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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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forward to our support and transportation authority >> thank you supervisor breed. supervisor campos thank you madam clerk and i want to begin by saying that i know this is our last meeting before we go into our very short recess i wish everyone a well rested recess but i'm here to talk about two pieces two items that i believe are very important beginning with an item that we are introducing a piece of legislation to continue to address the issue of the affordability crisis and the crisis we have here not city and county of san francisco. the fact is not we're not entirely clear of the true stent of the crisis we're facing. the true scope of the
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displacement phasing san franciscans is not entirely clear because even though we have the numbers when it comes to evictions one of the items that is displacing people is the issue of buy out the landlord offers the tenant a monetary sum for the tenant to leave the you are talking about this is some time something that happens outside the former eviction process? a loophole and under the san francisco represent control owners the landlord must have one of the 50 reasons to evict a tenant some of the reasons are based on the alex action of the tenant like failing to pay rent an example
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of a no fault eviction a landlord wants to move into a unit the san francisco scheme was carefully crafted to protect tenants and rental e rent control units in san francisco. and buy outs are a loophole around the protections they allow landlords to e avoid an eviction by offering a tenants to vacant a unit without having to go through the formal eviction process and have to assert one thought just causes we know that protecting the housing stock in san francisco is a major component of addressing our housing crisis and, in fact, the housing unit compose more than 50 percent of
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the housing. notwithstanding the forest by the board of supervisors and mayor ed lee and tom and others our efforts to academy the ellis act in sacramento has failed new we must continue to act locally to protect our tenants. we don't really know the full stent of the existence of buy outs but we know from talking to our advocates and the record that was issued by the budget analysts we know the beauty outs could be 5 or 6 or 7 beauty outs it's a significant issue the legislation i'll introducing is a balanced piece of legislation that does a number of things to
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provide the landlords information at least 45 days prior to negotiations and landlord to submit a written agreement in material terms of an agreement including an oral agreement within 7 days of a buy out agreement and the power to have administration action against a landlord that fails to do either of the board and enlisted the tenants a right to bring a lawsuit for failing to bringing up the buy out policies and requires the rent board to post buy out armies on its a reasonable degree of medical certainty e website and beginning in 2016 that report to the board of supervisors of the and a half of but out and
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finally the legislation compassed the same prohibitions first, it accomplishes the requiring of beauty outs with the rent board we will finally have the data to actually understand the level of displacement happening through butte buy outs it will help is in the resolution of creating the displacement. second oftentimes with had a lymph gland offers a tenant there's an imbalance of power between the landlord and the tenant this is especially the case which the tenant has limited english skills. i have heard many times from many residents stories of a
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attended accepting a small buy out offer to vacate the unit that is illegal what the tenant would be entitled to. this balances and levels the playing field so the tenant understand their rights before entering into negotiations this will help to balance the inequality that is occurring in places like the mission. and finally this legislation will help protect san francisco's rent control housing our stock of rent control housing will be protected by preventing landlord from concord condominium conversion in the same manner as the landlord is prevented from concord converting the landlord would not be able to convert a condo n
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for 10 years and not been able to condo convert at meantime if he or she makes a beauty outing buy out to a senior or ill person. i look forward to seeing this piefks legislation that deals with buy outs addresses the affordability crisis we're facing. i want to thank my co-sponsors as well as the organization that have worked with me to draft that piece of legislation the tenants units this housing rights committee and the chinatown community center and the tenderloin clinic and the eviction free san francisco. i also want to especially thank our city attorney's office which has been working diligently on this piece of legislation and a number of other pieces of legislation we've put forward i
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know we've taken up a lot of time of our city attorney's office and their work is especially appreciate. the final issue is something that is happening in my district. you've probably read about in the paper the planned parenthood clinic located in my district in the mission. i want to provide some context for what's happening. in 193 affidavit gun was shot and killed on his way to work on the pensacola medical women's clinic it occurred in the middle of an anti-abortion profit that was aimed at the staff at the clinic. that same year dr. golden gate war serving as the medical dork
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in that clinic was shot in both arms by anti choice protesters. dr. actuallyer would survivor that only to be killed by another anti activity. there were 4 thousand plus incidents of violence in the united states and canada in the last 20 years. i want to provide that context because what's happening in my district where anti extremity outlets are targeting women as they go into the planned parenthood clinic and the staff has to be put both the larger context that has happened in other part the country. recently the u.s. supreme court
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held that a 35 foot boundary was uninstitutional. today because of that ruling there's a buffer room ordinance we pass here in san francisco and i thorough. because the status of that buffer zone we passed is unknown i'm introducing a request that we as a board of supervisors meet in closed session so we can obtain advise from our city attorney concerning our buffer zone and that we consider in closed session the various options we have as a board in protecting the rights of those women. the buffer room zone ordinance allows for a fixed 25 foot buffer zone at the entrance of the clinics and in exits and
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driveways of any facility that provides facilities that are not owned are operated by hospitals. we believe this ordinance is necessary to prevent protesters from creating stationary barricades and gaunt let's between a patient and facility. it's my opinion that people that enter the clinics should be free of harassment and including vieftsdz very recently, i can tell you what we're seeing in front of that clinic is not free speech it is harassment and intimation i've seen it firsthand it goes beyond whoo is
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first amendment talks about they are standing in in front of a doorway and trying to keep woman from going in they try to shame the individual and try to dissuade them by intimately them and file number block the clinic and when someone passes by and disagrees with what they're doing they try to go after the person and has the individual. image i i believe what is happening is not only wrong but illegal. until the board of supervisors makes a policy statement as to how we're going to proceed in terms of protecting those women the san francisco police department will not enforce our buffer zone are i believe that this buffer zone needs to be enforced as quickly as possible but because the police
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department is waiting for the direction from the board of supervisors i think it's important for us to meet as as soon as possible on this issue i hope we meet in september when we return from our break ambassador in the meantime, i have asked our city attorney and police department to they can do everything within their power to make sure that other laws currently in place for the purpose of protecting women who are assessing the chaplain our other purposes we do everything we can to protect the access to the clinic. women's rights are being violated here 90 in san francisco. if we can't protect access to reproductive health in san francisco where else can access reproductive health be protected. thank you to our police
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department and the city attorney's office we've met with them and they're making this important issue a priority we need to act quickly i think we have very good legal agreements including factual differences what's happening here and what was ruled on by the supreme court. i believe that san francisco needs to continue to follow it's tradition of protecting the rights of people even when their legal questions involved we pushed the envelope on same sex may remember and proven fore right and we need to continue to do so here and push the effective so the right of women to choice what to do with their bodies and access health care is
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protected transportation authority >> thank you supervisor campos. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. okay. a couple of items. for introduction today. first colleagues i'm introducing an ordinance that elements the amount of says that a building is allowed to convert once it's a designated historic landmark. over the last two months i've worked with tenants in the 2 henry adams it was impartiality for a landmark designation their proposal to convert their 5 story building to office space and displace tenants is a significant concern. based on a survey there's approximately 14 other buildings in the pdr one d and g areas that could be eligible for landmark designation those
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buildings are allowed to convert one hundred percent of their space to office. eir respect of whatever whether or not they displace the tenants this limits the number of stories they can limit by establishing now controls i believe this legislation strikes the right balances between higher revenue balances such office space to support the maintenance of those historic buildings without displacing tenants or can only obligating a whole pdr building. you've heard me time and time again stress the value of pdr and the value it brings to our city it provides blue-collar
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jobs and diversity to our economy 0. not addressing this issue will lead us down a path of undercutting all issue to support a growing local manufacturing industry next to give voice to what's happening in san francisco a number of gun violence across thecy in the south eastern part of the city this year alone they've stolen the lives of 20 individuals prematuring and scaring countless of other physically as well as mentally. the current epidemic of violence in america threats our physical health and the integrity of
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basic social institutions like our families and communities we live in as well as our city and health care system. gun violence is a national epidemic we need to curb this violation. we deserve to live in community free from fear and the no one should have to live in a society with lives are lost often two early this is a statewide public health issue that must be addressed today, i held a press conference on the stairs of city hall and now i'm introducing a resolution to establish citywide gun violence task force that will comprise of city departments and more importantly
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community leaders that are on the front line in the past we've dealt with important issues issues we've dealt with in the chamber prostitution and sing room occupancy but no other issue that needs a more coordinated support than the resolution for the epidemic of the gun violence p the task force will be 17 members comprises of community members side police department and as well as other law enforcement agencies and a critical factor is the unified school district and the department of public health those representatives will very specific qualifications including the work experience with at reflex
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youth as well as mental health experience. i'd like to thank a few of my colleagues that have stood with me and been enthusiastic co-sponsors of this specific protective supervisor breed, supervisor avalos. supervisor kim. supervisor chiu's pr supervisor wiener and supervisor mar have been with me in the community to find a way to address the senseless act of violence. finally, i'd like to recognize overlook resolution i've spoken on in the past two weeks as well as you've taken public comment on the resolution commenting on our commitment to invest in the safety of our children in parks in small business. madam clerk transportation authority >> thank you supervisor cohen. >> supervisor kim.
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>> i apologize for a long roll call i know that today is supervisor yee's birthday happy happy birthday i won't tell you how old you are to pass for benefits and for the free muni ride. >> this one i mentioned i'm asking the city attorney to draft of the interim controls to prevent conversion of our pdr nonprofit space to office. the second is similar to supervisor mar the national night out august 5th the tenderloin and south of market and the victor and treasure island as well as i'll be attending outline 3 and i'm
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looking forward to working to make them a success. third my prayers with the 6 victims of yesterday's vehicle collisions on the boundary lines of district 3 on jones losing last night is a stolen vehicle was speeding a pedestrian and cyclist and a passenger as well as the folks were speeding they were taken to general hospital and my thoughts with the cyclists who's who has life-threatening viewers we hope this will not be another fatality but that cyclist will be well and finally, i want to submit in memoriam more and more for mark tholg last time i
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joined 2 hundred members of the community for a young man recently killed 1 ofth street we came together to have a contribute to him at city cross radios church a russian for this neighborhood that was located on the alley way where every e he was found bleeding mark thoelg didn't live in the district i was a huge fan of chalk for at risk and youth i love chalk even more after last night family members you talked about how he loved chalk and it was the first job he loved and he talked over
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emphasis 4 years over how much he loved helping his peers he turned his life around and fell in love with it's girlfriend i was a public school kid and attended washington and graduated and came to chang as a youngest adult he was systems involved proactively seeking employment he excelled in the youth line programs and promoted to youth supervisor and, in fact, he was the fastest promoted young people in chaublgz program his friends and family loved his smile and known as a charmer he was a dancers and according to his friends a
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hud nerd he offered to make breakfast and not only did father to a grad child but a foster for his other grandchildren he successfully transitioned from caulk and became a full-time artist he was most proud of his one-year-old daughter and found purpose to be a good father he california from a shared background that he choose in life a big brother to many at 8 o'clock i sustained a gunshot wound to the chest he stepped away where another individual was killed early he was taken to the hospital and passed away he was last moment he was speaking in defense of other when shot he was 25 years
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old and survived by his daughter and girlfriend he was called an angel by many and meant to have a short life to touch many. marks family couldn't are here but want the board to adjourn in his honor and ask to pray for his mother for the loss of her only son he was the light of her life. i know that sf pd is working to bring the short to just your encouraged to text the police department. they've organized a fundraiser but also nor his girlfriend and baby i've posted it on my
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facebook page i hope you'll give 10 or $2 to his family. thank you transportation authority >> he sound likeed a great young man. >> supervisor avalos wants to be referred. i want to say directing the resolution thank you supervisor eric mar and supervisor david campos for their co-sponsorship and supervisor jane kim. thank you. >> thank you supervisor avalos and supervisor campos. >> thank you madam clerk i forgot to thank my staff that has been working with the buy out legislation and specifically hillary as well as laura lien and the assistance of edwin who is a volunteer from my district who he himself has been dealing
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with the issues of displacement that i thank you. >> mr. president, that concludes the roll call. >> general public comment. >> at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. presidential distributor our comments to the board as a whole if you want to document to be displayed clearly state it and remove our document. let's hear from our first speaker >> i'm peter executive director of library used association this
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year's budget process was sdpooipt what was the accountability the public library is dealing in unlawful action and less service and the supervisors have not asked even a single question about a whole range of issues that have come up in the last year. the fair policy practices found the city librarian violated the law they asked him to rereport his public information was it conceal time the supervisors never asked about that. the libraries massive reduction of space for library materials
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went forward 55 removal which a of material you have a wait a whole day and the supervisors never asked about the reduction of access to materials the neutral added rules that will massively restrict access for vague rules are that are so bad the aclu opted it no skews asked they going to shorten all the hours down to 8:30 and cut saturday mornings why was there no questions there need