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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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least part of the permanent solution? and second on the issue of private property and imminent domain you're considering what is the timeline for when you're going to decide whether or not to pursue those? >> on the second thing which is the acquisition of property that's today. we are actively working today with the city attorney's office. we are pushing this as a potential option because we see that that while -- while there is no precedence for this there is the opportunity to occur acquisition of private property to have a natural collection basin and moving that neighborhood back to what it used to be or look at making flood resilient buildings if there is a way to acquire the property and design that type of building and build a building back over the area. we are looking at both of those and that is something we're aggressively moving towards
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today and i can't give you a date as to when we were reach resolution with the city attorney's office but we're actively discussing it. we had another meeting on it yesterday so that is what i call immediately we're moving that and phrase two has new investment into the treatment plant and at oceanside and north point. phase two gets into the collection conveyance piece of the system and the earliest if the decision were made to move in that direction the earliest we would be in construction like that tunnel would be probably be 2020 so that is a real long-term solution. >> okay. great. supervisor mar. >> yeah, thank you mr. cruz and ms. harrison as well. 17th
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and folsom i see from the maps that is a critical low point. are there others that you see -- other spots in the city where you would have to do similar capital improvements? >> 17th and folsom and the critical point in the city. it's the one area that we see flooding more consistently than anywhere else. we have seen flooding at 17th and [inaudible] and the improvements are there and no where as significant as 17th and folsom. we have additionally seen recent flooding at 15th and [inaudible] and historically a lake that was filled and unfortunately filled with unengineered fill so we're looking there as well so the three areas we're most liking
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at with respect to flooding are those three. the most with technical challenges is 17th and folsom. >> and the slide showing the five year period with the four, five year storms and 110 year and 125 year storm it's alarming just in december 2014 we have those two huge storms and maybe better systems to identify the four hour notice but i know a lot was done to alert people during the december storms but i worry as you were saying from your great presentation the change -- climate change and when did you say? >> by 2100. >> and you alluded to super storms and the number of large storms coming so i think projects like you're proposing
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i could see the urgency of it especially for people that live in the area but thank you for the great presentation. >> and just looking at our agency on the whole we have these challenges where we have these 25 and hundred year storm happening in the same year as a drought so we don't have enough potable water and yet we get the massive storms that hit us so hard we can't select it effectively to benefit the drought so market nature is being real. >> >> mother nature is challenging with us. >> thank you mr. cruz and the commission. i have a number of speaker cards and when i call your name please line up on your right, our left. [calling speaker names]
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and anyone who want like to speak on this item please line up and please feel free to come forward and again i want to thank you all for coming out to city hall and i know people have crazy business schedules so it's greatly appreciated to see you here. >> before you start i was going to say the limit is two minutes and at 30 seconds to go there is a soft buzzy. >> thank you supervisors and thank you to supervisor david campos for calling this hearing. i am vice president and founder of the northeast business association. i want to thank mr. cruz for working through this problem with us. we've also had attention from the city from mr. abrams and attention from mohammed nuru but we are concerned about this. the very
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people testifying previously about the fire were people who are employed in all ofure businesses on 17th street and folsom and my business on 16th street between folsom and harrison so the north east mission association represent all of the businesses and we need a solution as quickly as possible because we are harming the very people who have been in the fire and harming them by having to not employ them during that time so thank you very much for having the hearing. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is donna marie and my neighbors and i represent adjacent districts under supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos. the flooding by the sewer system failure is a long standing issue for us. like
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many of my neighbors my family lived in the area for nearly 25 years. for us this is the second major sewer system failure and the first happening in 2004. under gavin newsom we were assured by the city the problem would be solved only to have it repeated 10 years later. in december 2014 mayor lee, scott scott and harlin kelly met with us. my neighbors and i are here'd to begin discussions with the city specifically to address the long-term sustainable urban planning solutions. my neighbor blane will speak more on the details specific to our street and our residents. blane. >> thank you. i am blane bachelor and live in the mission terrace neighborhood. thank
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you for organizing this meeting today. i am disappointed that our supervisor scott wiener isn't part of this. we didn't know about the meeting until last night. happy to be here and great presentation by mr. cruz. we're new homeowners in the area and three months later we were flooded out in the bottom unit and a nightmare and shopped that it's been happening for -- shocked it been happening for 20 years and neighbors have been dealing with it and you wouldn't believe the flooding on our street and when mr. cruz it is it was one of the worse areas we have it bad as well. so we're looking for long-term solutions. right now we are met with silence from the cities and claims are denied and no contact with supervisor wiener's office and we're frustrated and disappointed. we pay a lot of
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money to live here and we love the city but not treated well so thank you for bringing us out today and know about it. we look forward to working towards long-term solutions and we need those, solutions, not sand bags. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is jeff frai and a worker owner at rainbow grocery and on folsom and have been there since 1995, 10 years. every year there has been a flood. we have lost probably up to a million dollars lost product, lost customers, having to shut the store down, people sick, wages lost. we haven't filed a claim because we're hoping that something would change. we want these long-term solutions to happen now. sand bags are useless. they're a health hazard and we want the sewers to be rebuilt, maybe separate the rainwater from the
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sewage and we want to expand the size of the pipes and we want to happen now, so gates are a possibility but come by and look at our huge store and see how cost prohibitive putting up gates would be. we are sick of this. we want things to happen right now. i'm upset that -- i thought that the thing underneath the park would at least help but that's been is no longer, so again whether it's a five year, 20 year flood whatever, it's happening every year and we would like things to really happening and it's affecting everyone and all of our neighbors and including the new restaurant around the corner from us. they spent over a million dollars and they were
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delayed opening because of the flood, so it has to stop. thank you and thanks for your efforts so far. thank you supervisor. it's reached a critical moment. >> thank you sir. next speaker please. >> my name is chris hickey and i bought a building on folsom street in 2012 and the brokers told me there was flooding problems in the past and it had been fixed, a new road and plumbing and there were two floods this year and four floods since i have been there. i ended up after talking to the city and the neighbors it seems like the city was not going to do anything soon so i embarked moving all my tenant it is out and raised the slab for flooding and put flood gates in and pump system to protect my own building but the streets still floods. something needs to
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happen and i propose that perhaps we could get a committee together from some of the stakeholders, the business owners of the neighborhood, building owners and something from the puc and have a small committee to brainstorm ideas and ideas from us and hear from them and we could perhaps that to somebody who can say yes and we can do these things because all we hear is no right now. thank you. >> thank you. thank you very much. i also want to call david hooper and anyone else that would like to speak come up. >> helloiff i am thomas [inaudible] and malcolm davis who is going to speak later i would like to live some of my time to him. we were told it was fixed in 2005 with the pump systems. we had five floods. i can't calculate how this affected my business but it will be affected all of this year because i lost all of the
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christmas parties and holiday events that we get the business for future party. it's not calculatable and we don't have any options. >> thank you very much. thank you for being here. next speaker please. >> i am hans and have been running a auto shop in the mission district for years and on the block for 37 years. i have seen it at least 10, 12 flooding events while i have been there and most are recent. the first 15 years i never saw any flooding at all so it's more common. and this is the first year i asked for any city money. usually we mop it up and go back to work. i propose two approaches here. one is we need to upgrade the whole system and solve the problem. primarily i think we need to increase the
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diameter of the pipe under tweet avenue that connects 17th and 18th and a few other streets to the main pipes under division, and i would say i would substitute the word "slow" for "low" because we're 15 feet above high tide average so the problem is it slowings down in our neighborhood. >> >> and we want to move it out to the creek faster. the second thing i suggest that the puc broaden their grant program now for barriers and restrictors so that individual businesses can get a little extra money to tailor the repairs to their own property to keep the water out and mine is a particular example. an extra $20,000 or $30,000 to raise the level of my parking lot would prevent water from coming into my neighborhood
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and the stable cafe and thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. thank you for being here. >> [inaudible] and again i want to thank you you for calling the hearing and i'm a property and business owner and resident in the area, so i pretty much agree with what everybody said, and we do need a long-term thing but i think right away one of the helpful things you can do is expand the grant program like we told you. barely anybody could do the flood damage. it just didn't work and like i said sand bags don't work and if you drive around there it would look like a war zone and it's use flts useless anyway. you have to be present to put them up. a lot of people don't live there. they don't know ahead of time. you could out of town. you can't leave it up all the time. i cannot go
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in with a dam there so they're useless. we talked to hem and you can't attach it to our building so you have to expand that and spend $20,000 for an individual property instead $50,000 to clean it up every year. it just makes practical sense and we need a long-term solution but that is useful and get a committee together with people that can come up with specific solutions and approve them rather than hand them off and say my department can't do it. the other department has to. we have to get together and come up with something immediate to start with. thank you. >> thank you very much. i have another name susan. >> hi i am carrie fisher (paused).
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>> there is no other option. you just can't say there is a
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part of the city that no one can live in but thank you very much for having this hearing. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> hello supervisors. thank you for addressing this issue and thank you mr. cruz for looking into it. i think we understand i'm an owner of the business. i am jerry and the property on 17th street since 1984. it is getting worse, and i think we understand because of the climate and the storms but even smaller storms used to be a problem because of maintenance so we would like to stress the urgency of a short term solution first. even a small storage tank would help some of the upper portion of 17th street [inaudible]. since the work was done there and 17th it affected us on 17th street lower part worse since the work was done
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so we don't understand. we were not explained what was done. i have also proposal if the city can look into rezoning or give us some option. recently that area changed zoning and since the property is in such condition and it doesn't look like there will be a long-term solution soon if we can request looking back into rezoning so give us some opportunity to keep the property value, keep our businesses there and keep our people there as well i still like to again stress the short term some kind of relief to really become more urgent than just doing it like it was. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> hi. my name is marianne
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robertson and i have a building at 17th and folsom street and i would like to stress the urgency of getting something done. we have flooded for the last significance years at least and. >> >> six years and it's been going on before that. sand bags don't work since the water comes in the building through pipe and it is toilets. sand bags are useless. the physical barriers are useless as well. we need to get solutions that work now. i understand it's expensive. i understand we're on a low lying area but what i don't understand since everyone has known this is a low lying area and a marsh for years and years why hasn't anything been done before now? it just seems very frustrating so i appreciate the meeting and i hope you guys can come up with some solution. the holding tank seems like the only viable
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solution but apparently now it's not. there are other parking lots in the area. pg&e has a parking lot on tweet street and 18th and folsom. maybe something can put a holding tank under there. who knows but i would appreciate any attention that the issue can be given. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am victoria sanchez and live [inaudible]. i wish these pictures -- >> you can put them up on the projector. >> [inaudible]
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>> you can use the other mic too. >> [inaudible] >> okay. the cars were going up and down. i have been going through this for a long time and every time i see my house i go -- every time i go down the basement i get depressed because all that crap is coming up. it's not the water. it's the crap that comes up and i am tired of it, you know, and every time i call the inspectors they do -- i haven't heard from nobody. nobody has come around and said "mrs. sanchez do something" -- [inaudible] please do something about it because they haven't done anything, and even my yard i can't go in my yard because the crap is there. thank you.
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>> thank you. [applause] next speaker. >> hi. my name is malcolm davis. i own the building that houses stable cafe at 17th and folsom and i wanted to show a diagram here. so there's a proposal to build a park that they have talked about putting retention feemps underneath and what i understand why can't they lower the entire parking lot and make it a very simple -- even if only needed to be for the 15 years it's going to take to do the big project if they could make a big depressed area there that's not covered. of course it costs a lot of money to cover it. couldn't we pick a bunch of parking lots and lower the level? i have driven down to the buildings during rainstorms at three in the morning and the parking lot is safe and dry and
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my building is under water. i am wondering about the calculations of the cost of these things and incredibly high cost for something it becomes undoable and i'm an architect. i am used to solving problems in a way that's going to happen. it doesn't do any good to dream about something. i need a solution. i wonder isn't there a combination of recrowning the streets so they don't shed the water into the buildings? the center of folsom street is dry and the building is flooded. the parking lot is dry and the building is flooded so thank you for the attention and i hope we see a solution soon. >> thank you very much. [applause] next speaker. >> i am susan and i live on the same block as mrs. sanchez and i'm going to use her picture. >> the other way, yeah.
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>> [inaudible] four houses away from her house and the water actually went up to here. it did that 10 years ago when we had the other flood and we also had two floods then too, one in -- i think february and another one towards december and this time yes we had two in december and the second one we had san bags and i watched from the top of my stairs the water go over the sand bags and they were like three high and even moved them and the first one went up higher and the december 3 and the second one was december 11 and went up higher than that one but these pictures i mean these -- the water like i said is over here and hejs and almost to the top of the hedges and the hedges are about chest high and to
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correct you we don't have a 17th and kyuka street. there are no numbers to those streets. it's kyuga block and uniblock and all the way back to 500 block. i live on the end of that street which is the unit block and that's where the freeway connects down. it goes down. there is nothing there. it's a dead end so i don't know how high the water went on folsom street. do you know how high? how many feet it went? >> [inaudible] >> okay. thank you very much for having this and again i am sorry our supervisor isn't here. i am sorry he didn't coordinate with you to get this all together. it's the same problem. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> two minutes i will try. i am david hooper and the president of the new mission terrace improvement situation.
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i am familiar with the problem in the mission and raised there and volunteer at the friends of friends of the library. i get it. they deserve any help they can get but it's not the only place in the city or district 9 that has flooding and the problem is they have huge sewers underneath kyuga and alemany and they come underneath 280 and large chamber there until you get down to the 400 block of alemany boulevard at folsom and that's where it's half as large so this problem shown in the photo is because a location of a higher elevation -- we're not talking about folsom and 17th which is the lowest point of town. you couldn't have road a boat from there all the way to oakland. >> >> this location needs a bond measure problem. that's a solution. and it means that you
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have to increase the capacity of the sewers from 400 alemany down to the southeast sewage treatment plant and mr. cruz touched on this in part. it's going to cost money but if we don't spend the money and buy people's homes and displace them where are they going to live in san francisco? and this public -- and this problem involved. >> >> there aren't fatalities involved in this but it's devastating just as the fires on 22nd and mission and on mission and 22nd and third and 24th street and all of the other fires happening over the last 10 years on valencia street so how are we going to get the puc to raise their hand and yes we will participate with you and address
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the issue without displacement? that's what people are asking for. thank you. >> thank you very much sir. [applause] is there any other member of the public who has not spoken who would like to speak on this item? if so please come on up. i think that concludes it. public comment is -- ma'am, are you speaking? public comment is closed. >> thank you. mr. chair if i may follow up with mr. cruz and first of all with respect to 17th and kyu gu.gua we will inform the supervisor that people are here and give mr. cruz an opportunity to respond to that and it looks like something along the lines of this hearing that we're having on 17th and folsom probably should happen for this particular part of the neighborhood so before i follow up on 17th and folsom do you
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want to say anything about that mr. cruz? >> i was going to respond to a couple things that were brought up. >> sure. >> first of all i want to say the puc has been responsive and we are trying to meet with the community and really trying to do everything we can in balancing the overall needs of the system and the specific needs of this community. i can personally empathize because even though i don't live in san francisco my house flooded in december and i put in a new floor and had to rip it out because of the size of the storm in december. we agree with a lot of the things that the residents said. we agree with the expansion of the grant program. that was the first time the city ever did something like this and went through one year and wide open to changing it so we agree with expansion of the program. we will work with the city attorney's office on how to expand that. one of the