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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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. >> good morning, everyone. we're going to wring you a respites of blue skwie and sunshine with a great announcement this morning we're grateful our endeavored to be here for an important day and announcement i want to welcome mayor ed lee and supervisor london breed and supervisor jane kim to be here we're here with good looking they are focused on being a great neighbor and 1r6789 they believe in big bets
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when they get involved they want to do big things as a director of hope in changing homelessness it san francisco we need partners to help us change a dynamic it seems unchangeable those investments are a step forward goldstein's wllness to invest in organization to affiliate some of the struggles is absolutely essentially we are grateful they believe in san francisco and the mayor without further ado our mayor, mayor ed lee. >> scl thank you beven and our hope program for san francisco i told you it would rain (laughter) i told you it would rain and now i alsoal predicting that this
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city will ring with a lot of photograph as we experience success i want my affirmation working in concert with the board of supervisors and i the two of them are most enthusiastic about a reasoning emphasis of philanthropic is supervisor london breed and supervisor kim i'm happy to be here with google we've been together on several occasions with good reason i want to put it in context we're are and there's no doubt we are a world-class city and time and time again, we also have a world-class heart and we have a world-class social safety net that everyone vflts in and more and more as this city's economic success becomes a good foundation we want to
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bring the economic success to more help and assistance too on the which are most vulnerable we want to continue that's essence in my opinion of the character that this city it that we share in incredible wealthier that's good friend of mine and want everyone to be participant in it whether it is what we're doing today which is shelter hundreds of people from increment weather with solutions to their needs or whether or not responding with strong city government services or 9-1-1 or 311 or whether it is introducing and constantly supporting our community basis organization that are the heart of the service provider and 3 of them are going to be granted today with some keen support from google as a result of this
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philanthropic focus but also in strog recognition that homelessness is something that is not going away no one solution e.r. 10 year program that is a solution to it is an ongoing thing to do to build enough affordable housing and until we deal where of affordability we're willing to work hard a lot of the people in the room standing behind me and in the audience are part of the service to the homelessness populations on after a an everyday basis kin street and hampton have been at forefront for years i know with sherry run and jeff hearsay been gratified of the announcement but thought
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support our city family has seen to give and also in the private sector that as we try to give them support we also have told them we'll try to fill every gap and the private sector has stepped you big time when you ask them to go through the private foundations have a chance to help you'll see a long list could i we're adding to the list and we're whether those welcoming one the newer companies if i may say of organizations that are helping homelessness and that is a company called hand up a company that used innovative technology to create memberships among
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those would be homelessness and asked specifically if i need a glass of water let me get that for you but specifically those individuals people whether on our streets in a shelter what's in their very need and hook them up with the services including i few and far between found out today is services for dental it is so important i'm proud of the private partners we have in the community and proud that today they get to join he me with the supervisors to nuance google is donating $202 million to each of the organizations (clapping) duis intensive to you and i know your title is a great title
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called the bay area giving lead i'd like to adapt that title (laughter) i know you participated with rebecca she's a seasoned person in the community i know she's there making sure the ways of the government i want to say a personal thank you for those donations it will go directly to the programs larkin and hampton working on with hand out to make sure we're assessing housing and financial support and career training that larkin is focused on increasing their odds of conceding in our city and this dpoomgs is in many ways an unprecedented one google is
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is great partner we've announced their help they already are funding in their first year is $6.8 million contribute to help our next door youth for the next 3 years get them on muni and get them to the jobs and education centers all over the city not 42 just a contribution to the city but to the families in which they help it is helping their patterns and brothers and sisters and i have late google helped us with over 31 urban parks and senator edwards and supervisor kim joined me yesterday in the lastly park that opened up with the whiff service that's beg your pardon in the middle of the tenderloin and google thank you for reviving in our youth and
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families and seniors in our infrastructure and now in our city's homelessness population i'm very proud we can have companies like yourselves step up in the contributions hampton family center will use one million dollars of this donation to lead a partner with our san francisco unified school district to address family homelessness in our city this is innovative this is the first time that a partnership has begun to help a service provider in our school district it is a need and i look forward to the ideas and the things they do that might spark even more interest in our kids that are homeless that are attending school that are challenging situations is larkin street services will use
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5 hundred thousand to fund a multiple purpose center to help with the advanced legislature of 11 of of programming for life skill sets for the youth and finally, there's as i said earlier crowd is ours for low income folks they'll use one half million dollars for google to support in their kickoff in a gift matching campaign that doubled the use and this is innovation this is all about thanks and about a city that continues to lead the city in one hundred percent and while i get the privilege of announcing those groonsz grants i want to thank you for the opportunity to thank everyone who is paying attention in the small businesses to larger businesses
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and health care and tech from those who have been here to end the struggle of homelessness to those who are showing up i showing up how can they help and do something more to the companies not only their ceo's but the workforce the talented companies more and more as i get around the country employees want to know they don't have the wealth but they might have skill sets and may be able to service a meal or help the youth gain skill sets or considering our schools to help the public education kids survive and succeed i want to be thankful to all of them we've seen the examples in the year with the benny halfway family and the
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middle school grades initiative to the sf city and the thousands of companies stepping up with their employees and resources to make sure our school boards in every school has resources and has support and has books and all the other support to zendesk partnering up with st. anthony's to serve the homelessness i mention those because google itself has created for partnership and wanted to do more i know this is another announcement of a come numb they want to help more people whether our parks or workforce training or whether housing or homelessness our companies have ever opportunity to step up and those public-private partnering are more and more becoming part of sustained ability to help
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governments and services agrees succeed in their it a mission that mission continues to help english can get support and connected up and get their needs if you would silvers we're thinking about collaborations this is the essence of why supervisor jane kim and supervisor london breed and i came to those offices to look for performing agencies and those a little with are valuable and serve the populations ultimately about creating the foundations for what beven works on the hope of old age promises but a renewing of what the st. francis is about the one hundred percent i thank google and all of you for being here today with
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that back to you (clapping.) >> and i know all of us feel how important our leadership is bringing us together and vaps this city i'm please line up on the screen side of the room pleased to bring up a member of the board of supervisors i've known for 20 years as an interim with willie brown supervisor breed has been a strong advocate partnering with the mayor with our public housing not been able to be ready because of the conditions we've already helped 42 families move into those units this is the type things that supervisor breed talks about and knowing what families need to be successful and she's here to talk about the hampton families and many are in the
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districts i've stood with her another emergency family shuttles supervisor london breed (clapping.) thank you beven and i just want to start by saying when mayor ed lee gave $2 million to san francisco housing authority that was unprecedented and now because of the condition those 42 homelessness families will have a place to live when they move into those places it is their hematoma it didn't become a home without support they need furniture and listen especially and hamming kin has been doing amazing work isle i've got to tell you i couldn't think a better organization for golden to make a better grant rent when our on the path of being evicted
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and finding a place and you need a deposit or support they help family with that level of support i've sent numerous families and many folks sadly not only living in the shuttles but on the streets with children are not getting the support that's why hampton really important they're willing to open the door to get the shelter and support for those families and make sure that none of our children are living on the street i got to tell you also that google has been an amazing i really personally or presenter they've stepped up to the plate and say what did you need to san francisco we want to volunteer and contribute whatever it takes to be a real community patron and it is contributing money but their employees are getting involved their employees are
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volunteering and making commitments to our school our children and future they need the support the most and there's no way in a city like san francisco any of our kids should be sleeping on the street this is why this is so amazing and important i'm so grateful hands up and larkin street another organization many my district that has done amazing programs for that kids that end up running away in the hate street area and larkin can support and work hard to support them those are the programs on the front line that's why the funds are important they need to increase their capacity to help more of our young people on the street mr. mayor unless just really an amazing day i'm so
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honored to serve as a member of the board of supervisors growing up in human being housing u publics i public housing and now make policies to get our families off the streets into homes i'm grateful to google and supervisor kim for the work and grateful to bev and almost daily with a question for support for family or a homelessness individual together go we can change homelessness in our city it wasn't an overnight problem there won't be an overnight solution it requires everyone to step up to the plate google and other companies we're asking you to be a partner with our city and our nonprofit organizations like larkin and hands up and hampton we know are doing the work everyday on the front line i'm grateful to google thank you
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all for being here let's continue to be aggressive to end homelessness in san francisco. >> clvp. >> thank you supervisor breed our next supervisor serviced open the brefks and just two nights ago hampton and i were there to see the board of education adapt what the mayor described a rapid response to homelessness now we'll be able to do that to school because they have a family that is homelessness and to provide support is a game-changer supervisor jane kim is on a amazing advocate and she'll talk
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about the holistic approach to help young people and also hand up and the mayor described on a important initiative we've signed up clients reading the story in the crystal about someone that was homelessness and the e-mails to help the individuals their 40th anniversary came in they rasdz money over $7,000 to helped homelessness in 10 years and continues to have a place 0 go to his website and see what he's doing we are blessed to have the leadership of supervisor jane kim thank you (clapping.) >> i think during the holidays and mr. taylor as the cold weather approaches homelessness continues and increases on the minds of so many of us in the
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elected offices that are responsible and other to every individual that lives in san francisco just last week we had a family that we're familiar with that called to let us know she was going to get evicted and homelessness she didn't know where to go those calls are the hardest is wantonness that offices handle a couple weeks before that an individual called me and worked in south of market and walking down the street and saw a mom and child open the street he took them into his car and drove them in the city from shelter to shelter he called at 10:00 p.m. he was frustrated he couldn't get the mom and child off the street there was so many partners we're announcing today are incredibly beneficial to the families we want to reach i
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believe that the city has done a lot to address homelessness and particularly homelessness families we're seeing in the mrarlg particulars the numbers continue to increase it account close to two hundred plus kids homelessness and we know that homelessness amongst families is increasing we have to continue to do foremosttion stunning about this we have not done in this between hampton and the family services and the district we take for granted what our institutions provide and the partner important walk around certifies when justin and i spoke earlier about the partnering that hampton is gone and our teachers and the
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counselors councils calling him the first time they're to help students without homes those are the most regarding families beyond the home you think about every aspect that a child showering in a sing and finding clothes with are clean to go to school all of those things matter in a child's education and hampton will help see teacher to provide the resources to truly be able to help our families is incredibly important you know we i really excited that people choose to participate with two partners sheryl listen and justin around the issues of homelessness when we looked the other policies there are two amazing organizations that serve our youth and families $2 million is
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going to go a long way for us to improve security amongst the families and great to have new leaders and partners with hands up it is a new company that came up encouraging in particular all individuals if the sector to go into public service i when i saw hands up two years ago i thought how we can address the social issues no our city and often come up kind of speak also but when hands up came up with the stories directly to our residents and offering our residents a way to help each individuals that is really exciting we have an incident we have a child he wasn't homelessness but lives on treasure island and one of the
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needs was deferences and dental care we do provide through our low income system but hands up raised the money to get the deferences and it's amazing to see her smile and carrying her son at&t park and coming to our office and be able confident speaking with other adults to advocate for her son thank you to bufferin and our mayor to make sure that we are also looking for new things to help our families this you initiative. >> the supervisor kim said she's as comfortable standing in is shelter or in the town
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mar mentioned this person has worked at the board of supervisors from mayor brown and george moscone and the rec and park department and we're glad she's shepherding subcontractors with the state government we have justin steal the portfolio manager for bay area and hayes he doesn't r didn't don't a great job. >> 8 years ago i volunteered with the homelessness facility i was spresz stressed by on that account is only the tip of the iceberg i'm excited to notches those 3 organizations are helping the most vulnerable people and doing that i'm super
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existed to support them this money will be used to advance those 3 organizations to support the homelessness folks in the city of san francisco we care and are commit to find ways to fight poverty google has is volunteered thirty thousand hours of their time and throughout the bay area including 20 obligate letters who are beyond the support of our organization financially and it is also why we've given $100 million since 2010 to improve the lives of the organizations those are our neighbors and google is trying to figure out how to macho the bay area better and under recommended people to help them
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days like today show how critical it is to help our neighbors and the work they do everyday we we're glad of r for their efforts (clapping.) so mr. mayor i have a surprise and if you have a minute to look at sherry listens or justins it happens a couple of nights we went by the larkin and brought 40 or 50 hooded sweatshirts that of those really fun when we were getting ready to come out and looking the young people in the sweatshirts and collin is in a new role as the director of strategic project sponsors he works with the mayor i want to
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mention yes, ma'am 4re is here with everyday connect and your helpful to get the profiles and megan from google i want to acknowledge her and say that sherry listen amentz and rose and justin will be available after this to talk about what we're doing thank you very much thank you, mr. mayor
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