantial two ground floor units on the street. >> i guess another question they're asking for a variance by a foot you're more maybe akin to this than me i'll probably look at the manufactures is there a difference between the ground floor. >> you know the cases you've mentioned we look at with great scrutiny the height limits was are for the spaushs ground floor
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we say quote/unquote an extra floor in we take into account the considerations one slope and context and use and quality of life you know are they doing it at the extension of 7 foot 6 absolute minimum and so it is the design as well as a policy call this one was discussed at the upperes lessons of the planning department for some times - from the design prospective as it relates to the prevailing street wall. >> i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say.
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>> thank you commissioner hillis. >> is good to see the property owner here that brought back long hearings you were not happy about the results of hearing but i think we can say i think we got to a better place i hope you ultimately agree in respect a lot a folks the commission and hearing room that day that wanted to see a housing on this site so i'm glad we're here talking about that we did that in a relatively quick timeframe so thank you for looking at this and report to us you didn't find other restaurant but a housing project i appreciate that. >> i know i think it fits kind of bulk in massing works here so i appreciate and your ability to take advantage of that 5 i think
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you do that you get that extra height by take advantage of the 5 slope knocking down a foot on that ground floor to get that extra foot i think that worked not out of context here the two comments i'll bring up one on the overall design i think i like our work architect hanukkah i've looked our website and i think you do great work i think you've gotten a little bit lost within the committee or too many folks imputing what this should be i like our initial design better than the first thing i think that needs for on that corner i mean it's an important corner you enter into the castro and cross two intersection of church and
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market i present our attention but it got lost i'd like to i'm sure others didn't your initials design i'm not saying there are not suggestions a tweak here and there but inspire you to have a design step it up a notch especially looking at what you did initially which i appreciate and then my second question about the 14th street facade you got the two residential units on 14th street did you look at retail on that side on 14 i think you may have height problems you goop or go up but your there's an interesting on classify there is the pizza
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space one block is interesting. >> a couple of thing on the ground floor on 14th street we opposed parking and proposing 25 percent parking we also at that point had a narrow sidewalk we agreed to widen it and put the pg&e transformer and opened up an area to activate 14th street and thought that was a better use to do a nice residential ground floor with a couple of steps and planter if you look at the rest of the planning block you'll see that in the residential units as you move west on 14 he won other comment on the ground floor i'll point out the ground floor requirement is 14 foot floor to floor we maintained that throughout the entire retail space we moved
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look at of 14 from grade so the variance we questioned it the exact same variance on the other two corner lots and couple of points at the get less as and step their floors it is a common request and the exterior on the residential or 8 foot over and over more we're not trying to sandwich in. >> back to my question i was asking bhor about the two units on the ground floor. >> stooping to retail and we explicit see an attractive ground floor location and the necessity for rental housing it fit the residential building up 14th street. >> yeah. i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say
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i think that is something to consider potential if it is visible and appreciate pg&e's discussion on design we had a similar discussion on potrero hill one evening and continued push to kind of elevate the level so thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> the longer you wait pushing the button the more you have to respond to the questions i believe the site is a housing site a mixed use site that comes to the commission pushing back other projects have been consistently been supportive the the devil is in the details but before i get to the the devil is in the details commissioner hillis i'll show you the earlier version was more speaking to me relative to some of the objectives by the public and i'd like to say it is easy to use
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your european example as a analog their harder to build here and it is individual design projects that we can't quite realize to the extent they're built over there we encourage the ideas and that is where i think this project at the moment is trying to two hard to do two of and not sensitive to the champs and the first one i'd like to remind might have i had to go back into my notes when we first supported the development and the details of market octavia plan then followed by the elaboratetion on upper market together with the overlay of the historic district and the
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commissioner was sitting here created a careful 0 overlay on the first height with the provision that their bulk limitations would be b rather 65 x that's something, something to do with the sub conventional - as your local the expression of the flat buildings we want to have a common recall on the massing of those new buildings will have we made a significant attempt tattoo get the massing less grateful than currently proposed this project has the problem that it tries to do too much and by using the 14 foot ground floor height it indeed skips some of the requirements that are very important to many of us this is if we are doing
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liveable ground floor units on 14th street the units we're proposing here will only exist from the curtains are drawn and that's a fact that gets me to speak is about the the devil is in the details the daily is if we encouraged ourselves to ask for activated retail and facades on the ground floor the 14th street facade is relentlessly what commissioner hillis said why isn't this retail pare the blank wall is a question mark and get into the details of the other things the same as the juliette balcony and the sameness of the railings
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basically around the patterson that holds it together doesn't work for me mr. spears motioning if you want to make a comment i'd like to hear from you. >> i'm just asking the question what is the blank wall. >> this element on page 11 there is a long blank wall i know there is no windows. >> so that wall is perpendicular it determines what you look at when you come down 14th street towards market street. >> i don't think commission we're allowed to do a property wall not facing 14th street it is facing - it is an odd landmarking our elevation stand out it is a property line we
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would like to do something that is a property line wall you'll not see it stands out in the renderings unfortunately. >> the wall itself hsa as it is rather large. >> about 3 stories we're 40 feet the neighboring building about 1011 a one-story building. >> the wall itself is not a deal breaker but i believe that the desire facade of evolution felt facade including how the flatiron is in the landmark recognizing feefrn on market street has to do with to be developed more including the differentiation massing and differentiation the facade population i believe that the 24 hundred square feet retail since it only has one point of access including internal liquor as for
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the second one potentially needs to be conceived easing as multiply spaces and it has to have the ability to have multiply spaces we basically need that discussion ero and over and over again. >> the space has been restaurant we think that 26 hundred square feet is larger than a restaurant we'll be open to splitting the space not a concern and create the openings so we'll work with the planning department certainly. >> let me thank you, mr. spear sfoour comment the thing which kind of goes through mid market is th is that potrero hill were the first group of people that spent a lot of time with the boskovich to think about the next
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generation of buildings and architecture it is part of that discussion and i think the same here with the 6 buildings which were mentioned to about them down the line we should give this more time like 6 weeks and let that discussion evolve and address some of the challenges that the commission have talked about i'll make a motion to do that and the support is still there. >> is that a motion. >> i'll second that. >> commissioner johns commissioner antonini. >> i want to the staff it is a continue to work on design this project nooetsdz needs to be approved now it is long enough everyone is in agreement with most of tenants except for speak of the design issues and certainly in the past commissioner moore has been
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generous and others commissioners work with staff and project architects to help the shaping of the final version of the project particularly with reference to the flatiron version of the building you'll see coming up market and it could you know use something look at more staggering of the corners and something on the top with the wall that faces market kind of you know bring your attention to that a little bit more so those are what iceland vote against the continuance and later we vote dune the continuance to approve it today and continue to work on design a couple of design ideas upmarket a lot of new things and get comments from people i don't like had one so the two best are what is a century i think that
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is fits in nicely and bridges the gap between something that is clearly been built recently it fits in well with the context of the buildings on market the practido - the features tha makes it more successful don't overdo the glaze too much glazing makes it upcoming interesting as many of you may know symmetry and articulation are what we share with the older buildings we can make that interesting i think that is the direction to go. >> commissioner wu. >> thank you i agree with a lot of the comments open design i'm especially interested in the retail space and breaking it up the other side of the retail
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spaces and the rhythm feels like a neighborhood and i know that under those an opportunity to yes, ma'am late some of that here i'd like to see it broke down into two to three spaces although the zoning administrator court i'm not sure how i feel about the 14 foot variance is it a trend this is the thirsted one we've seen i would like to see the 15 foot actually across the whole floor not even what is in front of us in any case that gives me pause that's it for now. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a question for mr. t-65 b versus 60 dash 68 x i recall the zoning map the one 60 parcel i
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know that mistakes happen all the time by the way, what if this was not an error. >> essentially an x unbelievable no bulk requirement the way the bulk requirements work depending on the level of bulk requirement above a certain height the measurement with the diagonal of the tower has to be smaller you get a smaller building as you go up so there is no requirement i believe that begins at 60 feet and i can't i can look it up really quick. >> if i could maybe i can clarify the 14 the base requirement the requirements is 14 feet not 1 feet right. i. >> - so when we rezoned
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properties for most of moukd district in the mc-3 the floor to ceiling height it 14 feet from grade and no variance required. >> and then for the associated rezoning that happened they get a 5 feet limit it is 65 or have the ability the district to get extra 5 feet or in a district 5 feet for the ground floor it is a perfect match for ever inch above the height it had a is to be blow the ground floor in you're not automatically zoned for 45 and up to 5 feet that is a one to one trade off if you take it the extra 5 feet all 5
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feet has to be on the ground floor and the ground floor ceiling height requirement. >> that was the real text project. >> so the one for one so one for one means 15 feet ground floor? >> is - does this project require if i was a 65 height district. >> i think that's the point not the one for one it is the 65 foot go height. >> it says 64 dash x. >> x is the bulk. >> so an absolute 65. >> that's right. >> it is different from the real text they didn't get the extra 5 feet for the baits. >> we couldn't require it is an absolute non-they put the extra floor that was 65 i'm
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sorry 85 feet i thought that was one that requires it the real text the reason we voted on the 9 floors it didn't require it. >> yeah. 64. >> yeah. >> i think the other thing i second the continuance a developer part of the fabric the neighborhood love the guy i think the neighborhood loves you, too brian i bryan some folks in the neighborhood want to have this happen right away and others more time i look at every time every building in the european market they've not opposed one i think that bryan in our listener project you got up and said that was part of progress you've wait a long time but more time working with the rest of the neighborhood and getting things better you'll not
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have a complete winner but we'll be singing commissioner bassham by i can't. >> i want to be supportive- get back to us with design changes quicker i'd like to see that 6 weeks shortened so i can support it i've done the right thing and we've encouraged them
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so i'm supportive i want to be supportive i think that needs some changes not quite sure to continue it for that long. >> commissioner moore. >> zoning administrator did you find the provisions for the upper market street nc t regarding 21st century feet so the letter support for the extra effort followed a year or two later i distinctly remember that was 1 feet in four quarters i must have been strurldz but properly remember verify that. >> i'm not sure i can verify but can get back to the question of how the ground floor lay and a one to one trade off there was - it appeared to be a drafting error it was rezoned
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the only district the one to one apply to 50 and 45 the intent to say the zoning administrator applying applying the intent to 65 district so in this situation not a situation for ever inch above 60 feet to provide that high of a evergreen but the 65 ground floor and the minimum ground floor ceiling will be 14 feet. >> so no variance required. >> yes. a variance required. >> there's a rear yard. >> but for the ground floor to ceiling height where you take that an angle we measured the height if you have a sloping project the down point would be higher than the mid point or up slope so in this situation for this project at the corner where
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the retail entrance is promoted they meet the requirement and up the scale there deficit by 2 and a half feet that had been interesting to commissioner hillis shorter timeline. >> three or four weeks. >> we can do 4 weeks, 6 weeks. >> secretary for the 31st. >> march. >> no four weeks put this on calendar. >> to me 6 weeks, two weeks later. >> march third. >> sure. >> march third. >> just to be clear we have
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two commissioners out on march third. >> well (laughter) i trust this process will hopefully be a 5 zero on march third. >> commissioner richards. >> i'm okay with the amendment if you are. >> i want to make another comment. >> okay hang. >> commissioner moore. >> from the commission votes for the continuance i ask we look at the liveability of the 146 street unit at that moment can only be a full cushion they sit, too close to the sidewalk we're discussing the ground floor height i'll ask and that will really drive it home that the residential unit anticipate what the liveability and the non-drawn cushions on the
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sidewalk we all know what that takes at the moment it sfw happen it's a challenge is in our interest and a lot of things reading at many moment it doesn't work tracking back determine what the ground floor on the side to animate the 14th street the way it is asking for this is like a footnote to asking for a continuance. >> i'm not going to be supportive of the continuance you have the developer with a proven track record in san francisco proven track record if in area responsive to the needs and the questions of area has a history of retail as well as dwelling units above i think by continuing this even three weeks your denying unit to be
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built in san francisco for three weeks. >> i echo the commissioner wu's comments when i met with mr. spears i'll look at potentially commercial spaces instead of housing units. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'll not be supporting the continuance but i think it is very important that the commission make it clear it looks we'll have the votes to continue but in my mind we're talking about the use of 14th street whether this should be residential or should be commercial and perhaps some mentioned of the little size of the commercial space and a lot of that and i heard design concerns with particular reference to the flatiron section and maybe the other commissioners i've made any comments about the design things i 0 thought would add to the
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richness but other commissioners can weigh in what we want the project sponsor to be consider and as far as i'm concerned, this is about affordability over the public comment but we're in agreement this project is doing what it has to do but the design needs work. >> i'll ask someone from the property owner to be clear from the continuance is approved. >> and so i appreciate you're trying to move forward i think everybody is doing that would we're getting a lot of directions it is difficult a couple of things i want to clarify the ground floor residential units will request to activate 14th street we could have been the - they are really nice units and a lot of
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vacancies the neighborhood we didn't want to look for 14th street is not as attractive at market street and from a business prospective on 14th street it is we could consider going back to retail there but the 14 feet height is confusing as heck the problem it is 146 foot floor to floor we're on a sloping triangle very challenging lot we come into the retail space we're 14 floor to floor the sidewalk gradually slopes on market street and in some areas the sidewalk is slightly a lot of the ground floor retail and the exact corners going the other directions users the 14 foot motivation to go back to a wood
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metric building and eliminate stoifrdz 4 feet ceilings is not what we're trying to achieve so i like some direction the reason the variance it is slightly under the grade sidewalk grade measurement i wanted to clarify and get direction because i'd like to get this approved i think that the planning staff we are trying to work but i don't know what i can do different getting approved now didn't achieve that so again, i appreciate i i know we're trying to work together on that thank you very much. >> thank you. >> sdmifks. >> a question for the one more time the additional floor is no
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type of entitlements or up zoning it is achievable and it can happen and works. >> nothing in the code that limits the number of floors they're able to - >> in your opinion concrete construction is better than that wood frame. >> i don't think the place there are different types. >> i mean the concrete is better on our plate. >> okay. >> i'll leave it to commissioner hillis. >> commissioner hillis. >> so to clarify i'm typically supportive and typically say go work with staff if so it is facade design of a project i share commissioner moore's concerns on 14th street especially with the units i think they should be retail if you walk down the 14th street that one block it is rare to
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look someone's retail a garage it is garage would stoop up or rail to you time to have is the dead space because you're going to have people that don't on a busy corner a big muni stop drawing their cushions i mean, i want i want to challenge you and you've got to assess it your below grade so, i mean if we could say do retail in that space i could work on design but i'm not sure you can with that height i'm not sure you could assess that retail from 14th street the way you've built that building if you want to come up and tell me how your residential below grade. >> the residential units are
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below grade they step into the residential there are three or four steps into each residential units we stepped our floor plates you step up to the place and existing stoops going up 14th street and have a turn to - we mimic the existing fabric but certainly open to retail if you think retail is better not a sticking point we thought it was a great addition to the project but and end up with a 10 foot height in there we can put the section. >> put it up on the overhead. >> i don't know how to turn this on. >> it will come up. >> alex you want to walk through as you can see the steps
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coming up into the residential space and see i turn the corner into our unit you notice the planter at the sidewalk with a nice plant to give privacy it is similar to what you'll see around the neighborhood. >> we actually (inaudible). >> sir, i'm sorry you'll have to speak into the microphone and point. >> how tall are those. >> that's the challenge it is a difficult lot 200 and 60 feet find listener footage you have 25 to 50 foot frontage it is we get back there to achieve 14 feet will be difficult if you want a 14 feet height so 10 foot
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residential space we thought about that but certainly look at retail that's the challenge we face but the lot slopes 6 feet. >> i get it. >> typically walk into the front of the building with the adjoining building here we're imposed. >> you walk up 14th street that is a busy well traveled street so well utilized bus stop on 14 and the muni station they're not going to be when commissioner moore said people are sitting outside on the stoop or allowing people probation officer look in it will be absent dead. >> i think you're correct and in widening percentage sidewalk from the to 12 feet it is a ground floor i mean, i think it will be a very attractive unit
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based on the in-law units but i defer to you guys i think it is a great use and pictures of existing buildings with residential ground floor. >> so i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say i think i can be supportive if we ask you to work with staff and the design so do retail on 14th street. >> i'm willing to look at that certainly. >> commissioner wu. >> i just wanted to close the loop on the 14 foot ground floor i think that the zoning administrator has explained that it is 65 feet without a specific. >> correct i'm not sure exactly what the situation in other cases about no
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refrigerates for the additional height additional just to add if we did project does consider retail only the 65 foot it creates the same variance we'll have to meet that with a direct floor or variance as well. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i i guess i would be okay if project sponsor agreed to put retail there i think having did you work with staff on the design with the makers of the motion because 14th street up to bell cher belcher is - i had a coworker that lived on 140 on the ground floor but 3 feet off never had her you curtain open because
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people railroad looking at her so i feel i'll withdraw my second if you can live with that. >> commissioner moore. >> i'm prepared to let creativity decide if it is retail or residential partial because at many moment because the lengthness of 14th street facade together with the fact that the ground floor is an not an maltd enough it is balanced as mr. spear stepped back to reexamine it will answer the questions i'm not going to do as much land use as angle elevated approach to the surrounding of the property on all ends that's pie suggestion. >> commissioner antonini and sound like the motion is no longer seconded and perhaps.
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>> not sauktd sill safeguarded as long as i guess commissioner vice president richards you want to definitely not be residential. >> i don't know the sniff test was residential. >> we'll weigh in whatever feels right that is what it will be. >> you still have a continuance motion. >> yes. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further there is a there is a motion that has been seconded to continue this matter until march third with commissioners comments. >> on that motion. >> commissioner antonini. >> no commissioner hillis no commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry the first time is 6 years.
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>> (laughter). >> i'm not supporting the continuance. >> very good commission that that motion fails 3 to 3 an alter motion. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i move to approve the project to have the project sponsor work with staff american peopleless proivengsz as well as the overall design to allow the creativity to be unleashed. >> motion to approve. >> that is a motion to approve. >> i'm going to i think i'll defer to the commissioners we'll see what comes out of that our strong sense that is retail. >> breaking down the larger retail space or not. >> can i have input please. can i suggest what i think and heard is that the ability to
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break it up but have a single user the preferred approach is that fair. >> gentlemen commissioner antonini. >> i seconded it i approve to work with staff and work with the commission. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to adds an additional request that the representatives from the communities are able to at that particular time in ongoing review similar on potrero the request that staff could not do it but help to broaden the discussion of what the community seize still port support for the project but those extra voices need to be there. >> i'm fine with the secondeder. >> commissioner hillis. >> mr. cotton and mr. troop we're asking you to be part of design process?
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is that okay with you >> yes. >> okay. >> commissioner hillis. >> i'd like to maybe not part of motion but strongly at least one of the retail spaces for retail i think that 14th street zoned space dr. to be part of the motion i will just ask for a look back and present in the director's report or somewhere more formal than a memo and commissioner moore asking for the retail spaces our thoughts on that. >> i really don't have an answer because my larger questions the space on the corner didn't work you're going up 14 it then takes it's town hall of 14th street. >> i'll change to ask for a
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retail having one residential. >> i'll agree to the project sponsor can i ask you about this before i second this is that going to be we're approving it about apparently. >> i'm awe mental to retamena it is ivy think i can do a nice retail bans the existing fabric and the size of the project i'm more amenable. >> i'll change. the court: excuse me. to add the variance that was mentioned by the mr. t would be required to be i think that is noticed properly for the inspire site by
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14 feet as well. >> i change my motion. >> i'm fine with e cigarette the new motion. >> commissioner hillis. >> i'm sorry, i was going to make that same point we'll be supportive so wrap up hearing everyone's comments but from a lay man's point the 14th street side of that building i think we'll asking no to increase estimate that whether that is half retail and half residential that is a full space and like those in new york city both sides of street are equally important so 14th street is the more important. >> on that motion to approve this matter with conditions at amended to include the sponsor
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work with staff on design providing retail on the 14 including did retail size and flexibility and that the community to be a part of design process and there will be a formal report back on the projects new design commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore excuse me. commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and i will close the variance hearing for the rear yard and the ground floor ceiling height and make a note i'll take it under advisement considering the rear yard variance under the planning code section 134b. >> very good that places us on our final two items
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at market street this is also a conditional use authorization. >> commissioner richards. >> yeah. i'm within a property of 5 hundred feet i recuse myself. >> on that motion to rouse commissioner vice president richards commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong commissioners, that motion passes you're hereby recused commissioner vice president richards. >> good evening commissioner president fong and members the commission veronica department staff the the item before you is request for the conditional use authorization to will go lists an existing tobacco establishment on market street the property is located within the upper market neighborhood commercial district and 50 height and bulk district
1:03 am
the property is evolved with a 40 story building with 17 dwelling units on the upper floors and 7 commercial businesses on the greater the project is to legalize an existing doing business as gifts and smoke shop they opted in 2013 without proper planning review the existing tenant space manufacture 4 hundred square feet and a not change as port part of project the proposed hours of operation are between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. detail daily it has gift as american people accessory use and take out and nolo contendere summation on site mrs. not the department of public health regulates the permit for the sale of e cigarettes the item before you is because the
1:04 am
business fits the planning commission of tobacco paraphernalia more than 10 percent percent of the area is dedicated to tobacco paraphernalia it is not a retail formula and no increase in the concentration of the establishments in the upper market and mcd the tobacco paraphernalia that presents less than 10 percent within the mcd to date the department has one letter in support from the castro merchant you received after your paycheck were delivered although not required for the purposes of this conditional use authorization process the planning department requested that the project sponsor host a preapplication meeting co-authored to department standards adjacent project sponsors and occupant to the subject property
1:05 am
and neighborhood upper areas were invite the skwort of comments during this meekly were in support of this project. >> the department recommend approval with conditions and buildings it the nvrn for the following reasons the project has the continued satiated business and has the liquidity of the or you will u upper market mcd it will not displace a tenant and would not result in a net increase of tobacco paraphernalia establishment within the area that meets all applicable that that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> project sponsor please. >> good afternoon. i'm the
1:06 am
project sponsor. >> this project is so maul what we're asking to increase the let me tell you the story a photocopy tour a couch weeks ago i was listening to the news it was the northeast and they drove all the small businesses out of town and by the time the release shin no profit that location they stutd shut so therefore the neighborhood if have small businesses selling food and goods and suture stuff like this this is the exact they know a block away from a cd pharmacy all kinds of guests and things go and get this is such a small story between 4 hundred square feet we tried to have more tobacco products that gifts
1:07 am
because nobody comes to the store and buys gifts and i know jewelry are whatever a cards or something so - and the amount of square footage is 4 hundred it is less than one hundred square feet if i go by the code by the abstract there is nothing left no income coming out of that and appreciate if i approve this project and i'm available to answer any questions. >> opening it up for public comment not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> just legalizing an existing use i move to approve. >> second. >> on that motion commissioners to approve that matter with conditions. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that
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motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you on item 14. >> for case take care value this is also a conditional use authorization. >> good evening commissioner president fong department staff this is a request for a conditional use authorization to commensurate and storefront into a retail and limited restaurant use the project cancel locked on terryville street and this conditional use is not including a proposal for the other store the owner is looking to find a tenant within the western portion of terryville district zoned mc-3 the property business will operate as a suffer shop and include a x press bar with
1:09 am
baked goods it is necessary and desirable despite the offer concentration of the drinking and eating the facility it will increase the concentration from 63 to 64 the right increase was changed for the restaurant on terryville in march of last year the concentration there are a limited number of restaurants this presented a - subject storefront was vacant in 2012 when the project sponsor took over the lease the adjacent terryville has a document history of from gadget and possible illegal unit at the
1:10 am
ground floor that will cavity and contributed to the block since the staff report was published 18 letters of support and an individually owner and operator and recommends approval it complies with the general plan that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> okay. thank you. >> project sponsor please.
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>> hello and good evening i'm sorry a eddy the property owner and project sponsor i'd like to start a by saying i've lived the outer sunset for over 11 years i'm an avid surfer i'm proposing a surfer shop on terryville street the western part of terryville between 46 and 47 avenues last week to start with a short presentation okay hard to see first looking at the beach only 3 commercial activated hubs over a change of the businesses, however, this has ban limited to the northern streets of noriega
1:12 am
and relative to the amount of housing a need for businesses to serve the neighborhood especially towards the south and the beach now going down to the project site the outer terryville only four operating buzz pizza and fashionable dinner and others on the market for sale so the most neglected block i'm more the surf bar i want to note the " the expresso he - the area for new businesses crux boublsz and
1:13 am
new landscaping with planting of palm trees and a park in front of the project site and to create terryville a gateway to the city move on to the project site this is a view of the commercial block from 4 avenue as you can see which is special the only commercial block with the beach with the view is unobstructed. >> not onto the actual one of commercial units was rent to an
1:14 am
illegal gambling place now looking at a renovated building it is two to four iernts we've expand the backyard from studio units to one and two bedrooms and putting currently weight on the new stucco windows for sunlight. >> okay move on to the actual business the surf shop will be called avenues but a broader mess our core customers will be surfers we're targeting a wider audience okay. here we we look at the product mix we'll be selling
1:15 am
surfboards and accessories and outside gear we're working on a parallel line lastly we will help focusing on the design quality materials takes precedence by placing a small coffee bar we'll be the first shop in san francisco with that gives the community a place to interact when you go there you get something and leave this will cause people to want to hang out that will be better the coffee bar will help support the retail it is heard in the outdoor affordable housing bonus program with limited areas and people's are forced to go to the outer
1:16 am
part of neighborhood and last as we look at the memo items the core feed breakfast burritos and other things and we're planning for a full coffee and offering food items but you always other things that's it thank you. >>. good evening i live on terryville this conditional use application any represent a mere 2 percent increase for food and drink it represent an approximately 18 percent increase as already been
1:17 am
allocated to food and bring drink that is unproven to whether the 15 and a half percent that was increased on terryville that was approved last march whether the neighborhood can port that it was boarded up not appearing that anyone is looking at the gentrification of terryville we're working with the expelling and sfmta to correct the parking and traffic safety concrete or created by the terryville project and vng having nuance problems with the food and beverages and the illegal and thinking authorized construction go on now we have 3 coffee shops wanting to open up within a half a block that is not diversity with the food and beverages that will environment each other only one of the 3 that as a history of being the coffee business
1:18 am
we're dealing with a small commercial cluster a total of 13 storefront between 447 of which 10 of the storefront or 77 percent are already or somewhere in the process of being developed a food and beverages process consider if if any of the properties should be the best for the vitally and liveability for the neighborhood thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is silvia johnson and this the procedures is where health issues and laid down and
1:19 am
you know preserved i've been looking at the a large evening and trying to protect our neighborhood and when i haven't had that no job to get into that process and i think that this is one of our security reasons of diamond head of also to get any there transfer because my issues this has been a real problem with any - the more have a job to really in this process and when the
1:20 am
issue to be proceeding more of this health care issues and be more progress and job issues and that this is has been - from all the years i've been you know 6 years of no treatment at all and come back into those procedures it has been automatic that can you know process the miracle process and in contracting and trying to maintain what the
1:21 am
america and make that better and to where no procures have been done in this situation i went you know wondering why is it has been you know makeshift it and making it very happy we have a procedure for i know health in how we - lobbies other things. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> and commissioner vice president richards
1:22 am
mr. troy i want to say thank you for taking the reflex to try to open up a business i like the fact you recognized the landscape and augmenting it some with some surf stuff maybe you have a bad season but moving forward creativity because retail is changing i think your project is wonderful when i'm out there i'll stop and see if you have anything extra large. >> move to approve. >> mr. troy do you have mexican. >> what's your favorite surf shop worldwide and i'll give it saturday night i'm from new york city they start the whole coffee thing and grown ever since i
1:23 am
like the urban mixed with i know the nature side of sandra fewer and creating a part of the urban environment. >> that's your goal as well. >> thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. in addition to surfsers i walk and from how i've noticed for people in that area walkers and bikers and surfers and the fact that establishment is close as well as other establishments make sense both the traffic is people that are walking along the great walkway and having a variety of coffee shops choices makes for a richer neighborhood i'm happy to see the money that people are investing in some of the places along the great how and making
1:24 am
them into nicer looking homes so it is a win-win i'm very much in favor. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further under those a there is a motion that has been seconded to approve this matter with conditions commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson conceptual commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero and place us on general public comment mohammed nuru. >> seeing none, general public comment is closed. and the meeting is adjourneded
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and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> this is the reminder that under administrative code 67 a 1, the ringing and use of cell phones, pagers and use of sound producing devices is prohibited during fire commission meetings. set all pageers and cell phones and other devices to vibrate or set them off now. the regular meeting of the fire commission for wednesday, january 27, 2016, it's 5:02. >> roll call. president francee covington,
2:01 am
pre, ken cleaveland, here, stephen nakajo, michael hardeman. joan hayes-white >> here. >> public comment. members of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes on any matter within the commissions jurisdiction and does not appear on the agenda. speakers shall address their remarks in the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department personnel. commissioners are not to enter into debate or discussion with a speaker. the lack of a response by the commissioners or department personnel does not necessarily constitute agreement with or support of statements made during public comment. >> thank you. public speaker: hello, my
2:02 am
name is michael met petrellis. i have been coming to you for 10 months now about the need for the fire department to publicize the fact that the public especially the homeless public can use the taxpayer funded bathrooms inside the fire houses. my friend and i went out to several fire houses last week near the tent city that exist now over the over pass. the firefighter station we went to were very professional and aware of the policy and they let us in to use the restrooms. we spoke to them about an effort we were planning and
2:03 am
carried out to the where we are holding a flyer for the homeless folks. we also attached a dollar bill to each one of the flyers to give them a little incentive to pay attention to the information on the flyer. it says that public toilets open everyday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the fire stations closest to tent city on mission. we went to 70 tents and we had channel 2 following us as we handed out the flyers. the homeless folks were very much not aware that this policy exist that they can use these toilets. i feel we need to have signage at each fire station, a sign equal in size to a sign that is
2:04 am
currently up there about abandoned babies can be dropped off at the fire stations. i think this is necessary because we need to feed two birds with one seed. we need to allow homeless to maintain some dignity. we need to have less poop on the street. i have been sending e-mails to the chief about my request about signage to be created. i'm doing what i can with these little signs, but it's not enough. i think the department has enough money and the duty to create simple signs says toilets available. i'm going to give some of these flyers to maureen to give to you all to see that it's distributed
2:05 am
today. thank you. >> thank you very much. you can detach the dollars from those. >> next speaker, please. public speaker: yes, i was with michael when we took this tour last week. it really educated me to the fact that the firefighters and emt personnel in the firehouse really are the first line response and they really are the government entity that people come to at the most dire need. i would love to give you names, but something that really disturbed me when we went on this visit was to a person. they asked us and made very clear that they were not the ones
2:06 am
to discuss policy and they would not go on the record. but i really came away with a greater appreciation for the caring and compassion of the people that are employed by the fire department. i think that should be noted, but i also think it should be noted. we are not asking for a new policy or a policy change, we are just asking that the policy that is now exist the public access to the fire department restrooms on the apparatus floor be just be made known to the people who might need to use it. the letter we got rejecting this, mark gonzalez, that the libraries have other professional cleaners to do their bathroom clean up and that the firefighters do it themselves. i just want to explain to
2:07 am
you, i'm not asking anybody to do something that i have not done myself. in one of the jobs i had when i first moved here 20 years ago as a janitor for a church that had a feeding program. i know it is an un -- pleasant task. to have people that might use it in this city, does help the homeless and it makes it's better for anybody walking down the street. i want to emphasize that when we talked to the individual fire
2:08 am
stations, it wasn't that anybody didn't know. it's already working in the individual fire houses. the signage would perhaps give it a way of saying to the people who are already doing the work that this work is appreciated and needed. thank you. >> thank you. are there any other members of the audience that would like to use this time for public comment? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed.. next item. >> item 3. approval of minutes from minutes of january 13, 2016. >> my fellow commissioners i have had a discussion with our commission secretary regarding the latest minutes from our last meeting because it was a first televised meeting.
2:09 am
so, the minutes are briefer than usual. moving forward, i think there will be something in between, something like our traditional very long minutes and these abbreviated minutes. but i will entertain a motion for acceptance. >> second. >> okay. you said second. >> move to approve. >> thank you. all right. so that's commissioner ken cleaveland and michael hardeman. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? the minutes are approved. public comment? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. city clerk: item 4.
2:10 am
resolution 2016-01. item 5, resolution 2016-02, item 6, resolution 2016-03, item 7, resolution 2016-04. thank you for being prepared. i think we are going to continue the entire slate of resolutions until we have a little bit more information. thank you very much. is there any public comment on this before? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. can i have commissioner michael hardeman? >> no. >> i will entertain a motion to hold these items over until the
2:11 am
next agenda. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? thank you. >> item 8. draft operating budget for fiscal years 2016, 2017, and 2017-2018. >> good afternoon president covington. i would like to ask our chief financial officer mark coercer to present this item. presenter: good evening, commissioners, happy to present the next item which is the initial commission discussion regarding the department's fiscal year 2016, 2017 and 2017-2018 budget submissions. >> here is an overview of my presentation. i wanted to kind of go over the timelines first off and instructions that we received from the mayor's office. i don't know if i have actually addressed that formally
2:12 am
previously at the commission. i wanted to go over that again. kind of give the preview of the overview of the last 2 years and give update on the capital as well as the committee on information technology what was due january 15th. we discussed at the last capital presentation and there was a question about those and i will be happy to talk about those as well. i want to talk about some of the budget priorities of the departments and as well as enhancement provision and open for questions and discussions. >> back in december, the mayor's office provided budget instructions to all city departments. together with the mayor's office and the controllers office they released their joint report over the health of the city over the next five
2:13 am
5 fiscal years. >> in terms of this presentation, do you have an overhead presentation, because if you do, it doesn't seem like it's showing up for the public. >> okay. i'm use the overhead here. it seems to work on my computer. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. thank you, commissioner nakajo.
2:14 am
>> there we go. as i was mentioning back in is september, the mayor provided the budget instruction to the city departments and the board of supervisors analyst, they released their joint report which is a fiscal outlook for the next few years of the city and the overall city's health. the report shows that with anticipated growth revenues that will continue to grow over the next few years and surpassing those grains. this is due to pension obligation due to the city regarding mortality and pension rates for the system. the city is projecting a larger than anticipated pension for the outgoing years. given that imbalances of revenues and expenditures, the city
2:15 am
is projecting approximately $100 million deficit for fiscal year 16-17 and $240 million deficit for 2017-2018. last year the deficit was much smaller and that did not require any reductions. that's not the case this year. the instructions for the department are to represent a 1.5% in the first year and 1.5% in the second year. in general, there has been a reluctance to agree to reductions from both the committee meetings we have had and previously at the commission. we can discuss that later. to recap the overall timeframe for the budget. here is the schedule to be submissions and approval. we are in the middle obviously. the final submissions for approval is anticipated to be sent to the commission prior to the


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