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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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. >> good afternoon. welcome everyone and welcome the meeting will come to order this is the regular meeting of land use & transportation i'm commissioner melberger and to my right is scott wiener the vice chair and -- excuse-me. having to my left it will be coming supervisor kim shortly our clerk is mrs. andrea ashbury and welcome jonathan both jonathan's they'll be broadcasting this committee meeting on sfgovtv madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 28, 2015, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated important well, thank you very much let call items number one
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and two and the health care to rise the petitioner establishment and associated niece and number two the planning code for the massage establishment. >> supervisor tang is the author they'll be presenting today. >> thank you land use commission i'm here on behalf of supervisor tang's office we're developing the regulatory program we would like to request a continuance for the planning code amendments. >> thank you, colleagues may i have it motion to continue this to the may 4th meeting supervisor wiener and seconded by myself before we take action are there members of the public that want to speak on item 1 or 2 seeing
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none, public comment is closed at this time. >> public comment is closed. >> and there was a motion that of made excuse me. supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener made a motion to continue this to the may fourth calendar that passed naming thank you madam clerk call item number 3. >> item 3 an ordinance for the building mosaic proliferate police code regarding the noise for plays of entertainment. >> the maker of that legislation is supervisor breed the author president breed. >> thank you supervisor cohen i'm excited about this legislation thank you to everyone it come out to support this legislation and thank you for being here and our continued support and standing
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up for night life here in san francisco i'm a big fan of live music and long term supporter of the independent called the justice league in district 5 i got concerned about some of the new residential development within the close proximity in the building next to the independent i imagine many of the operators independent were concerned about the problems the new development next door will complain about noise and the live music and the late operating hours and the long hours and all of a sudden the independent that is a fixture on divisadero is in a position to spend thousands of dollars on restricting their hours of potentially being shutting down this will be
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tragic not only for the divisadero neighborhoods but it raises bigger citywide issues san francisco is pushing for more residential development in field and neighborhoods that were previously commercial or light industry the new development are running into conflict that the music venues in recent years we've seen far too many venues that have expensive situations that are being forced to shut down i'll list a few cafe cocoa month and the red devil lounge the lexington club and the button of the hill in the pending housing development we see the prospect of the elbow room being adapted
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by housing it faces a unique set of circumstances we can't blame everyone on one factor but the spread of housing production to new neighborhoods with one of the things the venues are facing this is a problem not only culturally and socially but economically here not city the city controller's office 2012 night life report i want to thank my co-sponsor for having put concrete numbers venues and night club and bars attract 6 i will million visits and $1800 million in san francisco extent in san francisco every year and 43 percent of residents in the surrounding area continue to visit san francisco boo do so brirm because of the vunsz night life is a part of what makes san
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francisco he it's a major part of our economy and, of course, we need new housing but have to find a way to come guest with night life we started to create a structure to do that we met with venues and residential developers and police department and the department of public health and building inspection the entertainment commission and the department of workforce development the result of those meetings and cuffs with the legislation you see before you today let me briefly walk you through what it does first, the entertainment commission and the planning department will create and occur rat a map of existing permitted places of entertainment or ppos in the city there are about 3 hundred and 50 right now when a developer prototypes a project within 3
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hundred feet poe it could submit a final applications to planning and the entertainment commission will have the opportunity to hold and hearing to discuss how they're going to coexist the developer what present any plans for sound situation and discuss how they're going to work with the residents to insure that we preempt conflict the commission will provide recommendation to the planning department and the department of building inspection we've added language to indirect the planning commission to consider the battle ability uses between the nearby businesses and review the input if the entertainment commission we want the venue to be considered from the out set
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and want to start the collaborations not to conflict on the back end the second important element of the legislation it is sticht that if a venue operates within the terms of the permit it can't be doomed a legal nuisance weigh asking small businesses to comply with term we should live up to our end of the bargain and not spend thoughts of dollars on sound proofing the most important piece of the legislation brother someone represents or bows a home within 3 hundred photo of the venue the landlord of seller moos must innovative their moving near a music venue they maybe sound or
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inconvenience this we they know the entertainment commission frequently deals with people that they visit a apartment building on wednesday morning and they buy it and the first friday night it is a different story suddenly they're calling the police or my office and calling in their lawyers we want to prevent those problems ultimately the legislation seeks to start the conversation between those who parties on the front end we want to them working together how to co-exist in our mixed use neighborhoods between south of market or the embarcadero and we want to make sure that people are happy in their homes then we're building new you housing all over san francisco we have to protect the
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reasons why people want to lives here in the first place the fundamental elements is the culture that makes san francisco san francisco it is the night life, the music is going back to the fillmore in the 70s 60 when in the upper market hate in the city throughout our history this is why people want to live here and we must protect it i want to thank the coalition of supporters with 150e7b8gd this legislation my co-sponsor from the start skewing who's been a great revoke for night time in the city the culture association and the department of building inspection, code advisory committee as the they unanimously endorsed this as the small business commission and
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the building inspection and the planning commission then ben is here who owns several barbara's bars in the city september up a petition in the city with 3 seven hundred signatures thank you for your sport in this legislation and today, i think we're joined by a few of the supporters as well thank you to the staff of the entertainment commission katie blackstone and our incredible city attorney vicky and ben welcome to the people's palace and director heinecke sanchez. >> to you for putting and continuing to take leadership on bringing this night time legislation to where we are and my colleagues thank you for hearing us at this time i want to bring forward bryan the president of
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the entertainment commission to talk about this legislation then we're going to call on diego sanchez when the planning department and then we're going to happy to answer questions and finally open up for public comment all right. madam president before we get to presentations scott wiener has a few items. >> thank you very much madam president and thank you supervisor breed for bringing this forward it is overdue piece of legislation as supervisor breed mentioned in merry opening remarks in 2011 one of the first things i did when i came on the board of supervisors was to request an environmental impact report to show the economic contribution of night time in the economy in san franciscoal too often in this building when any policy debates accompany
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about that night life night life is often e.r. historically has been viewed as a problem to be managed and we know that, of course, it is anything but a problem to be managed that this is a part of the cultural part of san francisco our live music venues and night club and bars all of the things that happen in what we call the other 9 to 5 this is something that should be fostered and embracing and findings ways to make that more successful instead of it was viewed as a problem to be managed and sunlight we saw all sorts of bad policy results occur where the only advise we were hearing were people that wanted the noise or disruption to stop we weren't
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hearing enough from the one side we requested this report it showed that night life is a $4.2 billion that employees over 50 thousand people and contributed more than $50 million in tax revenue to the city and so in addition to cultural significance we now had the data to show this is an important economic sector in this city that employees many people when we start talking about really over the top restrictions on night life in san francisco you're not only talking about people being to have less fun but people's job and tax revenue and the economy of the city and so since then i've been has had hard to see the growing awareness of the thing we need to do to make sure that night life succeeds and grows we've seen that with the wonderful
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report that our task force put anti about the lack of transportation the lack of need for food transportation this legislation is another step we need nor housing in san francisco i've been a big supporter of that housing crisis we need to address it or we're going to lose but in the process we can't destroy night time in san francisco industry live music in san francisco the two with housing and night life are not myself exclusive we have to make sure they don't come maturing exclusive 0 so when people move into an area they can't demand the area fundamentally change to mediated their needs understanding a distance club down the street people come into this neighborhood on friday night or saturday night when our renting
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or buying in an area you took the neighborhood for what it is and learner how to co-exist with that neighborhood the situation we saw at slims or other places it is not acceptable and we as a city need to proactively address that and make sure we're demonstrating balance and not just listening to the loudest voices to shut those places down this is angle important piece of legislation i was proud to be a wingman to supervisor breed on this one final thing to note as important our job is not done because we know that unfortunately, the abc continues to be a huge problem, in fact it was the abc not the city that accused slims to temporarily shut down or on probation with the problems abc is way, way two sensitive to whoever the loudest voices we've
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seen over and over that is one person that has huge we have to make sure abc the reformed and respectful of night life thank you to supervisor breed and her office and thank you very much supervisor wiener supervisor breed i want to be added as a co-sponsor this issue is pertinent to the neighborhoods on the southern waterfront i've heard concerns from my own constituents this legislation is important particle that will effect businesses walk bottom of the hill and the clubs a couple in the area we need more housing in the city again protect the venues that keep san francisco san francisco so without further ado let's go
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ahead and and get to the meat of the legislation. >> thank you supervisor breed for sponsoring this legislation and the supervisors to hear this i'm bryan the president of the entertainment commission i'm here to urge you to support this common sense legislation our commission heard heard this very legislation about a month ago and newsom endorsed that it was the hard work of our entertainment commission the department of building inspection and the office of economic workforce development and the planning department, and is it supervisor breed and her staff i called this common sense legislation because it is one of the primary duties of entertainment commission is to insure that nuts and bolts night life is not only promoted in the city but act as good neighbors that's having open lines of communication and the least impact especially, when it comes to noise and sound as a condition to all our permitted this sets limits to the hour and
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the decimal application and requests the entertainment commission provides a dick contact to the neighbors to 0 voices complaint we have two inspectors covering it not enough and last year, we beefed-up our guidelines about the ri7z for a new permit applicant night time has thrived in areas no immediate residential neighbors it make sense in but as the city bathrooms fertile ground for entertainment commission they've been combrovpd on it talks about it in a common sense fashion to work with our commission to mitigate by housing they may have and requires they innovative the future residents
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insuring they're informed about the surrounding rather than blindfolding and this provides one tool for the commission and actually more importantly for our city to deal with growth if we want to continue to attract visitors and resident it requires security guards for the existing vital of the city we need this one additional tool to help us grow and prevent problems with that i look forward to our extort for this legislation thank you for your time. >> diego sanchez i wanted to recap we've heard this item after deliberations the commission unanimously recommended powerful with a few modification to push this to the output of the process and
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applied to the residential projects that is generally well received i'm available to answer any questions any other presentations. >> no. we're prepared to opening it up for public comment. >> supervisor wiener's and supervisor cohen and supervisor kim. >> so that i have not officially opened public comment yet thank you. >> public comment is open. >> (laughter). oh say can you see hey thanks to all you i'm so happy to be before you tuesday morning and enjoy having and for your conferences not just for learning supervisor yee and no
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supervisor norman yee i showed him over foments alongside with others i - and also supervisor yee and one time to city hall black limb limousine car and showing something i was hidden for so many times even the couple years ago the sunset streak festival i talked to him and he was beside me he at the festival he never talked to me i was a strict influence like good morning a big bang of embarcadero and wells fargo you know, i sing the sons and madam chair that with professionals professional friends in the
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embarcadero and central and pitched it to a crowd of people everyday from all the way to embarcadero and monterey so i have encountered the people in a kind of what you see >> thank you, mr. yee when you make public comment it has to think relevant you can't come up here and speak just to speak it has to be relevant i have in my hands a list of cards (calling names) and ace on the case in that order guy you're up next it dennis and then michael
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not sure how to follow that. >> i hope. >> first of all, good morning, supervisors my name is guy kerosine i'm one of the founder california culture organization thank you to supervisor breed for this legislation it is long overdue and happy to have it i'm sure you're aware of i think speaking to the choir but live music venues are an ensdoorgd species and currently an endangered species to protect them another ottawa all costs that is one tool is it gives our live music venues some leverage when it comes to negotiate with developers who might otherwise be completely i think different to the operation nodes of the music i speak from personal
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experience we had developers could into my block wanting to build 87 units and it was a national development company in the beginning if he were insensitive to our niece they explicit care about our operation and ready to roll over us we need to send a message to developers we won't accept those kinds of practices and want to include our live music venues another an early stage so they have a say in the development. >> thank you, mr. carson next is dennis followed by michael followed by robby. >> i'm from the great american music hall along with everyone else in support of this legislation we're here to help san francisco save i did from


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