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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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this is essential to make end meet would you appreciate having our benefits arley reduced i'm fairly sure the city won't replace my lost income if those amendments are adopted and encompassed on home sharing it is hard to comprehend how to be a short-term rental home will not change my home to a long-term rental unit thank you very much. >> hello i'm cindy i appreciate this opportunity to tell my story no support of home sharing hive been a homeowner for 28 years city property tax that should
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maple something i have a spare bedroom my husband was a native of the san francisco and never thought he'd be able to own a home i have this - we did what it took to become homeowners we worked hard to put our names on the title of our home in 2010 a so-called friend defaulted me from a home savings he left me with a pile of debt and airbnb is a beacon of light in a dark tunnel my hosting is an extension of pride in my city i looked at it to a day i'll be able to see a few giant games
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and go to the american people are a and blaelts i meet new folks for hosting and live my life the without thought of leaving airbnb represent to me and one hundred and 20 day cap is no acceptable it makes a big difference to me i remembering ask you have respect for me and other people and not minimize the number of nights i can have in my home thank you. >> i want to appreciate you i can't believe you're still here milestone my brain is not working well
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but i wanted to ask how many people have tried to rent a place in the last year tried to rent there just two great so i was in my home for 20 years and born and raised in city government san francisco and my parents are homeowners i get it it breaks my heart the amount of people that use the term rent they won't rent to me is singularly what they are saying i had to leave my home and trying to find a home i'm a teacher i teach children and volunteer in the city and use bart and go to walnut u restaurant all the things that short-term rental people do it i put a lot of money into san francisco and i don't presenter i do appreciate how much people are trying to do the right thing by registering and all the things
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they're talking about and i wish the process were easier i've not heard anyone say their begin airbnb having the registered people on there only i not heard that why is that proposal against it it didn't make sense they should let registered people be airbnb host and not style the bad apples we have thank you for your time. >> i'm chris a long time san francisco resident and homeowner a landlord and small business owner i'm a member of a large number of neighborhood association and small business successors i'm here to talk about the small business community in the castro
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yet there is a strong demand from the population who lives here for small business changes and other kinds of businesses that comes here the castro has a limit space combroet people want to colonel to the city because of the castro and experience the castro and end up staying in other parts of city allowing the home sharing there be or are a lot of them it brings people into the community and allows them to see san francisco through the eyes of the people that live there you know it is the unique independent businesses and the culture that brought me here in the first place so i hope you consider did small business community when
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you make decision. >> members of the planning commission thank you for the opportunity to speak i'm alex in san francisco for 17 years in noah valley i love san francisco because of it's external and diversity like many of the san franciscans i wasn't born here but ioof been hosting in my home it is a tremendously rewarding experience i've connected with my guests and they act like locals they're not tourist they pat news our industry i share my primary my family home that allows me to fund a company i couldn't have done this without slayer for 9 months now i'm barely off the ground
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i've taken a big step to hiring two full-time employees and using that income to represent in the city when the board of supervisors finally allowed us to do what we do and make ends meet i registered i had great hopes it struck a fair balance limentd to it to our primary residents if i can only share it it can't effect the availability of housing if the city i pay my dues and pay taxes local small businesses don't need more red tape i ask you not to change the rules i urge you not to treat us infairly we are san franciscans
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and trying to make end moot we're pay attention and we vote thank you. >> (calling names) >> good evening. i'm steve arnold's a san francisco native my came from oregon our 3 girls were born and raised here we lived in the sunny neighborhood our second house a 3 bedroom two blocks away in the in case of
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time as our girl went to high school now we have a empty nest we had to borrow for college we lived we've earned this through sweat equity and have a right to use our home as we see fit requiring the guest it has a positive effect the airbnb selection process weeds out bad acres and the strangers can be interested we proudly began our registration and support the t ot the city collects from airbnb the current recollections make sense their crafted to allow san franciscans to use their homes as at the includes please keep this principle in mind.
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>> thank you. >> please note i beat the buzzer. >> we appreciate that. >> thank you commissioners for giving me the opportunity to speak i'm a registered - i moved to san francisco and bought our first home in sunset i didn't side we stated in the city when others raised their kids in the subsidiaries we wanted to raise our children and san francisco is diverse we raised our children awhile putting them through college we want to use the extra money from renting other families and young families are struggling to stay in the city please don't take this opportunity by capping the number of days i ask you not put
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a cap on the number of days hosts can share their home. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm ashley my supervisor is scott wiener thank you. i've lived in the castro for about a year i plan on spend the rest of my life in san francisco so i'm not actually a host but an advocate for the traveler everywhere i go it connects me to people and gives me a sense of their community about a year ago i used airbnb and had an amazing experience you know, i didn't think i would end up licking it because the people i stated with teresa and her
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husband welcomed me with open arms and basically the way i saw amarillo is the way i want people to see san francisco we have an authentic side and home sharing provides a local view of the community we want to people to experience the walk across the around bow walks putting a cap is detrimental think about it if you don't let people stay that will not have as much money people want to make their ridiculously high mortuaries this limits the time and reduced the amount of visitors and sharing that with the world we
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should cherish to cherish it together thank you. >> good evening bobby san francisco tenants union i don't think that is the mayors affordability plan to turn residents of san francisco into hotel workers or the mayors housing plan to take affordable units off the market as a matter of fact the mayors derivative says the option to preserve affordable housing and that's a primary derivative earlier last week, i testified on the difficulty with fire violation enforcement objective the city is to the presented to have tourist coming in places not
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equipped with sprinklers as though their hotels if the mayor voted he'd support this as a fair balance note that airbnb is not a city proofrp it if the city need a platform it is not a city car share it is a copy looking to do an ipo later in the year with powerful voices behind that so real affordability would be not turning residents into hotelers and avenues for them to do that if that is what they need to do not cave one hundred 20 days is 4 months out of the year the people say they won't rent to renter are telling a big
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story here. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm pam i'm speaking because i think i might offer a unique prospective i went through the process thirty years ago almost thirty years to become a bed-and-breakfast and been doing that from my home almost 28 years 88 do the math so i just want to say that's an incredibly positive experience and i'm completely aware as a natural foe to those foe bed-and-breakfast keepers but i'm not i recognize real clearly the need for this type of lodging i'm basically a referral agency and i used to have a a
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lot of folks in the neighborhood i've no place i'm give them back to airbnb it is huge that i have that place to refer to there's a definite need ucsf alone i have almost inclusive medical people that come in to interning usually 3 months or more we need it that's all. >> next speaker and hi there i'm trying to keep this short i've been host for almost 6 years from airbnb a guest room my wife and i rent
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out i came here to encourage you to give the law we argued about for 3 years time to work and in place over two months and we need to give it a chance to see if it works during the first month obamacare now 1 seven months more than thirty million at the beginning of a new law things are slow but time it will work as intended this law has been in place for 3 months and hosts are signing up give it went work how it will work i'll convicted add that planning adds
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thousand of pages we're a complaint process a way for people to complain and stop leveling rentals give it a chance to work thank you. >> good evening. i'm jenny moons own a same single-family in betsy we've would here in this supply and raised our kids i work apartment and my husband is a public teacher because of the rising costs of expense we rely on home sharing we need to be able to rent the two spare bedrooms for 365 and 90 days or one hundred and 20 days will not help us pay the bills we'll have to move out of san francisco
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we're not removing housing sheriff's creates without it we can't afford to live here 8 weeks ago i paid for a business license to have short-term rentals and 3r0i89d everything in return i ask we share did home without restriction our friends and neighbors love we share our homes we provide a valuable service business offering them affordable accommodates for your neighbors family they spend more money we provide them with affordable accommodations san francisco is getting short-term rental taxes why cut that that down build for
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affordable housing and let's reduce our homeless population why kill the golden goose. >> my husband and i own our own home a neighborhood with zero hotels we rent out a guest room operate from our living quarters it is not a kitchen without average the only way to earn income is getting a housemate not an option we bought our home and saw the value of downstairs darkroom and fixed it up on december we put it up for airbnb with the new rules that went into effective in february we are number 9 exhibit a my husband a i'm sorry we got our registration we got a booklet
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exhibit b we're not rich people but we're responsible about our finances my husbands is a bay area nature and works in a bar we can afford our mortuary without average but that's it i worked over 10 years my speciality was fair trade i dedicated my life to make sure that people are treated fairly now, it's the for me to is it your understanding for myself i'm economically disadvantaged i found a way to take care of microwave the income we make from airbnb we go into adoption i want a child last week. >> case worker said what is going to happen if this passes i
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was in tears we're not trying to get away with anything that sound like hosts have not followed give them a chance figure out how to importing the allows alleyways the laws without growth is useful thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> thank you for hanging in there i've supervisor campos but not so sport of this protective i owned many bruno i was evicted between my ex-husband we've opened 4 businesses in san francisco i created solely with money from airbnb to fund a city business
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and, yes even with this businesses we can't for the record a private school she's in public school my x my husband and i share the house the airbnb money copes it so we can locate this we represent the house in the summer business owner about 2 hundred plus days a year without average impossible to have this arrangement this allows us to have a college fund for me to start my business it is the only income so the business without airbnb i can't afford to stay in the city and help my daughter she's 14 and plans on taking over the around when she's in
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college i believe that people take in rental unit off the market is not right and not not spirit of airbnb we'll never put our highway into the rental market and i don't agree that airbnb should be required to handle personal information it is just bad business and sets a precedence that's a violation of privacy for renters. >> thank you, ma'am your time is up. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi thank you for allowing us to speak i'm skate stone a san francisco nature i've been a public school teacher for 35 years i own my home with my wife
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we have two romance because my sons went school i want to ask you not to enact the new legislation and ask you this question i'm having attributable reconciling supervisor campos plea in his speech he reminded the board of supervisors those back taxes that airbnb owed and would be spent on fire and police officers and affordable housing so if we have a real situation based on my wives and my home sharing last year airbnb on our behalf remitted taxes to the city over told us real money
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that amount of money would be reduced hundreds like me in san francisco that amount of money would be reduced to around $4,000 there's the math i'm listening to the heartfelt stories that told the same stories when we enacted the legislation the same folks spoke and the support spoke and the board of supervisors the land use commission the planning commission horde all those stories and passed that legislation as it stands now please give it a chance to work and please don't turn neighbors against neighbors please. thank you. >> hello thank you for left me have this opportunity to tell my story i'm
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a long term rents inresident four years ago i was able to buy my unit not without the help of friends and family and selling my assets and boring on credit cards so right. i feel confident not evicted like my landlord tried many times all to continue to be able to short-term rent since i work from home i'm there 24/7 no reason to limit my short-term rentals to 90 or one hundred and 20 days that will enact me negatively that is not only
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going to impact me negatively by the city you're going to get less revenue so why would you want to do that i just also want to say that my unit needs to be needs a lot of work it is 20 - i have awe penicillin breaking down at 25-year-old i can't afford to pay mortuary and property tax and condo dues and utilities and insurance and also for the record to make payments i beg this body who's going to make the decision to not do you want the proposed limits on rentals
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thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening my name is carolyn burnett a long time resident of the admission my husband and i bought our home i in february registered my place with the department we pay for our children's education my husband and i our was this have not increased in seven years but expenses have our guests love staying in the missions and shop and dine in 9 area if you decided against home sharing we want to have the flexibility to have family members and friends stay with us i ask the planning commission not to pick up put a cap on how often i can share my
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living i'll call a number of names and if someone else wants to speak please lion up (calling names). >> go ahead. >> hello, i'm michael i work from home and small business owner i understand what it takes to succeed in the city living on coastal i frequent any you m many small businesses my girlfriend eye moved here from 30r8d and i


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