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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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he model we'll need to support and that creates concerns partly to the extent their contained in schools and the challenge with some of the turnover i don't know if we have that information. >> i think we have many of the data and the gentleman can speak to the retention data but some of what i've heard from teachers of america core members in san francisco have simple a positive experience they survey their teachers interest the plummet sites and the satisfaction rate for san francisco is really high so there's sort of a reputation for the experience in san francisco which leads the alumni to want to touch in san francisco this is part of why we have so many alumnus not to mention people want to be in san
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francisco it helps if they've glutton the program somewhere else and relocated to the bay area the current teachers are having a positiveexperience as well analysis if you want to do a try apples to apples comparison the teachers of america are teaching the hard subjects in terms of placement the deplacements are a higher proportion if 1 to 3 schools do give a sense of partnering starred in 2008 the t f a have a second year return of 90 plus rate we did a study and 79 percent of new teachers came back for the second year to
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the t f organization returned for a higher rate and the teachers of america 50 percent of them have returned for their third year in the district and cross all the teachers that 56 or 66 perseveres 50 percent all the teachers regardless of their prior experience came to the district beforehand and their teaching the displacement but i can go deeper if you want to go deeper so the summary of the higher retention for the second and the third year it's lower every year after that. >> do you have that for 5 years for those who go through the program. >> we'll have 3 cohorts that have you know been in the district long enough for 5 years
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that's 20 percent come back for their fifth year and all the rest of the teachers it is 43 percent - 53 percent. >> that's exactly the data i i was asking for the other thing i want to ask really the need for the growth of it i've supported t f a the contract and partnership in the past you know, i think that every year api i've been here this is my third year it is 15 and now we're increasing it by close to 40 percent so it is seems small 5 or 9 teachers but fairly large increase percentage wise in terms of the partnership one of the challenges i've had
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is that you know this feels like it is in some ways in isolation that is a question of our border human capital needs and our vacancies that is a pretty drastic increase in that number and in light of the strong concerns that some of the board members have i think that i would like more information about why in the of the boarder nodes and strategies we need that great of an increase especially half of the board spoke strongly about the concerns and the models i think that in terms of you know, i think for us as a district we believe, of course we are a very highly as you can tell after district that shouldn't have you know vacancies where we need to not have a credential teacher with respect to the t f a folks and their model they'll
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agree that is a model that is paralleling situation for other types of opportunities not available it is designed to quickly get folks into the classroom when districts don't have alternatives i'll speak for the model to the question not so much that in and of itself is a good models for the nation but right here in san francisco where the teachers are going to be placed whether it is truly need for us and in particular increases to 40 percent of commitment how much of that you can speak to now i'll say for the members of the board that last but not least in their opinion i would like to see that within the context of that broader discussion we've meeting on friday to talk about the scheduling of the personnel committee that's on option to the board i recognize that some
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of the members of the board are decided on this this is not going to make much of a difference i want to throw that out there. >> superintendent a response. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney so a general response until you get more data we're facing a teacher shortage crisis not only in san francisco but california the booming economy in san francisco causing the fact that our teachers and paraprofessionals are being priced out of the city we're working on alternatives for housing rental subsidies and different strategies for keeping the teachers in the city but all the streams are two to three years out before we'll do that so the as a matter of fact as the economy booms in san francisco our teachers are priced out not affordable for that the teachers to be in san
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francisco we agree with president kelly we heard that chief of h.r. monique vascular is shared our rentals are increasing in this district if we keep pace with the renovation of our teachers they drive past two or three school district and are taking positions that are much closer to where they're living if we keep up with the growth and renovation we'll be looking for 5 hundred teachers to start the school year we've talked about how the common core in the eight grade and allocating math copes we won't have them they'll be relooked at into the classroom so the for percent increase in the teachers of america is 25 features is it
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are guaranteed policy of diversifies highly educated people that want to work in our schools they're not our solution this is not the solution but part of a comprehensive plan a guaranteed 25 position that we can be selective how we allocate but that's the reasoning why we're increasing inform 24 positions and that's what we're asking the boards for the support. >> i'll audio that because commissioner vice president haney comment if we want to get into a comprehensive conceptual conversation about recruitment strategies that is completely appropriate for personnel and committee meeting woelt need to get corp. into the dual prong the short term and long-term there are strategies that are short term and streams that are long term.
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>> commissioner norton. >> so i have a couple of thoughts i will just put out there are i'm supportive of contract certainly think this is our only strategy we're talking about 24 teachers we need 4 to 5 hundred we're in deep trouble also i'm just kind of this is a $60,000 contract for 40 teachers we heard we need to hire 4 or six hundred teachers really you guys really you're not going to vote i understand the philosophical utility boxes outcomes but sxhaen really i mean, i just think you know there is one thing to have the philosophical objections but i'm kind of
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surprised we're having this confidence over a $60,000 contract i'd like to say that also given - what? well, the teachers cost money but the contract is for $60,000 that's what we're voting on tonight so no teacher maskly gets paid we're talking about apples and oranges this is for $60,000 that's before the board tonight so what i will say is i'm at go it seems like like we've given the principle some guidance that we're concerned with possibly the concentrations of the t f a teachers maybe one or two pools in addition, we're concerned
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some of our vulnerable students having a larger proportion of less experienced teachers but we need to make that gowns even more explicit and with professional development there is hopefully we're give joins to anyone that is providing professional development to our teachers about what professional development is useful and in and out useful to us i guess i don't thinks the concerns i think that it would be great if we had a teacher certification program that was growing all our teachers that we need in our district but we don't have that and i really am interested in hearing the long-term strategies and i think that i share you know everybody's desire for us to be strengthening our partnerships are sf state and
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other teacher certification programs to grow home grow our teachers and not contract the other services but at the same time i'd rather have a classroom have teachers with no classrooms with teachers in that do what you have to do to fill the classrooms with teachers. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you so we've spent many years and many, many years in way offices who wants to go into teach after what we've done over the many years of not investing in our teachers i actually don't know how to do the pe teachers we are not credentials we're have all those spots sponsorship to fulfill i don't know how to
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fulfill the pe teachers i'm deeply worried about the storage or shortage i don't know why we're not doping worried about the storage i look at t f organization as many strategies we have to push because quite frankly what we don't have many other opportunities kind of being presented to us on how other organizations or ourselves how we ourselves are going to organ to bring forward quality people and qualified to me, yes going through a program to be credentialed is really critical that is a standard piece we should all be doing but a sense of enthusiasm and commitment we want our teachers to have i want to see a combination as we think about other ways to recruit
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you know, i would love to be able to homegrown i don't see that happening tonight or tomorrow or next year or the year after and you know we've been so stuck on lay off mode i don't think we've thought about how we create a plan that is militant tiered and multi faceted to insure our young people get enthusiastic in front of p them that can teach them what thee need to learn i've heard commissioner fewer we can do better and will do better we're doing better in a lot of regards but i don't know maybe that was something you can answer what are the on the alternatives if we were to you know not have
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this opportunity to bring on 25 people that want to be in our schools that are commented to being in classrooms that others may not be willing to be in what are some of the other strategies we are thinking about sf t r sound role great i heard on the diagnose it is really, really comprehend now if those are our partners and our folks that are producing the teachers that come into our schools in partnership with our uncle and stanford university and sfaift why is this so expenditure and t f a i'm occurs to know about t f a and how we can grow that and do
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they give us you know is that better result? so i'm going to let the gentleman speak is to the comparisons with sf r and t f a we've talked about them growing the program there is tuition and usf and san francisco are expensive to go to there's only so much in terms of budgets or lowering their tuition it's a negotiation we are trying to have we're growing 25 is not enough we're having oversee contestants but they're considering their budget as well and because we're talking about private institutions the cost is huge one of the other things that is happening with a lot of the institutes of higher education our partners in the stanford but
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cal state hay word and eastwood wherever we contract with an interim teacher someone that is a hive qualified teacher in the eyes of teacher credentials not completed their credential program they're enrolled in a partner institution so is it might be cal state or alliance and what happened during the recession those partners wavered the fee to hire smoeb someone in the program now we're recovering from the recession we've heard afro-from all our higher constitution and they want to charisma one thousand dollars plus for example cal state has a wonderful program we get agree teachers they want $4,000 for
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specialized interims so compared to that is cheaper we're talking about 25 hundred per teacher and again anyone one of the pipelines will not solve our problem we're looubt the long term things i'm excited to meet later this week with commissioner vice president haney and map out what we're going to talk about in the next labor month to month we'll share some of the things we are trying to secure federal fund later this summer to grow our own teachers whether it's us developing the curriculum or the ucsf staff or partnering with a specific institution like san francisco state we're getting a lot of our teachers year arrest year >> that makes me curious i feel like when we bring in organizations like t f a their
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transcribed separately and have their own cohort and gather in groups together have we ever be done anything you know clearly this is a cohort have teachers that are very interested in being in the classroom is there any effort to do any recruiting directly with the t f a cohort and find ways to get them to the incredibly program to get them. >> to get them to be fully credentialed teachers or stay in the district do we do anything to keep them in the district the drop off after the two year commitment is high but do we let them go or do we as a district try to recruit from a group of you know teachers who have clearly
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committed themselves to a public school system even though their commitment is two years as you're doing this we want you to come out of our t f a program do we do outreach. >> mr. gabbinger might be able to speak to that one of the conversations to t f a can they play a role to have their core members clear their credentials that takes pressure off of us we can't currently if you're an interim teacher in ucsf you may not get the support to clear our credentials we have a waiting list and one of the conversations in terms of professional development can we take on the clearing the
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credential that could take longer than two years a residual that the teachers stay longer but the strategies in the past with the previous cohort i'm going to let the colleagues. >> before he give us the information on t f a monique brings up an important point we don't have the fund 40 the first year teacher from a recruitment stand up i've been recruiting non-stop from january the first thing what kind of support from the school site second one is do you have a place to clear my credential the minute i say no you have to wait for the second year we have to
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look at it we do have wonderful teachers i had to plug that in. >> i appreciate that again, it is that is a barrier to us keeping our teachers then why not address that issue i don't know what it issue even tails it seems to me if we are going to be doing multi strategies that should be a strategy of retentions. >> we've had those discussions because this is in the curriculum and the discussion we're very much aware of how serious the problem is i know driver's license is discussion about fund, etc. i wanted to put that out there this is something to look at. >> if i could say one thing part of what was talked about in terms of the personnel committee about the overall strategy keep in mind the budget discussion
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around the peace budget that is no appropriate for a peace budget but appropriate for the general budget the board will be combaemg if in i'll see this in human talents in the district and then a reminder we're rebuilding this year after many years of cuts so it was unfortunately, one of the programs we made tough discussion wee but you'll see that. >> let me just wrap up my comments so you know, i think that t f a serves a purchase they're not the ideal there's got to be more flexibility to consultant your needs and some serious reconsideration of the framework of their program but i
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do appreciate they are enthusiastic people that are well educated wanting to be in our schools i appreciate that they have bring forward a lot of teachers of color in my experience with those that have you know been part of t f a program has the same criticism of the ti a program but again those are people we wouldn't have attracted to education and really would have gone into other fields we've be able to convince education is the right place i don't want to have classrooms that have a daily subbing a different sub for many of our classrooms that are particularly in schools that we could have had a full-time teacher i don't want a trade off
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not bringing in people that are considered to be teachers that we've - we can support in our classrooms in for a substitute that is on this planning on being there for a day or two and not providing a whoet whole lot for the classrooms i want see a firm teacher and one strand of a larger strategy to ensure that we have how qualities people in front of our students and i think that would be short-sighted to not find or support multiple ways of getting our classrooms filled i'm going to continue to support this effort i don't see any
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alternative that you have brought forward to us that is going to help us solve this problem in the next year or two years quite frankly and i want to hear from any each as one that if this a contract didn't get approved what the impact is on the district this is me thinking of the devastation not having 24 people he know will say yes versus the policy of 50 we'll have to bring forward hoping 24 will say yes what this hiring process is for next year. >> i would like mr. gabbinger since he manages the kroiment team the goal that he has with his tome to bring x number of applications to yield the number
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to fill around 2 thousand the way i think about it is increase that 2 thousands to something leaguer take a look at the the number of additional applicant may not be moot our they recalled for quality or may not meet the quality so based on the numbers and mr. gabbinger deals with the numbers that's the way i'm thinking about it we don't have those 25 that's the logic i'm using. >> i have several points to make oh, yes. >> so we worked with teachers of america to tloorl your perspire wore the special ed and math and science the number of applicants 2 thousand to fill our vacancies when you get into
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the nuance of the credential area that is tough bilingual particularly in this school year and the next context that's where we have the vacancies we had the first day of school bilingual and special ed and when we have a vacancy it is incredibly hard to fill we'll need for applications and more creative in looking from within you know paraprofessionals is a good source ever talent for special vacancies we do hire a number of special education teachers in the district i know that teachers of america recruited one they're waiting for the partnership to go through so that person has the bilingual position where he's a
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paraprofessional. >> so the 2000 candidates for how many spots and 4 hundred. >> so 2 thousand to fill 4 hundred we're talking about 25 guaranteed that we would have. >> are the hardest to fill. >> right the san francisco teacher residency partnership to audio to what ms. vascular a is says one of the fund streams they applied from 20 to 34 residents for next year but a time lag there, there will be a transcribe not available until r789 so we're asking them to provide the entertains in the stem area bilingual but not set up for special ed we don't san francisco state is our main
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pipeline for special education and again numbering them dollar paraprofessionals in our district we've hired some for professionals at sanchez so we'll continue to meet with our partners they already work for us and work for the district and another touch point. >> one thing i'll add about the paraprofessionals what ends up happen they move into a different position we're talking about teacher vacancies but an impact being our current sort of best possums for filling the special ed we're opening up a vacancy in the paraprofessional world. >> i have a couple of points i'm troubled that the commissioners start


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