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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. welcome to the san francisco historic preservation commission for october 8, 2014, my name is 23450er8 or mark farrell i'm joined by supervisor mar and supervisor avalos thank you jennifer lowe for covering this meeting and announcements? >> yes. please silence all electronic devices. all files and documents to be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the october 21st board of supervisors agenda otherwise stated and madam clerk item one. >> a resolution approving and authorizing a lease 55 year lease to the jennifer office building and power house and use of the geneva for the rail yard.
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>> thank you very much i believe we have our rec and park but also to supervisor avalos. >> great, thank you supervisor farrell one small moment in the at least decade long saga of the office building and carbarn a project that many community members have been working on over the past decade zake to vision a space for job training and a cafe and arts education and programming including that black box theoretical for people in the southern california that will be accessible to everyone the geneva office building is a historic site an mta building to rec and park about a decade ago and has a rich history labor history and the history of our
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transportation system as well its fitting we have the buildings preserved and programmed in a way that is going to be a highlight for the southern part of san francisco it currently lacks facilities of this caliber we are going to rehabilitate it and one big step is getting approvals rec and park has worked very well in the past couple of years to get the documents to enable the geneva carbarn to fund-raise and is a big step and nicole who used to be with the carbarn and now rec and park she mind in rec and park that will be helpful and she's here to speak on the projects we have. the court: thank you. supervisor avalos and good
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morning, everyone. supervisor mar and i'm head of the rec and park department i'm here to talk about the development agreement and lease and sequa and rec and park and further into the carbarn project last may i presented probation officer to you the geneva barn and power house project i'm give you a quick overview of the project at this time the car barhop was built over one hundred years ago for the streetcar industry and has been vacant since 12989 it was daementd in the loma linda earthquake it was between a collaborative effort and the ownership was transferred from mta to rec and park to envision an art stare for the job france
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for the underserved youth building on o that building we have partnered what the friends of power house that provides youth ages 4 to 19 with the listy and photograph artists that is a path to career or college teens will be taught work skills and learn brown career and educational opportunities and the apprentices the power project has served over 2 hundred students with the nonprofit organizations like youth speak and van ness and video and 710 south camera and lobbying the youth and college of san
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francisco the carbarn will serve as a 99 seat black box theatre for artists and installations and the 070 person cafe that will hopefully employ students in the culinary art program and the politician program space in support of the building restoration the carbarn as received institutional support over $200 million also in support of building golds the car barron has pro bono support between 2009 totally half a million dollars earth services schematic content and legal representation and the design and the office and infrastructure and the cost services i want to show you a
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few images when the barn is complete an picture of the outside building and the power house that is the programming which is a spectacular lit space a cut out in the floor that show cases the turbine this is the black box theatre during the day with the students practicing the audio visible they look at the programs so kids can work on live predictions that is the only theatre in district 11 that the project sf and lastly this is additional space that currently, the attic is for the students in the literaturey arts program the project right now is actually this number is incorrect
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$23.9 million i apologize for that a $17 million construction budget and $16 million in costs and the soft carts are a and a half part that includes the tax credits currently potential for the project includes $838,000 allocated towards the construction documents for are architect and the potential city funds is the rec and park funded by the 2012 geopark funds and the tax credits and new market tax credits and included in the pipeline for the new credit pipeline as well as the san francisco communicated investment fund pipeline for next year that's a total of $13,395,000,000 and the balance
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to be raised 2.8 so the resolution before you as wong noted to approve a lease and development agreement and a 55 year and lease assess licenses to have the authorization of the sfmta director of transportation and the general manager to enter into is an mou more specifically the lbd a covers the folsom the funding the scope of development and performances of the secretary of the entire a schedule of performance and the remediation of unthink known environmental conditions and the mta commitment and the first hiring plan the funding obligation
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regarding the funding obligation the goal of the city to profound raise with the chamber and but the the city is under no obligation to provide fund at least is including rent it is the city's feeling that the programming as well as the capitals maintenance for the building will exceed the rent the market rate rent of the building for use it will be used for recreational and programming for the artists training a 55 year lease term and that is minimum required for the tax creditors a minimum part of the operating covenant daily weekend day programming and robust programming for the summer as note did operational and the
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general manager of the rec and park department finds the building is not in the best use the lease gives the commission the right to change the tenants right of proposal the mou before the rp d includes electrical wire a short term construction license to allow for staging and a long term access licenses for egress and ingress to the elevator and trash area lastly the sequa exemption is part of the balboa park station final environmental report approved in 2008, that was leading up o to the balboa park station that was approved by the board of supervisors in 2009 and the carbarn is loomed e located in the station area so the planning department determines it is
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quality for a environmental review and that was issued in november of 2013 outreach has been done continual for the last 5 years there's been numerous presentations and mostly reports and in the excelsior community meetings and the presentation to the neighborhood we had a lease to discuss we presented to them as well question have a broad basis of support throughout the district and city that's it thank you. >> thank you for your presentation and all your work over the years for this budget analyst report. >> mr. rose can we go to our budget analyst report please. yes mr. chair and members of the
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commission we recorded the details for the completion of the project is $24 million plus on page 8 of our router we note that is shown in table 6 to data total of $800,000 plus in funding sources has been secured so the friends with the assistance of r public works d need to secure the last funding for the project prior to mentioning of the construction in quarter 3 of 2016 on page 12 of our report we note there is no guarantee that the friends will be able to obscure secure the insufficient funding and we further report if funding is not gotten the city will have to support the funds through
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2018 for $150 million for rb d project the carbarn could be potentially included in the future, however, you know the barn fund are subject to the board of supervisors approval as well as the voter approval finally open page are 13 of our report we report that the city attorney's office advised it the subject lda only provides the framework and the firstborns to work out together to try to secure the necessary funds the city is not under an obligation conceptually to provide the funds therefore not a significant risk to the city our recommendations on the bottom of page thirteen we recommend you report back to the board of supervisors in april of 2015 and again by june 2014 to be heard
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at a public hearing to hear about the friends plans and they plan to secure the funds and further we recommend you approve this. >> thank you, mr. rose supervisor mar. >> thank you, mr. rose and it will be an incredible place for young people with media skills and so many community balances agencies is incredible i want to ask if you can respond to the budget analysts response that a lot of money has to be raise in the next several months or the budget analyst acknowledges that half a million dollars many worthy said the the number of proposals were supplied for grant and there's will man ta plan to raise the money what's the plan it's a good idea to
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brings it back to the board in 6 months. >> i'm happy to speak to that so as part of the approval early this year of the $38,000 that the city committed for moving the design work forward the friends agreed to raise an additional 4 hundred 36 plus a so we're underway that's your immediate priority and the relationship between the city and the agency is incredibly important we have right now proposals out for we're over $400,000 and have one of the proposals concluded the challenge grant so you know those are we won't beat around the bush those will be hard to
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raise but i think the leverage that the opportunity presents is significant so far we'll have favorable responses in terms of of the invitations so we'll be successful and happy to report back in april. >> business of luck too. >> okay. colleagues in no questions is there any member of the public who wishes to speak on item one? >> good morning, everyone. supervisors i'm dan weaver speaking as the character of the geneva office building i'll repeat this l be guess building inspection commission dictionary a an important to approach the partners for the project right now we have no written relationship with the city it's incredibly important to have
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this before we talk about this partnership how we're raising money and how we're working with the city so obviously the board strongly proves approve and endorses it and >> is there any member of the public who wishes to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. i want to thank supervisor avalos for bring this and rec and park for presenting and mr. clerk if i could add my name a as co-sponsor. >> thank you and a for your interest in the carbarn i know you took a tour that's significant knowing the success of the carbarn is people acknowledgement across the city is a vital resource for the city thank you for reaching out and
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getting to know tim worthy who is doing a lunch for the fundraising effort this is a big step in order to show you that we made progress for the fundraising so colleagues, i urge your support and also i would like to accept the budget analyst recommendation and also to another motioning motion another amendment i'd like to make at request of the clerk of the board to delete the last resolve clause which reads it is just a vague clause not really needed to have further resolved with the respect to the lda the lease and excess licenses are rectified ratified in the term. >> so a motion by supervisor
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avalos to make that change resolve clause to accept the budget analyst report and accept the line item as amended we'll take that without objection. >> i'd like to ask the department provide us with the change before 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> item 2 is a resolution to perform a contracted between the heath services and the department of public health services notary republic the mental health from homeless the community health grant for jill u july 1st through june 2015 and 3 a resolution to adapt the 2018 integrated plan. >> thanks we have marlow from our department of public health
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thanks. >> as linda said there's two resolutions i'm here for joe he's in sacramento and the two resolutions one is approving the mental services performance contract with the department of public health services and that contract involves 3 different spraemz it the a zero dollar kranthd it takes funding streams from 3 sources one state and one fred fed and compiles the reporting requirement and puts them together for the community so see what they're going to be audited one is the mental health task grant the projects for assistance and transition from homelessness and the other the
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mental health services block grant in the feds they're all 3 to serve children and adults with mental illness and the other resolution is the approval of the mental health service integrated plan and this plan happens to be one of the key requirements within the performance contract so they're kind of enter linked one important note about the first resolution there's been an amendment from the request of the clerk there's a resolution lines 8, 9 and referenced 17 through 20 the resolution says that the director community health services director has the right to sign future amendments so the resolution are to the
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performance contract that's been removed at the request of the clerk on lines 17 through 20 because the performance contract is a resolution we've had recently passed in the last 6 months i'm going to talk about the 3 year plan and i think everyone is familiar with prop 63 a ballot issue 10 years ago to provide the funding for the mental health it's funded over one million dollars and the actuaries the community participate with stakeholders from a comprehensive process to develop and submit program expenditure plans we've done that since 2005 and in 2014 a new


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