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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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a car they don't feel save it is important to know that 57 percent of our workers in the hotel business live in san francisco so they rely on the transportation system to get to where they're going. i alsoless like the report you talks about the corridors one area of the city we have 24 hotels and the treatments and fisherman's wharf that adds another layer of issues when they godfather go to market street have routes for visitors that use last night i want to thank you for your leadership we'll continue to be port of the group and get to a place where we have additional winds sound like we're having it with the additional buses thank you very
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much >> thank you very much, sir. >> next speaker. >> and good afternoon robert director for transit i'd like to echo some of the comments ac transit fully supports the study and the recommendations that's been nearly a decade since the network as the person mentioned and there's a couple of things one it is 10 years since we last looked at this and the land use has changed the region if you look at the downtown coordinator and oakland that type of land use in the night time didn't exist so one thing i want to nevertheless that was a transit issue the region looked at as a
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whole and m t c took a lead and the pilot service that the operation t is in mrs. jordan or participating are bart stooernl the service a good lifetime service it can assess the public that's convenient for the service needs to be improved and frequency and where the service going is one piece of that as the presentation sat down better safety and waiting it is more important in the night time and it is good you address all those things i want to say we're excited to work with the partners and making the recommendations for the funding to implement this truly needs to be a partnering with the regional agencies to serve all the users and thank you, again.
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>> thank you very much. >> hello supervisors my name is glen done i'm a former entertainment commissioner and one point want to start by saying one of the major concerns i've heard as a neighborhood representative was the noise and participant that go on in people's cars especially in supervisor jane kim's district n this is around the clubs and also about three years ago, i moved out to the o m i i've been out 5 times since then and as a former drag queen that's sad i'm no longer going out to night life the other thing that neighborhood supports is a lot of students that probably can't
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get to a from night life in the city so if you are going to continue this i would like you to look at something along the m lines being a night time option bus people that live where i live now have very if i options the only wow. one i had was the 14 night life and after getting attacked on the bus i no longer 0 telephone call take that along with security the neighborhood can use night time transit because a lot of people go out into the night life there thank you. next speaker. >> thank you my name is ben i'm a owner of 7 bars in san francisco with one hundred and 75 employees last the founder of the bar alliance the 2 hundred
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and 6th member that week today, i'm speaking on behalf of california music association first, i want to thank supervisor wiener and jocelyn cane and others for leading this group and for inviting c mac to be part of the transportation group we believe that san francisco is hesitate in the direction of a twenty-four hour 7 community and exceeded that more and more night time folks will not be living in san francisco for this reason we feel the future of san francisco is enter twined with the surrounding community of the bay area and san francisco needs to take the lead for the night time
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transportation we feel the long term bart needs to round 24/7 and can't wave a magic wound but the proposals by the working group and this committee are a fantastic first step toward the future of the last night transportation and san francisco is one the premier cities in the united states and possibly the world we think it's time the transportation reflect that. >> thank you very much. >> hello tom one the co-owners of the decreeing bar i want to share one of the employees conferees actually rode up on her bicycle and was saying this
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is one of the reasons she's concerning leaving the bay area she has to cut her shift early not able to spend time with 0 her friends in san francisco no safe reliable way to get home safe at night i conserved have you ever taken the muni home from work at virgil's and laughed she said she'd wait for 45 minutes at chevrolet and mission street and take another bus and wait on van ness and market street to catch the bus as a woman kaiser cash at three and four hours in the more than shes she laughed many of the bar owners in the room this is an issue of safety for our employees and workers we have a
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responsibility to make sure that the works from 9 to 5 are able to get home safely and a as others who work at different hours also from the prospective of our bottom line and this industry and it's growth if you look at the survey the majority of responsibility said on a nuke of occasions choose to stay home and not patron news our busy and support our night life because no safe reliable way to get home as a matter for small business owners we need that thank you very much. >> good afternoon charles rath born on behalf of luxury our cabs thank you to the folks that g did a great job of research
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research the working groups final recommendations excludes 3 taxi related proposals for shared rides and pop up cabstand and ride subsidies the most important the shared ride program for taxicabs do n idea to work with the technology partners like fly whole to provide great value to k34erz through reduced fairs at the same time the taxis will increase ridership a reduce the unpaid miles for drivers supervisors 3 is technically challenging and as challenging as a business proposition research has shown enormous shared profits for taxi rides 0 so we need to incentivize the risk-taking and investment in
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the transportation problems another taxi recommended solution to have pop up taxi stands i want to make it easier and cheaper for businesses to get approval for pop up staples and explore funding similar to the successful transit program will that will help the last night workers in the east bay thank you very much and we look forward to participating in the last night group. >> good afternoon, supervisors i wanted to thank you for having this this is a great thing being one of the vice president's in the larger associations in the region i live out in the richmond it is farther areas for people to get to what i hear a lot of we can't get home and
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getting can't go out i hear people getting kicked out of cabs because they want to come home into an area so starting with the discussion is something that is great for the neighborhood i wanted to mention that so thank you. >> thank you very much is there any additional public comment on item 3 seeing none madam chair may we close public comment. >> public comment is closed. so again colleagues thank you for hearing that and f thank you to the working groups this is a very significant step forward and sometimes those things can be daunting especially some of the long-term investment that have 24 bart service what i love about the report it clearly brokdz the short term immediate things and what are the long-term things and what can be
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done in a cost effective way the fact that bart and permit have begun moving forward and the fact that muni is going to be moving forward later will be 1257b9d this is tangible steps forward to implement those recommendations and i think with the working group will continue to advise us i want to note two things it came up in public comment one is the few speakers talked about workers struggling to get home and the connection that has with some of the will affordability challenges we've had in san francisco the last night industry workers in that industry tend to be
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middle-class and working class not high paying jobs to raids families but not generally high paying jobs a lot of the workers can't afford to live in the entertainment centers in san francisco we have plenty of those workers living outside the city in ante bay or in the southern or western part of the city it's not cheap but more affordable than the eastern and core parts of the city so it is not like folks are necessarily going from the mission and the castro they can afford to hop on a cab they don't have a usually transportation or either going to have to drive which is also challenging to go and park in
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the late average or evening or go to work in the castro or mission street you have to leave our car for the entire can i i'm not sure but we're putting our workers in bad positions it really is a matter for a lot of people also, we the issue will cabs is very important because cabs provide a very strong supplement to public trams and minds that people will need to use the transportation i like the recommendation around moving toward shared cabs and cabstand to encourage people to use the cab system so colleagues thank you for the time today and i look forward to continuing this work to make those
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recommendations a reality. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i just want to thank supervisor wiener and the task force i know this has been an issue that supervisor wiener's office has brought up since he's come into office this is an important issue we hear again and again i've been cornered at restaurant when owners fought who i am they really drive home the point how much last night transportation impact ability to do business and how many of their workers live far from the place of operation and often will in the east bay and how important last night transportation is it is great to see the categories of income with the services we provide and the numbers i had no idea on my given might
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more people ridding last night public transit than at a post giants game i think numbers like that is really really helpful recalled of the numbers i agree that even though if it's not a large number we to think about last night transportation it's a question for mta what would it look like to have smaller shuttles running more frequently throughout the city i know this is an issue there are bus lines to treasure island not a 4r5r789 issue it is the only way to get on treasure island is it i can't bike or walk through if you're in the city and trying to get home on treasure island that bus is you're only option or you have to get a car if you can
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afford it we're on pressing the agency on more frequent transportation just for the 5 resident or the 2 residents waiting thirty minutes you know downtown there's not a lot of pedestrian foot traffic and safety is important to push it is great to see that ac transit is partnering on the issue we know that bart has certain needs around repair i don't understand it it i want to push we're looking at last night transportation on friday and saturday nights maybe service starts later on saturday and sunday morning there's that time for maintenance regardless the bus can be another alternative bart didn't have to be the only one providing last night transit to the east bay but i'm glad to see all the work done thank you
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for my colleague and the trick or treat transportation authority and the commission for doing a lot of work around the study. >> thank you very much supervisor kim. >> and so i'll thank you supervisor kim and with that i'll make a motion to file this motion. >> the motion has been made and supervisor wiener and seconded by supervisor kim that motion passes madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> no madam chair. >> this business is closed
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> commissioner vice president haney is on his way and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell has an emergency vehicle before i call the next item i want to remind the members of the public if you wish to address the board of education you must complete a speaker card prior to the item being called and presented to the clerk the board rules speaker cards will not be accepted for an item before the board before i move on to the
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superintendent ins and outs for the presentation i want to point out that superintendent carranza is on the cover of the education week (clapping) and you're amazing familiar with the education week for the analysis on k through 12 education the third year of leaders to learn from superintendent carranza was selected will i the educators if a pool of quarters debater and other education writers and experts in the k through 12 field so it's really wonderful to see the superintendant acknowledge we knew how good he was in san francisco but to have him acknowledged subtitling we'll
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move the presentation to the board of education board of education the superintendent report. >> wow. thank you, dr. murase commissioner president murase hopefully things don't get worse from that kind of an introduction thank you in the article i want to is it is reflecting of this districts commitment to the language for all students that i proudly represent the district? a recognition of the districts work thank you so much good evening to everyone and as we all know last week we gaining ban with the celebration of lunar new year's and the schools start their celebrations i wanted to point out lake shore kindergartener planned a parade and actually carried out and implemented a parade every year 4 kindergarten classes button on a line distance and our students
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dressed in costumes and as classmates cheered them on happy new year and those of you not familiar with the tradition this is the year of the sheep so happy new year to everyone we're in the month of february and at the last board meeting we learned about the history of san francisco unified school district and in particular the first african-american teacher ever hired in san francisco unified school district we also have another tradition taking place tomorrow the african-american honor roll from 6 to 8:00 p.m. at st. mary's cathedral an 11 lotta's fountain golf street a celebration this is sponsored by the alliance of black school a volunteer of san francisco unified school district educators this year mayor ed lee and san francisco board of supervisors president looerndz and supervisor cowen as well as
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representatives from the gates will be in attention not to mention our commissioners as well and they will all be in attendance congratulating 2 hundred african-american students that are 3.80 or higher gpa part of the conversation around our focus on achieving african-american student weather obey very, very clear we are taking a hats basic approach to relocating recognize the students that need a little bit of extra help 12 hundred african-american or grade point afternoon 3.0 and behavior and district leaders will be there and congratulations to all students we're very proud of you
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and wanted to thank our staff and volunteers in coordinating this event and finally on this particular note i wanted to thank all the parent and guardian and adult that played an important role in the lives without strong support of the guardian or parent that the students doesn't have a change thank you for making sure they're on this path to success on monday march second the community members and parents and teachers low gralth on sunset exclusively our combufr and chief joanne hayes-white and commissioner chan and city accessory and records in carmen chu and our board of education commissioners genius and yourselves truly evening oppose our san francisco con decorate
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we'll all be there reading to our students such books as the cat in the hat and green eggs and ham h that celebrates a invading thing on dr. sews book i'm going to read my book click collaborating move so thank you sunset for organizing this event yes. >> i'll say. >> that's a good one too thank you for the organization and thank you dr. murase. >> the next item on the agenda is resolutions and accumulations mr. subsequent. >> we have two awards, however, we are going to postpone of the thought service award to
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trashing thompson she's unfortunately unable to be here we'll have her come back and print that award to her in person with that, i'd like to recognize our wonderful principle from roosevelt middle school doctor michael refresh my memory to present the service award to one of our incredible teachers at roosevelt school (clapping.) >> hello my name is michael refreshing my memory i'm the principle at roosevelt middle school it's my pleased this evening to introduce missing ms. one-size-fits-all new marcus nominate by a parent from our community it comes as no conspiracy that ms. marching as 2k3w5r7b9d the special recognize and potential currently in here 8th year whitney is a dedicated
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educator that excelsis at motivating students and rewarding in support and athletics and worked tireless to have the regular activity for our kids many maushz lessons are upbeat high energy workouts but ear talent are not limited to affiliated e education a true leader 5 years ago when he added additional spots on the leadership team her peers elected her she's been reelected every year and in taegs addition this fall apart of our sites 4 waiver team helping to lead a number of observations and discussions with the middle school in the la u.s. d and
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coordinates overnight camping trips and this year serves as the fulfilled representative this is one busy lady finally how creative and innovative ms. march is never wanting to miss an opportunity to be on the cutting-edge many mash has helped to organize and taught you would us to step to the roosevelt program this summer transition program helps to welcome hundreds of students to our site setting them think a early path to success but perhaps most notably i want you to know that ms. march puts together the roosevelt regulation 5 k race in may
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involved all seven hundred plus students address staff members every year at an event like no on-the-job training other simply ms. march is a dynamos on behalf of the san francisco unified school district congratulations bravo ms. march (clapping.) >> oh okay. >> thank you so much thank you to the voters who gave us the peace fund to make my job possibly and the resources thank you to my affirmation for volley ball outdoor education it a great part of a well rounded
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child to be identity in nature and have that moment and thank you to michelle and kathy this is my 10th year at teaching pe and wonderful honor so i appreciate that. >> one more quote that is very significant for me that makes sense in this financial environment he says one hundred years from now it won't matter how big my car is or my house but it is possessors i helped a child thank you, again. >> (clapping.) ms. march i asked commissioner norton to say something. >> my daughter think appreciated so much w


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