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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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see if they were open to something similar to designation. willsky house, our last contact with the property owners at 3655 clay street that they were amenable to landmark designation but again with other priorities and the fact that willsky house will require a substantial amount of research, others came before that. >> commissioner wolfram? >> i would like to push the ones where there is a lot of staff time and it's also important to keep the list going. some of these houses in pacific heights will be important, these modern houses to move forward and another question was there was, i can't remember the name of the property in west portal that was the retirement home.
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>> was it called the university house? >> further out. >> the one with the local residents signed. university mound. we've already forgotten. [ laughter ] that is one that we, i don't know whether there was another category where we have this main list and we prioritize them and there are these that will be back filled and we'll start moving forward. i think that's an important one to keep tracking. >> certainly. >> another question i had for you, there are some really big projects in the city moving forward in hunters point and treasure achltd each of those have resources there. have any been landmarked. like
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treasure island with the airport building and there are some that were planned to be kept. i didn't know what the status of those were and since those projects are now moving forward, the question of whether they were added to the list? >> >> if the commission is interested in learning more about those projects and whether or not there are any properties at those sites that are worthy of decision -- designation we can bring in staff to give you an overview of those properties. similar to what we did with the transit center plan what we brought to you a collection about 27 buildings to designate article 11, we are going to be doing the same thing as part of the central soma plan. we are trying to incorporator at least package more designation to work with area plans as they move forward and other
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large projects. say it fits better when we are doing an area plan. if there are these large development sites are also interest we should have a conversation about those and which ones you are more interested in and we can see what opportunities there are. >> we saw at the landmarks preservation board a long time ago and there's the glass building and there was a couple out there but we never land marked and we just commented on the alterations. that came even after this other meeting, right? >> >> since i have been there there has never been a discussion about treasure island. there are some great buildings there. >> along the lines, this project, i know this commission was interested in getting a review on this project. there is a category 1, 11
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building on preservation. it maybe worth looking the entire project and it's influence on that building early in the process rather than later. >> commissioner highland? >> i was just wondering if any of the projects or the buildings are at risk and if they are, is there any benefit in prioritizing them. they still have ceqa protection. especially in this mid-century modern projects throughout the city, actually. that might be a way to, i don't know how long it would take if we identify the projects that exist that we can protect it further? >> the only one that comes to mind aside from perhaps buildings at risk for development within the pacific heights neighborhood as
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commissioner wolfram mentioned is the mother's building because it's in such disrepair and we are glad the park is whether or not to preserve the building. other than that, the buildings that i would say have some risk associated with them that are around the transit center plan, the plantars hotel, the union fire building, pages 15 and 16 of the report or of your program , all of these buildings were also designated as article 11 under the transit center plan so they have already some protection but these were the cream of the crop that warrant landmark designation. i wouldn't say they are immediately at risk because
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any would have to come to you as parliament -- part of a building to alter. >> i think the houses are a great challenge. if someone owns it for 50 years and never does anything and someone bias it and it's doesn't have some kind of protection. >> what i would suggest if the residential property is on the list if it fits within that category, we haven't done outreach to the property owners in a while. i would suggest we do an initial or another round of outreach to them before the end of the year just 120 to see where they are
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and let them know we are still thinking about them and let them go from there. >> i think that's good. >> good idea. >> yeah. so we have a good list of notes? >> i believe so. what we'll do is at the next quarrel -- quarterly report we'll reflect the next comments of this meetings and we'll revise, if you recall the last quarterly report we are going to revise that based on these comments as well. >> seeing no other comments on this we'll close the item and with that close the meeting. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>
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>> ♪ ♪ we are definitely pioneers in airport concession world a world of nationally if not entirely or internationally >> everybody is cop us right now. >> the people that were in charge of the retail this is where that began. >> i didn't think we would have a location at the airport. >> we've set the bar higher
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with the customer commerce. >> telling me about the operator and how you go about finding them and they get from being in the city to being in the airport. >> so first, we actually find a table and once we know what we want a sit-down we go to the neighborhoods in san francisco and other people seminary of the retail let us know about the rain water and are excited to have the local operators in the airport. >> we have to go going through the conceive selective process and they award a lease to the restaurant. >> they are planning on extending.
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>> we that you could out the china and the length evens and the travel serve and fourth your minds and it's all good. >> how long for a vendor to move through the process. >> i would say it could take 80 up to a year from the time we go out to bid until they actually open a restaurant. >> i don't know what we signed up for but the airport is happy to have us here. and, you know, even taking out the track simple things there's a learning curve >> with once we're here they are helpful. >> it's an award-winning program. >> we're prude of your awards we have won 11 awards the latest for the best overall food address beverage program and . >> like the oscars
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(laughter). >> the professional world. >> tell me about the future food. >> all the sb national leases are xooirz and we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco and what your passengers want. >> well, i look forward to the future (laughter) air are we look forwyou.
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>> what do you think about working at an airport and i love it is busy all the time. >> we want it to be an those
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away was this is a venture if i didn't love it i'll be an accountant. >> we want the experience that is a non-airport experience the negative stigma we're trying to erase that. >> everything is in a bad food to excite them about the food and they have time to learn about us. >> people are imitated by traveling and the last thing to do is come to a place fill of chaos. >> telling me how the extent of napa a farms came about. >> it was a vision of the airport director he had a suspicion of a really cool gourmet speciality market locally friendly products this
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market local flavors this is the best. >> can we get a little tour. >> absolutely (laughter) ♪ ♪ >> so first on our tour. >> we have the clock we like to call it. >> this is coordinating it is made in san francisco. >> what about the customer presence. >> we like to get the permanent farther i love the cappuccino and you have to go to multiple places for the cupcakes the cup a cakes from kari's people want to live here they're longing phone call for one thing in one spot in you know anything about san francisco the cheese the most popular cheesy think a lot
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of the people from the west coast say so this the real san francisco sour dough and they're curious. >> you find people respond to the idea of organic and absolutely. >> this is autumn. >> thank you, thank you and there's a lot of personal touch. >> i see san francisco. >> it's very hands on. >> what's the most popular items. >> this is quite surprising our fresh jotting this is the chronicle special a bowl of warm oats and coconut that's mites farther. >> and speaking of drinks tell me again the cocktail scenes is that one, the things your known for . >> the cocktails are fantastic. >> really. >> fresh ingredients we don't
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have a mixture it to order this is our marcus bloody mayor. >> farmer's market bloody mary the bloody marys in the airport are great shikz it up. and then we're going to garnish it with olives. and some lime and a fresh stalk of selly. right on. >> we like .
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>> good morning, everyone much better i'm edward reiskin the transportation director in san francisco great to see so many people out here for an important reason thank you, mayor ed lee and supervisor kim on their steadfast and consistent leadership in working with all of us to make our city safer the
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reason its important we're proud of our city we have a problem here the problem too many people getting seriously injured or killed trying to make their way around the city that shouldn't be for that reason as a city we've adapted the goal of vision zero to eliminate traffic fatalities in san francisco in the next 10 years good news if you call it that we've been working with the police department and the department of public health and many on the county which transportation authority to analyze the information associated with each one of the tragedies we've told have a good since of where they're happening and why and what interventions we can make to significantly reduce the likelihood of them happening with people getting seriously injured or killed the traffic signal are one
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intervention and many others all over the city in order to do that we'll need public support and leadership without further ado we have an rations finding lard i'm proud so ask you to join me in welcoming the mayor of the city of san francisco mayor ed lee. >> thank you, ed good morning, everyone. welcome to the post world series of the giants in san francisco i know this community is slbl but ed is right we've got serious business to construction this particular street on significance and menu to say 24 projects we've identified we're going to get to vision zero this is the night of the 24 projects we're dedicated since april wife identified those vision zero projects
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they're serious effort here with the translate today to quell the number number of injuries and death navigate this intersection that supervisor jane kim help we've got counsel a number of the injuries in the city those one has 50 accidents here resulting in two fatalities so i'm so glad to see residents here and community-based organizations whether it's united players or the so cam are the residents like ms. jones to join the city agency and the opportunity transportation authority and mta and the mayor's office our vision zero director and the supervisor staff agencies like walk sf and others we really have to come together literally on everyone
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every one of the intersection if we don't do something different more accidents will occur if anything we have to slow down traffic and make all people from all sides aware whether in their walkers or bicyclists or industrial folks everybody that is using our street have to be that much more aware and watch out for each other i myself these device when crossing the street i don't cross because i've got the green light i try to make eye contract and look both ways especially, when you've got families members that are looking at the wonderful sites in our city we've golden got to be careful with our growing population if the city we've got to do more we're absolutely going to do more we're building the basis with our mta and hopefully tomorrow our public will bless us with a
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strong vote of prop a that will allow us to do that much more (clapping.) $500 million the bulk of which goes to vision zero and pedestrian safety projects just like this one we need more things to slow down traffic we need better signage and education we need enforcement i wanted to thank our police department that's here a good number they're walking the beats and louth for the siefrt issues 4r0ug9 for people that may not be uss the street properly we have to use our streets smarter n this is why it's important to place that vision zero and there are month activities in our streets we're encouraging walking in the streets when i get through with this job i'm going to walk more and i want to feel safer and join with all the
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people that want to join me in walking the streets to be safer we won't ghetto there without vision zero by january 2016 all 24 projects that ben is in favor which to cooperate throughout the city have to be done and spend down this $300 million of the $500 million that will not raise property tax in the city and spend that down because we not all of those improvements whether their signal consortiums traffic improvements pedestrian safety bulb outs or signage sloan traffic making people more aware and big thrust in education because everybody has to be more aware so i will want to say this we have to move together on this and noted pointing out the fingers it's not just
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infrastructure or education it's not just one or the other all i have those things have to work in concert with each other and we have to talk what the bicyclists and the car drivers and talk with people that are moving supplies in and out for all of those crosswalks projects and talk with people that walk our streets in multiple different languages we have a lot of visitors from all over the world they're not use to the intense use of our streets as we grow as a city we have to center the conversation with all our partners and kids and look out for each other in addition to louth four users so vision zero is our goal and fraying will help get us there we're not going to wait we're beginning the projects we'll be you
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announcing them as time goes on as and a we get the projects done and need everybody's help the biggest advocate not only in the neighborhood is our supervisor jane kim she's brown on this (clapping) walking and talking and making sure that we incite the fund for this to happen and i time to say again, thank you supervisor for your leadership and thank you to you all the different allocations public works and the police departments to all of the infrastructure groups and to the advocates you know we don't want to be crying over the next accident but slshlt we saved for lives so each one of the traffic signal are these is important to the community thank you for being here (clapping). >> thank you, mr. mayor this is the kind of leadership we need to make our streets safer i want
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to thank the mayor for van prop a $500 million in education bonds for $300 million will be invested in advancing vision zero making our streets safer and it's not not only coming from the executive branch but the elective supervisor kim and all the 11 members of the board of supervisors unanimously supported prop a on the ballot and with that kind of unanimous support if city hall that we'll need in order to get even though 2/3rd's vote for the high threshold for the unif i had city hall and community to the chamber of commerce this is an investment that san franciscans will understand and being willing to make but it's not just with the bond as supervisor kim experienced her leadership which winner running for office
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she made pedestrian safety one of the top issues and this is a top issue her district is the most challenging foyer pedestrian safety and that's why laugh of the folks are here please welcome supervisor kim (clapping.) >> good morning many of us in the community that have been working on this for many, many years this morning is so existing this signal an sixth street is something the community has been fighting for about i was in office and to be here today on a community driven process to see our residents that fought for this is rewarding i want to recognize the south of market action network (clapping) who represents many of our families in the neighborhood the
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united players and city crossroads that rounding u run our youth programs across the street and walk sf has been a strong partner in making sure we advocate for this and, of course, any entire office is here ivy and sunny it took a lot of folks to make this a realty 4 years ago our residents actually organized a walk on significantly street that included edward reiskin and is ta and dpw and we started on significantly and market and walked to ross and to fulsome to talk about the needs that the community needs to make sixth street a safer place for the youth and seniors and mother jones and the collaborative to talk how the intersection was


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