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tv   [untitled]    March 27, 2015 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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karen king from the wastewater project can you bring up the slides i'm here to give the quarterly update we'll talk about program wide and some of the projects in project design and follow-up with the construction update and our stakeholder update status at this point everything is in planning and design and moving forward well consistency we have 62 projects that are moving as you can see the list in planning and preplanning we're van that every month right now 5 projects in construction the expenditures from the $2.7 million it is .1, 2, 3 billion dollars that's been extended to 44 that the 6 as we get into construction with more and more projects that will pick up greatly. >> commissioner moran i'll get
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into our question so on a program wise basis we're working on the south west plant in 2018 we're going to voluntary 8 different construction projects on the 040 acre site it is very impactful we're currently analyzing the electrical demand for the future our future projects and actually also talking to pg&e as well as our power enterprise about the power we have initiate a site management committee and that's the group that alongside all the staging areas and what is a shut down going to occur that includes the maintenance and engineering as well as the program staff. we're identifying the adjacent property to get arrangements for
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the parcels during the construction for people to have their trailers that impact minimally the neighborhood and for oceanside the purpose of up front planning to make sure they go as well as possible we plan carefully so our construction can go well, we begin to look at the small business jobs analysis looked like purpose to determine what jobs and what trades will be needed in the future we held a violationing working group out of my comfort zone but a lot of planners and architects came together to look out out to integrate the southeast plan and we'll bring this to you and talking with the working group on how the plans came forward
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>> the preconstruction those jars are a good example i'm sure you're aware of we're working on the heads work that's where they convert into the plant our alternative analysis we're in the conceptual phrase and we'll begin our environmental review we hoped for rain we're looking at two pilot studies side by side for the bay area improvement projects that are our tunnel we're looking at the connection between the great infrastructure and continuing on the novels and taking a recommendation to the executive management to get started and the bio sold it moving atm crews were here and walked through did analysis outcome
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that is moving along on schedule their many conceptual engineering and have begun the project descriptions to kickoff our ceqa pubically. >> pardon me. >> before you leave this slide so conceptual engineering will be completed by september. >> so that middle bullet is the tunnel that's itself bay area system it is a tunnel a comprehensive water shed evaluation of the hillside so many things have changed such a hard gray area a lot of times we quoted the approximate but the reason we started f that project was seismic to replace a channel that starts the channel station to 280 looking at the end of
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admission creek and takes side loads through the plant so discount flows the presidio and marina 80 percent of the flow to the southeast that's what trails them in and that asset is sitting there vulnerable. >> right you said that was going to go to senior martin luthern king, jr. and conceptual engineering i'm hoping there is steps in between i want to understand what our option are you know your analyzing them. >> just to clarify what the commission approved was feats one phase one was a preconstruction we'll have to come to the commission because this is above the $2.7 million to approve so i think what we're trying to do is get our arms around we we feel is the best
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alternative to present to the commission and welcome to invite any of the commissioners that want to participate to get a better understanding because we will make a presentation to the commission more of a high-level so just wanted to clarify the construction of this alternative or whatever we select has not been funded. >> okay. i know this is a major ticket prissy really want to understand pretty well we'll do it off-line the option and, of course, i know the greenest option understanding the seismic concerns and it is immediate needs that needs to be addressed i'm concerned. >> thank you, commissioner i know we did a briefing on the water shed as well as the tunnel to look at the green and i think that we'll be shortly at a time
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to sit down and if i may sit down and go through the information. >> great thanks. >> back to the slides. >> preconstruction currently, we have 7 green projects in planning and design and we're a week away from completing the first, the wiggle face one applied for loan money for the green infrastructure project which is exciting and have this on the last agenda it is for the funding the state will be here on thursday and have a tour and weigh talk with them our water shed is continuing we did a 2k4ri7b9 effort and coming up came up with the report we've competing the west side and the sides of the city will be into a
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prioritized plan that involves the executive gray assets and things like the extra improvement project and basement to the channel town hall construction wise we have one under construction and 8 digestsers operating we have started work at the staugs and i mentioned the wiggle we have more and more projects going out to bid and going into the fold on the stakeholder side we had a big month we talked about the water shed and large-scale community event to talk about sf i p and all the projects we're working on and had all the project manager it was a banner year in terms of getting people out to the ssi p we have over 15
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and 1.8 million people looking at the website we have a lot of increase in the tours that's people slowing down and smelling and connecting waterways to all the work we do and we're never one to be stuck in a box we have had our students our ssi p interims develop a music video a route about wastewater the worldwide launch will be tomorrow at 430 we're expecting it to be a full house with live talent there as well and i'm hoping you guys can make it i think we invited most of you. >> i skipped our answer 80 so i
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want to get back to the commissioner moran about the program risks we've gone through the risk assessment and identified the mitigation strategies and risk owners and do a workshop for instance, one major go risk a lot of work of works being planned and a lot of capital plans we're looking at water capital and the wastewater capital and transportation capital we're concerned to get big bids and contractors available the concern you addressed about they're being enough engineering firms and engineering talent there's other risks to keep the plants operational but that strategy could be in a correspond dense. >> we could do that or make
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another presentation to talk about how to deal with that this is a good experience how to identify the risks and what we do to mitigate the risks and find values for risks to determine the severity of the risks. >> on a product basis we'll do the risk assessment when we get dot engineering and have an idea what the project alternative is. >> part of my interests first of all, everything is an important experience its been helpful to me and the commission to be able to put stuff into the context so a request for the contingency allocation it relates to the profile and as the projects continue we'll see the doctors i think it helps to makes sense out a lot of stuff if you see only one pious it is hard to conceptual lists so a
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presentation will be helpful in working that into the regular structure as well would be very helpful. >> we're meeting are the regulators with about our future and like the water system we don't have spare assets we'll be running at working facilities that's pretty challenging. >> i want to thank mr. cruz for his teamwork he's brought folks from the outside and we'll miss him terribly we'll be in denial until the last moment i'll be on my experience bike and wherever he goes he'll be a rock star. >> over denial comes anger.
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>> i have a pocket sized pad for the schedules and commissioner moran will e-mail yourselves. >> thank you one other thing while 0 we will we're on the subject i want us to look at we have an item on the consent calendar it is basically to do the tenth amendment to a contract and part of the reason for that is working in the environment you've talked about everything is up and running at the same time, you run into circumstances you didn't anticipate with that said that number of contract amendments a problematic you bid on one scope of work and it's hard to insure we're getting the right price for the products being built i'd like to have a third party i don't know if this is part of our program or whether it is a
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separate effort to have a third party look at the processes that we use for scoping promotions and doing conceptual engineering and also transitioning into how we bid and manage projects to make sure the people are following the best practices and you may need to spend more time and i'm holy that it is before you write the final design spec so i'd like to almost all of this program is dealing with those kinds of difficult situations i'd hate to get into a situation we have perpetual contract so i want to make sure our practices are good.
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>> we definitely can do that it is i think for the prevention the program a large portion of the work is although being done in a plant that is going to be operating 2w07 they're the constructed and the challenges when you do the tie-in and all that stuff i'll say that one of the things we wanted to do work with the staff is talking about our contractors chapter 6 all the tools we have available because one of the things that we really value is flexibility of bringing a contractor open to poke at things and fix things as and a they poke and something happens that's why we have the contractors as soon as you poke
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at something we'll have to stop and select the bid and it is so inefficient that's why we are trying to get the flexibility so maybe when we have the audit we'll talk about where why we have those tools we're able to develop in chapter 6 so one of the things we not to talk about is joking about the change orders but i also agree we should have a third party audit to look at could we do obtain our side given the tools and what's the best way to manage how we do maybe change some of the procedures we have in place. >> when we say audit maybe the project manager can look at the contract to see what's glong them to say they're working side by side and familiar with to get that done.
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>> i don't know what we call them the reason i was thinking of an 0id we have one contract that may not be something to look at could it have been done better so it's a case in the. >> we could definitely do that. >> i like chair and poke. (laughter). >> thank you very much. >> thank you that's good commissioners, any questions? any public comment? on this >> next item, please. >> item 10 is bosco update. >> good afternoon, commissioners commissioner president caen chief financial officer for bosco again, thank you very much for having me come before you today as i start i
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definitely want to it extend my appreciation to commissioner president caen your prospectives as. >> shared about the changing stwloim customers and puc i think it is good for our future together i look forward to that. >> thank you. >> so i want to take my time and speak about a critical issue of the tunnel i've spoken to you several times about this this is really an opportune time emts last january 2014 this body and bosco was notified about the the cat tropic collapse all the water from hetch hetchy prior to the bay area customers unfortunately at this point, a competitive plan has not been
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provided to bosco or the public i am asking that such a plan a schedule of action be provided by mayor first 2015 like all your other risks in our with his isotopes being fixed through the program the mountain tunnel is an important threat and originally mountain tomb was a paramount tunnel that was included in 2005 was removed over our objections and placed in a less time urgent repair plummet program i agree that was the best time we talked about that a lot and now that plaza heavy workload on our staff but
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as we work closely and insure your relationship is helpful i want to make sure we have that same relationship moving forward with the tunnel that's a high priority i see this relationship is really bend all the constituents in making sure the product is come out with all we want so in the mountain tunnel and on our 10 year vip and the prudent maintenance of all the facilities we want to work with you and although presumably mountain tunnel is smaller must costinger than wisconsin up it is urgent one the things about the project the opportunity to work on it is very narrow and limited to only several weeks possibly 2 months in the winter when did tunnel can be shut down
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so every month in which a detail occurs increases the risk of the tunnel collapse and the risk to the consumers so i'm encouraged by the design work i know you've been work around the clock to make decisions and recommend a long term solution now is the accident for a comprehensive plan the wissop has proven time after time such a plan in our cpa as well as your type of plan with this magnitude things can change that makes we think so that's where we're at i respectfully request you ask the plan to be presented to you by may first that concludes any remarks i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> commissioners questions.
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>> none for you you've been very clear (laughter). >> that's correct i'm going to turn it over to mr. kelly. >> so as you probably know we've been talking about the mountain tunnel for awhile and been in conversation with bosco and working on a schedule there are so many options so we pretty much have a schedule but there are some things we're accounting the details so we can come to the next commission meeting and present the status with a schedule because we pretty much have a schedule we just are reviewing it and there's so many other options so at the next commission meeting you'll have a line item to go over the schedule and what are some of the options that we're still
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looking at and i think where we are now we have trying to deal with the access of the tunnel and i think we're leaning towards trying to patch the old tunnel if we were to do a timeline a bypass it would take 8 years to do that you have to go through the environmental and the time to constrict is in the meantime you're at the risk of having it so we need to do some type of repairs we're going to present wherewith he wish next week and work with nicole she's been asking for schedule inform a while we'll make sure she gets an opportunity to look at it before we present at the next meeting and that's good i don't think we've ever really look at
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patching we've never addressed that so i think that will be - >> yeah. one of the things we had we had the tick citizens advisory committee the patching is one of the options as far as - i can't ask you that darn it (laughter). >> i can ask steve. >> can we give him a different name. >> i'll defer to norway reign to tell me if i'm speaking out of turn there was a study that looked at a complete replacement of bypass section and patching we did as nicole mentioned brought on a group of experts they focused on the poaching as a viable low-cost option and
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generated a report unfortunately, the report they generated which doesn't use the same absorptions of the initial report what we've been gho going through a process of balancing the recommendations using the same assumptions but most critical of which the new studies assuming you have the environmental schedule the environment is 3 years so is something like that your toishl taking 3 years off the schedule so we're going through that process so when it comes you, you can make a policy decision as which way to go. >> i think when i read the exceptional engineering report the first time it was talking about patching patching is not like old things on the wall but the sections of the tunnel so it's not a complete redo but a
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piece of work. >> the work has to happy from the inside out. >> right. >> so we may want to work on another word. >> is there a middle patch you patch the sparkle the most critical talented portions while you're doing our environmental bypass. >> that's the goal of january as mentioned we're very small windows we can close that tunnel down and we just went through an inspection of the coast range tunnel we accomplished within that timeline with the closed range tunnel based on that successful inspection i directed staff to move forward with a inspection of the mountain tunnel with the staff the goal would be to do that inspection
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and actually get a real number of what is it the interior damage we're working on the loose report as i said, the incredible part i've initiate and the environmental work it relevant whether or not you're going to do the material repair or the bypass we're not waiting resources by the patching so then we'll have a sense of what the potential damage is that will give a sense of the risk of failure and the real schedule for repair. >> and the costs. >> i've given copies of my statement to dona. >> thank you very much. >> mr. vice president can we do
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a time check. >> i was going to hear the consent calendar and take a break would you like to take a break now. >> it's not a motivator of a break i turn into a pumpkin of 4:30 we have a lot of work to do i'm trying to figure out how to do that. >> how do we manage that. >> well, we do have a power point pay attention on pour plan if you choose to maybe move it off to the next meeting i think a that's okay. >> how long is that likely to take. >> barbara you practice on our speed. >> (inaudible) arrest depending
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on the questions. >> we're going to pause. >> i'm sorry. >> the next session will have the power? if it's going to take 24 minutes >> we want you fresh because a lot of information to - >> actually, that's probably a low estimate. >> about 45 minutes. >> yeah. >> so let's do this let's take a 10 minute break right now. >> sorry. >> oh i thought i asked for that. >> $10 $10, $10 i'm collecting. >> someone is going to be rich. >> do i have any public comment? >> ifblg brooks i'm with the i run the our city san francisco and the sustainability chair for the san francisco party on the
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water committee of the san francisco chapter of sierra club i'm not speaking officially, however, open the sierra club simply that is off-the-cuff we e it takes along for us to make speaking, however, i was at the water committee meeting last week where we had a long discussion about the drought and the regional water system and what we're being asked to do around the drought i want to put-down forwarding the concept that the people working on the environmental communities are facing basically someone came to our meeting and said to us the smelt and the salmon are in danger of going extinct if i folks don't crack down on our water reviews and need to get our people to do that i agree we


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