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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PST

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my colleagues, last and certainly not least. it has been a pri ledge to get to know each and ef every one of you the last four years. the thing that excites me, these are friendships that will last a lifetime but we've done a great job the last four years and i am excited about what we're going to accomplish these next two years and beyond and i want to thank you for working together and forming these relationships. it matters the world to me. people always ask what it's like to be on the board of supervisors and to represent the city. to me above all else i say it's an honor to do what i do. again, that's the neighborhood i grew up in where my parents live in the same house i grew up in and whereliz and i are now living with jack madison and cane. it always has been and will be
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home so i want to thank everybody for being here today. i want to thank the voters of district two. it has been a great first term. i think the best is yet to come and i really look forward to working with each and every one of you the next four years. thank you. [applause] >>now i'd like to acknowledge the supervisor from district eight supervisor scott wiener. >>thank you very much. thank you madam president. i miss sitting next to you already so -- but you look great up there. and supervisor christensen i want to welcome you to the board. i'm very very excited to have you as a colleague and really look forward to working together. i think you're going to be a rock star so congratulations. i want to start by making a few
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thank yous, first and foremost to the voters the residents of districts eight for once again having the confidence in me to send me to city hall to represent this amusing community. district eight is a diverse district politically, an engaged district and a district that's been to hell and back for the hiv aids cause. i'm deeply honored to be able to represent the neighborhood and residents of district eight. we've accomplished a lot in the last four years. we have been able to get a lot of work done by revolutionizing castro street and so many other projects in the district. we've worked to increase affordable housing to increase transportation to make sure we don't cut funding for hiv services and other health
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services. we have a lot of work to do ahead of us and i look forward to that work in collaboration with this amazing community. i also want to thank my amazing legislative aids and, you know we sometimes people say wow you do great work and i always say to people you know it's you, plural because no elected official succeeds without amazing staff and i have been so incredibly lucky to have smart, committed, dedicated staff who are just -- they're just stellar and so andre power, who i know a lot of people have worked with who has done such a great job for me. jeff crein who is an paternity leave now, at home with his three day old daughter. if you're watching i hope you're
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getting a little bit of sleep. adam taylor who's been with me since the very beginning. and gary mccoy who is filling in for jeff while he is on maternity leave and was my campaign manager. i want to thank my campaign team and all the volunteers and everyone who made this possible. if you look at the vote total district eight has more votes than any other district. it is a hard district to campaign in because there's so many people who vote 100% of the time so you have to have it together and we have just an amazing campaign team. . and finally i want to thank my family who's here and thank you supervisor breed for calling me out of order since i have a w name i'm always last and i have
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young nephews who i think are close to nap time. i want to acknowledge my family and parents who came to the east coast for this as they did four years ago. i know i said this before and i'll say it again, that you taught me everything that i needed to know to succeed and that is to be honest to have integrity to treat everyone with respect all the time no matter what and you did that and you taught me not by a lesson or with a lecture but by the way that you lead your own lives and you've always done it with such incredible integrity and humility and i' learned in you. i love you. to my aunt leah, who i think i mentioned two years ago was out
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of the closet in in the 60s when it was still a mental illness to be lgbt at least according to the american psychiatric association, an incredible role model and mentor to me to my amazing kid sister, melyissamelissa, who unlike her brother in addition to being a physician has a wonderful husband and is a mother to ms. beautiful nephews. colleagues we are in an exciting and unique time in san francisco. we have record low unemployment as supervisor farrell mentioned incredible job creation, infrastructure work in a city that's unprecedented. our libraries, parks streets and sewers. food an drink and
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night life. i lived in the city for over 20 years and i can't recall a time when we have had so many young people in this city everywhere, young people who are the next generation to make this city great. we have more children now in san francisco than we have had for a long time and our public schools are finally growing in terms of their enrollment. there is incredible energy and enthusiasm in san francisco right now it is a great time for this city and these exciting times and this growth of course bring a lot of challenges and i know we have a tendency to really as we should to focus on those challenges because they are very very real challenges.
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we have so many challenges around housing and housing affordable and the fact that there are just not being evicted but the fact that some people are living in absolute terror that if they lose their apartment they're going to have to leave this city. just the congestion and crowding on muni and our streets and that our systems really aren't equipped to deal with the growth we have in this city. we don't have enough police officers. we're working really hard to fix that. we have a lot of challenges but in focusing on those challenges let's not forget how many amazing things are happening in this city. this is the best city in the world. there's a reason so many people want to be here and let's not ever forget that. the city's changing city's
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change san francisco has always changed and what's made this city great is that we've never tried to put down the gates and say nobody new can come here or we don't want any change or let's freeze frame things exactly the way they are today. that's not the san francisco way. this city has always accepted change and that change has always made the city better and the city has always made the newcomers better. it has always been a two way street where everyone become better and stronger and more diverse as the result and that is what's going to happen today with all the change and challenges we have this city is going to come out stronger and more resilient for it. this is a city that knows how to get things done. i have never seen a group of residents that are more creative or smart or passionate about where they live and i know that
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whatever challenges we have we're going to face them we're going to overcome them and this city will continue to be the very best place in the world. and so colleagues, i look forward to working with you over the coming years i look forward to working with residents in district eight and around the city to make sure that we are continuing to move in an incredible direction. congratulations congratulations, everyone. [applause] >>now i'd like to recognize the supervisor of district six, supervisor jane kim. >>thank you president breed. [applause].
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[applause]. >>and shootings and commercial occupancy rate that is up with the majority rate. ultimately when we were asked to articulate our vision for the district in eight years we realized we wanted to be a part of making the district healthier, safer and stronger than when we began. our work has focussed on that exactly over the last four years. my first day on the board of supervisors since then we have created a district six pedestrian safety advisory group, which over the last four years encompasses the wide spectrum of our district. we have single occupancy hotel authorizers members from our latino and filipino family
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communities, and the tenderloin. we are able to protect and secure millions of dollars for the second street redesign and the little saigon tenderloin project, a crosswalk on west and folsom with many more to come and the two very first pedestrian bike safety projects in the city of san francisco. we kick started the design and environmental study for redesigned sixth street the number one and three intersection in the city for pedestrian and vehicle collision as well as howard and folsom street to become the neighboring corridor. we have much more work to do and appreciate the commitment from sfmpa, sfpd, which we introduced
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last year with avalos and yee. zero traffic deaths in the four my colleagues get tired maybe of hearing this from me but district six has the fewest and smallest parts of any district in san francisco so whether it's fighting for the final round of funding for bo decker park which finally opened and is a beautiful multiuse park in the tenderloin securing $3 million in the such as the a dog and skate park under the 101 freeway or kicking off our d 6 open space acquisition committee to identify more potential sites for open space. we know open space is vital to the health and wellness of our district. we know it's not enough to have
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open space but our residents must feel safe in using them which is why we were happy to kick off this year, movie nights. housing, we know that balanced housing production, building for residents in our all income brackets here in san francisco is essential to our success as a city and we acknowledge that the vast majority it is my role to fight for my affordable housing in each development and area plan and to secure funding for affordable housing. i look forward to working with the boards and mayor's office in making that a reality. in the past few years we welcome the opening of affordable housing throughout the district whether it's the richardson apartment. 60 units of affordable housing and soon the ground breaking of the affordable family housing on
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sixth and howard, known affectionately as the demonstration building or the building where the furniture is falling out of the windows. i have also been successful in if supporting the rehab of former vacant sites, such as fifth and harrison which much more work to ensure the production of housing means housing for everyone and we look forward to the introduction of legislation and funding that will make that a reality. a piece of housing of course, is the ever present issue of homelessness in san francisco. many of my residents live on the streets and as a public servant i'm accountable to everyone whether you live in a penthouse, or you live on our streets, i'm accountable to you and treating you with dignity and respect. no one wants to see our brothers and sisters living on the street and through the data that we have asked the
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department of public health to collect we realize actually many of them are also our grandmothers and grandfathers and i saw them certainly when i spent a night in our shelter. our homeless shelter is not growing, but ageing in place. housing is a part of that answer but we must also address the health and physical and mental well being of our residents. i've been working to enhance shelt shelter shelt shelter services and also increase the number of beds that we provide. there are roughly 1600 beds for the 6,000 men and women and children who live on our streets and we have to provide them essential health services. i have fought for nurses to reside in our shelters at night and supported a funding for a yoga program at night. i'm working with dph to expand our medical shelter and bring
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higher qualified staff training for those that need it. we cannot treat homelessness as we have for the past several decades. our shelter system was built for young adults in their 20s and 30s30 30s that are simply out of a job and needs a couple weeks and months to get back on their feet. that is not what the data is showing in who is homeless. the majority is over 40 and perm reform our shelter and housing system. i will continue to be an advocate for public schools as well stemming from our days on the board of education with many of the colleagues here in this room. whether it's funding to support high school students not on track to graduate or increasing funding for arts pe and justice
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programs, the city can and should do more to fund our public schools. we must make up for where sacramento has failed. we are 49th in the country and that is not the place that we want to state to be in but we can do something about that here in san francisco. i was proud to work on the reauthorization of the children's funds and the public education enrichment fund so we're able to do things like extended the school days like having smaller classrooms and funding after school for all. our city must also continue to support our growing job industry and growth in this region, which have provided additional revenue for our city infrastructure and services. we also to make sure that these jobs are accessible to all. whether it is passing the fair chance act that is removing barriers to those with a conviction and arrest history or setting the highest minimum wage and most progressive minimum wage program in the country to
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close the income gap or ensuring access to health benefits. i'm accountable to making sure we are not just creating jobs but creating jobs with meaningful wages shs benefits and taking down barriers to employment. finally i know that i low pressure not be supervisor forever as many of us do in this room. thank you. we know that supporting the capacity of our commune 'til based organizations and neighborhood leaders that residents will far outlast that i'm able to do. we have brought bike racks, benches, public art displays, public leadership brought us safe passages while senior high school problematic blocks in
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the neighborhood. capacity building and neighborhood leadership in the south of market has brought us more crosswalks the sixth street substation. crossing guards in front of the elementary school increase walking time on king street and on treasure island and on treasure island more accountability in the navy highlight first and fore most for giving me another four years. it is an honor to serve and to lead.
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