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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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resources. >> any public comment. >> david pill pal two items under items 7 the second photograph of have filed their ordinance declaration that is troubling i hope the staff will improve that in the next month i'm not sure i understand the 25 percent have filed their certificate of others train that is a state law requirement over a two month period if i'm not sure if it is report period is there one has two years from the last time anyway, if staff can
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review those figures and make sure their accurate and hopefully, people will apply and the calendar adapted by the commission i very much appreciate this report i hope this is a living document to be updated what's coming in the next few months and so things are captured here and as things have been completed they walk off and other things get added anyway this is really an improvement thank you very much and i recognize that staff has been doing a lot of the work i have been at the 3 of 5 meetings thank you all for your time. >> item 9 items for future
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meetings commissioner hur. >> if possible in the next packet when the revised legislation is included include that will be helpful to have deprivations of lobbyist definitions to see how it is done in other places. >> as i mentioned easily earlier i will request on the agenda for june 5th there be item for an update for the recruiting process keeping the public advised as to what - do i hear a motion to adjourn.
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>> public comment. >> oh yes public comment? >> hearing none i hear a motion to adjourn. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> > opposed? we will stand adjourned
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each of you being here. it's such an exciting time in the city. there is some exciting things happening in the san francisco. my name is mcdonald and it's a pleasure to welcome you all here today. we are excited to launch this year's 2015's youth jobs. say yay! we are in a great place. let's thank them very much. we are thrilled to be here. not that city hall isn't a cool space, but this is really cool. and so we are grateful to be here. each year we've had the
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opportunity to launch in partnership with mayor lee and several other partners that i will name just a moment an exciting opportunity to engage young people. the goal while the job and internship it's is really important and valuable. part of what i'm trying to help and support is to connect the dots of opportunities to connect their pursuit and at attainment and the future for their lives and the support that you provide through a job or provider or leadership is wonderful. let me please one more time [ applause ] now if you think back to your first job, you will know that it took some special person, an employer, a supervisor, someone who
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mentored you, you know the value and importance of that opportunity for young people and many of us are in rolls that we are in today because of that first opportunity and that's what we want to have this program create for our young people. since 2012, we had the opportunity to create over 19,000 opportunities of jobs and internships. that's another yay! moment [ applause ] so the other thing that this project is a reflection of is great partnership of public and private non-profit. now i need to say some names to say thanks. the mayor and the office of children and families, maria, there is maria. the economic workforce and development, thomas myers, and our san francisco unified school district and i
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know mcdonald is here. there is our school district partnership back there. thank you. [ applause ] and then of course to my team members at united way again being critical partners in this whole initiative. in addition to those partners we also have a wonderful set because we are reissue in this regard in in san francisco the partners getting them ready for the opportunities that we create for them. i need to name them very quickly. we have chalk, community youth center of san francisco, garden scholars, development agency, myers san francisco and of course young community developers. let's give it up for our non-profit partners. [ applause ] then we have partners who in addition to were appropriate in creating
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jobs and internships and opportunities in their space were also gracious in creating partners. let me thank them quickly, we have pg & e, j.p. morgan chase erns and young. let's thank them. [ applause ] and there are several other sponsors that are named on screen as well as on our boards around the room. we appreciate all of them. we also have a national partner. that is the city's foundation and cities for financial empowerment because they chose san francisco as a city that they are providing funding for work space opportunity for youth in san francisco and the department of youth and families. let's thank city's foundation. [ applause ] then one more special shot out,
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back in the 11th of april we had a resource fair where we brought 500 people and brought them opportunities for resume review and mock training and how to interview and how to make yourself the brand. it was a fantastic experience. one of the core sponsors and representative in the room that day was starbucks. starbucks brought over 80 volunteers into that space to support us. and then have the audacity to hire over 60 young people that day. let's give it up to matt green and starbucks. [ applause ] so we are well on our way towards creating wonderful opportunities for young people. 4 years ago, president obama issued a challenge to corporate america said we needed to
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create opportunities for disconnected opportunity youth and while the challenge was the corporate america, mayor lee raised his hands and said we are a city committed to give young people a world class education and with that vision we were able to launch youth jobs plus. it's my privilege to welcome mayor ed lee. [ applause ] >>mayor edwin m. lee: thank you, eric. it's great to work with you and united way. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> it's wonderful to be here iechlt -- i want to thank jay shu for opening this up. he and louis herrera have been
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great partners, louis is a great public librarian. these two individuals at the civic center had an at some point to work with me at city hall to celebrate what we are about to in the next month, the hundredth year anniversary of our city hall. i want to know, yeah, it would be great to be at the library, at city hall. i would welcome to you this room because jay would be the first to welcome you to say you are the live version of our terra-cotta soldiers this year. i wanted to use this room because of it's beauty as a way to say to indicate my deep level of appreciation for the sponsors, for the employers for the foundations, the community based organizations, our own
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city agencies and departments are all coming together and collaborating with me about a goal that is very near and dear to me and that is employing our youth. this is so important and you know already how much that i spend with the unified school district on in fact we are going to spend a lot on the school district. we are having that announcements made to the tune of $255 million to our school district. you get a precursor of our support to our schools. i have made it a passion for our youth. it's a story that i wanted to share with you. annually you hear from me often and i know employers that have been with me hear me often but just as passion each year. it
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takes that special moment. that one quick minute. sometimes close your eyes because for me it's a long ways away from remembering who helped me get my very first job. it wasn't something that i was spoon fed. it was something that i try to earn. in fact i will tell you my very first job wasn't really, i was living in seattle a pretty urban setting. my very first job was a non-urban job. actually i went on a farm when i was in junior high school, middle school grade student. i got people to connect me up with what they were doing. i thought that would be fun. i can work in restaurants, i can do all the stuff that i see everyday, but my very first job was on a farm and that's where i got to drive a truck. i destroyed about 25 cabbage
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heads in trying to deal with a truck. and i worked with a farmer whose every fourth word was a curse word. mr. tanaka, he was great for instructing us properly for how to get our bushels full of beans and strawberry and corn. i learned a lot. i learned discipline, i learned open farm area. i know that in san francisco we have a program and very strong policy and support for urban agriculture. we have a gardening program that reaches out to many of our transitional age youth to allow them to use the incredible farm that we have up in san bruno area and train them in skill sets and yeah, a lot of people use language that is kind of
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urban street language, but in that association withinw an employer where you are earning and you are having fun because your comrade is doing the same thing. i learned to have fun on jobs and learned to respect everybody's work and be part of a group setting. these are skill sets that create that basic discipline. think for a moment on your very first job, your great employers of san francisco or wonderful non-profit leaders or you city agency folks that are going to help me create thousands of jobs for this year and year around. think back on your first time and kind of the association that you had with people, the quality that allowed you to think that you are going to work your way up. you are going back to work your way out. you are going to work your way
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forward with your education. the kinds of skill sets that you want others to have or to enjoy. that's what i want to bring back on this today's moment when we ask you to make a commitment with us on a variety of things. because jobs plus has been something we thought about through and through. it isn't just the job. it isn't just getting the paycheck. what i'm emphasizing this morning is you go everyday and i get to kind of do this on weekly basis with my tours of businesses and try to find the people that enjoy this around them and allow them to be successful. this is the work environment we want to create. we have the goals of folks that got a lot of barriers to get them not only skill sets. what we have done
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before this day we rick's help, with the school district's help with the technology group that's helped is that we forged an opportunity to gain some skills in the application process. putting your resume online. how to tie a tie very quickly in a competition. how to look someone in the eye and say i'm so and so and i want to help your company be successful. these are disciplines that go along with just getting a paycheck. it's how you present yourself. it's how you tell your story about who you are. it is about how to gain that supervisorial support to be successful in the workplace and create a foundation for you and your family. i have a broad vision. that is that these jobs will help our youth not just
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occupy time and space. it is job skill sets, association with each other on the workplace. it's understanding everything from the chain of command to how you treat customers to how you really can add value to what a company is attempting to seek by creating opportunities there. and in this job, my staff really worked hard to make sure i wasn't just numerically oriented. this morning, also i have permission to tell you that last year we set a goal of 7,000 jobs and we exceeded that goal of 7500 jobs with everybody's help. [ applause ] >> but we want more and more is the stories about people's transition. how jobs affect them and their families. how they use those jobs to
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really find avenues of success for them and their families. this is incredibly important to any city in the entire state of california but for san francisco, i think it's a special story. i think we have special employers who are regional, who are forward thinking, who want that diversity to be reflected in their workforce and who use that diversity to gain a huge international market share of good policies that we want to have, and that today, i have to say that most companies who work with us are pretty successful. and more than the bottom line, they are helping me create a prosperity of which we can share with many struggling families who find it more difficult to forward the city and i'm doing my part. it's not just the job situation here is one