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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm PST

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test. >> call the meeting to order. >> commissioner president katz commissioner adams commissioner brandon commissioner murphy commissioner ho item 2 approval of for the december 16th meeting all in favor, say i. opposed? minors are approved. >> item 3 public comment on executive session. >> any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed item 4 which you have session. >> a motion to move to which you have section all in favor, say i. we'll be
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matters. >> is there a motion to. >> i move to reconvene in open section. >> opposed? >> do in the disclose anything in closed session. >> all in favor, say i. >> i pledge of allegiance of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all please be advised that the ring of and use of cell phones and pagers and similar sounding dries are prohibited and please be advised that anyone can be removed if the room for the ringing of device and cell phones please be advised that a
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member of the public has up to 3 minutes on agenda items phillips or listless the port commission goes for a shorter period item 8 any items not listed on the agenda. >> speaker cards the first is thomas jensen. >> good afternoon, commissioners and port staff my name is tom stevenson representing sin bad restaurant we're a union house with many long term clez employees reviews to the ports have exceeded $12 million i've been here over 40 years we provide much appreciated amenity to the ferry boat and
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travelers and xhufrt all alike small vendor services our needs rita has informed us their unopted to our continued occupancy arrest barbara boxer d.c. lawrence gold it is an span was very helpful by pointing out we must have port support as well as white at that support to take action to amend the s a p we seek your considerations to provide a 9 months extension with a thirty day notice to vacate this is prudent and reasonable considering all the sishgsdz
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specifically our best understanding rita will not need the site until early spring of 2016 this process will provide ample time to relocation we're grateful for all those wonderful years and will be pleased with our cooperation to go forward. >> our most recently settlement allows us to stay until late march of this year we hope you'll work with us on this matter thank you kindly have a nice day. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> yeah. i'm dwayne stevenson i want to touch on a few points my brother said we're only asking for a 9 months
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extension until the weight to project starts that won't start until the privilege of 20169 months b will give us enough time to look for a new location to rebuild the raging restaurant not to displace our employees i've been there 40 years i've got a lot of dedicated people they can't find a job because of their age and so on and so forth this is will be in the best interests the city and the port and everybody copyrighted what we need is to get the support of the port with barbara boxer open bcdc and amend 9 s ap plan with bcdc we met with bcdc a few months
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back they basically told you that the bcdc plan was oriented a couple years ago when they did the boat race thinking they needed our pier and we never know the wheat at that project was not going to start for another year and we didn't notice it or whenever there's no need to demolish a restaurant that didn't need to be diminished it didn't make sense until it needs for done what we need to do is amend bcdc plan with the ports support i really building it can be accomplished and create for revenues for the city and keep employment going some really good hard working
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people we've had a good relationship for all the years it would be a shame to have something like that happen until it's necessary to happen i'd like to do is get the commissioners here for you to talk to say staff about this and get them to work with use it can be accomplished we work together like we have for 40 years it's you know, i guess i'm pleading with you because it's right thing to do and thank you for listening to me. >> our next speaker is jack. >> hi commissioners my name is jack and i'm over 60 years i'm speaking on behalf of over
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thirty employees on sin bad it is about effective some of the employees it would be difficult for us to find jobs because of our angle and number of employees that have did not kids in school and some of the parents homes it would be super difficult for them to support their families especially those it, it's terminated and are appreciated several if it contend for a short time until sinbad's can find another place and it would be in hard shape please have mercy on it t us
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thank you. >> any public comment sooemg public comment is closed. and may i ask a question didn't we just sign a settle agreement that extended the original date. >> yes. the tendency as on about a month to month i believe in 2013 that expired as recorded the lease was to terminate december 2014 and executed another settlement agreement an december 19th to extend that through march 2014 do to the commitments to bcdc. >> call the next item. >> item 9 a election of port commission officers.
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>> all right. passed the gavel to commissioner adams. >> i'd like to on the floor for the nominations for port commission pointing any nominations. >> i'd like to nominate commissioner adams. >> if there's no other noomgz i move to close nominations. >> at this time lyle i'd like to take a vote all in favor of les did he katz for pointing all in favor, say i. opposed? at this time lifestyle to introduce president for the second term commissioner adams for the president of the port commission. >> (clapping.) thank you, very much. don't want to say too much to speak
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two long but it's been a pleasure to serve this past year with what i've often said and stop saying it so find out how subtleer the port staff is we all bring interesting opinions to the various manners in different expertise it's been a pleasure serving and working with you i'm excited to continue the work we've addressed quite a bit this last few years from the america's cup to the terminals to the xoufrm but coming full cycle my note was to start moving the pier 70 forward likes what what we but that in the
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rfp i'm excited to see that and, of course you all hear me talking about the blue green race we've got wonderful projects and sxhab has been spearheading the efforts what we are doing that the spear waterfront so more than anything i want to thank each you commissioner brandon and commissioner adams and commissioner murphy and commissioner ho it's been a pleasure i look forward to working another year and chondromirror is been a help thank you (clapping.) now i'd like to on up the noongs the floor for nomination of vice president. >> there are there that any nomination and i'd like to
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nominate willie adams. >> are there any other noomgz seeing none noomgz for vice president are closed all in favor, say i. congratulations commissioner adams (clapping.) i'll be brief i'd like to dedicate my comments to the late jennifer mask and thank you you for meier my nominations commissioner adams and commissioner brandon and commissioner murphy and, of course commissioner ho we've served together thank you very much and a a very special thank you to director moyer you're fine staff and the citizens of san francisco you keep us honest and on target you continue to
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raise the bar some of the things i'd like to say this next year i want to see clearly the southern waterfront is of importance and maritime i think the maritime in this port we need to take it to another level i appreciate all the work that peter and others on the staff we need to continue it provides jobs i want to see piers 30-32 something that is the right fit i think we'll find it and another thing the port provide nor jobs that's of importance and i'm glad we have a commission of 5 commissioners each with different background we work approximately well and are opinionated and put the interests of the san franciscans
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first but i'd like to see you know, i read on the waterfront i see a lot of homelessness people on the waterfront it's not talked about i don't know what we can do about that i can a lot of times people think they have a different opinion about the homelessness but working with the mayor's office we know do something we have a very, very beautiful waterfront i don't like running out in the morning and seeing basket and people sleeping out there all night i'm hoping we can do something we're blessed and a lot of people that are homeless at one time something turned their lives up and down i want to see you table that issue i leaned that leadership is not how things are
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measured when things are obligating but everything goes wrong kind of fear it's a healthy thing but panic will kill you in a bad situation once again thank the staff and the port commissioners i appreciate it and appreciate as we move forward like i said in the honor of the late jennifer may we continue jennifer was a visionary and dreamed big. >> thank you. >> commissioner adams (clapping.) colleagues if you have any comments commissioner ho. >> oh i'm looking at to 2015 it's a great year for the board. >> congratulations to you madam president and vice president adams i joined.
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>> working with you and feel that you share the agenda there's no hidden agenda i appreciate that both of i so congratulations again thank you >> you'll do a fine job i know. >> congratulations to both of you i really enjoyed the work we've accomplished in 2014 and really looking forward to 2015 and all we have in front of us we couldn't ask for two better leaders. >> thank you again everyone any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed again, thank you all very much and as commissioner adams said a special thanks to everyone in san francisco we have quite a jewel with the waterfront and courage people to weigh 2, 3, 4 as a is a we move forward and add to the waterfront it's a a big issue hatred of us we have an exciting
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year thank you, again very much look forward to serving. >> item 9 b the clort. >> good afternoon. honorable xhishthsdz welcome to 2015 happy new year everyone commissioner adams and commissioner president katz thank you you've had a full year to work closely with the staff and understand the extreme commitment being an officer of the port commission your committed as commissioners but it takes more time and energy to be in an officer role we're grateful for your leadership it's been evidence in our speeches but in our actions we're as pleased to have all of you as a our commissioners so
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thank you, again for your services and willing to take on another year it's a sacrifice we really, really appreciate it and look forward to going great things in 2015 as many marquee event in 2014 and 2013 and 2012 may we continue the monument thank you commissioner adams for remembering jennifer it's a difficult loss she's with us in so many ways her legacy is around us it's good to have her remembered in that regard and i thank you you and she spider us to work on all the items but certainly the ones you've mentioned i have two great events the firts first our third green ceremony about occur on
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january 24th at 8:00 a.m. it has been around for 3 years put together by the rec and park department and the port of san francisco and the funding from the pg&e it's a really cool program that was designed physically for to engage tyrannies in the southeast sector of the city in rec and park space not only property of the rec and park department but the public parks that are around in the southeast sector of the city the greenacres are 9th and 10th graders that work in the southeast sector and interested in the environment and service to the community it is a 8 month program that rupdz from may through january and it is designed to develop leadership responsibility and basic job readiness skills office the
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young people to learn about and contribute to their local environment 0 so they work 3 saturdays per month one is 2k5ekd to the park we've been blessed to have the green there and look forward to seeing them bloom two of the past greenacres has severed as the clean up up day and members of the current program and two graduates have gone ton work with the rec and park department we've pleased to see how everyone is moving through nont not only their work experience but their work expense and served as tremors role model we're very, very excited to see the third glass graduating saturday, january 24th at the park if you
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have a chance to come out we'd love to see you there the other item to recognize the fisherman's wharf community benefit district that will be honored on january 30th at 6:00 p.m. in the city hall returned that's a friday evening honored by itself neighborhood empowerment network so the fisherman's wharf was fund in 2005 a as a benefit of private property owners and later expanded to include the port tenant on port property that's been extremely robust ever since the fisherman's wharf mission is to enhance the waterfront in the northern wavtd they do market research and branding marketing to attract an enumeration amount of tourist and handle the
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sidewalks and beautification they have people out to help people find their way around and work a lot on emergency preparedness issues the neighborhood empowerment program was made up in economic institutions that came together to empower neighborhoods to empower the neighborhood with the capacity to build strongest resilient community they work with the neighborhoods give them tools to perform well in good and bad times as commissioner adams pointed out 0 on friday january 30th i believe 13 awardees i won't read them all but the best benefit to our own fisherman's wharf community benefit district we're proud
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they've done in frankly a short time and we're pleased to see them recognized so, please join us in congratulating the fisherman's wharf district that concludes my report. >> thank you any public comment on item this clort seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners items you wish to report on. >> again happy new year to everyone glad to be back i'm loortd to 2015 public comment seeing none, public comment is closed call the next item. >> the presentation of the lbe request for retail space located at pier 3233 on the embarcadero san francisco law business currently working with the
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community-based organizations. >> good afternoon commissioners congratulations to commissioner adams and commissioner president katz thank you for your leadership throughout it last year and continuing to carry on on behalf of the staff happy new year to commissioners and we're delighted to be starting off our presentation for this informational presentation as i said for this pilot retail community at pier 33 and a half this is a project that started back with an rfp in april of 2014 which went out to a number of community-based organizations we are engaged in with an extensive outreach for the diversity among the poor retail tenants when i do our presentation give you an
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overview of what the project objectives are and just a brief description of the rfp process a description of the respondents, talking about the evaluation process and i'm going to turn it over to bob davis what is the principle analysts that's joined the port to discuss the recommended respondents back to the next commission meeting. >> so as you may recall this is a retail opportunity for pier 33 and a half it is a space that it was roomentd for approximately 2 thousand square feet of space on embarcadero and bay this is a
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former fire station an interesting space with high serials and bayview's with a glass floor that opposite on the embarcadero the utilities are stubbed to the premises summer the key objectives were to broken down the diversity among the retail tenants and provide an opportunity for the small business entrepreneurs and create a successful model throughout the port we engaged in an extensive rfp process as you can see i've got a copy this is what the respondents filled out it's daunting especially for a small business owner that probably hadn't been to the process for that i have to commend our respondents for getting through the application and providing us with a response
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for the comprehensive part? a pilot program we were delighted we getting got this kind of response i thought i'd share with you the respondents bait works they've proposed a second cafe to the hayes valley which opened to critical and i claim to provide job training and employment for people with disabilities and those homeless that are at risks commissioner adams mentioned the second was bay city bike rentals and tours operating along the waterfront their experts or experts if eco tourist and promoting healthy activity for visitors the third respondent was the electric bicycle super store that
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established the store located in the fillmore district that offers new bicycles and parts and assessors and clinics and, of course, training fourth are fourth was queens cafe that office urgent care sin that is a mixture of african and european allen accessory again, i'd like to thank all for the respondents they did a fantastic job and delighted in pilot program had that kind of outreach and thank you to the ceo's with that, i'd like to talk about the elevation process what we went through to select the most qualified respondent and that was


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