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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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>> good morning. >> are you ready? >> okay. >> good morning, the meeting will now come to order. welcome to the regular meeting of the transportation authority finance committee, i'm cohen, share of the committee and to high left is tang and to my right, scott weiner, david chiu has officially resigned from the transportation authority finance committee. and will be moving on. and madam, clerk, the clerk is steve. sorry. >> and also, would i like to thank, charles our friend up at sfgovt tv for broadcasting this meeting, mr. clerk, could you please call item number 2 item one one? >> roll call. >> cohen? >> present. >> commissioner farrell?
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>> absent. >> tang? >> present. >> commissioner weiner. >> present. >> we have a quor up. >> could you call the next item? >> consent calendar, 2 and 3 comprise the consent calendar, these are routine and not presenting but prepared to present if desired, any of them may be removed and considered separately. >> thank you very much. >> is there a staff presentation on items 2 and 3, no let's take public comment on item two and three. >> seeing that there is no members of the public that would like to comment on these two items, and this item is a roll call volt for item two and three. >> cohen. >> question. yes. >> farrell. >> absent. >> tang. >> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> consent calendar passes. >> all right. thank you very much. please call the next item.
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>> item four, recommend acceptance of the audit report for the fiscal year ending june 30, 2014. this is a action item. >> we have the presentation. >> today we have the fiscal year, 13, 1 4, audit, we have our auditor is here to present the result and in addition to ad iting the financial statements also a single audit over the programs in the authority since we have received more than $500,000 of federal funds, i would turn to over to cindy she is a partner, and she is the auditor on the audit, thank you. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> good morning. thank you for this opportunity to present the results of our audit. the scope of the transportation
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audit includes the financial statements of the transportation authority as a whole along with its four major programs, the sales tax, congestion management and the transportation fund for clean air and the vehicle registration fee and programs and the federal compliance audit of the federal award program, the results of the 2014, audit are found in two deliverables and the annual report f, found on page 30 of your packet and the report to the finance committee found on page 88 of your packet. the purpose of the audit is to obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements are fairly stated and that the applicable framework of the audit includes generally accepted accounting principals, auditing standards and prom
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gated by the gaap and accepted by the aicpa. >> and the gao. >> and a summary of the results of the audit is found on page 55 of the annual financial report or 86 of your packet in it we rendered an unmodified, and we did not have weaknesses over the financial reporting to report. and this is a favorable out come. >> and we performed a compliance audit on the transportation authority, federal expenditures since the authority had more than 500,000 of federal expenditures during this past year, the u.s. department of transportation requires that we perform additional compliance tests work on the authority's management and control
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activities, and we also issued and did not have materialal weaknesses or any other findings over the compliance to report as well. >> >> the second report is the report to the finance committee and under the professional standards we are to provide, the oversight bodies with information on the following seven items as listed in the slight prepttation, and this is included in the report to the committee. as related to the aspects of the accounting practices the authority was required to implement the renewed accounting standards this past year and these new standards did not impact the authority financial statement of the presentation, and the authority also changed the revenue recognition of the period from 120 to 90 days to conform with
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the city's change and the other communications are nothing out of the ordinary and we did not encounter any differents or disagreements with the management. >> and i would like to thank the authority staff for facilitating the audit process which started in june, and it earlier of this, this month. and it was a smooth as it can be, and given the authority was in the midst of a new system conversion project as well. and with that, i would like to turn this back over to ... >> thank you, no irregularities or any red flags or anything of concern. >> yeah, thank you. >> i just want to clarify a little bit on a single audit, the federal audit, they took a look at the island ramp and
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bridge structure the e-fleet, car program, the integrated public, private and partnership and the san francisco value and pricing and regulation study, treasure island mowbility management program, and the congestion management agency planning and programming and the surface transportation program and all of this was funded by federal funds and the audits came back clean and i would like to just mention that it was a huge effort to share with the new implementation happening and i would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the staff and especially (inaudible) hew, who kelley (inaudible) and i mean that this year was one of those years that we had more work than normal and we were able to come out with the clean audit and implement the erp system on time too. with the really good year for us. thank you, and with that, i am more than happy to answer any questions and so is miss pawn. >> colleagues are there any questions?
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>> seeing none, no questions at this time. >> thank you, let's take the public comment on this item? >> public comment is opened. seeing no comment, public comment is closed. >> could you call the next item. >> a roll call vote. >> yes. >> item number 4. >> cohen. >> aye. >> farrell. >> absent. >> taning? >> aye. >> weiner aye. >> the item passes. >> thank you, could you call the next item. >> introduction of new items. >> thank you. >> are there any supervisors or commissioner tang has a new item for introduction. >> thank you. so, today, i wanted to request that the transportation authority conduct a strategic analysis report and by way of background, what our office is looking and hoping to do in partnership with the ta is really to examine some of the transportation needs and specifically, in connection to
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certain nodes that would help to better our out lying neighborhoods as well as the sunset district and others. >> and so we work with the community to put together the sunset district, blueprint and the road map for what we would like to see happen and of course, one of the biggest issues that we always face is the transportation, and the public transportation and so one of it is things that we know, but as well as through the ta's san francisco, transportation plan is that there really are a geographic disparities, but not just my district but supervisor cohen as well and a lot of the out lying neighborhoods and the idea is that we would like to explore the ways that we can better shuttle our residents through certain transit nodes and whether it be local such as through the west portal or a regional connection, such as to the bart and call train and so i am hoping to also address some of the emerging needs that do exist as well, such as with the taxi industry or even the ride sharing industry and how we can be really proactive and
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thinking about how we manage some of those programs. and so, we of course, look forward to working with the ta in developing a scope for this strategic analysis, report. and hoping to receive a scope by december, and look forward to again, looking with our ta staff and our community and in developing this, with that, i submit. >> great. >> see if there is any members of the public that would like to speak? >> would you like to make a comment? >> chief deputy, thank you, and commissioners tang, just for the benefit of the committee and those folks watching, we do budget each year to do one to three strategic analysis report and they typically are on policy issue and topics where you are looking for a quick information to support a policy decision or a scoping to lead to the next step and the procedure is once, the commissioner, requests this we will return with a scope that is subject to the approval by the board before you are authorized to begin the work and we will do that next week.
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>> just in two short weeks. >> thank you. >> let's go to public comment. >> public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> let's go to the next item. >> 6, public comment. >> general public comment is open. >> okay. general public comment is closed of >> is there anything else. >> there is item 7, adjournle. >> thank you, this meeting is officially adjourned.
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>> we've never been in so much focus worldwide and will not be this this is a the moment in
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time when a story going and make a wish is a program that fulfills wishes for children we operate in every cities there are 62 chapters. our chapter was formed in 8984 we fulfilled 24 wishes. our chapter covers from movntd ray 17 communities and we expect to fully 3 hundred and 50 wishes this year. we send verizon's it out to the wish families and interviews the wish child and if you do their heartfelt wish then go to work to make it happen. dismissals is a 5-year-old boy
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who was diagnosing diagnosed with life without parole when he was 20 months old he's 5 hose now in remission he had his port removed hose monopoly on the chemotherapy. this particular wish the parents wanted to wait until he had energy. i began assigning this wish with the family in march and started to understand the two miles how are we going to achieve that i made a bold statement into turning this into goth am city. it codify catapulted. so, now it's a much for
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ininaccurate indicate from the divorce. people starting twoet and reposting and it went viral. it was incredible about make a wish he wanted to be thinking about being batman. there's been a lot of super issues that have happened cross the country but i think that can only happen in san francisco the mayors on board and the city hall it's an incredible outpouring and i love how san francisco is in the spotlight here and people around the world sending their love to san francisco. you kids we thank you for your encourage and we wish we can
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erase the pain we hope this is the day of magic and that you'll remember this forever. bat kid forever in san francisco >> san francisco is unique in this way and it's part of our compassion and we have a civic duty to be involved and people are stepping forward if in huge way. it's about san francisco and it's inspired by miles and about it's inspired by miles and about every child who has a severe
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announcer: big dreams and goodrades aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to >> do you know know your greg giving hurts from your wifi you
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may think that computers are kufz but when you know what you need it gets easier. a computer is made up of many different parts and each part as a specific job the k public works u is the brains of the compute. it's where all the work is done. current computers have multiple coarse it means it has multiple k public works ushthss working together as one. it hold all the information in the ram or hard or hard drive. it's the short time working memory for the computer interest it stores information while the computer is on >> the k f u is banning information backyard between the
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ram and the faster your programs are going to be run. if the hard drive can be cared the long-term america and you, store documents and movies >> the internal hard drives allow you to expand the hard drives. once you get on line with your expenditure it rewards or requires wifi and it allows you to connect without wiser the internet you have to have wiersz. the touch pad is how you send messages to the computer. the part of the computer is the o s is the operating systems. there are multiple operating
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systems available bus the most importantly is making astonish and windows. the major dividends can be boiled down to purchase. and making astonish is the programs you'll notice when you go do into the story e store they're more expensive they have you video editing and puc's towards office use and gaming things like that >> all those exponent are what you said into 3 general models the desktop the laptop and the tablet. the desktop is the home computer that you are desktops are good because their lower costs the downside once set up they can't go anywhere >> it's not something you're going to move around the other
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consideration is the screen side are you can have a larger laptop. a laptop is a potential computer and all the exponents are combined in a smaller passage. the laptop you can take to school and it's mobile. >> the laptop can travel with you but you should carefully consider how much travel you're going to do. >> the laptop are heavy they can have higher revolution if you want something small and a light hallway the table is new thank you it's lighter and has longer battery life. >> tablets are powerful but their abilities are more limited
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than the laptop and their nor for the internet or watching videos and laptops over word progressing and typing documents and using spreadsheets things like that. >> to figure out what expenditure is a good fit for you, you need to plan on what you want to do. >> there's a lot of things like e-mail and skype and being on facebook in fact, by you see seniors who are creating websites and doing graft design and having photograph. >> what programs will you be using or are you a casual suffer would you like to take it with you around town. >> it's great typing short
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e-mails by nothing extensive on a be tabltd. >> i need to be able to buy a good all around desk for $400 but if you very specific he needs the cost can go up. you want 2 gig hurts and at least 4 gigs of ram. those store your videos and documents. if you're looking for a laptop try them out in the store as they have any touch pads >> there are different types of of mouse's and there's voice activation. >> once you have an idea of what you need be sure to shop aaron and compare on line and
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look at the mustards website for refurnished computers that come with a warrant. and they offer computers for much, much less. purchasing a computer should not be securey you can slejtd/select a system that can get you >> hello. you're watching the show that explores san francisco's love affair with food. there are at least 18 farmers markets in san francisco alone,
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providing fresh and affordable to year-round. this is a great resource that does not break the bank. to show just how easy it can be to do just that, we have come up with something called the farmers' market challenge. we find someone who loves to cook, give them $20, and challenge them to create a delicious meal from ingredients found right here in the farmer's market. who did we find for today's challenge? >> today with regard to made a pot greater thanchapino. >> you only have $20 to spend. >> i know peter it is going to be tough, but i think i can do it. it is a san francisco classic. we are celebrating bay area


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