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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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in this particular area. thank you. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? oak seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> yeah. i have a question for project sponsor. it's going to be in regards to the make up of the there are 36 students proposed maximum and i understand that 18 are from two to three and the other 18ful from 3 and a half to have is there a staggering or are they there at the same time >> there are - >> okay. it seems like having grandchildren and having kids in preschool they have different
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times they go the younger ones don't go as long so i assume that's the case here, too. >> that's right there's a different time. >> we really want to clarify the preschool not daefr. >> i know it's preschool. >> the terms are being used interchanging all session long. >> thank you. i have a question for staff too. in regards to capacity issues. is there i assume staff is recommend and obviously they're okay but are there any concerns about the number of students and the size of the facility? >> the way it works the state that regulates the open space per children so the applicant
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will have to get the state licensing they have the adequate space so far both interior and exterior the reason why they have ultimately trying to convert their house they spent 6 years searching for an appropriate location and the current space doesn't have open that's why they're using their own home. >> thank you very much i have other comments but that answers a lot of my questions i think this is a good project it is a worthy one and you know we've got go recommendations a letter in here from as administrator or take care i guess a convalescent of the skim of the sacred heart that speaks highly of the students that came from there they've had 16 years of experience already with the smaller school it's been pointed out competition for free school
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is extremely fierce in san francisco as well as secondary schools my expense around my home also around my dental office i see a number of places and i can't speak to whether those are daefr or preschools but, you know, they maybe both one maybe the other but it seems like most of the parents come and walk to pick up their kids they unusual usually like to have the kids especially the little ones in the neighborhood not where we work. as they get older some situations such notre dame but this is elementary school children their older and can be picked up and dropped off when
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the workday is over most of the time elementary schools are located in neighborhoods specifically because people want to be able to walk their kids there and walk them back and if they drive them not too far. if i'm familiar with a lot of the elementary schools that have huge concentrations of students of a similar density like st. - it's in a fairly dense residential and st. phillips is even denser maybe it has 4 hundred students but i think this is good thing it works and theirs putting a light zone in i would say to see some sort of plan as part of an approval to grant it to have some administrator or member of the staff responsible for loading and unloading of students this
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is just as good safety measures for the students themselves those are arrive in cars but i think it's a good project >> commissioner hillis. >> so i would agree with commissioner antonini i think this is a pretty small modified size i live a blackwell block that was addressed from 60 to one hundred students there's downloaded in parking and schools got to participate parents know the rules and neighbors have to communicate with the schools and rules are not being awe bit we we see them in most neighborhoods again,
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it's a modest size they don't work well in commercial neighbors there's rear yards i urge you to have an open dialog to make sure that the parents are dong and parking in the right places and this is appropriate. commissioner sugaya >> yes. just to get some information out front currently i guess this is for the project sponsor. so in the staff report it says that in the future you're planning to have 4 full-time
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teachers. one full-time director, one apartment cook and one part time cleaner that totals 7 staff can you tell me currently your staffing situation >> we have two vs. that help us at school a cook she's she's also a clearer two part time teachers and myself as a director and a take care. most of your teachers are working and one take care sometimes when it is raining outside she can take a car but ail leave the area and walk >> so the number of total staff of people would not appreciatively change that much it sounds like even though changing from teachers to
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full-time staff so the number hovers around 7 between the two. >> yeah. >> okay. thank you. so just wanted to ask that question because there's a big issue with parking. and i think that part of that is, of course, the parking situation the pickup is going to increase somewhat because you're asking for increasing the number of students with you in terms of what who is there now it doesn't sound like much of a change >> first we're going to leave the premises we've got to get and house we have many siblings and people that we are friends with each other they do carpool with their children. >> okay. thank you. >> there's going to be loneliness 6 cars and many
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people they do bicycle or they walk. >> okay. thank you. i have another just an observation it's already you've answered my question. i have one other observation from the gentleman who was concerned about people looking into his bedroom those are existing stairs mainly i don't think they're going to be use for people to be used for people standing on the landing peering into the neighborhood >> i'm very sorry - >> and so i don't have that kind of concern we've had others many, many issues of the rear yard decks and stairs and everything in most of the cases at least the commission didn't feel that people will generally be staring at other people's
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homes and lastly in terms of the childcare issue as a boarder issue i think it would be good for the commission to get a report if staff about especially, since there's a childcare provision for that people pay into and the deputies pay into with respect to the use of money i'm not asking maybe it would be good to have a survey of the childcare facilities around the city i'm not asking that currently that would be interesting to know what kind of facilities have been built and in existence with respect to those monies that developers pay into it so for a future report. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i would
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act on commissioner sugayas request we'll have had the child impact fees and it be built into commercial buildings that might be better i agree with commissioner johnck this use is really good in a neighborhood generally speaking. i think it's a good project i have a couple of questions the per diems are planning on moving out currently they 33 they reside there but my first question for the project sponsor is what are your projected at the moment hours of operation what hours will there be people whether it's you guys over and over your employees in the home or in the building? >> that was from 8 to 6 monday
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through friday closed all the holidays and christmas and thanksgiving. >> i mean how long will be there. >> i'm there full-time unless i'm sick. >> i mean you open at 8:00 a.m. >> i open the school everyday for the last 126 years i'll be outside or one of the teachers to help with the child. so 7 clock or 7:30 to open the doors >> 7:30 to when. >> to 67. >> that's when the last person or child leaves so whoever is closing up who will they leave and after the cooking and cleaning and what time. >> 647. >> half an hour to an hour
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after and nothing on the weekends. >> no. we're closed amp all the weekends and holidays. >> okay. i mean i'm supportive of the project if any sort of concern i try to write down the option i hadn't heard that that's my one question you're having residential use you're not going to be living through no activity in the house during the nights and we understand and holidays i don't know if that particular part i'm not sure what the other comments i don't know if that works for a residential neighbor that's my comment and my second question you're looking to convert our garage to extend storage space in the entryway for the school and you indicated that you would be able to turn this back into a
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residential house at the some point in the future whether you do it or sell it my question i don't tell are you going to make structural changes to the home to convert that space there's walls it's not clear you're adding a corridor it's not clear that it would be an easy job to make that booking back into a garage. >> they're going going to remove petition walls and put if structural walls to make more open space so essentially one floor that becomes one open
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area. >> and then the petition walls could be easily pit back. >> okay. i don't know if other commissioners time to comment on that i'm not sure okay. thank you for answering my questions thank you very much. >> commissioner moore. >> since this project will go into or stlo through the state review or any changes where the deficits will be expressed that's a minor observation. i want to - i agree with the commissioner, i want to talk about not the preschools but other schools that are rights
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smack in the mid of other residential neighborhoods and traffic we have two university and cathedral hill for boys on john's street and all of them pretty much have traffic management methods in plasma of this i observe because many of them are close to where i live they work well, a fraction of a moment when people have to wait because one child gets put in the car but overall those are so ready to make it happen i personally don't this this is an impact. i've not seen what the department side a person identified a contact person there's is a phone call with an individual who would be available 2w0u67 whatever the
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operational hours to monitor complaints because in the interest of everybody to have this blend in await disturbing the neighborhood the children will not be running all over the blocks and doing things, i.e., crossing in the middle of the wrong there's an additional danger to expose the children to you building that the organizational structure how i run this is well organized and people are prepared to deal with the increase in children together with the operational hours i'm fully no support and move to approve >> second. >> on the motion to approve it matter councilmember sharp. commissioner hillis.
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commissioner johnson. i'm sorry, i didn't hear you >> commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong and commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes naming 7 to zero zoning administrator what say you >> close the public hearing i'll take it under as time the possibility of placing bicycle parking to reduce the needs for any parking and note condition 5 of the motion requires a liaison be identified by the sponsor. >> that places you on our discretionary review calendar one remaining item for case and
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2013 d and v. may or may not discretionary review authorization and the request for the zoning will consider >> good afternoon jessica the planning staff ms. a questioning for the it demolition of a self-same the department is recommending not to take dr and approve that as proposed as mentioned this has had a recent situation that the existing property is not affordable and meaning that the property and land value is greater than 80 percent of the combined land of the single-family homes in san francisco our code will exempt rh1 requirements and could be approved administratively but
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this is located in an rh2 zoning district it is here before you today. the current strutting structure is a one story basement single-family dwelling unit it's not been previously occupied it will be a 3 story house with floor plans. the departments residential design team found the massing appropriate given the block pattern as the majority of buildings are two to three stories team high the department likes the project the project is seeking a variance from the planning section as the subject property as an exaggerated set back requirement because the property to the east is 70 feet from the property line it
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increases the regulatey and will make for a gradual stepping and it is built out to a major set back the department has not received any additional comments except the supportive letter we recommend you not take dr and the basis is the project is not considered an affordable unit or acceptable housing. the project will not result in my reduction even if houfrgz in the stock and create one single-family home and meets our residential design guidelines. that concludes my presentation. and i'm available for questions >> thank you project sponsor.
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>> is there a separate time for a dr or a separate variance. >> it's wrapped up into the 5 minutes. >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners i'm david armor the architect for the project. the owner is kate and kate is here with me today. kate grew up in noah valley a few blocks away in a victorian farmhouse she grew up in the neighborhood and the lifelong history in the neighborhood led kate and her husband to purchase the property and hired my firm to; right work with them on the improvements they weren't sure it could be reasonably expanded renovated or you can tearing down the house was the most
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common sense way of building a long term family home we analyzed the property it was a small cottage and probably a third of the rear building is in the back that is built we are going do bring up the rh2 factors and i guess to wrap up a few things the design of the home was, you know, informed by the kind of the victorian homes in the neighborhood by we've
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specifically sought to not to create a 19th century victorian but to have more - to, you know, kind of relate to the neighborhood but do something fittings that's a little bit more time less in character and use the materials that match the neighborhood in a way remind kate of the how's that they grew up in and particularly the house up the street. the properties in a lot the second floor walks out to the garden the kitchen opens up into the backyard pay there's no
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outdoor space it's open an elevated roof-deck they've been working with the neighborhood on a landscape design with no fences between them and the house to the west and the west beyond that so the kids flow from one yard to other wrarptd to the variance we looked at the property in the current house where it's located the set back is very much impacted by the fact that the neighbor to the east set way back creating a set back requirement for the property we're asking for a set back variance to merely align with the adjacent property and the proposed location is 18 inches back from the structure and will look nicely reforced
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the block pattern and this line is a future development occurred at some point will set that the massing of the adjacent properties no one's is here in opposition clearly so we're here to ask for your support for the project. thank you >> thank you just foyer formality is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini and it's a very well done project it's been mentioned already it is not affordable it will be exempt basically, we're placing a single-family home that's adequate with another single-family home that's much more adequate for the family
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needs and conceptual but the size is much better i'm impress that the architecture, in fact, i've picked up the case report and said i can't believe someone is doing a great job of something that belongs to a neighborhood we see contemporary architectures that sometimes, it's well but sometimes like sorry thumbs and a lot of the principles we historically did between the usuartificial light will the it's a well done project i'm holding into people's 3 this one to point to
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that i was happy to approve in the future >> commissioner fong. >> i too am in support i want to thank you for rebuilding this and i think it's pretty bold and not inexpensive to create san francisco's historic architecture pattern but thank you and i'm sure in the details and the tichz materials to determine the type of project is what you want it to be i'm in support and will make a motion to not take dr and approve the demolition and construction of the new proposed. >> second and commissioner moore. >> i want to say this is for contemporary architecture i want to commend the department to taking a bold stand and developing a project dial by which this is skillfully kin to
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pull the project up rather than dealing with the set backs i want to comment on that and just acknowledge that. >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes. to staff. did you take a look at on the block face and streets with respect to how many two unit buildings there are? >> no, i did not. >> okay. and to the project sponsor did i give consideration to building two units? >> we did look at one of the things that precludes i guess how we normally will approach this type of things the project is built into a lot the rear portion of the ground floor is uninhabitable and didn't allow for a garden apartment we probably will propose in a
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project like this. but no >> i thought about it. >> but it's i am practical. >> i had to ask it says rh2 we're trying to address a housing issue in the city i want every opportunity to get even though quarry whether or not its possible to flairs what the zoning will allow i'm in favor the project. >> commissioners there's a motion and second not to take the dr as proposed councilmember sharp. >> commissioner hillis. commissioner johnson. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya. commissioner fong and commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes zoning administrator what say you >> close the public hearing and in this case, the lot with the adjacent u just a minute property as well as the project on


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