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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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working on so administration testify leadership and resources and staffing curriculum and instruction and partnerships and assessment one of the things that's been incredibly beneficial in the past couple of years is that as we have been working on infrastructure we've been able to finally add the taefrpdz and assignment to look more deeply into curriculum so when a one of the things our master plan citizens advisory committee was waiting for in order to really dive into the amendment which is looking forward at where are we now what's been accomplished and the district priorities at the vision 2024 and the access for the driver of the arts master plan every student everyday and arts education for every school
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during the curriculum daytona to be the driver there are issues beyond the visible and arts performance department such as a hopefully 7th period day or other structures that have to do with the site so the teachers and special will assignment have been instructional so like the sprint mentioned earlier in looking at specific areas of development that have to do with curriculum that have to be with the articulate you're asking about this person the 0.12 fte will look at the articulate but with the support of leadership staff and the teachers of special assignment in the arts we have modesty arts discipline and teachers on special assignment on specialist who
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discipline might be the arts we're looking to bring more sports in the areas of drama and dance and the cultural expressions are part of that so the citizens advisory committee is in the process of having a retreat it is going to be the first time of a number of steps we have secured a professional facilitator something that works with you us in the principle of the art and involving principles especially because scheduling a design challenge and really looking at how best to integrate the arts is part of ongoing work so the citizens advisory committee is now ready that the prop c has passed to look at strategies moving forward so colleagues i'm going to do a
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line check we have two additional presentations from the oversight committee and the english learn citizens advisory committee and a closed session so and the yaugs rates off track and on track report it sounds like there are continuing concerns so if we're not prepared to take a form vote tonight we'll reschedule allow the superintendent and staff to summit a proposal to be all the time finally once the school board has a chance to vote that will be at the earliest the april 14th how would the colleagues like to proceed and commissioner. >> commissioner president murase i've been waiting a long time to speak tonight so first of all, i want to say that the city controllers good news is a testament if we have a i can
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altitude miracles happy and to have the i can attitude and get a lot of work done mrooenl surprised i want to thank the district i know that was a quick you out-of-towner it looks at different than what i saw the other night that lets me know you've paid attention to the details and heard the concerns of my colleagues and myself thank you for that i actually also wanted to talk about the courage council letter that is talked about in the african-american my brothers keeper and talking about with mr. koffman and having conversations about what it is designed for i think that
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conversation wise we should pitch it and make a statement that it is actually to support the work of our assistance to the superintendent to be clear to we've satisfied some of the questions up here i also am presented to vote on this and it so you would we have a mixed bag of opinions i don't know everyone e everything is against it i have heard 3 people saying there's a possibility to get through this tonight i want to respect where my colleagues are but a lot of the work went into this i see on the time spent in a week's time i want to commend the district team for that and just wanted to add my thoughts on that and also am excited about again where we see the
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increases in aside from what we asked for last week but to focus on career and technical education and the support of the pathways i understand we're not talking about instruction but developing the system where we can have packet at the levels to the futures are pro tem and people have the opportunity as we move forward to thank you to the district team for your working hard in this short memorandum of time. >> commissioners. >> i wanted to first say i've noted the addition of the alleged ftes for eight grade math i'm told that decreases the class size size to 24 to one; is that correct and is that at every school we'll set every k a
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next year to increase the class size 25 to one. >> sure i'll field the question we did an initial pass and we noted the variation in class size at grade eight math so a pass through to maximum 25 students to each the grade eight math those ftes if we open up a section should help to drive down the class size we need to work on the prelims plan but this should definitely afford united states to be able to bring down the class size. >> i appreciate this i want to say for the record i don't think it is enough we should be for now at 22 and in middle school math get the feedback from parent and the somewhat bumpy implementation of the common core at middle school so i just
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need to put that on the record i want more i appreciate that that needs to be one piece of the strategy to reassure parents we're providing a rigorous math core i appreciate the altitude. >> go to commissioner wynns after this. >> a boarder thing whether we have peace to comment or had thoughts but kind of in that light i think that my question around this particularly around the comments made at the last conversation will peace whether specifically should be the focus of appellate court peace monies and what should be considered enrichment and something funded by i do general fund i'm very much in
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favor the class reduction but i wonder how to define that as an enrichment function and not by a general fund math is a poor subject area and why there are 25 to one and whatnot that is an odd thing to add in light of the prior conversations not that i don't support the idea but slaer in the stem thing why we're focused around the stipend for middle school and after-school programs as a broader framework we've talked about science and coding and integrally the end of the school day and the focus around after school and the bafkd stipend thing of 24 each i want to hear the thinking of
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$10,000 and every school gets the same amount what is the same same ashtray number or the size. >> spell the last superintendent. >> thank you for the question commissioner vice president haney we have class size in our middle schools and already so reducing the class size in math specifically because of the implementation of the new canyon core curriculum that is rigorous and will require a transition period we feel will enrich students understanding of the math and we feel that is it fits within what the public said we want the enrichment fund to do to provide an enriched fund as we've included we're going to be exploring in the future years is
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there an opportunity to move the funding into the general fund but we've heard our parent community we've heard the community and we've heard the expression of concern about giving our teachers another air space to depth the capacity to teach the common core mathematics it is a liability thing to provide immediate relief in that particular area in terms of the stem i'd like to actually ask our democrat superintendent superintendent carranza if we could comment on that. >> just to add to i think the concept behind setting aside a small fund for the middle schools is clearly we didn't have the implementation plan for the first reading but we did hear dribble in a number of school principles that tried to put their best thinking how do we accomplish meeting several
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goals one around test piloting protocol personalized planning on site what would a tool look like that that helps us to work with the accelerated learners in particular what would it look like if we opened up a section or two sponsored by a mentoring teacher in sciences or another related area to have students work on specific and personalized based learning sort of have the capital to work on that concept what would that look like to expand an elective within the daily master school or immediately after school to open up opportunities in the stem field in particular and incorporate some of the topics listed here as well. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you so i'm shutting
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off through the things right now so i can't refer to it in the document but i noticed we've moved $200,000 in translations and a comment that says this is the most cost effective way to do it without contractors i'd like to have an analysis of that especially because again, this is for next year in june i've been carrying around in my pending folder since last june three or four contracts we had that added up to up think 8 hundred and so thousand dollars and were asked to add $200,000
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more this year and asked to put that on the peace plan for next year that's not enough information for me to think that this is a good way necessarily to spend this money and particularly because there's a reference sorry i couldn't find it a reference that each translator translated 2 hundred and 687 pages of text and gee, i don't know there's - i have no reference point i don't know what the standard is or what their transmitting fittings if it's the same thing all the time that's a meaning less piece of data i want to you just need to be convinced a good use of a million dollars of peace money is just to do transactions for i
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ps i want them done but that's what that costs? it is stunning to me actually telling the truth >> mr. superintendent. >> i'd like to ask the assist superintendent to please enlighten us. >> i'm on my best behavior good evening commissioner wynns i share in the translation budget we when we will last year an analysis the translation and the vips we were basing that on the data we received based on on the previous years i p that were submitted and as i had explained i think that now the system is
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taken over now we moved all special transactions to the translation office there's a much greater reliability in the delivery of the i p staffer so we use low-level data how many i p on average 35 i u p a week that's extraordinarily we remember not close it that we've done a month to month breakdown we're in the process of kind of of analyzing that now i did not know you wanted that tonight we're in the process of doing that so we can previously prepare that with better information than the number of pages each treernt.
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>> i want it before we go forward for the modesty hundred thousands of dollars contract so that's why i want that and i since this is next year's budget this obviously we're going to send it without a vote it has to go forward so you want sort of some recognize this is a process that has took place for instance, to know how this compares with other school districts when this calls for other things. >> you're asking for a lot. >> i need something that this is a good way to spend this much money so i just ask you i want to put on the table this
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spending plan whether we vote on it or summit that without a vote is subject to change i want to say this is an area that's under analysis and maybe changed between now and just that when we pass this district budget so we know whatever is included has the analysis so we can trust it's reliability is the best way to do this service that's why i like i have other questions. >> you'll have a full analysis at the end of this school year of the whole school year. >> can i request we added syndrome that analysis my impression is that we're finally actually translating i p we've been actually required to do all
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along so thank you. (laughter). >> so if you can get at this question that's a really re key point i said your question should be contracting this out or have it on staff but this is something we've been going to to do. >> that's correct we've acknowledged that we can do them strolling in an insufficient way or do them well, that's the point. >> i'd like to move towards on action but before we do that innovative the co-chairs of the enrichment fund mark murphy is here to give the version of the part two. >> co-chair the enrichment fund
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i don't know that we the petitions didn't meet after seeing version two it's not appropriate to speak on behalf of cac but we spoke throughout the course of evening we were pleased more room to move forward commissioner vice president haney you wants to this about enrichment we spent our time about the dpooid principles that led to our memo that was delivered to all of you, we got the topic of what is enrichment ensue we stopped short of conversation by the felt that was a can of worms that we weren't sure if we're the ones to define what is enrichment that's been clear of the enrichment fund budget many
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things have been provided for in the budget itself so we did raise the tragic of what is enrichment but stopped short of the discussion. >> thank you very much mr. murphy i want to move to an action i'm going to throw out a motion which is open to motion we don't take a final vote i've heard enough concerns we schedule the final vote at the next board meeting april 14th but contradict the instructor to send the report with the understanding it maybe revised or amended on april 14th i'm open to the motion.
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>> is there a second. >> second. >> discussion? this update sounds like okay to folks the 14th >> if there's no discussion. >> can i ask a question this may be a fully question could you tell us how you feel about this would you rather i don't know how to deal with this superintendent. >> sorry. >> i just was kind of wondering this might help to influence our vote a little bit we're going to have to take another vote either amend the spending plan or vote toenltd or tonight if we take a
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vote tonight we're not done. >> yeah. so thank you commissioner wynns for the question so i would say that my recommendation i think the recommendations of the staff would be that the board vote tonight on the spend plan because it is very clear you'll have an opportunity to amend and make amendments we're standing by to actually incorporate the amendments into the final spending plan but i'm recommend we go ahead and vote this evening to have a board enforced submission to the board of supervisors. >> clarifying question what shape would that amendment take do we want to keep it open until the end of june? have a meeting dedicated to all the spending plan. >> part of that would be i'm
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confer with my staff we can be transparent about what that looks like i know there are a number of not only the peas k ak but our managers have been involved i want to make sure all the voices most especially the commissioners voices are included quite frankly, i want 101 an opportunity to have meetings are the board members to tease out the final details so we will be able to come back more surely with a plan for the process. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> so you would then prefer we vote on it presumably approve that and submit it and not voting on it tonight.
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>> so i guess my only concern having the approval of the board when we are not settled on things so submitting american people amendment after we've previewed it versus not approving it and submitting what is not appropriate and the other poise it didn't sound like the cat has had an opportunity to vet the second go version two which concerned me. >> i want to set the in relation meeting of the cats. >> the next is the first of april wednesday somebody help me out here. >> second wednesday of april. >> april 8th. >> commissioner walker. >> thank you commissioner president murase i've know i'm the
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new kid open the block but i'm not comfortable with sending a spending plan forward that we don't approve as a board i know with we got the interpretation of what it looked like in terms of moving forward i guess or just want to be clear what we have move forward should be sent as a board. >> can i ask a followup question if there are things we're not comfortable with having a document you submittal to the board of supervisors with nos there's 97 percent of the budget it i agree with but
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still have questions that make me want to go over and say absolutely i need a little bit more time i don't know how to vote if i don't approve that it applies i'm okay with that. >> commissioner fewer and so i i mean, i'm okay with everyone taking a vote i personally will not vote but my colleagues can approve that i have so many questions i did not comfort when we are talking about money and 70 for so many years i feel a sense of responsibility i'll not approve that but want the opportunity of my colleagues to vote on it if they choose.
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>> there's a motion seconded so postpone the vote until april 14th that's girlfriends the peace k ak to if you prefer to vote you'll vote down the motion roll call please. thank you. >> commissioner fewer. >> to hold-off the vote until the final meeting oh, yes. >> mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton no polluting >> dr. murase. >> 6 i's.
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>> thank you, very much. to staff and to the peace k ak a rich decision we'll be back april 14th and our superintendent carranza >> just for clarity for all of the community and for staff then we will we will be submitting the budget without the board approval for the applying for the requirements and understanding we will come back on april 14th not august april 14th with version 3.0 but sorry folks i know everybody has been here a long time next week is spring break i want to be clear i've directed my staff to take spring break no one will be here that's one less week to work on
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version. >> can we add when we submittal that the board had been month to month on april 14th. >> i'm sorry director lee. >> thank you commissioner president murase that's fine commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell for us to say a little bit more than there's will be an amendment to say the timing exactly so i think that is not he'll done i want to say in terms of what happened the superintendent alludes to now and the 14th alike lecturer what i've heard we had a lot of boos to construct and modify