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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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colleague. she is incredibly hardworking and tremendously wise. she is really a quite impressive advisor. what stands out to me about the person she is is her i mpeccable judgment. i think bobby wills bring so much heartfelt passion to her work and more thoughtful and i cannot think of a more qualified person for this position and i urge you to lend your support as well. thank you. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. any other public comments on this item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you, mr. chairman. it's great to see how life works and to see people who came to
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speak and people who on their own have impressive careers and people that have this caliber to come and support bobbie wilson. it's my honor to approve the nomination of bobby wills ie wilson and to move that forward to the board of supervisors. >>supervisor norman yee: supervisor tang? >>supervisor katy tang: thank you for serving in this capacity. i think i was one of the individuals to ask her during your current capacity with your work lights and all the wonderful skills that you bring, why would you want to serve on this board and i appreciate that you want to give back to the community and use your skill set to help the community antd folks that do have to appear before the board of appeals which is often the last stop that people have and their last
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hope. i appreciate that and look forward to working with you in this capacity and support supervisor's ability to amend this and with full support to the board of supervisors with recommendation of full support. >>supervisor norman yee: ms. wilson, it's really nice and refreshing to have somebody not only well qualified professionally for this position, but when you say you want to give back, a lot of people say that. but when you listen to them you wonder what they really mean when they give back, but eye a -- i have a strong sense that it's not only this time, but you've always given back. the other thing i really appreciate about you that you will bring
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to this board is your very strong strong sense of social justice. i appreciate your view on this and how you see things. if everybody in the world were like you, it would be perfect. so there is a motion on the floor and i think everything has been said for the motion, amendments and all. there is no objection. the motion passes. congratulations. [ applause ] >> we are joined by supervisor mar. madam clerk. item 4. city clerk: item 4: [appointments, assessment appeals board no. 3]1408394.hearing to consider appointing one member, term ending september 5, 2015, and one member, term ending september 5, 2016, to the assessment appeals board no. 3. clerk of the boarddvacant seat 5, new appointment, must have a minimum of five years professional experience in the state of california as one of the following: certified public accountant or public accountant; licensed real estate broker; attorney; or a property appraiser accredited by a nationally recognized
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professional organization, certified by the office of real estate appraisers, or certified by the state board of equalization, for the unexpired portion of a three-year term ending september 5, 2015.vacant seat 6 alternate memberr, new appointment, must have a minimum of five years professional experience in the state of california as one of the following: certified public accountant or public accountant; licensed real estate broker; attorney; or a property appraiser accredited by a nationally recognized professional organization, certified by the office of real estate appraisers, or certified by the state board of equalization, for the unexpired portion of a three-year term ending september 5, 2016.7/11/14; received and assigned to the rules committee. city clerk: sf 41234 there are two seats and two applicants. >> okay. please come to the microphone. >> good afternoon. thank you for inviting me. my qualifications for the job. i'm an attorney. a great deal of my works, many years, almost all of my work is in the area of property tax. through 2002 and 2009 i was deputy city attorney and my responsibility was representing the assess or in appeals. i retired from the
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county in 2009. i now live in riverside county where my pension dollars go more than they did in san francisco. but i have a lot of ties remaining in san francisco, a lot of friends up here and a lot of activities. my personal interest in a seat on the board. one of them is that it will give me a reason and opportunity to come up here often. the other reason that i have applied and echo what i have heard and most supervisors campos asked. i think my business, the legal process has become far too complicated and far to expensive. people i think cannot exercise legitimate rights for that reason. i'm a strong believer in the
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assessment of appeals process especially the the process which gives people the relative inexpensive -- ability to exercise their rights. i work part-time now for two law firms in the los angeles area. one of the two firms i do worm representing taxpayers and property assessments. the counties i work for are orange and los angeles and san diego. i don't have any cases, haven't had, would not take any cases representing taxpayers in this jurisdiction. so those are my
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background qualifications and interest in the job. thank you for inviting me and i'm pleased and honored. >> supervisor tang? >>supervisor katy tang: thank you. i appreciate your interest. i don't question your background. my question is your living in southern california, your ability to attend the hearings and i just wanted to confirm that you are able to attend all the meetings. >> i anticipate the jobs at the hearing office would require, 5 or 6 days a month in san francisco and i can certainly do that. >> i guess continuing that line of thought in terms of questions, why would you want to come up here and do this rather than trying to do that
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in los angeles? >> why would i? >> yeah. >> i have a connection to the city that i don't have. i'm a native anger -- angelino and have a connection to here than in los angeles. it's a fair question. maybe some day i will investigate los angeles too, but this opportunity seemed more pealing to me because i have worked up here but i'm a retiree of the city and i have friends and ties in the area. i assume the other thing i would add is that when i worked here, i was active in a county lawyers group
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through the county counsel's association. the association has an association and raise information and ask questions on a shared website. i was active in that association. i made a couple of presentations to the group on property tax topics and property tax administration. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. next up is james reynolds. >> hi. my name is jim. real estate -- >> raise the microphone. >> i'm a real estate
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appraiser license with the real estate appraisers. i have 14 years appraising residential properties. 12 in san francisco. i have about a year of commercial to two 2 years of commercial off and on. >>supervisor norman yee: supervisor tang? tang >>supervisor katy tang: can you talk about your interest on the board? >> a new opportunity. i have done appraisals for people for tax reasons, but it would be nice just to get some familiarity with the tax laws and stuff like that.
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>> can you repeat that? >> i would like to get familiar with the tax laws and just this part of the assessment field process. >>supervisor norman yee: supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you. can you tell me about your current job? >> i'm a real estate appraiser. >> thank you. any public comment on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is now closed. supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: again, i want to thank both applicants for their interest
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in serving. in terms of michael flattery, is that how you pronounce your last name. i understand it's a unique situation that someone lives in los angeles and wants to serve in san francisco in a way. i'm not surprised that once you live in san francisco and it keeps pulling you back like the "the godfather", i guess. i actually don't have a problem with that. i think it's something that it's a unique circumstance. but i think this is a unique individual who can make that work. with mr. reynolds, it seems he that is qualifications. not a lot of articulation about the reason for wanting to serve in this role, but i'm certainly open to supporting both.
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>> so, would you like to make a motion? >>supervisor david campos: i make a motion to move, i just want to make sure what the right phrase -- >> would you like to make a motion to wave the residency requirement. >> i would make a motion to wave the residency. >> let's make the motion to wave the residency. no objection, the motion passes. the second as to move forward the committee report to the full board. no objection? the motion passes. okay. madam clerk. item marty no. 5: city clerk: energy fisherty
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coordinating committee. ordinance amending the administrative code to rename the energy efficiency steering committee as the energy efficiency coordinating committee. >>supervisor norman yee: we are joined by supervisor mar whose item this is. >>supervisor eric mar: thank you. i would like to appreciate that we have give gsh guillermo rodriguez. about five 5 years ago when the federal government had stimulus funds going to cities like ours creating green jobs and initiate efficiency and sustainability block grants, we commissioned a study with budget and legislative analyst
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office with san diego, portland and other cities and how they were ensuring equity and plans for these stimulus funds coming into city. this is an effort in 2014 now to work with our grass roots committees to ensure the city is doing everything possible to improve global warming and working very pro actively to reduce greenhouse gases and increase our efforts to build a sustainable future. and building these homes is a critical area and will bring expertise in the seven 7-person task force that will be created also with advisors from the critical departments of our city. the coordinating committee's goals are to
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comprehensiveively catalog all energy fisherty programs efficient cy and identify new revenue streams to identify work and it's really making sure that there is equity in how the city operates with energy and efficiency. it will focus on green collar jobs. in the earlier hearing we had raquel from sf state and many others that came to testify on the importance of having community driven efforts for energy efficiency. this was supported unanimously by the commission that would state that energy efficiency brings much benefit to small business. the environment
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commission has been very critical in this work. i would like to thank the community and antonio, thank you for taking time out of your schedules for being here in the long rules committee meeting. we've been working with besides, grass roots community coalition that includes the emerald steering committee and joshua and the bright line defense collaborative. i wanted to especially thank emerald city for her leadership and emerald city's leadership in the amount of work she's put into this. with that colleagues, i would like to ask for your support and i know we have a number of public speakers. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. any questions on this right now? >> why don't we have public comments at this point. c'mon
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up. >> supervisors guillermo rodriguez. we support this work. there are many other state, femur -- federal and other local efforts in san francisco and many organizations to seek council and that ensure that we are all reaching out into the community. this would be a very valuable resource and we are happy to participate. thank you. >> good afternoon, director of city of san francisco. thank you for your comments. we are here to support the coordinating committee. the dialogue between the community and the city departments. we hope to engage in housing advocate, labor apps,
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housing. we think it would be a really great resource for both. it has a one 1 year turn around. we feel it has a really clear deliverable. we find the energy efficiency program with city departments and municipal utilities. this will get more synchronizations and coordination with all the agencies and program. i'm here to support it. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is andrew padilla with podder. i work with san francisco neighborhoods to create healthy thriving neighborhoods. i'm here in support of the energy
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efficiency committee. we are here to ensure that san francisco continues to be a leader in terms of being a green city that it's done in a way that all communities benefit and that supervisor mar mentioned the equity is a key consideration in our these efforts are done. the importance of the energy efficiency coordinating committee will encourage energy efficiency projects in low income communities in housing and businesses and disadvantaged communities and in particular the ability for committee to propose policies to promote energy retro fits and other efforts that will benefit low income communities and communities here in san francisco. i request your support for this effort and ask for this item to go to the full board and thank supervisor mar for his
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leadership on this. thank you. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisors, any comments? supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you, mr. chairman. i want to thank supervisor mar for his leadership on this item. i think it's an important effort. one that i think makes a great deal of sense. i would like to move this item forward with a positive recommendation as a committee report. >> okay. with no objection, the motion passes. thank you. madam clerk, item no. 6. city clerk: item no. 6. a motion to the board by adding rules of order by adding rule
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3.43. >> would you like to make comments? >>supervisor david campos: i'm proud to bring this legislation to bring young people's voice in policy making in san francisco board of supervisors and our city. i would like to thank our cosponsor david campos for the empowerment of young people and having them heard at the board of supervisors. the youth commission asked for myself in achieving a mandate of promoting a stronger youth voice in our city's policy making. with so much business of our board of supervisors happening in the middle of the day, at times when young people are in school, young people who are mandated to be in school are barred from regularly participating. i know a number of speakers will give some examples on how that's negatively impacted the youth voice in the past. what
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we are sponsoring is a practical motion to change the board rules, in a very straight forward way. we worked very closely with angela and rick card era to make sure it's going to be done to achieve our goals. the motion simply allows the youth commission to submit a formal request for a hearing on an item referred to them at a youth friendly time. this is an item that is impacting youth on muni and fares, for example. this is an opportunity to work with the commission to find and appropriate time. the simple measure and motion would formalize a process that has been an occasional challenge in the past. while most work well with scheduling youth friendly times for our hearings which hasn't always been the case. in the youth commission nearly two 2 decades of operation, i would
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like to thank the youth commission staff for being here today. in the 20 years of operation, hearing about the city's budget, juvenile hall rebuilds and free muni for low income and youth and muni fares have all occurred with hardly any youth in attendance. i think we want to increase the amount of youth voice for the future. unlike most commissions they exist with the board of supervisors with explicitly involving our work and unlike san francisco residents young people are the ones to be mandated to be in school during certain hours and they have no other means of advocating for their work where for example workers have might others speak on their belf. but youth don't have any other means of advocacy. i think this is a simple admonition to -- motion to
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honor young people and help us as supervisors to help them in a meaningful way. i encourage you to pass this in a positive way and urge you to help these young folks in our commission. and as for angela akkad i -- it will allow the committee adopting -- i would appreciate adopting these amendments to the full board if it's your pleasure. i would like to thank nick per slooe for his commitment and i would like to thank you for your work as a leader and seg serving in our commission. with that, i would like to ask if supervisor campos wanted to give his
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remarks. >>supervisor david campos: thank you supervisor mar for your leadership in this. we are glad to be sponsors of this. i think it makes sense. nick, thanks for everything you have done and we will continue to hear amazing thing about you and i'm excited to see what is next for you once you are done in school. i think this makes a lot of sense that we as members of the committee and chairs of the committee would consider finding a time when appropriate that is adequate, that will ensure there is adequate representation from youth. i want to thank angela, the clerk of the board for working with us to make the amendment. with that in mind, i will make a motion. i know that we'll have public comment before we act, but i make a motion to amend the board of
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supervisors rules of order id in -- identified in the document that you received. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. any public comments on this item? c'mon up. >> thank you, chair yee, members of the committee. i want to thank supervisor march for striking a compromise here but without asking to compromise the principles. i do support this motion. i'm happy to codify the communication between the youth commission and the supervisors into the legislative file for you and have enjoyed working with a much respected outgoing youth director jimmy tell me if i'm wrong to help strengthen the infrastructure in the clerk and the boards office in their endeavor to realize the
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charter to advise the board and the mayor. thank you very much to the supervisor mar and the committee. >> thank you. through chair, yee, i should have asked the chair of the youth commission to come up. he has a short presentation. i would like to thank lisa for being here. >> if sf gov. tv. san francisco television can change to the computer. thank you for hearing me. my name is nick -- this is something that the commission has been working on all year long. i'm excited to have it before the board of supervisors today. part one is basically why the youth commission wants this to be passed. i'm sure you are familiar with the brown act which is a legislation that was passed in 53. that allows
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people to attend the public meetings and provide public comment at those meetings. the main issue identified is that it did not apply to young people. moe -- most of the hearings are at 10 a.m. :00 a.m. and the youth are in school and not able to provide input. the board of supervisors has stated in its commitment to hearing public testimony before it takes action on any issues and we hope you will do the same for young people as well. also, we have heard very troubling youth vote data from the youth is survey. for example 43 percent of sf sfusd students don't care at all about public service and the significant majority don't care at all
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and not interested in government policy. this would allow students to become more civically engaged in city hall. this is a graph, regardless of what your opinions are for the youth program, something amazing about it was the number of youth that came out to participate and the civic engagement that we really inspired. this is an example. we were really shocked by the data here. a cumulative frequency draft. as you see as time reached 3:30, 4:00 p.m.. this was an hours long hearing. this proves the point we are trying to make. if the hearings are held later in the day, the youth will be able to come and provide their input. the last thing i will say is