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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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like to suggest making a motion to stunned our board rule only a majority to get this passed. >> i'll ask our clerk to whether or not spend the board rules to bypass the rules committee so if you want to have the resolution up and down today, you'll vote for i for that question and go to committee you'll vote no with that, unless questions madam clerk call roll. >> supervisor mar. >> oh, i think supervisor farrell needs a second second by supervisor avalos. >> supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee.
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supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. there are 11 i's. so at this point we would suspend the rule to bypass the committee and with that, the decision on the matter itself. supervisor campos >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor farrell and the rest of my colleagues to support the opportunity to have an up and down vote on the issue i simply underscore he know that all of us appreciate and respect the work that nonprofit efshgz do in the interference fighting some of the most vulnerable individuals we have and they're not making a lot of money. i think as we asked them to do important work we make sure we
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help them and their families be able to live in san francisco and the bay area so i ask for your support >> president chiu. >> i'll supported the cost of living increases and as supervisor campos just said i agree that nonprofit workers often do some of the most important work at the lowest salaries i can't prioritize the funding but acknowledge this year and prior years it's likely there will be a variety of needs that could include for example, needing to fund non-violation and tenant needs for the evictions and the associate serve of non-documented youth in central america i don't think
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i've considered a resolution to support a appropriation by ask mr. gibner my understanding this is a non-binding resolution so if we make a decision to spend money we'll have to pass another supplemental appropriations is that right. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney. >> that's right the resolution is an expression of intent that the board will appropriate the owners and make a policy call as to whether or not to adapt that ordinance. >> again colleagues this is an expression i'm going to support it with the acknowledgment there are other needs we'll need to consider i don't plan to
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introduce a series of resolutions like this to support of the possibility of needs of supporting violence prevention or social services for immigrant youth but want to say obviously we'll have to evaluate that given the needs given that i want to support our nonprofits organizations and the workers and i'll support this resolution. >> thank you supervisor tang. >> thank you. i do want to echo all that was said between supervisor campos and david chiu i'll say in the past i've not supported measures that were taken outside the budget process again to stay consistent with milestone my own belief many our our conversations has to stay between the context.
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today i've not supported measures by my own colleague even though their measures and efforts i agreed with but again we are taken out of complexity i will not support in but not to say i don't agree that our workers need to be making more funds to survive in san francisco and the incredible work >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i want to make a couple of comments when i was the director of the african-american culture complex i know that supervisor kim pushed aggressively to support a cost of living increase which we received for our organization. i paid my employees very well and they had health care
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benefits at the time i took the increases that was provided to our organization and actually apply it towards programs i was not guaranteed to increase the salaries of my staffer this is the reason why i can't support this item the cost of cola or cost of living we don't have control over how those few minutes are specifically used number one and number 2 although it is an important thing we do throughout the process the budget process and fought how to spend money it's important to support nonprofit organizations doing the important work to serve our community but not taking it out the context of the budget process especially commenting ourselves to someone we have two colleagues that are running two colleagues that won't be here next year and we
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as members of the board trying to meet in obligation i think we should try but this legislation not to be brought back and use asia tool to say you've made a commitment when there's other priorities i want to focus on those are the two major reasons and i think we need to figure out other ways to deal with situations number one we have a budget process and the budget process is over it's time to move on to work on some of the things we're commented to work on and including nonprofits in my district are going to benefit because we've added an additional funding to their organizations but minimum wage peace and the children's fund those those initiatives are going to add value to our
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nonprofit organizations as he regarding to those and this is not the right way to go about it >> supervisor wiener >> thank you, mr. president. so i have supported some supplementals and others not support them case by case we're appreciable for things to go through the normal budget process but sometimes things arises in the middle of the year whether an unaccepted federal budget cut or or time sensitive situation we can't wait so it's a case by case. in terms of that specific item i'm not expressing on opinion whether it's a good or bad thing i've supported the business in the past i know we have a lot of
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nonprofits when and workers in the nonprofits that could benefit from a cost of doing business adjustment our nonprofit partners in an absolutely essential part of the work and the services we provide and help provide as a city. with that said, what does make me uncomfortable about the resolution it is lesbian the nicaragua substance whether to the some point in this year we should do a cost of living adjustment it's more about the fact we just adapted our budget the mayor signed it i can't remember last week he signed is and the resolution was introduced i guess the same and it strikes me as uncomfortable we guess through a budget process through the difficulties
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of a budget analyst report progress making the difficult choices and right as we are approving the budget doing a supplemental i understand the desire to had had supplemental but i i don't like the precedent that it sets. that's not to say you know what might happen if this comes down as a supplemental over the course of the year we'll take that when it and if it comes. i'll say this to those aclu and other nonprofits one of the challenges we had this year as also in the context of the budget we have a very limit set of funds to work with when the budget comes to the board and it's the way the system is set up the mayor has a lot more
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latitude in terms of the budget so the budget came to us we had the revenue for our nonprofits partners were larger than i've ever seen them there enormous merit to the transportation and the youth and so forth so it put us in a position where we want to fund as much of that as we can and having to choose between increasing services and the cost of doing business adjustments. i think this year particularly given the size of many of those apps the board went with enhancing the services so i was hopefully in the future the more organized we can have in terms of the increased nonprofit funding the services as well as the cost of doing business is
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helpful we want to do right by our nonprofit partners but today i'll not be supporting this resolution >> supervisor mar. thank you >> i'll be supporting in measure and thanks to supervisor campos for bringing this forward. several meetings ago we were confronted with protester who gave compelling arguments in 2007 and 8 the second class status for the nonprofit workers it's a clear devised of the wealth and increasing the wealthy gap in our city this is the least we can do to prioritize the commitment of the hard working in time workers in
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the city if maybe uncomfortable since we've golden gone through the budget process as supervisor wiener said but it's our job to comfortable the afflicted so if the in time sectors has not been receiving the benefits we need to help those who are being pushed out of the city and we've heard from the african-american who are being pushed out of the city i worked in the nonprofit sector for decades basically and, that when you can't even put maintain on the table to feed our family we have to consider that so i'm supportive of comfortably the awe neglected as supervisor campos as laid out i wanted to thank my former union aclu not only for themselves and their workers but
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for the hard working staff >> supervisor farrell. >> colleagues i'll be brief on the merits people mentioned i don't think anyone in the room doesn't support the continued and last year, we passed out an increase for the nonprofit i felt compelled to speak with my men and women colleagues it is the precedent setting and a half i hope this self-become something we do every year with the intent to supplement down the road i understand why we're here tonight but understanding where we are and look forward to putting this behind us. >> my further discussion. roll call vote and on item 65
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marry supervisor mar. supervisor tang no. supervisor wiener. no. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. no. supervisor campos. president chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. no. supervisor kim. there are 7 i's and 4 nos per the resolution it adapted and madam clerk could you read our end memoriams. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals on behalf of of the president chiu ms. jane kim write and supervisor kim for the late mr. mark anthony >> with that, i want to thank sfgovtv for their coverage with mel and tholg and with that
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colleagues wish everyone a wonderful recess and next open september 2nd michelle's. there's no further business. . ladies and gentlemen, we're adjourned.
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