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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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that without objection. that will be the order i neglected to thank sfgovtv for broadcasting and madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> that concludes our business for today. >> then we are adjourned.
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>> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco land use & economic development committee i'm scott wiener the chair of the committee to my left is
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supervisor cohen our vice chair jane kim will not be joining us today she's been called into jury duty your clerk is andrea ashbury and i want to thank sfgovtv for broadcasting today's hearing jonathan and the others. >> madam clerk, any announcements? >> all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the february 2nd, 2015 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> call item one. >> on ordinance to define homeless shelters. >> the mayor is the sponsor we have the planning department to
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present following by mr. duffy. >> good afternoon. supervisors i'm kim the planner with the san francisco planning department today is an ordinance amending the controlling for homeless shelters it was unanimously recommended approval by the planning commission on december 18th this ordinance will bring san francisco planning code into experience with the state law regarding the homeless shelter controls to allow the emergency of homeless shelter as a right meaning without required public hearing in a place one zoning district this legislation is a part of the housing element that will be up in a few weeks currently the planning code didn't exclude a defines for the homeless shelter it is interpretations of the cod to define the use cargo of the proposals that are monthly group
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housing or hotel uses human resources hotel uses are a variety of zoning in front a few cases are interpreted as hotel use san francisco out of compliance with the state law the proposed ordinance will bring the planning code into compliance with the homeless shelter and create a definition for the planning code this new depiction is enhanced the more currently trend of shelter partition and allows rights in zoning jikt with continental approval there that rebuttals the zoning controls existing in the codes that will exempt the homeless shelter from open space car and bike parking and fee requirements and feinstein apply got policies federal or state to the homeless shelter in the
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magnificent code includes the relationships with neighborhoods like the hours of operation and the sidewalk maintenance and plan signage and 0i7b9 management the planning commission again unanimously recommended approval of the legislation and the commission found this legislation will streamline review and approval process for homeless shelters we suggested you recommend approval of this legislation bev and dusty from the mayors office of hope is here to talk about that. >> thank you very much mr. duffy. >> thank you, supervisors allison park beacon hill duh the director with the engagements and partnerships i wanted to thank the mayor for sponsoring this measure this is extremely important we come into
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compliance into the ordinances to establish the ordinance of the right of shelters to be on truthfully the city is not going to be opening many shelters on the focus is on housing but you have taken the time to visit the application center we have tools we'll need to respond to the endisplacements and other abilities to open the facility i hope this legislation helps to keep the people in part of san francisco they feel services are slight in their district we've circulated maps and met with the industrial members of the board it causes them to think about down the roads the services they might consider a small shelter or program help to be responsive i want to point out increase
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quite a few a number of providers some outstanding providers and clients and staff and w07bd if i can can the individual from the different organizations in support of this legislation to stand for a moment so i say that to say the providers represent a cross section and serve the diversity of the city in terms of the be 4rsh9 community and seniors and we are so grateful i want to acknowledge and commend ca me and the fact she and the colleagues took the time to visit the facilities and there are times they took to look at the neighbors neighborhood and the element of the district in san francisco and recognizing we want the facility serving those to have access to transit and other shops we take for granted
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i appreciate our consideration. >> thank you very much mr. duffy and your work on this. >> okay. we will now on opening it up for public comment i have a few public comment cards (calling names) come on up public comment is 2 minutes. >> good afternoon, supervisors and general public i'm daily receptionist the homeless board c-2 this is a great piece of legislation that needs to be done and i'm aware of some of our supervisors feel their district is un235ish8 burdened by the services for the homeless folks i myself for the people in the avenues and the parts of the
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city that don't have a lot of homeless shelters they feel why put a shelter in my neighborhood because you you have homeless there i go to the far avenues and the oceans interests quite a few of the unhoused folks we need to have our services citywide this is not a option it's affordable unit a net not a privilege a right for people to be housed so i commend the mayor and your body here for trying to move this along and bev and duffey and i was so surprised to see not more people to stand up i can't imagine why not this is something we should pass and get on and try to work towards permanent housing i appreciate all you can do. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors
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just wanted to you work jeff with hampton family center we operate the largest shelter in san francisco i want to commend the mayor and at planning department and bev and duffey it will go along ways to help to place shelters in neighborhoods in a clear and transparent way i wanted to point out that mary go from dpw and scott walton are here they have a lot of information and background u background this in particular issue thank you very much for your support. >> thank you, sir. >> good morning tom executive director of liveable city i'm very much in support of this this is is an important piece of solving our homeless problem a small part putting people in homes rather than shelters i'm
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here to talk about a code the second agenda item the clean up of article two, that clean up months the defines in section 102.1 and 7 so this will for the purpose those other depictions so you might look at today, i is ask the city attorney's office just to sync those ordinances it has a definition of homeless shelters and adding section 1022 will be smart to make sure that the definition lands in the right place in the code as we organize it from this time forward and the definitions to the subsequent parts of code use 102 and i believe this can be done in the morning as well as striking up the .8 and lying that as 102 we're trying to
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clean up the code and not be messaging it up simultaneously. >> mr. gibner. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney the gentleman is correct this ordinance breathes a new 10.8 and refers to that the second item on the agenda modifies section 102 and puts the definition of homeless shelter in under we can by tomorrow morning go through and. >> or so how to think up the first piece to make sure there's the references for 102 i suggest you not make the amendment amendment today but tomorrow >> great. thank you very much mr. gibner is there any additional public comment on item 1 seeing none, public comment is closed so first, i want to thank even
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that participate in making this project and moving forward happening i had an opportunity to go with mr. duffy and the gentleman to visit the site it seems like an exciting project to me and i hope it after it is mod it defines a permanent home it should be successful i hope it end up being a model for not only san francisco but another places we for too long we've had a disjoined approach to certain populations of homeless people and this seems like a pro tem way for them to bring everything together for certain populations that are very difficult to reach and to help in a systematic way it is exciting and i'm glad it's
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moving forward i discussed with mr. duffy and my predecessor, of course the importance of including the castro in the outreach to help the castro for the shambles the folks are not here as well as the other areas we have a population that needs the outreach and i think sometimes because of the very, very significant challenges in other parts of the city we don't get the same level of focus it's not a criticism only a reality i'm happen to support this today so with that, moaning can i have a motion to forward this to the full board reception. >> as a committee report? i'd like to make a motion to move this forward with a positive recommendation >> we'll take that without objection. that will be the
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order thank you madam clerk call item number 4. >> item 4 an ordinance mit the general plan. >> why not wait - >> sure. >> here i have a whole box. >> thank you. >> okay. once the door closes
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which i think it is - okay. >> item 4. >> okay madam clerk call item 4. >> admiting the recession and open space element. >> okay. i'm the sponsor of item number 4 this legislation all the times the general plan and sets the city's long term strategy to make sure the stunt of our streets keep part of our urban forest this plan, which is exciting we're moving forward with it is long overdue and long-term in the the making i want to commend the department of public works and for the thoughtful and deliberate process that processes this document the plan was supported by the planning commission and
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the urban forestry council it is a key component of our uttering and key to our healthy environments and our quality of life and have an estimated 5 hundred and plus street trees they remove pollutant from our air and water and confer millions of dollars to and city sadly many of the trees are not in good shape and san francisco ranges low for the canopy coverage this is unacceptable for a city hates environmentally conscious currently of the hundred and 5 thousands street trees in san francisco 60 percent are the maintenance for the property owners awhile 40 percent are
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maintained we the city we know that the city is now unfortunately flowing a process of dumping those trees on property owners we'll soon be at a point that one hundred percent of the street trees are the probability for property owners that's the case whether or not the property owner own or planted the tree or whether or not they want the tree or have the financial process to take care of the tree they're to take care of that it is radio extremely unfair the property owners have a hardship when maintaining the trees and fixing the sidewalks for the damage and the trees that are massive in nature it is is very, very competitive so the city's policy is an awful one we've worked
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with the friends of the uttering to create awning urban forest fund so the city can take on the responsibility of taking care of the street trees we don't have a solution but this plan creates a good road map how to have the best pobld urban forest for the street trees it is important to follow up on the creation felt affordable funding with that i'm going to turn it over to mr. sway to present from the planning department. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm john sway with the planning staff and also the manager of the uttering supervisor wiener you gave my presentation
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(laughter) i wanted to start with on overview of the urban forest and talk about the problems related to the street trees and invite carli short and talk about the policy plan direction and the action we're requesting from the supervisors today so we estimate seven hundred hundred trees in san francisco and one hundred and 5 thousand street trees and up in the parks and those trees as the supervisor mentioned produce a number of environmental benefits from the green house gas emissions and formulating gases from the freeway and the connective benefits increasing the property values studies show the commercial areas improve the economic fists and the public health benefits in terms of the


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