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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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hang onto every unit airbnb is a contributor not the only contributor to this the m m l k where under is wealthy and poverty and hardship on my block and all over the mission in january 28th there was a terrible fire 18 families lost their homes 64 families including children no where for them to go they stayed at the salvation army shelter and worked on treasure island away if their community and away from their friends and decreases and children's schools and right to the luxury part times on hampton sherry think in april of march 24 people lost their homes the department of public special
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circumstances inspection said they were your honor, habitual the legislative aide to board president london breed was involved in a corruption cocktails no place for the children to go in their community two blocks on hampton insure is other people airbnb 2 did 9 a night $299 a night used to be a affordable housing about 2 years ago. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello my name is as i said the director of outreach development for working solution a nonprofit developments organization working solutions provides small business access to capital we're also the administrator of the san francisco resolving loan fund and lent out over 2 and a half million dollars to hundred
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small small businesses we have a large number of businesses no many clients like missing g and other national north america natural products to name a few don't think to the traffic and tourism the small businesses that we serve is a small portion of the small businesses benefiting from the economic numbers that airbnb brought into the city last year that supports 3 thousand jobs plus provided by small businesses on average airbnb guest stays in the city longer and spend for money awhile here when the guest stays in the mission district their money stays in the district that's why working solutions that be concerned if you impede guest spend please
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take into consideration airbnbs strong economic impact on the small business community on whether or not to further restrict home sharers in san francisco francisco. >> at the time. >> i live in district 11 i've been there a decade and shared my home i've lived in my home everyday of the year i have 3 roommate but considered a commercial host in response to the presentation i'm glad the holistic approach is an option but today oh, i urge lows conservative cap on the bays it will effect my roommates and home living in san francisco but today, i'm sharing a letter if a snubbing shows the owner of a
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small business in the district and wants to make sure her voice is heard i fully support airbnb mission and created a personal experience with between traveled and local businesses and can only advanced all parties it skaters to the needs of travelers by having a memory that insures the return to san francisco they've proven to boost our economy and their respiration i believe that it is clearer their presence will benefit our great city and from the homestead we're happy to have airbnb as part of the commending community and my community in the excelsior benefits. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm alex an airbnb
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customer for 4 years as a guest and host i started in seattle as a investor and i went through a house because of the approach i have people from all over the country and the world that helped to finance some of the trips i did over the weekend and internationally then when i came to we can pick up the costs to play tense in 3 thousand city's that is a scape the project so airbnb really helped with some of the costs also i helped my parents with a really state project put a roof on their home that's where some
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of the proceeds went to they have a studio i don't go to hotel i use it when i visit my parents for the weekend or when we go on vacation i have a house to use then i realize this is a complex issue so you guys can keep in mind us when you decided on the framework open putting timelines against us. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm kari davis a proud super host and airbnb has been called a disruptive take care but san francisco is a disruptiveer we're a city and innovators airbnb lifts uber and not to mention twitter and facebook and open table
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the point you can do two things $0.30 in the face of disruption they made common sense other point around common sense is what is fair the tax was a big point of contention we've level the playing field that is fair to let people to use their property within the regulations it is fair to regulate and set perimeters but a one-size-fits-all solution didn't work for everyone there is different income and different solutions that can be put in place i'm using you to do something that didn't cap another a low point that didn't work for on a final note he wanted to say i found this is incredibly interesting it is easier to home
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share in cuba than san francisco (laughter). >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello, i'm madeline a voter in district 5 i'm a small business owner and the home i've been home sharers for a year this allows me to live in san francisco without it i would have left i ask i please not pass those amendments they'll negatively back my life thank you. >> hi, i'm keith a professor at city college my should recall is 21 i encourage all my fellow hosts to please register as much as possible. >> i was able to become a professor to the city college
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because of my in this i picked up more classes at city college and attribute to my communicated by having guests come and spend money in my neighborhood supervisor wiener's district i think what we have is enforceable you can't chose to do nothing and be upset nothing was done the city attorney one a case $260,000 if i'm not mistaken against people that turned something into a hers we have comboshltd already the planning commission identified 60 people and turned the names over to the city attorney to enforce his job it is in the effective to have any neighbor endorsing the laws that's our city's job please make sure that the city implores the law and
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not my neighbors as far as restrictions what we have needs time to work and using the cash analogy if you buy a car and not choose to take occur care of it not take it back to the dlaerl doss it didn't work let's give it went to enforce the law thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. and good afternoon. i'm lawrence my husband bruce and i own our home and have the citywide short-term rental on the around approach with our spare bedroom and bathroom a little bit over a year the spill n.y. income we have by a short-term rental helps us to maintain and improve our home and pay property tax without
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that increase bruce and i what have it hard this is unconscionable and just plain unfair i'm fulfill aware of the housing unit in 72 san francisco but unable to host our short-term rental as a result airbnb hosted short-term rental unit we'll otherwise not choose to have a long term tenant this is a financial structural go you but a long term tenant when a doesn't give us the flexibility when we travel question never have guests stay when we're not home to supervisor them of the 5 thousand earning listing in san francisco your focusing on less than one percent of the rentals in san francisco the cost benefit of the legislation is
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minor compared to addressing the housing crisis hosted home sharers allows us to moping meet folks from all over the world they saying if not for affordable conformations they cannot afford to travel to our expensive city. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon my name is leary a resident of d 5 and a homeowner he support supervisor campos legislation regulation without enforcement is meeveng less and comboshlth is ineffective saying the city can enforce the cap suddenly we've been rezoned to the twilight zone relying only neighbors would don't think neighbors spying on neighbors
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24/7 since inception the many hosts are flaunted existing law why should what he imagine trust they'll voluntarily comply with an ime imbig legislation why would revigorously- hosts should not have a problem providing data to the city through the platform that facilitates they ventures that is a condition regulations must be unambiguous to insure that existing heirs it preserved for a short-term rental it is effectively rezoning every residential in this city to commercial not only reasonable but necessary to put real con strients fines and impediment for violating
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regulations is not a navel concept surely protecting housing unit warrants metabolic fines for regulars this is in the public interests advertised in the interest of government to protect us and recruiting shoulders with a invested interest to be tare lobbyist our job is to make good pun policy thank you (clapping.) now remember the rules okay. thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello, i'm linda i'm a 4 of resident of san francisco and homeowner i'm sad that the short-term rentals are being blamed for the large share of the affordable housing issues it is a complicated issue i've been
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a tenant and lucky enough to be a homeowner and host one of the reasons i'm a host is balk my family situations i have 4 children and 13 grant children my husband and i own our home want to be able to rent it in a way flexible for us to accommodate visits from you our family and our home to be available for guests and family members out of town releasely we need income i'm retired and my husband will be we have grandchildren in college short-term rentals has been a way to bridge the gaps financially and. >> what to afford me the luxury of being able to be a community divorcee spent over one thousand hours in community volunteer mainly with the rec and park i
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love this kind of work but cannot do that without income to help take care of our family needs that's why we're hosting the other thing that troubles me people don't take care of their homes people that host have to maintain their rental and shared rental areas as it is the cop company was coming you keep it up it is the way you'll be a successful host thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and i'm jugsd i have a room in the house i've starved with roommates for 35 years after that having proubl trouble with roommates audio started hosting with airbnb i'm a homeowner in noah valley i'm a widower and
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retired after working an right now groceries i've received $956 from social security i'm now 71-year-old i started using ash from time to time a family member meetings needs a short term place my guests are we have people from all over the world that want to stay in the neighborhood rather than a hotel i provide them a book of noah valley muse i'd be able to maintain and put my money into my hundred plus victorian throughout history older widows retired from rented out broadly house my grandparents did it
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please don't add another disengage to the low income nona melkonian folks trying to maintain pg&e and water and trash is so many higher than a few years it was a hundred and 20 percent it was not that much income to begin with i hope you'll do the right thing and allow me to host around guests in my home thank you. >> thank you, scott and your welcome. >> please. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon my name is gene i am with the corruptive and borden of the tenderloin in san francisco i'm sure you've seen the first page the chairman showing the tactics of our mayor who the taxpayer wanted to vote the way
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she wanted to and him and his airbnb ron conway wanted her to this doesn't help with the lack of faith only the rare opportunity to prove yourselves to the static to prove you are beginning elected based on the strurlz in the city and to prove that the city of san francisco you're not representatives of africa increasing disconnected elite holding on the royalty of supply and demand that is an opportunity for to prove to the san franciscans you're not fooled by the sharing economy that appropriates the go collective but in reality functions as venture itching in free market capitalism i appeal
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to you to pass the acceptable relations by supervisor campos contrary to what people believe this will not end airbnb that will regulate it if you want to be a business you should be regulated by a business that is what government is supposed to say regulation is your duty especially during a crisis and the planning department got attacks from mayor lee's telling them to go back on their testimony i'm sure they'll appreciate the data as well thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is a dining martinez here representing mission sro collaboratives as well we represent people that live in the mission before gentrification is and dormant is
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on a level last year 3 hundred evictions in the mission district and there's an increasing number ever airbnb units there now i actually have a family member that used airbnb to help her make ends meet that's not what supervisor campos legislation the type of person this legislation is trying to go after we're talking about people that you live in may be one unit and the entire building and trying to rent out the whole building is not equitable and noted fair to the business owners that own hotels that pay the tax they need to pay who wish obeying all the regulations we needed full enforcement and other for the loss of our residential housing during the rental crisis the regulations
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that supervisor campos is suggesting their simple regulars not something that is inappropriate for the government to enforce, in fact we need good regulations to help push back against people making money against the country just. >> few weeks ago hundreds of people at city hall urging the city laying out lawmakers? our opportunity to do something it is a chance to do something right by your community advertised 123409 going to solve everything but a smaller important piece to the puzzles puzzle there are people environmental impact tenants - >> thank you arrest hello, i'm here to right a letter on behalf of alex i've been a san
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franciscan for 7 and a half years and small business for 2 and a half i own a hiking company we take people from all over the world on hillary clinton tours i'm writing as a small business owner and want to share they thoughts on airbnb they're a huge asset to the small business community one year ago airbnb allowed me to start list on their website from april 2014 they sent me hundred and 4535 new customers that totaled 20 percent for my income of my business they've sent me 61 customers in the lower tourism system their people that love to learn instead of on the tour buses i take them into the neighborhoods they wouldn't see
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and they buy drinks and shop with local merchant our visitors learn more about our businesses it is a win-win situation thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good work board of supervisors i'm marilyn my association in the mission not necessary i worked homeless in san francisco police commission mostly in the mission district and the tenderloin a couple of things i want to pout out when we talk about small business you should think about nonprofit they're considered small business and employ many people many of whom who's workers struggle to stay in san francisco because of the housing unit housing market we have to think about homeless and people
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that be san franciscans that are displaced and struggling to stay in the city not to retain current san franciscans we have a city that works inform to for the san francisco resident not for the ones here that's not a fair situation right now we have based on an article in the local media roughly 6 thousand or so airbnb listing at any given time we have 7 thousand people homeless in san francisco just imagine something that prevents units from on the housing market for homeless let me talk about the housing regulations we come to the microphone we hear the chime if i go thirty seconds and another minute the skrmentsz or
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consultatorius will come to the podium when i come through the knowledge i come to give you an honest testimony i know that the city government could a regulate with the public testimony we do so everyday i might get hit by a car every business has a responsibility to san francisco thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and good evening supervisors i'm charley goose representing san francisco public apartment association and better san francisco i did not prepare a formal speak but i've heard a lot things some of the things from the hers is that they have this extra space and need short term income but never rent it out to a tenant it seems strarg that someone who needs the
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income would not rent to a tenant this is a contradiction of the need for rental income need rental income from a short term arraignment and not a long term rent what's the difference he long term rents are tenant i guess what i've hearing tenants in san francisco are peck i didn't like tenants rights and rent control and the right to a units what i'm hearing those people don't want to deal with rent control so i want to give a strong warning without regulation on this issue we know it is a new issue and difficult to regulate without regulation we'll see landlord and master tenants making the economic decisions why rent to 0 tenant
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or to a short-term rental tenant that has not rights we need to think of wear we're incentivizing and the impacts it has citywide we know that airbnb is a san francisco company we know that airbnb business is bigger than san francisco and on their way to an ipo we can do that my by regulating. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and good afternoon. >> please pull the my case down to our mouth. >> i wanted to read a letter from a business owner julie i'm julie have been a proud citizen the san francisco for 8 years i'm also the general manager of
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taco of san francisco owned and operated i'm writing this to express my support home sharers in san francisco home sharers without is a job benefit or a small business community small business operators to some slim margin in order to operate successfully we need to stay study foot traffic on daily basis with the majority of hotel located in downtown it is in order of corridor they don't get the study of traffic from the tourist until home sharers begin to meeting in the city this has been extraordinarily to
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small businesses throughout san francisco if the home sharers is hotel so is the million dollars goes into our neighborhood and loophole business home sharers is a cut back to fount economy impacts please consider a business owner communities in making our constitution on this thursday and day after julian. >> thank you very much i know you folks i didn't call your names we're going to have to start from the top sir, was your name called i'm trying to get out of here we have a whole bunch of people