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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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performance contract that's been removed at the request of the clerk on lines 17 through 20 because the performance contract is a resolution we've had recently passed in the last 6 months i'm going to talk about the 3 year plan and i think everyone is familiar with prop 63 a ballot issue 10 years ago to provide the funding for the mental health it's funded over one million dollars and the actuaries the community participate with stakeholders from a comprehensive process to develop and submit program expenditure plans we've done that since 2005 and in 2014 a new legislation set out
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guidelines to combine all them into the integrated plan it's the second resolution approving that plan we did have a very involved community process for that we had many community meetings and an active advisory committee and stakeholders presentations including the health and the b cb provider a posting for public comment and public mental health building it has gone through a lot of community processes the plan talks about the process in san francisco to 40 the program from housing to prevention and it and it outlines in more detail the 2 hundred page plan it's difficult to boil it down
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in a two minute program there are one hundred civil service folks about 45 different contracted programs but the plan talks about the targeted population the numbers severed and projected outcomes and the outcomes we list are the ones in our annual update that is a requirement within the performance contracted and 2014-2015 budget is about $30 million that's included in the green house budget. >> great mr. rose your report for item 2. >> mr. chair and members of the commission we note the approval of the contract is required by the state in order for the green
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house communicated health services to receive the federal and state fund to provide services with persons of mental illness and substance abuse we report that the board of supervisors previously appropriates the fund and the applicable state and federal fund in table 2 on page 18 of the report we recommend you, you approve this resolution. >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues questions he we'll open this up for public comment is there any member of the public who wishes to speak on items two or three. >> 3 days ago i just received number 17 invitation letter only to be after him this is an old-time all the south people love it so much i'm
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occasionally the international united nation ambassador for the airport so i feel but about mental health that's the issue this is what you call the mental whole i didn't way of first special soul that make ups this is not just a she got a disney of the wholly heart version of the first level one special soul it messed up the way they handled the internal mediation and xhapgs conception is speech listening action thinking uncle
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and 7 see we're back to the meditation see. >> ongoing thank you very much. is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. do you have something else to talk about on item 3. >> no. >> colleagues why not take one at a point mr. chair there's an amendment to item 2 would you like to adapt it. >> oh, sorry that was the amendment of the whole i apologize can i have a motion to accept it as a whole we'll take that without objection. and item 3 can we we'll take that without objection. thank you mr. clerk, please call item 4. >> an ordinance amendment the provisions business registration and tax credit and grow
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receipts. >> we have our treasurers office to speak and i'm greg the gross receipts for the office of the tax collector here to speak open this item which is a clean provision as we were working through the prelims of gross receipts tax and the main item we're addressing today is the minimum filing for both the payroll and the grow receipts tax in particular, the gross receipts tax a provision for small landlords a small exemption for units 3 or less in the building, however, not a filing amount for lymph glands to have 3 or less that's been amended and the payroll tax is $150,000 as the code previously based that on that someone will
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pay the rest of the meddles are simply clarifications to the code and cleans up and also deleting a couple items obsolete but both proposition e and they no longer apply with that, i'll take questions. >> colleagues questions we have no budget analyst report anyone wish to comment on item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, can i have a moving motion to send forward we'll take that without objection. and madam clerk call item 5 a resolution amending the 1450 dash 10 for the class agreements between the city and the aging community living fund in a modest grant not to exceed
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$43 million okay. thank you very much. >> thanks for being here. >> good morning dave with the human services this is an amended resolution of one that was passed a couch years ago it renews the time and extend the time of the 11 grants under the umbrella resolution increasing the amounts and time the agency of aging is a nonprofit that serves the senior community 11 separate grants i'll point out that as previously this is not a retro act it didn't interior until june of 2015 we're taking into consideration to bring this
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he early i have one of the my up and coming contractors that will talk about it the 11 services if you wish to hear that now? >> i've been briefed on this item colleagues, i think we're okay on that thank you okay. if there's nothing is there anything more. >> go to the budget analyst report. >> we were a little bit presumes in assuming the r.s.v.p so we'll projected what we think the spending amount is it's too early but we'll bring those back into the trshths. >> mr. rose can we go to our report. >> mr. clerk and members of the committee we need it the fund is
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subject to the board of supervisors appropriation of approval we report on page 2410 of the grants should be reduced by $200 million plus as shown in table 4 on page 25 of the report to cooperated with the rfp the recommendations on 25 to 26 are we recommend you amend the proposed resolution to remove 9 senior disabled center it has linkages set up to provide young adults with sdrarldz and meals and citywide information and assistance supervisor clinic supervision and forensic center that were omit from june 2015
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from the alzheimer's date research center the adult daycare elderly abuse for elderly suicide prevention and the center and specified the dates for 2017 specify the termination of the date to 2018 from grant agreements the linkages to the citywide information and assistance and critical supervision and reduce the increase needing 1011 grant by $3 million plus from 26 to $22 million plus so therefore the total grant agreement amaze about increases that i $22 million from the original
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needing of $60 million plus or minus plus to the needing $38 million plus we recommend you approve the proposed resolution as amendment. >> thank you, mr. rose colleagues any questions for the two gentlemen we'll open this up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 5? >> women supervisor women's can't be offended body wise or even thinking so anything further a new law to protect the women supervisors. >> okay. thank you anyone else wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues can i have a motion to accept the items by mr. rose. >> and the underlying item.
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>> perfect a motion 41 by supervisor mar we'll take that without objection. >> mr. chair, i ask they provide united states noornts tomorrow and a at 9:00 a.m. >> it shall be so okay why not slowly call item 6 supervisor david campos gets into the chambers. >> item 6 is an amending of the code for landlord to provide disclosure of the tenants before the landlord comprehends beauty information. >> thank you that was well done why not have a two minute recess here we'll be back in two minutes thanks everyone.
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>> okay welcome back to the board of supervisors board of education meeting for october 8, 2014, we're rejoining from recess we just called item six the last item on our agenda and want to i'm going to turn it over to the sponsor of the legislation supervisor campos. >> thank you very much mr. chair and the board of education for hearing this item and also
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thing hillary from my office that's been working on this for quite some time despite the attendance in san francisco about the issue of affordability in this housing crisis the truth of the matter is we really does not have a complete picture about the true scope of the displacement it's happening in san francisco one of the reasons is that tenant beauties are not currently regulated by the city and county of san francisco beauties for folks who that may not know happen with had a landlord offers a tenant a monetary sum for the tenant vacating the unit this is sometimes that happens outings outside of the eviction process the beauties are a loophole in our bylaws in san francisco under the rent control ordinance
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a landlord must have one of the 15 just cause some are based the actions like failure to pay rent other evictions reason are considered no fault when an owner decides to move into a unit the san francisco just cause eviction scheme was carefully crafted for the reason of protecting the units in san francisco that is san francisco's large prices control pricing not vulnerable to the market the market has been changing rapid in san francisco beauties are a loophole they allow the landlord to evade by offering the tenant a monetary sum to vacate would you tell us goes to the others eviction process and having a assert one
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the judge causes for eviction we know that protecting the how's e housing stock in san francisco is a major component of addressing our cities housing crisis because, in fact, the rent control united 0 impose more than 50 percent of the city's price control housing and give that efforts toy do the ellis act we must develop and pass legislation for the purpose of protecting renters in san francisco i believe that regulating beauties is a critical way to act to address our housing criticized we don't know about the exact buy outs for every local 7 butte buy outs took place in san francisco moreover the budget analyst recently released a report that analyze the data from the
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tenants union that found that the number of tenants seeking advise increased between calendar years 2009 from 76 inclines to one hundred plus in 2013 i imagine it number has been raised the buy outs are going up the amendment is a pyritic legislation that first requires the landlord to provide laents e tenants with a disclosure of the tenants rights before the landlord commences filing and at the time the buy out agreement is reluctance to writing it requires all buy outs to be in writing and allows the tenant to resend a buy anti
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agreement 45 days overtime there's an imbalance between the entertainment and landlord this is especially, when the tenant is a limited english speaker i've heard many stores of tenant accepting a tiny buy out amount to vacate a unit this is 1u7b8 less than the boy out under the ellis act or the owner move in no fault eviction grounds by requiring the landlord to provide a tenant with information about he or she rights before the buy out the tenant will have the time to be caught about his or her rights when negotiating with the landlord i hope this provision will help balance out the
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inkwaeblts that occur where the tenants are able to negotiate large buy outs while they leave the rent control unit legislation requires the landlord to file a copy of document with the board and requires the rent broadway board to make those public on a searchable website and it requires the nature of the buy outs by requiring the registration of buy outs with the rental board we'll have the data to fully understand the level of displacement in san francisco this information about help us as at board of supervisors and collective as a city to craft the solutions to address the
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issue the legislation imposes the same condo prohibitions that are in place for other no fault evictions it help to prevent lymph gland to buy out from concord converting as a after a no fault eviction the landlord will be able to condo convert for 10 years in the same building and not been able to condo convert meantime he or she makes a buy out to a ill entertainment finally the legislation allows the tenants and nonprofits and the c-3 or 4 with the primary mission of protecting the tenants or the city attorney's office to enforce the provision of the law in the california 13ush9 in the original version we're going to
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have the rent board but after talking to the director felt rent board we don't feel the board has the capacity to handle to level of enforcement and have concerned with the conflict of interest as the rent board and as a supervisor of the metrics law judges that decides those cases for that reason we moved the enforcement power to other you departments that has the housing authority in mind after conversations with the process we decided unnecessary for charging a landlord fees therefore i'm make an amendment removing the free provision specifically rovmd language on
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page 7 line 16 to 20 when appropriate i ask the committee to make that motion and we have another technical amendment to change 90 days to one hundred and 20 days on page 14 line 10 this is also at the request of the rent board we'll get to those amendments later on in the hearing so mr. chair i don't know if you or any member of the committee has questions or comments in not why don't i we'll open this up for public comment and i have a number of speaker cards i'll ask the speakers to line up on our right our left and just come up as your name is called please line up
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(calling names). >> good morning. i'm tommy i work at the housing rights committee i want to make a few points about buy outs first of all, it's clear it buy outs are de facto evictions we at the housing rights is committee see tenants coupling with letters from their landlord and basic the letter he says either you accept the buy out it's you usually kilo low bye like $3,000 low under the ellis act either accept it or we have no choice
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but to the do the ellis act it's an inundation trying to pressure people into getting the buy outs their scared a they're to losses their homes, etc. and take the buy outs buy outs are out the control we see it we have the credit claim e housing clinic we have everyday people coming in that have been offered a buy out vooernl or through a letter or some kind of threat they've been offered a buy out there's a lot of buy outs going on their outside the radar we had count evictions we don't count those the threats against immigrants
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they've been threatened to be resorted to immigration this legislation will bring the butte buy outs under control and duty u cut down open 0 this in the city i encourage you to pass this with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm andrew with the san francisco tenants union thank you sxhooums for working on this legislation and the union we receive a lot of clients who come in with buy out offices that are low and some people don't come in if they think this is all they can get. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good morning. i'm deanna i'm a housing council with the cause i'm


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