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tv   [untitled]    January 4, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PST

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the neighborhood. they are offering nothing to those who live and work there. i have concentrations of families, why is there a large boars -- portions of our area mcd's. is it because lower income and minority don't have the means to object or is it simply due to proximity to a county to san mateo that doesn't allow it's own mcd's. enough is enough and three is enough. thank you. >> public speaker: hello, my name is sarah schraeder and an advocate and a member of sparks and i live 4 blocks from mission street. i'm here
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to support sparks and the community it serves and the services it offers and gives back to the community. the concerns i hear today are against any dispensary or marijuana. no matter what their track record or compliancy to regulations. please support sparks in the second location we should not punish those who are trying to play by the rules. >> at this point in the night i would ask the remaining speakers to lineup on this side of the room. >> public speaker: hello, my name is raquel alvarez. i have a business here. my business is right in the block where the other two
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0200cd's are in. i have nothing against spark. it's very bad in that neighborhood right now. i have been fighting this for 2 years and nobody listens. clustering is too much. it's nothing against sparks. we don't need anymore. >> next speaker. >> public speaker: hi, my name is stephanie casilla. i have the manager of the group. i live on 46th wall street which is 530 feet from clustering of mcd's.
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this was addressed 2 years ago to address the issues of blight along the corridor. it's impacting our business attraction work and affecting our vacancy rate. having this service increases safety concerns at our community and affects merchants directly works against our work to foster a family friend commercial corridor. the issue is one of land use. they are working to promote a more healthier robust corridor. >> your time is up. >> thank you for hearing us today. my in name is leila baker.
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i'm a chiropractor and i have seen many patients of my own and others benefit from the use of medicine marijuana. however, there are too many clubs in our neighborhood. we don't need another one. would sparks be better than two of the three that we have now, absolutely. however, there are already three in our neighborhood and two within the the block of the proposed location. we don't need another one. the bottom line is there are too many and we don't need another one. thank you very much. >> public speaker: i have been in the neighborhood for 14 years and part of the neighborhood watch. i have always been a patient of medicinal marijuana and i'm glad that my city and
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neighborhood makes it available. i'm in favor of enough dispensaries in our diverse hardworking family oriented neighborhood yet many neighbors in san francisco somehow have none. i would ask you to look at this. if you look at our map where other mcd's. i would be a shamed to say that this is where san francisco has chosen to put medical marijuana dispensaries. i'm here to ask you no -- not to approve this. >> public speaker: hello commissioners, thank you for hearing us, my name is tom murphy. a family native for 44 years. i'm with the council and
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current member of the neighborhoods association. as you heard tonight t community at large is against this and supervisor avalos says that 95 percent are against this. we do not have huge monies for lawyers, campaign donors and organizers and who knows what else is being spent on this project. we know what we are talking about here. we have a high percentage of kids and families in this area. it does not happen in other districts like the marina and knob hill. 95 percent are against this. please do something. enough is enough. >> public speaker: hello, my
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name is ron. specifically i was surprised it came out. there has been a real uptake to police activity. some is double parking is action for double parking will they do action with the two places where kids go to school you can smell the marijuana daily. nobody has not been hit i don't know. i hope it doesn't happen. there is a real dangerous thing happening with people running across the street in the middle of the night to get their stuff, especially in the middle of the night. >> good evening.
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my name is illiana. i have lived in the district for 35 years. i'm against the cluster of the pot clubs in my neighborhood. in the last 35 years that i have lived there, everything before me said that double parking has increased. everything has increased as far as the medical marijuana smells. i had to stop a few people in front of my house telling me to please go smoke their pot somewhere else. i have never done that in the last 35 years until lately. so i know it has to affect my neighborhood. thank you. >> good evening.
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my name is al. i live in the excelsior. i want to say what i heard tonight was that people want marijuana and there is a lot of kids in my neighborhood. we have more marijuana clubs than grocery stores in a 10-block radius. i ask you to be reasonable, do we need another one. we don't need another one. we need after school programs, we need parks for kids. so please, be reasonable. we don't need another one. thank you. >> public speaker: my name is dina. i have lived in excelsior for 55 years. excelsior is a wonderful place with lots of shops and stores. now it's going downhill. we have three medical
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cannabis clubs. that's enough. we don't need another one. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> public speaker: my name is zach newman. i have lived here my whole life. my children live here. i know they are responsible. there is a lot of concerns about things that are happening and are caused by the dispensaries you heard about that are being looked at for their non-compliance. it's not the way sparks operates. i urge you to support sparks proposal. thank you. >> public speaker: my name is robert. i support sparks. i urge you to approve this
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project. having sparks in the excelsior location will get people out of the street and causing any issues because they do allow outside consumption. any of the issues can go away. thank you. >> public speaker: i'm here on behalf of bruce and neighbors of the dog patch. bruce couldn't be here but he wanted to convey a message. they have been more than a wonderful neighbor and community partner. the dog patch has worked alongside bruce and donating literally thousands of dollars and we'll try to do the same in the excelsior
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neighborhood. thank you. >> public speaker: good evening. the united commercial workers. you have seen me here over the last few years. it's not about access or jobs in the excelsior, the fact is we have the democratically mayor of sebastopol acting like walmart. they are afraid of losing their jobs. how come tonight we haven't seen the axis of love, the direct neighbor to sparks. not one neighbor. why.
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there is an lgbt location next to sparks. we urge you to open the green zone. thank you very much. have a very good holidays. >> public speaker: thank you. my name is raffial i live on athens street. i think you have heard a lot of opposition. i think our neighborhood has enough and a real issue of clustering. it's unfortunate that the supervisor of our district pulled back on his original commitment that he was going to make a thousand foot radius to a 500-foot
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radius. i want to remind you, commissioner antonini knows this, there is precedent to these clubs. north beach, sunset, communities that are a little bit more organized have defeated them. i know a lot of you probably voted on that or knew that, but there is precedent to reject this. i implore you to do so this evening. thank you. >> public speaker: hi. thank you for your time and service here. my name is brian webster, chief of staff for united social worker and national cannabis campaign and organize cannabis workers at cannabis retail shops. i can tell you that i have seen many professional well
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run cannabis places in the country. cannabis workers are generally happy with their jobs, but we've gotten a dozen calls from sparks workers that are unhappy. we have asked sparks to sign a neutral agreement to speak to them and we have been denied. i'm here to say that spark is non-union and not even union friendly. the employees are not allowed to speak for themselves. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> public speaker: hello commissioners, my name is joel a. thank you for listening to us. the bottom line is enough is enough. i was here 3 years ago when you approved the other
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one. here we are again this is my fourth mcd speak ing in front of you. we would not be on the night of storm to talk to you. i know you can make the right decision. please, no more. we need a break. we need other businesses in our neighborhood. someone said there is more pot clubs and this groceries stores in this area. thank you for your time. >> public speaker: good evening commissioners, i have been involved in the medical cannabis community when my mom got about eight chronic prescriptions regular medication for various illnesses and was able to
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move on opiate and the outer districts may benefit from a positive operator like spark who would bring good jobs to the neighborhood paying it's minimum $15 per hour, offering comprehensive benefits unmatched benefits by many employers in the neighborhood and i'm certain that it would create a much needed positive influence in the local area. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> public speaker: my name is josephine chow. i'm with the asian promoters. i want to apologize for the asian speaking, some of them didn't get to speak, some were afraid to speak and some didn't understand enough
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about medical marijuana because of their culture but they had enough of the clubs at their neighborhood along with the chinese quickly shops and owner bakeries and everything. they are clashing with their culture. they are 49 percent chinese and 25 percent filipino in the addict. don't target these weak adults and force another club in their face and smack at their culture. enough is enough. thank you. >> thank you, is there any additional public comment? >> >> is the other room empty.
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>> we have made sufficient announcements. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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