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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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zero the number of people maimed or killed in traffic collisions. we talk red light runners that's not an accident if you hit somebody. and then in the future we've talked about more discussion about what to do about the stuff in the black benefit talking about getting a new technology for dealing with the last percentage of stuff we don't know how to get recycle. the methodology and the follow-up discussion our great month to month with the public utilities commission now what how do we follow-up and possible future joint meeting with the
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department of public health that's enough for now >> thank you, commissioner. comments colleagues. thoughts. did commissioner gravanis is there a letter you want us to send out maybe a letter to the subsequent xhepd the sustainability >> we didn't ask anyone to draft a letter but we thought it would be a good idea for the support. >> either from the policy or the commission we did that on the puc to highlight the h renewable energy it's a climate proposal we're talking about a letter for the post office we've done a letter thanking the mayor and the puc ann kelly for
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restoring the sf energy and perhaps do another one president chiu called the energy to get the money back. there may be might be some kind of fund to get that process going off like a routine to get the communications to move the agenda you know the policy agenda. any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed any other comments thank you a very thorough report commissioner gravanis. monica call the next item >> the information and discussion. colleagues announcements? announcements. announcements?
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any other announcements from our director? okay. okay we've got good okay public comment seeing none >> wants announcements. >> a couple of quick ounces or ones i was in brazil for a portion of the world cup i sent a photo to our director and tweeted it and the department retweeted it and it was a nice photo there's nothing i can do with it here but in every world cup venue thankful had a mass cot recycling a goal make it your goal it was everywhere it was omnipresent throughout the facility it was nice to share. formats i have a letter from the
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mayor that went to all commissioners it's a reminder about the policy on commissioner attention commissioners, i was charged with pga that out to the closed session colleagues it's a kind of an outline of the commissioners participation for director and i've got one up here you took it mopping can. for the record go solar was fully funded if it's the will of colleagues to send the communication to the mayor and the puc manager thanking them for getting this done we have full funding for two years. the last announcement is new it's exciting. learned this morning and actually received confirmation we have a champion on our
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proposal to oppose and prohibit the export of hazardous follows materials like cool and petroleum coke and be the first in the nation leader on this this is something the port has done it's a practice the port commission staff saying they're not interested in cool coming out our port. we're learned today that supervisor malia cohen as taken up this issue at the board of supervisors she introduced a resolution pledging the board of supervisors support for this effort to create this policy and if the resolution passes it also encouraged the collaboration between the department of environment and the port department to present this to the board of supervisors in a report and a policy they can
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move to establish as city policy we've been looking for the champion at the board of supervisors supervisor malia cohen has done it not that long ago that's an exciting announcement to share. all right. any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is closed. and our last item and the future agenda items >> colleagues. >> like i said earlier i think i'd like to see us have the discussion about electric vehicle charging stations. and condominium units since we're not building any two homelands >> all right. electrical vehicle charging stations sound
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like a plan it's a good topic. the only thought i want to share with the colleagues that was recorded by mit earlier in the year when it comes to the disproportionate pollution in san francisco for many decades that was our southeast bayview hunters point because of the pour plant anticipate now with the shut down of the points mit shows that now the mission district is the most disproportionately polluted community i want to put out with the colleagues if it's the will of the folks to go back out into the community and feasible in september to do another meeting
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we did our retreat in the chinatown at the city college and that was great we did our meeting at the bayview opera how is it was very well attended to be an idea to put out there to devout to the community in two months time and work with the district community leaders and the commission to think through a community driven agenda in two months time at the staff level as well as the commission. >> yeah. >> i remember when we did the community here what would they envision with the new director to hear from the new community with the new director on board. >> that was right that was a meeting attend by 40 folks in
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the mission we heard when we went out to chinatown and the hunters point jackie mentioned it's great you're here and when you come back so that might be something to go full circle maybe we can look at any other thoughts or ideas public comments seeing none, our final item and public comment one of items not open today's agenda. >> adjournment 725. thanks monica.
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>> good morning and welcome to the san francisco transportation authority. monthly meeting i'm scott wiener the vice chair of the transportation authority i'll be chairing today's meeting because our chair supervisor avalos was unable to be here our clerk is
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erica chang >> thank you to jessie larson and jennifer lowe. madam clerk call roll >> supervisor avalos absent. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. absent. supervisor chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar absent. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. we have quorum. thank you. item number 2 >> item 2 approval of the meeting of the june 24th. >> can you have is a motion to approve the june 24th meeting minutes and can we same house, same call? - you want to we'll take a roll call.
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>> on item - public comment. >> public comment on the minutes seeing none, public comment is closed. if you have public comment please come forward you don't need to raise your hand >> man has only the sole purpose even if existence no matter what is the position in life all pertains to the wholly mission. everywhere in time and in status thank you. >> okay is there any additional public comment on item two the minutes seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk call roll >> supervisor avalos absent. supervisor breed. supervisor campos absent. supervisor chiu. supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim.
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supervisor mar absent. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. that item passes >> thank you item number 3. >> item 3 the chairs report an informational item. >> i'll be providing this report on behalf of the supervisor avalos. fall first of all, thank you to the board of supervisors for unanimously voting to place the $500 million for transportation on the ballot it is tremendously important to invest in the transportation for all modes of transportation across the city is will learning four or five times the value for recreational fined for example, the metropolitan transportation committee will consider exploring the new local transportation revenues that includes the transportation one
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day the restoration of the vehicle license fee we hope will go into the ballot in 2016 those recreational and state partnerships will help with the investment that is necessary to move our city forward. speaking of partnerships thank you to the california transportation state bryan kelly for leading the transportation and caltrain staff to tour san francisco's project last prei was pleased to join with the mayor and supervisor mar to receive the ferry building we began a tour of the embarcadero freeway roadway with its trolley service along the sidewalk and we toured the transit center
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that will provide transit access to replace the access from the last facility and we've going to move forward. the group continued along market street to learn will the car sharing and bike sharing as well as the van ness bus rapid transit they finished the site of the two freeway parcels that will provide one thousand units of housing 50 percent affordable housing. looking this is transforming the city to be more liveable and sustainable there are addresses to our landscape thank you to all the leaders for participating in this productive day we'll not be meeting in
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august due to the next recess and the next is the 23rd my public comment on item 3 >> you can just come in up you don't need to raise your hand. >> spirituality transit in the upper level. chief content sky after lower level two levels >> is there any additional public comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. madam clerk item 4 >> item 4 the executive director's report on informational item. >> thank you, ms. chang. >> thank you for your attention to this month we'll have great
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pro tem developments on the federal side last between us the house of representatives is k3e789d to vote on this this week the president will be willing to support a short time to transform the fund and some folks in the senate are hoping to keep pressure on the congress and the president to reach a long term bill this is incomes for the infrastructure to avoid a shut down of the multi transit that are funded by $11 billion of highway projects we're pleased of this development and hope to see it before the end of the month so the projects can avoid demobilizing our
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infrastructure this is the president obama initiative to encourage the project delivery much appreciated as far as the federal government's roll to support the private-public partnership through the 0 program we benefit in san francisco suck as you the loan on the ideally project and the transbay project we're hoping to see more financing clurd through the federal railroad association on the stateside we're seeing nor o more details after the budget in the keep that in mind program for the high speed rail transit as well as affordable housing. details are emerging we're going to track them it looks like m t c will be it looks like the
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state will be looking money to help influence and provide input as well as streamline the funds looktsd at the state level this is going to be a new way of working together and continue to find ways to keep the administration process efficient they take a lot of work and a lot of back and forth and make sure this is a quick decision. next week on the 31st i'll be traveling to san diego to meet with the other agencies to propose a challenge grant and tools so we can have stronger transportation projects emerging from the cap & trade program. supervisor wiener mentioned the invest by secretary kelly was a
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fabulous way to show off our corridors and thank you to the deputy secretary kate white one of our local leaders had is at the state level she's arranged a lot of the events. on treasure island is couple yubts we wanted to appreciate tom for offering one of our clean up legislations to help to function as a trl and as the treasure island mobility management agency we appreciate his help and marks help. in addition we've applied for a federal grant a proposal to insure we have a strong outreach and technical outreach for treasure island we've applied for an equality grant that talks
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about the pricing on treasure island for a responsibility technical process and inclusive process to help to guide decisions combh it comes time to provide that policy we're hoping to get that grant. thank you local level from is subway we appreciate the staff work as well as the california transportation commission for advancing state fund for the central subway project and mta will stay on schedule for the large construction project to insure we will be protected from any freeze from the high funds. one area bay grant area from our programming direct examination division thank you to ann draw and other for working with the
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california transportation commission we were able to do some great work to insure that over subscription doesn't harm the one bay area grant this projects are a reminder of the second street project and the masonic streets project. there had been a proposal to ship those out but working with mta we've keep the the year of programming intact on the transbay center we congratulate the city on the establishment of the ma la recuse and supervisor kim with who chairs the ma la rose district that will help complete and support of the phase one terminal project and the caltrain extension into the
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transbay center. the cf defense is financing and funding mechanism that will help to provide the $3 million for the improvements for the small businesses in transportations network. revenues from the cf have been assumed for the downtown extension plan and this action helps to close the gap on the phase one $1.9 billion terminal project together with the other agencies will be keeping on eye on the remainder funding for phase two the downtown extension of caltrain on vision zero thank you for the board of supervisors for the budget city providing over one $.3 million in general fund for the vision zero in several districts our staff along with mta will be
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coordinating to figure out how to best use the monies. in fact, today, you'll be considering the approval of practicing that improves this bicycle and signals that are funded vision zero a really good project. our hope by the september meeting to bring back a plan for how the city agencies will put the funds to use. turning to the geneva as you recall this is a rapid transit connection to connect the hunters point shipyard and communities across through the bayshore station near visitacion valley and connecting to the bookkeeper in the outer mission
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this is a an important reliable service for the existing neighborhoods that are developing primarily on the east side. the outreach round began with a meeting of the folks with the baptist church and setting up more meetings no august and september. the contact for this project is sarah and the transportation authority you see more information at sf ct in terms of the project deliver we have a west portal elementary school safe roots to the system we were able to feature this in the local papers thank you sfmta for delivering this it project will includes a speed curb on
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and russian island a large round about. we were trying to draw altercation to those projects to comfort on the clarifying delivery and design to insure they continue to move forward this fall we expect to see chinatown and other promotions move forward. for more information on those types of project please vital sf and contact courtney at the transportation authority. the project for the nsb r project we thank the arts and civic design domino for their approval of the brt designs they have jurisdiction over the urban design and expressed their appreciation to coordinate across the departments. so thank you for that and
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pleased to see that move forward >> now with the completion of that milestone we're going to position quarterly on the reports. you have the geary project this continues with the circulation of our administrative draft and we're prepping to circulate that to the mta and to the public in the october formulate and finally on the management administration side i want to thank our finance and administrative staff for helping to prepare primarily assessment for the low and behold entrepreneurs and others you participation at the transportation authority for our professional services and contract on, on average we're meeting the goals we've set for the expenditures and continue to
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track those closely reporting out to supervisor cohen through the finance committee and continuing to insure we're inclusive in our operations of the meeting the cities goals for this area with that, that concludes my report. happy to take questions >> thank you very much ms. chang open this open this up for public comment any public comment on item four. >> i'm francis i does not come for those meetings i've come after a along the time of the 8 sfrifrz who are here 50 percent are having sidebar talks and i'm watching the deliberation while the director was giving her report he's having a sidebar chat i'm saying millions and millions of dollars are going to be spent you have no business
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asking the constituents of san francisco to pass on this when your don't pay attention to what's being said as i'm being talking to you now there are 2 supervisors having a chitchat you get one hundred and sro thousand benefits to represent the people not to screw around not to give us this huge fingers talking about grants and the transbay and nobody is paying attention who the hell do you think you are getting millions and millions of dollars from the state government go to van ness and see congested and fulsome and it's congested talked about the southeast and what about the
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sequa and the environmental review report and what about the common footprint we the constituents want to know what you are doing about this we can't go on preventing everything is okay spending billions of dollars with no accountability and no transparent we have two supervisors that are still talking. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> in time when the plans and assistance local land geographic response the mobilitytion with progress one step at a time. right now the southeast c