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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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he following notifications return it to family dwelling and protect the privacy and impose the if the roof deck is used the developer will be fined for the in turn code violation and the decks removed immediately i realize e realize there are power dollars here at work don't allow the character of the block and don't let him build this it violates our privacy. >> okay second dr requester. >> dear commissioners, thank you thank you for the opportunity ami i live on 20th street with my wife and daughter let me start we're not opted to the renovation the developer has
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been i's informing the city we've object with you we would rather see this unused nothing t is further from the truth our stance has been the project be consistent with the neighborhood and be sensitive to the quality of life we appreciate the fact that several long time potrero hill ironies are here you've made that a vibrant place that will we believe that the developer a solid member of the community many people support of the proximately because of his good standing in the community the developers good standing in the community didn't help
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there is m much political support but this didn't fully examine the projects impact on the neighbors when we first heard of the project we were excited about the project the closer look at the plans gives pause we saw they were applying for the highest most intense use it is inconsistent with the existing neighborhood and scaling back the developer he's made reductions in reality the changes need to comply with city guidelines the original proposal dependent e extended the deck back to the back the original project didn't have a lightwell it was added because of the he is building with no regard for the neighbors concerns the developer compacted united states in 2013 for a
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preapplication meeting our next meeting what a neighborhood meeting in 2014 after february 2013 we didn't hear from the developer until we got the permitted application in the mail from the planning department we feel we should have been more engaged our biggest issue the severe impact on our light and air san francisco planning code that's states one the reasons to provide air and privacy and meaningful access to the community the privacy screens in the rear of the project will cast dark shadows and san francisco urban guidelines clearly states it new developments should respect the interior of the blocks and not impact the assess for block views the adjacent buildings it
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is inconsistent with the guidelines that screens but at the expense of our light and air the developer will fill in the lightwell so that stairs can be added to the same side of the building wunlsz the developer is a using the floor space at our expense it is list as a multiple single-family home in the assessors records i don't have time to hand this in earlier san francisco planning code section prohibits the loss of dwelling units through conversion it takes away housing stock and it is prohibited by the san francisco code
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there will be serious noise and impacts due to commerce it is hard ta to building that the screen outside the yoga studio will not be used for outdoor yoga we only have a promise that the deck will not be used to our activities nothing prevents him if a permit at a later date we ask the deck on be allowed if in the used for commercial activities and ask the commission impose the condition if violations of this proposal are recorded the developer will have to may all penalties and rove the decks in conclusion, we ask this be sent back to the commission for more detailed review thank you.
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>> i live on 20th street my building on the east side wall i moved to inform in 1991 we lived nearly every neighborhood of the city enjoying and contributing to each awhile different in their ways etch neighborhood shares a strong desire for harm new of commerce and the natural stays we fight for what is fair for all parties that's why - what the city tint for the requirement for developers and builders to follow the restriction it's a small commercial street regulated by the urban guidelines and the zoning guidelines i'm requesting the
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zoning commission look at this they brush over concerns about light and air without the guidelines for our issues the staff report lumps our report with others without looking at the inner trustness that my appeal not to stop renovation of 1220th street i applaud the renovation i go to his grocery store on several occasions the developer has a lot of support from employers and renters all through potrero hill and has built up go will with the community not to mention in the documents a lot of political support but that didn't mean the planning department can't mitigate the impact on the neighbors nor should his go will with the community automatically
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provide for the transfer of the space to his commercial space the city is taking value from us and giving it to the developer that is not right and certainly not the san francisco we aspire to be part of and in section 67 of the guidelines the urban guidelines new development should respect the open space corridors and not xmd impede assess of light and air we ask for further review in two areas the first, the lightwell throughout the development we've requested the let that was originally built into the 1512 be maintains not the late plans provide for a lightwell
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argument in our building we were originally told this will provide a jogging unfortunately that shade is shading our building and therefore our light we'll asked to add curtains it helps that the privacy and life
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for the studio it was suggested this is a design feature we asked they edit it back so the air and light is not drastically effected this was to no avail for the dpolz for the zone street those are simple fixed and lastly the sponsors claims this is sufficient is not true he become frustrated with our request and pushed to us e us to speak to his lawyers and architect even when i invited him into my home we were dismissed out of hand i strongly urge you to have my requests to have air and light into my living space is minced and the value of our property not
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transferred to the developer and his jogging students thank you. >> speakers in support of the doctors. >> we should hear from the project sponsor. >> i'm sorry project sponsor please. >> your team has 10 minutes, sir
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a. >> we wanted to restore this as two neighborhood serving businesses we'll to bring it back to life and all enjoy a safer and better neighborhood street thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner i'm carrie the architect for the proposed project on 1220th street a resident on potrero hill turn this on do i see the images? and >> there you go. >> it's a neighborhood i know
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well, it began in 2013 with a proposal for a rehabilitated commercial building a one story edition the vertical edition has included a two story office was above the retail floor the exterior form was at the rear and springs in the existing revolver the conception confusing to the rear yard is in the 1913 to the stan born map it working backward and some outbuildings in a project review meeting in 2013, the planning department agreed there is no requirement for a rear yard and ground level in the rh2 zoning strict the neighbors that are
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the dr requesters expressed concerns about the first story from the decks and potential privacy concerns lester said let's bring that back and eliminate the courtyard the amended plans were presented the one story and courtyard were replaced with a conventional rear yard and the collapse was a method to achieve privacy on the story deck addition on the two story expend leaving a 2nd rear yard where the planning code requires 45 feet and has a stair assessable by all public the proposed is a deck on the two story and the improvement was for the
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neighbors a roof expending 4 feet extends shade at the facade a lightwell was introduced and an overhang was to maintain the privacy for the neighborhoods and allow flirmentd lighted we investigated whether or not the lightwell could be extended as typical on 25 foot lot a stair along the property line in this case it run through the lightwell was if it were lowered there would not be level room and the stair would have to be offset it results in a less workable plan proposed lightwell is already 5
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feet wide with 25 feet wider than light court underline a major renovation the building had two lightwells as you can see in the 1913 the 1938 aerial to the and the 2015 the two locations eliminated the lightwell was the project sponsor was trying to flip the company the envelope is smaller by 30 thousand square feet and great care optimize a footprint the efficiency of the stair and integration critical to reducing a footprint due to the downhill the two locations are approximately 2 and a half feet lower and the garden level was
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for habitable space due to the constructions in the building the proposed vertical edition and lightwell are not at all but the down slope of the earner property creates the issue the existing facade it is replaced that has a assess loading zone the street pattern are minced with the two spaces remaining and as you can see the stairs to to the upstairs space ms. remain on the two sides of the building thank you very much. >> good afternoon also on behalf of the project sponsor wanted to address some of the code first of all, whether or not there's a legal dwelling the
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planning department made that determination and looked at the record and the building permits going back over one hundred years and there is no dwelling unit in the building it is always without permit the property is a two story and didn't meet the requirements for that reason with no conditional use to remember the dwelling unit is appropriate the dr requesters are requesting the two story be a 0 residence not a commercial use not consistent with the nc zoning a vibrant commercial and perm services are crucial for potrero hill and cafe for a yoga studio a permitted with the nc zoning
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privacy first, it's important to note that conditional use authorization is required for any commercial use of the rear yard or this rear yard deck and this application is not seeking such a conditional use yard can only be used by employees of the cafe and only for the studio no patrons of either business are allowed in the rear yard or rear deck if true a future tenant could seek a conditional use approval if that that were to happen you'll have the decision to disapproval the occurred use we don't believe the use of deck creates exceptional or extraordinary circumstances privacy issue this side yard bedroom window is over 50 feet away from the
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projects rear wall there are several other properties restraining order that site to the bedroom window just draw the curtains to have privacy lester offered to plan a tree and the dr requesters can do the same that offers was rejected and demand the project sponsors pay them leveling thousand dollars to remodel their home that's unreasonable and lastly the privacy screen we've addressed 1506 to 1508 by proposing an 8 foot tell you screen on the east side of the news deck and surrounding the rear wall one way or another we're happy to move the privacy screen we thought it was an improvement and providing provides them with privacy could
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or it wyoming conscious roved potrero hill provides shade and privacy for the new project as well as the existing homes and we don't think there is any reason for the open trellis to be removed and the rear yard is proposed over 40 feet deep and only 25 feet proposed so for the dr requesters so say this is is not wraebl is untrue. >> at this time i'll open up phenomenon the speakers in support of dr requester. >> this is in opposition to the project itself. >> sorry. >> it's part of dr requester team sorry you have to not be
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part of the dr requester team but in support of dr. and oh, sorry come on up. >> no, this is in opposition to the project or in support of dr requesters positions. >> i signed up as neutral but maybe speak for one mini have some of the same concerns i'm on mississippi which looks at directly into that building and there has been in the not very distant past a man and wife that lives there he would come out everyday for a smoke on the
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deck and wave to us because that deck has a exists looks at circle 0 into our yard and kitchen window so we've had a relationship with him over many years acknowledging him talking to him on the street as a neighborhood so i do have concerns also as being my house and my kitchen my bedrooms look directly into that deck i have privacy concerns as well as noise concerns so i'd like those to be addressed i'm not against the project especially not against developing this delick building it needs to be developed the bottom part has been vacant as long as i've been on the hill i've been there potrero hill for almost 50 years
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so that's what i have to say thank you. >> okay. just to clarify any other speakers in support of the dr requester not part of dr. team opening to speakers in support of project. >> my name is rosemary i've lived open coastal at 6 different locations within a few blocks of 20th street for 6 will 9 years arriving at 20th and connecticut street in 1946 i've waved every business from wisconsin to missouri street that's been a commercial area with businesses enter spursz or a next to residential properties i personally lived next to a
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business on 20th and arc agriculture for 20 years and had no problems in 194 of a soda foundation and grocery stores a decreasing office a library, a lunch candy and eye cream store and many other businesses including the hair fair that's been vacant and an eye soar over the years i've shopped in and utilized almost every one of them, of course, i shop at the good life grocery and use many of the establishment on this 4 block stretch those others businesses include the mary manicure and shops and library a
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real estate office insurance office arrest barbara shop and cleaners their plan to roommate the building is what that location has needed for years and years as it's been vacant and blight to the neighborhood and this 4 block business strict i have attended meetings with the earth and neighbors and the plan for the use is an excellent with an one and an excellent edition to the block lester and his wife have done everything to consider the needs of the neighborhood lester and karen have been devoted of the whole entire potrero hill at the come to the need and provided jobs to many including the young people they mentored and helped get
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into college this new business at 1512 20th student it should be commercially zoned for 25 years i support their plans and have no objections whatsoever to this project i ask you approve that immediately thank you. >> hello, i'm melinda a real estate agent on coastal with coldwell banker i recommended karen and lester when we purchased this on 20th street that happens that was a probate purchase it means there were bids all the bids were submitted on the same day, however at the
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time of this sale the listing price was $600,000 plus karen and lester spent over $400,000 to obtain the property all the time they were looking and purchasing that property they had a single thought to improve it for the benefit of the community if you think about the highest and best use of the property it could have been very tall and fancy condos that sold for a lot of money so probably karen and lester they're not doing the maximum that could be done by law so i'd like to speak in their defense their community minded people and abated by the letter of the law and will continue to do so if you have any other questions for me i'll
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take them thank you. >> okay. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm jerry mirror a member of the 0 dog patch merchant association i'm here not only to permanently support the project but to read a letter by dr. angie natural medication and informed that letter was not included if the packet because the doctor couldn't be here letter is addressed to mr. sue gray i've reviewed the plans for this project and supportive of project i will and work on potrero hill my business of 17 years and 20th street a block from the grocery in the project described above i've lived on 20th street for 20 years i've seen buzz come and go on the
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street and along with the good life anchored business for 20 years since inclines closed a number of years the neighborhood needs more and more places to gather, etc. any business the library stores and other businesses benefit if the increased flow of people that are local residents the design and planned use are great for the neighborhood having known karen and lester they are sensitive to the scale of the block and potrero hill mentioning the flavor of the neighborhood and taking over the storefront and eye sore and converting it to a great space is what we need w