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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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. >> golden state good evening, everyone welcome to the january 20, 2015, of the entertainment commission my name is bryan at an the president of commission we're going to actually before we do roll call please turn off your cell phones not to disturb our meeting we have speaker cards we'd like you to fill out hand that to our staff and state your name and feinstein thank you to sfgovtv and media services for the slides to this public every time we meet okay. we're going to start with a roll call.
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>> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner moshoyannis commissioner perez commissioner tan we have quorum and commissioner joseph will be absent this evening the first item of business is public comment on any item that pertains to the business of the commission but is not to the public that are within the jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. decided any public comment? i don't see any public comment item 2 review and approval of the minutes from january 6th public utilities i wasn't here i can't vote on it but anyone want to make a motion >> i'd like to make a motion to approve the minutes. >> i'll second. >> a motion and second vote. >> commissioner perez commissioner moshoyannis
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abstain. >> well, then there's no quorum. >> i was absent we're going to need a motion to continue. >> i'll change my motion to have the approval of the minutes. >> i'll second. >> on that motion. >> commissioner perez commissioner moshoyannis commissioner lee commissioner frost commissioner tan. >> the motion is continued until our next meeting item number 3 is the report from the executive order and our staff so you can take it away. >> good evening commissioners let's see how brief i can be i did executive director's report memo you've gotten your hands on it briefly an update on the a.m. transit working group we planned february 4th as our
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last meeting of the task force i'm not sure if commissioner tan will be available that's the last one to review the items that we'll be highlighting at the board of supervisors the board committee is scheduled for february 23rd as the land use committee to do a short press conference prior to the hearing and then the working group was planned to brief this commission as well as mta and other transportation agencies for the road show in and amongst that february date so that's called out we won't coupling come to you after the last february figure out if we can do if it before february 23rd if it works we'll cancel one of our meetings in february we'll have
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a tough meeting but those are long term outcomes and discussions so it's not you know all that important when it comes to you, we can have a robust discussion either way and wanted to update you it's been a conversation point at this commission awhile commissioner hyde was a commissioner around place where limited live performance is allowed and follow-up to december 2nd which was what meeting in which we had supervisor kim's office here was a request to change i think per this commission direction to allow llps in two areas of the western selma w m g and the r.c. d that
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request went back to supervisor jane kim's office we haven't heard about the drafting we're waiting and let you know when this moves forward we that was the g s a i wanted to keep the commission informed the city manager's office is important we pay them to do payroll personnel work and budget and so we have to update the city administrator and her budget stapling staff on a regular basis we did that last week and it is something we did to keep everyone on the same page making sure if roadblocks pop up they help us if possible that as well as on january 9th
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we me i went on a last day night bus ride to oakland and i have attached behind our memo here a flier and there's plenty for the public here on the podium if anyone is interested for this pilot project that i know i've talked about before that ac transit and bart are doing to approve the bayview it is important this pilot which is supposed to run i believe from a full year is successful it's being going since around this holidays i'm not sure people know about it the success is in large part how much people know about it we'll get the month a so me and supervisor wiener and two of the people on the bart board and
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couple of reports and others went and benefit is somewhere out there and stated late the virtual sea room and got on a bus and went across the bay and turned around and came back what resulted was a couple of articles and hopefully continued conversation and your request to you as folks that have your own networks of people to go out and prompting this service if it doesn't become successful in whatever term bart decides is success there is no reason for them to pursue later bart hours than that would be a shame didn't there's a flier attached with the colored ones we can
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send to you to help promote it's important why really go there a lot i came back in one piece. >> ms. johnson it says is darts at 256 and other times is that it. >> no. your better at this where you are it was this is additional service that was already provided go ahead. >> it's both. >> who are you. >> benefit sorry it's he additional service on the 8 hundred line to the east bay as well as the additional bus route the a-22 runs 3 times roughly between one and two but in addition the 8 that hundred
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service that exists the head ways from 20 to to minutes reduction so you have a lot more bus service. >> those are leaving from 16th and mission and 24th this is along the market street back so this hopefully also will tag into where people have begun since they've started the 8 hundred service arrest on the east side bay side between various city's there's additional. >> i think that's helpful it comes every 20 minutes or half an hour so great thanks. >> jocelyn. >> when you guys took the bus obviously nobody knows did you have people on the bus. >> if you want to take home any article behind you you'll see in
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this case because we had bart board members bart was somewhat concerned something got tweeted out and folks were activated to the bart shut down the punishment i guess is considered the financial punishment the fact that was an opportunity for the task what is they going to do that was politicalized there were bart police as well i can't speak to i mean - yeah. unless i take is again without the entunneling it's important this task force to also remind everyone and ourselves that the folks that take this kind of service often this is our lifeline service this is the
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only way they get around just because the only criteria for success ought not to be how many people are riding that's one thing yes, but this is a vital service to the people in particular there are other things that weigh more than just simply - >> once we get the network we've got this people don't know they can pickup at those stops once again once again we get the word out. >> yeah. get the word out but 24 flier didn't say it the bus is really well lit and clean obviously i can't speak for everyone i didn't feel unsafe doesn't we were with a lot of people but. >> questions.
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>> bad experience. >> how much does it cost. >> you know i have a clipper so that's a good question there's a clipper does that ride like to muni. >> it is 420. >> thank you 420 oh. >> it it doesn't matter you it's a one flat rate. >> it's not like when you get on they don't charge you when you get off like bart. >> commissioner frost. >> did you talk to my of the 0 people on the bus and asked them why they're taking the bus. >> i didn't we were in the abscond center yeah. i do not i think maybe this article - benefit did you.
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>> i'm sorry it was really late and i didn't i know that one of the things that bart is going to be doing evaluating and monitoring the success of the pilot we're going to be interested in keeping an eye on before it's up so we know how things are going over the course of the year. >> can i ask one final question besides this lovely event whatever events bart doing to let the riders know about this. >> i know that i've spoken with bart's marketing folks they given feedback from the working group brown about developing the marketing plan so i think it's an ongoing development right now but certainly additional interest in not just launch it out there and letting it -
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>> die right. >> yes. and certainly on our end we should and can continue to work especially local businesses that are on at night for workers and patrons this is a good thing. >> yeah. i know when muni has a good line they'll post adds and whatnot on that line i've not seen anything for bart. >> there are banners in the bart station. >> there are. >> and signage at the entrances as well but certainly more we can do it get the word out. >> great thank you. do you want to continue. >> that concludes any report i'm going to turn it over to the inspector. >> i'll start i'm short. >> inspector quality i'll keep it short the only major thing in
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regards to a meeting on monday january 3rd, 2014, between the san francisco police department and the seller bar club a representative from california parking and representative from ssi security in regards to the issues surrounding the pa parking lot we had a debate about the security putting it there we pretty much resolved the issue and we had an actual security guard the meeting was productive spent time talking about best practice and we'll see how that plays out through other than regular patrol and stuff like this with that if you have questions feel free to ask. >> commissioner lee.
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>> it the seller on saturday and i believe the agreement was friday and saturday from 12 to 3 they put a new light bulb and the parking tenant wore more active too. >> commissioner frost. >> how busy were the two nights was is a good night. >> fire hydrant was not busy saturday night was busier not as busy as the weekend but you know, i think it's productive every weekend is not going to be a major packed weekend buses it's good that they're there because it helps with the issues near the parking lot or whatever and commissioner perez. >> hi i see the report here can
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you elaborate more. >> any questions for inspector bert. >> poly i didn't. >> oh, sorry. >> there you go (laughter) inspector poly i didn't. >> inspector bert for those of you who were not here the packet is thicker paul and i with trying to give us a better understanding of some of the progresses we use and some of the paperwork we use to inspect the clubs and issues certifications each week anything or anything property owner to the weekend shifts we're going to try to include some additional information in those packet and we've been
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upgrading old sfpd permits and reissuing the permit so you can see on my notes there's a lot of that going on last weekend after my next inspection i'll bring you the sheet and a we use to sign off there was one this weekend that was completed i'll try to bring one at our next weekend the second page has our general inspection report meantime we had an inspectors the third page is the update sheet for the permanent updates i've included a notice of violation i wrote this past weekend one at port house they were in violation of
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they're 10:00 p.m. l o p cut off time one at the house they had 3 separate violations good neighbor violation of the door on the decimal limited on the permit and i was able to hear their music from 50 feet that was a violation of police code 9 the next place has some trouble historically keeping their front door closed it's a simple thing i've talked to them and documented them to put up a curtain they have a split bond door they keep the bottom of the door closed and sometimes the top off on if they're to have the top on they have to have the occur at an and meantime i'm in
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the neighborhood i take a listen i think that about wraps up any questions for me? >> how many new classrooms have you depicting. >> so the notice of violation was written stemmed from the complaint filed in person in our offices and the complaint at the other with one i'm investigating i haven't heard anything from 50 feet so i've not been able to put that at issue. >> any other oh, commissioner frost. >> someone came into the office to complaint. >> they did. >> was it a serious thing or happened by. >> i think they wanted to make sure that we knew they were
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serious about the trouble they were having the issue itself was was maybe not as serious. >> okay. cool thank you. >> yep. >> all right. that any other commissioner questions or comments for your staff? if not opening it up for public comment you'll have two minutes former commissioner jimmy >> you couldn't give me 3? okay >> i'd like 3 is that it. >> can i have 3. >> thank you very much both speakers can have 3. >> good evening, commissioners regarding llc in selma i'll hear to defend an 8 year community
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process not really fair but here it goes most of you who sat on the commission every time we met i'd like explain the last issues no selma rewarding entertainment yet you during the entire 8 years no commissioner tenant any of the community meetings jocelyn tenant two or three but in general every month we met three or four or 5 times complete neighbor fantastic parks and entertainment and the full task force and many of the meetings were held in our neighborhood as well the particulary democracy you think you can sit around and philosophy sisters and vote to dismantle 8 years of the
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community work all the other recent community plans were written by the planning department staff as far as the attempt goes in the word of dan schneider oh no, we're not going to open that can of worms there market and octavia and dog patch the north mission so on you've got nothing about in western selma a process that involves hundred of neighbors who live and work and play south of market we met plastic on entertainment more than 60 times that's 6 zero times not a perfect plan you want to do some meaningful medi-cal take on the eastern neighborhoods where entertainment is frozen in place
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or better yet district 8 the entertainment is use status and how often in c district take a investigated look at supervisor wiener district for all our hard work it wouldn't hurt to say thank you every now and then. >> thank you our next speaker a jerry roam newton. >> good afternoon commissioner for those of you i'm the technical guy in this room who take care of our meetings overwhelm here to speak about the 8 hundred bus route i am one the people that use that bus routed i frequent a lot of the entertainment venues


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