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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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are several new facilities planned across the city as well as a flashing beacon that is planned at fransico street and this is for the entire new structure. this is fund and we funded the design phase and this before you today is $460,000 and in the problem k and aa funds and the 150,000 is funding that has been, what we termed deobligated or released from the design phase. and mta was able to recognize
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the cost savings and due to the design work that was already done for some of the ramps at these locations and some economies of scale from the design work for some of the sunset signals that were done at other locations that this project could then recognize the cost savings for. we are asking for $1.5 million in 15/16 funds, and they are able to accelerate this project along with its host of projects that are on block for the first corridors or the lock first or the vision priority and this project was slated to be allocated in the physical year, 15/16, but sfmta is actually able to dedicate the resources and advance this project in the current fiscal year and so what it will allow is them to advertise
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the contract and get started with the procurement and then we will bring an action to the board in june to fulfill the allegations of funds on the contract. >> i have questions, what is an all way stop, verses one way, i see the one and two ways, what is an all way stop? >> i believe that it is for the stop signs that are all four at one four streets. >> so, at, at the intersection --. >> all four. >> i see. >> and then i also was not sure, what is a mask arm mounted signal? >> it is the arm. >> and my question is on the
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flashing beacon system and i remember mta no longer recommending these because they short circuit during the certain times of weather and so i am curious as to why we are recommending that for this intersection? >> sure. i will bring it over, and by the way the residents lover them. i am not opposed to it and that came up in the discussion whens we have asked for the flashing beacon before. >> good morning, commissioners, i am from the mta sustain able streets, and the crosswalks that the supervisor and the commissioner is asking about is the flashing crosswalks in the street and embedded in the pavement and those are the ones that are problematic because they get clogged and punished by the traffic that used the streets and those are the ones that we are actually replacing with the contract and so we are placing them with the post
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mounted flash beacons. >> the next request is there are two projects that are on the 24 near term vision zero capitol project list and both projects have scopes from market to townton and the first is second street improvements and these are immediate safety improvements that would be put into place with the one bay area and this includes a bike box at market street and bike lanes north of howard up to market street, and sharo and painted safety zones and also the crosswalks at 8 locations. and construction will be completed by september of 2015, given the urgency of the safety project and i do want to highlight that this does have a five year priority amendment for the bike category and the board adopted the five year plan for this category back in july, there was a place
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holder for power than 2.3 million. and for the bicycle network and expansion funds and this was a line item in the five year plan and this was for the design and the construction fupds and this was put on because mta was still working to prioritize a list of bike projects from which it would request prop k funds and this will be between 14/15 and idealy through 18/19 and we anticipate that the list will be presented in the future but because we don't have it to date, we need to request that the board give a criefr of this policy to allow the subject request to proceed given the priority as one of the vision zero projects. and the bay area, and this is not on this project but it is moving forward through the design phase at this point and this is a large capitol
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project to the tune of $14 million and a project cost including tracks and sidewalk widening and bold out and street furnishing and landscaping that will be done in 2016 and so this work will be done to recognize the immediate safety improvements along the corridor. >> the next vision zero project is the 5th street green shared, and this is to replace the existing sharrows on fifth street with the green sharrows which has better visibility, for the cyclists. and in the work will be done, december and opened for use in september. >> and we are very pleased to see those projects advancing. and in addition we have a curb ramp project funding request from dpw this is for construction of 70 ramps throughout the city and the location of the ramps is included in your packet.
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and this is in attachment 8. and it shown on page 100 of your packet. and it is also in attachment eight. let's see here. so, this would fund the locations for the primarily in the districts nine and ten. and the location have been identified from the citizen requests and priority is given to request from the folks with disabilities and the folks can request this ramp by calling 311. and for this project, construction will be completed by december, 2016 and jcw has done a significant amount of out reach in the communities of concern to promote awareness about how to request the curb ramps throughout the city. >> commissioner campos? >> thank you, mr. chairman, thank you. >> i wanted to just ask you a little bit more about that. is it possible to get a list
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of the requests that have been made that are not included in here and just to see what might be being left out? >> i am getting nods from dpw staff over there. >> could i get it that dpw has done a lot of out reach on this which is great and i think that it will be good for me and i am sure that supervisor and commissioner cohen as well and i am sure that nine and ten, districts nine and ten just so that we have a sense of where other issues have been identified, but we will, you know, it is not included and so that will be helpful. >> and definitely, these are for the stand alone curb ramps that are not part of the street resurfacing but they are the stand alone curb ramp at that location. >> great, thank you. >> yeah. >> okay. >> and the next request is for the comprehensive transportation demand
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management program and this is a pilot program that is being implemented under mtas the program manager but the work the bulk of the work is being carried out by the san francisco department of the environment. and what this project does is leverages the $500,000 in transportation funds, for the transportation board allocated last spring to this project. and if this was recommended in the city's transportation demand, management strategy that involved the transportation authority and mta and planning department and the department of the environment and this is one of the recommendations that came out tf to do the targeted out reach about the city's recommendations for house alternatives to driving alone in the city. and the pilot program is focused in two neighborhoods and the neighborhoods have been identified and they are the north east mission and the engle side areas and the
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program involves the development of the out reach tools that are customized for these particular parts of the city, and there is a portion of the program that is targeted at west, and at employers and it is about a 50/50 split at least on the budget side and mta will be doing out reach to evaluate the success and the out comes of this project. and this is a slight change in how we have been doing or at least funding the tdm program traditionally and we have been funding the administrative for the initiative to the department of the environment and these are the administration of the commuter benefits and the emergency light home and so what this will allow for is that out reach that was done under that program would now be assumed under this new program and that the administration will still be formed. we have funding on the administration side of the project through june of 2015 and existing locations to the department of the environment.
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>> funding for those sources will be subject to additional allocations and these are highly competitive for the program funds and the last project we present to you is the construction phase of the city college pedestrian connector and the prop aa request, and the prop aa funded the design phase as well and this will improve the pedestrian access from the new plaza next to and the connecting excuse me, connecting unity plaza with the city college terminal, of what was formally known as the loop and it will allow for the access to it and in the safe manner for the pedestrians so that they don't need to interfere with any of the transit operations at that site. and mta has been working very closely with the city college to get this project in the ground and so that is my
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presentation. and so your only item on the agenda and there is city staff to answer any questions that you have. >> thank you, commissioner kim? >> thank you. >> i actually was wondering excited to see the 8th and the soma and we have a senior center there and affordable housing and i was curious what the time was for that? >> and i will just ask, my follow up question to that, i know that sfmta has been looking at ways to explore the stream lining the process used for some of the vision zero projects and i know that signal contractses with an area that sfmta identified particularly after the very unfortunate death of one of our city employees in front of city hall and so i was curious, you know, what the movement has been on that and we can also discuss this vision zero committee and i think that is important and by the way, i am really happy
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to see the scramble signal on stockton and sacramento and how quickly that went up. after the injuries and fatalities on that intersection. >> as far as the schedule specific to that intersection, we can get you more details, but the entire project is slated for completing of august in 2016. and so, then, we can certainly provide additional details but i do know that the signal shop has been hiring more staff in order to get projects going faster. so, beyond that, i would invite the signal program managers to address your question further? >> from the sus stinable streets, the question about the streets like anna mentioned we expect to get the contractor 365 days to complete this contract, but it certainly, we try to encourage them to turn on the
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signals as soon as we are able to and even though it says we are expecting open for use in august of 2016, we are going to seriously encourage them to get as many of these done as early as possible, if any can be done by the end of this year we will push them to do that in terms of coordination, we have been working more closely with the colleagues at dpw with the ramp group and with the street light, and folks also, because, the signal is multidisciplinary and it is not just the signal it is the street lighting and we work with it more closely and fortunate to be able to expedite this contract. we are trying to expedite this, and this is one of four or five that the staff is working on and we are encouraged and happy to hear that we are moving for ward and you will be seeing more of us in the next couple of months, and suggest more signal funding for the other projects. >> commissioner campos. >> just a quick question and a follow up on that, thank you, but the contract
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identify the priorities in terms of signals or a time line? >> yes. >> in the past, we directed the contractor to you know, start in the intersections first, and what the limitation is, but some of the intersections required the poles that supervisor kim asked earlier and it was a long items because those have to be really manufactured at the shop and it takes about three months for them to get delivered. and so we can try to prioritize the easier location and the locations where the hardware is more off of the shelf, and so those will be the ones that we will be typically be able to do first and have the contractor install. >> thank you. >> other questions colleague? >> or the public? >> public comment is closed. and since the house has changed let's do a roll call. >> on that.
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>> and item four, breed. >> aye. >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> item passes. >> thank you. >> next item. >> item number five introduction to new items this is an information item. >> let's open this up for public comment, is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? >> closed. >> and next item. >> item 6, public comment. >> so i see no one lining up from the public, and the public comment is closed. is there any other business before us? >> there is none. item 7 adjournment. >> thank you, thank you, everyone, meeting adjourned.
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