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tv   [untitled]    April 10, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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-- 7 years so i've been doing it as long as i've been with them using different sectors to track the green economy. we track 15 different sectors including energy efficiency, water recycling and waste, so a very broad knowledge in these areas including some in depth knowledge on energy efficiency. also working directly with energy there's a project i've been leading with the california work force clusters of opportunity, i've been working directly with economic development agencies and work force investment boards to help grow the local industry for areas such as electric vehicles, which is one that we've been doing down in the silicon valley area, helping build the talent, working with community colleges, grow local markets and attract bitses
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businesses to the area. so kind of a broad overview with that. through this experience working through the state of california in various regions and across the nation on some nationwide projects such as with the recovery act grants working on green jobs training programs and such, have a broad variety of knowledge to be able to bring to the san francisco experience and i'm excited to see how they can develop in san francisco. >> very good. what do you see as the conditions and opportunities in san francisco for really maximizing our energy efficiency work and green jobs? >> yeah, so in san francisco there's, in looking at the green house gas analysis of san francisco, for example, i see
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commercial buildings as being one commercial electricity use as being one of the big areas. that seems like a big opportunity for being able to improve the energy efficiency, reduce the green house gas emissions in the area, and that also creates a lot of job opportunities with retrofits and with doing energy audits and there are new start ups in the area that are working on building optimization analysis and being able to improve the analytics, working with the new technologies to bring in, so i bring that's one big area for the city. >> do you see this coordinating committee playing a role in moving a lot of our commercial buildings towards the noncombustion sources? is that something that you would have some expertise in yourself? >> yeah. so renewable energy as being one big area, but also i think demand response
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programs that are in the area, i think there's a lot of new technologies that are out there to be able to tap into and different financing programs such as the new pace programs that are out there and also, you know, working with the local renters to help with them as being a local renter i wouldn't see any sort of payback on those if i invest in my local house i don't have any benefit of that other than, you know, a minor effect in my energy bill. so, yeah, i think there's a lot of different areas for renewable areas and demand response energy efficiency technologies. >> in 2012 we passed the proxy housing trust fund and there's actually a section of the housing trust fund that used to be called, before it went to the ballot, the home owners
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housing stablization fund. it has a fund available for various things to serve mostly single family homes if that's there and available, it's not necessarily being used for that, but part of it is for energy efficiency work. i think it's important if you would be on this committee to look at some some of the sources would be like the housing trust fund that could be used to support neighborhoods. we could look at neighborhoods en masse, a lot of old homes, not a lot of income there to make them energy efficient but if you have strong programs to do that you can change the stock across neighborhoods that could create a lot of jobs and actually help a lot of households, you have affordability brought into their homes. just want to put that out. >> yeah, i'm very excited to dig into the san francisco issues. >> great. thank you. >> thank you. >> let's see, going through
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our last persons here is miriam zouzuonis. i apologize if i didn't get your name quite right. >> thank you, supervisors, and staff, my name is miriam zouzuonis, i'm here seeking appointment for seat 7 on the energy efficiency coordinating committee, the small business seat. i feel like this position and this seat and serving the committee could be in line with my personal and professional life in addition to the advocacy in my history being in the city for small businesses and affected communities. so my family has a corner store and building in san francisco. i grew up there so i've been around the business since i was young and now i'm taking more of an ownership managerial role. we have equipment dating back to the 1970's in our store, and this
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is a pretty common reality for a lot of old sole proprietor independent businesses in the city. so i've had to assess upgrades for that establishment on its own in addition to working with other grocers and i sit on the board of the arab american grocer's association so i have a lot of relationships with small businesses and we've had interface with the department of environment on several different issues that relate to small businesses. so it is an area of interest for me personally, like i said, but additionally i think it's in line with some of the work i've been involved with, with healthy retail sf and i've sat
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on the advisory board for conversations around formula retail as well, so i'm getting a broader sense of kind of the specific needs that sole proprietor small businesses need when it comes to, you know, looking for resources to improve their business and i'm really happy to see the city moving in the direction of incentive-based approaches and kind of putting together, centralizing these resources in a way that is accessible to people that are in their store all the time and don't really have the knowledge or access to look at the city programs. and so i feel like my specialty is in that area of being able to have some policy literacy and then communicate it to a larger constituency who often maybe trust those informal networks a
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little more than if it was proposed by a city entity. so that's my hope is to be able to bridge that conversation and that effort of small businesses who are looking to improve their energy. i mean, my family alone, our business, we pay an extreme amount per month because of the old equipment and i have worked with sf energy watch and have done a lot of the vetting for our own business as to, you know, what our, what kind of financing options are there, what's going to make our store a better place. and i think it also, that approach, falls in line with what the city and some of the concerns that supervisors have had around not display -- getting rid of the big coca-cola signs and those fridges alone, those enclosed single use coolers that the coca-cola company lease to
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vulnerable and busy store owners are some of the most exhaustive machines. they take a lot of energy. just that example alone and maybe looking to reduce or get rid of those examples in small businesses of energy waste is an example of a goal i would have in this process. >> that's great, thank you. in your experience are you used to any model businesses that actually made a strong conversion from facilities that are actually very wasteful to actually becoming very energy efficient? >> yeah, i have. there's actually a really great trend going on when it comes to the sector that i work in and that is the corner market. we have seen a lot of stores with the help of the city as well move into less -- even liquor and drinks but more equipment that,
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healthier food that maybe doesn't need the refrigeration or they move into having one large refrigeration unit as opposed to those single and closed entities. i've seen that happen over and over again and i'd like to continue that process. >> thank you. i've actually gone out with the department of environment on their energy efficiency surveys and communication with small businesses, probably a lot of my colleagues have as well. and what's really unique about san francisco is the diversity of businesses we have here, the languages spoken by store owners, and i think that's an important aspect to have. i think your being part of the american grocers association can help linguistickly so i think you have good experience to be on this committee. >> that's my goal. i have a
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lot of relationships not obl within the small grocer z community but i have relationships with the department of health, the city attorney, i'd be in a position to relay messages and i'd like to serve further with that. >> thank you very much. i don't believe we have any other applicants, i think there's somebody who applied at the last minute but i don't think is quite here yet, so what we'll do is go to public comment. i have a couple cards which i'll name and then if your name hasn't been called, you don't have a card, you can also just line up on the side by the wall where the doors are. rebecca evans and josh what arse and anyone else please come forward. >> i'm rebecca evans, i'm here on behalf of the sierra club. i want to say first i really
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appreciate seeing a young woman who is so well versed and interested in energy efficiency and community service. it's really wonderful because we really need more young people involved in the issues we work on. i'm here to support holly kaufman for seat no. 4. i think she brings a unique background to the potential of working on xh identity , she is a native, she has strong experience and i think she shares the need to make sure whatever funding is available goes to the place where it will help the most, whether it's the home owner or the business. i also want to applaud the efforts of supervisor mar, your calling to make sure this committee gets off the ground, maybe you will decide it needs to be continued for a year because a year may not be long enough to do all the work they have to do, but i hope you will appoint miss kaufman to this
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position. >> thank you very much. >> afternoon, supervisors, jashua arse with bright line, also a member of the mayor's work force committee and it's been 6 years working on this with supervisor mar and the board. it all starts when the feds was starting to invest in energy efficiency and we wanted to make sure it happened equitablely, and this idea supervisor mar had to set up a task force and a steering committee was something we were excited about with a number of other groups so it's great to be here 6 years later and have the dream team in terms of applicants for this. i think it's everybody that we would have wanted, we would have expected, sam moss at mission housing was starting his path to leadership at that time and i think back in that time who would have dreamed to have someone like him apply, for
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example. james briepblt was with sciu at the time, to know he would take on all this work force work and be recommended by our committee is something really exciting and be avni, of course, what she's doing with emerald cities. everybody is really great. the only thing i wanted to speak to is the complication with respect to mr. bryant's seat. we were working off the draft of the ordinance up until the past year. up until the past couple days we had a draft that said candidate recommended by oewd late in the stage of the legislation it was added director of oewd and our committee is kind of honed by the city administrator, who may have sent a communication, i know there was a letter sent by the folks of oewd, the director will probably come within the next couple of days, you could
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even forward mr. bryant's day to the full board without recommendation in expectation of that letter's arrival. >> chair avalos, cis rod rod, department of the environment. i'm not here speaking specifically of any of the candidates but the ordinance does require the technical support of this committee and i wanted to stress from our perspective the importance of moving forward. we think the bredth and scope of these individuals is really important, having these kind of community experts in the field in support of what our department is doing to try to move forward energy every si in san francisco is really an important thing. that's still an expertise that you heard from all these individuals i think will benefit our
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department, the work we are doing and trying to bring together a more cohesive program. if you can think about it, energy efficiency in san francisco is managed not only by our department, the puc on the government side, the state of california has funds, the federal government has funds, pg&e has funds and the ability to have this committee to leverage and coordinate all of those activities to move forward to make sure that our residents, our renters and our businesses have access to these programs is great so we look forward to working with these individuals on this committee. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, chair avalos, supervisors tang and cohen. i have submitted a letter of recommendation for miriam zouzuonis but i also want to be here to speak personally to encourage your approval for miriam zouzuonis for seat 7 on the energy efficiency committee. i have worked with miriam over
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the past year on a number of policy issues and have been extremely impressed by her ability to really stay focused, be a problem solver. in addition to the fact that just her business experience is really the kind of unique perspective that we really need to see as a small business representative on this seat and as a business who works, who has many different kinds of machines that consume energy. we do need to have someone who really understands what businesses need to be able to have incentives, outreach communication to help the city achieve its goals. and as she's clearly stated, that, you know, her being on the board of arab american grocers, the south of market business association, which is also part of the council of district merchants, i think it's perfectlifitting that we have
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a representative who is so attuned to ground floor businesses and has the outreach and understanding to bring that perspective to the city. >> thank you very much. (brief pause in captioning).
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. >> for people of all races and incomes and races. when we lose families we are losing diversity. while diversity is a value for it in and of itself, the loss of diversity also threatens the following areas: middle income jobs and workers, environment and sustainability, social integration, social capital and
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citizen engagement. over the past two months my office has been working with the mayor's office, the school district and a diverse dwruep -- group of stake holders to further specify what this council should look like. so at this moment i'd like to thank the children's funds coalition, the our children and our city stake holders group, the mayor's office, the superintendent's office, supervisor avalos' ofrs and the youth commission and many other people that were involved. we have made a number of amendments to the composition of the council and to further clarify its functions and duties so we had introduced this over a month ago and been working with all these different people to strengthen the language so we would have a successful council. so let me go through some of the amendments without going
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through every one of them, but just in general. the most significant change is the size of the council. originally we had the mayor was to appoint up to 18 city members, including himself, 18 and then there were going to be 18 san francisco unified school district members and 18 public members. almost everybody agreed that this body with 18, 18 and 18 would be way too large. and then even though we're cutting it to 14 we also realize this will be large, but it's to be inclusive. we needed to do this. so we have chosen 14 members and we all agree that the 14 members for city members including the mayor, the superintendent may nominate up to 13 school district staff or division heads to join the council, and the mayor will
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appoint 14 people to serve as public members of the council. so i know this is going to be a big council. embedded in this is the realization we're going to have to have adequate staffing to really make this work and function. i know there are many other department heads that would have liked to serve on this council. however, there was consensus to keep the number down as much as possible. other department heads may be invited to be involved through the working groups. for the public seats, we wanted this group to be diverse and most importantly through our discussions there was a general consensus that each of these members should be connected in some way to a larger network or organization so that representation is much broader than just the
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individuals themselves. so i won't go through all the different seats at this point, but we worked it out with the mayor's office and with the superintendents' office and committee members. the major changes would be basically just renumbering the community members so that it would make a little more sense. so all the amendments will be -- did i pass this out yet? >> just a quick question. so we are reducing the numbers down to 14. are they all going to be appointees by the mayor? >> yes. >> and then the other potential amendments coming forward. than


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