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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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organization supports the oversight you've suggested there's a need as well as you also will encourage you guys to spurt the urban add and also one of our member organization we're no support of the changes we wanted to reference that as well. thank you, again. and hope encourage you to support this we're very excited to be part of that >> thank you to the urban cultural alliance for your work. >> thank you. next speaker. >> what i'm trying to say the city for the revenue we have a
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revenue to profit our government income from the people's income just like we have me i would report my chief earnings like others paul because some people they don't have regular income for the gentleman paul or mike they've got profits. so what i say we have to report all our earnings no matter how to make the city generating revenue just like a business the point of a business to make money no matter what the myths statement the joy of making money for the sake of making money thank you >> is there any additional
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public comment on item 2 come on forward. >> i'm larry i want to comment for tom woody allen deli rolls that tom walling dell after the aids walk this agricultural zoning in the city i think we should consider also that medical marijuana can be grown in the nation where medical marijuana start we're the last 17 years of the aids crisis i think the staff of san francisco so start growing its own for the patients this is i hope this agricultural don includes the patients as well we set the world on fire and showed what the medical marijuana could do for the board of supervisors. >> thank you. is there any
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additional public comment on item two. >> (inaudible). >> you spoke on this is there any further public comment on item two any public comment on that item? >> i have two comments on page 4 lines 4 and 5 the eligible property is a private owned parcel i want to strike the word parcel and it says privately owned property and page 8 line 24 to the list of departments that are allowed contemplations to insert the department of public health for the planning and agricultural commission as well as the state board of equation and if we could move
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those to the full board with positive recommendation. >> president chiu has suggested several amendments can can we take that without objection? >> the amendments are adapted. >> can we move this as a committee report. >> can i have a motion to move item 2 to the full board as a positive recommendation okay moved by supervisor kim we'll take that without objection.. thank you. madam clerk call items 3, 4, 5 together >> item 3 is a resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to order the ma copy for the plazas project. item 4 is an ordinance vacating the plaza project and item 5 is an ordinance submitting the ma
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could be i think plaza >> thank you supervisor kim is the author of those items actually i'd like to add my name as a koran exciting project. >> thank you, supervisor wiener this is the boundary line of the district 6 and 8 and so just to give you a history behind the ma copy i think hub i introduced the first series to kickoff the creation of the small business comments that the city mad as part of the market street plan to the ma copy i think neighborhood we've opened the dog and skate park under the freeway and now finally moving forward with the public improvement in the package making the sellingy project the
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creation of a plaza known as at ma copy even hub as the city staff says it's been a long process starting with the tireless advocate when the freeway was torn down and rebuilt to dip into the octavia boulevard i want to acknowledge john updyke the city attorney's office and he department of public works and also the mayor's office of economic development former and current kelly and former ken rich and robert who lives in the strict as a community leader who's lolgd long hours working on those projects. the ma copy even hub is a prime example of an small business being preprogrammed although as
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envisioned as a community garden with a food pilot and most recently to push the design that has to the cross section of vendor and community members through a series of community meetings the mayor's office of economic development and public works kept the points out in the aesthetics designs and dph has worked hard to incur it's to meet all the state and federal regulations and the street vacation before us will help us to convert it from a street to the plazas it is under construction and the neighborhood is looking forward to have them come back to the space it's an amazing community
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event on saturdays. so i first wanted to bring up robin from the office of economic workforce development to present on items 3 through 5. >> good afternoon, supervisors robin with the office of economic workforce development i do have a brief presentation i'm keep it short most of which the supervisors has covered the ma copy even produces are a of a planning process in 2004 in the junior 2000 the city entered into an agreement the state vetted all the property to the
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city. in exchange for this land the funding of the octavia boulevard a was funded as well as the ancillary projects to mitigate the neighborhoods touched down on octavia. to orient you to the area the market street runs across the left hand of the map and ma copy even is on the top left this is prioritized as a market street and octavia plan. to define the ax cellar project the transportation authority began a process through the central advisory committee in
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2004 at the end of the process they recommended the implementation of the project you see the construction project is the selma west project is wrapping up. oewd and dph kuk9d 9 meetings to find the ma copy even space in the for the ma copy even hub those tdrs interests will be under the plaza program that became effective last week. the city meditates have to 8 months to finish the project is identify ma copy even but the construction will be implemented this july we ask you move forward with the street process and propose to the board of supervisors to add ma copy even
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for a longer standard in the meantime, oewd has awarded a small short term activation grant for the space this summer this allows the plazas to take advantage of the good weather in the board approves this zoning change and the board of supervisors approves the vacation it will be ready for an inclusion in the new plaza program please note we anticipate this process with the proceedings program is a circumstance we anticipate will be unique for the ma copy even plaza in the future we ask the plaza program will come to you in one package the longer than anticipated construction of the
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street completion leads us to a need to manage the spaces in the interim this will fascinate the management. for our reference several references i think you've seen several of them under the process vacation in the ma copy even will support the planning by machoism the lingering street status for the regulations more in line with the city's small businesses removing one layer of requirements. here is a protective process i'll walk you through if you're committee sets a date today 55 to vacate the clerk has suggested september 2nd and the committee asked the rezoning for the street vacation on this day
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the full board could consider both of those items in the fall if the board approves those in the fall then the street vacation will be effective in early october it will be effective than that allows the real estate to have the plazas for the work to include the sf plaza in the program a long term request for the proposed and adoption in spring 2015. that concludes my presentation. . thank you. i want to recognize we have other staff from dph as well as dejog santa's on the restoration process
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>> thank you supervisor kim. >> i was going to ask mr. sanchez to come up. >> good afternoon mr. sanchez i'll keep my comments brief for the proposed ordinance that changes the zoning for the june 12th is approved at 7 zero under the consent calendar that concludes my presentation. thank you. >> mr. sanchez. >> so unless there's other presentations i was going to make two technical amendments and can do them after public comment. >> why not start with public comment. >> my public comment on items 3, 4, 5 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> great colleagues, i have two
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technical edits on page one line four to respect this with mc t dash 3. i don't know how to - >> it is 385 dash x i couldn't think of the term and the second technical term on page 4 line 1 to strike through the word and put in highway one to the west those are technical words to make it clear. >> so supervisor kim has proposed amendments she's described we'll without objection the amendments are adapted. >> i want to forward item 3 with recommendation and 4 to 5
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without recommendation with a hearing date that will be set in the future at the full board. >> i think item 5 we can forward with recommendations. >> you can forward item 5 with recommendation and 4 without recommendation that will have a full hearing at the board and forward four and five to the board for september 2nd. >> those are specific dates. >> that's in the resolution that the board will adapt in essence tuesday. >> so can we forward item 4 to 5 with representation and four and five for the board. >> i think all 3 are set for - or all 3 are forwarded for september 2nd. >> no item 3 is sets the
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september 2nd date. >> that's for july 22nd then? okay. let me make sure the megs motion is to forward item number 3 for july 29th with a positive recommendation and that will set the hearing for september 2nd and forward item 4 to september 2nd without recommendation and 5 to september 2nd with recommendation. okay. is that mr. gibner correct >> that's correct. >> so sxham has made a motion as described we'll take that without objection. that will be the order. madam clerk is there madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> there's no further business. . then we're adjourned.
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>> yaerth preparedness is a way of life in san francisco san francisco we hope the new law requiring the upgrades is soft story building will help keep residents safe and sound. so bill tell me about the soft story building program what is it >> it's a program the mayor signed into law a year and a half ago the whole idea was to help homeowners strengthen buildings so they wouldn't collapse.
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>> does the soft story program apply to all buildings. >> it only applies to buildings built in a timeframe of 1978 and earlier it's aimed at wood framed building 3 or more stories and 5 are more units but the openings at the garage level and the street level are not supported in many buildings without the support in a major earthquake the professionals sent them to flatten and many are under rent control so everybody's advantage to do the work and make sure they're protecting their investments and tenants. >> nos have gone out to have thousand owners but fewer one one third have respondent and thousand might miss an important deadline in december let's talk
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worse case scenario. >> so first soft story walls the building will collapse and be a total loss. >> can you talk about the sfrelg in the retrofit. >> you want to think of this building like a rubber abandon in the upper 3 floors are a rid i do box and the earthquake the garage tends to really over the first floor is a very tough but flexible e flexible rubber abandon you would not drive the forces to the upper force so it goes into the plywood or steel frame. >> so here we are inside a soft story building can we talk about the kinds of repairs property
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owners might expect and it's a simple process we try to keep it that way so what's involved whether you install plywood to make a wall and cover it with the gossiping so many stellar it adds underneath e flexibility so during the earthquake you'll get movement but not collapse it gets strengthened more when we go to the doorway to the steel frame to support the upper floor. >> so potentially the wood and steel that sound like a straightforward process takes our odds of collapse from one in 4 to one in thirty. >> that's exactly right we're hoping people will move quickly and make this happen. >> great let's take a look at. >> so let's talk extremely frame talk about that.
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>> we have a extremely frame there are two of those and go up to the lower floor and a beam that goes 0 across that forms this it's a stiffer and stronger so during the quarter the upper floor won't clarion and according the engineers and contractors it could be done in two weeks time easy. >> if you're a property owner with questions about the soft story retrofit program signs up to this on august 11th from 3 to 5 at the main public library and the dbi staff will be there the deadline for applications t is september 15th. for more information food in sa just about expensive eat but
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food for everyone and there's organizations in the city that are doing really good work making sure that healthy food it assessable to everyone. more and more as follows are are becoming interested in upper arlthd they want to joy the open green pace sea know where their food it coming from we'll look at 3 programs talking ushering agricultural and garden to new heights. so what exactly it, your honor agricultural >> it the growing food or flowers within city limits traditionally we've been referring to communities gardener that is a raised bed
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over and over upper argument has a more a farming way of farming. >> so tell me 0 what's growing in this garden. >> a really at all plant. in the one of the rare places, you know, people have access to green space 24 is one of the places to grow things like the purple floor. it is sort of recognizing that the more diversity in given space the better not to just have one thing by everything supported each another >> it provides the community with an opportunity to get their hands dirty and reach 0 out and congressmen with the community
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in ways they might have not otherwise to engage with one other. >> now the dpw urban planning program so see how the garden community. >> so i grew up on a farm in air force base we picked the foods open the trees and share with other families and as i drive around san francisco i see any trees with apples or mrumdz and lemon trees i can see the food going to waste and brought that idea back to the department many of the trees where the fruit would go to waste we origin or crop and pick other fruits and delivery this to food banks or shelters to people who need them. >> i'm here with nang wong
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hello nang. >> hello. >> i need to understand house this gleaning work. >> we come and harvest like for example, we'll come over here this is the lemon and plug it like this. >> (laughter). >> made that good, good and ease. >> the trick is how not to hurt the branches. >> like the thing. >> i'm so excited about this. the people are so passionate about where the food goes to the private property owners give us the food they're happy that no of a t is going to waste
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>> oh. thank you. thank you. again job aura natural >> (laughter). >> from backyards to back lots let's take a look at the food and community bonding at the free farm. >> my idea was to start growing food and giving it away. and getting my neighbors to who had space and having a kind of event that brings people together not to run our food program this time around but to share the wealth of the abundance of our welfare. we were all divorce and as part of our philosophy of working together and working together. >> what's the most rewarding
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aspect of volunteering for the free farm stand. >> well, we could is a generalic satisfaction but something about giving food away it's giving something i brought that in and sort it and gave it to you it's primitive to be able to give something some basically to someone else. >> now serving number to 49 come on down. >> we have the capability of producing this food and in san francisco you can grow food all year round so the idea we're capable of prougdz food in our own backyards we're here to demonstrate an bans of food and i think that giving it away for free we show individuals it in
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have to be a comedy. >> we build time together and it's the strength of any ideas of the connections we'll turn that connection and the more connections you make no mistake about it the more you can have a stronger power and not have to rely on money that's the people power. >> in this episode we've seen the urban farms and gardens provide more in fruits and vegetation people can have the special produce available it can be a place to give back by donating food to others and
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teach our children the connection to the earth and environment it's truly >> good afternoon, everybody, i would like to call this meeting of the san francisco public utility's commission, to order at 1:38, would you call the roll. >> president courtney n >> here. >> vietor. >> here. >> and moran. >> here. >> torres. >> here. >> and commissioner caen is excused. >> we would like to approve. >> moved. >> any public comment?